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on a branch of R. Stour. From ' kirk-by," i. e.
church town.

KIRBY-BEDOH par. (66) Henstead hund. E.
Norfolk, 3 m. SE. of Xorwich-108. Acres 1120 ;
pop. 265 + 2 ; poor r. 2597, (Henst. U.) ; real prop.
28767. St. Andrew Rect. (Xorw.) val. 2007., patr.
H. Mvuskett, Esq. K. Hall, . j&* K.-BEL-
LARS par. (63) Framland hund. NE. Leicest. 2 m.
SW. ot'Melton-Mowbray-105, on the canal, Midld.

rail, and R. Wreak, had a college found. 1319 by
Roger Beler, which, 1359, was made an austin
priory by Alice Beler. Acres 2590 ; pop. 236
+ 1 ;'poor r. 447. (M. Mowbray U.) ; real prop.
50207. St. Peter Cur. (Pet.) val. 84/., patr. Sir
F. Burdett, Bt. of K. B. Park. Elephant and
other bones were found 1821, and it is a meet for
the Quorndon hounds, gif K.-CANE par. (06)
Clavering hund. SE. Norfolk, 2m. SSE.of Loddon
-112. Acres 1290; pop. 458 + 7; poor r. 2237.
(Lodd. U.) ; real prop. 2760/. ; charities 817. All
Saints Rect. (Xorw.) val. 3907., patr. Lord Ber-
ners of K. C. Hall. ^ K., COLD, par. ( )
Birdforth wap. N. R. York. 5 m. WXW. of
Helmsley-222. Acres 2100; pop. 182; poor r.
307. (Helms. U.) ; real prop. 12097. Living, a
Cur. (Yk.) val. 637., patr. Hon. T. Duncombe.

KIRBY DIVISION (53-63) Knightlow hund.
NE. Warwick, contains the pars, of Allesley,
Arley, Astley, Bedworth, Binley, Brinklow, Bulk-
ington, Burton -Hastings, Combe - Fields, Har-
borough - Magna, Shilton, Stretton-Baskerville,
Willey, Withybrook, Wolvey, and part of Clay-
broofce, Holv Trinity, Stow, and Wolston ; acres
49,920, pop." 14,901, houses 3210.

KIRBY-GRINDALYTH par. ( ) Buckrose wap.
E. R. York, 7m. SE. of Melton-217, contains
Sledmere cur., Duggleby, and Thickleby. Acres
7970, of town 4930 ; "pop. 474 + 6, and 195 + 1 ;
poor r. 607. (Mak. U.) ; real prop. 44127. St
Andrew Vic. (Yk.) val. L, patr. Sir T. Sykes,
Bt, 3 K. Hall (64) 5 m. SW. of Kingscliffe,
NE. Northmptn. Earl Winchilsea, b. 1590-3, by
Sir Christoph. Hatton. gsg" K.-HALL tnshp.
( ) Little Ouseburn par. W. R. York. 5 m. SE.
of Boroughbridge-206, near R. Ure, is a meet for
the Craven harriers. Acres 370 ; pop. 54 ; poor
r. 127. (Gt. Ouseburn Incorp.). K. II. House, H.
Thompson, Esq. j|" K. Hill. See KIRBY -ON-
TIIE-MOOR, below.

KIRBY-KNOWLE par. ( ) Birdforth wap. N.
R. York. 4m. XE. of Thirsk-2 17, contains Bagby
and Balk. Acres 3550, of town 1420 ; pop.
553 + 5, and 47 ; poor r. 577. (Tbirsk U.) ; real
prop. 13467.; charities 67. Living, a Rect. (Yk.)
val. 4157., patr. Sir R. Frankland, Bt., of Thir-

