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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 30 of 293)
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relieved (1846-7) 763 (out-door 703), expend.
2651/., prop, rated 24,3477. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same ; pop. 6953 + 30. The New County
Court district corresponds with the Registry. Mkt.
D. Sat., for woollens. Fairs, 14 May, 10 Julv,
11 Sept. 24 Oct. 8 Nov.

Balaam's or ByJand's (46) near Redbourn, W.
Herts. 5 m. NNW. of St. Alban's, J. Hawkins, Esq.

Balachoir, or Rathinveramon, near the ancient
Bertha and Perth, SE. Perth, at the junction of
Rs. Almond and Tay, was a seat of the Scottish
kings, where Donald III. died 859, and Constan-
tino 995.

Balaffiech Hill, 2 m. SW. of Eaglesham, S W.
Renfrew. 1000ft. high, yields sulphate of barytes.


Balbeadie, E. side of L. Leven, W. Fife, on R.
Leven, Sir J. Malcolm, Bt. 'Bal,' a house or

P. BALBEGGIE vil. Kinnoull par. E. Perth, near
Perth-40. Pop. 222.

Balbegno, near Fettercairn, NW. Kincardine.
the spot where Kenneth III. was assassinated 994.

BALBERNIE vil. Ruthven par. Mid. Fife, 5 m.
N. of Kirkcaldy-14, on R. Leven. Pop. 43, in the
collieries. B. House, J. Balfour, Esq.

Balbithan, 2m. SE. of Inverury, Mid. Aber-
deen, on an isld. in R. Don.

P. Balblair Island, Fodderty par. SE. Ross, near
Dingwall-182. Pop. 7.

P. M. BALBRIGGAN chplry. (2, 5) E. Balrothery
bar. N. Dubl. a sub-port to Dublin, petty ses-
sions town, and coast gd. station, on Drogh.
rail. 22 m. NNE. of Dublin. Acres 180; pop.
2959, in the coasting and corn trades, fishing,
tanning, embroidering muslin, etc., and the ma-
nufact. of cotton and stockings, first introduced
by the Hamiltons, who own the town ; houses
567, with 2 chapels, savings bk., and market-



house. Living, a Cur. (Du. G. K.) val. 80/., patr.
G. E. Hamilton, Esq., M. P., of Hampton Hill.
The harb., in lat. 53 37' N., long. 6 11' W., in-
side a pier of 600 ft., has 13 ft. water, and a fixed
light on. pier head, 35 ft. high, seen 10 m., and
put up 1769. About 1 m. NE. is the Carjee
half tide rock. Mkt. Ds. Mond. Sat. for corn,
provisions. Fairs, 29 Apr. 29 Sept. cattle.

BALBUOGIE vil. Cupar Angus par. E. Perth. 10
m. NNE. of Perth-40, on R. Isla, where the
Ericht joins it. Pop. 80.

BALBUNNO vil. Longforgan par. E. Perth. 10
m. NE. of Perth-40. Pop. 200.

BALBY, or HEXTHOKPE, tnshp. (87) Doncaster
soke, W. R. York. 2 m. S. of Doncaster-162, on R.
Don, was the place where George Fox and other
Friends held their first meetings. Acres 1420 ; pop.
486 + 4 ; real property 45997. Living, a Cur. with
Hexthorpe ( Yk.) val. 1507., patr. Miss E. G. Banks.

Balcail (17) close to Glenluce, Mid. Wigton.

BALCARRA vil. (90) Carra bar. Mid. Mayo, 5
ra. SE. of Castlebar-159.

Balcarres House, 8 m. SE. of Cupar, E. Fife. '
Col. Lindsay.

BALCARRICK vil. (12) Malahide par. E. Dublin,
4 m. ENE. of Swords-8, near B. House.

Balcurry Point, 9 m. ESE. of Kircudbright,
S. Kircudbt.

Balcaskie, 2 m. NW. of Pittenween, E. Fife.
Sir R. Anstruther, Bt,

Balcastle, Kilsyth par. S. Stirlg. a pictish camp
150 ft. long, near the Antonine wall.

BALCHRISTIE hmlt. Newburn par. SE. Fife. 2
m. E. of Largo-27, on the site of a culdee house,
belongs to Christie of Durie.

