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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Barra Lough (50-1) 7 m. W. of Letterkeuny,
W. Donegal.

BARRAGH par. (17-8, etc.) Upper St. Mullin's
and Forth bars. NE. Carlow, 2 m. NNE. of
Myshall-67, near R. Slaney, contains Carrickduflf.
Acres 13,297, partly arable*, with mountain (707 ft.
high at B. Hill, 2610 at Mt. Leinster), bog, and
limestone quarries ; pop. 3742 + 29. Living, a
Vic. (Os.F.L.) vak 2537., patr. Bishop. Sherwood
Park, Bailey, Esq. ; Kilbridge, J. Keogh, Esq.

Barraghcore (2) near Goresbridge, E. Kilkenny,
Handy, Esq., on R. Barrow.

Barranisky Hill (25) near Rathnew, E. Wicklw.
789 ft. high.

BARRASKORD tnshp. ( ) Chollerton par. S..'
Northmbrld. 6 m. N. of IIexham-279, was once a
mkt. town. Pop. 209.

BARRAWAY chplry. (51) Soham par. E. Camb.
3 m. S. of Ely-67, near the Cam. Pop. 71. St.
Margaret Cur. with Soham.

Barrel of Butter Island, one of the Orkney Islds.

K 4




9 m. SW. of Kirkwall, in Scalpa Hoe, so called
from the annual duty of a barrel paid by the
tenant or tacksman to the landlord, formerly to

Barrett's House (54) 1 m. N. of Henley in Arden,
W. Warwk. R. Knight, Esq., is a meet for the N.
Warwk. hounds. |^ B. Rocks (137) in Court-
macsherrv bay, S. Cork, between Seven heads and
the Old "Head of Kinsale, igP B. Rocks (53)
4 m. SW. of Carnsore point, SE. Wexfd.

Barren Down (21) 2 m. NW. of Milverton, W.
Somerset. S. Lucas, Esq.

BARRETT'S BARONY (51, etc.) Mid. Cork, con-
tains parts of the pars, of Donaghmore, Garry-
clone, Grenagh, Mourne abbey, and Whitechurch ;
acres 31,762 (hilly), pop. 11,246, houses 1847.

Barrett's Castle (73) near Ballincollig, S. Cork,
quilt in the reign of Ldw. III.

BARRETT'S GRANGE par. (69, 70) Middlethird
bar. SE. Tippery. 2m. W. of Fethard-113, has an
old castle site. Acres 1056, light soil ; pop. 424
+ 19. Living, a Rect. united to Killenaule.

P. BARRHEAD q. s. par. in Neilston par. E.
Renfrw. 1m. NE. of Neilston-53, near R. Levern.
Pop. 5337, of vil. 3492, chiefly cotton weavers.
Living (Presb. Paisley) val. /., patr. Sub-

P. BARRHILL vil. Colmonell par. S. Ayr. 7 m.
SW. of Barr-93.

BARRIE, or BARRY, par. S. Forfar. 8 m. ENE.
of Dundee-45, on the coast and Arbroath rail,
contains Caruousie and many tumuli. Size 4 m.
by 3, sandy, part pasture, part cultivated; pop.
2124 + 442, of vil. 217, chiefly brown-linen
weavers ; real prop. 40827. ; for poor 3597. Living
(Presb. Arbroath) val. 1447., patr. the Crown. Two
lights on Buddon, or Button, ness, at the entrance
of R. Tay, serve to guide vessels over the bar.

BARRINGTON par. (51) Wetherley hund. SE.
Camb. 6 m. SW. of Cambridge-50. Acres 2129 ;
pop. 553 + 7 ; poor r. 1897. (Royston U.) ; real
prop. 33597. ; charities 43/., of which 29Z. to town
estate. All Saints Vic. (Ely) val. 1077. patr.,
Trinity Coll. Camb. giP BARKINGTON par. (18)
S. Petherton hund. S. Somerset. 3 m. NE. of
Ilminster-136. Acres 1520, much in hemp and
flax ; pop. 531 + 13 ; poor r. 2087. (Langport U.) ;
real prop. 3727Z. St. Mary Cur. (Ba. and W.)
val. 847., patr. Dean and Chap. Bristol.

P. BARRINGTON, GREAT, par. (44) Lower
Slaughter hund. E. Gloucest. partly in Farringdon
hund. N. Berks. 5 m. E. of Northleach-82, has
quarries which supplied stone for building Blen-
heim and the repairs of Westminster ab. Acres
2580 ; pop. 553 + 2 ; poor r. 4277. (Stow U.) ; real
prop. 32857. ; charities 177. St. Mary Vic. (Gl. and
B.) val. 2217., patr. Lord Dynevor of B. Park ;
church, has monuments of Chancellor Talbot and
Capt. Bray, with his sword on his right side in
allusion to a vow made bv him. B. Grove, C.
Greenaway, Esq. ^g B. 'Hall (47) 3 m. SE. of
Bishop's Stortford, E. Essex, seat of the late Sir
F. Barrington, Bt. igl B. HILL hmlt. (18) near
Barrington, Somerset, as above. Pop. 22. (Jif B.,
LITTLE, par. (44) 1 m. S. of Gt. Barrington,
Gloucest. as above. Acres 1780 ; pop. 208 + 6 ;
poor r. 2027. (Northleach U.) ; real prop. 1621Z. ;
charities, church and poor lands 667. St. Peter
Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 1007., patr. Ld. Chancellor.
P. BARRINGTON'S-BRIDGE hmlt. (14) Limerick
bar. NE. Limrk. 4 m. ESE. of Limerick- 11 9, a
police station on R. Killeenagariff.

