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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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bar. S. Westmeath, 3 m. SW. of, 56
from Dublin, a petty sess. and chief police station,
on a branch of Gd. Canal and R. Brosna, where a
battle was fought with the Danes 972, has traces
of a cistertian abbey reb. 1200 (on the site of St.
Columb's, found. 606), by the Daltons, and given
to the Lamberts, under whom, by charter of Jas.
V., it sent two members to parl. before the Union,
and is governed by a portreeve, 12 burgesses, etc.
Acres 6086, good, with bog; pop. 4186+ 15, of
vil. 1910, decreasing; houses 343, with court and
mkt. house, 2 chapels, dispensary, brewery, dis-
tillery, flour mills. Living, a Cur. (Meath) val.
93/., patr. Bishop. Coola, G. Lambert, Esq. Mkt.
D. Sat. Fairs, 25 Mar. 16 June, 18 Aug. 28 Oct.

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KILBEGNET par. (19, 20, etc.) Ballymoe bar.
N. Galway, 9 m. NE. of Newtown-Bellew-106, on

R. Suck, contains Creggs. Acres 10,867, with
'5. Living, a Vic. with Ath-
league. Fairfield, .

bog ; pop. 5036 + 36.

KILBEHENY par. (57-8, 60) Coshlea bar. SE.
Limerick, 9 m. SE. of Kilfinnane-146, on R. Pun-
cheon, under Galtee mountns. Acres 15,376;
pop. 4291 + 79. Living, a Vic. with Duntrileague.
Galtee Lodge, Earl of Kingstown.

KILBELFAD par. (38-9, 48) Tirawley bar.
Mayo, 4 m. SW. of Ballina-129, on R. Moy and
L. Conn, has some old forts and castles. Acres
13,515, with granite, clay, limestone; pop. 3681,
decreasing. Living, a Vic. with Kilmoremoy.
Carramore, Col. Jackson.

S3. KILBENNAN par. (15-6, 29) Dunmore bar.
2V. Galway, 3m. NW. of Tuam-119,has 50 ft. of a
round tower near the site of a monastery. Acres
7656 ; pop. 2844 + 28. Living, a Vic. with Tuam.
Newborough, .

KILBERRV par. 7 m. WSW. of W. Tarbert-143,
5. Argyll., is joined to KILCALMONELL, and has
Ossian's Sliabh Gaoil, or Hill of Love, where the
head of the Clann Dhiarmid, or children of Diar-
mid (the Campbells) died. Pop. 865. K. House,
J. Campbell, Esq. igp KILBERRY par. (30-1,
34-5) W. Narragh bar. SW. Kildare, 4 m. NW.
of Athy-42, on R. Barrow, has some castle ruins.
Acres 10,540, with bog; an. val. 48327. ; pop. 1771
+ 4. Living, a Vic. (Du. G. K.) val. 69/., patr.
Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. Bert House, Lord
Downes. iJiP KILBERRY par. (18) Morgallion
bar. 2V. Meath, 4 m. N. of Navan-29, on Yellow
river, containing Wilkinstown, had a chantry at
St Mary's. Acres 4818; pop. 2023 + 2, of vil.
128. Living, a Rect. with Dououghpatrick.

P. KILBIRXIE par. Cunninghame distr. N.
Ayr. 9 m. N. of Irvine-69, on Glasg. and Ayr
rail, and R. Garnock, has Glengarnock, or
K. Castle, the half-ruined seat of the Crawfords,
b. 1500 ( ?). Size about 6 m. by 5, fertile and
moory, with K. Loch, 2 m. by 1, full of fish ; pop.
2631 + 109, in the large cotton and flax mills ;
real prop. 88407., of which 14277. on mines ; for
poor 2657. Living (presb. Irvine) vaL 293/., patr.
Earl of Eglinton.

KILBIXY par. (6, 10-1, 18)-Moygoisb. bar. W.
Westmeath, 6m. NW. of Mullingar-48, contain-
ing Ballinacarry, had a castle, b. 1192 by Hugh
de Lacy, and, besides St. Bridget's leper hospital,
a priory at Tristernagh found, by Gcof. de Con-
stantine, and given 1590 to the Piers family.
Acres 6493, with L. Iron, and limestone; pop.
2246, decreasing. Living, a Cur. (Meath) val.
797., patr. Bishop and Sir J. Piers, Bt. of Trister-
nagh. Baronstown, seat of H. O'Connor, Esq., for-
merly of Malone, who is buried here.

