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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 33 of 293)
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a Red. (K. K. C. K.) vaL with 2 others 532/., patr.

Ballymackmoy (34) 5 ra. EXE. of Mallow, N.
Cork, Hennessy, Esq.

BALLYMACKSEY vil. (31) Farney bar. SE.
Monayhan, 3 m. SE. of Carrickmacross-50, near B.

BALLYMAOODA vil. (78) Imokilly bar. E. Cork,
12 m. E. of Middleton-156. Pop. 305.

Ballymacool (53) near Letterkenny-146, Mid.
Donegl. 3. Boyd, Esq.

BALLYMACORMICK par. (13-4, etc.) Ardagh and
Moydow bars. Mid. Longfd. 3 m. S. of Longford
-73, on the Royal canal. Acres 8925, arable with
bog, waste, lime, and sandstone; pop. 3926.
Living, a Sect, united to Templemichael.

BaUymacauin Bog, 1 m. SW. of Ballyheigue,
NW. Kerry.

BALLYMACWABD par. (59, 60, 72-3) Kilconnell
and Tyaquin bars. E. Galu-y. 5 m. WSW. of Ahas-
cragh-99. Acres 17,258, good, with waste and
bog ; pop. 5027. Living, a Sect. (K. K. C. K.)
val. with Clonkeen 246/., patr. Bishop. Mount
Hazel, Mt. Bernard, and other seats are around.

BALLYMACWILLIAM par. (4, 11) Warrenstown
bar. NE. King's Co. 3 m. WXW. of Edenderry
-37. Acres 4976, chiefly pasture, with bog ; pop.
1193. Living, a Sect. (Du. G. K.) val. 247/., patr.
Bishop. Johnstone, Haughton, Esq.

BALLYMADUJ? par. (3, 6, 7) West Balrothery
bar. N W. Dublin, 2 m. S. of Garristown-20. Acres
3438, good ; pop 522. Living, a Cur. with Clon-

BALLYMAGARVEY par. (32) Upper Duleek bar.
E. Meath, 4 m. SW. of Duleek-22, on the Xanny
Water. Acres 2267, good ; pop. 104. Living, a
Vic. with Kentstown. B. House, .

BALLYJIAGAURAN hmlt. (13) near Ballinamore
-94, borders of Cavan and Leitrim, close to B.

BALLYMAGLASSON par. (50) Ratoath bar. SE.
Meath, 4 m. S. of Dunshaughlin-17. Acres 3476,
good ; pop. 567. Living, a Rect. (Meath) val.
180/., patr. the Crown. B. House, .

Ballymaglavey Bog ( ) 3 m. E. of Ballymahon,
borders of Westmeath and Longfd.

BALLYMAGOOLY vil. (33) Fermoybar. N. Cork,
2 m. E. of Mallow-147. Pop. 212.

BALLYMAGORRY vil. (5) Strabane bar. N. Ty-
rone, 3 m. NNE. of Strabane-129. Pop. 213.

P. M. BALLYMAHON (27) Rathcline and Xong-
haval bars. S. Longfd. 11 m. S. of Longford, 70
from Dublin, on R. Inny, is a sessions town, be-
longing to the Shuldhams, and is the proposed
head of a new Poor L. union. Pop. 1229 + 12,
employed in a good trade ; 230 houses including
a church, chapel, and market-house. Goldsmith
spent much of his early life here. Mkt. D. Thurs.
for provisions. Fairs, Thurs. before Ash- Wed-
nesday, 11 May, 11 Aug. 21 Nov.

BALLYSIAKKXNY par. (21) Drogheda and Fer-
rara bars. S. Louth, 3 m. N. of Drogheda-28.
Acres 1581, middling ; pop. 499. Living, a Rect.
(Arm. C.) val. 158/., patr. Bishop.

Ballymaloe (89) near Cloyne, SE. Cork,
Forster, Esq.

Ballyman Glen (26) near Bray, borders of Dull.
and Wicklow.

BALLYSIANNY par. (23) East Offaly bar. Mid.
Kildare, 2 m. S. of W. Xewbridge-26, near the
Liffey. Acres 507 good ; pop. 193. Living a Rect.
with to Killishee. Fairs, 6 Apr. 21 Aug. 2 Nov.

