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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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5940, hilly; pop. 221; poor r. 711. (Haltw. U.);
real prop. 1830/. ; charities 4/. Living, a Rect.
(Dur.) val. 70/., patr. R. W. Saunders, Esq.
Altars, etc. have been found.

KIUKIIKATON ext. par. chplry. Kirkharle par.
as above, 3 m. S. Acres 1760 ; pop. 164, in the
lime-kilns and Mealhill colliery; poor r. 26/.
(Castleward U.). Living, a Our. (Dur.) val. GO/.,
patr. E. 1'ewicke, Esq.; in ch.-yard is a large
yew, 6 centuries old.

KIRKHILL vil. Pennycuick par. S. Edinbro 1 ,
near Pennycuick-10, on R. North Esk. Pop. 315,



paper makers, etc. flip KIRKHILL par. Cm. W.
of Inverness-161, N. Inverness, on L. Beauly, in-
cludes Farnna and Wardlaw. Size 8 m. by 2,
heathy sheep-walks, with game, salmon, etc., and
a good mineral spa; pop. 1829 + 11; real prop.
6818Z. ; for poor 2207, Living (presb. Invern.)
val. 247/., patr. Prof. H. Scott. Remains of 2
druid circles, and many tumuli on Blarnacuiflich
moor, where a battle was fought. ijaf KIRKHILL
vil. Cambuslang par. W. Lanark, near Glasgow
-44. Pop. 216, weavers, etc.

KIRKHOBLE vil. ( ) Penningham par. NE.
Wigton. 1 m. NW. of Newtown-Stewart-125.

KIRKHOUSE GREEN hmlt. (87) Kirk Bramwith
and Campsall pars. W. H. York. 5m. WNW. of
Thome- 166.

Kirkibbost Isld. SW. side of N. Uist, Western
Isld. is 1 m. long, and sandy, and seat of Dr.
Macalister. Pop. 25.

P. KIRIUBOLL vil. Tongue par. N. Suiherld.
41 m. N. of Dornoch, 249 from Edinbro'. Pop. 92.

Kirkinch, 2 m. E. of Meigle, 5 W. Forfar. on
Scot. Midld. rail.

P. KIRKINNER par. (25-6) 3 m. SSW. of Wig-
ton-132, E. Wigton. on R. Bladnoch, near the
bay, contains Longcastle, Marchfarm, Sloabert,
and L. Dowalton. Size 7 m. by 4, hilly, with
carse land, shell beds at Baldern, whinstone, fish,
black cattle, etc.; pop. 1769 + 25, of vil. 229;
real prop. 11,2987. ; for poor 3587. Living (presb.
Wigt.) val. 2307., patr. Vans Agnew of Barnbar-
roch ; church, belonged to Whithorn priory. Two
round camps remain, and Longcastle church and
fort. From ' St. Kinneir.'

KIRKINRIOLA par. (27, 32-3) Low. Toome bar.
E. Antrim, on R. Braid, contains Bally mena-1 18.
Acres 6390, with stone, coal, waste bog; pop.
8843+155. Living, a Cur. with Ballyclug. Raths,
etc. are seen.

P. &. KIRKINTILLOCH par. 18 m. E. of Dumbar-
ton, SE. Dumbarton., 41 from Edinbro', containing
St. David's q. s., on the Wall, the Edin. and Glasg.
rail., Gt. Canal, and Rs. Kelvin, Skinna, and
Luggar, was given, as W. Leinzie, by Rob. I. to
the Flemings, and made a burgh of barony 1170
by Will, the Lion, to the Cumyns of Cumber-
nauld, under 2 bailies, etc. Size 6 m. by 3, or
14,400 acres, cultivated, with lime, coal, sandstone ;
pop. 8880 (many railway labourers), of burgh
6698, linen and cotton weavers ; houses , with
2 churches, chapels, town -house, bank, factories ;
real prop. 18,8067., of which 25001. on mines ; for
poor 1152/. Living (presb. Glasgow) val. 2627.,
patr. Fleming of Cumbernauld ; church, near the
old one, which belonged to Cambuskenneth ab.
Gartshore, Gartshore, Esq. (?) Parts of the
Antonine wall are traced, with forts at Barrhill
450ft. square, Auchindowie 450 by 210, and Peel
270ft. by 240, and inscriptions have been found.
A branch rail, turns off to Campsie in a line with
the Caledn. Fair, 20 Oct.

