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J m. NE. Acres 750 ; pop. 177 ; poor r.. 627. ; real
prop. 9787. ; charities 47. All Saints Rect. (Oxon.)
val. 1077., patr. Rev. W. Browne; church, lately
restored by E. Lamb, has stained windows, etc.
^" K. Farm (7) 4 m. N. of Henley, S W. Bucks.
KIMBLEWORTH ext. par. ( ) W. Chester Ward,
N. Durham, 2 m. N. of Durham-258, was once a
par. Acres 690 ; pop. 33. Living, a Rect. with
Witton Gilbert ; no church.

KIMBOLTON par. (55) Wolphy hund. N. Here-
ford. 2 m. NE. of Leominster-137. Acres 4640,
with hop-grounds; pop. 715; poor r. 2277. (Leo-
mins. U.); real prop. 40817. St. James Cur.
(Heref.) val. with Middleton-on-the-Hill 1327.,
patr. Bishop.

P. M. KIMBOLTON par. (52) Leightonstone
hund. S W. Hunts. 10 m. WSW. of Huntingdon,
63 from London, on R. Kym, near Gt. North, rail.,
under K. Hill, was called Kinnibantum, and held
by the Mandevilles, Bohuns, Staftbrds, Wingflelds
(from Hen. VIII. after Q. Catherine's death here
1536), now by the Montagues, with title of baron.
Acres 6200 ; pop. 1634 + 5, some lacemakers ;
houses 347, with 4 chapels, free gram. sch. (1317.),
almshouse ; poor r. 6577. on 62617. (St. Neots U.) ;
real prop. 84897. ; charities 1687. St. Andrew Vic.
"",ly) val. 2007., patr. Duke of Manchester of K.

Castle, which was reb. by the Wingfields near the
old one, and whose ancestors, the lord treasurer,
the part, general, etc., are in the church. Stonely
Cottage, F. Welstead, Esq., with some remains of
a priory found, about 1180 by a Mandeville. Mht.
D. Frid, Fairs, East. Frid. sheep ; 1 1 Dec. cattle,

KIMCOTE par. (63) Guthlaxton hund. S. Leicest.
3 m. NE. of Lutterworth-89, contains Cotes-de-
Val and Walton. Acres 1710; pop. 552 + 6, frame-
work knitters; poor r. 2397. (Lutterw. U.); real

prop. 46227.; charities 847., of which 307. to
Durrad's school. All Saints Rect. (Pet.) once
held by Jago the poet, val. 5667., patr. Lord Wil-
loughby de Broke.

Kimerston ( ) 5 m. NNW. of Wooler, N.

P. KIMMAOE hmlt. (22) Dublin bar. Mid.
Dublin, 2 m. SW. of Dublin Castle. K. Home,
Col. F. Shaw.

Kimmar's Port ( ) Lecale bar. Down, a creek
in Ardglass Harbour.

KIMMERIDGE par. (16) Hasilor hund. SE.
Dorset. 5 m. S. of Wareham-115, a coast.-gd.
station on K. Ledge Bay, near St. Alban's Head,
which belonged to Cerne abbey, came to the
Uvedales (by gift of Hen. VIII.) and Clavells,
who made a pier and worked the alum up to
1745. Acres 1570, with " Kimmeridge clay "
(like the Wealden), chert or brown shale, fossil
coal, alum, etc. ; pop. 154 + 3 ; poor r. 807. (Wareh.
U.) ; real prop. 14627. Living, a Don. (Sal.) val.
1007., patr. Col. Mansel. British remains, called
' coal money,' have been found. The Ledge is a
line of rocks stretching from St. Alban's Head,
5 m. along shore.