Ballymanus (34) 6 m. SW. of Rathdrum, S.
Wicklow, a seat of the Brynes, or O'Briens, who
were lords of this country in Spencer's time.

BALLYMARTIN par. (51) Upper and Lower
Belfast bars. S. Antr. 8 m. E. of Antrim-lOG.
Acres 2806 good ; pop. 870 + 15. Living a Rect.
united to Carnmoney.

BALLYMARTLE par. (97-8, 112) Kinalea and
Kinsale bars. 5. Cork, 2 m. N. of Kinsale-178.
Acres 5503, chieflv arable ; pop. 1751. Living a
Rect. (Ck. C. R.) "value 367/. patr. the Crown.

P. BALLYMASCANLAN par. (4, 5, etc.) Upper
and Lower Dundalk bars. N. Louth, 23 m. N. of
Drogheda, 54 from Dublin, on R. Flurry. Acres
15,997, arable, with mountain and limestone
quarries ; pop. 6674 + 34 in the linen manufact.
bleaching, etc. Living, a Cur. (Arm. C.) val.1067.
patr. T. Fortescue, Esq. of Ravensdale Park. B.
house, 3. Mac Xeile, Esq. The ruins of B. Castle,
built by the Scanlans, and danish remains are
found, with Giant's Load cromlech.

P. M. BALLYSLENA (32) Lower Toome bar.
Mid. Antrim, 11 m. XX W. of Antrim (by Bel-
fast rail, which ends here), 118 from Dublin,
on R. Braid, a sessions and chief police station,
founded by the Adairs, has some castle ruins, and
was occupied by the rebels 1798. Pop. including
Henryville 5549 + 89, chiefly in the linen manu-
fact. ; houses 952, with Kirkinrola church, 5
chapels, 4 banks, mkt. house, and bridewell, Q.
Elizabeth's diocesan school, Guy's free sch., dis-
pensary, and Union p. house. Bal. P. L. Union,
includes 23 elect, div. in Antr. with 28 guardians ;
acres 161,049, pop. 74,022, ho. room for 1150, cases
relieved (1847-8) 2614 (besides 1677 out-door),
expend. 8373/., prop, rated 93,492Z. * B. Pres-
bytery, includes Ahoghill, Ballymena, Brough-
shane, Buckna, Clough, Cloughwater, Connor,
Cullybackey, Glenwherry, Glenarm, Xewtown-
crommelin, Portglenone, Randalstown. Mkt. D.
Sat. for linens. Fairs, 26 Julv, 21 Aug.

BaUymenagh (57) 6 m. XXE. of Belfast, SE.
Antrim, T. Gregg, Esq.

Bully minney Creek (11) near Sligo bay, N. Sligo,
5 m. W. of Aughris head.

BALLYMITTY par. (41) W. Shelmaliere bar.
S. Wexfd. 3 m. SSW. of Taghmon-103. Acres
1365, chiefly arable with stone quarries ; pop. 393.
Living, a Rect. with Taghmon. Coolcliffe, Sir
W. Cox, Bart.

BALLYMOIMN par. (110) E. Carbery and Kinal-
meaky bars. S. Cork, contains Bandon-180, on


E. Handon. Acres 8090 good ; pop. 9298. Liv-
ing, a Vic. (Ck. C. R.) val. 3671., patr. Bishop ;
church, reb. 1849, iu pointed style. Castle Ber-
nard, Earl of Bandon.

BALLYMOE BARONY (18-9, etc.) NE. Galway,
contains the pars, of Clonbern, Kilbegnet, Kil-
croan, Templetogher, parts of Ballynakill, Boyou-
nagh, Drumatemple, Dunamon, Dunmore, Kil-
lerin and Tuam, and the town of Dunmore;
acres 89,273, an. val. 27,568/., pop. 28,666,
houses, 5268. tgaT BALLYMOE BARONY (34-5-
8-9) Mid. Roscomn., contains the pars, of Cloony-
gormican and Oran, and parts of Ballynakill,
Drumatemple, and Dunamon ; acres 23,288, an.
val. 16,080/., pop. 8061, houses 1365.

P. BALLYMOE vil. (2) in the above bar. NE.
Galway, 20 m. NE. of Tuam-119, on R. Suck.
Pop. 300. Fairs, 1 Feb. 16 Mar. 21 May, 24 June,
22 Aug. 25 Oct.

