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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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an impropriate Rect. B. House, .

BALLYCALLAN par. (18-9) Crannagh bar. W.
Kilkenny, 4 m. W. of Kilkenny-72. Acres 6835,
good ; pop. 1778. Living, a Rect. with Callan.

Ballycam Bay (45) near Killough bay, E. Down.

P. BALLYCANEW par. (11-6-7) Gorey bar.NE.
Wexfd. 5 m. S. of Gorey-61, on the Awin-Banna.
Acres 3628, hilly, with light soil ; pop. 1275 + 11,
town 370. Living, a Rect. with Leskinfere. Fairs,
23 Apr. 25 July, 21 Sept. 2 Oct. 30 Nov. for cattle.

Battycar (42, 51) near Newmarket, S. Clare,
Colpoys, Esq.

Ballycarbery Castle (79) near Cahirciveen, /S W.
Kerry, in ruins.

P. BALLYCARJJEY par. (9, 10, 4-5) Scarawalsh
bar. NW. Wexford, 5 m. N. of Enniscorthy-80,
on the Slaney. Acres 8234 ; pop. 2045. Living,
a Cur. (Os. F. L.) val. 50/., patr. Incumbent of
Ferns, etc.

BALLYCAROGUE vil. (24) Decies-without-Drum
bar. Mid. Waterfd. 5 m. SW. of Kilmacthomas-
112, has the ruins of Walsh's castle, and a shat-
tered rock, called the Speaking-stone.

P. BALLYCARRY vil. (47) Lower Belfast bar.
SE. Antrim, 6 m. NE. of Carrickfergus, 117 from
Dublin, near Lough Larne. Pop. 236, spinners
and weavers. Fairs, 21 June, 19 Aug. 31 Oct.

BaUycasey (51) 4 m. SSE. of Newmarket, S.
Clare, seat of Canny, Esq.

BALLYCASSIDY hmlt. (16) Magheraboy bar.
Mid. Fermanagh, 5 m. N. of Enniskillen-101,
near the limestone caverns called the Daughters.

P. M. BALLYCASTLE chplry. (8) Cary bar. iV.
Antrim, 33m. N. of Antrim, 160 from Dublin, on
B. Bay, is a petty sessions town, sub-port to
Coleraine, and coast gd. station, so called after a

castle b. 1609 by the Earls of Antrim. Pop. 1697,
some weavers and fishermen; houses i91, with
church, 3 chapels, market and court house.
Living, a Cur. (Dn. C. D.) val. 25/., patr. II.
Boyd, Esq., whose family founded the town, now
miserably decayed. Coal is found, but not worked ;
and Bonamargy abb. ruins are near. The Bay, be-
tween Fairhead and Kinbane head, has a harb.
near the town (at the mouth of a small stream),
which being choked with sand, is useless ; but ships
may sometimes ride in the W. side of bay in 9 to 10
fathoms. Bal.P.L. Union, includes 15 elect, divs.
in Antr., with 18 guardians ; acres, 102,646, pop.
26,020, ho. room for 340, cases relieved (1847-8)
985 (besides out-door), expend. 30947., prop,
rated 39,1 60Z. Mkt. D. Tues. Fairs, Easter Tues.
last Tues. in May, July, Aug. 25 Oct. 22 Nov.
for cattle, linen webs, etc.

P. BALLYCASTLE (7) Tirawley bar. N. Mayo,
30 m. N. of Castlebar, 175 from Dublin, near
Downpatrick head, on that bay, is proposed as
the head of a new P. L. Union. Pop. 789.

Ballychristal (14) 6m. NW. of Newtown Barry,
W. Wexford, James, Esq.

P. M. Ballyclare (45) Upper Antrim and Lower
Belfast bars. S. Antrim, 9 m. EXE. of Antrim,
114 from Dublin, near the Six-mile Water. Pop.
847 ; houses 160, with 2 chapels. Mkt. D. monthly
for linen. Fairs, 24 May, 19 July, 23 Aug. 22

BALLYOLEARY hmlt. (113)Dunkellinbar. Mid.
Galway, 2 m. NE. of Kinvarra-129.

BALLYCLERAHAN par. 76-7) E. Iffa and Ofla
bar. S 1 . Tipperary, 4 m. !NNW. of Clonmel-104.
Acres 1044 ; pop. 728 + 16, of town 339. Living,
a Rect. with Cashel. Its castle, built by Mock-
lerough More, was stormed by Cromwell.

