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Aylort Loch. See Ailort Loch, Inverness.

P. M. AYLSHAM par. (68) S. Erpingham hund.
NE. Norfolk, 12 m. N. by W. of Norwich, 118
from London, or 138 by E. Count, rail, in a fine
spot on R. Bure, once noted for its linen and
woollen manufactures, is chiefly copyhold under
the Duchy of Lancaster. Acres 4250 ; pop. 2448
+ 11, in the corn and timber trade, with a few
stocking-looms at work; 538 houses, with 3
chapels, bank, savings bk. (18,643/. from 549 de-
positors), and Jauny'sfree gram, school (10/.) ; poor
r. 9987. on 91527. ; real prop. 12,8357. ; charities 157,
St. Michael Vic. (Norw.) val. 4257., patr. Dean and
Chap, of Canterbury ; church, decorated eng. with
carved font and monuments, was founded by John
of Gaunt. A. House, R. Copeman, Esq. Ayles.
P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of Alby, Ayls-
ham, Banningham, Barningham Parva, Belaugh,
Blickling, Brampton, Burgh, Buxton (where poor
ho. is), Calthorpe, Cawston, Colby, Cottishall,
Corpustye, Erpingham, Foulsham, Guestwick,
Hackford, Hautboys Magna, Hevingham, Heydon,
Hindolvestone, Ingworth, Itteringham, Lamas
with Little Hautbois, Marsham, Oulton (where
poor ho. is), Oxnead, Reepham with Kerdistone,
Sail, Saxthorpe, Scottow, Skeyton, Stratton Straw-
less, Swanton Abbot, Themelthorpe, Thurning,
Thwaite, Tuttington, Whitwell, Wickmere, Wol-
terton, Wood Dalling, Wood Norton, with Irming-
land and Mannington ; acres 62,984, pop. 20,056
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2936 (out-door 2258%
expend. 10,4227., prop, rated 97,6977. Sup. Regis-
try comprises the same up to Wood Norton ; pop.
20,056 + 70 ; 23 deaths from cholera in '49. The
New County Court district corresponds with the
Registry. Mkt. D. Tu. corn. Fairs, 23 Mar. last
Tu. Sept.

AYLTOX par. (43) Radlow hund. SE. Hereford.
3m. W. of Ledbury-120. Acres 810; pop. 69,
decreasing; poor r. 287. (Ledb. U.) ; real prop.
13217. Living, a Cur. (Heref.) val. 149/., patr.
Earl of Oxford.

AYLWORTH hmlt. (44) Naunton par. E. Glou-
cester. 6 m. SW. of Stow-82, near the Coltswolds.
Real prop. 10817.

AYMF.STREY par. (55) Wigmore and Stretford
hunds. N. Hereford. 6 m. N W. of Leominstor- 1 :;7,
on R. Lug, contains Conhope, Leinthall Earl's
cur., Mortimer's Cross, Nether Lye, Shirley, and
Yatton. Acres 7070, part in hops, with lime-
stone; pop. 958, of town 185; poor r. 2307,
(Leomstr. U.) ; real prop. 1906/. ; charities 50/.,
including 24/. to 2 free schools, and an almsh.
St. John and St. Alkmund Vic. (Heref.) val. 249/.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor.

P. AYNHO par. (45) King's Sutton hund. S1F.
l\'(ii-t/ntti//>tii. 6 in. SE. of Banbury-71, on a hill
near R. Cherwell (to which runs a spring called
the 'Town well'), theroman Portway and Oxford
canal, was once a mkt. town, and the site of a
hospital founded (Hen. II.) by the Fitz-Riehards.
Acres 2330; pop. 662; poor r. 392/. (15r;icklcy
U.); real prop. 47277. ; charities 1897., of which
1617. to Baker's almsh., 207. to free school. "St.
Michael Rect. (Heref.) val. 5007., patr. \V. It.



Cartwright, Esq. of A. Park, which has a picture
gallery, etc.

