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Vicar of Hurley, etc. ^- K. Hill (15) 3 m.
SW. of Cranborne, NE. Dorset.

KNOWLK tythg. (21) Crediton par. Mid. Devon.
near Crediton-180, was seat of Col. Montague,
who collected his birds here, now in Brit. Museum.
Pop. 392. t^ KNOWLE tythg. (18) Buckland
Newton par. Mid. Dorset. 3 m. NE. of Cerne-
Abbas-127. Pop. 123; real prop. 10997.

P. KNOWLE tythg. ( ) Bedminster par. NE.
Somerset. 2 in. *SW. of Bristol-114. Pop. 190.
l^P KNOWLE tythg. (19) with Knighton Sutton,
Chew Magna par. NE. Somerset. 6 m. S. of
Bristol-114. Pop. 360 ; real prop. 34447. $~jj
KNOWLE tythg. (18) Long Sutton par. Mid.
Somerset. 3 m. N W. of Ikhester-121. Pop. 155 ;
real prop. 15327. i^T KNOWLE hmlt. (20) Sel-
worthv par. NW. Somerset. 3 m. W. of Mine-
head-163. Pop. 37.

P. KNOWLE chplry. (54) Hampton-in-Arden
par. W. Warwick. 9 m. NW. of Warwick- 90, a
petty sess. town, on Birming. canal, held by
Q. Eleanor and Westminster Abbey. Pop. 1208
+ 8; poor r. 3997. (Solihull U.) ; real prop.
15,8907. St. J. Baptist Cur. (Wore.) val. 1267.,
patr. W. B. J.Wilson, Esq. of K. Grove ( ?) ; church,
which had a chantry, found. (Rich. II.) by Walter
Cook, a priest, is later eng. with 13 sculptured
stalls, stone seats, carved pews, piscinae, rood loft,
wall paintings, stained glass, etc. Coins of the
lower empire have been found. Fair, 1st Mond.
after St. Andrew's day. gST Knowle (14) 6 m. W.
of Huugerford, E. Wilts, gif KNOWLE hmlt.
( ) Keighley par. W. R. York, near Keighley-206.


Knou-h Farm ( ) 4 m. SSE. of Tunbridge
Wi-lls, NE. Sussex, Gen. Beatson.

KSOWLE, ST. GILKS, par. (21) S. Petherton
huncl. S. Somerset. 2 m. NE. of Chard-139, near
the canal. Acres' 760 ; pop. 99 ; poor r. 247.
(Chard U.) ; real prop. 8687. St. Giles Cur. (Ba.
and W.) val. 7'2L, patr. Bishop. ^P K., GREAT
and LITTLE, limits. (22) E. Budleigh par. E.
J)n-on. 4 m. SW. of Sidmouth-158. ^ K. Green
(47) 6 m. W. of Sudbury, N. Essex. 1&" K.
Grove (8) 4 m. W. of Chertsey, NW. Surrey.
HOT K., or Knole, Park (6) near Sevenoaks, W.
Kent, seat of Dow. Countess of Plymouth, formerly
of Duke of Dorset, etc. was held by the Bethunes,
Marshalls (earls of Pembroke, who built the
oldest part), Bigods, Says, Abps. of Canterbury
(from Bourcbier, who built the greatest part
before 1486, to Cranmer, who resigned it to
Hen. VIII.), protector Somerset, Dudley duke of
Northumberland, Card. Pole, Dudley earl of Lei-
cester, and the Sackvilles, who completed it
(Jas. I.). The house covers 5 acres, in the shape
of a quadrangle, including a high gate ho., great
hall, Jas. I.'s state bed-room, retainers' oak gal-
lery, etc. ; and contains much old furniture and
tapestry, with several carved 'fire-dogs,' or
andirons, also Mytens' copies of the cartoons ;
busts, including a ' Demosthenes' found in Cam-
pania ;^a fine Titian, two Teniers, some Correggios
and Rembrandts ; and portraits by Holbein, Van-
dyck, Mytens, Kneller, Jarvis, Lely, Reynolds,
etc., of the Sackvilles, Howards, Anne Boleyn,
Jas. I., friar Bacon, Wicklifle, Cranmer, Bps.
Fisher and Gardiner, More, Wolsey, Dudley,
Ratcliffe earl of Sussex, Ld. Chancs. Hatton and
Egerton, Raleigh and his wife, Will, of Nassau,
the Guises, Sir K. DJgby, D'Urfey the wit (who
lived here), Waller, Dryden, Newton, Locke,
Hobbes, Addison, Johnson, Goldsmith, Burke,
Garrick, etc. Fine beeches, oaks (one 28 ft.
round), with deer, abound in the old park, which
is 6 miles round, and commands very beautiful

Knowles Green (7) near Staines, S W. Middlesex.