KIMPTON par. (14) Upper Andover hund.
NW. Hants, 5 m. WNW. of Andover-63, contains
Shoddesden. Acres 1810; pop. 391 + 1; poor r.
3157. (Andov. U.) ; real prop. 25837. ; charities 47.
Living, a Rect. (Win.) val. 4007., patr. G. S.
Foyle, Esq. igP KIMPTON par. (46) Hitchin
hund. Mid. Herts. 7 m. S. of Hitchin-34. Acres
3700 ; pop. 945 ; poor r. 5367. (Hitch. U.) ; real
prop. 60437. ; charities 57. St. Peter and Paul
Vic. (Roch.) val. 4227., patr. Lord Dacre; church,
has an old screen.

Kimworthy (26) 5 m. NNW. of Holsworthy,
NW. Devon.

KINALEA BARONY (96-9, etc.) /S. Cork, con-
tains the pars, of Ballyfeard, Ballyfoyle, Cullen,
Kilmonoge, Kinure, Leighmoney, Nohaval,
Templemichael, Tracton, and parts of Ballinaboy,
Ballymartle, Brinny, Carrigaline, Dunderrow,
Inishannon, Kilpatrick, Knockavilly, and Ring-
curran ; acres 50,928, pop. 20,476, houses 3472.

KlNALMEAKY BARONY (95-6) S. Cork, COn-

tains Bandon, the pars, of Kilbrogan, Killowen,
Templemartin, and parts of Ballymodan, Brinny,
Desertserges, and Murragh; acres 36,101, pop.
19,650, houses 3173.

KINARD par. (44, 53-4) Corkaguiny bar. W.
Kerry, 5 m. ESE. of Dingle-220, on R. Lispole and
Dingle bay, near Minard head. Acres 5002,
hilly; pop. 1283 + 2, fishermen, etc. Living, a
Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. 857., patr. Bishop.

Kinard Lodge (16) 7 m. SW. of Easkry, W.
Sligo, near KiHala bay, J. Paget, Esq.

KINAWLEY par. (6, 7, 9) Tullyhaw bar. NW.
Cavan, and (37, etc.) Clanawley and Knock-
ninny bars. Fermanagh, between Cuileagh mountn.
[2188 ft.) and Upper L. Erne, contains Swan-
linbar-92, and the Shannon's head a pool 20 ft.
across, and 275 ft. above the sea. Acres 51,004,
with stone, lime ; pop. 16,855 + 78. Living, a
Rect. (K. E. A.) val. 5447., patr. Bishop. Prospect
Hill, A. Maguire, Esq. ; Mount Prospect, B.
Winslow, Esq.

Kinblythmont, at Inverkeilor, E. Forfar.

KINBRICK vil. Dunblane par. S. Perth, near
Doune-44, and Scot, central rail. Pop. 131. From
' kin,' or 'ceann,' a head, as in the following names.

Kincnid, at Campsie, S. Stirling. 1 m. N. of
Kirkintillock, J. L. Kincaid, Esq.

KINCAIRNIE vil. Caputh par. E. Perth, near
Dunkeld-59. Pop. 83.

KINRICTTOCK par. is joined to TOWIE, Aberdeen.


KINCAPLE vil. 3 ra. W. of St. Andrew's-41, E.
Fife, in that par. Pop. 186.

KINCARDINE par. in NE. Inverness, is joined
to Abernethy, Elgin. Pop. 794.