BallymoneUy Valley (2) near Bangor, NE.

BALLYMONEY par. (108-9, 121) E. Carbery
bar. S. Cork, 9 m. W. of Bandon- 176, on B. River,
contains Bal^-neen. Acres 3733, arable, with
mountain and bog ; pop. 3733, in the linen manu-
fact., corn-mills, etc. Living, a Rect. (Ck. C. R.)
val. 695/., patr. Bishop.

P. M. BALLYMONEY par. (16-7, etc.) Kilcon-
way, Upper Dunluce, and Liberties of Coleraine
bars., borders of Antrim and Londy., 27 m. NNW.
of Antrim, 140 from Dublin, near R. Bann, a
sessions and chief police station, founded by the
M'Donnels. Acres 22,676, arable, with bog, wa-
ter, coal, and ironstone; pop. 11,727 + 15, in the
manufact. of linen to a large amount, and in a
good butter-trade ; houses 478, with a church,
3 chapels, 2 banks, townhall, bridewell, dispen-
sary, Union p. house. Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.)
val. 907/., patr. Bishop. Leslie Hill, J. Leslie,
Esq. ; O'Hara Brook, C. O'Hara, Esq. Bal. P.
L. Union, includes 22 elect, divis. in Antr. and
Londy., with 28 guardians; acres 127,044, pop.
48,812, ho. room for 750, cases relieved (1847-8)
1259 (besides 1816 out-door) expend. 438U,
prop, rated 73.036Z. Mkt. D. Thurs. for linen,
grain, butter, provisions, etc. Fairs, 6 May, 10
July, 10 Aug.

BaUymoon (16) E. Idrone bar. S. Carlow, 2 m.
E. of Bagenalstown-62, has a castle built by the
Templars, and was the scene of a great battle in
908, when Cormac, king of Cashel, was slain.

BALLYMORE par. (13-4-7-8) Lower Orior bar.
E. Armayh. includes Tanderagee-80, seat of Duke
of Manchester, with Acton and Pointz Pass, on the
Newry canal'. Acres 14,158, good, well cultivated,
with potter's clay, fuller's earth, and stone quar-
ries; pop. 11,501. Living a Rect. (Arm. C.) val.
1462A, patr. Bishop.

P. BALLYMORE par. (23-4, etc.) Rathconrath
bar. IV. JVestmeath, 15m. WSW. of Mullingar,
72 from Dublin, containing Lough Sendy,is a petty
sess. and police station, and decayed mkt. town,
taken by De Ginkell, 1691, and has remains of an
abbey found. 1218 by the Lacys. Acres 10,465
arable, with limestone quarries ; pop. 3487, of
town 574, declining. Living, a Cur. (Meath)
val. 93/., patr. Bishop. Fairs, Whit Mon. 14
Oct. igT BALLYMOHE par. (47-8) Forth bar.
SE. Wexfd. 7 m. S. of Wexford-94. Acres
2525 good ; pop. 568. Living, a Rect. with Ta-
cumshane. |gp Ballymore (16) 2 m. SE. of
Camolin, N. Wexfd. R. Donovan, Esq., near 2i.
Hill, 769 ft. high.

P. M. BALLYMORE EUSTACE par. (29) S. Naas
bar. E. Kildare, 13 m. ESE. of Kildare, 34 from
Dublin, a police station at the 6-arch bridge on



the Liffey, near Poul-a-Phooka fall (of 150 ft.),
had a castle b. by the Eustaces, and is the pro-
posed head of a new Poor 1. union. Acres 4203
light soil (B. Hill 596 ft. high) ; pop. 2129, of
town 936, in a large woollen factory. Living, a Vic.
(Du. G. K.) val. 92/., patr. Bishop. Broadlaise
is covered with many druid remains. Mkt. D.
Wed. for grain. Fairs, Easter Mon. 24 June,
26 Aug. 28 Oct. 21 Dec. for cattle.

BALLYMORIN, or ALMORITIA, par. (17, 24)
Rathconrath bar. W. Westmth. 4 m. NE. of Bal-
lymore-72, near the Royal canal. Acres 2205,
arable, with limestone quarries ; pop. 700. Living,
a Rect. (Meath) val. 1U4/., patr. Bishop.