Kirkistown Castk (25) 5 m. NE. of Portaferry,
E. Down, in ruins.

Kirhland, or Kirland (30) 1 m. S. of Bodmin,
Mid. Cornwall, G. Borlase, Esq. 8g KIRKLAND
par. ( ) Leath ward, E. Cumbrld. 9m. E. of
Penrith-283, near R. Tees and Maiden way, under
Cross Fell, contains Culgaith cur. and Skirwith.
Acres 12,150, with lead and coal; pop. 887 + 12,
of town with Blencarn 233 + 2 ; poor r. 257.
(Penr. U.); real prop. 18087.; charities 74/., of
which 607. to school. St. Michael Vic. (Carl.)
val. 2217., patr. Dean and Chap, t^f KIRKLAND
tnslip. ( ) Torpenhow par. W. Cumbrld. 7 m.
NNE. of Cockermouth-306, is joined to BLENNER-
HASSETT. igT KIRKLAND vil. Glencairn par.



W. Dumfries, near Minnihive-68. Pop. 71. ^p
KIRKLAND vil. Wemyss par. 8. Fife, near Leven
-44, on Frith of Forth, in a pleasant spot. Pop.
534, flax spinners, etc. gif KIRKLAND tnshp.
( ) Garstang par. Mid. Lancash. m. SW. of
Garstang-229, on Lancaster canal and R. Wyre.
Acres 1050 ; pop. 408 ; poor r. 179Z. (Garst. U.) ;
real prop. 22371. K. Hall, G. B. Cole, Esq. ^
KIRKLAND tnshp. Kendal par. Mid. Westmrld.
near Kendal-262. Pop. 1222 ; real prop. 2009/.
ljaf KIRKLAND vil. (29) Kirkinner par. SE.
Wigton. 4 m. W. of Sorby-139.

KIRKLAXD OF TINWALD vil. Tinwald par. Mid.
Dumfries. 4 m. NE. of Dumfries-73. Pop. 116.

KIRKLANE vil. Kincardine par. S. Perth, near
Doune-44. Pop. 310.

KIRKLEES vil. (88) Clifton chplry. W. R. York.
4m. NE. of Huddersfield-189,on R. Calder, Leeds
and Manch. canal and rail., had a cistertian ab-
bey (?) found. Hen. II.'s time, where Robin Hood
was bled to death by the treacherous nun, 1247.
K. Hall, Sir G. Armytage, Bt., has his grave-

KIRKLEY tnshp. ( ) Ponteland par. SE. North-
mbrld. 6 m. SS\V. of Morpeth-289, on R. Blyth,
containing Benridge and Cartermoor, was held by
the Eures, etc. Pop. 168 ; poor r. 41Z. (Castle-
ward U.). K. House, Rev. Prebendary Ogle, who
has the manor. IS3" KIRKLEY par. (67) Mut-
ford hund. NE. Suffolk, 1 m. SW. of Lowestoft
-114, on the coast, near K. Ham, which leads
into Lake Lo thing, and Pakefield light. Acres
1320 ; pop. 433 + 6, fishermen ; poor r. 125Z.
(Mutfd. U.) ; real prop. 1188Z. ; charities 15Z. All
Saints Rect. (Norw.) val. 163Z., patr. Hon. Mr.
Irby ; church, half in ruins, with some old brasses
under the pews.

KIRKLIXGTON par. (82) Thurgarton wap. Mid.
Notts. 2 m. NW. of Southwell- 132, on R. Greet.
Acres 1940 ; pop. 280 + 4 ; poor r. 104. (Southw.
U.) ; real prop. 2126Z. ; charities U. St. Swithin
Cur. (Line.) val. 49Z., patr. Chap, of Southwell.
K. Hall, Adml. Sotheron.