Kilblane, at Kirkmahoe, JV. Dumfries., was the
site of St. Blane's church.

KILBOLAJJE par. (1, 6) Orrery bar. 2V. Cork, and
(54) Upper Connello bar. S. Limerick, 2 m. SW.
of Charleville-128, contains Millford and the re-
mains of a castle destroyed by Cromwell. Acres
10,015, good,with bog ; an. val. 75057. ; pop. 4155.
Living, a Cur. with Knocktemple. K. House, W.
Barry, Esq.

KILBONANE par. (84) E. Muskerry bar. Mid.
Cork, 6 m. NW. of Bandon-176. Acres 4710, with
bog; an. val. 351 97,; pop. 1725, decreasing. Liv-
ing, a Rect. (Ck. N. C.) val. 342/., patr. Bishop.
tgJT KILBONAXE par. (57-8, 65) Magunihy bar.
Mid. Kerry, 3 m . NE. of Mill town- 197, where R.
Gweestin joins R. Laune. Acres 8668, with lime-
stone, bog ; pop. 3666 + 36. Living, a Vic. with

KILBOURNE tnshp. (71) Horsley par. E. Derby.
2 m. SE. of Belper-134. Pop. 826, frame-work
knitters ; real prop. 30397. K. Hall, W. Hunter,
Esq. (?)

Kilboy (88) 1 m. S. of Cloyne, E. Cork, J. M.
Bernard, Esq. ^ Kilboy (26) 4 m. S. of Ne-
nagh, N. Tipperary, Lord Dunally.

Kilboyne (89) near Castlebar, Mid. Mayo, Sir
S. O'MaUey, Bt.

Kilbrack (17) near Doneraile. 2V. Cork.


KILBRADRAN par. (19, 20, 28) Lower Connello
and Shanid bars. W. Limerick, 3 m. NW. of Rath-
keale-136, at the bridge on R. Deel. Acres 2801,
with limestone ; pop. 869 + 4. Living, a Rect.
(Lk. A. A.) val. 2257., patr. Bishop.

KILBRAGH par. (69) Middlethird bar. S. Tip-
perary, 4m. NW. of Fethard-103. Acres 1100;
pop. 362, decreasing. Living, a Rect. with Fe-

distr. W. Argyll. 20 m. W. of Inverary, includes
Ellenabaich, Colipool, Millbay, Toberonochy on
the coast, and the islds. of Easdale, Torsay, Luing,
Seil, Shuna. Size 10 m. by 6, or 14,375 acres, of
moorland, with much good slate, lime, whinstone,
marble at Ardmady, and traces of silver, copper,
lead, zinc, etc. ; pop. 2602, decreasing ; real prop.
50107.; for poor 5717. Living (presb. Lorn) val.
173/., patr. Duke of Argyll, and Marq. of Breadal-
bane (chief heritor). The wild cat is seen, fish
and fowl abound, and there is a danish fort at
Ardinamir. From " St. Brandan," the patron of
Bute, where the people were called Brandanes.

Kilbrandon, or Kilbranan, Sound, in 5. Argyll.
between Kintyre and Arran, is about 20 m. long,
3 to 10 broad," with 25 to 70 fath. water.

Kilbree (77) near Cloyne, E. Cork, W. Adams,

KILBREEDY MAJOR par. (39, 40-8) Coshlea
and Smallcounty bars. Mid. Limerick, 2 m. WSW.
of Kilmallock-140, has some danish raths. Acres
3384, with limestone; pop. 1409 + 27. Living, a
Rect. with Kilinallock. K. House, J. O'Donnell,
Esq. <s5 K., MINOR, par. (47) Coshma bar. S.
Limerick, 2m. SW. of Kilmallock-140, near the
above. Acres 2110, good; pop. 612 + 1. Living,
a Rect. (Lk. A. A.) val. 1577., patr. Bishop.

