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Kinnail Lough (41) borders of 5. Cavan, West'
meath, and Longford, is about 2 m. long.

KINNAIRD par. in Carse of Gowrie, E. Perth.
7 m. NE. of Perth-40, contains Craigdallie,
Flaweraig, Nethermains, Pitmiddie, and has on a
rock (' high head ') remains of the Kinnaird's
old castle. Size 3 m. by 2, fertile, with pasture ;
pop. 458, of vil. 90, weavers; real prop. 31987.;
for poor 507. Living (presb. Dundee) val. 1847.,
patr. Crown. K. House, Lord Kinnaird. ggp
KINNAIRD par. joined to Brechin and Fernell,
Forfar. has K. Castle, Sir J. Carnegie, Bt. of
Southesk. gif- KINNAIRD vil. near Moulin-68,
N. Perth, in th'at par. Pop. 70. igp" KINNAIRD
vil. Larbert par. E. Stirling. 3 m. N. of Falkirk
-24, belongs to C. Bruce, Esq., M. P., of K. House.
Pop. 304.

Kinnaird House, 6m. NNW. of Dunkeld, N.
Perth. Duke of Atholl.




Kinnaird's Head, N. side of Fraserburgh bay,
N. Aberdeen, has on an old castle of the Erasers,
a fixed light, lat. 57 42' N., long. 2 1' W., put up
1787, 120 ft. high, seen 16 m.



contains the pars, of Aghern, Ballynoe, Mogeely,
and parts of Britway.Clonmult, and Knockmournej
acres 27,718, pop. 9463, houses 1485.

Kinnear, near , Fife. C. Kinnear, Esq.

KIXXEDER par. joined to Drainey, N. Elgin.
has remains of a church and castle. gif~ Kin-
neder, 5 m. NW. of Dunfermline, IV. Fife.
Haley, Esq. (?)

KIXXEFF and CATHERI.IXE par. near Bervie
-88, SE. Kincardine, a coast-gd. station, with
remains of Kenneth's castle, and ' St. Arnty's
kill,' or church. Size 6400 acres, fertile, with a
rocky coast ; pop. 1029 + 2 ; real prop. 60157. ; for
poor 152/. Living (presb. Fordoun) val. 2327.,
patr. Crown ; the regalia were kept in the pulpit,
or at the manse, 1652, when Dunnotar cast, was
besieged. Kingory, where Bruce landed 1341, was
Dr. Arbuthnot's ; tumuli are seen, and ruins of
Cadden and Adam castles.

P.M. KIXXEGAD vil. (27) Farbill bar. SE. West-
meath, a police station, 10 m. ESE. of Mullingar,
36 from Dublin, on K. River, and Irish Midland
rail. Pop. 715 + 4; houses 11 9, with church, cha-
pel, school, dispensary. Living, a Cur. (Meath)
val. 104/., patr. Rector of Killucan. Good cheese
is made here. Mkt. D. . Fair, 9 May.

&. KIXXEIGH par. (104, etc.) VV. East-Carbery
bar. S. Cork, containing Inniskeen and Castle-
town, 6 m. NE. of Dunmanway-198, on R. Bandon,
has a round tower 75 ft. high, with a hexagonal
base 65 ft. girth and 16 high. Acres 15,097,
chiefly mountain, with stone ; an. val. 82067. ;
pop. 6093 + 21. Living, a Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val.
4567., patr. Bishop. Palace Anne, A. B. Bernard,

KIXXEII, par. joined to Bo'ness par. N. Linlith-
gow. has K. House, Duke of Hamilton, an old
seat, with tapestry, etc. where Dugald Stewart
lived as tutor.

Kinnel Rivulet rises at Kirkpatrick-Juxta, N.
Dumfries, and runs 10 m. S. past Esby (where
R. Ae joins) to R. Annan, near Lockerby.