P. KIRBY-LE-SOKEN par. (48) Tendring hund.
NE. Essex, 7 in. SSW. of Harwich-71, near
Hornsey isld. Acres 3530; pop. 924; poor r.
3647. (Tendr. U.) ; real prop. 62577. ; charities 87.
St. Michael Vic. (Roch.) val. with Thorpe and
Walton 5137., patr. Rev. W. Burgess, vicar. Fair,
St. Anne's day. SSP K. MILLS hmlt. ( ) KIRBY
MOORSIDE par. N. R. York, near Kirkby Moor-
side-228. $ii~ KIRBY MONK'S. See "MONK'S
KIRBY, Warwick, igg" K.-Muxix>E chplry. (63)
Glenfield par. Mid. Leicest. 4 m. W. of Leicester-96,
on a branch of R. Soar, has a moated ruin of the
Hastings' family. Acres 2230 ; pop. 321 +5 ; poor
r. 677, (Blaby U.) ; real prop. 33747. St. Bartho-
lomew Cur. with Glenfield. UiP K.-ON-THE-
MOOR, or KIRBY HILL, par. ( ) Hallikeld wap,
N. R. York, near Boroughbridge-206, contains
Humberton and Langthorpe. Acres 2200, of
town 790 ; pop. 655 + 12, and 202 + 2 ; poor r. 417.
(Gt. Ouseburn Incorp.) ; real prop. 24887. ; chari-
ties, 227. to Ellinthorpe chapel. All Saints Vic.
(Ches.) val. 3007., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

P. KIRBY-ITNDER-DALE par. ( ) Buckrose
wap. E. R. York. 6 m. X. of Pocklington-212,
contains Garrowby, Uncleby, Painsthorpe, and
Hanging Grimston. Acres 5060; pop. 324 + 3;
poor r. 2027. (Pockling. -U.) ; real prop. 43147.
All Saints Rect. (Yk.) val. 8677., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor. g" K. WEST par. (79) Lower Wirrall


bund. NW. Cheshire, 7 m. WSW. of Birkcnhcncl
-199, a small bathing place at R. Dee's month,
containing Hoose, or Hoylake, cur. and 8 tnshps.
Acres 52GO, of town 180; pop. 1C41, and 330;
poor r. 6/. (Wirrall U.) ; real prop. 131 6/. ; charities
250/., of which 56/. to Clegg's free gram, school,
and Bennett's 187/. for poor, etc. St. Bridget
Rect. (dies.) val. 703/., patr. Dean and Chap ;
church, near Grange hill (174ft. high), gal" K.
WISKE par. ( ) E. Gilling and Birdforth waps.
N. H. York. 6 m. S. of Northallerton-225, on
R. Swale, contains Mannby, Newby Wiske, and
Nowsham. Acres 5070, of town 1020; pop.
905+3, and 210 + 1; poor r. 651. (Thirsk U.);
real prop. 1879/. ; charities 36Z. St. J. Baptist
Rect. (Rip.) val. 643/., patr. Lord Pnidhoe ; church,
has norman door. Ascham (1515-68), Hickes
author of the "Thesaurus" (1642-1715), and
Abp. Palliser (b. 1694) were natives.

P. M. KIRCUBBIN vil. (18) Ards bar. E. Down,
14 m. NE. of Downpatrick, 111 from Dublin, a
petty sess. station, on L. Strangford, b. since 1790.
Pop" 629 + 9, in the straw-plat and linen trade ;
houses 118, with mkt.-house and linen hall.
Mkt. D. Wed. Fairs, 28 Apr. May, Aug. Nov.,
and last Wed. of other months.

KIKDFORD par. (9) Rotherbridge hund. Arundel
rape, NW. Sussex, 4 m. NE. of Petworth-49, on
a branch of R. Arun, contains Plastow cur.
Acres, with Hasfold, Shipburn, and Pallingham,
14,950, with good marble quarries; pop. 1973
+ 32 ; poor r. 1394/. (Petw. U.) ; real prop. 6385/. ;
charities 31. St. J. Baptist Vic. (Chic.) val. with
Plastow 221 /., patr. Gen. Wyndham ; church,
early eng.

K'IRK vil. Lundie par. S W. Forfar. m. NW.
of Dundee-45. Pop. 75. ' Kirk,' a church.