BALLYCLOG par. (39) Dungannon bar. E. Ty-
rone, 2 m. ENE. of Stewardstown-104, near Lough
Neagh. Acres 7796, arable, with much water, and
coal, freestone, lime, basalt, quartz ; pop. 2697.
Living, a Rect. (Arm. C.) val. 2731., patr. Bishop.

BALLYCLOGH par. (24, 32) Duhallow and Or-
rery and Kilmore bars. JV. Cork, 3 m. NW. of
Mallow-147, on R. Finnow. Acres 9711, arable,
with limestone ; pop. 3971 + 12. Living, a Vic.
(Ck. C. E.) val. with Drumdowney 3667., patr.
Bishop, gap" B. Castle, a seat of the Barrys ;
Longueville, Col. Longfield.

Ballyclough (19) 2 m. SW. of Askeaton, NW.
Limrh. Copley, Esq.

BALLYCLUG par. (33-7-8) Lower Antrim bar.
Mid. Antrim, contains part of Ballymena-118.
Acres 8268, arable, with wood and mountain ;
pop. 4307 + 61. Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val.
with Kirkinriola 212/., patr. Bishop. Fairs, 26
June, 21 Aug. for cattle.

P. BALLYCOLLA vil. (29) Clarmallagh bar. 5 W.
Queen's Co. 4m. SW. of Abbeyleix-59. Pop. 168.

BALLYCOMMON par. (9, 10-7-8) Lower Philips-
town bar. N. King's Co. 3m. W. of Philipstown-57,
on the Grand canal. Acres 6640, including 2834
in B. bog ; pop. 1066. Living, a Rect. (Du. G. K.)
val. 129/., patr. the Crown.

P. M. BALLYCONNELL (10) Tullyhaw bar. N.
Cavan, 12 m. NW. of Cavan, 86 from Dublin, on
R. Woodford, is a sessions town planted Jas. I.'s
time, and seat of J. Enery, Esq., of B. House.
Pop. 387 ; houses 63, with church, court-house,
bridewell, and dispensary. Mkt. D. Frid. corn
and provisions. Fairs, monthly, cattle and corn.

P. Ballyconnell (25) N. Donegal, 5 m. SW. of
Dunfanaghy, Rev. W. Olphert. igT BALLY-
CONNELL vil. (7) Carbury bar. N. coast Sligo,
9 m. NW. of Sligo-132. Pop. 553.

BAU.YCXUTtnoK.par. (41-6) Bargybar. S. Wex~


ford, 8 m. SW. of Wexford-94. Acres 1611, ara-
ble ; pop. 525. Living, a Rect. with Taghmon.

Ballyconra (4) near Ballyragget, N. Kilkenny,
Earl of Kilkenny.

Ballyconree hmlt. (2 or 5) Barren bar. N. Clare,
12 m. . of Curofin-151.

BALLYCONRY (9, 10) Iraghticonnor bar. N.
Kerry, 6 m. NW. of Listowel-171, seat of
Stack, Esq. Acres 1206, partly arable, with bog ;
pop. 417. Living, a Vic. with Kilfeigney.

Ballycoog (40) 6 m. WNW. of Arklow, S.

Bally copelandCV) Ardes bar. NE. Down, opposite
Copeland Isld.

BALLYCOU par. (39, 40-5) Upper Antrim bar.
SE. Antrim, 3 m. NNE. of Ballyclare-114, near
the Six-mile Water. Acres 7330 ; pop. 2611.
Living, a Cur., with Ballycastle.

Ballycorus Lead Mines (26) Rathdown bar. SE.
Dublin, near Scalp hill.

BALLYCOTTIX vil. (89) Imokilly bar. SE. Cork,
5 m. SE. of Cloyne-160, a coast gd. station, on
B. Bay, which has at B. Islds. a light, built
1849-50, in lat. 51 49/ X., long. 9 0' W, 235 ft.
high, seen 35 m. ( ?). Pop 449, fishermen. The
bay is safe in W. winds, with 5 to 7 fath. free
of dangers, except Smith rock between the islds.
Nine ships and steamers have been lost on this
coast in 20 yrs.

BALLYCOWAN BARONY (16-7 etc.) Mid. King's
Co., contains the pars, of Kilbride, Lynally, and
Rahan, part of Durrow, and Tullamore ; acres
38,652, an. val. 21,1 12Z., houses 3264, pop. 18,320.
lgg BALLYCOWAX vil. (16) Ballvcowan bar. Mid,
King's Co. 2 m. W. of Tullamore-63, on Gd. canal,
has the ruins of a castle, and church.