KIXXELL par. 6 m. N. of Arbroath-62, E.
Forfar. on R. Lunan. Size 4 m. by 3, flat and
cultivated ; pop. 853 + 7 ; real prop. 38657. ; for
poor 1367. Living (presb. Arbro.) val. 2307., patr.
Crown ; church, has a spur of a tall man who fell
1443, in a fight of the Lindseys and Ogilvies.


P. KIXXERLET par. (74) Low. Oswestry hund.
NW. Salop, 6 m. SE. of Oswestry-171, on a
branch of R. Severn, contains Dovaston, Edger-
ley, Kynaston, Maesbrook, Osbaston, and Tyri-
coed, had a castle destroyed (Hen. III.) by
Llewelyn ( ?). Acres 8070 ; pop. 1286 + 13, of
town 239 ; poor r. 4477. (Oswest. Incorp.) ; real
prop. 4604/. ; charities 167. St. Mary Vic. (Heref.)
val. 114/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

KIXXERSLEY par. (56) Stretford hund. W.
Hereford. 4 m. WSW. of Weobly-145, contains
Newchurch. Acres 1940, partly in hop-grounds;
pop. 281 ; poor r. 109/. (Weob. U.) ; real prop.
27771. ; charities 12/., of which 5/. to free school.
St. James Rect. (Heref.) val. 353/., patr. Mrs. M.
E. Clarke, of K. Castle. jiT KINXEKSLEY par.
(61) S. Bradford hund. E. Salop, 3 m. NNE. of
Wellington-142, near Shrewsbury and Newport
canal. Acres 1710 ; pop. 295 ; poor r. 357. (Wel-
ling. U.); real prop. 2552/. St. Chad Rect.
(Lich.) val. 442/., patr. Duke of Sutherland.

Kinnersley Green (44) 2 m. NE. of Upton-on-
Severn, S. Worcester.

KIXNERTON tnshp. (56) with Salford and
Badland, Old Radnor par. E. Radnor. 3 m. NE. of
Radnor-159; pop. 241. Living, a Cur. with Old
Radnor. K. House, 3. Stephens, Esq. gap" Kix-
NERTON tnshp. (60) with Ritton, Wentnor par.
SW. Salop, 5 m. WNW, of Church Stretton
-158. Pop. 322.

KIXNERTOX, HIGHER, tnshp. (79) Doddleston
par. E. Flint. 3 m.NNE. of Caergwrle-184, con-
tains K. BRIDGE and K. GREEK hmlts., Babylon
and Water's Green. Pop. 455. K. Cottage, Mrs.
Richards ( ?). gg K. LOWER tnshp. as above,
W. Cheshire, 4 m. SW. of Chester- 183. Acres
580 ; pop. 73.

P. KINXESSAVOOD vil. Portmoak par. 2V. Kin-
ross. 5 m. E. of Kinross-27, in a pleasant spot
under W. Lomond hill, was the birth-place of M.
Bruce, the poet (1746-67). Pop. 249. Fairs, 2nd
Tuesd. Apr. o. s.

Alford distr. Mid. Aberdeen. 8 m. N. of Alford-134,
in a pleasant spot. Size 6 m. by 3, or 7200 acres,
hilly with wood, marble, stone, lime, iron springs ;
pop. 1107, decreasing; real prop. 459 1/. ; for poor
1997. Living (presb. Alfd.) val. 1977., patr. Hay
of Rannes, and Leith Hall ; church, has 'Kenneth's
grave-stone,' dated 1685. Druid circles at Ardlair,
Craighall, and Cults ; and a cairn at Glandurston.

KIXXETTLES par. 3 m. SW. of Forfar-58, Mid.
Forfar. contains Douglaston and Kirkton of K.
Size 2 m. by 2, fertile and cultivated, with some
mineral springs; pop. 437, decreasing; real prop.
43637. ; for poor 357. Living (presb. Forfar) val.
1587., patr. Crown. K. House, ; Brighton Ho.,
; Inverighty, .

Kinnie River, in SW. Inverness, runs 10 m.
NE. to R. Garry above Inchlaggan.