county, NE. Scotland, between Rs. Dee and N.
Esk, under the Grampians, at the end of Strath-
more, was in the roman, is traversed
by Aberd. rail., watered by Rs. Bervie, Luther,
Cowie, Carron, etc., and bordered by Aberdn. (N.),
Forfar. (VV. and S.), N. Sea (E.). Length, from
near Strickathrow NE. to Girdleness, 81 m.,
greatest breadth 21, av. ditto 13 ; relative size
126-10,000ths ; circuit 95 m., of which 30 of rocky
coast swarming with sea-fowl, has fisheries of
cod, haddock, ling, turbot, etc., and along it are,
Kame or Castle of Mathers, Bervie fishing vil.
near Todhead, Kinneff coast.-gd. station, Stone-
haven port, Dunottar Castle, and Girdleness light.
It contains 382 sq. m., or 244,480 acres, of which
1280 are water, 93,000 are cultivated, and about
i is mountain, etc. ; 33,075 +164 persons, of whom
4377 are in Stonehaven, Laurencekirk, 17,246
are females, 15,239 under 20 years of age, 26,255
county-born, 4061 or 12'3 per cent, live by com-
merce, manufact., etc., 5848 or 17'6 per cent, by
agricult. (1332 being farmers and graziers), 273
educated professions, 699 independent, 7540 la-
bourers and servants, etc. ; 7304 houses (reckon-
ing flats), besides 355 empty and building ; 18
parishes, and parts of 3 others; about 47 vils.,
limits., etc. ; 4 burghs of barony Stonehaven
(the county, sessions town, etc., Ill m. NE. of
Kdinbro', the old one, Kincardine, being a de-
cayed vil.), Laurencekirk, Fettercairn, Glen-
bervie, the first two with Durris, and Bervie
royal burgh, being small debt courts ; returns one
member for the co. (elect. 796), while Bervie (el.
38) contributes to Montrose; is governed by a
lordlieut., 33 deputy lieuts., sheriff and substitute,
etc., and constitutes the presbytery of Fordoun,
synod of Angus and Mearns, and part of Aberdeen,
synod of Aberdeen, with 19 clergy, whose average
stipends are 212/. Real prop. (1815) 94,861/.,
('43) 134,3417., of which 3858/. on fisheries ; gross
rental (1811) 159.896Z. or 13s. 2d. per acre, ('43^
128,469Z. or 10*. Id. per acre; valued rent (1674)
74,92U. scots. Fiar or av. price ('42-8) of wheat
50s. 5Jrf., of barley 27s. 6d. per qr., of meal
16. 2d. per boll of 140 Ibs. Savings bks. ('49)
3, with 24,095/. from 1249 depositors. Expend,
for poor ('47-8) in 19 pars. (11 being assessed)
626o/., of which 1315Z. for 5212 poor on roll,
31 5/. for 307 casual poor. Schools about 107,
attended by 6570 child. ; av. no. of offenders ('36-

46) 21, but 43 in '48. The How of Mearns

(50,000 acres), or end of the fertile valley of
Strathmore, runs from Marykirk to Stonehaven
on old red sandstone and limestone, which form a
range of hills towards the coast, and are found as
far VV. as Fettercairn, Fordoun Braes, Glenbervie,
etc., beyond which N. and VV. the substratum of
gneiss and mica slate ascends to the Grampians
(granite), the highest points being Mt. Battock
3459 ft., Clachnabane 2370, Cairn's Mount 2000,
Caerloch 1890, Fare 1500, Strathfenella 1200.
Granite is quarried at Nigg, limestone at Lau-
rencekirk and elsewhere. Coarse linens (about
1400 hands) are spun at Johnshaven, Drumlithie,
Laurencekirk (where wooden snuff-boxes were
first made); in 1847, a bad year, 4 and 76
were in the wool and flax mills. Salmon is fished
in the Luther, Dee, and other streams. Climate
mild ; the fertile spots in the How, along the Dee,
and the coast below Stonehaven, are well culti-
vated ; chief crops, barley, oats, turnips, potatoes,



