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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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brass of A. Heydon (1495). B. Hall, Rev. T.

BACTON par. (42 or 3) Webtree hund. S.
Herefd. 10 m. SW. of Hereford-134. Acres 950,
with some marble ; pop. 140 ; poor r. 13/. (Dore
U.); real prop. 1281/. ; charities, Mrs. Parry's,
etc. 30Z. St. Faith Rect. (Heref.) val. 129Z., patr.
F. Hamp, Esq., who has the manor, gap" BACTON
par. (68) Tunstead hund. NE. Norfk. 4 m. NE.
of N. Walsham-125, near the sea. Acres 1730 ;
poor r. 144/. (Tunstead Incorp.) ; real prop. 2978Z.
St. Andrew Vic. (Norw.) val. 263/., patr. Lord
Wodehouse of Kimberley.

P. BACTON par. (50) Hartismere hund. 2V.
Sufk. 5 m. N. of Stowmarket-176. Acres 2380 ;
pop. 800 + 4 ; poor r. 513/. (Hartism. U.) ; real
prop. 4290Z. ; charities, town lands, etc. 86Z. St.
Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. 475Z., patr. H. D. Hems-
worth, Esq. of Shropham. B. Hall, 1 m. S.

P. BACCUP chplry. (88 or 9) Whalley par. E.
Lancash. 6 m. N. of Rochdale-198, near E. Lane,
rail. Pop. 1526, in the baize and cotton factories.
Real prop. 19,448/. Living, a Cur. (Manch.)val.
145/., patr. Hulme's Trustees.

Badan Loch, Kildonan par. E. Suthrld. 25 m.
NNE. of Kyle.

BADBURY tythg. (15) Wimborne-minster par.
E. Dorset. 4 m. NW. of Wimborne-100, has B.
Rings camp on a hill commanding a large pros-
pect. igT BADBURY tythg. (34) Chisledon par.
NE. Wilts. 3 m. SE. of"Swindon-77, has on Bea-
conhill a camp supposed to be the british Mons
Badonicus, and the saxon Baddbyrig, where Ar-
thur defeated Cerdic, 520. Pop. 395. i^T B.
Hill (34) 2 m. SW. of Farringdon, NW. Berks.
has a danish camp on it.

BADBURY HUNDRED (15) East Shaston divi-
sion,/?. Dorset, contains the pars, of Chalbury re.ct.,
Critchill More r., Gussage St.Michael vie., Hinton
Martell, Hinton Parva r., Shapwick v., Tarrant-
Crawford cur., Wimborne- Minster ; acres 30,550,
pop. 6363, houses 1299. See PIMPERNE DEANERY.

BADBY par. (53) Fawsley hund. W. Northmptn.
2m. SSW. of Daventry-72, at the source of R.
Nen, has on B. Down a camp called Arbury hill.
Acres 2370, with sand and blue ragstone quarries ;
pop. 624 + 4; poor r. 212/. (Davent. U.) ; real
prop. 4296Z. ; charities 10/. St. Mary Vic. (Pet.)
with Newnham, val. 306/., patr. Christchurch
Coll. Oxon. B. Home, W. Watkins, Esq., near
B. Gate, where the Pytchley hounds meet.

Badcall, or Bradcall, Loch, in the Minch, W.
Suthrld. 2 m. S. of Scouric.

Badcot Bridge (13) on R. Isis, N. Berks. 2 m.
N. of Farringdon-68.

Baddliyrig of the Saxons, is BADBURY Wilts.

Baddesden Hall (46) 2 m. NNW. of Kernel
Hempstead, W. Herts.