Aynsome ( ) near Cartmel, N. Lancash. T.
Machell, Esq.

AYOTT-ST. LAWRENCE (46) Broadwater hund.
Mid. Herts. 6 m. NW. of Hatfield-19, near R.
Maran, formerly belonged to King Harold. Acres
980 ; pop. 134 ; poor r. 357. (Welwyn U.) ; real
prop. 12292L Living, a Rect. (Roch.) val. ISO/.,
patr. the Lydes, of A. Park, who built the church
in the grecian style after a design by Revett, the
coadjutor of Stuart in the ' Antiquities of Athens ;'
the old ch. with monuments still remains. <gF
A.-Sr. PETER par. 1 m. SE. of the above. Acres
1270 ; pop. 240 ; poor r. 557. (Welwyn IT.) ; real
prop. 15287. Living, a Rect. (Roch.) val. 3007.,
patr. Countess Mexborough.

AYR, a seaside county in S W. Scotland, on the
Frith of Clyde, the seat of the Damnii in the
roman Valentia, afterwards a part of the saxon
Northumbria, and later, of Galloway, is traversed
by the A. Rail, watered by Rs. Ayr, Garnock,
Stinchar, etc., bordered by Renfrew. (N.), La-
nark. (NE.), Dumfries. (E.), Kirkcudbt. (SE.),
Wiqton. (S.), the sea (W.). Length, through the
middle 78 m. greatest breadth 26, av. ditto 14 ;
relative size 346-10,OOOths ; circuit 200, includ-
ing 66 of coast, along which are Largs bathing-
place, Faillie head near Lit. Cumbray isld. (which
belongs to Ayr.), Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Irvine,
Troon (Lady isld. off it), Ayr, Dunure cast., Cul-
zean and Turnbery castles," Girvan (Ailsa Craig
off it, belongs to Ayr.), Ballantrae bathing-place.
It contains 1045 sq. m. or 668,800 acres, of which
325,830 are cultivated, 27,000 moss and moor,
3840 lake ; 164,356 + 1935 persons, of whom 46,093
are in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Girvan, Maybole, Beith,
Kilwinning, 85,373 are females, 80,834 are under
20 yrs. of age, 133,404 county-born 33,137 or
20-2 per cent., live by commerce, manufact. etc.,
11,160, or 6-8 per cent., by agricult. (3028 being
farmers and graziers), 1093 by educated profes-
sions, 2510 are independent, 22,498 servants and
labourers, etc. ; houses 30,125 (including flats),
besides 1372 empty and building; 3 districts,
Cunninghame the most fertile (N. of R. Irvine),
Kyle (mid. between Rs. Irvine and Doon), Car-
rick (S. of R. Doon) ; 44 parishes, and parts of 2
others; 2 royal and parl. burghs, Ayr, Irvine,
which with Kilmarnock (a parl. burgh), Beith,
Cumnock, Girvan, Irvine, Maybole, are small debt
courts, while Girvan, Dalmellington, Newton-
on-Ayr, Newmilns, are burghs of barony; returns
two members to parl. viz. 1 for shire (elect. 4308),

1 for Ayr, etc. (as below) besides 1 for Kilmarnock
(el. 636) and 4 burghs in Renfrew, and Dumbrtn. ;
is governed by a lord lieut. and high sheriff,
vice-lieut. and about 45 deputy lieuts. sheriff and