BALLYCRAIGEY hmlt. (56) Lower Belfast bar.
SE. Antrim, 6 m. N. of Belfast- 101. ^ Bally-
craigey (50) Lower Massarene bar. S. Antrim,
near Antrim-106, has large bleach-works.

BALLYCROGUE par. (7) Carlow bar. W. Carlw.
3 m. SE. of Carlow-49, on R. Barren. Acres
370, good ; pop. 64. Living, a Rect. with Staples-

Ballycroy District (43-4) Erris bar. NW. Mayo,
on Achill sound and Blacksod bay, into which B.
Water runs.

Ballycullen (10-9) near Askeaton, NW. Lime-
rick, Naish, Esq.

BALLYCULTER par. (31-8) Lecale bar. E. Down.
5 m. ENE. of Downpatrick-94, contains Strang-
ford, near S. Lough. Acres 5177 arable, with
wood and bog; pop. 2182. Living, a Rect.
(D.C.D.) val. 334/. patr. the Crown. Lead is
found, but not worked.

P. BALLYCUMBER vil. (7) Garrycastle bar.
NW. King's Co. 13 m. W. of Philipstown, 64 from
Dublin, on R. Brosna, seat of J. Armstrong, Esq.
Pop. 231. Fain, 2 May, 1 Dec. for cattle, etc.

BALLYCURRAXY par. (64-5) Barrymore bar.
SE. Cork, 5 m. NW. of Middleton-156. Acres
3939 arable; pop. 1160+16. Living, a Rect.
united to Lisgoold. B. House, .

Ballycurrin Castle (123) Kilmainebar. S.Mayo
5 m. SW. of Shrule, seat of Lynch, Esq.

Ballycurry (19, 25) 1 m. NNW. of Ashford, E.
Wicklow, C. Tottenham, Esq.

Ballydahaen (33) in the suburbs of Mallow, N.

Ballydangan ( ) in Connemara, W. Galway, on
the coast.

Ballydavid Cape (33) near Smerwick harbour,
W. Kerry, is a signal station.

Ballydavit (48) near Littleton, E. Tippery.
' Russell, Esq.

P. BALLYDEHOB vil. (40) W. Carbury bar.



SW. Cork, 8m. W. of Skibbereen-212, under
Mount Gabriel; pop. 636. Copper has been
worked here.

BALLYDELOUGHER par. (64) Barrymore bar.
E. Cork, 5 m. NE. of Cork 160 on R. Glanmire.
Acres 2101 hilly; pop. 1183 + 4, in the paper-
mills, etc. Living, a Rect. with Kallaspig-

BALLYDELOUGHY par. (19) Fermoy bar. NEi
Cork, 4 m. SW. of Mitchelstown-128, near R.
Funcheon. Acres 2000 good, with limestone;
pop. 796 + 8. Living a Vic. with Glanworth.

Ballydevilin Bay (147) in Crookhaven bay,
S W. Cork, near Goleen, is overlooked by an old

Ballydevitt (11) 4 m. N. of Garvagh, NE. Lon-
dondy. T. Bennett, Esq.

Ballydine (1) near Clonmel, N. Waterfd. Capt.

Ballydimty (7) 3 m. SSE. of Bushmills, N. W.
Antrim, J. S. Moore, Esq.

BALLYDOXEGAX vil. (127) Bear bar. SW. Cork,
7 m. WSW. of Castletown-257, on the bay near
Orowhead. Pop. 340. The Bay, N. of Dursey
Isld. has upwards of 24 fath. water, clear of
dangers, but exposed to W. winds.

Ballydoney (24) 8 m. NE. of Ross, W. Wexfd.
3. R. Budgeon, Esq.

BALLYDOXXELL vil. (25) Fermoy bar. N. Cork,
4 m. SW. of Doneraile-168.

Ballydonnellan Castle (98) 4 m. SW. of Aughrim,
E. Galway, Donnellan, Esq.

Ballydoure Glen (20) 3 m. W. of Lismore, W.

BALLYDRYHEAD vil. (20) Tirerrill bar. E. Sligo,
3 m. N. of Collocney-126.