grasses ; plantations and woods 18 to 20,000 acres ;
black-faced sheep and cattle are pastured on the
hills; estates are large, but well divided into
farms, which run up to 500 acres, and are leased
mostly for 19 yrs. ; farm-buildings middling, but
the cottages bad, especially in the hills, with
few enclosures ; greater improvements have been,
made in the favourable parts. Fordoun and
Rae Dykes were stations on the roman way to
Norman Dyke, on the Dee, etc. ; there is a cairn
at Fettercairn, where Ken. III. was killed by Fe-
nella ; castles at Kame of Mathers, Laurieston,
Morphy, Dunottar (the Keiths'), Edyell, Kinneff,
and Fordoun (which was K. Kenneth's), where
Fordoun the author of ' Scotichronicon,' and Lord
Monboddo, were born. Arbuthnot was a native
of Arbuthnot, Beattie of Laurencekirk, where
Ruddiman kept school ; at Maryculter is Blair's
rom. cath. college. Some of the seats are : Visct.
Arbuthnot A. House, Earl Kintore Inglismaldie,
Forbes, Bt. Fettercairn, Gladstone, Bt. Fasque,
Burnet, Knt. Leys, Ramsay, Knt. Balmain, Keith,
Knt. Ravelston, Duff of Fetteresso, Graham of
Morphie, Innes of Raemoir, Lyall of Laurieston,
Mactier of Durris, Scott of Brotherton, Straton
of Kirkside. Roads from Stonehaven : (1) To
Skateraw 5, Charlestown 10, Aberdeen 14. (2)
To Fetteresso 2, Banchory 15, thence up the Dee.
(3) Drumlithie 5, Laurencekirk (in the How) 12,
thence to Brechin 23, and Forfar 35. (4) To
Kinneff 6, Bervie 8, St. Cyrus 15, Montrose 20.
About 30 m. of the Dundee and Aberdeen rail,
pass Laurencekirk, Stonehaven, etc., to Aberdeen.

KINCARDINE vil. 3 m. VV. of Fordoun, Mid.
Kincardine, in that par. was the county town till
Jas. VI. moved it to Stonehaven, and has A'.
Castle, which belonged to Kenneth III. gap"
KINCARDINE par. in Menteith, S. Perth. 3 m. S.
of Doune-44, on Goodywater, between Rs. Forth
and Teith, including Kirklane, Norrieston q. g.,
Thornhill, Woodlane. Size 5 m. by 3, or 7600
acres, rich carse and moss land, mostly reclaimed,
with beds of shell, salmon, etc. ; pop. 2232, de-
creasing ; real prop. 10,972 ; for poor 258/. Liv-
ing (presb. Dunblane) val. 255Z., patr. Lady VVil-
loughby d'Eresby, of Drummond Cast. Blair-
Drummond, H. Drummond, Esq., M. P. chief
heritor. Oak, birch, etc. found in the moss, 20 ft.
down, on a bottom of clay, and remains of a ro-
man way, 12 ft. broad, made of logs, also a
roman camp kettle found 1768. Gives title of
earl to Duke of Montrose.

P. M. KINCARDINE town, Tulliallan par. S 1 .
Perth. 3m. SSE. of Clackmannan-32, on R. Forth,
at Higgins Neuk ferry, was called W. Pans (from
the salt works), is a small debt court, a sub-port
to Alloa, with a good pier harb., and a burgh of
barony under Earl of Elgin (who takes title of
Earl K. from it), governed by 3 bailiffs, etc. Pop.
2876, ship-builders, weavers, sail-makers, etc., and
in the coasting trade ; houses 586, irregular, with
a chapel, 2 banks, savings bk. (24,096/. from 1249
depositors), brewery, etc. and cross 18 ft high.
M kt. Ds. Wed. Sat. Fairs, last Frid. July o. .,
Mon. before Falkirk.

KINCARDINE par. NE. Ross. 12 m. NVV. of
Tain-207, the old seat of Clan Ross, on Dornoch
Frith at Bonar ferry, in Rs. Carron and Oikel, con-
tains Croich q. s., and Craigchonichan (" rock of
sorrow"), where Col. Strachan beat Montrose,
1650, before his betrayal in Assynt. Size 30 m.
by 8, hilly sheep-walks, rising ft, at Cairn-
chuninaig, with marble, cairngorm pebbles,game,
salmon, white bait, sturgeon, etc. ; pop. 2108 + 22 ;
real prop. 5354Z. ; for poor 33G/. Living (prc-sl>.
Tain) val. 278/., patr. Crown ; church, has an old



stone coffin ; cairns and duns are found, and a bed
of shell at the top of a hill at Balnagowan, seat of
Sir C. Ross, Bt. Fair, 1st Tu. Dec.