BADDESLEY-CLINTON par. (54) Hemlingford
hund. W. Warwk. 6 m. NW. of Warwick-90, on
Birmingham canal. Acres 1140; pop. 115+1;

I poor r. 29Z. (Solihull U.) ; real prop. 172 U. St.
Michael Rect. (Wore.) val. 27/., patr. M. E. Ferrers,
Esq. of -B. C. Hall, an old moated house, where
1 the N. Warwk. hounds meet. igj B. ENSOR
' par. (62 or 3) Hemlingford hund. N. Warwk. 2 m.
NW. of Atherstone-107. Acres 1340 ; pop. 579
+ 1 ; poor r. 240Z. (Atherst. U.) ; real prop. 2067/.
St. Michael Cur. (Wore.) val. 106Z., patr. Inhabi-
tants, gap" B. NORTH par. (11) Lower King's
Sombourne hund. W. Hants. 3 m. E. of Romsey
-73, a meet for the Hursley hounds. Acres
2570 ; pop. 302 + 1 ; poor r. 87/. (Hursley U.) ;
real prop. 1448/. St. John Cur. (Wine.) val.
1127., patr. T. Chamberlayne, Esq. of Cranbury.

B. Hall, . ^ B. SOUTH tylhg. (11)

Boldre par. SW. Hants. 2 m. ENE. of Lymington
-93, had a preceptory of the K. Templars on the
chapel site. Pop. 1238 ; real prop. 2986Z. Living,
a donative Cur. (Wine.) patr. J. Weld, Esq. See
Gilpin's 'Forest Scenery' for an account of the
' Groaning Elm of B.'

BADDILEY par. (73) Nantwich hund. S. Chesh.
3 m. SW. of Nantwich-164. Acres 2080 ; pop.
275 + 1 ; poor r. 194Z. (Nantw. U.) ; real prop.
311H. ; charities, Dame Mainwaring's 43/. St.
Michael Rect. (Ches.) val. 219/., patr. J. Tolle-
mache, Esq. of Tilston. B. Hall, the large old
seat of the Mainwarings, now a farmhouse.

BADDINGTON tnshp. (73) Acton par. S. Chtsh,
2 m. SSW. of Nantwich-164, on the Gd. Junct.
canal. Acres 1500 ; pop. 137 ; poor r. 104/.
(Nantw. U.); real prop. 1512/.

BADDOW, GREAT, par. (1) Chelmsford hund.
Mid. Essex, 4 m. ENE. of Chelmsford-29, near E.
Count, rail, in a pleasant country, was the birth-
place of Rich, de Badew, founder of (University,
now) Clare Hall, Camb. 1386. Acres 4030 ; pop.
2022 + 30; poorr.1035/. (Chelmsf. U.); real prop.
9400/. ; charities 255/., of which 169/. to Parker's
free school, 36/.church lands. St. Mary Fc.(Roch.)
val.402Z. patr. Mrs. Bullen. B.Hall, J.M'Lachlan,
Esq. $s& B. LITTLE, par. (1) as above, 4 m. ENE.
of Chelinsford-29. Acres 1420 ; pop. 417 ; poor r.
568/. (Chelmsf. U.) ; real prop. 2139/. ; charities,
for schools here and at Boreham 1661. St. Mary
Vic. (Roch.) val. 125/., patr. Lord Rayleigh of
Tirling. B. Lodge, Capt. Balderstone.

Badecanwylla, of the Saxons, is BAKEWELL,

Badenoch District, between R. Spey and the
Grampians, E. Inverness, is 30 m. long, by about
15 broad, chiefly forest, and belonged to Rob.
II.'s son Alexander (the ' Wolf of B.') and to the
Comyns (to whom it gave title of baron), now
to the Macphersons, Baillie of Kingussie, etc. B.
Boar peak is near the Atholl Sow, on the Perth
border, by the high road.

Badenyon House, at Glenbucket, W. Aberdeen.
celebrated in the old song of ' John o' Badenyon.'

BADGER, or BAGSORE, par. (61) Brenistive
hund. E. Salop, 5 m. NE. of Bridgnorth-13'.t.
Acres 980 ; pop. 137 ; poor r. 281. (Shifthall U.) ;
real prop. 1612Z. St. Giles Rect. (Heref.) val.
230/., R. II. Cheney, Esq. of B. Hall, which has a
fine ' Dingle ' in the grounds.

Badger's Hole (8) near Croydon, E. Surrey.

Badgemore (13) 1 m. NW. of Henley, SE. Ox-
ford. <J. Lane, Esq.

