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Dublin, province of Dublin. Gross rental (1846)
387,40U, or 18s. Id. per acre; val. to poor r.
13.851/. (?); county r. 290,5507. ; county cess
('48) 18,687/. Savings bks. ('48) 3, with 21.535/.
from 749 depositors ; loan funds 2, with a cap. of
1860Z., and circulates 772 U. Births 1 in 33 ; deaths
1 in 59, the all-Ireld. av. being 55. Schools
(national) in '48, 74 with 8508 child, attending,
in '41, 42'4 per cent, of pop. could not read or
write ; av. number of committals 355, of whom

213 were convicted. A line from Oughterard to

Newbridge, Ballysax, and Athy, divides the clay
slate on the SE. (where the Wicklow hills on the
border are 1000 to 1200 ft. high) from the moun-
tain limestone, which fills the rest, except NW.
and SW. of Kildare, where the clay slate with
granite reappears, and rises 769ft. at Dunmurry
hills (which have traces of copper), Red hilfs
650 ft. ; hill of Allen (greenstone) is 676 ft. in
the midst of the bog of Allen, which fills one-
fifth of the county on the NW., and was once
a great wood; millstones are worked in it,
and coloured marbles are found. Surface level,
and the soil a fertile, clayey loam, with good
pasture on the Curragh race-course (5000 acres),
etc. Acres in crop ('48) 144,225, of which the
chief are: oats 50,512, wheat 28,124, potatoes
14,260, turnips 8852, barley, etc. and rye 4394,
meadow and clover 46,446, etc., and the val. of
stock on 8134 farms above 1 acre, in '41, was
529,834/., including 75,427 sheep (above 83,000 in
'48), 47,530 cattle (above 61,000 in '48), 16,650
horses, etc., 16,344 pigs (above 11,000 in '48), goats,
etc. Many farms run from 15 to 300 acres, and are
less divided than usual, and the system of hus-
bandry is improving ; the fences are chiefly stone
or earth, farm buildings poor, and the cabins
wretched. Cotton is made at Inchyguire, woollen
at Celbridge, and paper is also made ; in
'47, a bad year, 406, 183, 32 hands were in the
flax, cotton, and woollen mills. Much peat is
sent up by canal to Dublin. Smaller rivers are :
Cushaling, Finnery, Morrel, Grice, Leir. Among
the antiquities are, raths at Naas, Clane, Knock-
awley, Mullaghurast, Dun Aillinne (near Kil-
cullen), moat of Ascul where Edw. Bruce beat the
English, and a chain of 14 raths, 3 m. long, on the
Curragh, which has also traces of castles, the car-
men stone, etc. ; round towers at Kildare (near the
cathedral) Castledermot (with priory and friary
ruins and a cross), Kilcullen (with a cross),
Oughterard, Taghadoe ; old abbeys at Celbridge,
Kildare, priories of Naas, Clane, Gt. Connell,
nunnery and preceptory at Grany, churches at
Castlemartin, Killory, Maynooth (near the rom.
cath. college), Oughterard, and a cross at Moone ;
pillar stones at Forenaghts, Harristown, Kil-
gowan, .Mullaghmast, and Renck's (?) town;
castles at Athy and Maynooth (the Fitzgeralds'),
Woodstock, Kilkea (Lacies'), Castledermot,



