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man tower, examples of every period of the
pointed style, and 2 brasses of priests (from 1420).
The ancient castle, built by Aymer de Valence who
had the manor, is now a farmhouse. Jno. Philips,
author of " Cyder" and " The Splendid Shilling,"
was born at the vicarage, 1676-1708. B. House,
T. Denton, Esq. Fairs, 26-7 Aug. horses. |gT
BAMPTON par. (98) West ward, NIV. Westmrld.
9 m. NW. of Orton-276, on R. Lowther near
Haweswater, includes Bombey, Butterwick, and
Knipe. Acres 10,390; pop. 579; poor r. 2407.
(W. Ward U.) ; real prop. 40547. ; charities 1787.
of which 507. to Measand school, and 837. to the
excellent grammar school where Dr. Mill, the
biblical critic, Bp. Gibson editor of "Camden"
(and a native of Knipe), and Judge Wilson, were
educated. St. Patrick Vic. (Carl.) val. 1017.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor. B. GRANGE, and B. Hall,
1 m. SE.

BAMPTON-KIRK tnshp. (107) Kirk-Bampton
par. NW. Cumbrld. 6 in. W. of Carlisle-301, 2 m.
E. of B., LITTLE, tnshp. and 1 m. E. of B. New.
Pop. 193, of B. Little, 212.

Banachra Castle, near Luss, on L. Lomond, N,
Dumbrtn. the old seat of the Colquhouns of Luss.

BANADA vil. (37) Leney bar. S W. Sligo, 3 m.
WSW. of Tubbercurry-131, on R. Moy, a police
station, and seat of D. Jones, Esq., near the ruins
of an austin abbey found. 1423. Fairs, 17 Jan.
19 May, 7 Aug.

BANAGH . BARONY (81-2, etc.) SW. DonegL
contains the pars, of Glencolumbkille, Inver,
Kilcar, Killaghtee, Upper Killybegs, Killymard,
parts of Innishkeel, and Lower Killybegs, with
the town of Ardara ; acres 177,822 (much granite),
an. val. 10,1977., pop. 42,912, houses 7515.

P. M. BANAGHER town (21) Garrycastle bar.
W. King's Co. 20m. WSW. of Tullamore, 82 from
Dublin, at the old 19-arch bridge, on R. Shannon,
where the Little Brosna joins, a petty sess. and
police station, and decayed boro', sending 2 mem-
bers (from Chas. I.) to parl. till the Union. Pop.
2827 + 19, in a good export trade ; houses 478,
with Rynagh church, 2 chapels, bank, reading-
room, barracks, battery, magazine, royal gram,
school, and dispensary. Clogan, G. O'Moore,
Esq. Ruins of Garry castle, a nunnery, and the
old church, are left. Mkt. D. Frid. for corn.
Fairs, 1 May, 15-8 Sept. 28 Oct. 8 Nov. cattle.

S3. BANAGHER par. (30-1,34-5) Keenaght and
Tirkeeran bars. W. Londondy. 2 m. SW. of Dun-
given-136, on R. Roe, contains Feeny. Acres
32,475, chiefly mountain pasture, with bog, free-
stone, and limestone quarries ; pop. 5810, partly
employed in the manufacture of linen. Living, a
Rect. (Dy. R.) val. with Dungiven 9227., patr.
Skinners' Company. It has the fine ruins of an
old church much venerated by the people, and a
monastery, with a cross, a vitrified fort, and other
antiquities. Crystals of large size have been
found. Ashpark, seat of J. Stevenson, Esq. 5 B.
Cottage, and other seats.



Banald Drove (51) Stow hund. Mid. Camb. 6
m. NE. of Cambridge.