KIXXISIDE tnshp. ( ) St. Bee's par. W. Cum-
brld. near Egremont-290. Pop. 223, in the Lon-
don company's lead mines ; real prop. 14137.

P. KINXITTY par. (36-7, etc.) Ballybritt bar.
5. King's Co., 18 m. SW. of Tullamore, 170 from
Dublin, a petty sess. and police station, under
Slieve Bloom, had St. Finian's monastery, found.
557, and destroyed by the Danes, of which
Colga M'Conaghan the poet was abbot. Acres
13,895, with stone, bog ; pop. 2562, of vil.
621 + 17. Living, a Vic. (K. K. C. K.) with 3
others, val. 2397., patr. Bishop. Castle Bernard,
F. Bernard, Esq., near a danish rath ; K. House,
J. Robins, Esq.

Kinnordy, at Kirriemuir, W. Forfar. Sir C.
Lyell, near K. Loch, now drained.

KIXXOUL par. opposite Perth-40, SE. Perth, at
the bridge on R. Tay (including Bridgend, Bal-
beggie) near K. Hill, had an old cast., and contains
Dickson's nursery, as old as 1767, and Murray's
lunatic asylum. * Size 4 m. by 1, hilly and well
cultivated, with salmon, trout ; pop. 2876 ;
real. prop. 92407. ; for poor 551/. Living (presb.
Perth) val. 270/., patr. Earl of Kinnoul, of Dup-
plin Cast. ; church, on site of St. Constantine's,
which the Erskines gave to Cambuskenneth ab.,
has tombs of the Hays. Balsayock Cast, came
from the K. Templars (?) to the Blairs; agates,
rare plants, etc., are found on K. Hill, a fine spot,
632 ft. high, at the end of the Sidlaws, with a 9-
syllable echo, and view over 9 or 10 counties, and
Kilfauns Cast, below it.


Kinny Lough (8) nearL. Swilly, N. Donegal*

KINORE par. joined to HUXTLY par. Aberdeen.

KINOULTON par. (71) S. Bingham wap. S.
Notts. 5 m. SSW. of Bingham-124, on Grantham

3u 3




canal and the Fosse road, contains Xewbold and
Lodge-on-the- Wolds. Acres 2500, with a chaly-
beate spa ; pop. 395 + 1 ; poor r. 487. (Bingham
U.) ; real prop. 40337. St. Wilfrid Vic. (Line.)
val. 1607., patr. Archbp. of York, who had a seat
here formerly. K. Hall, .

Kinpirnie Mountn. 3 in. S. of Meigle, 5. Forfar.
1151 ft. high, with a beacon tower.

Kinpunt House, near Broxburn, SE. Linlithgw.
Earl Hopetoun.

Kinrara, 11 m. E. of Pitman, SE. Inverness.
Duke of Richmond, in a fine spot on the Spey,
was the favourite seat of the beautiful Duchess of