Nenagh, Timolin, Naas, Clane, Rathcofty, Bally-
teague, Carbury (the Colleys' or Wellesleys', whc
had Narraghmore), Leixlip, Lyons, Rheban,
Kilberry, Lackagh, Corrifie, Morristown ; Jig-
ginstown was begun by Strafford. At Kilrush the
rom. catholics were beaten 1642; Swift's Vanessa
lived at Celbridge, Burke was educated at Baly-
tore, at Clongowes is the Jesuits' school ; at Sally-
mount -was found an elk's skeleton 14 hands
high, and there is a salmon leap at Leixlip fall
on the Liffey. Seats are : Duke of Leinster Car-
ton, Marq. of Drogheda Moore Abbey, Earl of
Clonmel Bishop's Court, Earl Mayo Palmerstown
Ho., Lord Cloncurry Lyon's Ho., Ld. Downes
Bert Ho., Earl Miltown Rusborouoh, Earl Aid-
borough Bdan Ho., Visct. Harberton Carbery
Cast, Aylmer, Bt. Donadea Cast., Hort, Bt. Hort-
land, Dobbs of Castledobbs, O'Ferrall of Ballina,
Archbold, M.P. of Davidstown, Burgh of Old-
town, Carter of Castlemartin, Connolly of Castle-
town, Henry of Lodge Pk., Latouche of Harris-
town, Medlicott of Dunmurry, Moore of Moore-
field, Nangle of Garrisker, O'Reilly of Kildangan,
O'Kelly of Ballysax, Roberts 'of Sallymount,
Yeates of Moone Abbey (with an old church and
castle) ; also Grange Melan, etc. Roads from
Kildare are: (1) To Newbridge 5, Naas 10,
Clane 15, Celbridge 22, Leixlip 25, Maynooth 23,
or Kilcullen Bridge 9, Ballymore Eustace 15,
Blessington 19. (2) Kilrush 7, Athy 14, or to
Ballytore 9, Timolin 11, Castledermot 16, thence
to Carlow 22. About 24 m. of the Royal canal
crosses the N. end through Leixlip, Kilcock,
Cloncurry, etc.; 22 of Grand canal through
Lyons, Sallins, Robertstown, with branches of
8 m. to Naas, Kilcullen Bridge, 6 m. to Mill-
town, 26m. to Rathangan, Monasterevan, Athy.
About 45 m. of Gt. S. and West. rail, pass New-
castle, Sallins, Kildare, Monasterevan, with a
branch from Kildare to Athy, etc. towards Car-

P. M. * a. KILDARE par. (22-3) E. Offaly
and Connelly bars. Mid. Kildare, 31 from Dublin,
on Gt. South, and West, rail., and a sessions and
police town and seat of diocese, on a hill near
the great Curragh or race-course, had a monas-
tery found. (5th cent.) by St. Bridget, was
repeatedly wasted by the Danes and Leinster
kings till taken by the English, who b. the
castle and held, a parl. here 1339, was granted
to the Fitzgeralds 1316, and is governed, under
charter of Jas. II., by a nominal sovereign, por-
treeve, 20 burgesses, etc., who returned two
members before the Union. Acres 9216; pop.
2654 + 11, of town 1629, decreasing ; houses 299,
with chapel, mkt. house, co. infirmary, Turf
club-house, nunnery, carmelite friary on the
site of Fitzmaurice's (found. 1290), near the re-
mains of St. Bridget's cell, where her vestal fire
" the bright lamp that shone in Kildare's
holy fane " was kept burning till the Reform-
ation, a perfect round tower 132 ft. high (partly
restored), and the castle ruins. Living, a Rect.
(Du. G. K.) appropriate to the Chapter ; church
or cathedral, partly in ruins, with tombs of the
Geraldines, etc., and a stone cross. Gives title of
marquis to Duke of Leinster ; and is to be the head
of a new poor law union. K. DIOCESE, now united
to Dublin, reached to Meath, was 36 m. by 23,
extending over 332,200 acres in King's and
Queen's Cos. and Kildare, of which the bp.'s lands
were 911, and the revenue 6452/. ; it comprises
43 benefices, of which 17 are unions, 19 in patr.
of Bp. and 13 in Crown. The chapter consists of
a dean, archdeacon, 8 prebendaries, precentor,
chancellor, treasurer, 4 canons. Rom.Cath. diocese,



to which Leighlin is joined, contains 46 pars.,
the bp.'s seat being at Carlow. Mkt. D.
Thursd. Fairs, 12 Feb. 5 Apr. 12 May, 29 June,
19 Nov. Maces, last week Apr. 2nd Mond. June,
Sept. and Oct., on the Curragh a fine down of
6000 acres, or 6 m. by 2, with many barrows.
' Curragh courses ' are : Conolly's mile 1 m., two-
year-old co. 1 m. 130 yds., three-year-old co. 1^ in.
22 y., Hamilton co. 3J m. 133 y.,"over the co. 4 m.
' New courses ' are : yearling co. \ m. 147 y., two-
year-old co. | m. 136 y., royal co. If m. 144 y.,
Peel co. If m. 12 y., Mulgrave mile 1 m.