KNOWLS hmlt. (88) Fixby tnshp. W. R. York.

2 m. N. of Huddersfield-189.

KXOWLTON HUNDRED (15) E. Shaston divis.
NE. Dorset, contains the pars, of Long Critchill,
Gussage All Saints, and Woodlands ; acres 5180,
pop. 964, houses 184. (gr KNOWLTON as above,

3 m. S W. of Cranborne-93.

KNOWLTON par. (3) Eastry hund. St. Augus-
tine lathe, NE. Kent, 4 m. SW. of Sandwich-68.
Acres 550; pop. 27.; poor r. 101. (Eastry U.);
real prop. Ill I/. St. Clement Rect. (Cant.) val.
1507., patr. Capt. D'Aeth, of K. Court, whose an-
cestor Narborough, was lost with Shovell on the
Scilly Islds. 1707.

Knowns Folly (47) 2 m. E. of Royston, S. Cam-

KNOWSLEY tnshp. (80) Huyton par. SW.
iMncash. 2 m. WNW. of Prescot-298. Acres
4750; pop. 1302 + 24; poor r. 207/. (Presc. U.);
real prop. 10,0087. A'. Park, Earl Derby, re-
stored by the 10th earl (before 1735), has a
large menagerie, etc. with some italian masters,
ami pictures of all the Stanleys, including
Thomas 1st earl (who b. the old towers, etc.),
father-in-law to Hen. VII., whom he joined
at Bosworth, and who visited his mother the
Lady Margaret here, the bountiful 3rd earl,
who offered to raise 10,000 men for Eliz., 7th
earl, who wrote the memorable letter to Ireton,
iiud was beheaded at Bolton, and his wife
Charlotte de Tremouaille, who figures in ' Peveril
oi' the 1'cak,' and as the defender of Latham Ho.



KNOWSTONE par. (21) S. Molton hund. N.
Devon. 1 m. ESE. of S. Molton-178. Acres 4440 ;
pop. 578 + 5 ; poor r. 3127. (S. Molton U.) ; real
prop. 30427. ; charities 5/. St. Peter Vic. (Exet.)
val. with Molland /., patr. R. Throckmorton,
Esq. ; church, has a norman door. Sir J. Berry,
a sailor, was a native. The K. harriers hunt
round here.

Knot/dart, a point of Glenelg par. W. Inverness.
between Lochs Nevish and llourn, i. e. heaven
and hell.

P. KNOYLE, EAST, par. (15) Downton hund.
S W. Wilts. 2 m. SVV. of Hindon-94, contains
Milton and Upton. Acres 5320 ; pop. 1038 + 1,
of tythg. 541 ; poor r. 6567. (Mere U.) ; real prop.
7376/. ; charities 76*. St. Mary Rect. (SaL) val.
8611., patr. Bp. of Winton, once held by the
father of Wren, a native (1632-1723). ^ K.,
WEST, par. (14) Mere hund. as above, 2 m. NW.
Acres 2390 ; pop. 206 ; poor r. 897. (Mere U.) ;
real prop. 15727.; charities 167. Living, a Vic.
(Sal.) val. /., patr. Bishop.

KNOCK tnshp. (60) Mainstone par. SW. Salop,
5 m. WSW. of Bishop's Castle-159. Pop. 26.

# KNUOKLASS, or CNWCLAS, boro' (56) Be-
guildy and Heyop pars. NE. Radnor. 2 m. NW.
of Knighton-165, had a castle of the Mortimers,
built 1242, and is a crown manor and contributory
boro' to Radnor, governed by a bailiff, burgesses,
etc. Vavasour Powell, the nonconformist, was a

Knucknafiach Hill ( ) near Bantry, S W. Cork.

RNUSTOX hmlt. (52) Irchester par. E. North-
mptn. 2 m. SW. of Higham Ferrars-65. Pop. 42.
K. Hall, Capt. Vivian.