KINCARDINE O'NEILL district, S. Aberdeen.
contains the pars, of Aboyne * and Glentanner,
Birse, Braemar* and Crathie, Cluny*, Coull,
Echt, Glenmuick, Tullich, and Glengairn, K.
O'Neill *, Logie-Coldstone, Lumphanan *, Mid-
mar, Tarland, and Migvie ; pop. 14,987. ifc K.
O'N. PEESBYTERY, synod of Aberdeen, includes
the above, with Banchory-Ternan *, Strachan*.
Ditto Free Church, those marked *, with Ballater,
Bankhead, Cromar. Kirk Fast, Wed. before 1st
Sund. Feb. Aug.

P. KINCARDINE O'NEILL par. as above, 22 m.
W. of Aberdeen, 136 from Edinbro', in a pleasant
spot on R. Dee, near Lumphanan wood, where
Macbeth was killed, according to Wynton's chro-
nicle. Size 7 m. by 5, hilly, with plantations, good
stone, etc. ; pop.1857, decreasing ; real prop. 70537. ;
for poor 2727. Living (K. presb.) val. 232/., patr.
Sir J. Forbes, Bt. of Pitsligo. Fairs, 2nd Tu. May
o. *., Wed. and Th. after last Tu. Aug. o. t.

KINCLAVEN par. in Stormont, E. Perth. 7m.
N. of Perth-40, at the ferry on R. Tay, includes
Arntully, and K. Castle ruins. Size 4 m. by 2, fer-
tile, with wood, salmon at Campsie Linn ; pop. 880,
decreasing ; real prop. 46177. ; for poor 147. Living
(presb. Dunkeld) val. 2777., patr. Richardson, of
Ballattue. Logic Almond, Drummond, Esq.

KINCON viL (21) Tirawley bar. N. Mayo, 4 m.
W. of Killala-166. Pop. 125.

31. KINCORA (45) near Killaloe, E. Clare, on L.
Derg, the ancient seat of the kings of Munster,
before and after Brien Boroihme, of whose
palace, or cahir, all that remains is Bal-Borce, a
fort 150 ft. in circuit, with a vallum well planted
with firs. Mac Leag, his bard, composed a ' lament
for Kincora,' after the king's death at Clontarf.

Kincraig, 9 m. E. of Pitmain, SE. Inverness, on
R. Spey.

Kincraig Point, near Largo Bay, S. Fife.

Kindace House, near , Ross. C. Robertson,
Esq., has some druid remains.

KINDER hmlt. (81) Hayfield chplry. NW.
Derby. 3 m. N. of Chapel-le-Frith-167, in the
Peak, near K. Scout Hilt, which is about 1800 ft.
high. Pop. 130.

Kinder Loch, near Newabbey, E. Kirkcudbt.,
under Criffel, has an old chapel on it.

P. KiNDERTON-cuM-HuLME tnshp. (80) Mid-
dlewick par. Mid. Cheshire, 2 m. E. of Middlewick
*167, near Manch. iail., is the roman Condate
(by some placed at Northwich, Congleton, etc.),
having at Harbours Field, between Rs. Croco and
Dane, a camp of 10 acres, and comes through
the Venables to the Vernons. Acres 1510; pop.
655 + 6 ; poor r. 230/. (Northwich U.) ; real prop.
31097. K. House, Lord Vernon. The Kind, or
King, Street goes to Manchester, and other ways
went to Chesterton, Wroxeter, Chester, Warring-

Kindevin (2) near Rathowen, Westmeath.

Kindlestown (8) near Delgany, NE. Wichlow.

KINDROCAT par. is joined to CRATHIE, Aber-

Kindrum Lough (8) between L. Swilly and
Mulroy bay, N. Donegal.