KILDARRACK vil. ( ) Kirkcowan par. N.
Wigton. 8 m. NE. of Glenluce-141.


KILDAVIN par. (42, 47) Forth bar. S. Wexford,
4 m. SW. of Wexford-94, under Forth mountn.,
has Rathlannan castle. Acres 3411, with stone;
pop. 1099 + 57. Liying, a Beet, with St. Patrick,
Wexford. Johnstown, H. Morgan, Esq. <gf KIL-
DAVIN vil. (18) Forth bar. SE. Carlow, 2 m. SW.
of Clonegall-60, on R. Derry.

Kildean, Stirling par. N. Stirling, near the
bridge by which the English crossed the Forth at
the battle of Stirling.

KILDELLIG par. (22, 28) Clarmallagh bar. S.
Queen's Co. 3 m. N. of Rathdowney-70, has a mo-
nastery destroyed by the Danes 885. Acres 1251 ;
pop. 342 + 4. Living, a Rect. with Rathdowney.

KILDEMOCK par. (17) Ardee bar. Mid. Loulh,
2 m. SE. of Ardee-43. Acres 3246, with lime-
stone ; pop. 1104+11. Living, a Rect. with
Ardee. Drakestown, N. Manning, Esq.

KILDERRY par. (15, 20) Gowran bar. N. Kil-
kenny, 4 m. NE. of Kilkenny-72. Acres 2192 ;
pop. 575, decreasing. Living, a Rect. with
Mothill. ^ Kilderry (39) near Muff, N. Do-
negal, G. Hart, Esq.

Kildevin (2) near Rathowen, NW. Westmeath,
R. Shroule, Esq.

KII.DIMO par. (11-2) Kenry bar. N. Limerick,
4 m. N. by W. of Adare-129, has a K. Templars'
church 12 ft. by 8, b. 1290 by the O'Donovans,
and Cullan cast., b. by a Fitzgerald 1514. Acres
6183, fertile, with limestone ; pop. 3670 + 32,
of NEW K. vil. 218. Living, a Rect. with St.
Michael's, Limerick, and a Cur. (Lk. A. A.) val.
134/., patr. Archdeacon. Bollane House, A. Hill,
Esq., near the O'Donovans' old castle.

KILDOLLAGH par. (11, 16) Upper Dunluce
bar. Antrim, and (7, etc.) NE. Liberties of Cole-
raine, N. Londondy. 3.m. SE. of Coleraine-141,
on R. Bann. Acres 1984, fertile ; pop. 969.
Living, a Rect. with Rasharkin.

P. KILDONAN par. 23 m. N. of Dornoch, E.
Suthrld. 239 from Edinbro', on R. Helmsdale,
includes Strath High, Frigh, Strathtilney, Strath-
beg. Size 20 m. by 4, sheepwalks, with Stersil,
Bealach nan Creach, and 4 other mountns., and
10 lochs; pop. 256, decreasing (in 1755 it was
1433); real prop. 28Z. ; for poor 322Z. Living
(presb. Dorn.) val. 158/., patr. Duke of Suther-
land. Some tumuli or pictish forts are seen, with
cairns at Suinalhugh, where Suenus and Aulver
Roster the Danes fought 12th cent. From * St.
Donan," whose stone chair, Cathair-Donan, was
here till lately.

Kildonan Castle, S. side of Arran, S. Bute, a
ruin on the cliffs opposite Pladda light.