P. BALCOMBE par. (9) Lewes rape, N. Sussex,
a station (near a tunnel 1120 yds. long on the :
"Brighton rail.) 33 m. from London, 3 m. N. of ]
Cuckfield, hi a pretty spot, is a meet for the
Horsham hounds. Acres 6050 ; pop. 1542 + 90 ;
poor r. 435/. (Cuckf. U.) ; real prop. 2477. St.
Mary Rect. (Chic.) val. 3677., patr. Rev. Dr. Be-
thune ; church, early eng. B. House, Mrs. Chat-
field. Fair, 4 June.

Balcomie Castle, 1 m. NE. of Crail, E. rife.
seat of the Erskines.

BALCURRIE vil. Markinch par. Mid. Fife. 4 m.
NNE. of Dysart-16. Pop. 186.

BALDERNOCK par. 5 m. N. of Glasgow-44, S.
Stirling, on R. Kelvin, near the Gt. canal, con-
taining Balmore, came from the Galbraiths, who
had it before 1238, and whose town remains, to
the Hamiltons of Bardowie (near that loch). Size
3J by 2, moory in part, with coal, lime, alum,
stone, fish, and traces of iron ; pop. 972 + 17 ;
real prop. 5748/. ; for poor 911. Living (presb.
Dumbrtn.) val. 1577., patr. Crown. Among some
druid stones stands Auld Wife's Lift cromlech,
the top stone of which is 18 ft. by 11, and 6 thick.

P. BALDERSBY ( ) tnshp. Topcliffe par. N. B.
York. 5 m. NE. of Ripon-212, on Leeds and
Thirsk rail. Acres 1600; pop. 296 + 3; real
prop. 2273/.

BALDERSTON chply. (91) Blackburn par. Mid.
Lancash. 6m. NE. of Preston-217. Acres 1710;
pop. 585 ; poor r. 2467. (Blackburn U.) ; real prop.
24277.; charities III. St. Leonard Cur. (Manch.)
val. 90/., patr. Vicar.

BALDERTON par. (70) S. Newark wap. E. Notts.
2 m. SE. of Newark-124. Acres 4050 ; pop. 899
. + 7 ; poor r. 2057. (Newark U.) ; real prop. 72987. ;
charities 50/., of which 187. to free-school. St.
Giles Vic. with Farndon; church, later eng.,
with fine norman porch. B. Hall, Miss Welby.
igr BALDFJS.STON tnshp. (73) Middle par. NW.
Salop, 8m. NNW. of Shrewsbury-153. Pop. 26.

B. Hall, . gS B. Bridge, 3 m. SW. of Chester,
W. Cheshire, in Eaton Park.

BALDIU (31) near Truro-225, SW. Cornwall, is
a Cur. val. 150/., patr. Earl of Falmouth.

P. M. BALDOCK par. (46) Broadwater hund.
N. Herts. 17 m. NNYV. of Hertford, 37 from Lon-
don, a petty sessions town, on Icknield St., in a
pleasant spot, was founded by the K. Templars,
and given by Hen. VIII. to T. Rivett, whose
arms were three " Trivetts, in chief," a pun on
his name. Acres 200, much in barley ; pop. 1807
+ 10, graziers, and in the cheese, malt, and straw-
plat trade ; 357 houses, chiefly in one street, with

3 chapels, bank, savings bk. (18,1877. from 526
depositors), Wynne's, and other almhouses (2547. ),
and a large brewery ; poor r. 7037. on 50507.
(Hitchin U.); real prop. 72037.; charities 2707,
St. Mary Rect. (Roch.) val. 2007., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor; church, later eng., with screen, font, 2
brasses (from 1440), monuments, ifc B. DEANERY,
archy. of St. Alban's, dioc. of Rochester, contains
the benefices, marked in Odsey hund. with Bal-
dock rect., Newenham vie., Norton v. Mkt. D,
Frid. for strawplat. Fairs, 25-6 July, 21-2 Sept.
30 Nov. 1 Dec., the last for cheese.