KINROSS-SHIRE, an inland county, E. Scotland,
the smallest in the county, was in the roman
Vespnsiana, and once forest and part of Fife, up
to 1426, giving its name, which means ' head of the
peninsula,' to the great corner between the Forth
andTay, is a sort of hollow watered by L. Leven,
and bordered by the Ochills and Perth. (N. and
W.), Fife (S. and E.), Lomond Hills (E.). Length
from Blair Adam NW. to the Ochills 12, greatest
breadth 11, av. ditto 8} ; relative size26-10,000ths ;
circuit 45. It contains 79 sq. mis. or 50,560 acres,
of which 4480 are water, and 28,000 are culti-
vated ; 8763 persons (being 309 less than 1831),
of whom 3667 are in Kinross, Milnathort, 4568
are females, 3954 under 20 yrs. of age, 6092
county -born, 1798, or 20 - 5 per cent., live by
commerce, manufact. etc., 1032, or 11 '8, by agri-
cult. (160 being farmers and graziers), 77 edu-
cated professions, 266 are independent, 1397 la-
bourers and servants, etc. ; 1812 houses (reckoning
flats), besides 132 empty and building ; about 14
places of all sorts ; 4 parishes, and parts of three
others ; about 17 vils. hmlts. etc. ; 1 market town,
Kinross (the shire town, etc. as below) and 1
burgh of barony, Crook of Devon; returns one
member with Clackmn. for the shire (elect. 522),
Tulliallan and 4 other pars, in Perth, having votes ;
is governed by a lord and vice-lieut., 8 deputy
lieuts., sheriff and substitute, etc. ; and consti-
tutes parts of presbyteries of Dunfermline, and
Kirkcaldv, synod of Fife, with 4 clergv, whose av.
stipends are 188/. Real prop. (1815)" 25,8057.,
f43) 44,0107. ; gross rental (1811) 22,7537. or 9s.
lOirf. per acre, ('43) 38,8927. or 16s. lOJd. per
acre; valued rent (1674) 20,2507. scots. Fiar or
av. price ( 1 842-8) of wheat 42s. 4d., of best barley
29s. per qr., of meal ICs. 9rf. per boll of 140 Ibs.
Savings bks. ('49) none. Expend, for poor
('47-8) in 4 pars. (2 being assessed) 9647., of
which 1587. for 839 ( ?) poor on roll, 1677. for 10 ( ?)
casual poor. Schools about 18, attended by 950

child. ; av. no. of offenders ('36-46) 14. Coal

measures, with limestone, etc. surround L.
Leven ; but coal is got only on the Fife border,
near W. Lomond hill ( 17 1 Oft.) which is whin-
stone, as are the barren Ochills on NW., and the
substratum throughout, except some old red sand-
stone to the N. Stone is quarred at Cleish, etc.
The Garney and Queich from the Ochills and the
Cleish run" to L. Leven, which is 300 ft. above the
sea (with good trout), and sends the Leven Water
down to the Forth. Cotton (491 hands), woollen
and worsted (317), and linen (186) are spun at
Kinross, Milnthort, etc.; in 1847, a bad year,
only 20 were in the woollen mills. Climate, wet;
soil gravelly, with clay and sand, but poor on the
uplands ; sheep farms ; chief crops, oats, turnips ;
estates are small, and the lands enclosed and well
cultivated. At Cleish was a roman station ; an
old castle at Burleigh ; and in L. Leven are St.
Serfs priory, Portmoak culdee house, and the
Douglases' castle where Mary was confined. Seats

are : Adml. Sir C. Adam, Bt. Blairadam, Mon-
crieffe, Bt., Tulliebole, Morison, Knt., M.P., of
Greenfield, Stein of Hattonburn, Bruce of Arnott,
Graham of Kinross, Young of Cleish, etc.

P. KINROSS par. 27 m. from Edinbro', Mid.
Kinross, the county town, sheriff's court, etc., on
W. side of L. Leven (where Mary was confined)
on Rs. Gairney and Queich, near Ed. and North,
rail., had a castle of the earls Morton. Size 3i m.
by 3, or 5600 acres, flat and moory, with fowl,
trout, char, in the loch; pop. 2822, of town
2062 (decreasing), linen and cotton weavers;
houses 369, with court-house, 2 banks, savings
bk., good inn, 2 chapels, school ; real prop.
11,1367.; for poor 4047. Living (presb. Dunferm.)
val. 2857., patr. Sir G. Montgomery, Bt., of K.
House, b. 1685, on the castle site," by Sir W.
Bruce. Cairns at Lechar, Fairyknowe, etc. It
publishes the ' K. Advertiser ' newspaper. Fairs,
1st Wed. March o. s., 12 June, 3rd Wed. after U
July, 18 Oct. o. s.

KINROSSIE vil. Collace par. E. Perth. 1 m. NE.
of Perth-40. Pop. 157.