KILBREW par. (38-9) Ratoath bar. SE. Meath,
3 m. NE. of Dunshaughlin-17. Acres 2531, good ;
pop. 275, decreasing. Living, a Rect. with Try-
vett. K. House, W. Murphy, Esq. formerly seat
of the Georges.

KILBRIDE par. (44-5,51) Up. Antrim bar. Mid.
Antrim, 2 m. NW. of Ballyclare-112. Acres 5641 ;
pop. 2071 + 23. Living, a Rect. with Donegore.
' St. Bride, or Bridget's church.' i3P KILBRIDE
par. Lorn distr. NW. Argyll, including Obau
-124, and Kerera isld., is joined to KILMORE.
Pop. 2171. gj^ KILBRIDE par. E. side of Arran,
S. Bute, includes Brodick (and bay), Corrie, Holy
Isle, in Lamblash bay, L. Ranza and Castle.
Size 14m. by 5, or 52,500 acres, hilly (2865 ft. a;
Goatfell, where ' scotch pebbles ' are found), with
granite, stone, slate, lime, ' craw coal,' etc. ; pop.
2786 + 13 ; real prop. 461 11. ; for poor 1797. Liv-
ing (presb. Katyre) val. 259/., patr. Duke of
Hamilton, heritor, ^p Kilbride (17) 6 m. S.
of Tullow, E. Carlow, near R. Slaney, G. R.
Keogh, Esq.- Ifig" KILBRIDE par. (21) New-
castle bar. S. Dublin, 2 m. SW. of Clondal-
kin-4. Acres 846 ; pop. 63. Living, a Vic. with
^londalkin. Baldonnel House, . K. Castle,
in ruins. A powder mill is here. (JiT" Kilbride
Ho. (^ ) near , Kildare, T. Pottinger, Esq.

" KII.BKIDE par. (40-1) Ida bar. SE. Kilkenny,




4 m. E. of Mullinavat-87. Acres 1697 ; pop. 516
+ 2. Living, a Vic. with Kilcoan. ijif KIL-
BRIDE par. (8, 9, 16-7) Ballycowan bar. N. King's
Co. contains TuLLAMORE-59, on Gd. Canal and
Rs. Silver and Clodagh. Acres 10,153, good,
with bog ; pop. 9608. Living, a Rect. (Meath)
val. 117/., pair. Bishop. Charleville Forest, Earl
of Charleville. Ruins of 5 or 6 castles are left.
gaP KILBRIDE, or K. LANGAN, par. (2, 8) Kil-
coursey bar. N. King's Co. contains Clara-61, and
Charlestown, on R. Brosna, Acres 7618, with
bog ; pop. 4581 + 25. Living, a Vic. with Ard-
nurchur and Clara. Kilcoursey, . gg" KIL-
BRIDE par. (7) Tira\vley bar. JV. Mayo, 1 m. NE.
of Ballycastle-175, on the coast, near Downpatrick
head. Acres 4457, moorland; pop. 1963, de-
creasing. Living, a Vic. with Dunfeeny. gap"
KILBRIDE par. (45, 51) Dunboyne bar. S. Meath,
3m. NE. of Dnnboyne-11. Acres 3069, good;
pop. 374 + 9. Living, a Vic. with Dunboyne.
rgg" KILBRIDE, or CASTLECORR. par. (38, 42)
Clanmahon bar. S. Cavan, and (8, 9) Fore bar.
NW. Meath, contains Mount Nugent-57. Acres
9341, good, with limestone ; pop. 5041 + 39. Liv-
ing, a Rect. with Oldcastle. Castlecor, W. Webb,
Esq. ; Farrenconnell, C. Nugent, Esq. Haf KIL-
BRIDE par. (35-6, etc.) S. Ballintober and Ros-
common bars. Mid. Roscomn. 3 m. N. of Roscom-
mon-93, has traces of Derrane abbey, raths, etc.
Acres 19,287, with limestone, bog ; pop. 8578 + 90.
Living, a Vic. with Roscommon. Durham, E.
Corr, Esq. ; Drumdaff, G. Digby, Esq. |P KIL-
BRIDE par. (17, 26) Middlethird bar. E. Water-
ford, 2 m. N W. of Tramore-104, has Cullen cast,
ruins. Acres 1801 ; pop. 587 + 10. Living, a Cur.
with Islandikane. iJiP KILBRIDE, or K. VESTON,
par. (26,33) Fartullagh bar. S.Westmeath, 5m.S.
of Mullingar-48. Acres 1980, with bog; pop. 645
+ 7. Living, a Vic. (Meath) val. 25/., patr. Giffard
fam. igg" KILBRIDE par. (15-6) Scarewalsh bar.
Mid. Wexfd. 5 m. SW. of Ballycanen-66, near the
coast. Acres 4474. good, with stone ; pop. 1054, de-
creasing. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.) with Ferns,
val. 392/., patr. Bishop. Ballymore, R. Donovan,
Esq. Near the site of the church is a hill 796 ft.
high, with the Giant's Bed on it. gig" KILBRIDF.
par. (35, 40-1) Arklow bar. S. Wicklow, 2 m. N.
of Arklow-50, on R. Ovoca, has a fine sea view
from the old church. Acres 6754 ; pop. 1445 + 25.
Living, a Vic. (Du. G. K.) with 2 others, val.
2511., patr. Bishop. K. House, . Shelton Ab-
bey, Earl of Wicklow. gg"' KILBRIDE par. (1,2,
5, 6) Low. Talbotstown bar. N W. Wicklow, 4m.
NE. of Blessington-18, among the mountns. near
A'. Glen, on Rs. Liffey and Brittas. Acres 11,641,
granite, iron, bog; pop. 1256+5. Living, a Vic.
with Blessington. K. Cottage, Rev. O. Moore;
Kippure Lodge, G. Moore, Esq.

