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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Earl of Eldon. (55" KINGSTON vil. (35) 4 m.
NE. of Berkeley, W. Gloucest. on Ship canal.
giT KINGSTON par. (10) VV. Medina lib. I. of
Wight, S. Hants. 5 m. S. of Newport -82. Acres
650 ; pop. 73 ; poor r. /. (I. of YVight Incorp.) ;
real prop. 101 II. Living, a Rect. (Win.) val.
204/., patr. late G. H. Ward, Esq. ^ KINGS-
TON tythg. Shorwell par. /. of Wight, near the
above." <gg" KINGSTON tythg. (15) Ringwood
par. 5 W. Hants. 1 m. SE. of Ringwood- 92. Real
prop. 3457/.

P. KINGSTON vil. (11) 1 m. NE. of Portsmouth
-70, S.Hants. near/sT. Cross, has Portsea church, etc.
I" Kingston (43) 2 m. ENE. of Ross, SE. Here-
ford. |J3P KINGSTON q. s. par. in Govan and
Gorbals pars. N W. Ijanark. and E. Renfrew, near
Glasgow. Pop.. 2882. Living (presb. Glasg.)
val. L, patr. Subscribers.

P. KINGSTON par. (21) Taunton hund. Mid.
Somerset. 3m. N. of Taunton- J 41, contains Hes-
tercombe. Acres 3470, with traces of copper;
pop. 921 + 2 ; poorr. 6617. (Taunt. U.) ; real p'rop.
6919/. ; charities 71/., of which 15/. to school. St.
Mary Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 1907., patr. Dean
vou I.

and Chap. Bristol ; church, pinnacled later eng.
fl^~ KINGSTON par. (18) Tintinhullhund. S. So-
merset. 1m. SE. of llminster-136, contains Al-
lowenshay and Ludney. Acres 830 ; pop. 301 + 1 ;
poor r. 120/. ( Chard U.) ; real prop. 2685/. All
Saints Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 531, patr. J. L.
Lee, Esq. fl3p KINGSTON par. (72) S. Totmon-
slow hund. E. Stafford. 3 m. SSW. of Uttoxeter
-135, contains Blithe Bridge. Acres 1950 ; pop.
339 ; poor r. 1227. (Uttox. U.) ; real prop. 2785/. ;
charities 31. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val. 68/., patr.
Earl Talbot. Degge the antiquary died here.
gif KINGSTON manor ( ) Woodbridge par. SE.
Suffolk, near Woodbridge-77. Pop. 35. ^T
KINGSTON par. (5) Poling hund. Arundel rape,
-S. Sussex, 3 m. W. of Worthing-56, on the Chan-
nel. Acres 490 ; pop. 45 ; poor r. L (Steyning
U.) ; real prop. 8677. Living, a Reel, with Fer-
ring; no church. gi|~ KINGSTON. See CHES-
TERTON, LITTLE, Warwick. giT Kingston (35)
near Rathdrum, Mid. Wicklow. flaf KINGSTON
tvthg. (14) Collingbourne Kingston par. E. Wilts.
2"m. NE. of Ludgershall-7l.

KINGSTON-BAGPUIZE par. (13) Ockhund.A7F".
Berks. 5 m. W. of Abingdon-56, where Essex
was driven back, May, 1644. Acres 1180; pop.
290 ; poor r. 1497. (Abing. U.) ; real prop. 23937. ;
charities 107., besides 20/. to Eland's school. St.
J. Baptist Rect. (Oxon.) val. 2987., patr. St. John's
Coll. Fairs r 31 Mar. 28 Sept. K. House, W.
Blandy, Esq. ^ K. Bay (22) 5 m. WNW. of
Clifden, S W. Galivay, is a rocky creek 1 m. long.

