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S. Barker, Esq. Pop. 221 + 2 ; poor r. 77Z. (E.
Retford U.) ; real prop. 2503Z. |^ B.-ON-DoN
par. (86) S. Strafforth wap. W. R. York. 5 m. SW,
of Thorn-166, contains Thorpe and part of Stam-
forth. Acres 3670; pop. 629 + 6, of town 510
+ 7 ; poor r. 260Z. (Doncast. U.) ; real prop. 4205Z. ;
charities 59Z. St. Peter Vic. (York) val. 115Z.,
patr. T. Gresham, Esq.

Barrier (3) near Newport, NW. Tippery.

BARNES (81) 1 m.NE.of Buxton, NW. Derby.

P. BARNES par. (7) W. Brixton hund. N.
Surrey, 5 m. WSW. of London, on the Thames
and S. West, branch or Richmond rail., was given
to St. Paul's by Athelstane, and called Berne at
' Domesdy.' Acres 820 ; pop. 1461 ; poor r. 391Z.
(Richmond U.) ; real prop. 9188Z. ; charities 43Z.,
including a bequest of 20Z. to poor by E. Rose
(died 1653) on condition that rose-trees are kept
planted round his grave. St. Mary Rect. (Lond.)
val. 375Z., once held by the excellent Bp. Wilson, j
patr. Dean and Chap. St Paul's ; church, one
of the oldest about London, has brass of W. Mil-
burne (1415). B. Elms House, near B. Common,
and belonging to the Hoares, is seat of H, T. Cole-

brooke, Esq., formerly of the Walsinghams (where
Eliz. visited them 1585, '88, and '89) and Cart-
wrights. Cowley lived in it ; and at the qneen's
" dairy," Jacob Tonson, the bookseller, collected
his Kit-Cat club gallery of 47 portraits painted
by Kneller, which are now at Bayfordbury. B.
Priory, H. Holland, Esq. Fielding and Handel
were residents ; Sir Will. Blizard the surgeon, a
native, 1743-1835. Barnes loop-line on the rail,
goes from the station, over the river by a 3-arch
iron bridge (each 100 ft. span), to Chiswick, Kew
Br., Brentford, Sion Pk., thence into the Windsor
line at Hounslow. ^1 B., WEST, limit. (8)
Kingston hund. N. Surrey, a station on the S.
West rail. 8 m. from London.

Barnes Gap (34) 4 m. WXW. of Kilmacreenan,
N. Donegl. a wild pass of 3 m. thro' the granite
and quartz of Lough Salt mountain.

BARNESLEY, LOWER, hmlt. (15) Kingston-
Lacy manor, E. Dorset. 2 m. N. of Wimborne-
Minster-100. Real prop. 1851Z. Upper B. 1 in. SW.

(7) Cashiohund. S. Herts, partly Edmonton hand.
N. Midsx. 11 m. NNE. of London, on the X. road,
belonged to the abbots of St. Alban's. Acres
1440; pop. 2485+11 ; houses 392, in a long
street, with a chapel, gram, school (31Z.) founded
by Q. Elizabeth, free school, Ravenscroft's hos-
pital (273Z.) for women, and almshouses ; poor r.
986Z. on 7691Z. ; real prop. 10.734Z. ; charities 870Z.
St. J. Baptist Cur. with E. BARNET ; church, b.
1400, by Abbot Moot, has tombs of the Ravens-
crofts. Xear the race-course on B. Common, is a
mineral spring ; and a stone on Gladsmore heath
commemorates the battle of 1471, in which War-
wick the king-maker was killed, and which
settled Edw. IV. on the throne. Barnet P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Chipping Barnet,
East Barnet, Elstree, Ridge, Shenley, Totteridge,
in Herts., and Finchley, Fryern Barnet, Hadlev,
South Mims, in Midsx. ; "acres 24,532, pop. 13,751,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1146 (out-door 926),
expend. 5889Z., prop, rated 66,385Z. Sup. Registry
comprises the same, with St. John Potter's-Bar,
in Midsx., pop. 13,759 + 157. The Xew County
Court district corresponds with the Registry. >J< B.
DEANERY, acrchdy. of St. Alban's, dioc.'of Ro-
chester (formerly Lond.), comprises the benefices
of E. Barnet rect. (as below), Xorthaw cur., Xorth
Mimms n'c., Ridge r., Shenley r., Totteridge c.
Mkt. D. Mond. pigs, cattle. Fairs, 8 to 10 Apr.
4 to 7 Sept. before the races both very large, for
cattle, horses.