KIRK. ANDREAS par. ( ) Ayre sheading,
I. of Man, 5 m. NW. of Ramsey, is very fertile,
and has a school. Pop. 2333 + 12, of vil. 76.
Living, a Rect. (S. and M.) val. 750/., patr.
Crown ; church, reb. 1802 (on site of a very old
one), has an old font which belonged to Phil. I.
of France, and runic cross ; St. Jude Cur., 100/.,
Archdeacon. Many barrows, and a modern camp
or fort, are seen near Ballacurry, W. Christian,
Esq. Fairs, St. Andrew and St. John's days.
Sif K.-ANDREWS-UPON-EDEN par. ( ) Cum-
berland ward, N. Cumbrld. 3 m. NW. of Carlisle
-301, on Ship canal, R. Eden, and the Wall, con-
tains Hesket Hill. Acres 1050 ; pop. 142 + 4 ; poor
r. 23/. (Carl. U.) ; real prop. 665/. ; charities 21.
St. Andrew Rect. (Carl.) val. with Beaumont,
2-1 9/., patr. Earl of Lonsdale, who holds the
manor ; no church. Ugr K. ST. ANNE, or KIRK-
SAXTON, par. ( ) Middle sheading, /. of Man,
5 m. NE. of Castletown, near K. Head, has a
school. Pop. 769. Living, a Vic. (S. and M.) val.
150/., patr. Crown. A druid circle and barrow
are here. Fair, 31 May, cattle. IgP K. ARBORY
par. ( ) Rushen sheading, /. of Man, 3 m. NW.
by N. of Castletown, contains Colby, Balladoole
liuusc, and a school. Pop. 1615 + 10. Living,
a Vic. (S. and M.) val. ISO/., patr. Crown. Re-
mains exist of two old churches, barrows, and
a druid circle. Fairs, 22 June, 28 Oct. 6 Dec.

P. KIRK BALLAUGH par. ( ) Michael
sheading, /. of Man, 10 m. W. of Ramsey, in-
cludes Ballamoor, in a marshy spot, on a stream
from Snafell. Pop. 1516 + 10. Living, a Rect.
(S. and M.) val. 325/., patr. Crown ; church,
new, near the old one. It has a school and
brewery ; large elk bones, and horns above 6 ft.
long (one is at Edinbro'), have been found in the
marl-pits, and there are several warrens. Cronk-
ould, Mrs. M'Lean. Fairs, 15 May, 26 Aug.



figf K. BRADDAN par. ( ) Middle sheading,
I. of Man, 2 m. NW. of Douglas on that river,
contains Kewague and part of Douglas, the chief
town. Pop. 2379 + 20, in the linen and paper-
mills. Living, a Vic. (S. and M.) val. 175/.,
patr. Bishop ; church, reb. 1773, in a pretty spot,
has some old crosses and a runic pillar ; St. George,
St. Matthew, St. Luke Curs., val. 245/., 85/., 60/.,
patr. Bishop ; St. Barnabas Cur. 2801., Trustees.
Near Castleward hill are some old kiels or kirks ;
and there is a school. Portechee, Sir G. Drink-
water. fiP K. BKIDE par. ( ) Ayre sheading,
/. of Man, 5 m. N. of Ramsey, near Point of
Ayre light, has a school, with some barrows and
Cronk-e-vowlan danish camp. Pop. 1153 + 12.
St. Bridget Rect. (S. and M.) val. 300/., patr.
Crown, once held by Moore the friend of Bp.
Wilson, a reviser of the Manx bible. Fairs, 12
Apr. 6 May, cattle. |fig K. CHRIST-LEZAYRE
par. ( ) Ayre sheading, /. of Man, 2i m. W. of
Ramsey, in a fertile spot nearN. Barrale (1840ft.
high), contains Sulbv cur., and had a cister-
tian cell to Furness. " Pop. 2322 + 34; 3 schools
(18/.). Holy Trin. Vic. (S. and M.) val. 240/.,
patr. Crown ; church, lately rebuilt. Milntown,
Deemster Christian. Fairs, 8 and 24 June, cattle.
gaT K. CHRIST RUSHEN par. ( ) Rushen sheading,
/. of Man, 4 m. W. of Castletown, near Spanish
Point, contains Port St. Mary, Port Erin, Calf of
Man isld. and light, and Brada copper-mine;
and has near Abbey old Bridge remains of a cis-
tertian abbey found. 1098 by K. M'Manus, where
many kings were buried, and which was plun-
dered 1316. Pop. 3079 + 34 ; school (7/.). Here
are the Giants' quoits, and a barrow. Living, a
Vic. (S. and M.) val. 150., patr. Crown. Rushen
Abbey, seat of Deemster Moore. t|gp K. FOR-
THAR chplry. Markinch par. S. Fife. 1 m. N. of
Kirkcaldy, with a ruined church, belonged to
the Lindsays. iJaP K. GERMAN par. ( ) Glan-
faba sheading, /. of Man, 2 m. E. of Peel, con-
tains that town and Cronk-y-Voddee cur. Pop.
4029 + 67. St. Peter Vic. (S. and M.) val. 160/.,
patr. Bishop ; St. John Cur. 40/., Crown. It has
a school, and some old kiels or churches. Fairs,

