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houses 11,168. >i K. DEANERY, archdy. of
Cornwall, dioc. of Exeter, contains the benefices

KERRY (111 sheets) a sea-side county, Mun-
ster prov. S W. Ireland, between Kenmare bay
and the Shannon, was the seat of the Velabri and
Luceni of Ptolemy, afterwards part of Desmond
under the MacCarthys, O'Donoghues, MacAw-
leys, O'Callaghans, etc., was settled by the Fitz-
maurices (Hen. II.), made shire ground" 1210, and
became a 'kingdom,' or palatinate, under the
Fitzgeralds from 1329 to Eliz., is watered by
Rs. Feale, Maine, Laune, and Flesk (upon which
are the beautiful "Lakes"), Roughty, etc., and
bordered by the Shannon and Clare (N.), Limerk.
(NE.), the Blackwater and Cork (SE.), the At-
lantic (W.). Length from Hungry Hill NNE.
to Tarbert 78 m., greatest breadth 55, av. ditto
36 ; relative size 570-10,000ths ; circuit 320, in-
cluding 190 of rocky and unsafe coast (or 242m.
'n the fishing districts of Valentia, Dingle, Lis-
towel, having 1350 fishing ves. and 5698 hands,
and 26 coast-gd. stations with 130 men), along
which are, Tarbert, Ballylongford, Beal pt. and
cast., Lick and Dun castles, Ballybunian caves in
the alum slate. cliffs, R. Cashen, Browne's, Shan-
ion, Balingarry and Granehallan castles, K. Head,
Ballyheige bay and cast., Tralee bay, Seven Hogs
rocks, St. Brandon's bay and hd., Smerwick harb.,
Cape Sybil (near which the cliffs are 500 to 600 ft.
ligh), and Ferriter's cast., Dunmore hd. (the
most western point of Ireland and of Europe),


Gt. and Lit. Blasquets Yen try harb., Dingle
harb., cast, and bay, with Castlcmaine harb. at
the head, Valentia" isld. (near Doulas hd. and
Cahirciveen) where the Spaniards landed in
Elizabeth's time, St Finnan's bay and Puffin
isld., Boulus head (off which are the Skellig
rocks light), Ballinaskelligs bay, Hog hd. and isld.,
Derrynane abbey, Lamb hd., and Two-head isld.,
Kenmare river, "or bay, with Kirkmichalog harb.
It contains 1853 sq. m. or 1,186,126 acres, of
which 726,775 are uncultivated bog, etc. (327,000
being unimprovable), 807 in towns, 32,761 under
water; 293,880+3075 persons, of whom 21,786
are in Tralee, Killarnev, Dingle, 146,573 are
females, 288,566 county-born, 154,220 under 20
yrs. ; 51,593 families, of whom 39,985, or 78 per
cent, live by agricult, 7749, or 15 per cent, by
trade, manufact., etc., 1088 independent and pro-
fessions, 34,114 manual labour, 45,091 in 3rd and
4th (the lowest) class houses; 48,231 houses;
8 baronies, Magunihy and Truhanacmy (Mid.,
was the Moriartys'), Clanmaurice (N., the Fitz-
maurices'), Iraghticonner (NE., the O'Conners'),
Glenarought (S., O'Donoughues'), Dunkerron
( SW., O'Sullivans'), Iveragh (SW.), Corkaquiny
(W.) ; 85 parishes (Kilcrohane being the largest,
63,702 acres), and parts of 2 others ; 4 market
towns, Tralee (the county, assize town, etc.), Ca-
hirciveen, Killarney, Dingle old boro', the first
three, with Listowel and Kenmare, being poor
law Unions, with Dingle, qr. sessions towns,
and all being police districts, with 39 stations,
and 241 men ; returns three members to parl.
(instead of 8 before the Union) viz. 2 for the
county (elect. 771), 1 for Tralee (el. 317); is
governed by a lord lieut, 19 deputy lieuts., and
about 112 magistrates, is in the Cork and Li-
merick military districts (divided by R. Feale),
the Munster circuit, and the diocese of Ardfert and
Aghadoe (now joined to Limerick), province of
Dublin. Gross rental (1846) 421,7597., or 7s. 2tL
per acre ; val. to poor r. 348,693Z. ; county cess
('48) 49,7992. Savings bks. ('48) none. Births
1 in 33, deaths 1 in 59, the average being 55.
Schools (national) in '48, 134, with 23,927 child,
attending, in '41, 15,571 attended schools of all
kinds, and 72'4 per cent, of pop. could not read
or write ; av. number of committals ('45-8)