P. M. KNUTSFORD, or NETHER K., par. (80)
Bucklow hund. N.ChesMre, 24 m. ENE. of Chester,
172 from London, near N.West. rail., on a branch of
R. Bollin, a sessions, election, and polling town (so
called, it is said, after Canute or Knuf), containing
K. SUPERIOR and INFERIOR, as below, Bexton,
Ollerton, and Toft, was once held by Nigel of
Halton, the Tableys, now by the Ellesmeres,
and was part of Rostherne till 1714. Acres 4300 ;
pop. 4006 + 41, cotton and worsted spinners,
tanners, etc. ; houses 760, with 3 chapels, 2 banks,
savings bk. (29,3007. from 700 depositors), ses-
sions house, co. house of correction, race-stand,
grammar school, par. school; poor r. 9197. on
73137. (Altrincham U.) ; real prop. 93257. ; cha-
rities 1567. St. J. Baptist Vic. (Ches.) val. 2257.,
patr. Lords of Manors ; church, b. 1744. Tatton
Park, W. Egerton, Esq. ; Northbury Booths Ha.,
P. Leigh, Esq. ; Toft Ha., Leycester, Esq. ;
Tabley, Lord de Tabley ; Mere Ha., P. Brooke,
Esq. M kt. D. Sat. Fairs, 23 Apr. Whit. Tuesd.
10 July, 8 Nov. Races, , on a flat 1 m. course.

as above. Acres 710 and 760 ; pop. 225 and 3 185.

KNUTTON tnshp. ( ) Wolstanton par. NW.
Stafford. 1 m. NW. of Newcastle-under-Lyne
-150. Pop. 1388.

KNYPERSLEY hmlt (81) Biddulph par. N. Staf-
ford. 5 m. W. of Leek-154. K. HaU, 3. Bateman,

Koomb, or Neave, Isld., on the coast of N. Suthrld,
has an old chapel.

Kormesty Mountn. ( ) near Newport, N. Mayo.

Kriou Metopon of Ptolemy, is the Ram Head,
SW. Devon, which some fix at the Bolt Head.
His Kronos is Canvey Point, Essex, at the Thames'

Kunetius Fl. of the Romans, was the Kennet,
which went by Cunetio at Mildenhall, or Folly Farm.

Kyayton ( ) 4 m. N. of Thirsk-217, N. R.





Kyffern, or Cuffern (40) 5 m. NW. of Haver-
fordwest, W. Pembroke. R. Stokes, Esq. near
Roche castle ruins.

KYLE par. (15, 21) Clandonagh bar. W. Queen's
Co. 2 m. WNYV. of Borris-in-Ossory-67. Acres
7146, hilly ; an. val. 28027. ; pop. 1888 + 8. Living,
a Rect. with Roscrea. K. House, M. Millet, Esq. ;
Kilmartin, H. Smith, Esq. g3KYLE vil. in
L. Alsh, S W. Ross, at the ferry opposite Kyle-
haken, as below. ' Kyle,' a sound or firth, as
Kyle of Eribol, Durness, Sku, etc. in Suthrld. and
elsewhere, and KYLE below, which is opposite
the Frith of Clyde, igp KYLE hmlt. ( ) near
Oulart, Mid. Wexford.

P. KYLE hmlt. (32) E. Shelmaliere bar. Mid.
Wexfd., 5 m. NNW. of Wexford-94. K. House,
R. Harvey, Esq., has some model gardens for
labourers ; The Lodge, C. A. Walker, Esq. Near
it are Deeps castle ruins.

KYLE DISTRICT, between Rs. Doon and Irvine,
Mid. Ayr. including King's K. and K. Stewart,
belongs mostly to Kilmarnock sheriff court, and
contains the pars, of Auchinleck, Ayr, Coylton,
Cragie and Barnweill, Cumnock (New and Old),
Dalmellington, Dalrymple, Dundonald, Galston,
Mauchline, Monkton and Prestwick, Muirkirk,
Newton-on-Ayr, Ochiltree, St. Quivox, Riccarton,
Lorn, Stair, Symington, and Tarbolton; pop.
61,547. K. Eadbert of Northumbria overran it
750 ; and Burns writes, " Farewell old Coila's
hills," etc. Coal, lime, stone, iron, are found.

Kyle Park (7) 2 m. WNW. of Borrisokane, N.
Tipperary, T. Stoney, Esq.

P. KYLEAKIX vil. Strath par. W. Inverness, in
SE. Skye, was found, near Moil Cast, by Lord
Macdonald, at the new ferry over L. Alsh, in
place of one (4 m. SE.) at Kyle Rich to Bernera,
over Sleat Sound or Kylerea. Pop. 231.