2 substitutes (courts at Ayr, Kilmarnock), and
constitutes 2 presbyteries in synod of Glasgow
and Ayr, with 49 clergy, whose av. stipends are
2272. Rentals (1841) 336,4727., or 10s. H<7. per
acre, ('43) 390,2787., or 11s. 9rf. per acre; real
prop. (1815) 409.983Z., ('43) 520,8287.; valued
rent (1674) 191,0357. scots ; fiar, or av. price, of
wheat ('42-8) 48s. 7d. per qr., of meal 17s. per
boll of 140 Ibs. Savings bank ('49), 1 with 4757.
from 166 depositors ; expend, for poor (yr. '47-8)
in 46 pars. (33 being assessed) 26,5087. "of which
20,1187. for 4486 poor on roll, 30217. for 3496 casual
poor. Schools of all sorts, about 270, with 14,800
children ; av. no. of of offenders ('36-46) 98. Sur-
face of the county hilly, rising gradually to the
S. and E. the parts least capable of cultivation,
and the highest points being Knockdolion
(1950 ft.) in Colmonell par., Benerard (1420 ft.)


in Ballantrae, and Cairntable (1650 ft.) in Muir-
kirk. The hills are chiefly granite mixed with
braechia, whinstone, greenstone, red sandstone,
etc.; good millstones are quarried at Kilbride,
ironstone at Auchinleck ; lime and whetstones
(called Water o'Ayr stones) abound. Copper
and lead are found, and the great coal district
of Scotland intersects the county, mines (2320
hands) being worked at Dairy, Kilwinning,
Galston, Muirkirk, St. Quivox, Coylton, and
Riccarton. The rivers are the Garnock, Irvine,
Ayr, the 'Bonnie Doon' (which abounds with
salmon), Girvan, Stinchar, or Ardstinchar ; and
Loch Doon is the principal lake. Soil, a stiff
clay, with about 12,000 acres of sand and loam
along the coast ; of the clay millions of tiles are
made, or, being mixed with lime and other ma-
nure, it is turned into rich mould, and thus,
assisted by tile-draining, which is now exten-
sively practised, many poor districts are rendered
highly productive, and a great improvement is
consequently taking place throughout the county ;
wheat, rarely grown till 1785, has become com-
mon ; barley, peas, beans, turnips, potatoes, are
also largely raised, but oats is the chief crop ;
the cattle are a short-horned cross-breed, excel-
lent for stalling or the dairies, which are famous
for their milk and the celebrated Dunlop cheese.
Manufactures carried on are, cotton, at Kilburnie,
Galston, Riccarton, employing 9229 hands,
muslin (1986, chiefly females), silk (682), wool-
len and cloth (602), carpets (521), flax and linen
(375), nail and iron at Muirkirk (228). In '47
(a bad year), 1044, 563, 526 hands were in the cot-
ton, flax, and woollen mills respectively. Wooden
snuffboxes are made at Old Cumnock and Mauch-
line. The strong natural features of this his
native county have been sung by Burns, with
whose name every part of it is in some way
associated. Seats are, Duke of Portland Ful-
larton House, Marq. of Ailsa Cuizean cast., Marq.
of Hastings London cast., Earl of Eglintoun E.
castle, E. of Glasgow Kelburne ho., Blanc, Bt.
Blanefield, Brisbane, Bt. B. house, Blair, Bt. Blair-
quhan, Boswell, Bt. Auchinleck, Cathcart, Bt. Kil-
lochan cast., Cunningham, Bt. Corsehill, Dalrym-
ple, Bt. Kilherran, Fairlie, Bt. F. house, Gordon", Bt.
Kinstair, Crawfurd of Crawfurdland, Kennedy
of Dunure, Mure M. P. of Caldwell, Oswald
M. P. of Auchencruive, etc. Of remains of an-
tiquity are the cairns at Sorn and Galston, a
danish camp at Dundonald, and another on,
Knockgeorgan in Ardrossan; Turnberry cast.,
which belonged to Bruce as Earl of Carrick (a
title in the Crown), Loch Doon cast., Dundonald
and Portingross casts, where Rob. II. the first
Stuart king, kept his court ; the fine ruins of
Crossraguel ab. near Maybole, Kilwinning ab.
near Irvine, and Alloway kirk. The Glasg. Paisl.
and Ardrossan canal was projected in 1806 to
cross the N. of county, but only 11 m., as far as
Johnstone, were completed, and the design is now
superseded by the Glasg. and Ayr rail, opened
1840, which is 40 m. long, with a branch near
Dairy of 10J m. to Kilmarnock, and another near
Kilwinning, of 5J to Ardrossan ; part of a line of
6 m. has been made from Ayr to Dalmellington.
Routes : 1. Ayr (by rail.) to Irvine 10, Beith 22^,
thence to Glasgow 40, and Edinburgh 86. 2. (by
road) to Galston 14, Loudon hill near Drumclog
23, Strathavon 30. thence to Edinb. 72. 3. to Old
Cumnock 15, Muirkirk 26, thence to Edinb. 77 ;
or to New Cumnock 20, thence to Dumfries 61.
4. to Maybole 8, across R. Stinchar 18, thence to
AVigton "52. 5. to Dalmellington 12, thence to
new Galloway 33, and Kirkcudbright 52. 6. to