BALLYDUFF hmlt. (57) Lower Belfast bar. SE.
Antrim. 6 m. N. of Belfast-101. ^T BALLYDUFF
par. (35, 44) Corkaguiny bar. W. Kerry, 8 m. NE.
of Dingle-220. Acres 6984, good, with mountain
and bog ; pop. 488 + 6. Living, a Cur. (Lk. A. A.)
impropriate in Earl of Cork. Igf BALLYDUFF
vil. (9) Clanmaurice bar. N. Kerry, 5 m. WNW.
of Listowel-171. Pop. 331. ^ Ballyduff (32)
3 m. SSE. of Thomas-town, SE. Kilkenny, Sir C.
Coghill, Bt. 33 BALLYDUFF vil. (20) Cosh-
more bar. W. Waterfd. 5 m. W. of Lismore-140.
Pop. 302. ^T BALLYDUFF vil. (16) Middle-
third bar. E. Waterfd. 6 m. WSW. of Waterford
-96, near B. House.

P. Ballydugan Lake (37) 2 m. SW. of Down-
patrick, E. Down, near B. House, W. Burke, Esq.

BALLYEASTOX vil. (45) Upper Antrim bar. S.
Antrim, 1 m. N. of Ballyclare-114. Pop. 265.
Living, a Cur. with Ballycor (Dn. C. D.) val. 87/.,
patr. Bishop.

BALLYEDMUXD hmlt. (18) Mullins bar. E.
Carlw. 7 m. SW. of Newtownbarry-81, seat of
H. Newton, Esq.

Ballyedmund (65) 2 m. NW. of Middleton, E.
Cork, R. Courtenay, Esq.

Ballyegan (38) 3 m. S. of Parsonstown, S W.
King's Co. Mullins, Esq.

Ballyella, or Liscanor, Bay (22-3) on coast of
NW. Clare, near Hag's Head.

BALLYELUN par. (19, etc.) Forth, E. Idrone,
and Lower St. Mullins bar. S. Carlow, 1 m. NE. of
Goresbridge-GG, on R. Barrow. Acres 4957, good,
with a quarry of black marble ; pop. 1750, town
119. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L), with Lorum.
B. House, W. Blackney, Esq.

Ballyellis (33) near Mallow, N. Cork, K. Bra-
sier, Esq.

Ballyfallon (29) near Athboy, W. Meath, J.
Martley, Esq.
P. B'ALLYFARXAN vil. (1) Boyle bar. .M Rotcmn.



15 m. N. of Roscommon, 115 from Dublin. Pop.
243. Mkt. weekh'. Fairs, 9 Feb. 16 Apr. 19 May,

6 July, 20 Aug. 21 Sept. 20 Oct. 17 Dec.
BALLYFEARD par. (98, 112) Kinalea bar. SE.

Cork, 10 m. S. of Cork-160. Acres 3462, good,
with waste and bog; pop. 1113. Living, a Cur.
(Ck. C. R.) val. 751., patr. Bishop.

BaUyferis Point (7) 8 m. SSE. of Orlock's point,
NE. Down, near Ballywalter rock.

P. BALLYFERMOT par. (17-8) Uppercross bar.
Mid. DubL 2 m. W. of Dublin, on the Grand canaL
Acres 1183, good ; pop. 346, in a paper manufact.,
etc. Living, a Sect., united to Chapelizod.

Ballyfin (12) 6 m. WNW. of Maryborough,
Mid. Queen's Co. Sir C. Coote, Bt.

BALLYFORAS vil. (47) Athlone bar. S W.Roscmn.
14 m. WNW. of Athlone-76, near B. bog.

BALLYFOYLE par. (113) Kinalea bar. SE. Cork,

7 m. ENE. of Kinsale-178, on the coast. Acres
2882, arable, with a slate quarry at Robert's Cove
coast gd. station ; pop. 1311. Living, a Cur.
(Ck. C. R.) impropriate.

BaUyfree (30) 3 m. NE. of Rathdrum, E.
Wicklw. J. Dickson, Esq.

Ballygahan House (35) 6 m. NW. of Arklow,
S. Wicklow, near the copper mines.

BallygaUy Head (35) N. of Lough Larne, E.
coast Antrim, a coast gd. station.

Ba.llyqar.non (13) 3 m. ENE. of Newtown
Mount Kennedy, NE. Wicklw. J. Scott, Esq.

P. BALLYGARvil. (33) Killian bar. NE. Galwy.

8 m. NE. of Castleblakeny-106. Pop. 363.
BALLYGARTH par. (28) Upper Duleek bar.