P. KINGSTON-BLOUNT tnshp. (13) Aston-
Rownant par. E. Oxford. 4 m. NE. of Watlington
-45, contains K. STIRT hmlt. (pop. 61). Pop.
550; real prop. 19047. K. Grove, Hon. Mrs.
Clarke ( ?). igg" K.-BY-SEA, or K. BOWSEY,
par. (9) Fishergate hund. Bramber rape, S.
Sussex, 1 m. E. of Shoreham-36, a creek on the
harb., near S. Coast rail. Acres610 ; pop. 46, fisher-
men and boat -builders ; poor r. /. (Steyning
U.) ; real prop. 15297. Living, a Rect. (Chic.) val.
2007., patr. Gen. Wyndham. ^p K. DEVERILL.
(8) 1 m. N. of Kingston-on-Thames, N. Surrey.

P. KINQSTON-INN (13) 5 m. W. of Abingdon,
N W. Berks, at K. BAGPUIZE, above, igg" K.-
LACY manor (15) Wimbome Minster par. E.
Dorset. 2 m. NW. of Wimborne- 100, contains
Abbotstreet and 6 other hmlts. Pop. 752. K.
Hall, W. Bankes, Esq., b. 1663, has portraits
by Vandyke, Lely, Kneller (the first he painted
in England), many Spanish masters, and land-
scapes by Berghem, etc. At Pamphill an urn,
with coins of Gallienus, etc., was found 1736.

P. KINGSTON LISLE chplry. (13) Sparsholt
par. NW. Berks. 4 m. W. of Wantage-60, on
Port Way, is a meet for the Old Berksh. hounds.
Pop. 253 ; real prop. 27447. St. J. Baptist Cur.
with Sparsholt. K. L. Hall, M. Atkins, Esq.
$3 K. Lodge (26) 5 m. SSW. of Kingstown, as
below, SE. Dublin, J. Brenan, Esq. K. House, .
<a| K. MARLWOOD and K. UPPER, hmlts. (17)
Stinsford par. S. Dorset. 1 m. NE. of Dorchester
-120. K. House (b. 1720), seat of W.M.Pitt,
Esq., who established the first Sunday schools
and snnd. sch. union in Purbeck isld. f3~ K.-
NEAR-LEWES par. (5) Swanborough hund. Lewes
rape, S. Sussex, 2 m. SW. of Lewes-50, near
Brighton rail. Acres 2990 ; pop. 149 ; poor r.
1167. (Newhaven U.); real prop. 23187. Living,
a Vic. with Iford.

KINGSTON HUNDRED (7, 8) First and Second
division, N. Surrey, contains the pars, of Kings-
ton-on-Thames, Petersham, Richmond, Long
Ditton, Kew, Maiden, and part of Thames 1 >it tmi ;





acres 12,690, pop. 21,078, houses 3625. $&" K.-
POUT vil. near Speymouth, N. Elgin, in that
par., at R. Spey's mouth. Pop. 396.