P. KIRKLINGTON par. ( ) Hallikeld wap. N.
R. York. 5m. SE. of Bedale-223, near Leem-
ing Lane, contains Howgrave, Sutton, E. Tan-
field, and a danish camp. Acres 3800, of town
with Upsland 1980 ; pop. 486, and 324 + 2 ; poor
r. 96Z. (Bedale U.) ; real prop. 3600Z. ; charities
411. St. Mary Rect. (Rip.) val. 1034/., patr. Hon.
C. B. Wandesford.

P. KIRKLISTON, or K'LISTOK, par. 9 m. W. of
Edinbro', NW. Edinb. and E. Linlthgw., on
R. Almond, and Glasg. rail, (at the 30-arch
viaduct), including Newbridge, Niddry (and
castle), Winchburgh, was the K. Templars',
and called Temple Liston. Size 5J m. by
3J, fertile and cultivated ; pop. 2989 + 130,
of vil. 840; real prop. 15,381/. ; for poor 456Z.
Living (presb. Linlgw.), val. 286/., patr. Crown ;
church, on site of the Templars', has the graves
of Earl Stair of Newliston (now seat of J. Hog,
Esq.) and his wife, Dame Margaret, the " Lady
Ashton " of Scott. Tuuiuli, etc., about the Cats-
tane (4 ft. high, with an inscription) mark where
a battle was fought 995 between Mai. II.'s bro-
ther Kenneth and Constantine the usurper. At
Linns Mill " the rightful heir of Linn " is buried.

KIRKMABRECK par. 12 m. NW. of Kirkcud-
bright-104, SW. Kirkcudbt., has Kirkdale and
Creetown burgh of barony, on R. Cree and Wig-
ton bay. Size 8 m. by 4, hilly sheep-walks, with
Pible and other spas, game, and granite at
Cairnsmuir (2598 ft. high) ; pop. 1854 + 8 ; real
prop. 6117Z. ; for poor 4917. Living (presb. Wig-
ton) val. 249/., patr. Crown and M'Culloch of


Barholm. Kirkdale Ho., of granite, b. by the
Hannays. Holy Cairn (a kistvaen), where they
say king "Galdus" was laid, also Cairny-
wanie, with a druid circle, tumuli, and 4 towers,
all on the Cree.

KIRKMADRYN par. joined to SORBIE, Wigton.

P. KIRKMAHOE par. 3 m. N. of Dumfries-73,
S W. Dumf. on R. Nith, and a branch roman
way, includes Dalswinton (the Millers'), Duncow,
Kifkblane, Kirkton. Size 8 m. by 5, or 3200
acres, hilly; pop. 1568, decreasing; real prop.
9866Z. ; for poor 261/. Living (presb. Dumf.)
val. 238Z., patr. Duke of Buccleugh.


P. KIRKMAIDEX par. (31, etc.) 30 m. SW. of
Wigton, SW. Wigton. 155 from Edinbro', near
Mull of Galloway, has Drumore, Port Logan,
Rosah, Maryport, and other bays, and is the
southernmost par. of Scotland, as in Burns' line
" From Maiden-Kirk to Johnny Groat's." Size
10 m. by 2, hilly, with whinstone, slate, sand-
stone, many caves along shore, samphire, fish ;
pop. 2202 + 15 ; real prop. 6581Z. ; for poor 597/.
Living (presb. Stranraer) val. 151/., patr. Earl
Stair of Culhorn.

KIRKMANSHULME hmlt. (88) Newton chplry.
SE. Lancash. 3 m. NE. of Manchester-183.