P. KILDORRERY par. (9, 18) 'Condons and
Fermoy bars. N. Cork, a police station 23 m. N.
of Cork, 135 from Dublin. Acres 3337, hilly,
with limestone; an. val. 2482Z. ; pop. 1994, of
vil. 544, decreasing. Living, a Vic. with Nath-
lash. Fairs, 1 May, 27 June, 3 Sept 27 Nov.
horses, etc.

KILDRESS par. (28-9, etc.) Dungannon bar.
NE. Tyrone, 3 m. N. of Pomeroy-105, belonged
to the O'Hagans (who 1242 found. Magheraglass
priory or castle), now to the Richardsons. Acres
26,252, hilly, with granite, basalt, lime, stone,
coal; pop. 3492+113. Living, a Rect. (Arm.
C.) val. 657?., patr. Bishop. Oaklands, Capt.

KILDROUGHT par. (11) N. Salt bar. NE..KU-
dare, contains Celbridge-14, on R. Liffey, near
Royal canal. Acres 1844 ; pop. 1559, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. (Du. G. K.) val. with 5 others
492/., patr. Crown. Castletown, Capt. Conelly.

Kildruff (10) near Phih'pstown, N. King's Co.
J. H. Walsh, Esq.

KILDRUM par. (42-3, 52-3) Corkaguiny bar.
W. Kerry, 2 m. W. of Dingle-220, between
Dingle and Ventry harbs., has two old forts.
Acres 2889, hilly; pop. 1217 + 12. Living, a
Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. 38/., patr. Bishop. Burn-
ham House, Lord Ventry.


9. KILDRUMMY par. Alford distr. W. Aberdeen.
6 m. W. of Alford-134, on R. Don, has the Snow
tower, chapel, and other fine remains of the
Stuarts' castle, which covered 4 acres, and which
Earl Marr forfeited 1715. Size 3 m. square, with
a strip 4 m. long, hilly and fertile ; pop. 627 ; real
prop. 2282/. ; for poor 1 14/. Living (presb. Alfd.)
val. 159/., patr. Crown. Ward Ho. Gordon,
Esq. ; Clova, Lumsden, Esq. ( ?) ; Brux,
Forbes, Esq. On K. Moor is a pillar stone, 9 ft.
high, and several picts' houses, cone-shaped,
some 16 to 20 ft. high. ' Rock cork ' is found.

KILDRUMSHERDAN par. (16-7, 22) Tullygar-
vey bar. N. Cavan, 2 m. W. of Cootehill-65, con-
tains Clementstown and Tullvin, and has some
old forts. Acres 16,619, with bog, lead, whin-
stone; pop. 10,208 + 321. Living, a Vic. (K. E.
A.) val. 483?., patr. Bishop. Annalee, M'Mur-
phj r , Esq.

Kilduff (24) near Pallas Grean, E. LimericJt, a

P. KILDWTCK par. ( ) E. Staincliff wap. W. H.
York. 4m. SSE. of Skipton-216, on Midld. rail, and
Leeds and Liverpool canal, and R. Aire, contains
Cowling, Silsdon curs., Bradley's Both, Cononley,
Farnhill, Glusburn, Steeton, Stirton, and Sutton.
Acres 25,990, of town 720 ; pop. 10,607 + 68, and
189 in the woollen mills; poor r. 1307. (Skipt.
U.) ; real prop. 1286J. ; charities 56/., of which
14/. to school. St. Andrew Vic. (Rip.) val. 357/.,
patr. Christ Ch. Coll. Oxon. K. Hall, Rev. D.
R. Currer.


Kileaskan (108) near Ballyneen, S. Cork,
O'Neill Daunt, Esq.

KILEDMOND vil. (23) E. Idrone bar. S. Car-
low, 3 m. ENE. of Borris-67, under Mt. Leinster,
is to be the head of a new poor 1. union. Pop.
154, decreasing. Fairs, 12 Mar. 15 July.

KILFANE par. (24, 28-9) Gowran bar. Mid.
Kilkenny, 2 m. NE. of Thomastown-75, has some
castle ruins, and had St. Phian's church. Acres
3972, with limestone ; an. val. 281 51. ; pop. 931+3.
Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.) with 2 others, val.
506Z., patr. Bishop. A'. House, Sir J. Power, Bt.