BARNET, EAST, par. (7) Cashio hund. -S. Herts.
2 m. SE. of the above, also belonged to St. Alban's,
whose abbots had a house at Monk's Frith garden.
Acres 1630, with mineral springs ; pop. 598 + 5 ;
poor r. 228Z. (Barnet U.) ; real prop. 6616Z. ; cha-
rities 5Z. Virgin Mary.Rec<. (Roch.), with CHIP-
PING B., val. 1042Z., patr. Crown ; B. COMMON
Cur. val. Z., patr. E. Durant, Esq. |gr B.,
FRYERN, par. (7) Finsbury div. of Ossulstone
hund. N. Midsx. 8 m. N. of London, including
Colney Hatch and pt. of Whetstone, belonged to
the priory of St. John of Jerusalem. Acres 1330
(with pt. of Finchley common) ; pop. 849 + 21 ;
poor r. 319Z. (Barnet U.) ; real prop. 5330Z. ;
Campe's almshouses 7Z. St. James Rect. (Lond.)
val. 255Z., patr. Dean and Chap. St. Paul's ; church,
small norman, with wooden turret. The ancient
manor-house, which had portraits of Bacon and
his father, is now pulled down. Walker, author
of the " Pronouncing Diet.," was a native ; and
judge Popham, a resident.

WOLD, par. (86) S. Yarboro' wap. N. Lincoln.



4 m. NE. of Brigg-155, on Manch. and Line. rail'.
Acres 1630 ; pop. 679 + 14 ; poor r. 1207. (Glanford
U.) ; real prop. 38767. St. Mary Vic. (Line.) val.
3057., patr. Bishop.

BARNEY par. (68) N. Greenhoe hund. N. Norfk.

5 m. ENE. of Fakenham-109. Acres 1210; pop.
276 + 1 ; poor r. 1537. (Walsingham U.) ; real
prop. 23047. St. Mary Vic. (Nonv.) val. 1297.,
patr. Lord Hastings of Melton Constable.

lathe, SW. Kent, comprises part of Hawkhurst
par. only ; acres 6530, pop. (about) 2000.

P. BARNFLEET, near Ingatestone, S. Essex.

BARNHAM, or B.-ST. GREGORY, par. (51)
Blackbourn hund. NW. Suffolk, 3 m. S. of Thet-
ford-80. Acres 5420 ; pop. 412 + 3 ; poor r. 1817.
(Thetf. U.) ; real prop. 22777. St. Gregory Rect.
with Euston ; St. Martin's church, in ruins. A
few tumuli are found, ijii" BARNHAM par. (9)
Avisford hund. Arundel rape, <S W. Sussex, 4 m.
SW. of Arundel-55, on the S. Coast, rail. Acres
730 ; pop. 125 ; poor r. 477. (Westhampnett U.) ;
real prop. 18887. St. Mary Vic. (Chic.) val. 677.,
patr. Bishop.

P. BARNHAM-BROOM par. (66) Forehoe hund.
Mid. Norfk. 10 m. W. of Norwich-108. Acres
1870; pop. 494 + 3; poor r. 2727. (Forehoe In-
corp.) ; real prop. 35187. St. Peter and St. Paul
Rect. (Nonv.) with Bixton and Kimberley, val.
5247., patr. Lord Wodehouse, of Kimberley, who
has a seat here.