KIRKMICHAEL par. Carrick distr. 5. Ayr. 3 m.
E. of Maybole-83, on Rs. Doon and Girvan.
Size 19 m. by 4, or 12,500 acres, hilly, with stone,
granite, lime, marl, wood, traces of coal ; pop.
2933+18, of vil. 499; real prop. 10,127Z. ; for
poor 540Z. Living (presb. Ayr) val. 261Z., patr.
Crown. K. House, Col. Shaw Kennedy. %gr
KIRKMICHAEL par. 9 m. SSW. of Inveraven,
S W. Banff, containing Tomantoul-89, on Rs.
Aven (which has a fall of 18 ft.) and Alnach,
in the Grampians, was held by the Macduffs,
Stewarts, and Gordons (from Jas. III.). Size
25 m. by 3^ (equal to 6 ' davochs,' or plough-
lands, for 8 oxen each), moory, rising 4095 ft.
at Cairngorm (where pebbles are got), with soft
stone, grey slate, lime, iron, marl, deer forest,
eagles, game, mineral springs, etc. ; pop. 1576,
decreasing ; real prop. 3340Z. ; for poor 514Z.
Living (presb. Chanonry) val. 121Z., patr. Earl
of Seafield of Cast. Grant. Near L. Aven on
Cairngorm is the Clachdhian stone, 6 ft. by 12
thick ; and the Clach Oban on Meal-a-ghaneimh
hill, 20 ft. high, has a sort of chair, which preg-
nant women sit in, that their pains may be
easier. James an Tuim, i. e. ' of the hill,' was
a local hero here.

P. KIRKMICHAEL par. in Nithsdale, Mid.
Dumf. 8 m. N. of Dumfries-73, including Garrel
since 1666, is on R. Ae, and roman way from
Netherby. Size 11 m. by 5, or 16,700 acres,
hilly sheep-walks, with iron, mineral springs,
wood; pop. 1108, decreasing; real prop. 7282Z. ;
for poor 201Z. Living (presb. Lochmaben) val.
246Z., patr. Duke of Buccleugh ; the manse stands
in a roman camp, where a brass pot was found 1785.
K. House, J. S. Lyon, Esq. Near Wallace's
house, stones mark where the hero slew 6 En-
glishmen, and tumuli, barrows or burrans,
are seen.

P. &. KIRKMICHAEL par. 10 m. XE. of Dun-
keld-59, NE. Perth, in Strathairdle, etc., on Rs.
Airdle, Shee, Blackwater, under the Grampians.
Size 17 m. by' 6, sheep-walks ( ft. at Mount
Blair), with sulphur springs, and trout in Lochs
Sheshernich and NanEun; pop. 1412, of vil.
104, decreasing; real prop. 7969Z. ; for poor 195Z.
Living (presb. Dunkeld), patr. Farquharson of
I Invercauld. Ossian's " Dhiarmid," according to


some, died on Ben Ghulbhainu. On a moor, is a
cairn 270 ft. round, 75 high, with smaller ones
about ; near it are two concentric druid circles
50 and 32 ft. diam., with 6 others 32 to 36 ft.
diam. near them, and an avenue 300 ft. long,
with small cairns close by; 1m. NE. on the
hills, is a logan stone of 3 tons, 7 ft. by 5 (cross-
ways), 360 ft. W. of it are 2 circles, 180 ft.
further 2 more, 112 ft. 2 more, 135 ft. 2 more
(all about 45 and 32 ft. diam., with entrances 5 ft.
wide on S. side, and a smaller circle near each
pair) ; 270 ft. further, 1 more of 36 ft. diam., with
2 oblongs 37 ft. by 12, and a cairn 72 ft. round
and 12 high; several dach-spleuchda, or " stones
of worship," 5 to 6 ft. high, are also seen. Fair,
Michaelmas. i^ KIRKMICHAEL. See KESO-
LIS, Ross.

KIRKMUIRHILL vil. Lesmahagow par. Mid,
Lanark, near Lanark-31. Pop. 242.

P. KIRKNEWTON and E. CALDER par,5 m. W. of
Currie-6, W. Edinbro', on Caledn. rail, in a healthy
spot, between Rs. Almond and Leith, contains Wil-
kiston. Size 6 m. by 4, hilly, with plantations,
lime; pop. (with Calder) 1441, (alone) 537, of
vil. 289 ; real prop. 84331. ; for poor 284/. Living
(presb. Edinb.) val. 283/., patr. Duke of Buccleugh
of Dalkeith, and Earl Morton of Dalmahoy, who
takes his title from Mortoune here ; church, has
tomb of Cullen, who lived at Orrniston. Meadow-
bank, .