KINSALE BARONY (112, etc.) S. Cork, contains
the pars, of Clontead, Kinsale, Tisaxon, and parts
of Ballymartle, Dunderrow, Kilroan, Ringcurran,
andRingrone; acres 13,103, pop. 12,947, houses

* P. M. KINSALE par. (111-2, 125) in the
above par. 14 m. S. of Cork, 174 from Dublin, a
chief police and petty sess. town, coast-gd. station
and watering place on Compass Hill, at R.Bandon's
mouth in K. Harbour, near K. Old Head (whence
' cean-saile,' i. e. sea head), was found, by the De
Courcys, and became the chief port of S. Ireland,
was taken by the Spaniards 1380, when they
were beaten by the English fleet, and again,
1601, under Juan d'Aquila, who capitulated soon
after to Lord Deputy Mountjoy ; was defended by
Sir E. Scott for Jas. II., who landed from Brest
1689, and was taken by Churchill ; is a boro'by
prescription, returning one member to parl. (in-
stead of 2 before the Union), with reduced limits,
including Scilly and Cove, no. of electors 353
(of 107. houses 301); and under the new act is
governed by 13 commissioners (who supersede
the old corporation, first chartered by Edw. III.),
with a revenue of 2927. Acres, of old boro' about
11,000, of new 290, of par. 379; pop. of par.
6182, of town 6918 + 2, a few in the boat-
building and coasting trade, but chiefly in the
fisheries, which employ 134 boats or "hookers,"
with 880 hands, noted as skilful pilots ; houses
1007, on the hill side, many being old with bay
windows, including 3 chapels, convent, friary,
town-hall and prison, assembly rooms, barracks
at Charles Fort, bank, loan fund, brewery, flour
mills, the Southwells' hosp. and school, fever
hosp. and Union p. house ; prop, rated 75737. St.
Multosia Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. 1007., patr. Bishop ;
church (in which no townspeople will marry) is
cruciform, and was part of a convent (14th cent.)
with tombs of the Southwells. There are som-i
remains of the old walls, and Castle-ni-Park, but
none of St.Gobban's priory, or a white friary found.
1334. The harbour (a sub-port to Cork), which is
2 m. long, with 6 to 8 fath., clear of danger, and
had a dock-yard in the war, is defended by the fort,
b. 1681, by Duke of Ormonde ; a fixed light put
up 1804, 98 ft. high, is visible 14 m. The fishery
district extends 60 m. from Flathead to Inch
bridge, with 913 vessels, and 5119 hands. Gives
title of premier baron (Kingsale) of Ireland to
the De Courcj-s of K. House, whose privilege it is
to wear a hat in the sovereign's presence. Rath-
more, M. Cramer, Esq. near an old nith. Kinsale




P. L. Union, contains 1G elect, di vs. in Corh, with
21 guardians; acres 81,950, pop. 41,342, ho. room
for 1250, cases relieved (yr. 1847-8) 4034 (none
out-door), expend. 57687., prop, rated 73,928/.
MM. Ds. Wed. Sat Fairs, 4 May and Sept.
21 Nov.

Kinsale, Old Head o/(137) 1 m. S. of the above,
5. Cork, under which the sea has worn an arch,
was called Duncearma, is a coast-gd. station, and
lias an old castle of the De Courcys, with a fixed
light, put up 1805, in lat. 51 3~7' N., long. 8
">>' W., 294 ft. high, visible 22 m. The Killarney
steamboat was wrecked here (?).

KINSALEBEG par. (37-8) Decies-within-Drum
bar. S. Waterford, 3 in. NE. of Youghal-140, at
the ferry on R. Blackwater. Acres 5789 ; pop.
3250+47. Living, a Vic. (Ca. E. W. L.) with
Grange, val. 422/., patr. Duke of Devonshire.
Loughtane, R. Ronayne, Esq.

KIXSALEY par. (12, 15) Coolock bar. Hfid.
Dublin, 2 m. SSW. of Malahide-9, has Feltrim
hill camp, with a fine view. Acres 2130, with
limestone : pop. 718 + 7. Living, a Vic. with
Swords ; church, in ruins. K. House, 3. Gorman,
Esq. ; Abbeville, H. Batchelor, Esq.