BALDON, MARSH, or MARCH, par. (13) Bulling-
don hund. Mid. Oxfd. 6 m. SE. of Oxford-54, on
the roman way from Alcester to Wallingford.
Acres 570; pop. 360 + 4; poor r. 987. (Abingdon
U.); real prop. 11117.; charities 97. St. Peter
Beet. (Oxon.) val. 937., patr. Sir H. P. Willoughby,
Bt., of B. Hall, grandson of that Sir ChristopheV,
whose simple old eng. style of living is praised by
Arthur Young ; " His design is to raise every
object of consumption, at home, for a family of 30,
that the country will give. He annnally kills 80
sheep, and eats his own beef. He keeps 19 cows
for butter, etc. The dove-house yields a supply
of pigeons ; his ponds, carp, tench, etc. ; poultry
of all sorts, and game ; his own wheat, oats, and
hay ; makes his own malt ; and all in a farm of
less than 400 acres." igT B. FOOT par. (3) 1 m.
NW. of the above. Acres 2010 ; pop. 269 ; poor
r. 1287.; real prop. 17577. St. Lawrence Vic.
(Oxon.) val. 7., patr. Rector of B. MARSH.

BALDONGAN, or BALDUNGAN, par. (5, 8) E.
Balrothery bar. NE. Dublin, a station on Dro-
gheda rail. 16 m. from Dublin, 5 m. SE. of Bal-
briggan, on the coast. Acres 858; pop. 118 + 3.
Living, a Beet. (Du. G. K.) val. 487., patr. Earl of
Howth, to whom belonged the castle, built by the
Berminghams, which overlooked the coast.

Baldoon Castle (26) 1 m. SSW. of Wigton, E.

BALDOVAN vil. Strathmartine par. S W. Forfar.

4 m. N. of Dundee-45, seat of Sir J. Ogilvie, Bt
Pop. 44.

Baldovie, 3 m. WNW. of Kirriemuir, W. Forfar.
T. Farquharson, Esq.

P. BALDOYLE par. H5) Coolock bar. E. coast,
Dubl. a station on the Drogheda rail. 5 m. from
Dublin, and a pretty watering-place, opposite Ire-
land's Eye. Acres 1236, good, but sandy; pop.
1100, of town 835, fishermen, etc. Living, a
Cur. with Howth. The harb. is a creek fit only
for small craft, and entered by a long narrow
channel, with 3 to 14 ft. water inside.

Baldridye Colliery, 1 m. NW. of Dunfermline,

5 W. Fife, one of the best in Scotland.
BALDSLOW HUNDRED (5) Hastings rape, E.

Sussex, contains the pars, of Crowhurst, Holling-
ton, St. Leonard (part), St. Mary-in-the-Casue
(part), Ore (part), Westfield ; acres 12,770, pop.

BALDWIN, 1 m. W. of Donglas, I. of Man, has
St. Luke Cur. (So. M.) val. 607., patr. Bishop.

H 4




BALDWINHOLME tushp. (101) Orton par. W.
Cumbrld. 5 m. SW. of Carlisle-301. Pop. 278;
real prop. 1C34/.

Baldwin's (1) 2 m. SW. of Dartford, NW. Kent,
J. Minett, Esq.

BALDWIXSTOWN vil. (4) W. Balrothery bar.
NW. Dublin, 1 m. E. of Garristown-20. Pop.
133. g3 BALDWIN-TOWN vil. (47) Bargie bar.
S. Wexfd. 8 m. SW. of Wexford-94, near the sea.

BALE, or BATHLEY, par. (68) Holt hund. N.
Norfk. 5 m. W. of Holt-119. Acres 710 ; pop.
2291. ; poor r. 220/.( Walsingh. U.) real prop.18527. ;
charities 157. All Saints Rect. with Gnnthorpe.

BALDYQUHASH vil. Fyvie par. Mid. Aberd.
1C m. X. of Old Meldrum-128. Pop. 61.

BALED-GARNO vil. Tnchture and Rossie par.
E. Perth. 9 m. XE. of Perth-40. Pop 110.

P. BALERNO viL Carrie par. NW. Edinbro'
6 m. S\V. of Edinbro', where the stone for the
Xew Town was quarried. Pop. 303.

BALFEAGIIAN par. (49) Upper Duleek bar. S.
Meath, 10 m. SSE. of Trim-31, near the Royal
canal. Acres 1617, middling; pop. 152. Living,
a Rect. united to Ruddonstown.