P. M. KINGSTON-ON-THAMES par. (8) First
Kingston hund. N. Surrey, 12 m. SW. of London,
near S.West. rail., where R. Hogsmill or E well joins
the Thames, an assize (Winter and Lent), polling
(for N. Surrey), and sessions town, and a royal
manor (taking in Ham, Petersham, Thames Dit-
ton, and formerly the whole hund.), was a roman
station which the Saxons called Moreford, where
Edw. the Elder 900, and other Wessex kings to
Edw. the Martyr 993, were crowned, was oc-
cupied 1264 by Earl of Gloucester (whose castle
or fort was taken by Hen. III.), by Wyatt 1553-4,
and by the royalists for Ch. I. ; returned mem-
bers to parls. of 4 Edw. II. and 47 Edw. III. ; was
first chartered by John, and under the new act is
divided into 3 wards (with reduced bounds, in-
cluding Hampton Wick), governed by a may.,
6 aid., 18 council., with the style of " bailiffs and
freemen of the borough of K.-on-T.," and income
of 5207. Acres 7300, part common; pop. 9760
+ 251, in the malt trade ; houses 1429, with 3
chapels, county court (b. 1811 for 10,0007.) and
house of correction, town-hall (reb. in Q. Anne's
time, with her statue opposite it, and the famous
saxon coronation stone near, a block of bath
stone 3i ft. long, newly railed in Sept. 1850,
when coins of the kings above, were placed in it),
gaol, malt-houses, corn, flax, and oil mills,
brewery, distillery, dispensary, bank, savings bk.
(41,4367. from 1581 depositors), 5-arch'd stone
bridge, b. for 40,0001. in place of the wooden one
which was built before Hen. III., Q. Elizabeth's
free gram, school (977.), at which Burton, editor
of " Antonine," was master, and Gibbon a pupil,
and held in a chapel (38 ft. by 17) b. 1352 by
Lovekyn a native, blue-coat school (189Z.),
Cleaver's almshouses (416Z.), and Union poor
house; poor r. 3626Z. on 34,1197.; real prop.
42,0387.; charities 1182/. All Saints Fife. (Win.)
sometime held by Bp. West, with Richmond Vic.
val. 888/., pair. King's Coll. Camb., church,
once cruciform, with 2 chantries and a guild, is
145 ft. by 98, was restored 1721 (except the steeple,
which was struck down by lightning 1703), and
contains a piscina, stalls, 2 brasses (from 1437), one
being of Skerne the founder of a chantry, whose
wife was daughter to Alice Pierce (Edw. III.'s
mistress, and wife of Sir W. de Wyndesore, of
Down Hall here), and mons. of Bute, physician
to Ch. I. and the Protector, etc. ; St. Peter Nor-
biton and St. Andrew Ham Curs. val. 7. and
1017., Vicar; Robinhood Gate and St. Paul Hook
Curs. 307. and 807., Bishop ; Surbiton Cur. I, Sir
E. Antrobus, Bt., etc. A church, with figures of the
saxon kings, fell down, 1775. Norbiton Hall, seat
of Rev. Dr. Lowe or C. Johnson, Esq., formerly
the Taverners, is a meet for the Surrey hounds ;
Coombe Wood, Earl Liverpool, near which, urns,
swords, coins of Diocletian, etc. have been found,
and Wolsey's conduit for supplying Hampton
Court stands." Kingst. P. L. Union, contains the
pars. etc. of Hampton, Hampton Wick, Tedding-
ton, in Midsx., Esher, Ham, Hook, Kingston,
Long Ditton, Maiden, Moulsey (East and West),
Thames Ditton, Wimbledon, in Surrey; acres
25,080, pop. 23,974, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
4346 (out-door 3807), expend. 10,0547., prop,
rated 109,0337. Sup. Registry comprises the same ;
pop. 23,975 + 473 : 24 deaths' from cholera in 1849.
The New County Court district corresponds with
the Registry. Mkt. Ds. Wed. Sat. Fairs, Whit-
eun. Thursd. to Sat. horses, cattle ; 2 Aug. horses ;
13-20 Nov. large horse, cattle, sheep fair.

KINGSTON-RUSSELL par. (17) Uggscombe
hund. S W. Dorset. 7 m. W. of Dorchester-1'20.
Acres 1030 ; pop. 85 + 1 ; poor r. 347. (Dorch. U.) ;
real prop. I.; charities 47. fgg* K.-SEYMOITR
par. (19) Chewton hund. N. Somerset. 8 m. N. of
Axbridge-130, on R. Yeo, near Bristol Channel.
Acres 2790 ; pop. 375 + 1 ; poor r. 2087. (Bed-
minster U.) ; real prop. 68417. ; charities 17. All
Saints Rect. (Ba. and W.) val. 3057., patr. Mrs.
Pigott, of K. House, first b. (Edw. IV.), but partly


York. igjT K.-UPON-RAILWAY tnshp. (8) Kings-
ton-on-Thames par. N. Surrey, a station on S.
West. rail. 10 \ m. from London, I m. S. of Kings-
ton, a place of yesterday, with a church, etc.
Pop. 386. igiP K.-UPON-SOAR par. (71) S. Rush-
cliffe wap. S W. Notts. 9 m. SW. of Nottingham
-124, on Midld. Count, rail. Acres 1200 ; pop. 181
+ 1 ; poor r. 837. (Shardlow U.) ; real prop. 23817. ;
charities 17. St. Wilfrid Cur. (Line.) val. 807.,
patr. E. Strutt, Esq., of K. Hall; church, with
norman W. door, and mon. of A. Babington, of
whose old seat there are remains, tgif K., UP-
PER, hmlt. (17) Longbredy par. SW. Dorset. 7m.
W. of Dorehester-120.