KINSHAM limit. (44) Bredon par. 5. Worcest.
3 m. NE. of Tewkesbury-103, near Birm. and
Glouc. rail. Pop. 128.

KINSHAM, UPPER, par. (56) Wigmore hund.
NIV. Hereford. 3 m. E. of Presteign-151, on R.
Lug. Acres 1 090, partly in hop-grounds ; pop.
97; poor r. 407. (Prest. U.) ; real prop. 88 11.
Living, a Don. (Heref.) val. 157., patr. L. Evelyn,
Esq. K. Court, . tgsT K., LOWER, tnshp.
Presteign par. as above, m. SW. Pop. 55;
poor r. 2 1/.

KINSLOW tnshp. (61) Worfield par. E. Salop,
5 in. NE. of Bridgnorth-139.

Kinsman Green (46) 3 m. SW. of Hitchin, N.

P. KINSON, or KINGSTONE, chplry. (15) Can-
ford Magna par. E. Dorset. G m. NE. of Poole
-106, on R. Stour. Acres 4390 ; pop. 846 + 7 ;
poor r. 4357. (Poole U.) ; real prop. 37101.

KINSTEKRY vil. near Nairn-126, JV. Nairn.

KINSTON-PLACE limit. ( ) Barnsley chphy.
W. R. York, near Barnsley-172.

P. KINTAIL par. 10 m. SSE. of Jeantown-225,
S W. Ross, between lochs Dinech and Long
(whence ' ceann dha haal,' two bays head),
on Us. Loigh and Croe, including Dorine, Croe,
Glenelchaig, Glasetter (the Chisholms'), mostly
belonged to Lord Seaforth, the head of the
Mackenzies. Size 13 m. by 6, mountain pas-
ture, rising ft. at Tulloch-Ard ( the Seaforth
crest), and Maam Tuirc ; pop. 1 168, decreasing,
nearly all Macraes, a primitive race, who came
from Aird ; real prop. 3021/. ; for poor 1247. Liv-
ing (presb. Lochcarron), val. 1777., patr. Crown ;
near the ch. is Diarmod's tomb. Donan cast.,
which was Seaforth's, was battered down 1719.

P. KINTBURY par. (12) Kintbury Eagle hund.
as below, 3 m. ESE. of Hungerford-64, on R.
Kennet, Kennet and Avon canal, and Gt. West.
branch rail., containing Holt and Denford Cur.,
was once a mkt. town. Acres 7410, part com-
mon ; pop. 1881 + 10, some in a silk mill ; poor r.
9607. (Hungerf. U.); real prop. 11,1127.; cha-
rities 20/. St. Mary Vic. (Oxon.) val. r,o7/.,
patr. Adml. Dundas. K. House, C. Alderman,
EM. Saxon coins of Edwy, etc. were found 1762.

KiNTiunv EAGLE HUNDRED (12, 13) SIV.
Berks, contains the pars, of Avington rect., Chad-
dleworth vie., Enborne r., Fawlcy cur., Hampstcad
Marshall r., Inkpcn r., Kintbury v., Lctcombr ;.,
Bassett and Regis ., East and West Sheffbrd rs.,

Speen, W. Woodhay r., and parts of Chilton
Foliatt r., Hungerford ., and Shalbourn v. ;
acres 42,560, pop. 9428, houses 1991. See NEW-

KINTESSACK vil., Dyke par. NW. Elgin, near
Forres-123. Pop. 122.

KINTILLO vil. Dunbarney par. SE. Perth. 4 m.
S. of Perth-40. Pop. 119.

KINTON tnshp. (74) Great Ness par. NW.
Salop, 8 m. NW. of Shrewsbury-153. Pop. 99.