BARNHILL hmlt. (73) Malpas par. S W, Chesh.
10 m. SE. of Chester, is the petty sessions court
for Broxton hund. and near Maiden Castle camp
on the Via Devana. 1gT Barnhill (53) near
Letterkenny, Mid. Donegl. (g|~ BARNHILL vil.
Monifeith par. S. Forfar. 5 m. ENE. of Dundee
-45. Pop. 41. igT BARNHILL vil. Blantyre par.
N. Lanark. 7 m. S. of Glasgow-44. Pop. 165.

BarnhiWs Bed, 3 m. WNW. of Jedburgh, Mid.
Roxburgh, on Minto crags, commanding a fine
view of the vale of Teviot, takes its name from an
outlaw, whose ruined castle is below.
. P. BARNINGHAM par. (50) Blackbourn hund.
N. Suffolk, 7 m. SE. of Thetford-80. Acres 1520 ;
pop. 508 ; poor r. 3347. (Thetfd. U. ) ; real prop.
28217.; charities 557. St. Andrew Rect. (Norw.)
with Coney- Weston, val. 7707., patr. R. Hunt, Esq.,
of B. Park ; church has brass of W. Goche (1499).

P. BARNINGHAM par. ( ) W. Gilling wap.
N. R. York. 5 m. SE. of Barnard Castle-246,
near Arkengarth forest, includes Hope, Scar-
gill, and pt. of Newsham. Acres 10,930, of
tnshp. 3620 ; pop. 600 and 337 ; poor r. 1227. (Tees-
dale U.) ; real prop. 30777. ; school charitv 207.
St. Michael Rect. (Rip.) val. 5537., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor. B. Park, M. Milbank, Esq.

TOWN, par. (68) N. Erpingham hund. NE, Nor-
folk, 5 m. SE. of Holt-110, was once a inkt. town.
Acres 860 ; pop. 86 ; poor r. 1177. (N. Erpingh.
U.); real prop. 11667. St. Peter Rect. (Norw.)
val. 1357., patr. T. J. Mott, Esq. of B. Hall;

church, has brass of J. Wynter (1420) ;.
NORWOOD par. 2 in. NW. of the above. Acres
810 ; pop. 54 ; poor r. 387. (N. Erpingh. U.) ; real
prop. 9737. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. 156/.,
patr. W. H. Wyndham, Esq. ; church, has brass of
a Palgrave. $3" B.-PARVA, or LITTLE, par. 1 m.
SE. of the above was once a mkt. town under the
Berninghams. Acres 1200 ; pop. 229 ; poor r. 187/.
(Aylsham U.) ; real prop. 12057. St. Andrew Rect.
(Norw.) val. ISO/., patr. G. D. Graver, Esq. and

Barnish Gap (29) near Newry, SW. Armagh
and Slieve Gullion raountn.

Barnoge Rivulet (12) runs to the Owen Avar-
ragh, below Gorey, NE. Wexfd.

BARNOLDBY-LE-BECK par. (86) Bradley Ha-
verstoe hund. NE. Lincoln. 3 m. SW. of Grimsby
-163. Acres 1460 ; pop. 292 + 6; poor r. 130/.
(Caistor U.); real prop. 16177.; charities 17. St.
Helen Rect. (Line.) val. 2351., patr. Col. Church.

BARNOLDSWICK, or GILL, par. ( ) W. Stain-
cliffe wap. W.R. York. 8 m. SW. of Skipton-216,
near Leeds and Liv. canal, includes Admergill,
Brogden, Coates, Salterforth. Acres 6040, of
tnshp. 2020 ; pop. 2844 and 1849 ; houses (town)
344, with 2 chapels ; poor r. 4237. (Skipt. U.) ; real
prop. 91667. St. Mary Cur. (Rip.) val. 162/.,
patr. R. Hodson, Esq. ; church, called Gill kirk,
overlooks a glen.