KINGSTONE. See KINSON, Dorset. iSSp-Kixc.s-
TONE par. (43) Webtree hund. SW. Herefd.
6 m. SW. of Hereford- 134. Acres 1620, partly in
hop-grounds; pop. 501 + 1; poor r. 2447. (Dore
U.) ; real prop. 33157. ; charities 807. St. Mi-
chael Vic. with Thruxton. t^p" KINGSTONE
par. (3) Kinghamford hund. St. Augustine lathe,
4 m. SE. of Canterbury-55, on R. Stour. Acres
1650, partly in hops; pop. 310 + 3; poor r. 1287.
(Bridge U.); real prop. 22847. St. Giles Rect.
(Cant.) val. 5007., patr. Sir B. W. Bridges, Bt.

KiNGSTONE-WiNSLOw hmlt. ( ) Ashburv
par. W. Berks. 8 m. WSW. of Wantage-60.
Pop. 146.

P. M. KINGSTOWN (23) Rathdown bar. SE.
Dulilin, 6 m. SE. of Dublin by the rail., a mail
packet, royal yacht club, police, and chief coast-
gd. station, and bathing place, on the S. side
of the bay, was seat of K. Leary 429-58, and
called Dunleary till 1821, when Geo. IV. embarked
for England. Pop. 7229 + 149, in the cross chan-
nel trade, fisheries, granite quarries, etc. ; houses
1046, well-built, with 6 chapels, court and mkt.
houses, savings bank, gas-works, baths, hotels,
convent, lying-in hosp., Geo. IV.'s obelisk near
the qua}*, race-stand. The pier harb. first projected
by Capt. Toucher, and begun 1816, by Rennie, has
cost 650,0007., and lies between two granite piers
3500 and 4950 ft. long, enclosing 251 acres, with
an entrance of 850ft., 15 to 27 ft. water, and two
lights, the E. one put up 1822, revolving (bright
and red) every half minute, 34 ft. high, and visible
9m. Income ('43) 36217.; and the vessels {-
wards, in '45, were 2214 of 229,433 tons, exclusive
of packets, which start twice a-dav. Q. Victoria
landed and embarked here 6, 10 Aug. 1849. The
rail, from Westland Row, Dublin, was opened 1834,
and terminates here, passing through Merrion,
Booterstown, and Blackrock, and is 6 m. long,
exclusive of 1J on the atmospheric principle to
Dalkey, which was made 1844. It cost nearly
63,0007. per mile, has 2000 yds. of sea wall near
the town, and is on the narrow gauge (to be 5^ ft.
when the Wicklow rail, is made) ; the atmosph.
branch, the only one at work in Ihe kingdom, is a
single line, with an air pipe 15 in. diam. and rises
72 ft. towards Dalkey. In 1849, the traffic was
48,5157. for 2,436,773 passengers (1,378,964 being
2nd class), or including Dalkey line, parcels, etc.
51,0537., of which the working expenses were
31,8127.; 31,952 trains travelled 191,712m., with


an av. of 6-6 carriages and 76-2 passengers per
train ; coke burnt per train per mile 27'4 Ibs., and
the total expenses per do. 3s. (or 2s. 4d. minus
establishment charges) ; expenses of Dalkoy line
per do. Is. S^d. (all charges). Mkt. D. . Races,
. Regatta, Aug.

KINGSWEAR par. (23) Haytor hund. SE. Devon.
opposite Dartmouth-202, at R. Dart's mouth, has
a ruined fort, taken by Fairfax 164G. Acres 120 ;
pop. 270; poor r. 1127. (Totness U.) ; real prop.
5997. ; charities 231. St. Thomas a Becket Cur.
(Exet.) val. 997., patr. Vicar of Brixham ; church,
has an old rhyming epitaph beginning ' Vos qui
ici vcnez .'