1 and 1 8 May, 5 July, I and 1 8 Nov. ^ K. H EA-
TON par. (88) Upper Agbrigg wap. W. R. York.

2 m. ENE.of Huddersfield-189, contains Dalton,
Lepton, and Upper Whitley. Acres 6500, with
limestone, coal, of town with Upper Heaton
1580; pop. 11,930 + 193, and 3165+41, in the
woollen mills and quarries ; poor r. 606/. (Hud-
dersf. U.) ; real prop. 60007. St J. Baptist
Rect. (Rip.) val. 537/., patr. Rev. J. Alderson.
giP K. JURBY par. ( ) Michael sheading, /. of
Man, 10 m. WNW. of Ramsey, near Jurby Pt.,
which has a fine sea view. Pop. 1063, with a
school. St. Patrick Vic. (S. and M.) val. 170/.,
patr. Bishop ; ch.-yard has a barrow. Fairs,
5 Apr. hiring ; 20 Nov. cattle. (iT K. LEATHAM
par. ( ) E. Langbaurgh lib. N. R. York. 4 m.
N. of Guisborough-245, a fine spot near R. Tee's
mouth, containing Wilton cur., Coutham and
Yerby, had at Lazenby a chantry founded (Edw.
I.) by Jno. de Lythegraynes. Acres 8030, of
town 2960; pop. 1075 + 7, and 714 + 5; poor r.
267/. (Guisb. U.) ; real prop. 5205/. ; charities
20 16/., of which 290/. to Turner's free gram,
school (not kept), and 1622/. to his hosp. for 40,
including a chapel, librarv, walk, bust of
founder. St. Cuthbert Vic. (York) val. 88/.,
patr. II. Vansittart, Esq. of A'. Hall, through the
Turners, who built it in the pointed style after
Carr, and whose mons. by Scheemaker," etc. are
in the church.