BADGEVVORTII par. (43 or 4) Upper Dadstone
hund. Mid. Glouc. 4 in. E. of Gloucester- 102.
Acres 1730, much in barley; pop. 903, of vil.
210; poor r. 378/. (Cheltenh. U.) ; real prop.
672 1/. ; charities 1 10Z. of which Cox's for poor
100/. St. Mary Vic. (Gl. and Br.) with (in-ut
Fhurdington, val. 295/., patr. J. E. Vincr, Esq. pf
B. House, near which is a mineral spring.

H 2



BADGINGTON or BAGENDON (34 or 44) Crow-
thorne hund. SE. Gloucest. 3 m. NNW. of Ciren-
cester-88. Acres 990 ; pop. 172 + 1 ; poor r. 657.
(Cirenc. U.) ; real prop. 16347. St. Margaret
Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 1917., patr. Jesus Coll.

BADGWORTH par. (19) Winterstoke hund. N.
Somerset. 2 m. SW. of Axbridge-130. Acres
1470; pop. 321; poor r. 2127. (Axbr. U.) ; real
prop. 26707, St. Cougar Sect. (Ba, and \V.) val.
4327., patr. Sir C. Mordaunt, Bt.

BADINGHAM par. (50) Hoxne hund. E. Suffolk.
3 m. NNE. of Framlingham-87. Acres 3390;
pop. 864; poor r. 4597.. (Hoxne U.); real prop.
58767. ; charities 247. besides almshouses. St. J.
Baptist Beet. (Norw.) val. 5827., patr. R. Gorton,
Esq. J3. Hall, and Green, 2 m. NE.

Badland (56) 2 m. N. of Radnor, E. Radn.

BARLESMERE par. (3) Faversham hund. .2V.
Kent, 4 m. S. of Faversham-47. Acres 820 ; pop.
122 ; poor r. 1397. (Faversh. U.) ; real prop. 9397.
St. Leonard Rect. (Cant.) with Leaveland val.
3237. patr. Lord Sondes of Lees court, to whom
the manor belongs.

BADLEY par. (50) Bosmere Imnd. Mid. Suffolk,
2 m. WNW. of Needham-74. Acres 1050 ; pop.
83 ; poor r. 1247. (Bosmere U.) ; real prop. 14537.
St. Mary Cur. (Norw.) val. 407., patr. C. Hill,
Esq. iS= B. Hall (48) 5 m. ENE. of Colchester,
NE. Essex.

BADLINGHAM vil. (51) Staploe hund. E. Cam-
bridge. 5 m. NE. of Newmarket-61.

BADMINSTONE limit. (11) Fawley par. S. Hants.
5 m. SW. of Fareham-103.

P. BADMINTON, GREAT, par. (35) Upper Grum-
bald's Ash hund. S W. Gloucest. 4 m. E. of Chip-
ping Sodbury-108, is a petty sessions town,
and meet for the Beaufort hounds. Acres 1450 ;
pop. 552 + 2 ; poor r. 1457. (Chip. Sod. U.) ;
real prop. 27297. ; charities, free school and hos-
pital 947. St. Michael Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 77.,
patr. Duke of Beaufort; church, b. 1789, has mo-
numents of the Beauforts by Rysbrach, etc. B.
Park, seat of the duke, about 9 m. round, includes
nearly the whole par. ; the House, b. 1682 by the
1st duke, on the site of a mansion of the Botelers,
is a noble range in the French style on a rustic
basement, etc. and contains a ' Holy Family,' by
Raphael, several Guides and Carlo Dolcis, a curious
satirical picture by S. Rosa, many family portraits
from John of Gaunt, with some of Erasmus, More,
and others. Ifif B. LITTLE, tythg. Hawkesbury
par. 1 m. N. of the above. Pop. 127 + 1 ; real
prop. 12897.

Badmonsfield, or Bansfield, Hall (50) 8 m. SW.
of Bury, W. Suffolk.


BADSEY par. (44) Upper Blackenhurst hund.
SE. Worcest. 2 m. SE. of Evesham-75,. on R.
Avon, includes Aldington. Acres 1770, with mi-
neral springs; pop. 497 + 3, some in a silkmill;
poor r. 1207. (Evesh. U.) ; real prop. 20387. ; cha-
rities 147. St. James Cur. (Wore.) val. 1507.,
patr. Christen. Col. Oxon.