BALFIELD hmlt. Lethnot and Navar par. N.
Forfar. 10 m. XW. of Brechin-71. Pop. 41.

P. BALFOCR vil. Markinch par. S. Fife. 6 m.
XXE. of Kirkcaldy, has the ancient seat of the
Balfours, now of G. Bethune, Esq.

Balfrax, near Taymouth-92, Mid. Perth. Mar-
quis of Breadalbane.

BALFRISHEL vil. Boleskin par. Mid. Inverness.
9 m. XXE. of Fort Augustus-131.

P. BALFRON par. N. Stirling. 14 m. WSW. of
Stirling, 50 from Edinbro", on R. Enrick. Size
8 m. by 1, with lime and freestone; pop. 1970,
of vil. 1568, chiefly cotton weavers and spin-
ners, in the Ballindalloch mills, first established
by Mr. Dumore ; real prop. 50027. ; for poor 3177.
Living (Presb. Dumbrtn.) val. 1577., patr. Earl
of Kinnoull.

BalgaUy head (35) 4 m. X. of Lame, E. Antrim,
near B. Castle, a seat of the Shaws.

Balgalvies Loch, near Redcobie, Mid. Forfar.
now drained, is close to B. House, Col. Dalgairns.

Balgatherine ( ) near Skreen, E. Meath, be-
longs to Moore of Tara Hall.

Balgay Hill, near Dundee, S. Forfar.

BALGEDIE hmlt. Portmoak par. E. Kinross,
3 m. ENE. of Kinross-27.

Balgone, 2 m. SSE. of X. Berwick, N. Had-
dington, Sir G. Suttie, Bt.

P. Balgonie Castle, 4 m. X. of Dysart, Mid. Fife.
old seat of Earl Leven, who takes hence tit. visct.
See COALTOWN and MILLTOWN, of Balgonie.

Balgowan, near Perth, SE. Perth, in a fine
spot, late seat of Lord Lynedoch, now of R. Gra-
ham, Esq.

Balgown Bay (31) W. side of Lace bay, SW.
Wigton, near Chapel Rosan.

Balgownie Brig, or Bridge, over R. Don, 2 m. X.
of Aberdeen, is an old pointed arch of Brace's j
time, b. by Bp. Cheyne, 67 ft. high, 34J span, of j
which a legend says that it will fall "with a
wife's ae son, and a mare's ae foal." The new
bridge of 5 arches near it was b. out of a bequest
of 21. 5s. 6d., left in Jas. VI.'s time, which by care
and economy had accumulated to the large sum
of 200,0007. B. House, H. Forbes, Esq.

BALGRAY vil. Tealing par. S. Forfar. 5 m. X.
of Dundee-45, has porphvrv, etc. in the hills.
Pop. 63. (gr BALGRAY vil. Govan par. N.
Lanark. 3 m. XW. of Glasgow-44.

BAIXJRIFFEN par. (15) Coolock bar. E. Dublin,
'6 m. XE. of Dublin, on R. Mayne. Acres 1053;
pop. 540. Living, a Cur. with St. Doulough's. i

P. BALIIAM HILL hmlt. (8) Streatham par.
NE. Surrey, 5 m. SSW. of London, is the Btlge-
ham of 'Domesdy.' and a Cur. (Wine.) val. 7.
patr. Trustees.

BALHADDIE vil. Ardoch q. s. par. S. Perth, near
Dnmblane-44. Pop. 33.

Balheary (11-2) 1m. N. of Swords, Mid.
Dublin, A. Baker, Esq.

BaVionsie, near Perth, SE. Perth, an old seat.

Balief Castle (12) 2 m. SSE. of Johnstown,
NW. Kilkenny, A. St. George, Esq.

BALINTORE vil. Fearn par. NE. Ross. 6 m. SE.
of Tain-207. Pop. 313, .chiefly fishermen.

Balishear Island, SW. of North Uist, one of
Western Mds., 3 m. by 2.

BALK tnshp. (96) Kirby-Knowle par. N. R.
York, 4m. XE. of Thirsk-219. Acres 780; pop.
89 ; poor r. 347. (Thirsk U.) ; real prop. 9137.

BALKELLS vil. Tealing par. S. Forfar. 5 m. X.
of Dundee-45. Pop. 88.