P. KiKK-LiNTON. See Lrxrox, KIRK, Cum-




Md. seat of Mrs. Dacre, and a meet for the
Carlisle harriers, gap" K. LONAN par. ( ) Garff
sheading, /. of Man, 8 m. NE. of Douglas, con-
tains Laxey on the coast, on that river, which
rises in Snafell (2004 ft. high). Pop. 2220+40,
in the paper and flax-mills, lead and copper-
mines, with a school. St. Lomanus Vic. (S.
and M.) val. ISO/., patr. Crown ; Dhoon Cur. 60/.,
Bishop. It has a school; and there are the
Cloven Stones druid circle, another called K.
Orry's grave (with a kistvaen), cairns, barrows,
and other remains. Ballamenagh, G. Tate, Esq. I
Hip K. MALEW par. ( ) Rushen sheading, /. of \
Man, 2 m. N. of Castletown, contains S. Barrule
(1545 ft. high), Ballasalla, Castletown (near
Eushen cast.) the seat of government, Derby-
haven, and Langness peninsula. Pop. 5368 + 59,
in the corn and flax mills, breweries, slate-
quarries and lead-mines. St. Lupita Vic. (S.
and M.) val. 165/., patr. Crown ; St. Mark, St.
Thomas Curs. 40/. and /., Bishop ; St. Mary Cur.
50A, Governor; church, has the grave of Christian,
shot 1663 by the Stanleys for giving up the
isld. to parl. It has schools ; and barrows, with
the site of Black Fort, of " Peveril of the Peak "
(near which was Goddard Govan's stones), are
seen. Fairs, 5 Jan. 25 Apr. 12 May, 12 Aug.
29 Sept. cattle. ^T K. MAROWN par. ( Jj
Glanfaba sheading, /. of Man, 6 m. NW. by W.
of Douglas. Pop. 1317 + 10, in Union Mills
woollen factory. Living, a Vic. (S. and M.) val.
ISO/., patr. Crown. Remains exist of St. Trinian's
chapel (under Greeba mountn. 1478 ft. high) de-
stroyed, they say, by the 'buggane ' or evil spirit ;
also" some old kiels or kirks, and Glandarragh druid
circle, 14 yds. diam., on Mount Murray. Ellerslie,
Faulder, Esq. US" K. MAUGHOLD par. ( )
Garff sheading, I. of Man, 5 m. SE. by E. of
Ramsey, near Matighold Pt. and spring, contain-
ing Port Vullin, Ramsey cur., and Ballaglass
fall, on R. Dhoon, is so called after a bishop who
was once a pirate. Pop. 3689 + 63, of vil. 75,
in the iron and lead mines, etc., with a school.
Living, a Vic. (S. and M.) val. 175/., patr. Crown ;
church, formerly a sanctuary, has an old font, some
danish crosses, a runic pillar in ch.-yard, and a
pillar cross 6 ft. high, with the island arms, and
Virgin, etc. on it. Fair, 11 Aug.

P. KIRK MICHAEL par. ( ) Michael sheading,
/. of Man, 10 m. NE. of Peel, a deemster and
seneschal's court, near Sliev ne fraughane hill,
contains Bishop's Court, seat of Bp. of Sodor and
Man, including a tower (13th cent.), with later
additions, chapel, etc. Pop. 1376 + 6, of vil.
288. Living, a Vic. (S. and M.) val. 165/.,
patr. Crown ; church, has mons. to the excellent
Bp. Wilson (with the words " Let this island
speak the rest") and Bp. Hydersley (who to-
gether turned the bible into Manx), etc., and a
very ancient runic pillar, besides another pillar
and manv barrows which are about. It has a
school. Fairs, 10, 29 Oct. cattle, igr K. NEW-

TON par. ( ) W. Glendale ward, N. Northmbrld.
5 m. WNW. of Wooler-320, on R. Glen, under
the Cheviots, contains Milfield, Paston, and 13
other tnshps. Acres 34,010; pop. 1726 + 5, of
town 83 + 1 ; poor r. 12t (Glendale U.) ; real
prop. 20,464/. St. Gregory Vic. (Dur.) val. 491/.,
patr. J. Davidson, Esq.

P. M. KIRK OSWALD par. ( ) Leath ward, E.
Cumbrld. 14 m. SE. of Carlisle, 292 from London,
on a hill by R.Eden, near Preston rail , a polling
town (containing Staffield) and an old place, named
after K. Oswald the martyr, with some remains
of Ranulph d'Engain's castle, which came through
Hugh de MorviUe (Becket's murderer), the Mul-

tons, Dacres, etc. to the Musgraves of Edenhall.
Acres 9390, with blue marble and stone quarries ;
pop. 948, of town 691, some in the corn and
paper mills, wool-combers, etc. ; houses 145,
straggling, with 2 chapels, 6-arch'd bridge, and
free school (64/.) ; poor r. 206/. (Penrith U.) ;
real prop. 4630/. ; charities 26/. St. Oswald Vic.
(Carl.) val. 120/., patr. Ld. Chancellor; church,
norman and early eng., restored by the Dacres
and made collegiate 1523 by T. Threlkeld, has
a spring running through it (the belfry being on
the hill above), and tombs of Featherstonhaugh,
of College or K. House, who was beheaded 1651.
The Scots burnt it 1314 ; and about 3 m. off is
' Long Meg and her Daughters ' druid circle.
Mkt. Ds. Mond. Thursd. Fairs, Thursd. before
Whitsunday, 5 Aug.