Barrisdale House, on Loch Hourn, S W. Inver-
ness. 15 m. NE. of Arasaig, Col. Macdonald.

Barrack House, 5 m. ENE. of Castle Town,
NE. Caithness, 3. Sinclair, Esq., near L. Scister.

__ (. Lodge (102) near Low Hesket, E. Cumbrld.
6 m. SSE. of Carlisle-301, W. James, Esq., under
1 Barrockside Hill.

Barrogill Castle, 5 m. W. of Canisbay, NE.
Caithness, Earl of Caithness, an old seat near
Cape May.

Barron, or Barrow, Hill House (72) 6 m. N. of
Uttoxeter, E. Stafford. Mrs. Whyte, has a col-
lection of paintings which includes a fine Yan-

Barron Hill House (9) 4 m. NE. of Steyning,
Mid. Sussex, W. Borer, Esq. -

BARRON'S PARK hmlt. (63) Desford par. W.
Leicest. 6 m. E. of Market Bosworth-106. Pop. 18.

BARRONSTOWN par. (6) Upper Dundalk bar.
NW. Louth, 5 m. NNE. of Louth-49, has remains
of Bellew castle at Belrobin and 2 raths. Acres.
2209, good, arable; pop. 967, decreasing. Living,
a Rect. (Arm. C.) val. with 3 others 3397., patr.
Bishop, and Dean and Chap, of Christ Ch. Dublin.

BARROW par. (80) Second Eddisbury hund. W.
Clieshire, 4 m. ENE. of Chester-183, containing
GREAT and LITTLE B., was a preceptory of the
Hospitallers. Acres 1210 ; pop. 668, poor r. 3327.
(Gt. Broughton U.) ; real prop. 53767. ; charities
77, St. Bartholomew Rect. (Ches.) val. 2637.,
patr. Lord H. Cholmondeley. ifgP BARROW tnshp.
(44) Boddington par. W" Gloucest. 4 m. NW. of
Cheltenham, on a hill from which 36 churches
are seen, gip BARROW tnshp. (109) Hallvstone
par. W. Northmbrld. 9 m. WNW. of Rothbury
-304. Pop. 22. |^= BARROW hmlt. (64) Cot-^
tesmere par. JV. Rutld, 5 m. NE. of Oakham-95,
near Melton Mowbray canal. Pop. 142 ; real
prop. 14277. igiT BARROW par. (61) Wenlock
boro', E. Salop, 2 m. E. of Much Wenlock-148,
Acres 2290 ; pop. 383 + 3 ; poor r. 2177. (Madeley
U.) ; real prop. 31567. ; charity, Slaney's school
347. St. Giles Cur. with Willey.

P. BARROW par. (51) Thingoe hund. W. Suf-
folk, 6 m. W. of Bury-71. Acres 2810 ; pop. 856
+ 14 ; poor r. 5047. (thing. U.) ; real prop. 48097. ;
charities 807., of which 207. to school. All Saints
Rect. (Ely) val. 6907., patr. St. John's Coll. Camb. ;
church, has brasses of Sir C. Heigham (1634)
and another. Ashby the antiquary, and Francis,
translator of ' Horace,' were rectors. igr BAR-
ROW hmlt, (82 or 7) Wentworth par. W. R. York.
3 m. N. of Rotherham-159. B. Green, a meet for
Sufk. hounds.

Barrow, East and West, a large sand, which
partly dries at low water, at the mouth of R.
Thames, between the Swin and the Barrow deeps,
about 12 m. E. of Foulness, Essex, is 15 m. long,
and 1 to 3 broad, lying NE. and SW. with 1 to 4
fath., and a shoal called the Mouse at the inner
end, near which is a floating light. B. Deeps is
a long channel for ships to the northward, on the
E. of B. Flat, between it and Knock John, has
5 to 10 fath., but is not so much used as the Swin
on the W. side.