KINEAGH par. (3) Rathvilly bar. N. Carlow,
and (38) Kilkea bar. S. Kildare, 2 m. W. of
Rathvillv-42. Acres 6299, with granite; pop.
1580 + 14. Living, a Vic. (Du. G. K.) val. 1337.,
patr. Vicars Choral of St. Patrick's, Dublin.

KINEARNEY par. is joined to CLUNY and MID-
MAR, S. Aberdeen.

Kinel-Cairbre, of the Irish, was Carbury bar.


Sllgo. K.-Conail, or TirconneV, was Donegal, Ihe
O'Donnells' country. K.-Enda was the'O'Bre-
nans' country about Usny, Westmeath. K. Eoguin
was part of O'Neill's, o"r O'Nial's country, Hy-
Niellia, in Tyrone. K. Fiachia, was the Mac
Geoghans' country, Kinaleagh, in Westmeath.

KINELARTY BAKONY (36-7, etc.) Mid. Doicn,
the old Kinelartan, or MacArtane's country, con-
tains Ballinahinch, the par. of Loughinisland, and
parts of Annahilt, Dromara, Kilmegan, Kilmore,
and Magheradrool ; acres 40,323, an. val. 25,335/.,
pop. 20,895, houses 3857.

KINELLAR par. Aberdeen distr. SE. Aberd.
7m. NW. of Aberdeen-110, on R. Don and In-
verury canal. Size 4 m. by 2, or 5000 acres, hilly
and fertile ; pop. 483 + 3 ; real prop. 28387. ; for
poor 587. Living (presb. Aberd.) val. 1607., patr.
Earl of Kintore, of Keith Hall ; church, ancient,
with an old font, and part of a druid circle iu
ch.-yard. Another is at Benachard, and 3 cairns
at Auchronie hill, etc., and the Drum Stone,
where the laird of Drum made his will before battle
of Harlaw.

KINETON hmlt. (44) Temple Guyting par. NE.
Gloucest. 4 m. ESE. of Winchcofnb-95, on the
Cotswolds. gap" KINETON. See KINGTON, War-

P. 21. KINFARE, or KINVER, par. (62) S. Seisdon
hund. SW. Stafford. 3m. WSW. of Stourbridge
-122, on Stafford canal and R. Stour, containing
Whittington and Compton, was onceamkt. town,
and has an oblong saxon camp 900 ft. by 600,
with a barrow, and a notch'd stone 12 ft. round,
6 high. Acres 8790; pop. 2207+37, in the iron-
works ; poor r. 3547. (Seisd. U.) ; real prop.
13,1697. ; charities 2427., of which 1147. to free
gram, school. St. Peter Cur. (Lich.) val. 2007.,
patr. Trustees ; church, ancient, with effigies (or
brass ?) of a Grey, and a Hampton (?) of Stour-
ton Cast., now seat of Mrs. Grazebrook, where
Cardinal Pole was born. K. House, T. Raj-bold,

KIN FAUNS par. 3m. E. of Perth-40, E. Perth.
a healthy spot on R. Tay, and Dund. and Aberd.
rail., under Kinnoul Hill (632ft.), was given to
Sir T. Charteris, or Longueville, by Bruce, and to
the Carnegies and Blairs. Size 5 m. by 2J, or
4720 acres, fertile, with wood, salmon, trout ; pop.
720 ; real prop. 89187., of which 33977. on fisheries ;
for poor 1547. Living (presb. Perth) val. 2437.,
patr. Crown, K. Castle, Lord Gray, has the
Charteris two-handed sword, 5 ft. 9 in. long, 2J in.
broad in the hilt

King Barrow ( ) 1 m. ESE. of Warminster,
W. Wilts, is 206 ft by 56, and 16 high, was
opened 1800, when skeletons, pottery, and a
sword were found. Igy K. Barrow (16) 1m. S.
of Wareham, SE. Dorset, when cut down 1767,
was 100 ft. diam., and 12 high, and an urn,
bones, etc. were found. $3" K.-CROSS vil. (88)
Shircoat and S. Owram tnshps. W. R. York.
near Halifax-197. St. Paul Cur. (Rip.) val. 1507.,
patr. Crown and Bishop.