BALKHOLME tnshp. (86) Howden par. E. R.
York, 2 m. ESE. of Howden-180, on Hull and
Selby rail. Acres 550 ; pop. 165 + 4 ; poor r. 377.
(Howd. U.) ; real prop. 22897.


P.M. a. BALLApar. (79,80,90-l)Clanmaurice
bar. SE. Mayo, 8m. SE. of Castlebar, 156 from
Dublin, a petty sessions town, with an old
church, and part of a round tower 50 ft. high.
Acres 5509, good, with limestone ; pop. 1934 + 35
of town 562. Living, a Rect. (Tu. K. A.) val.
with 3 others, 379/., patr. Bishop. Mkt. D. Tues.
Fairs, 11 June, 12 Ang. 26 Sept. 15 Oct. for
cattle. igP B. Bog (15) Boyle par. NW. Ros-
comn. 3 m, E. of French Park. ' Balla,' a house
or town.

BallachrirJt (100) Rushin sheading, /. of Man,
4 m. XXE. of Castletown.


Ballachurry, Avre sheading, /. of Man, 3 m.
WXW. of Ramsey, W. Christian, Esq. Balla-
deater, Ayre sheading, near an old fort built in
the civil wars, and St. Jude's chapel, 6 m. XW.
of Ramsey. Ballacottier, Middle sheading, 4 m.
XXW. of Douglas. BaUacregge, Middle shead-
ing, 6 m. XE. of Castletown. Balladoole, Rushin
sheading, 1 m. WSW. of Castletown, G. Woods,
Esq. BaUafayle, Garff sheading, 3 m. S. of Ram-
sey. Ballagarey, Glanfaba sheading, 4 m. XW.
of Douglas. Ballagau-ne, Kirk sheading, 8 m.
XE. of Peel, Mrs. Gawne.

BaUagan Spout, Strathblane par. SW. Stirlg.
a fall of the Blanc, near seat of A. Graham, Esq.

BALLAGH vil. (52) Lower Kilnemanagh bar.
W. Tippery. 5 m. XXW. of Cashel-108. Pop.
217. $g B. River (5, 8) Rosclogher bar. N.
Leitrim, runs into Loch Melvin. |J3P BALLAGH
vil. (45) Athlone bar. Roscomn. 7 m. ESE. of
Mount Talbot-104, near B. Lough

P. M. BALLAGHADERKEEX vil. (74) Costello
bar. E. Mayo, 30 m. E. of Castlebar, and 124
from Dublin, a petty ses., police, and coast gd.
station. Pop. 1342 + 20; houses 202, with a
mkt.-house, court-house, and barracks. Mkt. D.
Tues. Fairs, 25-6 March, 1 Mav, 25 June, 1 Aug.
8 Sept. 1 Xov. 22 Dec.

BALLAGHKEEN BARONY (26-7, etc.) E. Wexfd.
on the coast, contains the pars, of Ardamnie,
Ballyhuskard, Ballyvalew, Castle-ellis, Edernine,
Kilancooly, Killenagh, Killila. Killisk, Kilmuck-
ridge, Kilmalogue, Kilnemanagh, Kiltennel, Me-
lina, and parts of Ballinaslaney, Donaghmore,
Kilcavan, Kiltrisk, St. Margaret's, Temple-
shannon, Kilkormick, Kilmichaelogue, Mona-
molin, Skreen, with Enniscorthy ; acres 86,539,
an. val. 61,365/., pop. 31,249, houses 5654.


gtT BALLAGHKEEN vil. (27) Ballyhuskard par.
E. Wexfd. 5m. ESE. of Enniscorthy-80. Pop. 132.

BALLAGHMOON par. (39) Kilkea and Moon bar.
8. Kildare, 9 m. SE. of Athy-52. Acres 2178 ;
pop. 308. Living, a Rect. united to Castle -Dermot.

Ballaglass (100) Garff sheading, /. of Man, 4
m. SSE'. of Ramsey, near a fall of the Dhoon, in
a pretty spot. Ballakillingan, Ayre sheading, 2
m. E. of Ramsey. JBallakitley, Ayre sheading, 5
m. N. of Ramsey.

BALLALACIIAN vil. Little Dunkeld par. Mid.
Perth. 15 m. NNW. of Perth-40.