P. KIRKOSWALD par. Carrick distr. W. Ayr.
4 m. SW. of Maybole-83, on the coast, has fine
sea views of Ailsa, etc., and includes Mardins
with remains of Turnberry Cast. (" Where Bruce
once ruled the martial ranks"), and Crossrag-
nall abbey, found, 1260. Size 6 m. long, or 13,750
acres, with Craigdow and Mochruins hills and
Ipchs, marl, plantations, stone, coal (at a pit
which took fire), fish, etc. ; pop. 2030 + 8 ; real
prop. 10,557Z. ; for poor 356Z. Living (presb. Ayr)
val. 213/., patr. Crown. Culzean Cast. Marq. of
Ailsa, over several caves; Thomastown Cast.
was b. 1335, by Bruce's nephew. Burns went to
school here, and wrote " Tarn o'Shanter " (who
was Doug. Graham of Shanter farm here) when
staying at Ballochniel. Both heroes of this fa-
mous piece are in the ch.-yard.


Castle-Douglas-92, N. Kirkcudbt. near R. Urr,
includes Crocketford, and Kilbride. Size 10 m. by
3i, with heath and moor ; pop. 1484, of vil. 500 ;
real prop. 6502/. ; for poor 310/. Living (presb.
Dumfries) val. 289/., patr. Crown ; church, stands
on a stream or water (dwr) in the village (liani).
Danish forts are seen. Fair, last Th, Mar.

P. KIRKPATRICK-FLEMING par. in Annandale,
S.Dumfries. 5 in. NE. of Annan-79,on Caledn. rail,
and Rs. Kirtleand Logan, at the Black Sark's head,
including Fain-hall and Newton, with Kirkconnell
and Irvine, belonged to the bold Flemings of Red-
hall. Size 6 m. by 2J, or 10,600 acres, hilly, with
lime, white and red stone, traces of coal, planta-
tions, and spas at Branteth, Highmoor, Gonkall,
Wystre, etc.; pop. 1692 + 3; real prop. 7268J. ;
for poor 393/. Living (presb. Annan) val. 226/.,
patr. Miss Minor of Redhall, and Sir P. Max-
well, Bt. of Sprinkell ; church, has the graves of
Fair Helen of" Kirkconnell lee" of the song, and
her lover Adam Fleming. Logan kirk stood at
Chapel-knowe ; VVoodhouse Tower was the Irv-
ings ; Meekhall cross is lljft. high; and there
are 2 camps (near Holmhead), tumuli, 2 druid
circles, and Beltenmont cairn. The wooden clogs
made here were worn instead of shoes. <y K.
IRONQRAY par. 5 m. NW. of Dumfries-73. N.




' Kirkcudbt. on R. Cairn (a fall of 30 ft. at Rowting

| br.), Cluden, Bogrie waters, contains Shawhead.

i Size 9 m. by 3, moory, part fertile (rising ft,

I at Bishop's Forest hill), with game, etc. ; pop.

! 927 + 2 ; real prop. I. ; for poor 1237. Living

( presb. Dumfries) val. 2311., patr. Oswald of

Auchencruive ; church, old, on "Gray's land,"

from iron, ern, am, land. A beacon at Ingleston.

IgP K.-JuxTA par. in Annandale, N. Dumfries.

3 m. SW. of Moffat-52, on Rs. Kinnel, Evan, etc.

and Watling St., which goes by Tatius-holme

camp under Queensberry hill (2250 ft.,) contains

Craigielands. Size 8m. by 4, or 19,400 acres,

moory sheep-walks, with plantations; pop. 934,

decreasing; real prop. 5756/. ; for poor 119/.

Living (presb. Lochmaben) val. 195/., patr.

Johnstone of Annandale. Augheancass Castle,

with ruined walls 15 ft. thick, was the Braces' ;

cairns, or burians, hill forts 100 to 200 ft. diam.,

and several ruined towers, are seen.

Kirksands Point, in Papastour, Shetld. Islds.,
has fluor and other spars, crystals, chalcedony,
etc., in the dark clay-stone.