E. Meath, 5 m. SE. of Drogheda-28, seat of Col.
Pepper, at the coast, on the Nanny Water. Acres
799, pasture ; pop. 165 + 7. Living, aRect. (Meath)
val. 67/., patr. the Crown.

BALLYGARUFF hmlt. (1 or 6) Ballvmoe bar.
NE. Galwy. 7 m. NE. of Dunmore-132l

P. M. BALLYGAWLEY chplry. (52-9) Clogher
bar. S. Tyrone, 15 m. SE. of Omagh and 94 from
Dublin, under B. Mountns. (1035 ft. high at
Shantavny), was planted by Sir G. Lowther 1614.
Pop. 881,"in the manufact. of linen and gloves ;
houses 166, with a church, 2 chapels, distillery, etc.
Living, a Cur. (Arm. C.), val. 70/., patr. Archdn.
and Rector of Errigal Keerogue. B. House, Sir H.
Stewart, Bt., who has the town. Mkt. D. Frid.
Fairs, 2nd Frid. every month, cattle, etc.

Ballygeary Creek (48) near Wexford harb.
SE. Wexfd., has anchorage for small craft, and
the remains of Cairn Castle.

BALLYGIBBON par. (15) Upper Ormond bar.
N. Tippery. 6 m. NE. of Nenagh-95. Acres 3294,
middling, with bog and limestone; pop. 1321 +
25. Living, a Sect, united to Ballymackey.
B. House, .

BaUygiblin (24) 5 m. E. of Kanturk, N. Cork,
Sir W. Beecher, Bt.

Ballyglan (18, 27) near Dunmore, E. Water-
ford, Sir J. Paul, Bt.

P. BALLYGLASS vil. (100) Carra bar. S. Mayo,

9 m. SE. of Castlebar, 148 from Dublin, is a
petty sessions town.

BALLTGOREY (45) Iverk bar. S. Kilkenny, 5 m.
W. of Waterford-96. Pop. 196.

P. Ballygowan (16) 3 m. NNE. of Saintfield-96,
N. Doom.

P. BaUygraney (5) 3 m. NW. of Comber-105,
N. Down.

BALLYGRANNY hmlt. (26) TiraghriU bar. E.
. Sligo, 2 m. ESE. of Collooney-126.

Ballygrennon Castle (40) near Bruff, E. Lime-
rick, formerly a seat of the De Lacys.

BALLYGRIFFIN par. (52, 60) Clanwilliam bar.
. S. Tippery. 2 m. N. of Golden-104, on R. Suir.


Acres 2862, good, with bog ; pop. 1406. Living,
a Rect. with Athassel.

BALLYGUB, NEW, yil. (33) Ida bar. E. Kil-
kenny, 3 m. SE. of Innistiogue-80. Pop. 222.

BALLYGUNNER par. (18) Gaultier bar. E. Wa-
terfd. 3 m. SE. of "\Vaterford-96. Acres 2266,
good ; pop. 807. Living, a Vic. with Ballinakill.
B. Castle, .

BALLYGUKRIM par. (41) Ida bar. SE. Kil-
kenny, 3 m. SW. of Ross-90, on R. Barrow.
Acres 1924, middling; pop. 796. Living, a Vic.
with Rossbercon.

BALLYHACK vil. (44) Shelburne bar. SW.
Wexford, 10 m. S. of Ross-90, on Waterford
harb. Pop. 266, fishermen. Fairs, Th. after
Trin. Sun. 25 Mar. 29 June, 25 July, 24 Aug.
29 Sept.

BALLYHACKMORE vil. (1, 5) Lower Castlerea
bar. N. Down, 4 m. NE. of BalIymacarrett-103.
Pop. 126.

BALLYHAKILL vil. (18) Shanid bar. W. Lime-
rick, 4 m. ESE. of Glin-155, on R. White. Pop.

P. M. BAI,LYHAISE vil. (15-6) Upper Loughtee
bar. .ZV. Cacan, 4 m. NE. of Cavan, 75 from Dublin,
on R. Annalee. Pop. 704; houses 124, with
Castleterra church, a chapel, and mkt.-house.
B. Castle, W. Humphreys, Esq. Mkt. D. Sat.
Fairs, 1 Mar. 18 May, 1*3 Julv, 30 Aug. 6 Nov.
13 Dec.