Ballalegg, Kirk sheading, 7. of Man, 7 m. NW.
by \V. of Ramsey. Ballalough, Middle sheading,
5 m. NW. of Douglas.

BALLAM, HIGHER, vil. ( ) Amounderness
hund. W. Lancash. 4 m. WSW. of Kirkham-225.

Ballamahow (lOO)Rushin sheading, /. of Man,
5 in. WSW. of Castletown. Ballameanaah, Middle
sheading, 2 m. N. of Douglas. Ballamenagh,
Middle sheading, 4 m. NNW. of Douglas. Bal-
lamenagh as above, 5 m. NE. of Douglas, G. Tate,
Esq. Ballamoda, Middle sheading, 5 m. NW. of
Douglas. Ballamoor, or Ballamoar, Kirk shead-
ing, 6 m. WNW. of Ramsey. Ballanayre, Glan-
faba sheading, 4m.NE. of Peel.

Ballanbreich Castle, 6 m. NW. of Cupar-32, N.
Fife. Dundas, Esq.

Ballanqeich, or Ballenguich, Road, leading from
Stirling Castle, E. Stirlg. gave Jas. V. his title of
" the guidman of Ballangeich," which be took
in his rambling adventures.

P. BALLANTRAE par. Carrick district, SW.
coast of Ayr, 30 m. SSW. of Ayr, and 108 from
Edinburgh, in a wild spot on R. Stinchar, has the
remains of a church and Bargeny cast., and was
noted for smuggling. Acres 62,000, partly arable
and hilly (Eldridge hill being the highest point),
with serpentine; pop. 1651 + 15, of town 256
weavers ; real prop. 73337. ; for poor 1617. Living
(Presb. Stranraer) yal. 2587., patr. Duchess de

Ballaquiggan, Rushin sheading, I. of Man, 4
m. NE. of Castletown. Ballaquine, Glanfaba
sheading, 6 m. NW. of Douglas, Mrs. Miller.

Ballaquinnybeg, Glanfaba sheading, 4 m. NW. of

Ballard (8) near Clare, 2V. King's Co. Bolger,

Ballard's Bay and Point (46) near Donegal
point, Sir. Clare.

P. BALLA SALLA vil. (100) Castletown par.
Rushin sheading, /. of Man, 3 m. NNE. of Castle-
town, near an old bridge, has remains of St. Mary's
cistertian abbey, found. 1098 by King Mac Marus
(or 1104, by Clave), and afterwards the burial-
place of his successors, which became a cell to
Furness, and now belongs to the chief Deemster.
Pop. 516. B. House, Sir G. Drinkwater. Balla-
fhamrocft, Middle sheading, 3 m. SW. of Douglas.
Ballaskyr, Kirk sheading, 7 m. NE. of Peel.

Bullaswidden Tin Mine, near St. Ives, W. Corn-
wall, is 85 fathoms deep, and employs about 540

Ballattar (100) Glanfaba sheading, 7. of Man,

5 m. S. of Peel. Ballatear, Kirk sheading, 8
m. WNW. of Ramsey.

P. BALLATER vil. Glenmuick par. S W. Aberd.
14 m. E. of Braemar, a pretty watering-place on
R. Dee, near the Pannanich springs. Pop. 371.

Ballaterrace (100) Rushin sheading, 7. of Man,

6 m. NNE. of Castletown. Ballaterson, Garff
sheading, 3 m. SE. of Ramsev.

. P. Ballatrich Farm, at Ballater as above, S W. \
Aberdeen, where Byron lived, in his youth, in
Bight of Lochnagar, etc.



P. Bollatnne (100) Garff sheading, 7. of Man,
8 m. NNE. of Douglas. P. BALLAUGH. See
KIRK BALLAUGH. BaUavarkish Rushin shead-
ing, 4 m. NW. of Castletown. Ballavarvan,
Rushin sheading, 5 m. WSW. of Douglas. Bal-
laver, Middle sheading, 3 m. NW. of Douglas.

BaUechin, 8 m. NNW. of Dunkeld, N. Perth.
Capt. R. Scott.

BALLEE par. (38) Lecale bar. E. Doum. 4 m.
SE. of Downpatrick-94. Acres 6428 arable ; pop.
2255 + 14. Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) vaL 3027.,
patr. Crown.