BALLYMOTE vil. Longford bar. SE. Galway,
near Eyrecourt-101.

P. M. a. BALLYMOTE (33) Corran bar. Mid.
Sligo, 12 m. S. of Sligo, and 123 from Dublin, a
sessions and chief police station, has remains of
an Hospitallers' commandery, and the De Burgos'
castle, 150 ft. square (b. 1300), and had a fran-
ciscan friary, found, by the M'Donoghs, where the
irish Psalter of Ballymote ' was written. Pop.
839, linen weavers ; houses 123, with Emlyfad
church, 2 chapels, bridewell, dispensary. Earls-
field, Sir R. Booth, Bt., who owns the town. Mkt.
D. Fri. for provisions. Fairs, last Mon. in Jan.
11 May, 1st Mon. in June and Nov. 3 Sept. o. s.
2nd Mon. in Dec. o. s.

BallymuUen Rivulet, Trughanacmy bar. Mid.
Kerry, falls into R. Lee, near Tralee.

P. BALLYMUN hmlt- (4) Coolock bar. E. Dub-
lin, near Santry, 3 m. N. of Dublin.

BALLYMURPHY vil. (22) Lower St. Mullin's
bar. SE. Carlw. 3 m. SE. of Borris-71. Pop. 158.

BALLYMURREEN par. (47-8) Eliogarty bar. E.
Tippery. 5 m. SSE. of Thurles-95. Acres 3846,
arable, with bog; pop. 1203. Living, a Vic.
(Ca, E. W. L.) val. 131/., patr. Bishop. B. House
is near Littleton.

Ballymurtagh Copper Mine (35) Arklow bar.
SE. Wicklw. 4 m. S. of Rathdrum-38, in B. Hill,
1000 ft. high, near the vale of Ovoca.

BALLYMYRE par. (21-5) Upper Fews bar. Mid.
Armagh, 2m. NE. of Castlehainilton-70. Acres
7381, middling, with bog, water, and mountain ;
pop. . 3071 + 35, in linen and woollen manufact.
Living,.a Cur. (Arm. C.) val. 90/.,patr. Incumbent
of Armagh. Stone is quarried and lead found
near B. .Lodge, M. Synnot, Esq., whose family
have been great benefactors to the place.

Bally nubarney, 3 m. SE. of Innistiogue, E. Kil-
kenny, Bolger, Esq.

BALLYNACALLAGH vil. (126) in Kilnamanagh
isld. SW. Cork, 12 m. WSW. of Castletown-257.
Pop. 170.

P. BALLYNACALLY vil. (50) Clonderlaw bar.
S. Clare, 9 m. SSW. of Ennis, and 146 from
Dublin near R. Fergus. Pop. 194. Fairs, 14
June, 16 Sept. 8 Nov. for cattle.

Ballynacarrick Ferry ( ) across R. Gweebarra,
near Glenties, W. Donegl. on the coast.

BALLYNACARRIGA viL (126) Bear bar. SW.
Cork, 10 m. WSW. of Castletown-257. Pop. 152.

P. M. BALLYNACARRIGY (10-1) Moygoish bar.
W. Westmeath, 9 m. NW. of Mullingar, 58 from
Dublin, on the Royal canal. Pop. 483. Mkt. D.
Wed. for provisions. Fairs, 9 May, 20 Oct.

BALLYNACLOGH par. (24) Coonagh bar. E. Li-
merick, 2 m. N. of Pallasgrean-128. Acres 1092,
good, with limestone ; pop. 630. Living, a Rect.
united to Kilcornan.

P. BALLYNACLOGH par. (21-7) Upper Ormond
bar. N. Tippery. 3 m. SSE. of Nenagh-95, on the
Arra. Acres 3869, hilly, with limestone and
marble quarries ; pop. 1 152. Living, a Vic. (R.

I 2



K. C. K) val. with 3 others 269?., patr. Dean of
Killaloe. B. House, seat of Baly, Esq.

BALLYNACORRA vil. (76) Barrymore and Imo-
killy bars. E. Cork, 1 m. S. of Middleton-156.
Pop. 802. B. House, .