Kilfantune of Alfred's Will, is CHILHAJIPTON,

KILFARBOY par. (22-3, 30-1) Ibrickan bar. W.
Clare, containing Miltown-Malbay-158, on the
coast, near Spanish pt., where one of the Armada
was wrecked, had Kilfobrick monastery found.
741. Acres 13,972, hilly, rising 1282ft. at Slieve
Cullane or Callan, with stone, slate, iron, etc. ;
pop. 7498 + 111. Living, a Rect. with Kildysert,


and a Vic. (K. K. C. K.) with Kilmichael, val. ]
2927., patr. Bishop. On SI. Callan, are an Ogham ,
stone found 1784, and an ' Altoir na Greine,' i. e. '
sun altar, or cromlech.

KILFAUGHNABKG par. (133, 142-3) W. East-
Carbery bar. 5. Cork, 3 m. SW. of Ross Carbery
196, near Glandore harb. Acres 3127, with slate,
copper, manganese ; pop. 2556 + 9. Living, a
Vic. with Kilmacabea. Glandore Ho. J. Barry,

KII.FEAKLE par. (59, 60, 67-8) Clanwilliam
bar. S IV. Tipperary, 5m. E. of Tipperary-112,
has some castle ruins. Acres 6501, good, with
limestone ; an. val. 79507. ; pop. 2176 + 14. Living,
a Eect. with Tipperary. K. House, T. Scully,

KILFEARAGH par. (46, 55-6) Moyarta bar. <S JV.
Clare, 7 m. NW. of Kilrush-lG4, near R. Shannon
and the coast, contains Kilkee (seat of J. Stud-
dert, Esq.) and Lisdeen. Acres 9871, with stone,
bog ; pop. 7337 + 110, some fishermen. Living, a
Vic. with Kilrush. Kilnacaillech was St. Sena-
nus's nunnery.

KILFEIGHNY par. (15, 17, 22, 23) Clanmaurice
bar. AT. Kerry, 5 m. SW. of Listowel-171. Acres
11,408, with lime, bog, and mountain; pop. 2388
+ 33. Living, a Vic. with 2 others (Lk. A. A.)
val. 1717., patr. Bishop. Banemore, R. Palmer,


(fr P. KILFENORA par. (8, 9, 15-6) Corcomroe
bar. N Clare, 15 m. NW. of Ennis, 147 from
Dublin, the seat of a diocese, was a mkt. town,
and had an abbey burnt 1055 by Murrough
O'Brien, and an hospital at Kilcarragh. Acres
10,777, good, with bog ; pop. 3286 + 53, of vil.
621 + 6. Living, a Rect. (K. K. C. K.) val. 594?.,
patr. Crown ; St. Fachnan's church or cathedral,
is ancient, with mons. of the founder and a cross.
Deanery, Dr. Stackpoole. K. DIOCESE, province
of Dublin, first joined to Tuam, then to Clonfert,
is now united with Clonfert, Killaloe, and Kilmac-
duagh; extends 23 m. by 11, over Burrin and
Corcomroe bars. Clare, or 37,000 acres, and in-
cludes 7 benefices, of which 5 are unions, and all
except the above in patr. of Crown. The chapter
consists of a dean, archdeacon, precentor, and
treasurer. Rom. Cath. diocese is joined to Kilmac-
duagh, province of Tuam. Fairs, Wed. before
Whit. Sund., 9 Oct.

KILFERAGH par. (20, etc.) Shillelogher bar.
Mid. Kilkenny, 2 m. SK of Kilkenny-72, on R.
Nore. Acres 965 ; pop. 218 + 16. Living, a Cur.
with Burnchurch. K. House, H. Ryan, Esq.