BADSHOT tythg. (8) Farnham par. W. Surrey,
2 m. NE. of Farnham-38. Pop. with Runfold
1410 + 28, hop growers.

P. BADSWORTH par. (87) Osgoldcross wap.
W. R. York. 4 m. S. of Pontefract-177, contains
Thorpe- Audlin and Upton. Acres 4320, of
tnshp. 1740 ; pop. 750 and 200 ; poor r. 527. ; real
prop 22137. ; charities 477., of which church estate
437. St. Mary Rect. (York) val. 5967., patr. Earl
of Derby. B. Hall, Jos. Scott, Esq., a meet for
the Badsw. hounds.

BADWELL-ASH par. (50) Blackbourn hund. N.

Suffolk, 8 m. NNW. of Stowmarket-76. Acres
2000 ; pop. 458 ; poor r. 2997. (Stow U.) ; real
prop. 28717. ; charities 137. St. Mary Cur. (Ely)
val. 697., patr. Miss Clough.

Badworth Park (9) close to Arundel, S W. Sus-

Baelbanburn of the Saxons, is BAMBORO',

Bafford House (44) 2 m. SE. of Cheltenham,
Mid. Gloucest. Capt. Stevenson.

BAGBERE tythg. (18) Cranborne hund. JV.
Dorset. 1 m. N. of Sturminster-109. Pop. 402.

BAGBOROUGH, EAST, tythg. (20) Bishop's
Lvdeard par. 1 m. SE. of the following. igaT 11,
WEST, par. (20) Taunton hund. W. Somerset. 7 m.
NW. of Taunton-141, in a fine hilly country.
Acres 1900 ; pop. 449 ; poor r. 3037. (Taunt. U.) ;
real prop. 27307. Holy Trinity Rect. (Ba. and
W.) val. 5507., patr. Rev. J. B. Clarke, rector. B.
House, F. Popham, Esq.

BAGBURY hmlt. (19) Evercreech par. E. So-
merset. 1 m. S. of Shepton Mallet-116. Pop. 23.
tgg" B. House (26) near Stretton, N. Cornwall.

BAGBY chplry. (96) Kirby-Knowle par. N. R.
York. 2 m. SE. of Thirsk-219. Acres 1350 ; pop.
317 + 3 ; poor r. D07. (Thirsk U.) ; real prop. 34627.
Living, a Cur. with Kirby.

BAGDEN, UPPER and LOWER, vil. (87) Stain-
cross wap. W. R. York. 5 m. NW. of Barnsley

Bagdon Hill (14) 3 m. N. of Devizes, N. Wilts.
has a roman camp, near the Verlucio of Auto-

P. BAGENALSTOWN vil. (16) E. Idrone bar.
W. Carlow, 10 m. SSW. of Carlow, 62 m. from
Dublin, on R. Barrow, seat of J. Newton, Esq. and
a sessions town, was found. 1552 by the Bagenals
of Dunleckny. Acres 61 ; pop. 2225, in the granite
quarries and flourmills ; houses 350, with a court-
house, fever hosp. and dispensary.


BAGGEARN-HUISH hmlt. (20)Nettlecombe par.
W. Somerset. 4m. S. of Watchet-156.

BAGGOTRATH vil. (18, 22) Dublin bar. E.
Dublin, 2 m. SE. of Dublin. Pop. 476. ^" BAG-
GOTRATH, WEST, vil. (18) Upper Cross bar. S.
Dublin. 5 m. SW. of Dublin. Pop. 329.

BAGGRAVE lib. (63) Hungerton par. E. Leicest.
1 m. NE.of Leicester-96, has B.Hall, E. Burnaby,
Esq. Pop. 26+ 1 ; real prop. 14137.

Baggy Point N. side of Barnstaple bay, N.
Devon, lat. 51 9' N., has a dangerous reef called
B. Leap, J m. off it,with a safe channel between
about \ m. wide, and 5 fath. water.