Banas Point, (30) near Tintagel head, W. Corn-

Banatria of the Romans is BOWNESS, Inverness.
P. M. BANBRIDGE town (27) Upper Iveagh
bar. W. Down. 23 m. WNW. of Downpatrick, 76
from Dublin, at the New bridge (b. 1712) on R.
Bann, is a petty sess. and chief police station, and
a thriving seat of the linen manufact., belong-
ing to Marquis of Downshire. Pop. 3324 + 6,
weavers, 66,000 webs yearly being made here
and in the neighbourhood ; houses 642, with Sea-
patrick church, 5 chapels, 2 banks, mkt. -house
(b. 1834), linen-hall, dispensary, schools, and
Union p. house. Baron M'Clelland was a native.
Ban. P. L. Union includes 23 elect, divs. in Down
andArmagh, with 29 guardians ; acres 124,913, pop.
87,323, ho. room for 135, cases relieved (yr. '47-
8) 2271 (besides 2976 out-door), expend. 10,4417.,
prop, rated 123,970/. ij< B. Presbytery includes
Anaghlone, Ballydown, Banbridge, "Donacloney,
Fourtowns, Garvaghy, Gilford, Glascar, Lough-
brickland, Magherally, Newmills, Scarva, Tan-
dragee, and Tullylish. Mkt. D. Mond. Fairs,

BANBRUSNA hmlt. (11) Corkareebar. N. West-
meath, 5 m. SE. of Rathowen-61.

BANBURY HUNDRED (45, 53) in two parts,
separated by Bloxham hund. a. Oxfd. contains
the pars, of Banbury (part), Charlbury (part),
Clattercote, Cropredy (part), Swalcliffe, with
Cornbury park, and Prescott ext. par. ; acres
21,230, pop. 12,314, houses 2495.

* P. M. BAJJBURY par. (45) in the above
hund. and King's Sutton hund. S. JVorthmptn.
21 m. N. by W. of Oxford, 71 from London, on
R. Cherwell and the Coventry canal, including
Neithrcp, Grimsbury, Nethercote, etc. is the saxon
Banesbyrig (near the roman BrinavtB), and noted
for its cakes ; belonged to the see of Lincoln, and
was the scene of the Yorkists' defeat (at Danes-
more) 1469, when the Earl of Pembroke and
others were beheaded ; was given by Eliz. to the
Sayes of Broughton, with the castle (b. 1125 by
the fighting Bp. Alexander), which being taken
by Ch. I. 1642, was given up 1646, after two hard
sieges, to the puritans, who were very zealous
here; sends one member to parl., the boro'
being as large as the par., no. of electors 538
(and 10Z. houses 811): was first chartered by
Mary, and under the late act is governed by a
mayor (who is lord of the manor and returning
officer), 4 aid. 12 council, with the style of
' may. aid. and burgesses of boro' of B.,' and re-
venue of 9667. Acres 3150, fertile in grain ; pop.
7366 + 94, of town 3746 + 1, chiefly agricultural,
with a prosperous trade by canal, but some in the
shag and plush (400 looms), horse-cloth, girth,
and webbing manufacts. ; houses (town) 771, few
of any consequence, with 7 or 8 chapels (rom. cath.
is early eng. built 1838), a town-hall, gaol, 4 banks,
savings bk. (93,9747. from 3353 depositors), blue-
coat school (707.), almshouses, and racecourse ;
poor r. 19037. on 12,9347. ; real prop. 16998/. ;
charities 2637. St. Mary Vic. (Oxon.) val. ?.,
patr. Bishop. ; church, reb. 1797, has tombs of the
Pigotts, but the vicarage is as old as Hen. VII.
Swift makes Gulliver say he saw " several tombs
and monuments of the Gullivers" in the ch.
yard. S. BANBURY Cur. 1507., Crown and Bishop.
Roman coins and an altar have been found (at the
' Old George ' inn), and the Bear Garden amphi-
theatre, is thought to be roman ; ' spital farm ' on
Northmptn. side, is the site of a lepers' hosp. and
on the Oxford road is a piece of an old college ;