KILFERGCS par. (17-8, 26-7) Shanid bar. NW.
Limerick, contains Glin-155, seat of the Knight of
Glin. Acres 14,207, fertile, with stone, clay slate,
coal, iron ; pop. 5052 + 26. Living, a Vic. (Lk,
A. A.) val. 887. ; patr. Vicars Choral of Limerick

KILFIAN par. (13-4, 19, 21) Tirawley bar. N.
Mayo, 6 m. W. of Killala-160, contains Kincon,
and had St. Finan's church. Acres 28,736, with
lime, iron ; pop. 6040 + 39. Living, a Vic. with
Crossmolina. Greenwood, Capt. Knox. Farm-
hill, J. Gardiner, Esq.

KILFIDDANE par. (58-9) Clonderalaw bar. S.
Clare, 4m. NE. of Knock- 160, where R. Fergus
joins the Shannon. Acres 13,733, with bog and
hill ; pop. 4661 + 50. Living, a Vic. with Kil-
inurry Clonderalaw.

KUfijan, or Cilfigan (36) 1 m. W. of Usk, Mid.

KILFINAGHTA par. (43,52) Low. Bunratty bar.
S. Clare, contains Ivarstown and part of Sixmile-
bridge-128, has Ballycullen and other castle



ruins. Acres 8110, with slate, bog; pop. 3801,
decreasing. Living, a Vic. (K. K. C. K.) with 6
others, val. 3177., patr. Bishop. Castle Crine, J.
Butler, Esq., near the old ruins.

P. KILFINAN par. Cowal distr. 5. Argyll. 22 m.
SSW. of Inverary-104, between L. Fyne and
Kyles of Bute, includes Kerry, Otter (J. Campbell,
Esq.), K. Bay, Achlick bay, and had a great
smuggling trade with I. of Man. Size 15 m. by

4, hilly, with 4 rivers, several lakes, stone, etc. ;
pop. 1816, decreasing, in the herring fishery;
real prop. 55697. ; for poor 1977. Living (presb.
Dunoon) val. 1827., patr. Lament of Lamont,
whose old family castle, Asgog, was destroyed by
Argyll. Remains are seen of druid circles, duns
(or hill beacons), cairns, borradhs or barrows
(one 180 ft. long), M'Ewen's castle, and Ardmar-
nock chapel.

Mull, W. Argyll, includes Ross, Broluss, Ardmean-
ach, also Barachan, Poltairve, and Lochs Scridain
and Lahich, on the coast of L. Rankeall or Nakeel,
with lona a. s. (and its abbey), Innis, Kenneth,
and Eorsa islds. Size 22 m. by 10, hilly pasture,
with 3 lakes, 6 rivers, granite, stone, whinstone
or basalt, slate, lime, marble, coal (beds 1 to 3 ft.
thick), and rising 3168 ft. at Ben More ; pop. 4113,
gaelic-speaking ; real prop. 40817. ; for poor 3507.
Living (presb. Mull) val. 1817., patr. Duke of
Argyll, chief heritor. Fish abound along the
rocky shore.

P. M. ^KILFINNANE par. (48, 56) Coshlea bar.
S f Limerick, 19 m. S. of Limerick, 146 from Dub-
lin, a police and petty sess. station, in a hollow, was
partly settled by the Palatines 1740, and has
remains of the Roches' and other castles, church,
etc. Acres 6487, with red sandstone, lime, iron;
an. val. 56797. ; pop. 4356, of vil. 1782+3, some
weavers; houses 308, with chapel, fever hosp.,
mkt. house, court-house, bridewell. Living, a
Vic. (Lk. A. A.) with Daragh, val. 2867., patr.
Earl of Cork. Spa Hill, W. Oliver, Esq., who has
the manor. Danes Fort, is a mound 50 ft. diam.
at the base, narrowing to 30 ft. and 130 high,
with 7 ramparts around, the outside one being
2000 ft. circuit, 10 high. Mkt. D. Tu. Fairs,
19 May, 9 Aug. 25 Oct.