P. BAGILLT FAWR tnshp. (79) Holywell boro',
N. Flint. 2 m. SE. of Holywell-200, a subport to
Chester, near Watt's Dyke, and Halkin hill, is rich
in minerals, and includes B. BACH and B. FECHAN:
hmlts. Pop. 2300, in the large collieries, alkali,
lead, desilverising, and other metal works ; houses
441 with 5 chapels ; real prop. 33587., of which
12557. on mines. Living, a Cur. to Holywell,
val. 1757., patr. Vicar. B. Hall, an old seat of
the Griffiths.

Baginbun Head (50) near Bally teigue bay, S W.
Wexford, the spot where Rob.'Fitzstephen first
landed May 1169, in the ships 'Bag' and 'Bun,'
when ' Ireland was lost and won.' Remains of a
camp are traced.

Baging's Wood (55) 4 m. N. of Cleobury Mor-
timer, SE. Salop.

BAGINTON par. (53) Knightlow hund. Mid.
Warwick. 3 m. SSE. of Coven try-91, had a castle
built by the Bagots, where Hen. IV., when Duke
of Hereford, lodged at his duel with D. of Norfolk
before Rich. II., 1397. Acres 1480; pop. 245;


poor r. 199J. (Wanvk. U.); real prop. 2797J. ;
charities 241/., of which Price's school 228*. St.
J. Baptist Rect. (Wore.) val. 3631., patr. Rev. W.
D. Bromley, of whose family was W. Bromley,
Speaker in the reign of Anne and secretary of
state ; church, has a fine bell turret, and brass of
Sir W. Bagot and lady (1407). B. Hall, S. Jer-
voise, Esq.

BAGLAN par. (37) Neath hund. W. Glamoron.
4m. S. of Neath- 198, in a fine spot on Swansea
bay. Pop. 548 + 14, in the coal and fire clay
works ; poor r. 142L (Neath U.) ; real prop. 3822,
of which 1260 on mines ; charities 21. St Bag-
Ian Vic., with Aberavon. B. Hall, G. Llewellyn,
Esq. ; B. House, Earl of Jersey, and several other

Dagley (73) 5 m. S. of Ellesmere, NW. Salop.
^T BAGLEY hmlt (88) Calverley tnshp. W. R.
York. 4m. NE. of Bradford-136. ^ B. WOOD
ext par. (13) Hornier hund. N. Berks. 3 in. S. of
Oxford-54, has Chilswell farm, where Abingdon
abbey was at first founded. Acres 390 ; pop. 9.

Bagrnere Pool (80) nearBrereton hall, E. Chesh.
4m. E. of Middlewich, is the subject of a tradi-
tion which Camden was inclined to believe, that
trunks of trees rose and floated previous to the
death of an heir of the Breretons.

BAGNALL hmlt. (71) Basford par. SW. Notts.
2m. SSW. of Nottingham- 124. igT BAGNALL
tnshp. (62) Bucknall par. N. Staffd. 5 m. SW.
of Leek-154. Pop. 374+ 7. Living, a Cur. with

P. BAGNiGGEWELi.s(7) St. Pancras par. NW.
London, is so called from the mineral springs
once in repute here, near Nell Gwynne's house.

BAGNOR tythg. (12) Speen par. S. Berks. 2 m.
NNW. of Newbury-56, on R. Kennet. Pop.
165. B. House, .

BAGOT'S BLOMLEY lordshp. (72) Abbot's Brom-
ley par. Mid. Stafford, l^m. NW. of Ab.-Bromley
-129, belongs toJLord Bagot of Blithfield, whose
ancestor held it at 'Domesdy.' under Rob. de
Stafford. Real prop. 3135i B. Park, 2 m. N. is
another seat.

BAGSHOT hmlt. (12) Shalbourn par. SW.
Berks. 2 m. SSW. of Hungerford-64. Pop. 194.