the market cross which Leland saw (the famous
' Banbury cross ') is gone ; of the large castle no-
thing remains but part of the walls and a room in
' Reindeer' inn ; and the gram, school, which was
one of some fame, is now given up. Pyrites aurevs,
or gold firestone is found near. Wroxton Ab.
Col. and Lady North ; Broughton Cast. Lord
j Saye and Sele ; Neithrop House, Miss Milward ;
and other seats. Whately, the puritan divine,
author of the ' Bride Bush,' was a native (born
1583); it publishes the 'Guardian' newspaper;
and gave title of earl to the Knollys fain. Bunb.
P. L. Union contains the pars. "etc. of Stren-
ington, in Glouc., Aston-le- Walls, Boddington
Lower, Boddington Upper, Chalcombe, Chipping
Warden, Middleton Cheney, with Warkworth
and Appletree, in Nhmptn., Adderbury East,
Alkerton, Banbury, Barford (St. John and St.
Michael), Bloxham, Boddicote, Broughton, Clay-
don, Cropredy, Drayton, Epwell, Hanwell, Hook
Norton, Horley, Hornton, Milcombe, Molling-
ton, Shenington, Shutford East, Shutford West,
Sibford Gower, Sibford Ferris, Southnewington,
Swalclifie, Tadmarton, Wardington, Wigginton,
Wroxton, with W. Adderbury, Bourton, Clatter-
cote, Milton, N. Newington, Neithrop, and Pres-^
cote, in Oxon., Avon Dassett, Farnborough,
Mollington, Radway, Ratley, Shotteswell, War
mington, in Warwh. ; acres , pop. 28,565, cases
relieved (yr. '46-7) 4850 (out-door 4462), expend.
16,0657. prop, rated 136,763/. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same up to Warkworth in Nthmptn.
Wroxton in Oxon. and all in Warwk. with Edg-
cott; pop. 28,565 + 176. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry. Mkt.D. Tu.
large and well attended. Fairs, 1st Thu. after Jan.
18, horses, cattle, 1st Thu. in Lent, 2nd Thu.
before Easter, Holy and Trinity Thursd., 2nd
Th. July, 13 Aug. 2nd Th. Sept. Th. after Oct.
10, for cheese (for which it was formerly noted),
and hiring servants, called the " mop," 30 Oct.
2nd Th. before Christmas. See Beesley's ' Hist.

BANBURY LANE hmlt. (53) Gayton hund. S.
Northmptn. 4 m. N. of Towcester-60. Pop. 45.

Aberdeen -110, borders of Kincardine, and Aberd.
is cut in two by R. Dee (here crossed by a sus-
pension-bridge of 305 ft.), and contains Downies,
Hindon, and Portlethen on the coast, where Dr.
Morrison has endowed a school. Size 5 m. by 3,
light soil, with sand, moss, cyanite, and blue
granite ; pop. 2736 + 15, some fishermen ; real prop.
11,3207.; for poor 4227. Living(Presb. Aberd.) val.
1597., patr. Crown. B. House, A. Thomson, Esq.
Cairns and druid stones are seen, igg- B.-TER-
NAN par. 18 m. WSW. of Aberdeen-110, N. Kin-
card, a pleasant spot up R. Dee, where the Feugh
joins, contains Arbeadie and Banchory. Acres
18,950, with water, wood, and hill (1500 ft. high,
at the hill of Fare) ; pop. 2241 + 27 ; real
prop. 70987. ; for poor 4687. Living (Presb. Kinc.
O'Neil) val. 2887., patr. Sir T. Burnet, Bt. of
Leys, near that loch. B. Cottage, ; Inchmarlo,
D. Davidson, Esq.

Bancornaburg of the Saxons, is BANGOR, Flint.

Banden Hill, near Downhill camp, at Kettle,
Mid. Fife, on R. Eden, has a round camp 200
yds. diam.

BANDERWICK vil. (13) Faircross hund. Mid.
Berks. 4m. SSE. of E. Ilsley-54.

* P. M. BANDON (110) E. Carbery and Kinal-
meaky bars. S. Cork, 13 m. SW. of Cork (by the
rail., which ends here), 180 from Dublin, on both
sides of R. Bandon, is a sessions, excise, and chief
police station, returning one member to parl.,