Kirkside, at St. Cyrus, S. Kincard. G. Straton,

Kirksoke ( ) 13 m. SW. of Wooler, NW. North-

P. <&.. KIRKSTALL vil. ( ) Headingley chplry.
W.R. York. 3 m. NW. of Leeds-189,on Thirsk rail,
in the vale of R. Aire, has the fine ruins of the cis-
tertian abbey found. 1152 by Hen. de Lacy, and
given toCranmer. Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 14i,
patr. Trustees. The remains, which belong to Earl
Cardigan, and cover a space 445 ft. by 340, are
norman and early eng., including the cruciform
church, with its tall tower, rich door, chapter
house, refectory, cloister, all covered with ivy.

KIRKSTEAD par. (83) S. Gartree wap. Mid. Lin-
coln. 6 m. SW. of Horncastle-134, on Gt. Northn.
rail, and R. Witham, has a small part of a cister-
tian abbey found. 1139 by Hugh Fitz-Eudo. Acres
1540 ; pop. 180 ; poor r. 28/. (Horncas. U.) ; real
prop. 1764/. ; charities 6/. Living, a Don. Cur.
(Line.) val. 40/., patr. T. Moore, Esq., is or was
for a long time given to a dissenting minister, and
held by Dr. J. Taylor, author of the "Hebrew
Concordance." Near it is Moor Tower, an 8-sided
building, which was an outpost to Tattershall
Castle. Hugh K., a benedictine-cistertian-ber-
nardine monk, a " treble-refined Christian," as
Fuller calls him, was a native.

Kirkstone Fell ( ) 2 m. NNE. of Ambleside,
W. Northmbrld., a rocky pass so called from
kirock, a heap, or mark.

Kirkstyle, at Carluke, Mid. Lanark., was made
a barony by Chas. U.

KIRKTHORPE vil; (87) Warmfield tnshp. W.
R. York, near Wakefield-182, on Leeds and Man-
chester canal and rail, and R. Calder.

Kirkthwaite or Curthwaite ( ) 4 m. E. of Wigton,
N. Cumbrld. on Newc. and Carl. rail.

KIRKTON vil. Kilmaurs par. N. Ayr. m.
NW. of Kilmarnock-62. flST KIRKTON vil. Kil-
maurs par. N. Ayr. near KiTmarnock-62. ' Kirk-
ton,' i. e. church town, answering to the welsh
llan, and english kirby, or kirkby.

P. KIRKTON vil. Kirkmahoe par. SW. Dum-
fries. 4m. N. of Dumfries-73. Pop. 221. ^-
i KIRKTON vil. Balmerino par. N. Fife. 6 m. N. of
Cupar-32. Pop. 111. gg KIRKTON vil. par. of
Burntisland-12, S. Fife. Pop. 521. ^- KIRK-
TON vil. par. of Largo-27, SE. Fife, on Frith of
Forth. Pop. 395. <i3" KIKKTON vil. Anghtcr-
house par. S W. Forfar. 6 m. NW. of Dundee-45.
! Pop. 134. <=y KIKKTON vil. Glenisla par. IV.
Forfar. 12 m. WN W. of Kirriemuir-61. Pop. 41.




SiP KIRKTON vil. Strathmartine par. *'. Forfar.
6 m. N. of Dundee-45. Pop. 96. giT KIRKTON
vil. Tealing par. S. Forfar, 7 m. N. by E. of Dun-
dee-45. Pop. 48. (gP KiRKTON OP KlNNETTLES

hmlt. Kinnettles par. S. Forfar. 3 m. SW. by S.
of Forfar-58. Pop. 49. igT KIRKTON, or KIR-
TON, par. (82) Bassetlaw wap. Mid. Notts. 3 m.
NE. of Ollerton-137, near the Hop-yards. Acres
1090 ; pop. 265 + 2 ; poor r. 687. (Southwell U.) ;
real prop. 12747. ; charities 87. Holy Trinity Rect.
(Line.) val. 2597., patr. Duke of Newcastle.
ifiT KIRKTON OF WEEM vil. par. of Weem, Mid.
Perth. Pop. 50.