1220, of whom 674 were convicted. The

surface is mountainous and rugged. Clay slate
prevails in Corkaquiny peninsula (3126 ft. high
at Mt Brandon, 2710 at Binshehy), and S. and
W. of the Lakes, where Cam Tual, the highest
peak of M'Gillicuddy's reeks and of Ireland, is
3404 ft., Mangerton 2751 ft. (with the Devil's
Punch-Bowl lake at 1500 ft.), Coonenagh 2531,
Culleen 2231 ; all to the N. belongs to the moun-
tain limestone, with coal or culm along the E.
border, and the Clanruddery hills, etc., and old
red sandstone at K. Head, and Slievemish S. of
Tralee, where Bautregaum rises 2784 ft. Flag-
stone and slate are quarried at Valentia, marble
at Tralee ; iron abounds at Glenochy, etc., copper
is found at Ardfert, Glanerought, and (with
lead) at Kenmare and about the 'lakes.' These
are shut in by mountains, and consist of the
Upper, Tore, and Lower lakes, well wooded with
arbutus, oak, ash, holly, etc., besides two falls,
the echo at the Eagle's Nest (1100ft), two old
abbeys, a castle, etc. Other lakes are : Guttane,
Garra, Derryauna, Currane, Ganvan, Lannan,
Glenmore, etc. Coarse woollens are made gene-
rally, a few linens spun at Dingle, and arbutus

trinkets sold at Killarney. Climate mild and

wet, and good loamy soil in the middle ; estates
large, but much divided. Acres in crop (1848)



148,249, of which the chief are : potatoes 34,455,
oats 32,440, barley, or bere, and rye 12,197, tur-
nips 5498, meadow and clover 56,946, etc., and
the val. of live stock in '41 on 25,848 farms above
1 acre was 1,004,419/., including 18,332 horses
(and ponies of a small active breed), 98,703 sheep
(only 68,000 in '47), 103,366 cattle (or 138,000 in
'47, the native breed being small, but good
milkers, which fatten well), 52,914 pigs (only
26,000 in '47), besides goats (about 15,000 in '47),
poultry, etc. Cyder is made in the N., and prime
butter in the grazing districts. People are mostly
irish-speaking, with marks of a Spanish descent
amongst them ; their cottages are of the worst
kind. Antiquities are : an ogham cave in Gap of
Dunloe (a fine spot where ' Kate Kearney' lived),
the Clough na Cuddy stone at Ld. Kenmare's;
round towers at Rattoo, L. Currane, Aghadoe,
Ardfert (a stump) ; abbey ruins at Mucross, In-
nisfallen, Aghadoe, Derrynane, Tralee, Ardfert,
Lislaghtin, Kilcoleman, O'Dorney ; old churches
at Killaghie (very small), Ventry, Smerwick,
Liselton, Lissadeen, W. Sene, and the Gt Skellig,
a rock to which pilgrims went, 710 ft. above
water, and 204 below ; old forts at Staigue-an-
ar, Cahir Donnell, Cahirconree, Gallerus ; castles,
at Dunkerron and Cappanacuss (the Sullivans'),
Dunloe, Killaha (Donoughues'), Ardfert and
Listowel (Fitzgeralds'), Ferriter's, del Ore (taken
from the Spaniards 1580 by Raleigh), Carrig-a-
Foile (O'Conors'), Ross (taken by Ludlow 1652).
The Cwm Dur, or black valley, has some fine
views. Seats are: Lord Kenmare Castlerosse,
Marq. Lansdowne (or his agent J. Hickson, Esq.)
L. Lodge, Ld. Headley Aghadoe Ho., Ld. Ventry
Burnham, Godfrey, Bt. Kilcoleman Ab., Blenner-
hassett, Bt Churchtown Ho., Fitzgerald, Knight
of Kerry, Ballinruddery, Herbert, Knt Tore Cot.,
Gun of Oak Ph., M. O'Connell, M. P. of Greena,
Butler of WaterviUe, Crosbie of Ardfert, De Mo-
leyns of Beaufort, Herbert, M. P. of Muckruss,
Denny of Tralee, Hewson of Ennismore, M'Gilly-
cuddy of the Reeks Whitefield, O'Sullivan "of
Tomies, Stoughton of Ballyhagan, Taylor of Dun-
kerrin (the botanist), Trant of Watermew, Far-
field of Mounteagle. Gives title of earl to Marq.
of Lansdowne. Roads from Tralee are: (1)
To Abbey O'Dorney 5 (Ardfert 10), Lixna 1(1
(Ballybunian caves "18), Listowel 17, Tarbert 27.