P. KILBRIDE, EAST, par. Middle ward, W.
Lanark. 5 m. NW. of Hamilton-38, including
Torrance and part of Busby, is a burgh of barony.
Size 10 m. by 3, moory in part, with lime, iron,
and many fossils ; pop. 3810, of vil. 926, cotton
and muslin weavers ; real prop. 24,190/. ; for poor
407/. Living (presb. Hamilt.) val. 280/., patr.
Crown. Calderwood, Sir W. A. Maxwell, Bt. At
Long Cald. John Hunter and his brother William
were born. Dunlop, or sweet milk, cheese is
made, and tumuli and old ruins are seen. g3"
K. PASS OF, or K. PILATE, par. (27, 33-4) Far-
tullagh bar. S. Westmeath, 3m. NE. of Roch-
fortbridge-46, containing Milltown, had a castle
of the Tyrrels, which 1651 was taken for park
by Col. Hewson. Acres 4032 ; pop. 914. Living,
a Vie, with Enniscoffey. Gaulston Park, Lord
Kilinaine; K. House, .

P. KILBRIDE, WEST, par. Cunninghame distr.
NW. Ayr. 9 m. NW. of Irvine-69, on Frith of
Clyde, where one of the armada sunk in 10 fath.,
includes Boyston, Pencross Cast, (close to Ardnell
or Three Sisters' Cliff 230 ft. high), and Lesser
Cumbray isld., 3 in. off. Size 6 m. by 3, moor-
land, commanding fine sea views, rising ft. at
Tarbet hill, with millstone at Camb hill, etc. ;
pop. 1885 + 20, linen weavers, etc. ; real prop.
9806/. ; for poor 391Z. Living (presb. Irvine) val.
203/., patr. Earl of Eglinton of Southannan, an
old seat of the Semples, near a fall of 50 ft. in a
fine glen. A ruined castle of the Kilmarnocks
stands under Law hill, and a watch tower on
Auld hill. Rob. Simpson, editor of Euclid, etc.,
was born at Kirton Hall (1687-1768).

KILBRIDEGLYNN par. (36-7) W. Shelmaliere
bar. S. Wexfnrd, 3 m. NE. of Taghmon-94, under
the Forth mountns. Acres 4110 ; pop. 826 + 18.
Living, a Cur. with Killurin.

KILBRIN par. (15-6, 23-4) Duhallow bar. N.
Cork, 3 m. NE. of Kanturk-158, on R. Allua in
the hills. Acres 12,631; an. val. 9276J. ; pop.
4855+56. Living, a Vic. (Ck. R.C.) with Lis-
carrol val. 525/., patr. Bishop. Castlecor, E.
Freeman, Esq.