Ards bar. E. Down. 8 m. NNE. of Portaferry
-129, on the coast. Acres 2656 good ; pop. 2656
+ 361 chiefly fishermen. Living, a Vic. with St.

BALLYHALE vil. (31-2) Knocktopher bar. Mid.
Kilkenny, 5 m. SW. of Thomastown-75. Pop. 307.

Ballyharrigan (24) 2 m. NW. of Dungarvin,
Mid. Londondy. W. Osborne, Esq.

P. M. BALLYHAUSIS (93) Costello bar. SE.
Mayo, 22 m. SE. of Castlebar, 128 from Dublin,
a police station, with remains of the Nangles'
mist in friary. Pop. 353. Mkt, D. Tues. Fairs,
1 June, 2 July, 22 Sept. 29 Oct. for cattle.

BALLYHAURA vil. (8) Fennoy bar. N. Cork,
3 m. N. of Buttevant-155.

Ballyhaven Creek (31) near Portaferry, E. Down.

BALLYHAY par. (3, 8) Fermoy and Orrery and
Kilmore bars. N. Cork, 2 m. "S. of Charleville
-146. Acres 4836, good, with limestone; pop.
1390. Living, a Rect. (Ck. C. R.) val. with
Charleville 566i, patr. Bishop.

BALLYHEAN par. (78, 89) Carra bar. S. Mayo,
8 m. E. of Westport-170. Acres 7674, arable,
with bog and mountain ; pop. 4032 + 30. Living,
a Rect. united to Burriscarra. Fairs, 4 July, 20

P. BALLYHEIGE par. (8, 13-4) Clanmatirice
bar. .ZV. Kerry, 16m. NNW. of Tralee, 263 from
Dublin, is a petty sess. town on B. Bay. Acres
11,261, chiefly mountain, bog, and waste; pop.
4795 + 103, of town 282. Living, a Rect. (Lk.
A. A.) val. 204Z., patr. Bishop. The Bay, between
Kerry head and Tralee bay, has the Mucklagh
rocks in the middle, and anchorage in 3 to 4 fath.,
but not very secure.

Ballylienry Creek (31) in Lough Strangford, E.

BALLYHIGHLAND hmlt. (19) Tullyhunco bar.
W. Cavan, near Killashandra-81. gif Bally-
highland (19) Bantry bar. W. Wexfd. 6 m. W. of
Enniscorthy-80, seat of J. Howlin, Esq. near B.
Hill, 616 ft. high, which has lead mines in it.

BALLYHILLIN hmlt. (1) Innishowen bar. NE.
Donegal, near Malin head, 10 m. NNW. of Carn-



fiallyhoe Lough (34) 5 m. S. of Carrickmacross
-50, borders of Louth and Monaghan.

BALLYHOGE par. (31-2) Bantry and West Shel-
maliere bars. Mid. Wexfd. 5 m. 8. of Enniscorthy
-80, on R. Slaney. Acres 2780, arable ; pop. 997
+ 7. Living, a Cur. united to Kilhirin.

Ballyholm Bay (2) in Lough Belfast, N. Down.
near Bangor, has anchorage for small craft.

P. BALLYHOOLY par. (34-5) Fermoy bar. NE.
Cork, 18 m. NNE. of Cork, 141 from Dublin, on R.
Blackwater under Nagle mountns. Acres 5253,
good, with mountain and limestone quarries; pop.
2337, of vil. 418, near which are Convamore,
seat of Earl of Listowel, the ruins of a church and
of a castle of the Roches. Living, a Rect. (Ck. C. R.)
val. with Killathy 557/., patr. Bishop.

BALLYHORGAN, EAST and SOUTH, vils. (9, 16)
Clanmaurice bar. NE. Kerry, 4 m. SW. of Lis-
towel-171, near B-. House, Stawghton, Esq.

BALLYHORNAN vil. (38-9) Lecale bar. E. Down.

4 m. NE. of Ardglass-103, on B. Bay.
BALLYHUSKARD par. (20-6-7) Ballaghkeen bar.

E. Wexfd. 4 m. ESE. of Enniscorthy-80. Acres
7948, good; pop. 2874 + 39. Living, a Cur. (Os.

F. L.) val. 55/.. patr. Incumbent.

P. M. BALLY JAMESDUFF viL (38) Gastlerahan
bar. S. Cavan, 11 m. SE. of Cavan, 57 from Dublin,
is a police and petty sess. station. Pop. 1071 + 21 ;
houses 187, with a church, 4 chapels, schools.
Living, a Cur. (K. E. A,) val. 65/., patr. Incum-
bents of Castlerahan, Kildrumferton, Demn, Lur-
gan. M kt. D. Tu, Fairs, monthly.