(2) Kilgoblin 10, Dingle 27, Dunmore head 35.

(3) Castlemain 7, Killorglin 13, Glinsk 26, Cahir-
sireen 35, Valentia 40, or Ballinskelligs bay, 42.

(4) Killarney and the lakes 17 (thence to Cork
70), Kenmare 33, Bantry 48. (5) Castleisland 11
(Limerick 61), King Williamstown 21.

P. KERRY par. (60) Montgomery Inmd. SE.
Montgomery. 3 m. E. of Newtown-175, under K.
Hill, a petty sessions town, containing Trellan,
Drevor, and 16 other tnshps. had a castle pulled
down by Hen. III. Acres 22,000, pasture, for-
merly woodland; pop. 2104, of viL 219, in the
flannel and baize manufact. ; poorr. 1172/. (Newt
U.) ; real prop. /. St. Michael Vic. (St Dav.)
val. 330/., patr. Bishop ; church, norman, with an
old font, and mons. of the Wilkinsee, was the
scene of a contest between Bp. Adam and Archdn.
Givaldus Camb., as related by the latter in hia

Kerry Head ( ) 8 m. NW. of Ardfert, N W.
Kerry, at R. Shannon's mouth. <3 K. Point
( ) E. Down, 3 m. NE. of the mouth of Lough

KKRKYCROY vil. Kingarth par. E, Bute, 3 m.
SE. of Rothsay. Pop. 97.

Cork, contains the pars, of Barnahely, Kilmoney,



Liscleary, Marmullaiie, Monkstown, Passage,
Templebreedy, and parts of Ballinaboy, Carriga-
line, Killanully, and Kilpatrick; acres 24,237,
pop. 14,554, houses 2489.

KERSALL vil. ( ) Broughton tnshp. SE. Lan-
cash. 2 m. NW. of Manchester-183. K. Castle,
Miss Atherton. Bvrom, the poet and stenographer,
a native (1691-"l763). jgT KERSALL, tnshp.
(82-3) Kneesal par. Mid. Notts. 5 m. N. of
South well- 132. Acres 390 ; pop. 96 ; poor r. 39Z.
(Southw. U.).

Kerse House, near Grangemo', E. Stirling. Earl

KERSEY par. (48) Cosford hund. S. Suffolk,
2 m. NW. of HadIeigh-64, had an austin" priory
given by Hen. VI. to King's Coll. Camb. Acres
1630 ; pop. 787 + 8 ; poor r. 318/. (Cosfd. U.) ; real
prop. 3316Z. ; charities 8Z., and almshouse. St.
Mary Cur. with Lindsey.