KILBRITTAIN par. (110-1, 123-4) E. East-Car-
berry bar. S. Cork, 5 m. SSE. of Bandon-176,
near Courtmacsherry bay, had a castle b. by the
De Coorcys. Acres 4751, with slate; pop. 1652
+ 5, some fishermen, etc. Living, a Rect. (Ck.
R. C.) val. 340/., patr. Bishop. K. Castle, Col. W.
Stawell, on the old site, i^gg*" KILBRITTAIN vil.
(123) Rathclarin par. close to the above, is a police
station. Pop. 288. Fair, 22 Nov. turkeys.

KILBROGAN par. (95-6, 109-10) Kinalmeaky
bar. S. Cork, contains part of Bandon-176, on R.
Bandon. Acres 7578, with slate, stone ; pop. 5404,
decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) with
Aglish, val. 589Z., patr. Bishop. Rough Grove, M.
Alcock, Esq. ; Mount Pleasant, H. Baldwin, Esq.

KILBRONEY par. (16-7) Orrery bar. .ZV. Cork,
2 m. NW. of Buttevant-146, has Ballinguile
Castle ruins. Acres 1876, good; pop. 788 + 9.
Living, a Vic. with Buttevant. (JSP" KILBRONEY
par. (51-2, 54-5) Upper Iveagh bar. S. Down.
contains Rosstrevor-63, on Carlingford bay, under
the Mourne mountns., has remains of Cloughmerne
cromlech, and Rosstrevor and another castle.
Acres 13,208, with mountain, bog, lead; pop.
4541 +29. Living, a Vic. (Dn. C. D.) val. 103/.,
patr. Bishop. K. Lodge, D. Ross, Esq. ; Bally-
edmond, A. Stewart, Esq.

KILBRYAN par. (3, 6, 10) Boyle bar. N. Ros-
common, 4m. NE. of Boyle-107, near Lough Key,
was the burial-place of Carolan the bard (?).
Acres 3852; pop. 1114, decreasing. Living, a
Vic. with Ardcarne. Rockingham, Lord Lorton.

KILBUCHO par. 3 m. SW. of Broughton-28,
W. Peebles, contains Corscrine, where the English
encamped before the battle of Biggar. Size 5000
acres, heathy, rising at Garden about 1400ft.;
pop. 361 + 1 ; real prop. 3230/. ; for poor I.
Living, with Broughton and Culter. K. House,
Dickson, Esq. A tumulus or beacon here, in
a line with others at Culter and Lamington.

P. KILBURN hmlt. (7) Hampstead and Willes-
den pars. Mid. Middlesex, 4 m. N W. of St. Paul's,
on N. West. rail, and Watling St., was called
Cuneburn (Hen. I.), and had up to 1722, near the
Wells, remains of a benedictine nunnery found,
on the site of Godwyn's hermitage, as a cell to
Westminster. Living, a Cur. (Eon.) val. I.,
patr. . Omnibuses run to the turnpike gate.

P. KILBCRN par. ( ) Binlforth wap. N. R.

3 K 4




York. 5 m. ESE. of Thirsk-217, contains Old-
stead, Thorpe-le-Willows, and Wass. Acres 3670 ;
pop. 837, of town with Hood- Grange 556 ; poor
r. 1257. (Thirsk U.) ; real prop. 34497. ; charities
187. St. Mary Cur. (Yk.) val. 99/., patr. Archbp.

KILBUKNE par. (9, 17) Middlethird bar. NE.
Waterford, 3 m. S\V. of Waterford-96. Acres
3515 ; pop. 905 + 4. Living, a Vic. (Ca. E.W. L.),
held by Dean of Waterford.

KILBY par. (63) Guthlaxton hund. S. Leicest.
6 m. SSE. of Leicester-96, on Union canal, and a
branch of R. Soar. Acres 1060 ; pop. 408, stock-
ingers; poor r. 1757. (BlabylL); real prop. 21347.
St. M. Magdalen Cur. (Pet.) val. G31., patr. Sir
H. Halford, Bt. of Wistow.

KJLCADZOW vil. Carluke par. Mid. Lanark.
3 m. N. of Lanark-31. Pop. 160.