P. BAGSHOT chplry. (8) Windlesham par. N W.
Surrey, 9 m. SW. of Staines-16, near S. West rail,
and B. Heath, was formerly called Holy Hall,
after a roval palace which stood here. Pop. 1071 ;
houses 2l"2; real prop. 7364/. B. Park, seat of
H.R.H. Duchess of Gloucester; B. Hall, Mrs.
Birt. Good mutton pastured on the heath, which
is a sandy flat, 463 ft. high, and contains 31,500

BAGTHORPE par. (68 or 9) Gallow hund. N.
Norfolk, 8 m. WNW. of Fakenham-109. Acres
710 ; pop. 78 + 1 ; poor r. 35/. (Docking U.) ; real
prop. 753Z. St. Mary Beet. (Norw.) val. 125/.,
patr. Sir C. Chad, Bt., of Pinkney. B. Hall,
A. G. Mackey, Esq. ijaf" BAGTHORPE hmlt.
(71) Basford par. SW. Notts. 2m. NNW. of
Nottingham- 124. lgp BAGTHORPE hmlt. (71)
Selston par. W. Notts. 10m. NW. of Nottingham,
near Annesley park. Pop. 556, in the collieries.

Bagtor (25) 3 m. N. of Ashburton, S. Devon.
Lord Cranstoun.

BAGULEY tnshp. (80) Bowdon par. N. Cfieth.
3 m. NE. of Altrincham-179. Pop. 505 + 4 ; poor
r. 155/. (Altrinc. U.) ; real prop. 423U B. Hall,
T. Tatton, Esq.

BAGWORTH chplry. (63) Thornton par. W.
Leicest. 9 m. N. of Hinckley-99, on Midld. branch
rail, (to Ashbv) near Charnwood forest. Pop. 264 ;
poorr. 173/. (Mkt. Bosworth U.) ; real prop. 341 1/.
Holy Rood Cur. with Thornton. B. Parli,



BAGWY LLYDIART vil. (43) Wormelow hund
5. Herefd. 10 m. SSW. of Hereford-134.

BAHAITHLON tnshp. (60) Kedry par. SE.
Montgmry. 3 m. E. of Newton-175. Pop. 108.

Bahama Bank, across Ramsey bay, 1. of Man,
a shifting sand, 10 m. long, 1 m. broad, stretching
NW. andSE. from Point of Ayre, has, since 1848,
a vessel at the S. end, in lat. 54 21' N., long.
4 11' W., moored in 9 fath. with 2 fixed lights, 20
and 33 ft. high, seen 10 m.

BAIDAN. See BOYDON, Glamrgn.

Baliose (80) near Cahirciveen, W. Kerry, C.
O'Connell, Esq.

Buiftie Castle, Airlie par. W. Forfar. 5 m. SW.
of Kirriemuir, near B. Moss.

Bailbrook (19) 4 m. NE. of Bath, NE. Somerset.

BAILDON chplry. (92) Otley par. W. R. York.
5 m. SW. of Otley-205, near R. Aire and Midld.
rail. Acres 2940; pop. 3280 + 24, worsted and
woollen weavers (600 cloth looms), and nail-
makers, etc. ; houses 658, with 3 chapels ; poor r.
473/. (Carlton Incorp.); real prop. G767L St
Giles Cur. (Rip.) val. 148/., patr. Vicar.

BAILEY, or BAILIE, tnshp. (106) Bewcastle par.
N. Cumbrld. 4m. NE. of Longtown-309, in a fine
spot Pop. 431 ; real prop. 3209/. ^T BAILEY
hmlt. (89) Mitton par. NE. Lancash. 7 m. N. of
Blackburn-212. Pop. 298. ^ B. Hall (47)
close to Hertford, S. Herts. ^T B. Hall (89)
3 m. SE. of Bolton, S. Lancash. glT B., NORTH
and SOUTH, two pars, in Durham city, near the
cathedral precincts. Real prop. 4982.

Bailey Light (16) 2 m. SSE. of Howth, E. Dull
in Dublin bay, lat. 53 22' N., long. 6 3' W., is
fixed, 134ft. high, seen 15 m., and was put up 1813.

P. M. BAILIEBOROUGH par. (28, 33-4) Castle-
rahan and Clankee bars. S.E. divan, 17 m. SE.
of Cavan and 58 from Dublin, is a sessions town
and police station belonging to Sir J. Young, Bt
of B. Cast. Acres 12,416, well cultivated ; pop.
6984, of town 1203 ; houses 1047, with 5 chapels,
court-ho. bridewell, dispensary, and Union p.
house. Liv. &Rect. (K. E. A.) val. 490J. patr. Bishop.
Bail. P.L. Union, includes 11 elect, div. in Cavan
and Meath, with 18 guardians ; acres 87,692, pop.
49,385, ho. room for 1100, cases relieved (1847-8)
4103 (besides 7456 out-door), expend. 11,1631.,
prop, rated 52,157/. & B. Presbytery, includes
Bailieboro' Ballyjamesduflj Bellasis, Carrick-
maclin, Cootehill, Crilea, Ervey, Killucan, Seafin,
Shircock. Mkt. D. Mond. Fairs, 17 Feb. 17
May, 15 June, 14 Aug. 14 Oct 17 Nov.