P. KING EDWARD, or KKNEDAR, par. Turriff
distr. N. Aberdeen. 5 m. N. of Turriff-146, on R.
Deveron, contains New Blyth q. s. and the
Cumyers' ruined castle. Size 12 m. by 3J, or
17,500, heathy, part arable ; pop. 2492 + 53 ; real
prop. 64507. ; for poor 4377. Living (presb.
Turr.) val. 2047., patr. Crown. Craigston, B.
Urquhart, Esq. $3" K. Road ( 35) at the Avon's
mouth, Bristol Chan, on the Severn, has a good
anchorage in 5 to 8 fath., with a fixed light,
73 ft. high.

P. King Street ( ) near Reading, E. Berks.
". Water ( ) joins R. Irthing, N. Cumbrld.


near Brampton. giT K. William's Sand, 6 m.
ENE. of Point of Ayr, /. of Man, is 8 m. NW.
and SE. by 1, with 3 to 6 fath. on it To the
E. is a small bank with only 1 fath. ^g" K.
WILLIAMSTOWN vil. (21) Duhallow bar. NW.
Cork, 1 1 m. WSW. of Newmarket, at the head
of R. Blackwater, was founded by government
on the Pobble O'Keefe crown lands. It has a
model farm, school, chapel, and the people are
employed in the works, coal mines, etc.

King's Ash (7) 2 m. SE. of Wendover, Mid.
Bucks. gg A. Beeches (8) 3 m. NE. of Bagshot,
SE. Berks. W. Round, Esq. t&T K. BKOMLEY.
See BKOMLEY, KING'S. ^" K. CAPLE par. (43)
Upper Wormelow bund. 5. Hereford. 4 m. NW.
of Ross-120, on R. Wye. Acres 1720; pop. 299
+ 1 ; poor r. 1447. (Ross U.) ; real prop. 41997. ;
charities 151., of which 51. to school. St. J.
Baptist Cur. with Sellack. ^P K. Cave, 1 m. N.
of Drimadown Point, W. side of Arran, Butesh.,
was the retreat of Bruce, and is 114 ft long, with
K. Kitchen, K. Hill, etc. near it.