no. of electors 396 (and 10Z. houses 279) ; and
is governed by commissioners who supersede
the old corporation (chartered by Jas. I.), with a
revenue of 580/. Acres (boro') 447 ; pop. includ-
ing Roundhill 9303, decreasing, in the manufact.
of camlets, stuffs, linen, whisky, beer, leather,
flour, and in a small export trade; houses 1180,
with Ballymodan and Kilbrogan churches, 5
chapels, convent, court-house, bridewell, 3 mar-
kets, 2 endowed schools (one by the first visct.
Boyle son of the great E. of Cork, who found,
the" town), bank, savings bk. (24,0227. from 641
depositors), 2 libraries, breweries, distillery, loan
fund, infirmary, fever hospital, barracks, and Union
poor house. It belongs to the Duke of Devon-
shire, and the Bernards of Castle-Bernard, to
whom it gives the title of earl, while it gives
title of baron Bandon-Bridge, to the Boyles.
Dr. Brady, the psalmist (bora 1659), and Sir
R. Cox (b. 1650) were natives. The rail, opened
1850, is a single way, 5J ft. gauge, cost 9500/. per
mile, has 5 stations, and is worked by the patent
carriage, in which it and the engine are on one
frame. San. P. L. Union, includes 23 elect, divis.
in Cork, with 31 guardians ; acres 153,920, pop.
81,772, ho. room for 2100, cases relieved (1847-8)
6332 (besides out door), expend. 10,7801., prop,
rated 136.166/, Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 6 and 25
May, Holy Th. 29 Oct. 8 Nov. and 1st Wed.
every month but May and Nov.

Sancton River, the ' pleasant Bandon ' of Spencer,
rises in the Sheeny mountns. /S W. Cork, and runs
40 m. past Ballyneen, Bandon, and Innishannon
(where it is navigable for barges), to Kinsale
harbour ; it has salmon fisheries.

Banduff (143) 1 m. W. of Rosscarbery, S.Cork,
Morris, Esq., near O'Donovan's castle.

Bane, or Bain, River (83) rises in the Wolds,
Mid. Lincoln, near Kelstern (23 m. from its
mouth), and passing Horncastle (9 m.) and Tat-
tershall (1 m.) between which places the navi-
gation has been improved, falls into R. Witham.

P. Sane, or Bone, End (7) 3 m. E. of Great Mar-
low, 5. Bucks.

Banesbyrig of the Saxons is BANBURY, Oxford.

Banetstown House (73) 2 m. E. of Fethard,
SE. Tipperary.

BANFFSIIIRE, a sea-side county, NE. Scotland,
on Moray Frith, the old seat of the Vacomagi, in
the roman Vespasiana, including parts of Buchan,
Moray, the districts of the Enzie, Boyne, Strath-
dovern, Strathisla, Strathaven, etc., is bordered
bv R. Dovern and Aberdeen. (E.), Inverness.
fSW.), R. Spey and Elgin. (W.), and the Frith
(N.). Length from Ben Muickdhu, NE. to Troup
Hd. 68 m., greatest breadth 30, av. ditto 14 ; re-
lative size 214-10,000ths ; circuit 180, of which 30
is a low sandy coast, having on it the barbs, of
Banff, Cullen, Macduff, Portsoy. It contains
647 sq. m. or 414,080 acres, of which about 123,840
are cultivated ; 49,678 + 107 persons, of whom
8808 are in Banff, Cullen, Macduff, 26,430 are
females, 23,429 under 20 yrs. of age, 41,878
county-born, 4236 or 8'5 per cent, live by com-
merce, manufact. etc., 7581 or 15'3 by agricult.
(2553 being farmers and graziers), 457 by pro-
fessions, 1581 are independent, 9155 labourers
and servants, etc. ; 19 parishes, and parts of ten
others (St. Fergus and Straloch Lands being lo-
cally in E. Aberd.); 11,149 houses (flats being
reckoned), besides 556 empty and building; 2
royal and parl. burghs, Banff (the capital etc. as
be'low), and Cullen, which with Dufftown, Keith,
Tomantoul, are small debt courts, and 2 burghs
of barony, Corncairn, and Macduff; returns one
member for the county (elect 808), while the