Kershope Foot ( ) 11 m. NE. of Longtown,
N. Cumbrld. on K. River, where it joins R. Liddel
near K. Head. &T K. Rivulet rises under Lau-
riston hills, S. Roxburgh, on the Borders, and
runs about 6 m. W. to R. Liddel, below Castletown.

KERSLEY, or KEAKSLEY, tnshp. (89) Deane par.
S. Lancash. 3 m. SE. of Bolton-197, on Manch.
rail, and Bolton canal. Acres 900 ; pop. 3436 + 73,
cotton spinners and bleachers ; poor r. 209Z. (Bolt.
U.) ; real prop. 10.408Z.. of which 4817Z. on mines.
K. Hall, F. Ulbert, Esq.

Kerston Roads, between Pomona and Hoy,
Orkney Islds.

KEKSWELL hmlt. (21) Broadhembury pur.NE.
Devon. 4 m. NW. of Honiton-148. Pop. 153.

KESGRAVE par. (48) Carlford hand. SE. Suffolk,
4 m. SW. of Woodbridge-77. Acres 1610, partly
in hop-grounds ; pop. 88 ; poor r. 98Z. (Woodb. U) ;
real prop. 867Z. Living, a Cur. (Norw.) val. 581.,
patr. Sir J. Shaw, Bt. K. Hall, R. N. Shaw, Esq.

P. KESH vil. (5) Lurg bar. N. Fermanagh, a
police station, 14 m. NNW. of Enniskillen, 118
from Dublin, on K. River, which rises near Tyrone
border, and runs 6 m. W. to Lower L. Erne. Pop.
248 + 1. ^ KESH vil. (39) Coolavin bar. S.
Sliffo, 4 m. SE. of Ballymote-122.

P. KESHCARRiGAu'vil. (24-8) Leitrim bar.
Mid. Leitrim, 4 m. SE. of Drumshanbo-106. Pop.
132 + 4.

Keshcorran Hill ( ) near L. Arrow, S. Sligo,
1183 ft. high.

Keshlin Lough ( ) 3 m. W. of Monaghan, Mid.
Monaghan, close to which an ancient hunter's
house was found in the bog, 46 ft. by 14, of large
and small stones, with 6 or 8 apartments, flagged
with a kind of stone not to be found in the

Keskdale ( ) 5 m. SW. of Keswick, W.Cnmbrld.
has a prospect of the vale of Newlands.

P. KESSINGLAKD par. (49) Mutford hund. NE.
Suffolk, 5 m. SSW. of Lowestoft-114, a coast-gd.
station, and once a mkt. town. Acres 1220 ; pop.
658; poor r. 202Z. (Mutfd. Incorp.); real prop.
3561/. ; charities 70/. St. Edmund Vic. (Norw.)
sometime held by Whiston, val. 428/., patr. Bishop ;
church, which belonged to St. Clare's nunnery,
London, was reb. 1694, having an 8-sided font,
with figures of St. Edmund, and others; near
the nunnery or vicarage are remains of some
religious house.

KESSMOOR hmlt. ( ) Grewellthorpe tnshp.
W. R. York. 7 m. WNW. of Ripon-212.

KESSOCK, WESTER, vil. Kilmuir par. N. Inver-
ness, has a ferry 2 m. broad, over L. Beauly, from

KESTEVEN, PARTS OF (64, 70, 83) S W. Lincoln.
contains the wapentakes of Aswardhurn, Aveland,


Beltisloe, Boothby Graffo, Flaxwell, Langoe,
Loveden, Ness, Winnibriggs ; the mkt. towns of
Grantham*, Stamford (boroughs), Bonrne*,Corby,
Folkingham, Mkt. Deeping, Sleaford* ; 181 pa-
rishes, or 445,550 acres, low and swampy on the
E., but arable, grazing, and well wooded on the
W. and SW., which belonged to Earl Leofric, and
was made forest Hen. I. to Hen. III. ; 92,357
persons; 18,197 houses; and along with Parts of
Holland constitutes the S. div. of Lincoln, return-
ing two members (elect. 8729, total pop. 166,766),
with Sleaford for election town, and those marked
*, with Boston, Donington, Holbeach, Navenby,
Spalding, and Swinerby halfway house, for polling
places. Though fenny, some of the best churches
in the co. are here.