BALLYKEAN par. (26-7, 33-4) Geashill and
Upper Philipstown bars. E. King's Co. 4 m. SE.
of Geashill-64. Acres 12,201 (1822 in B. Bog);
pop. 2445. Living, a Vic. (Du. G. K.) val. 138/.,
patr. Bishop.

Ballykeefe Wood (22) 6 m. SW. of Kilkenny
-72, W. Kilky.

Bally keel '(9) near Kilfenora, -N. Clare, Ly-
saght, Esq.

P. BALLYKEEL ( ) nearDromore-84, W.Dmvn.

BALLYKEERAN hmlt. (22-9) Brawney bar. W.
Westmeath, 3 m. NE. of Athlone-76.

P. BALLYKELLY vil. (9) Keenaght bar. N.
Londy. 13 m. ENE. of Londonderry, 156 from
Dublin ;. a pretty place, with a charter school sup-
ported by the- Fishmongers' Comp., who have
18,000 acres about here. Pop. 321.

BALLYKENNEDY vil. Lower Toome bar. W.
Antrim, 2 m. SW. of Ballymena-118, is a Mora-
vian settlement.

BALLYKETT vil. (67) Moyarta bar. SW. Clare,
near Kilrush-178.

BALLYKILCASH vil. (12) Tireragh bar. N. Sligo,
3 m. SW. of Aughris head.

Ballykilcavin (14-9) near Stradbally E. Queen's

BALLYKINE par. (34-5) S. Ballinacor bar. SE.
Wicklw. 4 m. SSW. of Rathdrum-38. Acres
11,054, arable, with mountain; pop. 2755 + 12;
Living, united to Rathdrum. Whaley abbey, on
the site of one founded by St. Palladius.

BALLYKINLER par. (44) Lecale bar. SE. Down.

5 m. SW. of Downpatrick-94, on Dundrum Bav.
Acres 2039 r middling ; pop. 795. Living, a Rect.
(Dn. C. D.) impropriate.

Ballykistane(58) 3 m. NW. of Tipperaiy, SW.
Tipper y. Lord Stanley.

BALLYKNOCRAN vfl. ( ) E. Idrone bar. E. Car-
low, near Myshall-67. Pop. 170.

Ballykurogue Castle (39) 6 m. S. of Ross, S W.
Wexfd. in ruins.

BALLYLAGHAN hmlt. (61) Gallen bar. E. Mayo,
2 m. S. of Foxford-166, near a stronghold of the
Mac Jordans.


BALLYLANDERS par. (49, 57) Coshlea bar. SE.
Limerick, 10 m. ESE. of Kilmallock-140. Acres
7717, arable, with bog; pop. 4000+100, of
town 340. Living, a Rect. with Duntrileague.

BALLYLANEEN par. (15-6, 24-5) Decies-with-
out-Drnm bar. S. Waterfd. onR. Mahon, contains
Kilmacthomas-1 12, and remains of Jordan's castle.
Acres 6315, pasture, with copper and lead; pop.
5153+134. Living, a Vic. with Stradbally.

BALLYLANNAJS par. (40) West Shelmaliere bar.
S. Wexfd. 6 m. SW. of Taghmon-103, contains
Foulkesmill near Bannow bay. Acres 2493, mid-
dling; pop. 710. Living, a Vic. with Horetown.
Rosegarland, F. Leigh, Esq.

BALLYLARKIN par. (13) Crannagh bar. NW.
Kilkenny, 1 m. SW. Freshford-82. Acres 1394,
arable and pasture ; pop. 264 + 4. Living, a Vic.
(Os. F. L.) suspended.

BALLYLEAGUE vil. (37) South Ballintober bar.
E. Roscomn. a suburb of Lanesborough-84.

Ballylean (59) near Kildysart, S. Clare, W.
Coppinger, Esq.

Ballyleidy (1) near Bangor, N. Down. Lord

Ballylickney Cove (105) 3 m. N. of Bantry, SW.
Curk, Hutchins, Esq. on the bay.

BABLYLIFFIN vil. (3, 10) Inishowen bar. NE.
Donegl. 10 m. NE. of Buncrana-157. Pop. 193.