P. KINGSWINFORD par. (62) N. Seisdon hund.
SW. Stafford. 3 m. NNW. of Stourbridge-122,
on Stafford and Worcester canals, containing
Brierly Hill, Brockmoor, Pensnett, Quarrybank
curs., "belonged to the sax on kings, and has
Stourbridge Union p. house and a savings bk.
(45,1307. from 1780 depositors). Acres 7130, with
coal, iron, and fire-clay ; pop. 22,221 + 707, in
the potteries, coal-pits, glass and wire works,
brick and tile yards ; poor r. 3231/. (Stourbr. U.) ;
real prop. 98,2137., of which 30,0457. on mines, and
27,831/. on ironworks; charities 217., besides a
school and almshouses. Living, a Rect. (Lich.)
val. 9.307. ; St. Mary Cur. 4007., patr. of both Lord
Ward. Holbeche Ho., seat of the Littletons, was
the retreat of Catesby and other powder plotters ;
Bradley Hall, is half timbered ; and Ashwood
Heath, on the roman way, has ' Wolverhampton
church-yard' camp.

KINGSWOOD hmlt. (45) Ludgershall par. W.
Bucks. 9 m. NNW. of Aylesbury-40. Acres 150 ;
pop. 66 + 1. ^ KINGSWOOD tnshp. (80) Dela-
mere par. NW. Cheshire, 3 m. S. of Frodsham-191.
Acres 100 ; pop. 103 + 6 ; real prop. 13697. ^
Kinyswnod (26) close to Holsworthy, W. Devon.

P. KINGSWOOD hmlt. (35) Oldland chplry.
S1V. Gloucest. 4 m. ENE. of Bristol- 114, on
Gloucest. rail, in K. Forest (6000 acres), has a
savings bk. (17,8157. from 337 depositors), and
the classical school for preachers' sons estab.
1748, bv John Wesley, who, along with Whitefield,
was the first to work a great religious reformation
among the people here. Pop. 9338, colliers. Holy
Trinity Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 1507., patr. Pre-
bend of Bitton. iJaT" KINGSWOOD tnshp. (55)
Stottesden par. SE. Salop, 3 m. WNW. of Bewd-
lfiy-129. Pop. 97. $af" KINGSWOOD hmlt.
(20) Stogumber par. N W. Somerset. 4 m. SE. of

P. KINGSWOOD lib. (8) Ewell par. E. Surrey,
4m. N. of Reigate-21. Acres 1760; pop.245 + 2;
real prop. 15317. Living, a Cur. (Win.) val. 1007.,
patr. T. Alcock, Esq., of K. Warren, ijif KINGS-
WOOD hmlt. (54) Lapworth and Rowington pars.
W. Warwick. 4 m. NNE. of Henley-in-Arden-102,
on Birmingham and Stratford-on-Avon canal.
Real prop. 9627. t3T KINGSWOOD par. (35) Chip-
penham hund. Wilts, locally in Gloucest. 1 m. SW.
of Wootton-under-Edge-107, near Bristol and
Glouc. rail., was once forest, and has the gate-
house, etc. of a cistertian abbey cell to Tyntern,
found. 1139 by Roger Berkeley, moved to Rod-
morden andTutbury, brought back 1170 to Mire-
ford the present "site and given by Q. Eliz.
to the Thynnes. Acres 2320 ; pop. 1321, in the
woollen mills ; poor r. 6067. (Dursley U.) ; real
prop. 55157. ; charities 2197., of which 507. to
Mayo's school. St. Mary Cur. (Gl. and Br.) val.
997., patr. Inhabitants ; church, has tombs of the
Berkeleys, etc.

KINGSWOOD FIELDS (79) Shotwick par. NW.
Cheshire, 5 m. NW. of Chester-183. ^ K. Lodge



(7) i m. W. of Eghani, NW. Surrey, Mrs. Reid.

near Denham's " Cooper's Hill."
KINGTHOUPE tnshp. ( ) Pickering par. N. R.