Kirktoun, near , Elgin., Munro, Esq.
KIRKTOVVN vil. Fenwick par. N. Ayr. 3 m.
NE. of Kilmarnock-62. Pop. 117. ig KIRK-
TOWN vil. St. Fergus par. locally in NE. Aberdeen.
6 m. NNW. of Peterhead-144, belongs to Banff.
KIRKTOWN par. Hawick dist. Mid. Roxburgh.
2 m. S. of Hawick-50. Size 8 m. by 1, hilly
sheep-walks ; pop. 313 + 2 ; real prop. 3609/. ; for
poor 597. Living (presb. Jedburgh) val. 1747.
patr. Crown.

KIRKTOWN OF FORDOUN vil. par. of Fordoun
-86, Mid. Kincardine. Pop. 34. igT K. OF NEW
DEER vil., par. of New Deer-137, N. Aberdeen.
Pop. 322.

Kirktownhitt, at Marykirk, Kincard. R. Taylor,

Kirkulten (81) 5 m. NW. of Galway, Mid.
Galway, M. P. Brown, Esq.

P. KIRKCRD par. 8 m. W. of Peebles, W. Peebles.
28 from Edinbro', on R. Tarth. Size 5 m. by 3,
or 6620 acres, cultivated,with sheep-walks (2100 ft.
high at Hell's Cleugh, with the pyked stane on
top), plantations, and good sulphur spring ; pop.
305, decreasing ; real prop. 24667.; for poor 157.
Living (presb. Peebl.) val. 158/., patr. Sir. T. G.
Carmichael, Bt. of Stirling, and K. House, which
was the Geddes' of Rachan for 1100 yrs. ; church,
replaces one which belonged to Soltra hosp. A
kistvaen was found under Mounthill ; there are
remains of Castle and Law barrows, Rings and
Chester camps, and Haerstanes druid circle.

* P. 21. KIRKWALL, and ST. OLA par. in Po-
mona, Orkney Isld. between K. Bay and Scalpa
Floe, 25 m. from Houna ferry on the main, or 325
from Edinbro', the county town, sheriff and
admlty. court, and till 1688, seat of the Bps. of
Orkney, was the Kirhovig Kirkwaa, 'great church,'
of the Northmen, "where K. Haco died 1263, and
has the hall 58 ft. by 20, and other parts of King's
castle, b. 1607, and destroyed (Jas. VI.) when
the bad earl Patrick took refuge here ; is a royal
and parl. burgh contributing to Wick (elect. 10*9),
first chartered by Jas. V. I486,- at his visit, and go-
verned under the late act, by a provost, 4 bailies,
deacon of 4 trades, 23 council, etc., with a revenue j
of /. Size 4 m. square, bare hills, with black
cattle, sheep, fish, seafowl, Blakeley's iron spring ;
pop. 3599, decreasing, of burgh 2205, in a coast-
ing trade, with straw-platters 304, shoemakers
87, linen weavers, etc. 45, fishermen 33 ; houses
322, many having gable ends, with the cathedral
(as below), and St. Magnus chapel, 3 chapels,
town-boose and gaol, 2 banks, library, mason
lodge, gram, school 4 real prop. 2297/. ; for poor
185*. Living (K. presb.) val. 1587, each, to 2
ministers, patr. Town Council ; church, part of
St. Magnus Cathedral, built 1138, and restored
(Jas. IV.) by Bp. Stewart, is 226 ft, by 56, and
71 high, with a tower 133 ft. high (resting on
pillars, one of 24 ft. girth \ Bp. Stewart's E.
window 36 ft. by 12, Bp. Reid's porch, stalls,
and old tombs. Near it are ruins of the Bps.
palace in which Haco died, with a niched figure