P. KESTON par. (6) Ruxley hund. Sutton-at-
Hone lathe, NW. Kent, 4 m. S. on Bromley-10,
at the head of Ravensbourne, has Holwood House,
the favourite seat of Pitt, and on the hill a cir-
cular roman treble-ditched camp 2 m. round,
the site of Noviomagus. Acres 1560, part com-
mon ; pop. 568 + 17 ; poor r. 123/. (Broml. U.) ;
real prop. 292 1Z. Living, a Rect. (Cant.) val.
235/., patr. Archbp. K. Lodge, Col. Toone. tgT
KESTON vil. (40) Camrose par. W. Pembroke. 4 m.
NW. of Haverfordwest-251.

P. M. KESWICK chplry. ( ) Crosthwaite par.
Mid. Cumbrld. 22 m. SSW. of Carlisle, 291 from
London, in a fine vale on R. Greta at the bottom
of Derwentwater, is a polling place (for W.
Gland.) and the capital of the lakes, forfeited by
the Radcliffes to the Greenwich Hospital, and
now belonging to the Marshalls. Pop. 2442 + 29,
in the woollen, hardware, and black lead pencil
manufacts. ; houses 499, of stone, with 3 chapels,
the par. church, town-hall b. 1813, bank, savings
bk. (14,096Z. from 481 depositors), two museums
of minerals, etc., inns, gram, school, Banks's
workhouse; poor r. 489Z. on 4387Z. (Cockermo*
U.) ; real prop. 6264/. ; charities, see CROSS-
THWAITE. St. John Cur. (Carl.) val. 220/., patr.
Trustees; church, b. by the Marshalls. Good
mutton and fish are had. Ch. Justice Bankes,
whose wife defended Corfe Castle, was a native ;
Southey (at Greta Hall) and Green the painter
were residents. Copper, garnets, etc., are found.
In the neighbourhood are the Lake, Skiddaw

5 m. (2787 ft.), Saddleback 5 m. (2290), Helvellyn
8 m. (3057), Derwent Lodge, Sir W. Morshead,
Bt., Ulleswater 10m., Thirlemere 5 m., Borxow-
dale fells 6 m. (where the black lead is got), the
vale of Newlands 6 m., Grisdale and Causey Pikes

6 m., Castle Rigg druid circle of 40 stones 2 m.
Mkt. D. Sat. corn, good mutton and fish. Fairs,
Sats. before Whitsuntide and Martinmas, hiring ;
Sat. after 29 Oct. cheese, sheep ; 1 1 Oct. cattle ;
1st Th. May, etc. horses, cattle. Regatta, Aug.

P. KESWICK par. (66) Humbleyard hund. E.
Norfolk, 2m. SSW. of Norwich-108, on Brandon
rail, and R. Tare. Acres 960; pop. 117; poor r.
98Z. (HensteadU.); real prop. 1435Z. St. Mary
Rect. with Intwood ; church, in ruins. Seat of
H. Gurney, Esq. and others.

KESWICK, EAST, tnshp. ( ) Harewood par.
W. R. York. 3 m. SW. of Wetherby-194, near R.
Wharfe. Acres 1460 ; pop. 465 + 10 ; poor r. 65/.
(Barwick Incorp.) ; real prop. 1931Z.

Ket Water (34) passes Whitehorn, SE. Wigton.
to Wigton bay at Port Tarrock.

P. KETLEY tnshp. (61) Wellington par. E.
Salop, 1 m. ESE. of Wellington-142, has a canal
and tram rail. 1 i m. long to Oaken Gates pits,
with a fall of 73ft, made 1788 by Reynolds.
Pop. 2642, in the ironworks. Living, a Cut
(Lieh.) val. /., patr. Duke of Sutherland.