BALLYXACOURTY par. (94-5, 102-3) Dunkellin
bar. Mid. Galwy. 2 m. S. of Oranmore-127, on
Galway bay, includes the islds. of Tawny, St.
Brendan's, and Inniscorn, and is a fishing and coast
gd. station. Acres 6293, good, with limestone ;
pop. 3407 + 15. Living, a Beet, united to Galway.
gal" BALLYXACOURTY par. (44) Corkaguiney bar.
W. Kerry, 9 m. E. of Dingle-220, contains Annas-
calle and Ballinclare. Acres 5318, arable, with
mountain and bog; pop. 1472. Living, a Vic.
with Kilflyn.

Ballynacree (17) near Ballymoney, NW.Antrim,
S. Moore, Esq.

BALLYNACREEX vil. (89) Imokelly bar. SE.
Cork, 4 m. SE. of Cloyne-160. Pop. 124.

BALLYXADRUMMY par. (1, 3) Carbury bar.
NW. KUdare, 5 m. N. of Carbury-33. Acres
4285 ; pop. 1501. Living, a Vic. united to Carbury.

BALLYNAFAGH par. (9, 13) Clane bar. N. KU-
dare, 4 m. NW. of Clane-25. Acres 4155, chiefly
bog ; pop. 929 + 31. Living, a Rect. (Du. G. K.)
val. 1087., patr. the Crown.

BALLYXAFAUNA vil. (36) Condon's and Clan-
gibbon bar. E. Cork, 2 m. E. of Fermoy-137.
Pop. 318.

BALLYNAGERAGH vil. (15-6) Clanmaurice bar.
N. Kerry, 6 m. WSW. of Listowel-171. Pop. 139.
B. House, .

P. BALLYNAGORE vil. (32) Moycashel bar. 5.
Westmeath, 3 m. NX E. of Kilbeggan- 56. Pop. 125.

Ballynaguard (22) 6 m. S. of Limerick, N.
Limk. J. Croker, Esq.

BALLYNAHAGLISH par. (28) Trughanacmy bar.
NW. Kerry, 5 m. WNW. of Tralee-192, on the
bay, contains Chapel town and Kilfinura. Acres
3006, arable, with bog and mountain ; pop. 2147.
Living, a Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. with 2 others,
7177., patr. Sir E. Denny, Bt., of Tralee cast,
gig" BALLYNAHAGLISH par. (39, 48, 60) Tirawley
bar. NE. Mayo, 6 m. S. of Ballina-159, on the
Moy, near Lough Conn. Acres 12,659, much bog
and mountain, with limestone ; pop. 5397 + 28.
Living, a Vic. with Ardagh. Mount Falcon,
Knox, Esq., near the ruins of Castle MacAn-
drew, and other remains.

Galway, contains Cunnemara, part of Joyce's
country, the pars, of Ballindoon, Ballynakill,
Moyrus, Omey, with the town of Clifden ; acres
191,433 chiefly bog and mountain (2395 ft.
high at Benbaun), an. val. 13,7847., pop. 33,465,
houses 5787. ifif" BALLYXAHIXCH vil. (6) in
the above bar., 6 m. SE. of Clifden-178, near B.
Lake and River (with good salmon fishing), was
seat of the late T. Martin, Esq., proprietor of
this district, who held 1 96,540 acres.

P. M. BALLYNAHIXCH vil. (22-9) Kinelarty
bar. Mid. Down. 9 m. NW. of Downpatrick, 94
from Dublin, on B. River, where the rebels were
defeated by Gen. Nugent 1798. Pop. 911 ; houses
151. Mkt. D. Thurs. Fairs, monthly, except in
June, Sept. and Dec.

BALLYNAKILL par. (23, etc.) Ballynahinch bar.
NW. Galwny, 5m. N. of Clifden-178, on B. Bay,
below Rinville point, contains Killery and Cleg-
gan bays, and the islds. of Crump, Freaghillaun,
and several others. Acres 49,052, middling, with
water, bog, and mountain (Letterbreckan 2193 ft.
high) ; pop. 7928 + 74, employed in fishing, spin-
ning, knitting, etc. Living, a Rect. (Tu. K. A.)
val. with 9 others 263?., patr. Bishop. The Bay,