BALLEEN par. (8, 9) Galmoy bar. NW. Kil-
kenny, 3 m. N W. of Freshford-82. Acres 2559 ;
pop. 837. Living, a Vic. united to Aughoure.
B. Castle belonged to the Butlers.

Ballencrieff, Aberlady par. N. Haddington. seat
of Lord Elibank, and a station on the N. Brit. rail.
15 m. from Edinburgh, 42 from Berwick.

BALLENDEEN vil. Inchture and Rossie par. S.
Perth. 14 m. SW. of Perth-40. Pop. 80. B.
House, R. Trotter, Esq.

BALLENGER vil. (7) Aj'lesbury hund. SE,
Bucks. 3 m. NW. of Chesham-29.

BALLENLUIG vil. Logierait par. N. Perth. 8 m.
N. of Dunkeld-59. Pop. 114.

Ball-Hay (72 or 81) Totmonslow hund. N.
Staf. close to Leek-154, seat of F. G. Spilsbury,
Esq., in a well cultivated spot, reclaimed from the

P. BALLICHULISHO.S. par. borders of Argyll, and
Inverness. 7 m. S. of Fort William-135, has a ferry
across Loch Leven, and is noted for its blue roof-
ing slate and white and gray marble quarries.
Living (Presb. Abertarff) val. 1207., patr. Crown.
B. House, C. Stewart, Esq.

P. BALLICKMOYLER vil. (52) Killeban par.
SE. Queen's Co. 8 m. S. of Athy-52. Pop. 294.

BALLIDON chplry. (72) Bradborne par. W.
Derb. 5 m. W. of Wirksworth-140. Pop. 92;
poor r. 2237. (Ashbourne U.) ; real prop. 25327.
Living, a Cur. with Bradborne.

BALLIHOPE or BOLLIHOPE (103) Darlington
ward. W. Durh. 4 m. W. of Walsingham-256, on
B. Burn, which runs past it into the Wear.

Ballikeel (26) 5 m. SE. of Enniscorthy-80, E.
Wexfd. J. Maher, Esq.

Bailing ) near Cloughjordan, W. Tippery.
Robinson, Esq. ' Ballin,' ' bally,' etc., a town, or

P. M. BALLINA (30) Tyrawley bar. N. Mayo,
19m. NNE. of Castlebar and 159 from Dublin,
a sessions and police town, militia head-quarters,
and sub-port to Sligo, on R. Moy, at the 16- arch
bridge to Ardnaree, was founded 1729, by the
O'Haras, and is the spot where a party of French,
under Humbert, landed 1798. Pop. (including
Ardnaree) 7012, in fishing, the manufact. of coarse
linens, snuff, and tobacco, and the exportation of
grain, provisions, kelp, hides, and feathers ; houses
1012, with Kilmoremoy church, 2 chapels, 2 bks.,
market-house, and court-house, bonded-stores.
It publishes the ' B. Chronicle ' and ' Tyrawley
Herald ' newspapers ; and remains of St. Olean 3
abbey are near. Bal. P. L. Union, includes 17
elect, divs. in Mayo and Sligo, with 33 guardians ;
acres 504,155, pop. 120,787, expend. (1845)25577.,
cases relieved (1847-8) 9290 (besides 57,048 out-
door), ho. room for 1550, expend. 63,9707., prop.
rated 95,7747. Mkt. D. Hon. Fairs, 12 May, 5
June, 12 Aug.

BALLINA vil. (25) Owney and Arra bar. NW.
Tippery. 1 1 m. SW. of Nenagh-95. Pop. 774.

(3) neat Enfield, N. Kildare, lit. Hon.
More O'Ferrall.
BALLIKABOV par. (85-6, 97-8) Cork, Kerricur-



rihy, Kinalea, and E. Muskerry bars. S. Cork, 7 m.
WSW. of Cork-160, on the Aunabuoy. Acres
7973, middling ; pop. 2749 Living, a Cur.
(Ck. C. R.) val. 44/., pair, Earl of Shannon.

BALUNACARRIG par. (7) Carlow bar. NW. Car-
low, 2 m. SSE. of Carlow-49. Acres 2605, good,
with bog ; pop. 692 + 8. Living, a Vic. with Sta-

BaUinacarrig House (108) 4 m. ESE. of Dun-
manway, S. Cork, Heazle, Esq.