BARNS vil. (46) Biggleswade hund. E. Bedfd.
2 m. SSE. of Biggleswade-45. |= BARNS. See
EAST and WEST BARNS, Haddngtn.

BARN'S ASH vil. (13) Ock hund. N. Berks. 4m.
SW. of Abingdon-56. ^ B. Hall (54) 1 m. S.
of Worcester, 5. Wore, igff B., HIGH and Low,

hmlts. ( ) Easington ward, NE. Durham, 3 m.
SW. of Sunderland-268.

Barnscar ( ) 2 m. E. of Ravensglass, S.
Cumbrld. a ruined ' town ' on Birkby fell, 300 yds.
by 100, where a few coins have been found.

BARNSDALE hmlt. (87) Campsall tnshp. Osgold-
ness wap. W. R. York. 6 m. N. of Doncaster-162,
near B. Forest, which was the haunt of Robin

bach par. E. Chesh. 5 m. SSE. of Knutsford-172.
near Manch. and Birm. rail. See GOOSTREE.

Bnrnshill or Burnhill (47) near Stewartstown,
E. Tyrone.

Barnside (9) near Colne-218, NE. Lancash.
an old seat of the Townleys. i^af BARNSIDE
hmlt. (88) Hepworth tnshp. "W. R. fork. 6 m. S.
of Huddersfield-169.

P. BARNSLEY par. (34) Brightwell's Barrow
hund. E. Gloucest. 4 m. NE. of Cirencester-88,
under B. Wold. Acres 2050, with freestone
quarries ; pop. 305 ; poor r. 1367. (Cirenc. U.) ;
real prop. 19017. ; charities 15/. St. Mary Rect.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 320., patr. Sir J. Musgrave, Bt.,
of B. Park, who has the manor through the Perrots
and Bourchiers. At the house, in the italian
style, are some frescoes and a collection of paint-
ings and antiques ; and the old mansion of the
Bourchiers still remains. gaJ BARNSLEY hmlt.
(61) Worfield par. SE. Salop, 2 m. E. of Bridg-

P. M. BARNSLEY tnshp. (87) Silkstone par.
Staincross wap. W. R. York. 33 in. SW. of York,
185 from London by Midld. rail., is a polling place
and seat of the linen trade, in a fertile spot, on R.
Dearne and B. Canal, and was Berneslege of
"Domesdy." Acres 4000, well cultivated, with
freestone and coal ; pop. 12,310 + 108, in the dif-
ferent branches of the linen manufact. (2330
hands), bleach grounds, dye works (60), iron-
foundries, collieries (223), quarries, and only a
few (10) in the wire-drawing (formerly the staple)
business ; houses 2381, of stone, with 3 modern
churches, 6 chapels, 3 banks, savings bk. (42,0297.
from 1487 depositors), Keresforth's gram, school,
and scientific institute; poor r. 2519/., on 27,7777. ;
real prop. 40,5367., of which 53657. on mines ;
charities 3067., of which Bosville's for the town,
1807. St. Mary Cur. (Rip.) val. 2257., St. George
Cur. 1507., patr. of both Abp. of York; St. John
Cur. 1307., Crown and Bp. To the N. is Monk
Bretton priory, belonging to Sir C. Wood, Bt.,
of Barnlev ; and about 2 m. SW. is Wentworth.

R 3



castle. The canal 15 m. long begins at R. Calder
near "Wakefield, passes Sandall, Royston (near
the Midld. rail.), Barnsley (where it joins the
Dove canal), to Corthorn, rising 158 ft. with 21
locks ; a single line rail. 10 m. long runs near it,
to Wakefield, past Darton Haighton, Horbury.
Barnsl. County Court comprises the Sup. Registry
of Ecclesfield, and the sub-districts of Penistone
and Wortley. Mht. Ds. Wed. Sat. Fairs, last
Wed. Feb. 13 May, 11 Oct cattle, horses, etc.