between Cleggan and Rinville Pts.,hasa well shel-
i tered barb., fit for large vessels in 8 to 12 fath.,
i to the S. of Freaghillaun isld., which stands in the
fair way ; Rinville hill is the best guide to it.
i gif BALLYNAKILL par. (45-6) Killian bar. E.
i Galway, 5 m. N. of Castleblakeney-106. Acres
5221 ; pop. 1762 + 13. Living, a Rect. with Moy-
i lough. igif BALLYNAKILL par. (125, 131, etc.)
Leitrim bar. SE. Galway, contains Woodford-114,
I near Lough Derg, under the Slieve Baughta
i range. Acres 59,606, good, with mountain (the
Scalp 1074 ft. high) ; pop. 14,373 + 127. Living,
! a Rect. with Lickmolassy. The Irish Waste Land
Soc. have an estate of 1366 acr. here, the rental of
which has grown from 50s. to 847. since 1836.
l|gj BALLYNAKILL par. (7, etc.) Ballymoe bar.
borders of Galwy. and Roscmn. 10 m. NW. of Ath-
league-100, on R, Suck. Acres 14,577, pasture,
with mountain, waste, and bog ; pop. 4998 + 12.
Living, a Vic. with Donamon. ^ BALLYNA-
KILL par. (11-9) Coolestown bar. E. King's Co.

4 m. SW. of Edenderry-37, on the Gd. canal.
Acres 6761, good, with bog and limestone ; pop.
1079 + 13. Living, a Vic. with Clonbullogue.
gg BALLYXAKILL par. (27) Tirerill bar. E. Sligo,

5 m. SE. of Collooney-126. Acres 4590, good,
with bog and limestone ; pop. 1906 + 9. Living,
a Vic. with Boyle, fgi" BALLYNAKILL par. (10-
-8) Gaultiere bar. E. Waterfd. 2 m. SE. of Water-
ford-96, on R. Suir, contains Little Island. Acres
1877, good land; pop. 639. Living, a Vic. (Ca.
E. W. L.) val. 227/., patr. Bishop. B. House,
May park, and other seats are here.

BALLYNAMOMA par. (32) Small County bar.
E. Limk. 4 m. ENE. of Bruff-134. Acres 1498,
good, limestone and basalt ; pop. 587 + 7. Living,
a Vic. with Anay.

BALLYNAMUDDAGH vil. (26) Ballaghkeen bar.
E. Wexfd. 5 m. ESE. of Enniscorthy-80. Pop. 205.

BALLYXASCARTHY vil. (122) E. Carbery bar.
S. Cork, 4 m. NNE. of ClonakiIty-193. Pop. 154,
employed in the flour-mills, etc.

BALLYNASCREEN par. (40, etc.) Loughinsholin
bar. 5. Londondy. containing Draperstown-122,
0) . R. Moyola, between Slieve Gullion and White
mountns., belongs mostly to the Drapers' and
Skinners' Comps. Acres 32,492, partly arable,
with bog, waste, mountain, and limestone quar-
ries ; pop. 8384 + 53, a few weavers. Living, a
Rect. (Dy. R.) val. 7847,, patr. Bishop. Derry-
noyd, late Judge Torrens.

BALLYXASLANEY par. (32) Ballaghkeen and
E. Shelmaliere bars. E. Wexfd. 6 m. NNW. of
Wexford-94, on R. Slaney. Acres 2646, good ;
pop. 1061 + 15. Living, a Cur. with Edermine.

Battynatana Mountn. (5) 4 m. E. of Blessington,
2V. Wicklw., 1346 ft. high.

BALLYNEALE limit. (37) 3 m. NW. of Ross,
KE. Kilkenny, Cook, Esq.

BALLYXEE vil. (5) Morgallion bar. N. Meath,
1 m. SW. of Nobber-44. Pop. 147.

BALI.YNEEN vil. (109) E. Carbery bar. S. Cork,
10 m. W. of Bandon-189, a police station. Pop.

BALLYNEETY vil. (14) Clanwilliam bar. N.
Limk. 5 m. SSK of Limerick-119, near B. House.
Pop. 231.

Ballynestragh (7) 3m. N. of Gorey-61, NE.
Wexfd. Rt. Hon. Sir. T. Esmonde, Bt"

Ballynocox (38) near Ballingarry, Mid. Limrck.,
W. Cox, Esq.