P. BAILIESTOK vil. Old Monkland par. N.
Lanrk. 7 m. SE. of Glasgow-44. Pop. 639.

BAINBRIDGE tnshp. (97) Aysgarth par. N. R.
York. 1J m. SW. of Askrigg, 246, in Wensley
dale, on B. River (which rises in Ray dale side,
and runs 12 m. through Simmer Water to the
Ure), is the roman Bracchium, with some remains
of a road, near which a statue of Commodus was
found. Acres 14,210, hilly, including Counter-
side, with other places; pop. 786, poor r. 41 3/.,
real prop. 77591. Bain. P. L. Incorporation, in-
.eludes High and Low Abbotside, Askrigg, Ays-
garth, Bainbridge, Burton, Haires, Thoralby.
3" B. HOLME (105) Easington ward, NE. Dur-
ham, 1 m. SW.of Sunderland, G. Pemberton, Esq.

BAINTON par. (64) Nassaburgh lib. N.E.
Northmptn. 4J m. ESE. of Stamford-89, seat of C.
Henson, Esq. Acres 960 ; pop. 161 ; poor r. 1057.
(Stamford U.) ; real prop. 1823i ; charities 51/.
iSt. Mary Cur. with Uflord ; church, early english.
B. Heath, 4 m. S. " BAINTON hmlt (45) Stoke
Lyne par. NE. Oxford, 3 m. N. of Bicester 54.
Pop. 34.

P. BAIKTON par. (94) Ilarthill wap. E.R,

H 3



York. 5 m. SW. of Gt. Driffield-196, is a petty
sessions court for the div. as below. Acres 2320 ;
pop. 392 + 3 ; poor r. 129Z. (Driff. U.) ; real prop.
3831Z. St. Andrew Beet. (York), val. 757Z. ; patr.
St. John's Coll. Oxon. B. Beavon, formerly set
up as a signal of danger, gives the name to the

wap. E. R. York, contains pars, of Great Driffield,
Holme on the Wolds, Hutton-Cranswick, Kiln-
wick, Kirkburn, Lockington, Lund, Middleton,
Scorboro', Skerne, Warter, Watten ; acres 56,900,
pop. 9523, houses 1868.

Baiston Hill (60 or 61), SW. of Shrewsbury,
W. Salop, is part of the low grauwacke range,
which extends SW. to the Slipperstones.

Sake (24) 4 m. WS W. of St. Germain's, E. Corn-
wall, the old seat of the Moyles, of whom was
Speaker M. in the time of Hen. VIII. now re-
presented by the Copleys of of Sprotborough.

BAKEK STREET vil. (1) Barnstaple hund. S.
Essex, 9 m. SE. of Romford-12. ^ B. STREET,
vil. (1) Edmonton hund. NE. Middlesex, 1J m.
N. of Enfield.