Ballylin (14-5) near Ferbane, W. King's Co.
Rev. H. King. '

BALLYLINGII par. (28) Gowran bar. Mid. Kil~
kenny, 2 m. WNW. of Thomastown-75. Acres
1167, good ; pop. 319. Living, a Rect. united to
Burnchurch. Mount Juliet, Earl of Carrick, near
the old castle.

BaUyline (26) near Crusheen, N. Clare, A.
Butler, Esq.

BALLYLINNY par. (51-2) Lower Belfast bar. SE.
Antrim, 6 m. W. of Carrickfergus-112. Acres
5364, good ; pop. 2204. Living, a Vic. united to

P. BALLYLONGFORD vil. (2, 3) Iraghticonnor
bar. NE. Kerry, 26 m. NE. of Tralee, 165 from
Dublin, on B" River (which runs past it to R.
Shannon), is a petty sessions town. Pop. 1143,
employed in the corn and turf export trade.
Mkt. D. alternate Thursdays.

BALLYLOUGH vil. (7) Lower Dunluce bar. NW,
Antr. 2 m. SSE. of Bushmills-169, seat of W.
Trail, Esq.

Ballyloughan (19) 3 m. SE. of Bagenalstown, S.
Carlw. was a seat of the Kavanaghs, where the
kings of Leinster had a castle.

BALLYLOUGHAUN vil. (94) Gal way bar. Mid.
Galwy. 1 m. E. of Galwav-133. Pop. 180.

BAI.LYLOUGHLOE par. 29, 30) Clonronan bar.
W. Westmeath, 4 m. NW. of Moate-66. Acres
13,577, good ; pop. 4793. Living, a Rect. (Meath)
val. with Drumraney 6877., patr. Bishop. Moy-
drum Gastle, Lord Castlemaine.

BALLYLOUGHNANE vil. (5 or 8) Lower Ormond
bar. N. Tippery. 2 m. SSW. of Parsonstown-81.
Pop. 344.

P. BALLYLYAN vil. (26) Ballyadams bar. E.
Queen's Co. 10 m. SE. of Maryborough, 56 from
Dublin, near Rahin, seat of the Weldons who own
the town. Pop. 445. In 1-786 many coins of the
9th century were found in the neighbourhood.
Fairs, 11 Jan. 10 Feb. 10 May, 2 Sept. 26 Nov.

P. BALLYMACARETT (4) a suburb of Belfast,
N. Down, at the new 5-arch bridge on R. Lur-
gan. Acres 576 ; pop. 6697 + 153, in the linen and
muslin manufact., the glass, pottery, sail, chemi-
cal, and other works ; houses 1 124, with 6 chapels,
police station, 8 schools, etc. Living, a Cur. (Dn,
C. D.) val. 84/., patr. Rector of Knockbride.




B ALLY JIACART par. (36-9) Decies-within-Drum
bar. SW. Waterfd. b m. S. of Dungarvan-122,on
the coast near B. Head in Ardrnore bay. Acres
2537, middling; pop. 1196 + 21, Living, a Vic.
united to Ardmore.

Ballymacau (27) near Dunmore, E. Waterfd.
seat of the Countess of Carrick, and a coast gd.

BALLYMACELLIGOTT par. (29, 30-8-9) Trug-
hanacmy bar. Mid. Kerry, 5 m. E. of Tralee-192.
Acres 14,018, partly bog and hill, with lime quar-
ries ; pop. 4058 + 52. Living, a Reel. (Lk. A. A.)
val. with 2 others 430/., patr. Crosbie of Ardfert.
Some curious caverns are found in the limestone.

Bally macgibbon House (121) near Cong, S.
Mayo, 3. Fynn, Esq.

BALLYMACHUGH par. (37-8, 41-2) Clonmahon
bar. S. Cavan, 6 m. SW. of Ballyjamesduff-57,
near Lough Sheelin. Acres 7728", arable, with
water; pop. 3518 + 9. Living, a Vic. united to
Granard. Arley Cottage, Lord Farnham ; and
other seats.

BALLYMACKEAN vil. (137) Courcey's bar. S.
Cork, SW. of Kinsale-178, is a coast gd. station.
Pop. 202.

BALLYMACKEY par. (21-2) Upper Ormond bar.
.ZV. Tippery. 4 m. E. of Nenagh-95. Acres 9713,
chiefly bog, with limestone ; pop.3178 +11. Living,

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