York. 2m. NE. of Pickering-229, near Whitby
rail. Acres 1090 ; pop. 52 + 1 ; poor r. 387. (Picker.
U.) ; real prop. 8787. K. Hail, Col. Lloyd.

KINGTON tythg. (35) Thornbury p'ar. SW.
Gloucester. 1 m. W. of Thornbury-124, near Brist.
and Glouc. rail. Pop. 745 ; real prop 82177.

P. M. KINGTON par. (56) Huntington hund.
NW. Hereford. 17m. NW of Hereford, 154 from
London, on the Hay tram rail, and R. Arrow,
under Bradnor Hill camp, is a polling town, con-
taining K., OLD and NEW, tnshp. (pop. 2091),
Barton, Both-Hergests, and Lilwall, and had a
marcher's castle for defence of the welsh borders.
Acres 8130 ; pop. 3131 +2, in the ironworks and
glove (formerly the cloth) trade ; houses 432,
with 2 chapels, 3 banks, savings bk. (21,3657.
from 898 depositors), Lady Hawkins's free gram,
school (2257.), and Union p. house ; poor r. 10287.
on 13,2537. ; real prop. 94137. ; charities 4097. St.
Maiy Vic. (Heref.) val. with Brilley, Hunting-
ton, and Michael Church, 6667., patr. Bishop.
Kingt. P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. 01
Brilley, Eardsley, Harton (Lower), Huntington,
Kington, Lyonshall, Pembridge, Staunton-on-
Arraw, Titley, Willersley, Winforton, in Herefd.,

Colva, Ednol, Evenjobb, Gladestry, Glascomb,
Harpton, Kinnerton, Llandegley, Llanvihangel,
Michaelchurch, Newehurch, Radnor (New and
Old), Trewern and Gwithla, Walton and Wo-
maston, in Radnor. ; acres 72,238, pop. 12,221,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1818 (out-door 1647),
expend. 52627.,* prop, rated 70,2417. The New
County Court district corresponds with Presteigne
and Kington Registry (except Presteigne sub-
dist., which goes to Presteigne), with Almelv par.
Mkt. I). Wed. Fairs, Weds, before 2 Feb. Easter,
Old Michaelmas, 11 Oct. Christmas for cattle;
Whit. Mond. 2 Aug. 19 Sept.

KINGTON tnshp. (55) Leintwardine par. NW.
Hereford. 6 m. W. of Ludlow-143. Pop. 264.

KINGTON HUNDRED (53-4, 44-5) S. Warwick.
contains the divs. of Brailes, Burton-Bassett,
Kington, and Warwick; acres 119,690, pop.
24,043, houses 5080. K. DIVISION of the above
hund. contains the pars, of Atherstone-on-Stour,
Butlers Marston, Chadshunt, Compton Vemey,
Eatington, Gavton, Holford, Kington, Light-
home, Oxhill, Radway, Tysoe, Whitchurch, and
part of Ilmington ; acres 3*0,930, pop. 6388, houses

P. M. KINGTON, or KINETON, par. in the above
divis. 9 m. SSE. of Warwick, 83 from London, on
a branch of R. Avon, a polling town, containing
LITTLE K. hmlt. (pop. 189), Combrook cur.,
under Edge Hill, where Charles I. was defeated
1642, belonged to the Confessor, and was given
as Chineton to Kenilworth prior}'. Acres 3810;
pop. 1248+14; poor r. 2927. on 34387. (Stratford
U.); real prop. 42367. ; charities 1077., of which
257. to Combrook sch. St. Peter Vic. (Wore.)
val. with Combrook 977., patr. Lord Willoughby
de Broke ; church, early eng. with norman doorway,
etc. effigies of a priest. Above K. John's well are
traces of a castle ; and is a meet for the Warwicksh.
hounds. ifc K. DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of
Worcester, contains the benefices marked in the
Brailes, Kington, and Warwick divs. of K. Hund.
with Alderminster vie., Alveston r., Hampton
Lucy reel., Loxley r., Newbold Stour r., Shen-
nington r., Shipston-on-Stour r., Stratford r.,
Tredington r. Mkt. D. Tuesd. Fairs, 5 Feb.