Maybole passing Burns's monument and Alloway
kirk 9, Girvan along the coast 21, Ballantrae 34,
thence to Port Patrick 60. 7. by rail, to Kilwin-
ning 14, and Ardrossan 19J, thence by road to
Fairlie 27, Largs 30, and Greenock 50.

* P. M. AYK par. Kyle distr. W. Ayr. a
station on Kilmarnock rail. 86 m. from Edinbro',
or 75 by road, the county and assize town,
militia head quarters and excise collection, a
sheriff's and small debt court, a royal and parl.
burgh, and a port at A. Water's mouth, joined to
Kewtown by the ' auld brig,' had a black friary
where Bruce held a parl. to choose his successor ;
returns one member, with Irvine, Campbeltown,
Tnverary, Oban, no. of electors 416 (total 1019, in
pop. of 29,766) ; was first chartered 1202, by Will,
the Lion (who b. the cast,), and under the new
act is governed by a provost, 17 council. 2 bailies,
etc., with a revenue of 27281. Acres 5100, sandy,
but cultivated ; pop. of burgh 15,749, of town
8264 + 155, in the shipping trade (as below), the
fisheries, muslin embroidery (9 hands), and
manufact. of woollens (Cl), carpets (35), cotton
(172), nails (24), shoes (145); houses 1673 (in
town), many well built, with 2 churches, 4
chapels, county bldgs. like the Roman temple
of Isis, new gaol, custom ho., assenibly-rooms,
5 banks, library, merchants' comp., agricult.
soc., medical associatn., theatre, race-stand, old
4-arch bridge (b. 1249-85 by two sisters), new
bridge by Adam (1788, near the old 6- sided
cross^, clock-house 113 ft. high (with a figure
of Wallace by Thorn, on site of Wallace tower),
mechanics' institute, academy, schools, dispen-
sary, sailors' and other benefit societies ; real
prop. 25,503/. ; for poor 1838/. Livings, with Al-
loway (Ayr. Presb.), 1st charge 178/., patr. Crown,
2nd charge 2831., Town Council, etc. ; church,
old, on site of the convent. Part of St. John's old
tower is left near the remains of Cromwell's fort,
and the cast. site. The harb. is made by two piers ;
and has 2 bright lights and a red one on the N.
pier. 850 ft. apart, in lat. 55 28' N., long. 4 38'
W., 12 to 35 ft. ft. high, seen 7 to 10 m. In 1846,
41 sail of 4401 tons (13 being under 50 t. each)
belonged to the port, to which Girvan is a sub-
port, and the tonnage Inwards and Outwards, in-
cluding repeated voyages, was ' coastwise' 226 sail
of 1 0,537 1. and 1137 of 55,464 tons (besides 3
steamers of 468 aud 4 of 624 1.), from and to
'colonies' 11 of 3216 and 9 of 2153 t., from and
to ' foreign ports ' 3 of 379 and 2 of 65 t. Imports
(val. /.) hides, tallow, timber, linen yarn, slates,
irish provisions, hemp, etc. ; exports (val. /.)
coal, iron, whetstones from the river, etc. ; total
customs 614/. The old court-house was on site of
a house which bears another statue of Wallace,
whose attack on the english garrison is comme-
morated by the Barns of A. camp. It supports
the ' A, Advertiser ' and ' A. Observer' newspapers ;
and the Caledonian hunt have a meet near the
racecourse, which is 1 m. 830 yds. round. About
H m. SSE. is the "auld clay biggin" where
Burns was born (1759-96), and further on are the
" brig o' Doon," Alloway kirk, the poet's monu-
ment, etc. >j< A. PKKSBYTERT, synod of Glasgow
and Ayr, comprises the pars, of Auchinleck, Ayr*,
Barr *, Coylton, Craigie, Cumnock New* and Old,
Dailey*, "Dalmellington, Dalrymple*, Dundo-
nald *, ( i a 1st mi *, Girvan *, Kirkmichael, Kirkos-
wald, Mauchline*, Maybole*, Monkton*, Muir-
kirk*, Newton-on-Ayr*, Ochiltree*, Quivox,Ric-
carton, Sorn, Stair*, Straiten, Tymington *, Tar-
bolton*, besides 7 q.s. pars. Ditto Free Church,
the above marked*, with Ballantrae, Carsphairn,
Catrine, Colmonell, Troon. Ditto United Original