BARNSLEY, OLD, hmlt. (87) 1 m. NW. of the

Barnsmore Hills (85-6) 5 m. NE. of Donegal,
SE. DonegL, near B. Glen, are 1000 ft. high, with
a defile through, called the Pass of B.

Barnstable Hall (1) Barstable hund. S. Essex,
4: m. SSE. of Billericay, near B. House.

** P. M. BARNSTAPLE par. (27) Braunton
hund. N. Devon. 36 m. NW. of Exeter, 192
from London, a sessions and polling town, head
quarters of N . Devon, militia, head of an excise
collection, and bonding port, on R. Taw (here
crossed by an 18-arch bridge and forming a
bar harbour), was a place of some note in the
time of Athelstane, who b. a castle here, which
Judael de Totnais reb. at the Conquest ; had a
good trade (Hen. I., etc.), was made a staple for
wool by Edw. 3., and taken by Fairfax, 1646 ;
returns two members to par!., the boro' limits
including the par. with parts of Bishop's Tawton
and Pilton, no. of electors 781 (and 10/. houses
2276) ; was first chartered by Edw. I., and under
the late act, is divided into 2 wards, governed by
a mayor (who is returning officer), 6 aid., 18
council., etc., with the style of " may., aid., and
burgesses of boro' and par. of B.," and a revenue
of 13827. Acres 3970, with wavellite or shillet in
in soft schist stone ; pop. 7902 + 106 (10,259 in
boro'), in the shipping trade (as below), in the
manufact. of coarse woollens, bobbin-net, paper,
and pottery, in tanning, malting, ship-building ;
houses 1472 (town), with 4 chapels, a new guild-
hall and market-place, water-works, prison, cus-
tom-house, 8 banks, theatre, assembly-rooms, N.
Devon hosp., Ferris's gram, school, once a part
of the cluniac monastery, and at which Bp. Jewel
and Gay were educated, free-school (1227. ), N.
Devon dispensary (b. 1830), Penrose's (2287.) and
Horwood's (617.) almshouses, and Union p. house ;
poor r. 19457. on 17,3287.; real prop. 29,0607.;
charities 6307. St. Peter and St. Paul Vic. (Exet.)
val. 3247., patr. Lord Wharncliffe ; St. M. Magda-
lene Cur. 1507., Crown and Bishop; Holy Trin.
Cur. 7., Rev. J. Scott, incumbent. A fine walk
by the river side, with a statue of Q. Anne at one
end, commands a good prospect. Nothing is left of
De Totnais' cluniac priory, vaL 1237. ; but an old
chantry is on the quay. The ' Red ' or ' Golden
Lion ' inn, which belonged to the earls of Bath,
has part of a good carved ceiling of 1629. Dr.
Parsons, who wrote "Japhet," a learned book
on languages, was a native ; it publishes the ' N.
Devon Journal,' and ' N. Devon Advertiser' news-
papers ; and the manor belongs to the Chichesters.
The Bay, outside the mouth of the Taw and Tor-
ridge, where stands a dangerous bar, is 15 m.
across from Hartland Point to Morte Pt., with
Lundy isld. about 20 m. off, and is much exposed
to W. winds. It includes Clovelly roadstead,
with 4 to 8 fath. on the S. side, and Appledore
Pool, or B. Harbour, 2J to 5 fath. just inside the
bar, above which Bideford is 3 m. and Barn-
staple 6, through a narrow channel, with never
more than 12 ft. water. In 1846, 92 sail of 4732
tons (58 being under 50 t each) belonged to the
port, to which Ilfracombe is a sub-port ; and the