KINGTON par. (54) Upper Halfshire hund. E.

3u 2




Worcest. 6 m. NNE. of Pershore-102. Acres
1000; pop. 151; poor r. 331. (Persh. U.); real
prop. 10G6/. Living, a Rect. (Wore.) val. 997.,
patr. T. T. Vernon, Esq.

KINGTON MAGNA par. (18) Redlane hund. N.
Dorset. 6 m. W. of Shaftesbury-101, near R. Cale,
contains Nyland. Acres 19 10; pop. 616 + 8; poor
r. 295/. (Wincanton U.) ; real prop. 3658;. Holy
Trinity Rect. (Sal.) val. 532/., patr. Duke of Rut-
land, igp K., or KINETON, ST. MICHAEL, par.
(34) N. Damerham hund. NW. Wilts. 2 m. NNW.
of Chippenham-93, containing Easton Piercy and
Langley, was once a mkt. town, and belonged to
the saxon kings, who gave it to Gdastonbury
Abbey, which had here a benedictine nunnery cell
found", before Hen. II., and given to the Longs,
some remains of which are seen at a farm. Acres
3950; pop. 1173 + 8, of tythg. 531; poor r. 4687.
(Chippen. U.) ; real prop. 71277. ; charities 45/., of
which 51. to Bowerman's sen., 837. to Lyte's alms-
houses. St. Michael Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 7.,
patr. J. Neeld, Esq., M. P. ; church, b. (Hen. III.)
t>y Abbot Michael, is .early ng. with norman
traces, some stained glass, brasses of a Lady
Englefield and a Snell, and other mons. fairs,

6 Oct. horses. &T K., WEST, par. (35) Chip-
penham hund. NW. Wilts. 7 m. WNW. of Chip-
penham-93, near Ackman St., is a meet for the
Beaufort hounds. Acres 2320 ; pop. 349 ; poor r.
1107. (Chippen. U.) ; real prop. 32967. St. Mary
Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 4177., patr. Bp. of Sarum,
sometime held by Latimer, whose favourite
oak is here.

P. KINGUSSIE par. in Badenoch, SE. Inver-
ness, near Pitmain-116, including Insh q. s., New-
townmore, Ralia, is a justice court, on R. Spey,
and watered by the Truim, Calder, and 3 other
streams and belongs to Baillie of K. Size
20 m. by 17, bare sheep-walks, with game,
pike, salmon, etc. ; pop. 2047, gaelie-speaking ;
real prop. 47097. ; for poor 453/. Living (presb.
Abernethy) val. 270/., patr. Duke of Richmond
of Gordon Castle. Parts of druid circles, a mound,
and traces of a roman camp (where an urn, etc.
have been found) on the Spev, are seen. Ruth-
ven barracks, on site of the Comyns' castle, were
destroyed 1746, by the highlanders. Fairs, Tu.
after Beauly, every month from Apr. to Nov.

KINGWATER tnshp. ( ) Lanercost par. NE.
Cumbrld. near Brampton-311. Pop. 390 + 3 ; poor
r. 647. (Brampt. U.) ; real prop. 39427.

KIXGWESTON par. (18-9) Catsash hund. Mid.
Somerset. 3 m. NE. of Somerton-123. Acres 1220 ;
pop. 128; poor r. 61Z. (Langport U.) ; real prop.
13937. All Saints Rect. (Ba. and W.) val. 1407.,
patr. F. H. Dickinson, Esq. of K. House.

Kingwood Common (13) 4 m. W. of Henley-on-
Thames, SE. Oxford.

Kininvie, 9 m. S\V. of Leith, Mid. Banff, a
barony under G. Leslie, Esq. of Balquhan.

Kinira Bay, in Ardnamurchan, NW. Argyll.

7 m. SW. of Arisaig.

Kinkd Castle, near St. Andrew's, NE. Fife.