KILFINNY par. (30) Upper Connello bar. Mid.
Limerick, 3 m. W. of Croom-127, has remains of
Cormac Mac Einery's castle (K, Jno.), taken
1641. Acres 2438, hilly; pop. 1090, decreasing.
Living, a Rect. with Loughill ; church, a ruin.
Fairs, 15 May, 14 July, 12 Sept. 22 Dec. Bally-
nakill and Finnitertown (the Purcells' seat) in

KILFINTINAN par. (52, 62) Low. Bunratty bar.

5. Clare, contains part of Sixmilebridge-128, on
R. Shannon, with a cromlech and some castle ruins.
Acres 61 15, fertile; pop. 2633, decreasing. Living,
a Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. 657., patr. Gen. Wynd-
ham, who has the manor. Cratloe Wood, A.
Stafford, Esq. M. P.

KILFINURA vil. (28) Trughanacmy bar. W.
Kerry, 5 m. W. of Tralee-187, a fishing, pilot, and
coast-gd. station.

KILFITHMONE par. (34) Eliogarty bar. Mid.
Tipperary, 7 m. NE. of Thurles-95. Acres 1330,
with limestone, bog ; pop. 695 + 2. Living, a
Rect. (Ca. E. W. L.) with 2 others, val. 2897., patr.
Bishop. Fithmoyne, R. Carden, Esq.

KILFLYN par. (21-2) Clanmawrice bar. N.
Kerry, 7 m. NNE. of Tralee-187. Acres 6697,
with mountain, bog, limestone ; pop. 1088 + 2,
of vil. 147, decreasing. Living, a Vic. (Lk. A. A.)
with 6 others, val. 4157., patr. Earl of Cork.
Grotto House, F. Ponsonby, Esq. <ST KILFLYN



par. (56, 59) Coshlea bar. S. Limerick, 2 m. S. of
Kilfinnane-146, in the mountains, containing Bal-
lyorgan, was settled by the German Palatines
1740, and has remains of St. Finian's monastery
found. 547, and reb. 1296 by the Fitzgeralds.
Acres 4819, with slate; pop. 1778 + 21. Living,
a Reel. (Lk. A. A.) val. 150/., patr. Bishop.
Kilfoylan (1, 2) near Clara, N. King's Co.
KILFREE par. (39, 44-5) Coolavin bar. S. Sligo,
6 m. S. of Ballymote-120, a police station, con-
taining Gorteen, with remains of Knockamore
friary found. (14th cent.) by the O'Garas, whose
castle is here. Acres 14,314, with limestone ; pop.
6048 + 94. Living, a Vic. with Killaraght.

KILFRUSH par. (40-1) Smallcounty bar. E.
Limerick, 5 m. SE. of Bruff-134. Acres 1526,
good, with limestone ; pop. 335, decreasing.
Living, a Vic. with Aney. K. House, 3. Gubbins,

KilgaUigan Head ( ) E. side of Broadhaven,
N. Mayo.

Kilgamy Castle (1) near Clonmell, N. Water-
ford, a ruin.

KILGARIFF par. (122,135) E. East-Carbery and
Ibane bars. S. Cork, contains Clonakilty-188, on
the coast. Acres 4328, with slate, copper, bog ;
an. val. 3640/. ; pop. 6432 + 16. Living, a Vic.
(Ck. R. C.) with 2 others, val. 4337., patr. Bishop.
K. House, W. B. Jones, Esq.

KILGARRYLANDER par. (37-8, 46-7) Trugha-
nacmybar. W. Kerry, 4 m. S. of Tralee-187, near
Castlemaine harb. Acres 14,630, with mountain,
bog; pop. 2889+2. Living, a Eect. with Kil-
tallagh. Keel, R. Rae, Esq.