parl. burghs contribute to return another for El-
gin ; is governed by a lord lieut, 39 deputy lients.,
sheriff, and substitute, and constitutes 3 pres-
byteries of Aberlour, Fordyce, Strathbogie. in
synods of Aberdeen and Moray, with 23 clergy,
whose av. stipends are 2037. Real prop. (1815)
88,9427., (1843) 116,9687., of which 25927. on
fisheries ; gross rentals (1811) 79,3967. or 3*. lOrf.
per acre, (1843) 110,6087. or 5s. 4d. ; valued rent
(1674) 79,2007. scots ; fiar or av. price of wheat
(1842-8) 51s. 3d. per qr. of meal, 15s. Bd. per
boll of 140 Ibs. Savings banks (1849) 2, with
83677. from 740 depositors; expend, for poor
(1847-8) in 23 pars. (21 being assessed) 9843Z.,
of which 8321/. for 1886 poor on roll, 290/.for 282
casual poor. Av. number of offenders (1836-46)
26 ; schools, about 150 with 9000 children attend-
ing, along with Aberd. and Elgin, its shares in
the Dick bequest of 130,0007. for par. schools.
Surface of the county, hilly, rising in the S.
towards the granite peaks of Cairngorm, which is
4080 ft. high, and yields abundance of rock crys-
tals and topazes, the carex phacostachya, and
other plants; Ben Rinnes, near Aberlour, is 2750;
Knockhill 1640. These tracts are chiefly grazing
for the old native cattle, the valleys being well
wooded and watered. Gneiss and mica slate, and
limestone abound ; marble is quarried at Portsoy,
where jasper is found, and from which a bed of
granite reaches to Huntly; old red sandstone
near Fochabers on the W., as well as about To-
mantoul ; and there are some good slate quarries,
near Banff and Keith. The manufactures are of
little consequence, and mostly for home consump-
tion ; but distilling is largely carried on in Glen-
livet and other parts. Rivers are, the Aven,
Dovern, Fiddick, and Spey ; and Loch Aven in
the Grampians is the only large lake. Salmon
fisheries in the Dovern and the Spey are worth
10,0007. a year ; and the herring fisheries on the
coasts employ upwards of 500 boats. Puffins are
caught at Crovie. Along the coast to the dis-
tance of 6 or 8 m. inland, the soil, chiefly loam
and sand, is well cultivated on the improved sys-
tem, set on foot by the late Lord Deskford and
others, by which large tracts have been reclaimed ;
chief crops, oats, wheat, barley, turnips, but from
the uncertainty of the climate, the harvest, espe-
cially in the hills, is often not gathered in till
winter ; in the lowlands, the Galloway, Aberdeen,
and Ayrshire breeds of cattle have been intro-
duced and the total stock is estimated at 25,000 ;
farms run from 100 to 200 acres ; leases, for 19
yrs., a few for life ; property is nearly all entailed,
chiefly in the hands of the Duke of Richmond
Gordon Castle, Earl of Fife Duff Ho., Earl of
Seafield Cullen Ho. Other families are W. Gor-
don Bt. Letterfourie,, R. Abercrombie Bt. Bir-
kenbog, Innes Bt. Edingight, Grant, Bt. Ballin-
dalloch, Duff, M.P. of Dalgaty Cast., Ferguson,
of Pitfour, Leslie of Kininvie, Steuart ofAucklun-
kart, etc. Remains of antiquity are the King's
cairn in Rathven, the site of a victory over
the Danes by K. Indulphus, in which he was
killed ; castles at Balvenie (the Douglases), Find-
later, Boharm (the Murrays), Rothes (the Les-
lies). Duncan II. beat the Danes 1102 in Mort-
lach, which has an old cathedral, and was the
seat of a bishopric, until its removal to Aber-
deen ; another old church is at Gamrie. Gordon
Castle, on the Spey, is the site of Tuessis, on the
roman road fromTamea in Braemar; Cromdale is
Ad Tuessim, Deskford is Ad Selinam. Two or
three principal roads run from Banff: 1. to Aber-
chirder 7 m., Marnoch 9, Forgue 12, Huntly 17
thence to Aberdeen 56, or by Turriff to Aberdeen



46. 2. To Ordoquhill 10, Grange 16, Keith 19,
Botriphine 25, Mortlach 30, Tomantoul 47 ; or by
Keith to Boharm 25, Aberlour 31, Inveraven 37,
Kirkmichael 46, Tomantoul 50 thence to Brae-
mar 76. 3. To Portsoy 7, Cullen 12, Fochabers
25, thence to Inverness 75. 4. To Aberdour 14.
Fraserburgh 22.