of Bp. Reid, who restored it, and intended to
found a college here, but left money for one at
Edinbro'. The pier harbour, improved 1820, is
inside Cairston roads, and has a fixed light,
20 ft, high, put up 1838. Steamers and packets
go to Lerwick and Edinbro'. In 1846, 63 sail
of 4762 tons (28 being under 50 t. each) be-
longed to the port, which has Sandy, Strom-
ness, for sub-ports; and the tonnage Inwards
and Outwards, including repeated vovages, was
'coastwise' 1185 sail of 18,823 t. and 1297 of
20,007 tons (besides 1 steamer of 278 t. inw. and
outw.~), from ' colonies ' 1 of 165 1., from and to
' foreign ports ' 3 of 259, and 2 of 177 1. (besides 6
foreigners of 383 and 2 of 92 t.) ; total customs
9627. Tumuli at Caldale, etc., and several round
stone ' picts' houses,' 50 to 100 ft. diam., are seen ;
and it gives title of viscount to Earl Orkney.
>Ji K. PRESBYTERY, synod of Orkney, includes
St. Andrew's, Holm, Kirkwall, S. Ronaldshay.
Kirk Fast, Th. before last Sun. June, and first
moonlit Sun. Nov. Fairs, 11-24 Aug. on a large

P. KIRKWHELPINGTON par. ( ) NE. Tindale
ward, Mid. Northmbrld. 9 m. E. of Bellingham
-294, on R. Wansbeck, contains Gt. Bavington,
Capheaton, Catch erside, Coldwell, Crogdean,
Fawns, Harle, and W. Whelpington. Acres
12,420; pop. 705, of town 241; poor r. 657.
(Bellingh. U.) ; real prop. 77377. St. Bartho-
lomew Vic. (Dur.) val. 2887., patr. Bishop.

P. KIRMINGTON par. (86) E. Yarborough wap.
N. Lincoln. 6 m. ENE. of Brigg-lo5, near K.
Vale. Acres 2210; pop. 367 -+ 5; poor r. 797,
(Brigg U.) ; real prop. 26467. St. Helen Vic.
(Line.) val. 1387., patr. Lord Yarborough.

KiRMOND-LE-MiRE par. (-83) E.AVraggoe wap.
N. Lincoln. 7 m. SE. of (Jaistor-153. Acres
1290; pop. 69; poor r. 157. (Caist. U.) ; real
prop. 11937. St. Martin Vic. (Line.) val. 129/.,
patr. C. Tumor, Esq.

KIRMUJSDIE, NETHER, vil. Longside par. NE.
Aberdeen, has a woollen factory.

P. Kirn, near Dunoon, Argyll.

Braes of Angus, Mid. Forfar. 5 m. NW. of Forfar,
61 from Edinbro', containing Logie q. s. and
Northnruir, in a fine spot on Rs. Prosen, Esk,
Carity, etc. (once part of Platane forest), is a
burgh of barony, governed by a bailie under Ld.
Douglas, and has the Ogilvies' cast, of Invercarity.
Size 13 m. by 4, hilly, with fine glens, planta-
tions, red trout, etc. ; pop. 7085 + 66, of town
3067, in a good linen and shoe trade-; houses (in
town, on R. Gairie) 497, with 3 chapels, bank,
news-room, friendlv societies, schools, distillery,
tan-yards; real prop. 16,6847.; for poor 12837.
Living (presb. Forfar) val. 2467., patr. Ld.
Douglas. A law stands at Court Hillock. Mht,
D. Frid. Fairs, 13 Mar. Frid. after 26 May, 1st
Wed. after Glammis in June and Nov.; 24 Julv,
or 1st Wed. after ; 1st Wed. after 18 Oct.

KIRSTEAD par. (66) Loddon hund. SE. Nor-
folk, 4 m. W. of Loddon-112. Acres 1250; pop.
249; poor r. 1187. (Lodd. U.); real prop. 17197.;
charities 17. St. Margaret Rect. (Norw.) val.
with Langhale 3267., patr. Caius Coll. Camb.

KIRTHWAITE hmlt. ( ) Dent chplry. W. R.
York, near Dent-270.


Middlebie par. S. Dumfries. 5 m. SW. of Lang -
holm-73, on Caledn. rail, and K. River, ivliich
runs 15 m. SW. and SE. to Solway Frith at K.
Foot, and has pike, trout, etc. Pop. 83.

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