KETSBY hmlt. (84) S. Ormsby par. E. Lincoln.
5 in. W. of Alford-138. Pop. 58. Living, a Rect.
with Ormsby ; church, in ruins.

Keifs Castle, at Thorpe, near Norwich, Nor-
folk, is St. Michael's ruined chapel, which that
rebel made his head quarters in Edw. VI.'s time.

P. M. KFTTEKING par. (52) Huxloe hund. N.
Nortkmptn. 14 m. NE. of Northampton, 74 from
London, near N.West. rail., an election, polling, and
petty sessions town, on a branch of R. Nen, was
Kateringes of the Saxons, granted by Edwy 976
to his servant Elfsige, afterwards to Peterboro'
abbey. Acres 2840, with stone ; pop. 4867 + 77,
wool-combers and staplers, shoes and brush,
makers, and silk plush weavers ; houses 978, on a
hill side, with 4 chapels, sessions house, 2 banks,
savings bk. (10,2897. from 415 depositors), book
club, free gram, school (1477.), Sawyer's almsh.
(247.), and Union poor house ; poor r. 36277. on
13,1657. ; real prop. 15,4197. ; charities 2597. St.
Peter and St. Paul Rect. (Pet.) val. 78G/., patr.
Hon. R. Watson ; church, later eng. with a good
tower and spire, and figured screen. Barton
Hall, Mrs. Tibbets; Thorpe Hall, E. Jenkins,
Esq. Coins of Trajan, etc. and urns were found
1726, at Stony Grounds. Gill the expositor was
a native ; and And. Fuller the baptist divine died
here 1815. Kettering P. L. Union, contains the
pars. etc. of Barton Seagrave, Broughton, Burton
Lattimer, Carrton, Corby, (Nottingham, Cranford
(St. Andrew and St. John), Cransley, Desbo-
rough, Geddington, Glendon, Grafton Undwood,
Harrington, Kettering, Loddington, Middleton,
Newton, Oakley (Great and Little), Orton, Py tch-
ley, Rothwell, Rushton, Stanion, Thorpe Malsor,
Warkton, Weekley; acres 49,057, pop. 18,327,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 3432 (out-door 3086),
expend. 10,5047., prop, rated 76,7477. Sup. Re-
gistry comprises the same ; pop. 18,269 + 276.
The New County Court district corresponds with
the Registry. Mht. D. Frid. Fairs, Ths. before
Easter, Old Michaelmas and St. Thomas's days,
Frid. before Whitsuntide.

KETTEUIXGHAM par. (63) Humbleyard hund.
SE. Norfolk, 5 m. SW. of Norwich-108, near
Brandon rail., was held by Rob. de Vaux at the
Conquest, and came to the Greys, Hevinghams,
Atkynses. Acres 1680 ; pop. 246 + 3 ; poor r.
'2221. (HensteadU.); real prop. 24267: St. Peter
Vic. (Norw.) val. 1967., patr. N. W. Peach, Esq.
of K. Hall, restored 1648 ; church, has effigies,
etc. of the Heveninghams, of whom Nicholas was
one of the regicide judges.

KETTINS par. 10m. W. of Dnndee-45, SW.
Forfar. under the Sidlaws, near R. Isla, contains
Campmuir (with a roman camp), Ford of Pitcur,
Ley of Halliburton, and Peatie. Size 4 m. by 3,
cultivated; pop. 1109, decreasing, of vil. 171,
linen bleachers ; real prop. 85247. ; for poor 2237.
Living (presb. Meigle) val. 226/., patr. Crown ;
church, belonged to Peebles red friary. Lintrose
(or Todderance) M. Murray, Esq. ; Halliburton
House, Marq. Huntly, chief heritor. Cairns and
tumuli are seen ; a carved danish pillar at Bal-
dowrie, 6 ft. high, and Macbeth's Cast. Dores near