AZE yj

Seceders, Auchinleck, Ayr, ColmoneH, Kilmar-
nock, Kilwiiming, Stranraer. Mht. Ds. Tu. Fr.
Fairs, 1st Tu. in Jan. o. s., last Tu. June o. t., 29
Sept. 3rd Tu. Oct.

Ayr Water, the ancient Vidogara, rises at Muir-
kirk, Mid. Ayr. and runs W. about 30 m. through
steep and picturesque banks by Sorn cast, and
Auchinleck ho. to the sea at Ayr, as above. It
produces salmon, and the well-known Water o'Ayr
whetstones ; and the ruinex aquaticus is found.

Ayron River. See Aeron River, Cardigan.

Ayre. See Aire Point, Flint. gg" A. Point,
N. end of /. of Man in A. sheading, has a re-
volving 2-min. light, in lat. 54 25' N., long.
4 22' W., put up 1818, 103 ft. high, seen 15 m.
Whitestone and Stranakiley sands are off it, and
K. William bank in the distance.

AYSGAKTH par. ( ) W. Hang wap. 2V. R.
York. 3 m. SE. of Askrigg-246, in Wensley Dale
on R. Ure, near A. Force, contains Askrigg,
Hardrow, Hawes, Lunds, and Stalling Busk, curs.
High and Low Abbotside, Bainbridge, Bishop-
dale, W. Burton, and 4 other tnshps. Acres
79,980, of town 1220, hilly, Avith traces of lead
and coal ; pop. 5725 and 2G9 ; poor r. 113/. (Bain-
bridge Incorp, ); real prop. 1366Z. ; charities 172L,
of which 65/. to Yorebridge school. St. Andrew
Vic. (Rip.) val. 137/., patr. Trin. Coll. Camb. ;
church, early eng. with a fine screen. The bridge,
with a span of 70 ft., commands a good view of
the fall or force, which Pococke the traveller
thought superior to the cataracts of the Nile.

AYSTON par. (64) Martinsley hund. S W. Rut-
land. 1 m. N W. of Uppingham-89, near A. Spin-
ney. Acres 1030 ; pop. 88 ; poor r. 69/. (Uppingh.
U.); real prop. 1628L All Saints Rect. (Pet.) vaL
183/., patr. G. Fludyer, Esq. of A. House.