tonnage Inwards and Outwards, including re-
peated voyages, was, 'coastwise,' 934 of 37,217
and 380 of 16,299 t (besides 88 steamers of 8574.
and 91 of 8604 t.), to and from ' colonies,' 5 of
1217, and 2 of 440 t., from 'foreign ports,' 4 of
242 1. (and 1 foreigner of 55 t.) ; imports (val. ),
american and baltic timber, wine, fruit, coal, etc.,
exports (val. ), corn, oak bark, leather, wool,
earthenware, etc. ; total customs 64217, Barnst.
P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of Arlington,
Ashford, Atherington, Barnstaple, Berrynarbor,
Bishop's Tawton, Bittadon, Braunton, "Brattou
Fleming, Brendon, Challcombe, Combmartin,
Countisbury, Ea.* -Down, West Down, F reming-
ton, Georgeham, Goodleigh, Heanton Punchar-
don, High Bray, Horwood, Ilfracombe, Instow,
Kentisbury, Landkey, Linton, Loxhore, Martin-
hoe, Marwood, Morthoe, Newton Tracey, Para-
combe, Pilton, Sherwell, Stoke Rivers, Swym-
bridge, Tawstock, Trentishoe, West Leigh ; acres
141,030, pop. 37,452, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
3877 (out-door 3522), expend. 12,3547., prop,
rated 132,6547. Sup. Registry comprises the same ;
pop. 37,195 + 400. The New County Court district
corresponds with the Registry, except Horwood,
Instow, and W. Leigh, which go to Bideford.
The Excise district extends over Barnstaple, Dul-
verton, Dunster, Stogumber, Southmolton, Chum-
leigh, Bideford, Hartland, Stratton, Camellbrd,
Launceston, Lifton, Holsworthy, Sheepwash,
Atherley, Torrington, Ilfracombe ; and in 1835 had
52 officers, and collected 48,7427. (each collector's
round being 265 m.), of which 38,4037. was on
malt, 70731. on licenses, 21297. on paper, and
the total no. of traders was 4045, of which 1399
were dealers in tobacco, 834 in tea, 568 in wine
and spirits, 896 were brewers, 313 maltsters.
ifc B. ARCHDEACONRY, dioc. of Exeter, contains
about 123 benefices, in the deaneries of Barn-
staple, Chumleigh, Hartland, Shirwell, S. Molton,
Torrington. B. DEANERY, those marked in Fre-
mington hund. with Ashford vie., Atherington rect.,
Barnstaple r., Chittlehampton cur., Filleigh r.,
Landkeyc., Piltonc., Swym bridge c., Tawstock r.,
Tawton Bishop t-., Yarnscombe r. Mkt. D. Frid.
and monthly for cattle. Fairs, Frids. before 16
Mar. 21 Apr. 27 July, 19 to 21 Sept. 2nd Frid.
Dec., cattle, horses, etc.

BARNSTON tnshp. (79) Woodchurch par. NW.
Chesh. 4 m. N. of Gt. Neston-191. Acres 1130;
pop. 206 + 8 ; poor r. 117. (Wirrall U.) ; real prop.
9477. igp BARNSTON par. (47) Dunmow hund.
Mid. Essex, 2 m. SE. of Dunmow-38. Acres
2770; pop. 197; poor r. 1067. (Dunm. U.); real
prop. 20317. Living, a Rect. (Roch.) val. 3357.,
patr. Rev. W. Toke. B. Hall, 2 m. SW.

BARNSTONE chplry. (70 or 1) Langar par. E.
Notts. 3 m. SE. of Bingham-124, is a Cur. with
Langar. Pop. 169.

Bamsville Park (35) on R. Severn, near Chep-
stow, W. Glouc. G. Ormerod, Esq.

Barnt Green (54) near Bromsgrove, N. Wor-
cest. on the Brist. rail., llm. from Birmingham.

BARNTICK vil. (41) Islands bar. S. Clare, 4 m.
SSW. of Ennis-142, on a stream which joins R.
Fergus, seat of D. Roche, Esq.

BARNTON tnshp. (80) Gt. Budworth par. N.
Chesh. 2m. NW. of Northwich-173. Acres 630;
pop. 859+12; poor r. 1697. (Northw. U.) ; real
prop. 21297. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 1207.,
patr. Bishop. ggr Barton, 5 m. W. by N. of
Edinbro', N. Edinb. W. Ramsay, Esq.