* P. KINTORE par. Garioch distr. SE. Aber-
deen. 1 m. S. of Inverury-126, including Port-
Elphinstone, on the canal, and R. Don, was once
forest (whence ' wood-head '), with a hunting seat
given by Bruce to the Keiths, and is a royal and
parl. burgh by prescription, contributory to Elgin
(elect. 35), first chartered 1506 by Jas. IV., and
governed under the late act by a provost, 2
bailies, 13 council., etc. Size 9m. by 3 ; pop.
1299 + 11, of burgh 464 ; real prop. 44807. ; for
poor 2647. Living (presb. Garioch), val. 1847.,
patr. Earl of Kintore, heritor. Thainston, D.
Mitchell, Esq. Castlehill law, Bruce's Kowe or
trench, cairns, and remains of 4 druid circles
are seen.

Kintradwell, 3 m. K of Brora, SE. Suthcrld.
on K. Bay, T. Houston, Esq.

P. KINTRAW hmlt. Killmelfort par. W. Argyll.
14 m. W. of Inverary-104, near Loch Craignish.

Kinturh (7) near Castle Pollard, N. Westmeath.

(' ceann-tyr,' head land) in S W. Argyll, includ-
ing pars, of Campbeltown *, Gigha, Kilberry,
Kilcalmonell, Killchenzie, Killian, Saddell, Skip-
ness, Southend, was the seat of the Celts, and
the Picts (Epidii of Ptolemy) till 210, when it
was settled by Reuda, son of Connor II., king of
Ireland (then called Scotia), whence the settlers
were styled Dal-reudini, Ati-Scoti, or Scoti, and
being driven back to Ireland 446, returned 503,
under Fergus the first Scottish king, who fixed
his seat at Campbeltown, from which Kenneth II.
(Mac-Alpine) upon defeating the Picts 843,
moved to Forteviot; from 8th to 12th cent, it
came under the Northmen, and thence to the Mac-
donalds of the Isles, who (Jas. V.) forfeited it to
the Campbells. Size (from L. Tarbert, where the
breadth is only 1 m.) 42 m. by 5, rising 1515 ft.
at Ben Turrick, with lochs Kearan, Garasdil, etc.,
and Arran on the E., Sanda near the Mull light,
Gigha and Cara to the W. ; pop. 19,318, decreas -
ing. ifc K. PRESBYTERY, synod of Argyll, in-
cludes the above (except Skipness), with Kilbride.
Ditto Free Church, Killean, Kilbride, Kihnorey,
Lochranza, Shiskan, Tarbert.

KINURE par. (112, 125^) Kinalea bar. 5. Cork,
4 m. ESE. of Kinsale-174, near K. Point, on the
coast. Acres 1988; pop. 1121 + 3. Living, a
Cur. with Tracton ; church, a ruin, near Oyster
haven. Walton Court, T. Roberts, Esq.

P. M. KINVARRA vil. (113) Kinvarradooms
par. as below, in K. Bay, which is 3 m. deep and
2 wide, is a police station, 15m. SE. of Galway,
with an old castle of the O'Shaughnessys. Pop.
959, in corn trade ; houses , with a chapel. Thorn
Hill, Bp. French. Mkt. Ds. Wed. Frid. Fairs,
18 May, 17 Oct. sheep.

KINVARRADOORUS par. (102-3, 112-3) Kiltar-
tan bar. S. Galway, 6 m. NW. of Gort-124, con-
tains Kinvarra (as above) and Knockgana. Liv-
ing, a Vic. with Kilcolgan.

KINVASTON tn>hp. (62) Wolverhampton par.
i S. Stafford. 1 m. SW. of Penkridgc-l.'U. I',,],. iM.
James, inventor of the "fever powders," uus ;i

KINVEH. See KIXFARE, Stafford.