BALLINACI.U\SH hmlt. (35) Ballinacor bar. SE.
Wicklow, 2 m. SW. of Rathdrum-38, is a Cur.
(Du. G. K.) val. 30/., patr. Incumbent of Rath-

Ballinacloon (6) on L. Derravaragh, N. West-
meath, 5 m. SE. of Rathowan-61, P. Murphy, Esq.

Wicklow, contains Rathdrum, and parts of Callary,
Derrylossory, Knockrath ; acres 74,110, an. val.
13,209/., pop. 10,196, houses 1473. r^ B. BARONY,
SOUTH (33-4, etc.) S. Wicklw., contains Ballinacor,
Ballykine, Kilcommon, Moyne, Preban, and parts
of Crosspatrick, Hacketstown, Kilfife, Kiltogan,
Knockrath; acres 78,316, an. val. 20,778, pop.
15,491, houses 2440. Chiefly granite, with copper
and lead. &T BALLINACOR par. (22-3, 28-9,34)
S. Ballinacor bar. S. Wicklw. 3 m. W. of Rath-
drum-38, en the Avonbeg, seat of VV. Kemmis, Esq.
Acres 17,449 ; pop. 1359 + 13. Fairs, 4 Feb. 1
May, 4 Aug. 4 Nov.

BALLINADEE par. (110-1, 124) W. Muskerry
and E. Carberry bars. S. Cork, 5 m. SE. of Ban-
don-180, on R. Bandon. Acres 8334, middling ;
pop. 3038 + 20, of town 284. Living, a Rect.
(Ck. C. R.) val. with 3 others, 643/., patr. Bishop.

BaUinafad (90) 3 m. SW. of Balla, S. Mayo,
M. Blake, Esq., was occupied by the French 1798.
^ BALLINAFAD vil. (40) Tirerrill bar. SE. Sligo,
4 m. N. of Boyle-108. Pop. 155.

P. BALLINAFAD vil. (29) Roscommon bar. Mid.
Roscmn. 3 m. S. of Stokestown-94.

Ballinafinchoque Lead Mine (23) 7 m. NW. of
Rathdrum, Mid. Wicklw.

BALLINAGALL vil. (36) Ringagonagh par. S.
Waterford, 3 m. SE. of Dungarvan-122, on the
bay, is a fishing station.

Battinagar (25) near "Woodford, SE. Galway,
A. Nugent, Esq. UiT BALLINAGAR vil. (18)
Philipstown bar. Mid. King's Co. 2 SW. of Phi-
lipstown-57. Pop. 107.

Ballinaglough (33-9) 2 m. SW. of Ballymote,
S. Sligo, West, Esq.

Ballinaguilsha Bog (35) E. of Parsonstown, W.
King's Co.

BALLINAHOUN hmlt. (35) Kilcleagh par. S W.
Westmeath 6 m. SSE. of Athlone-76, has B.
Court, Ennis, Esq.

P. M. BALI.INAKILL (30) Cullinagh bar. S.
Queen's Co., 3 m. SSE.of Abbeyleix, 63 from Dub-
lin, was a ses. town and borough, chartered bv Jas.
I., which returned 2 members before the l5nion.
Pop. 1540, in the woollen manufact., which is
declining ; houses 274, with Dysartgallen church,
chapel, and an old castle of the Coatches, taken
by Fairfax. Heywood M. French, Esq. Mkt. D.
Sat. Fairs, monthly.

P. BALLINALACK vil. (6) Corkaree bar. .2V.
Westmeath, 9 m. N W. of Mullingar-48, on R. Inny.
Pop. 312. Fairs, 15 Feb. 18 May, 2 Oct. 20 Dec.

P. BALLINALEA vil. (9 ) Granard bar. Mid.
Longford. 6 m. NNW. of Edgeworthstown-66, on
R. Camlin. Pop. 299. igpBALLiNALEA vil. (25)
Newcastle bar. E. Wicklow, 3 m. NW. of Wick-
low-31. Pop. 336.

BALLINAMARA par. (13, 18) Crannagh bar.
NW. Kilkenny, 6 m. NW. of Kilkenny- 72. Acres


' 3839, partly arable ; pop. 915 + 4. Living, a Vic.

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