BALLYNOE par. (45-6, 54-5) Kinnatallon bar.
E. Cork, 9 m. E. of Rathcormack-142, near R.
Bride. Acres 7716, good, with bog ; pop. 2566,
declining, of town 365. Living, a Vic. with


BALLYNURE par.(45-6, 51-2) Lower Belfast bar.
SE. Antrim, 6 m. NW. of Carrickfergus-112, on
the Six-mile Water, and Belfast rail., includes part
ofBallyclare. Acres 8540, good, with waste, bog,
and basaltic stone quarries ; pop. 3469, town
380, employed in a papermill and bleach grounds.
Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val. with 2 others
454/., patr. Bishop. Fairs, 16 May, 5 Sept. 25
Oct. |^- Bally nure (12-7) Dartree bar. W.
Monagh. 2 m. NW. of Newbliss, Foster, Esq.
giT BALLYNURE par. (20-6) Upper Talbotstown
bar. W. Wickltv. 4 m. SSW. of Dunlavin-33, con-
tains Bumboa hall. Acres 7404, chiefly arable ;
pop. 1718, declining. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.)
val. 279/., patr. H. Carroll, Esq. of B. House,
Grange-con, D. Mahony, Esq.

BALLYONAN vil. Carbury bar. NW. Kildare,
G m. N. of Carbury-32.

BALLYORGAN vil. (56) Coshlea bar. SE. Limk.
7 m. SSE. of Kilmallock-140. Pop. 334.

BAI.LYOUGHTERA par. (66, 77) Imokilly bar.
E. Cork, 1 m. W. of Castlemartyr-161. Acres
4532, middling, with some good land and iron
mines ; pop. 1728. Living, a Rect. with Castle-

BALLYOVEY par. (109, etc.) Carra bar. S.
Mayo, 7 m. NW. of Ballinrobe-147, on Loughs
Carra and Mask. Acres 27,622, partly good, with
mountain, bog, and water ; pop. 4505 + 48. Living,
a Rect. united to Burriscarra. Tarmacady, Hon.
Mr. Plunket, is near the Slieve Partree mountns.

BALLYPATRICK vil. (78) Iffa and Offa bar. S.
Tippery. 7 m. ENE. of Clonmel-104.

BALLYPHILIP par. (25, 32) Ards bar. E. Down.
includes Portaferry-129, on Lough Strangford,
commanding a fine view, and has 2 danish raths.
Acres 2330, good, with bog in Ballygaroegan
Moss ; pop. 3086. Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val.
with 4 others 409/., patr. Bishop.

Ballyphilips (54) near Killenaule, SE. Tippery.
A. Going, Esq.

P. BALLYPOREEN (86) Iffa and Offa bar. SW.
Tippy. 13 m. S. of Tipperary, 124 from Dublin,
near the proposed Cork rail. Pop. 772 + 26.

Ballyquin (44) 5 m. WSW. of Killaloe, E. Clare,
Arthur, Esq. ^ BALLYQUIN vil. Corka-
guiney bar. W. Kerry, about 6 m. N. of Dingle
-220. Pop. 193.

Ballyquintin Point (32) 2 m. ESE. of Porta-
ferry, E. Down, near a whirlpool called the Rant-
ing wheel.

P. BALLYRAGGET par. (10) Fassadinin bar. .2V.
Kilky. 10m. NNW. of Kilkenny, 68 from Dublin,
near the Nore, seat of the Kavannaghs. Pop.
1577. Fairs, monthly. See DONOUGHJIORE.

Ballyraine Creek (53) in Lough Swilly, Mid.
Donegal, near Letterkenny, is a sub-port to Lon-

BALLYRASHANE par. (6, etc.) Lower Dunluce
and N. East Liberties of Coleraine bars, borders
of Antrim and Londondy. 4 m. SW. of Bushmills
-159, on R. Bann. Acres 6361, chiefly arable,
with basalt and fossils ; pop. 2658, declining, em-
ployed in weaving and in the papermills. Living,
a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val. 308/., patr. Bishop.

Ballyre (55, 6C) near Killeagh, E. Cork,
Uniake, Esq.