Barntown (37) near Wexford, SE. Wexfd.
Capt. King, was occupied by the rebels 1798, and
is close to an old castle of K. John's time, wjiich
protected the larns of Carreg fort.


BARNWEILL par. is joined to CRAIGIE, Ayr.
B. House, W. Neill, Esq.

BARNWELL (57) St. Andrew the Less par. S.
Cambridge. 1 m. E. of Cambridge, was the site of
a priory, founded by Picot, a norman baron, and
completed by Paganus Peverell, about 1112, of
which a barn and part of the walls remain. Fairs,
the Pot fair, for earthenware, etc., Midsummer
day and two days after ; ^tourbridge fair, wool,
hop?, cheese, leather, hardware, horses, 18 Sept. and
for 14 days after, first established for the bene-
fit of a lepers' hosp. or chapel, still standing here.

BARXWELL- ALL-SAINTS par. (64) i m. In W. of
the following place. Acres 1680; pop. 140 + 1;
poor r. 347. (Oundle U.) ; real prop. 17727. Living,
a Rect. with St. Andrew's below.

P. BARNWELL-ST. ANDREW'S par. (64) Hux-
loe hund. NE. Northmptn. 3 m. SSE. of Oundle
-78, a stat. on the Northmptn. and Peterb. rail.
95 m. from London, 32J from Blisworth. Acres
1740 ; pop. 282 ; poor r. 111. (Ound. U.) ; real
prop. 24277. ; charities 5117., of which Latham's
hosp. 3167. Living, a Rect. (Pet.) with All Saints
above, val. 3037., patr. Lady Montague ; church,
early eng. B. Castle, seat of the Oddies, has in
the grounds the remains of R. le Moine's castle,
b. 1152. The name comes, they say, from Barn
or ' Bairn's well,' from the custom of dipping
children in some holy wells here.

BARNWOOD par. (44) Upper Dudstone hund.
W. Glouc. 2 m. ESE. of Gloucester- 102, on the
Fosse way and Cheltenham rail. Acres 1150 ;
pop. 383 ; poor r. 1667. (Glouc. U.) ; real. prop.
42647. ; charities 37. St. Lawrence Vic. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 1957., patr. Dean and Chap. B. Court,
Mrs. Morris ; B. House, 3. Walters, Esq.

BARNYARDS vil. Kilconquhar par. E. Fife. 5 m.
NW. of Pittenween-35. Pop. 232.

Barochan House, 1m. NE. of Houston, Mid.
Renfrew., W. Fleming, Esq., on B. Burn.

BAROG tnshp. (79) Llanfair par. N. Denb. 8 m.
WN \V. of Denbigh-201. Pop. 197.

Baron Hill (79) near Beaumaris, E. Angles.,
Sir B. W. Bulkeley, Bt., b. 1618, and restored by
Wyatt, commands a fine prospect, and has in the
beautiful grounds the stone coftin of K. John's
daughter (Joan, wife of Llewelyn ap Jorwerth),
brought from Llanvaes priory.

Baron Wood ( ) 2 m. NW. of Kirk Oswald,
E. Cumbrld.

Baron's Court (17, 25) 2 m. SW. of Newtoww-
stewart, NW. Tyrone, Marquis of Abercorn, has 3
lakes and the remains of M'Hugh's castle, and is
near Bessy Bell mountn.

Baron's Hall (68) near Fakenham, N. Norfk.
A. Gwynn, Esq.