Northmptn. ; and the like for other names in

KING'S COUNTY (47 sheets) an inland shire,
Mid. Ireland, was the seat of the O'Conors,
M'Coghlans, O'Dempseys, O'Carrolls, O'Molleys,
etc. in Offaly and Lower Delvin, and was called
W. Glenmalery ' before Mary's time, when it was
made shire ground (being named after K.Philip)
along with Queen's Co., is traversed by the
Gd. canal (for 36 m.), and bordered by Westmeath
(N.), the Barrow and Kildare (E.), Queen's Co.
(SE.), Tippery. (S. and SW.), the Shannon and
Galway (W.), Roscomn. (NW.). Length from
below Moneygall NE. through the middle to
beyond Clonbulloge 53 m., greatest breadth 18, av.
ditto 11J ; relative size 237-10,OOOths ; circuit
170. It contains 772 sq. m., or 493,985 acres, of
which 337,256 are arable, 145,836 uncultivated
bog, etc., 1733 in water, 902 in towns; 26,683
families, of whom 17,582 or 66 per cent live by
agricult, 4461 or 17 per cent, by manufact,
trade, etc., 1086 by professions or independent,
10,738 by manual labour, 18,448 in 3rd and 4th
(or lowest) class houses ; 146,857 + 263 persons,
of whom 15,506 are in Tullamore, Parsonstown,
Banagher, 74,206 are females, 74,293 under 20 yrs.
of age, 134,827 county-born; 24,534 houses, be-
sides 1050 empty and building ; 43 parishes
(Clonsart being the largest 23,558 ac.), and
parts of 8 others ; 12 baronies, Ballyboy (Mid."
Bullybrit (the Molloys', S.), Ballycoward (S.
Clonlisk (the Can-oils', S.), Coblestown (E.
Eglish (Mid.), Garrycastle (the Croplands', W. f ,
Gcashill (Mid.), Killcoursey (N.), Philipstown,
Up. and Low. (E.), Warrenstown (NE.) ; 6 mar-
ket towns, Tullamore (the county, election, assize,
sessions town), Parsonstown, Edenderry (these
three are p. law unions), Portarlington, Clara,
Frankford, the first three with Ferbane, Shin-
rone, being police districts, including 49 stations
and 329 men, Philipstown being a sessions
place, and Parsonstown the militia head qrs. ;
returns t.:>o members to parl. (elect. 1403), instead
of 6 before the Union, the old boroughs being
Banagher and Philipstown, which sent 2 each ;
is governed by a lieut. and custos, vice lieut,
sheriff, 13 deputy lieuts., and about 90 magis-
trates, with 17 petty sess. stations, is in the
Home circuit, the Dublin and Limerick military
districts (divided by Rs. Shannon, Ballynacarreg,
Brosna), and the dioceses of Kildare (joined
to Dublin), Meath, Killaloe, Clonfert (joined to
Killaloe), and Ossory, province of Dublin. Gross



rental (1846) 354,1317., or 14s. 5</. per acre; vaL
to poor r. 241,2217.; county cess ('48) 19,8617.
Savings bks. ('48) 2, with 28,4267. from 1046
depositors ; loan funds 8, with a cap. of 81877.,
and circulating 24,1787. Births 1 in 32, deaths
1 in 56, the all-Ireld. av. being 55. Schools (na-
tional) in '48, 67, with 7558 child, attending, in
'41, 48*7 per cent of the people could not read or
write ; av. number of committals ('45-8) 636, of

whom 339 were convicted. Surface flat, and for

the most part bog, 100 to 250 ft. above the sea,
belonging to the great bog of Allen, below which
remains of trees, paved roads, are found, with
gravel and limestone, which is the only sub-
stratum throughout, except at Croghan, a trap
hill 769 ft. high ; on the Queen's Co. border the
SI. Bloom range of clay slate and sandstone rises
1733 ft. at Ard Erin. Flagstones are quarried
here, grey marble is got at Clonmacnois, silver
at Edenderry, and potters' clay is found. Coarse
linens are spun, and the people are very indus-
trious. Soil middling ; acres in crop ('48)
137,565, of which the chief are : oats 35,646,
wheat 23,251, potatoes 20,001, turnips 8737, bar-
ley, bere, and rye 8273, meadow and clover
39,487, etc., and the value of stock on 12,919
farms above 1 acre, in '41, was 446,5737., in-
cluding 34,546 cattle (above 47,000 in '48),
66,605 sheep (above 74,000 in '48), 17,450 horses,
etc., 24,693 pigs (about 12,000 in '48), etc.
(with above 3600 goats in '48). Estates are
large ; butter is sent to mkt. ; the fences are
chiefly thorn, the farm houses and cabins poor
and mean. Smaller streams are, the Yellow and
Philipstown Rs., which flow E. from Bog of
Allen, the Brosna which flows W., the Clodagh,
Silver, Birr, etc. ; the lakes are Pallis, Annagh,
Croghan. Old abbeys at Monasteroras, Killeigh,
and Seven Churches or Clonmacnois, once the
richest in Ireland, where the young nobles were
educated, and which has 2 round towers, 2 pillar
crosses, and remains of 5 out of 10 churches near
it ; old churches at Lemanaghan, Drumcullin ;
and castles at Dingan (O'Conor's), Edenderry

Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 284 of 293)