P. KETTLE, or KINO'S K., par. Cupar distr.
Mid. Fife, 5 m. SW. of Cupar-32, on R. Eden,
was Catul, held by the Crown, and contains Bal-
malcolm, Bankton-Parfc, Coulton, Holekcttle-
Bridge, Muirhead, Myreside in the Howe of
fife. Size 8 m. by 1J, or 7085 acres, fertile
and heathy, with granite, stone, lime, coal, iron,
fossils; pop. 2312 + 24, of vil. 480, linen
weavers ; real prop. 87437. ; for poor 3027. Liv-
ing (presb. Cupar) val. 2237., patr. Crown ;
VOL. u



church, b. 1636. Circular camps at Bandon (200
paces round) and Down Hills, and a tumulus at
Knock of Clathe, and 8 barrows elsewhere.
Clatto, was the Setons'.

KETTLEBASTON par. (50) Cosford hund. S W.
Suffolk, 7 m. SW. of Stowmarket-76, near R,
Brett, was held by the De la Poles, by the ser-
vice of carrving a sceptre at the coronation.
Acres 960 ; pop. 203 ; poor r. 947. (Cosfd. U.) ;
real prop. 15497. ; charities 61. St. Mary Rect.
(Norw.) val. 2237., patr. Rev. T. Fiske, rector. K.
Hall, belonged to the Waldegraves, Lemans, etc.

KETTLEBURGH par. (50) Loes hund. E. Suf-
folk, 2 m. SSW. of Framlingham-87, near the R.
Deben. Acres 1350 ; pop. 355 ; poor r. 2797.
(Plomesgate U.) ; real prop. 24887. ; charities 227.
St. Andrew Rect. (Norw.) val. 2907., patr. Earl of
Gosford. K. Hall, .

KETTLEBY and K. THORPE hmlts..(86) Bigby
par. N. Lincoln. 3m. E. of Caistor-153. Pop. 45
and 27.

KETTLENESS hmlt. ( ) Lythe tnshp. N. R.
York. 6 m. NW. of Whitby-236, at Runswick
abbey, has alum works belonging to Marq. of
Normanby of Mulgrave cast. A cliff near this
took fire and burnt two j-rs.

KETTLESHULME tnshp. (81) Prestbury par. E.
Cheshire, 6 m. NE. of Macclesfield-167. Acres
1440 ; pop. 336 + 10 ; poor r. 1017. (Macclesf. U.) ;
real prop. 13827.

KETTLESING hmlt. ( ) Felliscliffe tnshp. W.
R. York. 3 m. SW. of Ripley-215.

KETTLESTONE par. (68) Gallow hund. 2V. Nor-
folk, 4 m. SSE. of Walsingham-113. Acres 1070 ;
pop. 219 ; poor r. 1457. (Walsingh. U.) ; real prop.
14997. ; charities 367., of which 47. to almshouses.
All Saints Rect. (Norw.) val. 1937., patr. Ld.

KETTLETIIORPE par. (83) Well wap. W. Lin-
coln. 8 m. S. of Gainsboro'-148, on the Trent, con-
tains Fenton and Laughterton. Acres 3280 ; pop.
501+4; poor r. 297. (Gainsb. U.); real prop.
22647. ; charities 257. St. Peter and Paul Rect.
(Line.) val. 569*., patr. Sir W. A. Ingilby, Bt. of
K. Hall.

Kettlethorpe Hall ( ) near , W. R. York.
J. Charlesworth, Esq.

Kettktoft Bay, W. side of Sauda, NE. Orkney

KETTLEWELL par. ( ) E. Staincliff wap. W,
R. York. 12 m. N. of Skipton-216, under a hill on
R.Wharfe, containing Starbottom, was once a mkt.
town, and nearly inundated by the rains 1686.
Acres 8320, moorland ; pop. 685 + 1, some cotton
spinners; poor r. 1847. (Skipt. U.) ; real prop.
46167. ; charities 77. to Swale's school, etc. St.
Mary Vic. (Rip.) val. 1207., patr. R. Foster, Esq.
Fairs, 6 July, 2 Sept. 22 Oct.