Kilcairn Lodge (25) near Navan, Mid. Meaih,
F. Murphy, Esq.

KILCALMONELL par. Kintyre distr. 5. Argyll.
includes Kilberry, and W. Tarbert-143, on Lochs
Tarbert and Fyne. Size about 14 m. by 4, hilly,
with plantations, etc., wild-fowl, seals, otters,
herrings, and other fish; pop. 2460, decreasing ;
real prop. 75847. ; for poor 4107. Living (presb.
Kintyre) val. 2187., patr. Duke of Argyll, heritor.
A vitrified fort at Demskeig. From ' Challum,'
or St. Columba.

Kilcar, or KiUycar (14) 3 m. SW. of Belturbet,
N. Cavan, J. A. Nesbitt, Esq.

KILCAR par. (90-1, etc.) Bannagh bar. SW.
Donegal, 4 m. W. of Killybegs-161, where R.
Glen joins Teelin bay in Donegal bay, near Slieve
League mountn., had a monastery found. 540 by St.
Carthach. Acres 18,883, chiefly mountain ; pop.
4969 + 65, of vil. 303. Living, a Beet. (Dy. R.)
val. 2767., patr. Bishop.

KILCARAGH par. (15-6) Clanmaurice bar. N.
Kerry, 7 m. SW. of Listowel-171, on Rs. Feale
and Brick, contains Ballinageragh and Lixnaw.
Acres 2911, with limestone, bog; pop. 1240+14.
Living, a Rect. with Duagh. iggf" KILCARAGH
par. (18) Gualtiere bar. E. Waterfd. 3 m. SE. of
Waterford-96, on R. Suir. Acres 652 ; pop. 170
+ 3. Living, a Rect. (Ca. E. W. L.) .held by
Dean of Waterford.

KILCARN par. (23, 31-2) Skreen bar. Mid.
Meath, 3 m. SE. of Navan-29, on R. Boyne.
Acres 2337, fertile ; pop. 600 + 5. Living, a Cur.
with Skreen. K. House, F. Murphy, Esq.

Kilcarra, near CarnpbellowB, S. Argyll, in
Kantyre, has Campbeltown light.

KILCARRICK. viL ( ) E. Idrone bar. S. Carlow,
near Leighlinbridge-57.

Kilcarty (37) near Kilmessan, S. Meath.

KILCASH par. (78) E. Iflfa and Offa bar. S.
Tipperary, 8 m. NE. of Clonmell-104, under
Slieve-na-Man (2362 ft.) is a seat of the Or-
mondes, with ruins of a church and castle.
Acres 3754; pop. 1260, decreasing, of vil. 138.
Living, a Vic. (Ca. E. W. L.) with 3 others, val.
2517., patr. Crown. Fair, 5 Aug.

KILCASHAN par. (103-4, etc.) Bear bar. SW.
Cork, and (101-3, 109-10) Glenarought bar. S.
Kerry, 10 m. ENE. of Castletown, on Bantry bav,
between Hungry hill (2160 ft.) and Glengariff.
Acres 51,487, mountainous, with slate, iron,
copper; an. val. 32957. ; pop. 6780 + 218. Living,
a Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. 1307., patr. Bishop. Forts,
etc. are seen. The Lodge, Earl of Bantry.

KILCATHERINE par. (103-4, etc.) Bear bar.
S W. Cork, 4 m. N. of Bearhaven-223, on Quoilah
bay in Kenmare river, contains Caherkeen, Cou-
lagh, Eyeries, and Allihies copper mines. Acres
21,778, chiefly bog, mountain ; an. val. 35377. ;
pop. 6940 + 90. Living, a Vic. with Bearhaven.

Kilcatton ( ) near Clady, E. Londonderry
W. Ogilby, Esq.

KILCAVAN, or KILKEVAN, par. (2, 3, 6, 7)
Ballaghkeen and Gorey bars. N. Wexford, 2 m.
N. of Gorey-61, under Tara Hill, has remains
of Little Limerick Castle. Acres 9529, with
stone ; pop. 2873 + 18. Living, a Rect. with
Gorey. Ballinastragh, Sir T. Esmonde, Bt. Fairs,
5 Apr. 21 Aug. 12 Nov. jgi" KILCAVAN par.
(40-1, 45-6) Bargy bar. S. Wexford, 5 m. SW.
of Taghmon-94, by the coast. Acres 3205 ; pop.
768 + 7. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.) with Bannow,
val. 2747., patr. Bishop. Harristown, . At
Granstown convent Dr. Doyle was educated.