Kylemore Lough (23-4) 8 m. NE. of Clifden, W.
Galway,the source ofK.River, which runs through
that fine pass of 3 m. to Ballinakill bay.

Kyles of Bute, an elbow between S. "Argyll, and
Bute, 18 m. long, J to 2 broad, with anchorage
for the largest ships.

KYLOE par. chplry. ( ) Islandshire, Durham,
locally in Northmbrld. 8 m. SE. of Berwick-on-
Tweed-337, near the coast, containing Beal, Ber-
rington, Buckton, and Fenwick, is a meet for
Lord Elcho's hounds. Acres 7750, with coal and
lime ; pop. 1023 + 10, of town 117 ; poor r. 4227.
(Berw. U.); real prop. 11,1097. Living, a Cur.
(Dur.) val. 138/., patr. Dean and Chap. K.
House, C. Foster, Esq. Some relics were found
(Hen. VIII.).

KYLYRUCK tnshp. (60) Llanfair Caereinion par.
E. Montgomery, near Llanfair- 178. Pop. 35.

Kym River (52) rises on the borders of Beds.
and Hunts, and runs past Kimbolton to R. Ouse,
near St. Neots.

KYME, SOUTH, par. (70) Aswardhurn and
First Langhoe waps. Mid. Lincoln. 6 m. EXE. of
Sleaford-115, on the canal, containing N. KYME
tnshp. (pop. 361), had a black priory found.
(Hen. II.) by Philip de K. given by Hen. VIII.
to Sir G. Talbois, whose wife was his mistress.
Acres 8210, fenny; pop. 942 + 13; poor r. 3717.
(Sleaf. U.) ; real prop. 13,2657. ; charities 457. All
Saints Cur. (Line.) val. 99/., patr. Earl Brown-

Kymin Hill (43) 2 m. E. of Monmouth, NE.
Monmouth. near R. Wye, has Beaulieu Grove, at
the top, and a pavilion or naval temple, com-
manding very fine and extensive prospects over
300 m. in Gloucest. Heref. Somerset. Salop, Mon-
mo'. Worcest. Radnor. Brecon, etc.

Kynance Cove, or the Devil's Bellows (32) 1 m.
NW. of Lizard's Point, W. Cornwall, lies between
high serpentine rocks (with traces of copper,
soapstone, asbestos) of very beautiful colours,
from which vases, etc. are made. Beta maritima,
carduus acaulis, asparagus officinalis, etc., with
spars, talc, mica, are found.

KYNASTOX tnshp. (74) Kinnerley par. NW.
Salop, 7 m. SE. of Oswestry-171, gives name to
the Kynastons of Hardwicke. Pop. 135.

KYNASTONE tnshp. (43) Hentland par. S.
Hereford. 4 m. N\V. of Ross-120, near R. Wye.

Kynley, or Kinline (35) at Nympsfield^ "Mid.
Gloucest. has some part of a priory found! before
the Conquest, which became a college.

Kyntington of the Saxons, is KIRTLINGTOX,

KYO tnshp. ( ) Lanchester par. N. Durham,
8 m. NW. of Durham-258, on Stanhope rail.
Acres 1230, pop. 965 + 55.

Kype River rises in Lesmahogow par. Lanark.
and runs 6 m. N. to R. Avon, near Stonehouse.

KYRE, GREAT, par. (55) Upper Doddingtree
hund. NW. Worcest. 3 m. SE. of Tenbury-133.
Acres 1580, with hops and saffron ; pop. 160 ; poor
r. 357. (Tenb. U.); real prop. 16107. St. Mary
Rect. (Heref.) val. 1157., patr. W. L. Childe, Esq.
of K. House (through the Pytts) which has some
fine oaks, etc., and a lake well stocked with fish.
K., LITTLE, hmlt. Stoke Bliss par. near the
above. Acres 1130; pop. 144; poor r. 417.; real
prop. 12857.

KYREWOOD hmlt. with Tenbury Foreign as
above, near Tenbury, on R. Terne. Pop. 27. K.
House, Lord Gifford.

KYTES HARDWICK hmlt. (53) Leamington
Hastings par. E. Warwick. 5 in. SSW. of Rugbv
-83, on R. Learn. Pop. 118.

Kyvur an Kou (31) 2 m. NE. of Redruth, W.
Cornwall, where that par. meets those of St. Agnes,
Gwennap, Kenwyn, in the respective hunds. of
Penwith, Pyder, Kerrier, Powder, is the spot
where suicides are buried, and means ' place of







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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 293 of 293)