3 u 4



KrxwALSEY hmlt. ( ) Hampton-in-Arden par. |
NW. Warwick, 5 m. S. of Coleshill-104. Pop. 25.


contains the pars, of Great and Little Bed-win
vies., Burbage v., Butterniere rect., Chute p., Chute-
Forest, Collingbourne Kingston ., Easton don.,
Froxfield v., Hippenscombe, Milton Libbourne v.,
Pewsey r., S. Severnake, Tidcombe cur., Wootton
Rivers r., and parts of Chilton Foliatt r., Hunger-
ford, and Shalbourn; acres 54.030, pop. 11,859,
houses 2319. See MARLBORO' DEANERY.

KINWARTOST par. (54) Barlichway bund. S W.
Warwick. 1 m. XE. of Alcester-103, on a branch
of R. Avon. Acres 480 ; pop. 67 + 2 ; poor r. 417.
(Alcest. U.); real prop. 9347. ; charities I/. St.
Mary Rect. (Wore.) val. with Weethley and Gt.
Alne 4387., patr. Bishop.

KIONDROUGHAD vil. ( ) Onchan par. /. of
Man, near Douglas. Pop. 363.

KIPLIN tnshp. ( ) Catterick par. .2V. R. York.
5 m. \V. of Northallerton-225. Acres 1250 ; pop.
114+1; poor r. 407. (Xorthal. U.); real prop.
13187. K. Hall, Earl Tyrconnel.

Kippaoh Copper Mine (140) S m. W. of Skib-
bereen, S. Cork, was worked by the Mining comp.
of Ireland, but is now abandoned.

P. KIPPAX par. (87) Lower Skyrack wap. W.
M. York. 7 m. ESE. of Leeds-189, on R. Aire, near
Selby rail, contains Allerton-Bywater, Ledstone,
and Preston. Acres 3400, of town 1470, with
coal; pop. 2232 + 33, and 1214 + 9; poor r. 4067.
(Gt. Preston Incorp.) ; real prop. 44457. ; chari-
ties 287., with poor's cottages. St. Mary Vic.
(Rip.) val. 329/., patr. Ld. Chancellor. K* Park,
T. B. Bland, Esq.

P. KIPPEN par. 10 m. E. of Stirling, N. Stirltj.
and S. Perth. 45 m. from Edinbro', on a hill
(keap, or cape) by the Forth, near Frew ford,
where Chas. Stuart crossed 1745, contains Buck-
lyvie q. s., Arnprior (with the Buchanans' old
castle), Cauldhame, Kapp, Shirgarton, and L.
Leggan. Size 8 m. by 2i, fertile carse land, with
moss, moor, lime, red stone ; pop. 1922, decreas-
ing, of vil. 397; real prop. 87307. ; for poor 20 II
Living (presb. Dunblane) val. 2507., patr. Erskine
of Cardross. Gartmore, Graham, Esq. with a
fine view. Rob Roy made a descent here 1691.
There are 5 kiers (caer, a fort) at Glenterran,
Drum, etc. ; a peel, or tower, at Garden ; and
Broieh yew is 10 ft. girth. The last Buchanan,
"king of Kippen, " was executed 1745. Fairs,
1st Wed. Jan., 2nd Wed. Apr. 26 May, 27 Oct.
. Kippendaoce and Kippenross, 3J and 5 m. N. of
Stirling, S. Perth, seats of Stirling, Esq.

Kippington (6) m. SW. of Sevenoaks, W.
Kent, Col. Austin.

KIPPOCHILL vil. Barony par. NW. Lanark.
near Glasgow-44. Pop. 235.

Kipps Hill, 2m. WNW. of Penycuick, SW.
Edinbro', in the Pentlands, 1420 ft. high.

Kippure Mountains (6) borders of Dublin and
Wicklow, near the Liffey's head, 2478 ft. high.
K. House, G. Moore, Esq. on the Wicklow side ;
K. Park, W. J. Armstrong, Esq.

Kirby ( ) 2 m. WSW. of Douglas, /. of Man,
C. Ogden, Esq., belongs to Gen. Sir J. Buchan.
1^- Kirby (53) 4 m. SSW. of Kington, S. Warwk.

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