P. KETTON par. (64) East hund. E. Ruthid. 3 m.
SW. of Stamford-89, on R. Chater and Midld. rail.,
containing Geeston and Kel th orpe, came from Rich,
de Humel (in Stephen's time) and others to the
Harringtons and Noels, being held by the tenure
of finding the queen in boots " pro ocreis regiiw.''
Acres 2740, with good dark cream stone, 128J Ibs.
per cub. foot ; pop. 951 + 15 ; poor r. 4917. (Stamf.
U.); real prop. 51777.; charities, 107. school. St.
Mary Vic. (Line.) val. with Tixover 1077., patr.
Bishop of Peterb. ; church, cruciform (about 1 !/>()),
part norman and early eng. with a light tower
180 ft. high, 3 stone stalls, mons. etc. A'. House,
Hon. W. Noel, near which is Constable's, an
old half-timbered seat.

Kctton House ( ) 3 m. N. of Darlington, S,
Durham, F. Hardinge, Esq.

3 R





KEVENCALONOG tnshp. ( ) Clun and Bettus
pars. 5 W. Salop, 6m. SW. of Bishop's Castle- 159.
Pop. 232.


P. KEVERNE, ST., par. (31-2) Kerrier hund.
S IV. Cornwall, 9 m. SE. of Helston-276, on the
coast, opposite the Manacles rocks, contains the
ports of Coverack (with a good trade) where
the Despatch was lost 1809, Porthonstock, and
Porthalla or Pralla. Acres 9650 (or 87,292), ser-
pentine (covered with erica vagans), diallage,
with shale, soapstone, magnesian limestone, etc. ;
pop. 2469 + 3, fishermen ; poor r. 7687. (Heist. U.) ;
real prop. 12,9187. ; charities, 337. to Sandys' and
Hoskins' schools, etc. Living, a Vic. (Exet.) val.
383/., patr. Mrs. Griffith; church, belonged to
Beaulieuab.,and was struck with lightning 1770.
Lannarth, Col. Sandys, whose ancestor, with 7
others, in 1702, in an open boat, was driven by a
storm across the channel to the coast of Nor-
mandy, which they made safely, and were sent
home by Louis XIV. Ireland, "was the Hyames'
seat. Incledon the singer, a native. Fairs, 5
Mar. 19 June, 2 Oct.

KEVERSTONE tnshp. ( ) Staindrop par. S. Dur-
ham., 6 m. NE. of Barnard Castle-246, is joined
to RABY.

Kevin's Fort (14) near Sligo, 2V. Sligo, G. Dod-
vrell, Esq. igP Kevin's (St.) Bed. See Glenda-
lough, Wicklow.

Kevington (6) 5 m. SW. of Dartford, NW.

KEW, ST., par. (30) Trigg hund. 2V. Cornwall,
7 m. NNW. of Bodmin-234, on the Amble, a
branch of R. Camel, was Languit of ' Domesdy.'
Acres 7530 (or 6343), very fertile, with barrows ;
pop. 1429; poor r. 7337. (Bodm. U.); real prop.
96677. ; charities 171. Living, a Vic. (Exet.) val.
4017., patr. Lady Grenville of Lanew; church, an-
cient, with stained glass, and mons. of Webbers
of Mid. Amble. Trewane, now a farm, was the

P. KEW par. (7) Second Kingston hund. 2V.
Surrey, 2 m. NW. of Richmond (at the 7-arched
bridge), on S. West, branch rail, and the Thames,
opposite Brentford, was part of Kingston till 1770,
was the favourite seat of Frederick Prince of Wales
(who leased K. House of the Capels) and of his son
Geo. III., most of whose family were born, and
whose queen died, here, in a red brick house of
Sir R. Portman (Jas. I.), which the king (having
pulled down K. House 1789) turned into what is

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