Baronstown (11) 3 m. SSE. of Rathowen, W.
Westmeath, near Lough Iron, seat of Mrs. O'Connor
Malone, a descendant of O'Connor, king of Con-

BARONY par. Lower ward, N. iMitrk. compris-
ing the NE. and S. suburbs of GIasgow-44, and
made a separate par. in 1745, includes Andersten
and Caulton burghs of barony, with Finnieaton,
Blythsword, Kippochill, Mile End, Millerston
the whole being subdivided into 16 q. s. pars.
Size from Kelvin water to Bishoploch 7J in. by
3, abounding with whinstone, freestone, coal,
ironstone, clay slate, etc. ; pop. 106,075, in the
quarries, and in the large cotton and bleach
works, potteries, foundries, etc. ; houses 20,502,
with the cathedral, many churches, chapels,
etc.; real prop. 412,9407., of which 60,7197. on
canal, 71447. on mines, and 32327. on quarries;
for poor 28,3197. Living (Presb. Glasgow) val.
7., patr. Crown ; val. of the g. . livings from



1507 to 3007., patr. Church bldg. society or Sub-
scribers. The par. is traversed by the Edinb. and
Glasgow, and the Monkland rails., and by the
Grand and Garnkirk canals, ij-g" BARONY tnshp.
( ) St. Andrew Auckland par. S. Durham, 7 m.
VVSVV. of Bishop Auckland-248, on R. Gaunless,
belongs to Bp. of Durham. Acres 3480 ; pop.
with Evenwood 1729, coal miners, etc.

BARR vil. 10 m. NNW. of Campbelltown-171),
S. Argyll, on the coast, near B. House.

P. BARR par. Carrick district, S. Ayr. 18 m.
S. of Ayr-74, on R. Stinchar, was part of Girvan
and Dailly till 1653. Acres 64,000, moorland,
rising in some parts upwards of 2000 ft., with
freestone and limestone quarries ; pop. 959 ; real
prop. 75787. ; for poor 2147. Living (Presb. Ayr.)
val. 231/., patr. the Crown. Fair, at Kirk Do-
minae (a ruined chapel), last Sat. in May.

P. BARR, GREAT, chplry. (62) Aldridge par. S.
Stafford. 2 m. SE. of Walsall-121, a petty sessions
court, with a fine view from B. Beacon, 653 ft.
high, near Druid heath, where they say the arch-
druid lived. Acres 4960 ; pop. 1087 + 22 ; poor r.
2267. (WalsaUU.) ; real prop.77537. ; charities 1027.,
of which 677. to Addeye's free school, Sd. ' custom
money ' to every housekeeper who demands it of
the rector. St. Margaret Cur. with Aldridge.
B. Hall, seat of Sir E. D. Scott, Bt. gg BARK,
WEST, vil. (28-9) 8 m. NW. of Whitehorn, SE.
Wigton, near B. Hill and Point, on the coast,
gap" B. House, near Lochwinnoch, W. Renfrew.
W. Mac Dowel, Esq., near B. Castle, a ruin.

Barr Castle, 4 m. ESE. of Kilmarnock, J\ T . Ayr.


BARRA par. S. of the Western Islds. but belong-

g to Inverness, includes the islds. of Barra,
Bernera, Fladda, Fuday, Helesay, Mingala, Pabba,
Sandra, and Watersay, and for centuries belonged
to the Macneils, now to Lord Macdonald of
Chisamil cast. etc. Acres 22,000, partly arable,
but chiefly pasture ; pop. 2363, decreasing, of
B. Isld. 1977, employed in the fisheries and
sheep farming ; real prop. 39217. ; for poor 1317.
Living (Presb. Uist) val. 1667., patr. the Crown.
Enormous quantities of cockles are found, which
supply food to the inhabitants in times of
scarcity. The Isld., which is about 6 m. by 3, has
a good harbour, with mineral springs, and a few
druidical remains. B. Head, the highest part,
has a 2 rain, light in lat. 56 48' N., long. 7
38' W., 680 ft. high, seen 33 m.

Barra Hill, near New Machar, E. Aberdeen.
has a 3-ditched british fort 590 ft. by 542 (figured
in Chalmers's ' Caledonia,' i. 90.), where Bruce
defeated the Comyn at the ' herschip of Buchan.'

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