P. BALLYROAN par. (24) Cullenagh bar. S.
Queen's Co. 6 m. S. of Maryboro', 64 from Dublin.
Acres 9682, chiefly arable, with mountain (Cul-
lenagh being 1045 ft. high), coal, lime, and flag-
stone ; pop. 3689 + 14, town 657, partly em-
ploved in the cotton-mills. Living, a Rect. (Os.
P. L.) val. 390/., patr. the Crown. Blandsfort,
seat of Bland, Esq. Fairs, 6 Jan. 2 Apr. 15 May,
1st Wed. in July, 15 Aug. 2nd Wed. in Nov.



BAIJ.YROBERT GRANGE par. (51) Lower Belfast
bar. SE. Antr. 8 m. E. of Antrim-106. Acres
| 884 ; pop. 291.

P. BALLYRONAN vil. (43) Loughinsholin bar.
' SE. Londy. 38 m. SE. of Londonderry, 118 from
j Dublin, on Lough Neagh, is the port to Money-
| more, and belongs to the Sailers' Company.

BAIAYRONTY hmlt. (54) Slievardagh bar. SE.
Tippery. near KilIenaule-106.

BALLYROOSKY vil. (8) Kilmacrenan bar. N.
coast Donegl. 10 m. NE. of Dunfanaghy-170, near
B. Point and Isld. Pop. 284.

P. BALLYSADERE par. (20) Leyny and Tirerrill
bars. E. Sligo, 4 m. SW. of Sligo, 127 from
Dublin, on B. River (which runs over several falls
from Lough Arrow to B. Bay, S. of Sligo bay),
has ruins of St. Fechin's ab. founded 7th cent.,
reb. after 1188, and given to the Clanricardes.
| Acres 16,024, good, with much waste and bog and
limestone quarries ;. pop. 7822 + 26, of town 869 +
32, employed in the corn-mills and a small export
trade. Living, a Vic. (Tu. K. A.) val. 223/., patr.
Bishop. Fairs, 8 Feb. 30 May, 11 July, 4 Aug.
24 Oct. 12 Nov. 15 Dec. Lead was once worked.

Ballysaqgartmore (20) near Lismore, W. Wa-
terfd. on It. Blackwater, A. Keily, Esq.

BALLYSAKEERY par. (21-2, etc.) Tirawley bar.
N. Mayo, 4 m. NN W. of Ballina-159, on R. Moy.
has the ruins of a franciscan ab. founded by the
Joyces. Acres 12,692, chiefly arable, with waste
and limestone; pop. 6034. Living, a Vic. (Tu.
K. A.) val. with Rathea 265/., patr. Bishop.

BALLYSAX par. (23, 27-8) E. Offaly bar. Mid.
Kildare, 4m. SE. of Kildare-31, near the Curragh
racecourse. Acres 7207, chiefly arable, with bog
and waste ; pop. 1220 + 23. Living, a Rect. (Du.
G. K.) val. 165/., patr. the Crown. B. House,
O'Kelly, Esq. ; Jockey Lodge ; and other seats.

BALLLYSCADDAN par. (41-9) Coshlea bar. E.
Limerick, 8 m. EXE. of Kilmallock-140. Acres
944, chiefly pasture ; pop. 749. Living, a Rect.
(Ca. E. W. L.) val. with Glanbane 92/., patr. the

BALLYSCANLAN vil. Lower Connello bar. Mid.
Limk. near Rathkeale-136.

BALLYSCUIXION par. (36, 42) Upper Toome and
Loughinsholin bars, borders of Antrim and Londy.
6 m. NW. of Randalstown-123, on Lough Beg
and R. Bann, contains Bellaghy, and had a palace
begun by the late Earl of Bristol (Bp. of Derry),
the portico of which is at St. George's, Belfast.
Acres 12,750, good, with much water and bog ;
pop. 6979 + 52. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.) val. 4471.,
patr. Bishop. Castle Dawson, Rt. hon. G. Dawson.

BALLYSCULLION GRANGE par. (36-7, 42-3)
Upper Toome bar. W. Antrim, 4 m. SSE. of
Portglenone-120. Acres 4279 ; pop. 3183.

BALLYSEEDY par. (38) Trughanacmy bar. Mid.
Kerry, 3 m. SE. of Tralee-192, on R. Maine
under the Slievemish mountns. Acres 3489,
good, with hill, bog, and limestone ; pop. 1472 +
31. Living, a Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. 52/., patr.

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