P. AYTON par. 9 m. ENE. of Dunse-44, K.
Berwick, on R. Eye, and N. Brit. rail, contains
Burnmouth, a fishing vil. once noted for smug-
gling. Size 4 m. by 3, chiefly arable ; pop. 784, in
the fisheries and a papermill ; real prop. 13,0281.
for poor 5927. Living (Presb. Chirnside) val. 235/.,
patr. Crown. Remains of two camps are left. A.
House, M. Innes, Esq. gaT A. BANK vil. ( )
Chester ward, NE. Durham, 3 m. SE. of Gates-
head-274. igT A., EAST, tnshp. ( ) Seamer
par. 2V. R. York. 3 m, SW. of Scarboro'-187, on
York rail, in a beautiful valley on R. Derwent,
was an estate of the Cliffords. Acres 2160, with
ironstone } pop. 362, some in the ironworks ; poor
r. 90/. (Searboro' U.) ; real prop. 1953/.

AYTOX GUEAT, par. ( ) W. Langbaurgh wap.
N. R. York. 3 m. NE. of Stokesley-238, contains
LITTLE A. tnshp. and Nunthorpe cur. Acres 5740,
of tnshp. 3160, with freestone quarries and traces
of iron ; pop. 1216 and 1014 + 1, some in the linen
factories; poor r. 356/. (Stokesl. U.) real prop.
5348i ; charities 27/., including 101. to Postgate's
free school, under Rose-Topping hill, in which
Cook, the great circumnavigator, was partly edu-
cated. All Saints Cur. (York) val. 82/., patr. Rev.
G. Marwood. 83" A., LITTLE, tnshp. Great Ay-
ton par. as above, 2 m. NE. contains Tunstall.
Acres 1170 ; pop. 65 ; poor r. 287. ; real prop. 1 107/.
US" A., Low, vil. ( ) Chester ward, NE.
I )n Hi. ;5i m. SW. of Gateshead-174. fliJ" A.,
W i vi , t nshp. ( ) Hutton Bushel par. N. R. York.
on R. Derwent opposite E. Ayton, as above, at
the 4-arched bridge, belonged to the Evers, or
Eures, and to the Cliffords, whose castle still
remains. Acres 2160, pop. 305 + 5, poor r. 107/.,
real prop. 2G48/.

AZENBY. See ASENBY, 2V. R. York.

AZEKLEY tnshp. ( ) Kirkby Malzeard par.
W. R. York. 4 m. NW. of Ripon-212, at the top of





R. Ure, contains Galphay and Mickley. Acres
3140, pop. 836 + 13, poor r. 3207., real prop. 40187.
A. House, .


Ba Loch, Isle of Mull, NW. Argyll-
BABBICOMBE bmlt. (22) St. Mary church par.
S. Devon. 1 m. NE. of Torquay,is a coast gd. station
N. of Hope's Nose, on B. Bay, which has some
very fine views of the coast, with anchorage in 8
to 14 fathoms. Spars are found in the limestone.
BABCARY par. (18) Catash hund. SE. Somerset.
4 m. NE. of Ilchester-12 1, near R. Parret, con-
tains Farringdon and Stirt. Acres 2450, pop.
465 + 1, poor r. 1917. (Langport U.), real prop.
38977. Holycross Sect. (Ba. and W.) val. 4507.,
patr. Rev. W. H. Twcmlow, rector.

BABKRGH HUNDRED (478, 50-1) in SW.
Suffolk, contains Sudbury vie. and the pars, of
Acton v., Alpheton rect., Assington v., Boxted r.,
Brent-Eleigh r., Cavendish r., Chilton r., Cock-
field r., Cornard, Great v. and Little r., Edward-
stone ., Glemsford r., Groton r., Hartest r., La-
venham r., Lawshall r., Long Melford r., Monk-
Eleigh, Nayland cur., Newton near Sudbury r.,
Polstead r., Preston r., Shimpling r., Somerton r.,
Stanstead r., Stoke-by-Nayland ., Wajdingfield,
Great r. and Little v., Wiston v., and parts of
Boxford r. and Bure . ; acres (without Sud-
bury) 68,380, pop. 24^069, houses 5068. See
SUDBURY DEANERY. B. Hall (48) in the above
hund. S W. Suffolk, 2 m, NE. of Sudbury.