Baker's Heath, and Wood, 3 m. SW. of Woburn,

Bakers (7) 4 m. W. of Great Marlow, S. Bucks.
P. M. BAKEWELL par. (81) High Peak hund.
N. Derby. 25 m. NNW. of Derby, 152 from Lon-
don (12 from Mid. Count, rail.), a petty sessions,
election, and polling town, on R. Wye, near
Chatsworth, including Ashford, Baslow, Beeley,
Buxton, Chelmerton, Longstone, Monyash, Shel-
don, Taddington, King's Sterndale curs., with
Curbar, Haddon (and its old hall), and 12 other
tnshps., was the saxon BadecanwyUa, and pro-
bably a roman station and belongs to Duke of
Rutland thro' the Peverils, Genions, and Vernons,
of Haddon Hall. Acres 43,020, or 67 sq. m.
lying along the stream, which is well known to
anglers for trout and grayling ; pop. 10,363 + 83,
of town 1976 + 8, in a cotton factory (first esta-
blished by Arkwright), in the black marble, lead,
and chert works, with a few stockingers ; houses
(town) 403, with 2 chapels, 2 banks, savings bk.
(52,6827. from 1149 depositors), pub. library, dis-
pensary, the baths, built by Duke of Rutland
over a spring, which gave name to the place,
Lady Manners's free school, St. John's hosp., and
Union p. house ; poor r. 423/. on 55781., real prop.
79767. ; charities 3827., of which 1257, to town.
All Saints Vic. (Lich.) val. 360/., patr. Dean and
Chapter ; church, cruciform, partly norman and
early english, has been lately restored, and con-
tains an old font and tombs of the Vernons
(opened 1841), Folijambes, Mannerses, etc. with
a figured cross 8 ft. high in church-yard. The
Stanton harriers hunt round here. Bakew. P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Aldwarke,
Ashford, Bakewell, Baslow-and-Bubnell, Beeley,
Birchover, Chelmerton, Darley-Dale, Edensor,
Eyam. Elton, Hathersage, Gt. Longstones, Ma-
tock, Moneyash, Sheldon, Stony- Middleton, Tad-
dington, and Priestcliffe, Tideswell, Winster,
Youlgrave, with Abney and Abney-Grange, Brad-
well, Brushfield, Blackwell, Cromford, Calver,
Curbar, Eyam Woodlands, Flagg, Foolow, Frog-
gatt, Gratton, Grange Mill, Grindlow, Hassop,
Gt. and Lit. Hucklow, Hazelbadge, Hartington
Mid-Quarter, Over-Haddon, Harthett, Highlow,
Litton, Little Longstones, Middleton, Nether
Padley, Offerton, Outseats, Pilsley, Rowland,
Rowsley-and-AIport, Stoke, Stanton, Tansley,
Wheston, Wensley and Snitterton, Wardlow and
Wardlow-Mires ; acres , pop. 33,082, cases re-
lieved (1846-7) 1649 (out-door 1503), expend.

7034/1, prop, rated 94,0557. Sup. Registry conr-
prises the same up to Youlgrave with Bonsall
and Earl-Sterndale ; pop. 29,393 + 186. The New
County Court district corresponds with the re-
gistry, including Birchover and Gratton in Mat-
lock sub-district, the rest of which goes to
Wirksworth. Mkt, D. Frid. and every other Mond.
for cattle. Fairs, Easter and Whit. Mond. 26 Aug.
Monds. after 10 Oct. and 11 Nov. cattle, horses.

P. M. BALA (74) Llanykil par. E. Merioneth.
194 m. from London, at the bottom of B. Lake, a
polling, assizes, and sessions town, and a boro' by
prescription, governed by 2 bailiffs, and a common
council, belonged to Walter de Manny, governor
of Harlech cast. Pop. 1257 + 5, employed in the
knitting of stockings, gloves, ' comfortables,' and
welsh wigs; houses 303, with 2 chapels, town-
hall, market-house, and 2 banks ; poor r. . ;
real prop. 26897. ; charities, Meyrick's school, 1007.
A roman station called Tommen-y-Bala, near
Watling St., commands a fine view of the moun-
tains around, and of B. Lake, otherwise Llyn
Tegid or Pemblemere, the largest piece of water
in Wales, 4 m. long, f m. broad, 11 m. in circuit,
with a maximum depth of 46 yds., well cultivated
and wooded all round, but though generally
smooth, liable to overflow in rough winds. The
fisheries, once the property of Basingwerk abbey,
belong to Sir W. W. Wynne, who has a seat at
Glyn Llyn. Large pike abound, with perch,
roach, eels, and shoals of gwyniaid or "white
fish " a great treat in this quarter. The Dee,
which rises under Arran Fowddy, flows through
the lake in its course to the NE. Bala P. L.
Union contains the pars. etc. of Llandderfel, Llan-
fawr, Llangower, Llanlhvychyllyn, and Llanykil
(where poor ho. is) ; acres , pop. 6953, cases

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