KIRK OscHAN, or CONCHAN, par. ( ) Mid-
dle sheading, /. of Man, 4 m. NE. of Douglas,
near Banks How, contains Kiondroughad and
part of Douglas, on the coast, with a house of
industry and school. Pop. 10,980. St. Oncha
Vic. (S. and M.) val. ISO/., patr. Crown ; church,
lately rebuilt. Bemahague, Deemster Hey-
wood. Barrows and many marine plants are
found. Fair, 20 May, cattle. igi" K. OF
MOCHRUM vil. (29) Mochrum par. S. Wigton.
5 m. W. of Sorbie-139. Pop. 187. i^ K.' PA-
TRICK par. ( ) Glanfaba sheading, /. of Man,
2 m. S. of Peel, was part of Kirk German till
1714, and has Dolby cur., near Dolby point.
Pop. 2768 + 57, in the lead mines, slate quarries*
and herring fishery. Living, a Vic. (S. and M.)
val. 180/., patr. Bishop. It has a school (5/.).
Glen Moij, or Glenmeay, is a fall in a fine spot.
Ragget, Capt. Cameron.* ggp K.-YETHOLM vil.
Yetholm par. E. Roxburgh. 7 m. SE. of Kelso-42,
has a colony of gypsies settled here. Pop. 326.

KIRKABILL par. joined to TONGUE, Suthrld.

KIRKANDREWS vil. Borgue par. 5. Kirhcudbt.
5 m. SW. of Kirkcudbright-104, was a separate
par., and has at K. Bay a ruined church, which
belonged to lona. Pop. 47.

KiRKANDREWs-UPON-EsK par. ( ) Eskdale
ward, N. Cumbrld. 2 m. N. of Longiown-309, on
Rs. Esk, Liddell, and Sark, at the Borders, con-
tnshps. (pop. 458 and 444), Moat Quarter, and
Nichol Forest car., along with Solway Moss,
where the Scots were beaten 1542. Acres 21,630,
moory, with stone ; pop. 1932 ; poor r. 508/.
(Longt. U.) ; real prop. 4484/. ; charities, a share
in Arthuret sch. St. Andrew Rect. (Carl.) val.
512/., patr. Sir J.R. G. Graham, Bt. of Netherby ;
church, reb. 1637, near which is a tower, and
further off, another called LiddelPs Strength. K.
Hall, , an old seat.


P. Kirkbank, near Kelso, Roxburgh.

P. KIRKBEAN par. 12 m. S. of Dumfries-73, SE.
Kirkcudbt. a pleasant bath, place, under Criffel,
near Southerness, includes Carsethorn and Pres-
ton-Mill. Size 5 m. by 3J, fertile and well cul-
tivated, with lime, fish, etc. ; pop. 891 + 9, of
vil. 91 ; real prop. 5817/. ; for poor 167/. Living
(presb. Dumfr.) val. 202/., patr. Duke of Buc-
cleugh ; at the manse, Adml. Campbell was born
1719. Arbigland, H. Craik, Esq.; Cavens Cast,
belonging to Oswald of Auchincruive, was, with
Weaths, the Regent Morton's. Paul Jones, a
native, about 1745. A druid circle at Ardrie, with
a kistvaen near it.

Kirkbog, near Thornhill, W. Dumfries, on R.
Nith, where the Cample joins it.

Kirkbost Isld. See Kirkibbost, Western Islds.


KIP.KBRIDE par. now joined to MAYBOLE, Ayr.
gg KIRKBRIDE par. ( ) Cumberland ward, N.
Cumbrld. 6 m. N N W. of Wigton-303, at R. Wam-
pool's mouth. Acres 1750 ; pop. 372 ; poor r.
62/. (Wigton U.) ; real prop. 862/. St. Brvdock
Rect. (Carl.) val. 230/., pair. Rev. J. Hallifax,
rector ; church, ancient.

Kirkbuddo Camp, Guthrie par. S. Forfar. 5 m.
SSE. of Forfar.

KIRKHURN par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. R. York.
3 m. SW. of Uriffield-196, contains Eastburn,
Southburn, and Tibthorpe. Acres 6320, of
town with Battleburn 1090; pop. 508 + 2, and
135 ; poor r. 54L (Driff. U.) ; real prop. 1052Z. St.
Wary Vic. (York) val. 82/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.