Baberton, Currie par. N. Edinb. 5 m. SW. of
Edinbro', Christie, Esq. was Jas. VI.'s hunt-
ing seat, and for a time occupied by Charles X.
and his family.

BABIXGLEY par. (69) Freebridge Lynn hund.
NW. Norfolk, 1 m. N. of Castle Rising-100, was
the spot where Felix the Burgundian first
preached to the East Angles. Acres 870, pop.
54, poor r. 297. (Freebr. Lynn U.), real prop. 7767.
St. Felix Rect. with Sandringham.

BABINGTON par. (19) Kilmersdon hund. NE.
Somerset. 5 m. NW. of Frome-103. Acres 600 ;
pop. 163, decreasing; poor r. 1817. (Frome U.) ;
real prop. 12137. ; charities 25/., of which 15Z. to
Long's school. St. Margaret Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 170/., patr. J. T. Joliffe, Esq. B. Hall, W. F.
Knatchbull, Esq.

Babkigh (26) 6 m. W. of Torrington, NW. Devon.

Bablickldihe Ferry (13 or 45) across the Isis, W.
Oxford. 6 m. SE. of Witney.

Babling, or Babylon, Green (50) 1 m. NE. of
Framlingham, E. Suffolk.

BABRAHAM par. (51) Chilford hund. S. Cam-
bridge. 4 m. NW. of Linton-48, near Gogmagog
hills. Acres 2350, pop. 217, poor r. 230/. (Lint.
U.), real prop. 23371. ; charities, Bush and Bennet's
school and poor 1347. St. Peter Vic. (Ely) val.
1067., patr. H. J. Adeane, Esq. of B. Hall, once
seat of Sir H. Palavicini, collector in Mary's time
of the pope's taxes (which Elizabeth kept in
England), and afterwards a commander against
the Armada.

BABTHORPE, or BOWTHORPE, hmlt. (86 or 93)
Hemingboro' par. E. R. York. 4 m. NW. of How-
den-180, was the old seat of the Bapthorpes.

BABWORTH par. (82) Bassetlaw hund. N. Notts.
1 m. W. of E. Retford-141, near Chesterfield canal,
contains Morton Grange and Ranby. Acres
5490 ; pop. 577 + 12 ; poor r. 1017. (E. Retf. U.) ;
real prop. 65817. ; charities, Simpson's school 87.
All Saints Rect. (Line.) val. 826/., patr. Hon.
J. B. Sympson, of B. Hall, which has grounds laid
out by Repton. B. Cott, 2 m. N W.

BABYLON hmlt. (79) Doddleston par. S. Flint ^
3 m. NE. of Caergwrle-184. ^p BABYLON (89)
3 m. SSE. of Chorley-208, Mid. Lancash.

Baccanceld of the Saxons, is BECKISGIIAM,

Bach, or Dutchman's Cap, Isld., one of the
Treshinish group, W. of Mull, W. Argyll.

Bachaash isld. (8) near Hemetra, NE. side of
N. Uist, Western Islds.

BACHE tnshp. (80) Lower Broxtow hund. NW.
Chesh. 1 m. N. of Chester-183. Acres 800 ; pop.
18 ; real prop. 5077. B. Hall, H. Hughes, Esq.,
on site of one destroyed 1645. ijjg BACHE tnshp.
(74) Chirk hund. 5. Denbigh, near Llangollen-185.
Pop. 507 ; real prop. 1295/. ^f BACHE tnshp.
(61) Lower Menslow hund. S. Salop, 6 m. SK.
of Church Stretton-158. Pop. 38. ' Bach,' ' fach',
etc., means little.

BACHELDRE tnshp. (60) Church Stoke par.
SE. Montgmry. 1 m. SE. of Montgomery-168,
belongs to Earl Powis. Pop. 137, real prop.