KILCHATTAN BAY vil. Kingarth par. E. Bute,
5 m. S. of Rothesay, is on K. Bay, opposite the
Gt. Cumbrae, with anchorage in 11 to 16 fath.
Pop. 167.

KiLciiENZiE par. joined to KILLEAN, Argyll. ;

KILCHOMAN par. W. side of Islay, SW. Argyll.
W. of Lochs Indaal and Gruinart, contains Port-
nahaven, near Rhinus pt. and Oversa light. Size
20 m. by 6, pasture for black cattle, rising 762 ft.
at Ben Tartivel, etc., with L. Gurim (100 acres)
where the Macdonalds' old castle stands ; pop.
4505 (gaelic-speaking), cod-fishers, farmers, etc. ;
real prop. 74367. ; for poor 7. Living (presb.
Islay) val. 1587., patr. Crown. Remains of 6
chapels are seen. From 'Chomanus,' a disciple
of St. Columba.

KILCHREEST par. (49-50, 59-60) Clonderalaw
bar. S. Clare, 2 m. N. of Kalladyser-149, on R.
Fergus, contains Ballynacally. Acres 7062 ; pop.
2974+39. Living, a" Vic. with Kildysart. Para-
dise, F. Arthur, Esq. Dangan Castle, and 2
churches in ruins, igap" KILCHREEST par. (105,
115) Dunkellin and Loughrea bars. Mid. Galway,
3 m. SW. of Loughrea-109. Acres 3420 ; pop.
1579, decreasing, of vil. 426. Living, a Meet.
with Killinane. Woodville, R. D'Arcy, Esq.

distr. Mid. Argyll. 8 m. NW. of Inverary-104,
near Lochs Awe (with Inish Connel Cast., etc.)
and Avich, between Leckan and Mid. Muirs, is
the only par. in the co. with no sea-coast. Size
12 m. by 8, heathy; pop. 943, decreasing ; real

Erop. 42837. ; for poor 2567. Living (presb.
orn) val. 1717., patr. Duke of Argyll, heritor.
Sonachan, R. Campbell, Esq.

KILCHRIST par. is joined to URRAY, Ross.

21. Kilchurn Castle, NE. corner of L. Awe, N.
Argyll. 2 m. W. of Dalmally-100, a ruin in a fine
spot belonging to D. of Argyll, was b. 1440 by
Sir Colin Campbell, and garrisoned against the
Pretender 1745 ; near it is Fraoch-Elan, the Mac
Naughtens' old seat.

KILCLEAGH par. (29, 30, 35-6) Clonlonan bar.
SW. Westmeath, contains Moote-66, near K.
Shannon, has Clonlonan Cast. ruin. Acres
15,264, with stone, lime, bog; pop. 6444+28.
Living, a Vic. (Meath) val. 3257., patr. Bishop.
Castle Daly, D. Daly, Esq.

KILCLIEF par. (45) Lecale bar. S. Down, near
Ardglass-103, and L. Stragford, had an abbey,
and has remains of K. Castle, a palace of the bps.
of Down, and a lepers' hospital. Acres 2425,
fertile ; pop. 1 1 2 1 + 28. Li ving, a Rect. (Dn. C. D. )
val. 2217, patr. Bishop.

KILCLONAGH par. (35-6) Eliogarty bar. Mid.
Tipperary, 4 m. N. of Thurles-95. Acres 759;
an. val. 4797. ; pop. 179, decreasing. Living, a
Rect. with Movne.




MANBRACK, Queen's Co.

KILCLOXE par. (49, 50) Upper Deece bar. S.
Meath, 3 m. NE. of Kilcock-17. Acres 2717 ; pop.
267, decreasing. Living, a Vic. with Baddans-
town. Mulhussey, F. M'Veigh, Esq.