KILGARVAN par. (93-5, etc.) Glenarought bar.
S. Kerry, 6 m. ENE. of Kenmare-202, a police
and petty sess. station, on R. Roughty, contains
Callan, where the M'Carthys 1261 slew Jno.
Fitz-Thomas, the head of the Desmonds. Acres
43,631, hillv, with limestone, copper; pop. 3988
+ 54, of vil. 143. Living, a Vic. (Lk. A. A.)
with Killaha, val. 207/., patr. Bishop. Ardtully
Castle, R. Townshend, Esq., near the old ruin.
g^- KILGARVAX par. (31-2, 40) Gallen bar. N.
Mayo, 5 m. SE. of Ballina-159, a police station,
under the Slieve Gamph mountns. Acres 19,880,
with bog, limestone ; pop. 4158, decreasing.
Living, a Vic. with Kilmoremoy. Sallymount,
L. Atkinson, Esq. igT KILGARVAN par. (31,
35-6) W. Shelmaliere bar. Mid. Wexford, 4 m.
NW. of Taghmon-94, near Camorous Hill. Acres
4275 ; pop. 1060 + 17. Living, a Rect. with Hore-

KILGEE, or CILGIL, tnshp. (56) Llanyre par.
Mid. Radnor. 6 m. SE. of Rhayader-181, on R.
Ithon. Pop. 222; real prop. 10617.

KILGEEVER par. (95-6, etc.) Murrisk bar.
S W. Mayo, contains Bundurra, Louisburgh
-184, on Clew bay, with Innisboffin and other
islds. Acres 58,098, with bog and mountain,
rising 2666 ft. at Croagh Patrick; pop. 12,873
+ 90. Living, a Vic. with Aughaval and Cur.
(Tu. K. A.) val. 707., patr. Bishop.

KILGEFIN par. (36) S. Ballintober bar. Mid.
Roscomn. 5 m. NE. of Roscommon-93, under
Slieve Bawn (857 ft.). Acres 6060 ; pop. 3765,
decreasing. Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.) val. 89/.,
patr. Bishop.

contains the pars, of Bridell, Chapel-Colman,
Clydey vie., Kilgerran, Llanfihangel-Penbedn
rect., Llantood, Manerdivy r., Penrith r., and
part of Kilrhedin r. ; pop. 5211, houses 1218. See
above hund. 2 m. SE. of Cardigan-239, on R.
Teifl. Pop. 1149 + 27, in the slate quarries, shoe


trade, and fisheries ; poor r. 3277. (Cardig. U.) ;
real prop. 20907. Living, a Rect. (St. Dav.) val.
138/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

KILGERRILL par. (73-4, 87) Clonmacnowen
and Kilconnell bars. E. Galway, 3 m. NW. of
Ballinasloe-91. Acres 6833, with bog ; pop. 1443
+ 1. Living, a Rect. with Aughrim. Fairfield,
J. O'Brien, Esq.

KILGLASS par. (19, 23-4) Ardagh, Moydow,
and Shrule bars. Mid. Longford, 4 m. SW. of
Edgeworthstown-66, had St. Echea's nunnery.
Acres 5944, hilly, with bog, limestone ; pop. 2979.
Living, a Rect. (K. E. A.) with 2 others, val.
4317., patr. Bishop. igT KILGLASS par. (23-4,
etc.) N. Ballintober and Roscommon bars. E.
Roscomn. 3 m. NE. of Strokestown-94. Acres
15,970, with stone, bog, and K. Lough ; pop.
10,053 + 94. Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.) val. 308/.,
patr. Bishop. (aT KILGLASS par. (10-1, 16-7)
Tireragh bar. W. Sligo, 5 m. SW. of Easky-147,
contains Enniscrone, on Killala bav. "Acres
12,885; pop. 4941 + 59. Living, a ~Vic. with
Castleconnor. Kinneard, J. Paget, Esq.

KILGLASSAN vil. ( ) Kilmaine bar. SE. Mayo,
3 m. SE. of Hollymount.

Kilglaston, near Perth, SE. Perth. J. Grant,

KILGOBBAN par. (36-7, 45-6) Corkaguiny bar.
W. Kerry, 6 m. WSW. of Tralee-187, near the
coast, contains Cappaclough. Acres 10,416,
mountainous; pop. 2384 + 1. Living, a Rect.
(Lk. A. A.) val. 3787., patr. Bishop.

KILGOBBIN par. (22, 25-6) Rathdown bar. S.

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