BACHELOR'S vil. (7) Burnham hund. SE. Bucks.
2 m. S. of Chesham-29.

Bachelor's Hall (18) Lower Orior bar. E. Ar-
magh, near Poyntz Pass.

BACHIE tnshp. (61 or 74) Llanfyllin par. N.
Montgmry. near Llanfyllin-179. Pop. 356.

BACHIE'S vil. Golspie par. SE. Suthrld. 15 m.
ENE. of Kyle-200. Pop. 145.

BACHO vil. (43) Webtree hund. S W. Heref.
7 m. WSW. of Hereford-134.


Bachwy, or Machwy, River (56) about 7 m. long,
joins the Wye 6 m. below Builth, S. Radnor, near
Erward, after passing Pain's cast., and some very
good scenery.

BACHYGRAIG tnshp. (79) Dymeirchion par.
W. Flint, near St. Asaph-208, has an old seat b.
1567 by Sir R. Clough, the partner of Gresham,
which came to Mrs. Thrale (or Piozzi). Pop. 53.

BACHYJIBYD tnshp. (79) Llanynys par. Mid.
Denbig. b m. SE. of Denbigh-201, formerly a seat
of the Salusburys, now of Lord Bagot, is noted for
its fine chestnut grove.

BACK hmlt. (48) Ipswich boro', S. Suffolk, 1 m.
SE. of Ipswich-69. Pop. 272.

Back Water, in Lentrathan par. W. Forfar. runs
to R. Isla.

P. BACKBARROW (98) East ward, SE. West-
mrld. 8 m. NE.of Kendal, on Lane, and Carl. rail.

BACKUEAN hmlt. Newton par. N. Edinb. 5 m.
SE. of Edinbro'. Pop. 45.

BACKFORD par. (80) Wirrall and Broxtow
bunds. NW. Chesh. 3 m. N. of Chester-183, on
Ellesmere canal and Birkenhead rail., contains
Caughall, Chorlton, Lea, Mollington. Acres 3320,
of tnshp. 800; pop. 556, and 200; poor r.
617. (Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop. 1389; cha-
rities 267, St. Oswald Vic. (Ches.) val. 2307.,
patr. Bishop. B. Hall, E. Glegg, Esq.

BACKSIUIR hmlt. Liff. par. SW. Forfar. near
Dundee-45. Pop. 166.

BACKWELL par. (19) HartclifFe hund. NE.
Somerset. 6 m. SW. of Bristol-114, near Exeter
rail., contains Church town, Downside, Farley,
Moorside, West Town. Acres 2750 ; pop. 1161 +
13, in the collieries and stone quarries ; poor r.
3417. (Bedminster U.) ; real prop. 60987. ; cha-
rities 37. St. Andrew Vic. and sinecure Rect.
(Ba. and W.) val. 1447., and 2537., patr. cf both
Marq. of Bath. Fair, 1 Sept. cattle, sheep, colts.

Backioood Lodge (79) close to Parkgate, NW.
Cliesh., E. Bennett, Esq.

BACKWORTH tnshp. (105) Earsdon par. SE.
Northmbrld. 6 m. NNE. of Newcastle-275, whence



the Northumberland Wallsend or Earsdon main
coal comes, belonged to Tynemouth ab. Pop.
413. B. Hall, Duke of Northumberland.

Bacon Hole (37) E. side of Oxwich bay, W.
Glamrgn. a limestone cave where many bones and
rare plants have been found.

Bacon's End (62) 1 m. S. of Coleshill, NW.
Warwk., a meet for the N. Warwicksh. hounds.
^- B. Green, (46) 3 m. NW. of Hertford, N.

BACONSTHORPE par. (68) S. Erpingham hund.
NE. Norfk. 7 m. NNW. of Aylsham-118. Acres
1460 ; pop. 326 ; poor r. 163Z. (Erpingh. U.) ; real
prop. 1873/. ; charities 5/. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.)
val. /., patr. J. T. Mott, Esq. ; church, has a

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