P. KIRKBY chplry. (90) Walton-on-the-Hill
par. SW. Lancash. 4 m. NW. of Prescot-198,
on Liv. and Bury rail., near K. Moss. Acres
4010; pop. 1476 + 28; poor r. 209/. (W.Derby
U.) ; real prop. 8138Z. ; charities 13/., of which 8/.
to school. St. Chad Cur. (Ches.) val. 92Z., patr.
Rector. ' Kirkby ' means church-town, as in the
following names. gaT K.-CUM-OSGODBY par.
(83) N. Walshcroft wap. N. Lincoln. 3m. NW.
of Market Rasen-144. Acres 1710; pop. 474 + 12;
poor r. 111/. (Caistor U.) ; real prop. 1164J. ;
charities II. St. Andrew Vic. with Owersby;
church, with norman traces. Bp. Goodrich, Edw.
VI. 's chancellor, was a native.

P. KIRKBY, EAST, par. (84) W. Bolingbroke
soko, E. Lincoln. 5 m. SW. of Spilsby-129. Acres
1670, fenny; pop. 436+4; poor r. 108/. (Spils.
U.); real prop. 33117. ; charities, Croft's free
school 65/. St. Nicholas Vic. (Line.) va!. 153/.,
patr. C. Turnor, Esq.

P. KIRKBY-FLEETHAM par. ( ) East Hang
wap. N. R. York. 4 m. N. of Bedale-223, near R.
Swale, contains Fencotes, Low Fields, Low Street,
and Salutation. Acres 2950 : pop. 657 + 3 ; poor r.
227Z. (Bedale U.) ; real prop. 4933/. ; charities 30/.
St. Mary Vic. (Rip.) val. 200/., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor, igj" K. FRITH ext. par. (63) Sparkenhoe
hund. Mid. Leicest. 3 m. W. of Leicester-96. Pop.
20. K. Hall, J. Russell, Esq. (?) i^ K.
GREEN par. ( ) First Langoe wap. Mid. Lincoln.
8 m. N. of Sleaford-1 15. Acres 680 ; pop. 87 + 1 ;
poor r. 24Z. (Sleaf. U.) ; real prop. 577/. Holy
Cross Vic. (Line.) val. 180/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.
igT K.-IN-ASHFIELD par. (71, 82) N. Broxtow
wap. W. Notts. 4 m. SW. of Mansfield-138, on
Pixton tram rail., at the head of R. Erewash.
Acres 5590; pop. 2143 + 11, some stockingers,
upon 500 frames; poor r. 541/. (Basford U.) ;
real prop. 9637/., of which 41842. on mines; cha-
rities 31. St. Wilfrid Red. (Line.) val. 730/.,
patr. Duke of Portland ; K. WOODHOUSE Cur., /.
IgP K.-IN-CLEVELAND par. ( ) W. Langbaurgh
lib. N. R. York. 2 m. SE. of Stokesley-238, under
Wainstone hill, contains Broughton and Dro-
manby. Acres 5020, of town 2780; pop. 712
+ 25, and 511 + 33; poor r. 82/. (Stokesl. U.) ; real
prop. 2684/. ; charities, Edmunds' free gram, school
52/. St. Austin Vic. (Yk.) val. with a Sin. Rect.
359/., patr. Archbp. HgP K. IRELETH, or IK-
I.KTH, chplry. ( ) Dalton-in-Furness par. N. Lan-
cash. on Furness rail. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val.
/., patr. Vicar. <gT K. IRELETH par. ( ) X.
Lonsdale hund. N. Lancash. 4 m. NW. of Ulver-
Btone-272, on R. Dudden, contains W. Broughton,
Seathwaite, Woodland curs., Low and Middle Quar-
ters, and Wailham-Hill. Acres 26,150, with good



val. 125/., patr. Dean and Chap. York; church,
has mons. and stained glass. K. Hall, . $& K.
KENDAL. See KENDAL, Westmrld. |gf K.-LE-
THORPE, or K.-LAYTHORPE, par. (70) Asward-
burn wap. S. Lincoln. 1m. E. of Sleaford-1 15,
near the canal. Acres 1570 ; pop. 213 + 4 ; poor r.
143Z. (Sleaf. U.) ; real prop. 3738Z. ; charities 21.
St. Denis Rect. (Line.) val. with Asgarby 287/.,
patr. Marquis of Bristol ; church, early eng., with
a font, and norman door, etc.