KINKELL par. joined to KEITHALL, Aberdeen.
the spot where many who fell at Harlaw were
buried. iSiT" KINKELL par. is joined to TRINITY
GASK, S. Perth. 4m. E. of Muthill-44.

KINLET par. (55) Stottesden hund. SE. Salop,
3 m. NE. of Cleobury Mortimer-137, contains
Earn wood. Acres 6550 ; pop. 480 ; poor r. 1787.
(C. Mortimer U.) ; real prop. 64337. St. Peter
Vic. (Heref.) val. 3207., patr. W. Le Childe, Esq.
of K. Hall, through the Blounts, whose tombs are
in the cruciform norman church.

Kinley (56) 5 m. SW. of Weobly, W. Hereford.
near R. Wye.

KINLOCH par. is joined to CAMPBELTOWN,
Argyll. K. House, D. Maclean, Esq. gig" KIN-
LOCH vil. Collessie par. N. Fife. 5 m. \V. of
Cupar-32, gives name to the Kinlochs of Gilmer-
ton. Pop. 58.

KINLOCH and LETHENDY par. NE. Perth. 6 m.
NE. of Dunkeld-59, on Lornty and Lunan waters,
has Lochs Drumelie, Rae, Fenzies. Size 9 m. by
1, fertile and wooded, with shell marl, pike,
perch, trout, in the lakes ; pop. 662, decreasing ;
real prop. 26747. ; for poor 437. Living (presb.
Dunk.) val. 2117., patr. Crown. Marlee, Far-
quharson of Invercauld ; Glascure Cast., Camp-
bell of Achaladie. Many tumuli at Haer (i. e.
battle) Cairns, where, they say, Agricola and
Galgacus fought. From ' ceann loch,' or lake-

P. KiNLocH-MoiDART vil. 8 m. NW. of Stron-
tian, S. Inverness, near Loch Moidart.

KINLOCHAILART hmlt. in Arisaig, S. Inver-
ness, near L. Aylort, has a cattle mkt. 3rd Frid. May
and Oct.

Kinlochleven, 5 m. ENE. of Invercoe, borders of
Argyll, and Inverness, on Loch Leven, Major H.

KINLOOHLYCHART q. s. par. in Contin, Fod-
derty, and Urray pars. SE. Ross. 5 m. SW. of
Dingwall. Pop. 681. Living (presb. Dingw.)
val. 7., patr. Crown.

KINLOCHSPELVIE par. q. s. in Torosay bar. E.
side of Mull, NW. Argyll. Pop. 453. Living
(presb. Mull) val. 7., patr. Crown.

KINLOSS par. 2 m. NE. of Forres-123, N. Elgin.
at the head (cean) of loch Findhorn, includes Find-
horn port, and had Killos cistertian abbey, found.
1150 by Dav. I., and given to the Braces, barons
K. and Earls Elgin. Size 3 m. by 3, flat and culti-
vated with salmon, etc. ; pop. 1202 +8, of vil.
24; real prop. 39567.; for poor 1557. Living
(presb. Forres) val. 2407., patr. Earl Moray and
Brodie of Leithen.

P. KINLOUGH vil. (2) Rosclogherbar. N.Leitrim,
11 m. N. of Manor Hamilton, 141 from Dublin,
a chief police and petty sess. station, near L.
Melvyn. Pop. 277 ; houses 43, with Rossinver
church, chapel, school, dispensary. K. House,
W. Johnston, Esq. Fairs, 6th every month.

Kinmael Hall (79) 4 m. W. of St. Asaph, NW.
Flint. Lord Dinorben, was burnt 1842, and since
reb. on a splendid scale.

Kinmouth, near Blairgowrie, E. Perth., P. S.
Keir, Esq.

Kinmundy, 3 m. SE. of Deer, NE. Aberdeen.,
T. Arbuthnot, Esq. K. House, J. Ferguson, Esq.

Kinnabar, near Montrose, E. Forfar., a barony
to Duke of Montrose, late seat of G. Carnegie,

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