KILCLOXFERT par. (9, 10, 18) Lower Philips
town bar. N. King's Co. 2 m. NW. of Philipstown
-50, near Gd. canal. Acres 10,267, with bog; an.
val. 39297. ; pop. 1835 + 10. Living, a Vic. (Du.
G. K.) val. 627., patr. Crown. Kilduff House, J.
Walsh, Esq. ; Clonearl, W. H. Magan, Esq.

KILCLOOXY par. (16-7, 20-1) Low. Fews and
Orior bars. Mid. Armagh, contains part of Mar-
kethill-76, and has Cairnamhanaghan, a heap
of 2 acres at the base. Acres 12,833, good, with
bog, clay slate, lead, coal ; pop. 8079 + 45, some
weavers. Living, a Cur. (Arm. C.) val. 967.,
patr. Incumbent of Mullaghbrack. HSP KIL-
CLOONY par. (74, 87-8) Clonmacnowen bar. E.
Galway, contains Cleaghmore and Ballinasloe-91,
at the end of Gd. canal, on R. Suck. Acres 7289 ;
pop. 7248, decreasing. Living, a Sect, with
Creagh. Garbally Pk., Earl of Clancarty.

Kilcloyne (75) near Middleton, E. Cork.

KILCOAX par. (40-1) Ida bar. SE. Kilkenny,

5 m. E. of Mullinavat-87. Acres 1583; pop.
555 + 11. Living, a Beet. (Os. F. L.) with Kil-
bride, val. 1507., patr. Bishop.

P. M. KILCOCK par. (5, 10) Ikeathy and
Oughterany bars. N. Kildare, 17 m. W. of Dublin,
a police station, on R. Rye and Royal canal,
had a monastery found, by St. Cocha. Acres
4064, pasture; pop. 1974, of vil. 1537, decreas-
ing ; houses 248, with chapel, dispensary, distil-
lery, brewery. Living, a Vic. (Du. G. K.) with
3 others, val. 3957., patr. Crown. Courtown, J.
Aylmer, Esq. Mkt. D. Wed, Fairs, 25 liar.
11 May, 11 Aug. 29 Sept,

KILCOCKAN par. (34, 37) Coshmore bar. SJV.
Waterford, 6 m. S. of Cappoquin-124, on R.
Blackwater, has remains of the Desmonds' cast,
of Strancally, which was given to Ealeigh.
Acres 4538 ; pop. 1420, decreasing. Living, a
Vic. with Templemichael. Strancally Cast., J.
Keily, Esq., who has the manor.

KILCOE par. (131-2, 140-1) W. West-Carbery
bar. SW. Cork, near Ballydehob-216, has re-
mains of the M'Cartys' castle on Roaring Water
bay. Acres 5272, hilly, with clav slate, bog ; an.
val. 20307. ; pop. 2339" + 2. Living, a Vic. (Ck.
R. C.) with Cape Clear, val. 177/., patr. Crown.
Roaring Water House, 3. O'Sullivan, Esq.

KILCOLAGH par. (9, 10, 15-6) Frenchpark bar.
NW. Roscommon, 2 m. E. of Frenchpark- 111,
near Lough Bally. Acres 7218, with bog; pop.
2784 + 42. Living, a Vic. with Eastersnow.
Bella, E. French, Esq.

P. KILCOLGAX par. (103, 113) Dunkellin. bar.
5. Galway, 6 m. SE. of Cranmore- 127, a coast-gd.
station, near Galway Bay, had a monastery found.
580 bv St. Colgan. Acres 5548, with limestone;
pop. 1359 +11. Living, a Vic. (K. K. C. K.) with
9 others, val. 3327., patr. Bishop. Fairs, 18 June
and Sept. Tyrone, A. St. George, Esq.

KILCOLMAX vil. (109) Courceys bar. S. Cork,

6 m. W. <ft" Bandon-176, on R. Bandon. Pop.
122. K. House, W. A. Lamb, Esq. K. Park, .

3. KILCOLMAX par. (46-7, 56-7) Magunihy
and Trughanachny bars. Mid. Kerry, containing
Miltown-197, and Brackhill on II. Maine, has the
walls, E. window, etc. of an austin abbey found.
(Hen. III.) by Geof. de Mauriscis, and given to
the Godfreys. Acres 7758 ; pop. 4745, decreas-

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