P. M. KIRKBY LONSDALE par. ( ~) Lonsdale
ward, S. Westmrld. 10 m. SE. of Kendal-262,
near Prest. and Carl, rail., in the fertile vale
of R. Lune, a polling town, containing Barbon,
Casterton (seat of the Caruses), Firbank, Hut-
ton-Roof, Killington, Mansergh, Middleton (the
Askews'), all curs., besides Lupton and 4 hmlts.,
was held by St. Mary's abbey, York, and came
to the Lowthers, who take hence the title of earl.
Acres 33,760 (or 10 m. by 6), of town 2980;
pop. 4178 + 23, and 1629, some carpet and blan-
ket weavers ; houses 322, of white stone, with 3
chapels, bank, savings bk. (18,96'2/. from 1051 de-
positors), market cross, waterworks, bark and corn
(water) mills, Godshalf s free gram, school (50/.)
with 10 exhibitions at Queen's Coll. Oxon. and
Christ's Coll. Camb., workhouse, old inn noticed by
' Drunken Barnaby,' and ancient 3-arched bridge
in pointed style ; poor r. 509/. (Kend. U.) ; real
prop. 8724Z. ; charities 219/. St. Mary Vic. (Ches.)
val. 550/., patr. Trinity Coll. Camb., to which Q.
Mary gave the church, which is 120 ft. by 102,
part norman, with four aisles, carved pulpit, etc.,
and stands on a hill 180ft. above the river
(whence the name 'Church town in Lune's
dale '), commanding a fine view, which takes in
Ingleboro'. >fc K. L. DEANERY, archdy. and
dioc. of Manchester (formerly Chester), contains
Claughton rect., K. Lonsdale etc., Melling r.,
Tatham r., Tunstal v., Whittington r. A Part
Deanery, archdy. of Richmond, dioc. of Ripon,
includes Bentham r., Clapham v., Sedbergh p.,
Thornton v. Mkt. U. Thurs. Fairs, Holy Th.,
5-6 Oct. cattle, etc., St. Thomas' day, woollens.

KIRKBY-IN-MALHAM-DALE par. ( ) East and
West Staincliff waps. W. R. York. 4 m. SE. of
Settle-235, on R. Aire, contains Airton, Hanlith,
Malham and M. Moor, Otterburn, Scosthorpe, and
Calton. Acres 22,040, of town 1590 ; pop. 947,
and 195, some in the cotton mills; poor r. 29J.
(Settle U.); real prop. 1047/. ; charities 115/., of
which 21/. to Topham's free gram, school. Living,
a Vic. (Rip-) val. 89/., patr. Duke of Devonshire.
i|iP K.-MALLORY par. (63) Sparkenhoe hund.
Mid. Leicest. 3 m. SE. of Market Bosworth-106,
containing Earl Shilton {cur.), which had a castle,
comes, through the Mallorys, Leicester abbey, etc.,
to the Noels. Acres 3110; pop. 2479 + 21 ; poor r.
8-21. (M. Bosworth U.) ; real prop. 321 11. ; cha-
rities 1141. Living, a Rect. (Pet.) val. with Earl
Shilton and Elmsthorpe 534/., patr. Lady N.
Bvron ; church, has mons. of the Noels of K.
Hall, now seat of Earl Chesterfield.

P. M. KIRKBY-MALZEARD par. ( ) Lower
Claro wan. W. R. York. 5 m. N W. of Ripon-212,
near R. lire, containing Azerley, Fountains Kartli,
(irewelthorpe, Hartwith, both curs., Laverton
with Down and Upper Stonebeck, had a castle of
the Mowbrays. Acres 53,530, of town 3180;
pop. 5180 + 48, and 900+11, in the flax mills;

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