* P. M. BANFF par. in the above co., 156 m.
NNE. of Edinbro', the shire, sessions, and small
debt court, a coast gd. station and bonding port
at R. Dovern's mouth, and royal and parl.
burgh, contributing to Elgin (elect. 218), was
first chartered by Will, the Lion, 1165, and under
the late act is governed by a provost, 4 bailies,
and 17 council., with a revenue of 935Z. Acres
7680, fertile (once part of Boin forest) with slate
near it ; pop. 3958 + 28, in the coasting trade,
fisheries, and a small manufact, of thread, linen,
soap, leather; houses (many of which were in-
jured by the floods of 1829) 1016, in neat well
built streets, with 5 chapels, townho. and prison,
custom house, 4 banks, savings bank (6846Z. from
630 depositors), mkt.-house, public baths, 7-arch
bridge, academy, and almshouses; real prop.
12,064Z. ; for poor 773Z. Living (presb. Fordyce)
val. 246/., patr. Earl of Seafield, of B. Cast, where
Archbp. James Sharp was born, 1618-79. The
harb. is but indifferent; in 1846, 111 sail of
11,814 tons (29 being under 50 t. each) belonged
to the port, to which Buckie, Cullen, Garmo',
Fraserburgh, are sub-ports ; and the tonnage In-
wards and Outwards (including repeated voyages)
was ' coastwise ' 657 of 35,908 and 462 of 23,726
tons, from ' colonies ' 4 of 572 t., from and to
'foreign ports,' 5 of 182 and 67 of 4610 t. (besides
31 foreigners of 1458, and 44 of 2744 t.). Corn,
cattle, fish, etc. are sent to Aberdeen, London,
etc. ; total customs 1849Z. A fixed light is on.
Brae Head, lat. 57 40' N., long. 2 41' W., put up
1832, is 80 ft. high, seen 12 m. Duff cast. Earl of
Fife, has a good gallery, and fine prospects. It pub-
lishes the ' Banffsh. Journal ' newspaper, and gives
dormant title of baron to the Ogilvies. Mkt. D.
Frid. Fairs 7 Jan. 1st Tuesd. Feb. and 1st Frid.
Aug. o. s. Frid. before 22 Nov.

Banfoot ferry (2) over the Ban, N. Armagh,
near L. Neagh.

BANGLEY lib. (63) Fazeley tnshp. SE. Staf-
ford. 3 m. SW. of Tamworth-115. Pop 17.

# P. M. * BANGOR city and par. (78) Uwch-
gorfai hund. N. Carnrvn. 9 m. NE of Caernar-
von, 238 from London by Holyhd. rail, (near B.
Tunnel 3000 ft. long) formerly a mean town
(though called B. Vawr-i. e. great), now a fashion-
able bathing-place on R. Cegid, at the X. mouth
of the Menai Strait, near the Bridges (of which,
and the beautiful scenery around, it has a fine
view), and in sight of Snowdon, is the seat of
the oldest bishopric in Wales, a coast gd. sta-
tion, and a contributory boro' to Caernarvon
(elect. ), the limits being nearly those of the
par. Pop. 7232, of town 5379 + 63, chiefly
connected with the famous Llandegai slate quar-
ries belonging to the Pennants, the produce of
which is exported from Port Penrhyn to London
and all parts of the world ; houses (town) 920,
mostly new, with 5 chapels, market house, baths,
and assembly rooms, 3 banks, museum, Glynne's
grammar school (581/.), Bp. Rowland's alms-
houses (216/,), many good inns, co. dispensary,
and Union p. house ; poor r. 2014Z. on 18,731/. ; real
prop. 71637. ; charities 821Z. St. Deiniol Vic.
(Bang.) with Pentir, val. 8787., patr. Bishop, to
whom the manor and B. Palace belong. The
Cathedral 233 ft. by 96, with a tower of 60 ft.,
is a plain building reb. 1490 (on site of one de-


! stroyed by O. Glyndwr 1407), and lately restored
through the exertions of Dean Cotton, who gave
the stained E. window ; it has tombs of the welsh
j princes Ap Cynan, and 0. Gwynedd and Bp.
Anian's missal (1291) hi the library. Close
I to the place is Penrhyn cast., seat of the Pen-
nants, and many villas ; a ferry plies to Angle-
sea from Garth point, near the public promenade,
and steamers run to Liverpool and other parts.
Remains of a castle and british camp are seen
near Friar's school. Bang, and Beaumaris P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Beaumaris, Lland-
daniel Fab, Llanddona, Llandegfan, Llandysilio,
Llanedwen Llanfaes, Llanfair-pwll-gwyngyld,
Llanffinnan, Llanfihangel Esceifiog, Llanfihangel-
tyn-sylwy, Llangoed, LJaniestyn, Llansadwrn,
fenmon, Penmvnydd in Angl., and Aber, Ban-
gor, Llandegai, Llanfairfechan, Llanllechid inCar-
nrvn. ; acres ; pop. 25,902, cases relieved ('46-7)
1915 (out-door 1689), expend. 68S3/., prop, rated
58,706/. Sup. Registry comprises the above with
Capel-Curig and Pentir in Carnrvn. ; pop. 25,901
H 593. The New County Court district corresponds
with the Registry except Beaumaris sub-distr.
which goes to Llangefni. << B. DIOCESE, province
of Canterbury, was found. 525 by St. Deiniol, and
under the new arrangements includes Merion.
Angles. Caern. with the deanery of CeiSliog in
Montg., exchanged for Diffrynclwyd deanery,
which goes to St. Asaph ; comprising in all 12
deaneries or about 129 benefices in the Archdys. of
Bangor and Merioneth, of which 79 are in patron-
age of Bp., whose income is 4000/. It was held
by Hoadley (when his sermon on the church gave
rise to the ' Bangorian ' controversy), Sherlock,
Herring, etc. The chapter consists of a dean
(858/.), chancellor, treasurer (917.), precentor, 2
archdeacons (1907.), 1 prebendary (3867.), and 5
canons (2 minor, 4197. each). B. ARCHDEACONRY,
is held with the bishopric, and comprises the
deaneries of Arvon, Arllechwedd, Llifon, Menai,
Malltraeth, Tyndaethwy, Talybolion, Twrcelvn.
Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, 5 Apr. " 25 June, 16 Sept.
28 Oct.

BANGOR par (41) Troedyrawr hund. S W. Car-
digan. 5 m. E. of Newcastle Emlyn-229, on R.
Teifi. Pop. 210; poor r. 717. (Newcast. U.);
real prop. 9837. St. David Rect. (St. Dav.) with
Henllan, val. 1637., patr. Bishop. Blaen Dyffryn,
J. P. Davies, Esq. ; Castell Pistog, belonged to
the Pistogs, who had the manor.

P. M. BANGOR par. (1, 2, 6) Ards and Lower
Castlereagh bars. NE. Down. 22 m. NNE. of
Downpatrick, 114 from Dublin, a petty ses. police,
and coast gd. station, on B. Bay, containing
Groomsport and Copeland islds., and found. 555
by St. Cungall ; has traces of his abbey, which
was burnt 674, taken by the Danes 818, reb. of
stone 1125 (whence "Bean choir" white-church)
by abp. Mallachy, made a franciscan priory
1469, and given to the O'Nials, and Hamiltons ;
sent 2 members to parl. before the Union, and
is governed under charter of Jas. I. by a provost
and 12 burgesses. Acres 17,037, good, with bog,
slate, coal, lead, and copper; pop. 10,060 +71, in
the cotton and linen manufact., fishing, &c. ;
houses 1750, with 4 chapels, court and mkt. nouses,
savings bank, dispensary, schools. Living, a Cur.
(Dn. C. D.) val. 927., patr. Visct. Bangor of B.
Castle (who owns the town and old castle whence
he takes his title), and R. Ward, Esq. ; church,
reb. 1833. Ballyleidy, Lord Dufferin ; Crawfords-
burn, S. Crawford, E~sq. M. P. At Rathgael and
elsewhere many danish forts. MM. 1). Tues.
Fairs, 12 Jan. 1 May, 1 Aug. 22 Nov. for cattle,
horses, pedlery.


BAXGOR-IS-Y-COED par. (74) i. e. " below the
wood," or B.-MoNACHORUM " of the monks,"
Bromfield hund. flint, and Maylor hund. Denb.
5 m. SE. of Wrexham-179, at the old bridge on R.
Dee, was the roman Bovium or Bunchorium, saxon
Bancornaburg, and the site of a large monastery
found., it is said, as early as the 3rd century (of

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