Barrow Field(b\~) near Fordham, E. Cambridge.
5 m. N. of Newmarket- 61. ij3p" B., GREAT. See
BARROW, Chesh. as above. ijg" B. Green (6) near
Oxted, E. Surrey, 9 m. SSE. of Croydon, C.
Masters, Esq. igp B.-GcRNEY par. (1*9) Hart-
cliffe hund. N. Somerset. 5 m. WSW. of Bristol
-112. Acres 2130; pop. 303 + 2; poor. r. 867.
(Bedminster U.) ; real prop. 33307. Holy Trinity
don. Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 717., patr. M. Gore,
Esq. B. Court near B. Hill, a fine elizabethan
seat of C. Gore, Esq., on site of a nunnery found,
by the Fitz-hardinges> sometimes called B.-

P. BARROW HEAD (91) 4 m. S. of Dalton,
NW. Lancash.on Furness rail., near a small sub-


port to Lancaster inside B. IM., which is 1 m.
long. igT B. Hill (30) 3 m. N. of Lostwithiel,
Mid. Cornwall. ^ B. Hill (7) close to Prim-
rose hill, NW. London, has a reservoir at the
top. gg- B. Hill (53) near Daventry, W.
Nhamptn. a roman station on Watling St. (Jap"

B. Hill (44 or 5) Wychewood forest, W. Oxfd.
5 m. NE. of Burford, on Akeman St. IgP B.
House ( ) near Derwent Water, S. Cumbrld. 2 m.
S. of Keswick, J. P. Senhouse, Esq., has a cascade
behind it, of 122 ft. in two falls. l^ B.,
LITTLE. See BARROW, Chesh. as above. i^T B.
Lodge (20) 3 m. S. of Athy, E. Queen's Co. near
R. Barrow, igr B., NORTH, par. (18) Catash
hund. SE. Somerset. 7 m. NE. of Ilchester-121.
Acres 970; pop. 140 ; poor r. 54Z. (Wincanton
U.) ; real prop. 1097Z. St. Nicholas Rect. (Ba. and
W.) val. 148/., patr. Lord Portman.

P. BARROW-ON-HUMBER par. (86) Yarboro'
hund. N. Lincoln. 3 m. E. of Barton-166, near
a british camp called the Castle, on Ermine St.,
has a ferry to Hull (6 m. off). Acres 4620 ; pop.
1662 + 33 ; houses 360, with 2 chapels ; poor r.
516Z. (Glandford Brigg U.); real prop. 9745Z. ;
charities 201Z., of which Nelthorpe's endowment
for Sunday aft. preacher 160Z. Holy Trinity Vic.
(Line.) val. 348Z., patr. Ld. Chancellor. B" Hall,

C. Uppleby, Esq. Mkt. fortnightly, for cattle.
BARROW-ON-SOAR (63) E. and W. Goscote

huncls. N. Leicester, a static on Midlnd. rail., 30 m.
from Rugby, 113 from London, near the Lough -
boro' canal, containing Mt. Sorrell, Quorndon,
Woodhouse curs., and Woodh. Eaves, is the saxon
Barwe which came to Hugh Lupus, and is noted
for its blue lime or terras, which makes good
cement under water. Acres 7950, with many
fossils; pop. 5872, of town 1841 + 1, in the lime-
works, and lace and hosiery trades, which employ
about 210 frames ; houses 358, with a church,
chapel, Perkins's gram, school (110Z.), Babing-
tori's almsh. (475Z.), and Union p. house ; poor r.
85 1Z. on 6720Z. ; real prop. 7323Z. ; charities 1479Z.,
of which 224Z. left by the excellent Bp. Beveridge
(a native, 1638-1708) for education and poor. Holy
Trinity Vic. (Pet.) val. 326Z., patr. St. John's Coll.
Camb. Bar.-on-Soar P. L. Union, contains the
pars. etc. of Ansty, Barkby, Barkby Thorp, Bar-
row-upon-Soar, Beeby, Belgrave, Birstall, Cos-
sington, South Croxton, North and South Mount-
sorrel, Newtown Linford, Queniborough, Quorn-
don, Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Rearsby> Rothley
(where poor ho. is), Seagrave, Sileby Swithland,
Syston, Thrussington, Thurcaston, North and
South Thurmaston,Walton-on-the- Wolds, Wanlip,
Woodhouse with Cropston and Ulverscroft ; acres
, pop. 24,234, cases relieved (1846-7) 2249 (out-
door 1887), expend. 8272/., prop, rated 91,106Z.
Sup. Registry comprises the same up to Wood-
house with Charnwood- Forest Oakes ; pop. 19,695
+ 99. It is divided between Leicester and Lough-
boro' New County Court districts.

BARROW-ON-TRENT par. (71) Morleston and
Appletree hunds. S. Derby. 5 m. S. of Derby-126,
near Gd. Trunk canal, includes Arleston, Sintin,
Stenson, Twyford. Acres 4040, of town 1190;
pop. 640 + 6, and 306 + 1 ; poor r. 82Z. (Shardlow
U.) ; real prop, 2338Z. ; charities 30Z. St. Wilfrid
Vic. (Lich.) with Twyford, val. 105Z., patr. Rev. J.
Latham. B. Hall, J. Beaumont, Esq.

Barrow River (6) rises at Glenbarrow in Slieve-
bloom mountns. NW. Queen's Co. and runs about
100 m. S. past Portarlington, Monastereven, Athy,
Carlow, Leighlinbridge, Goresbridge, Graigue,and
New Ross, to Waterfordharb. E. Waterfd. ; having
a fall from Portarlington of 227 ft. and being
navigable for large craft to New Ross, thence to



Athy and the Grand canal for barges. Principal
branches are the Suir, Nore,Burrin,Griss,Finnery,
Cushina, and Ownass. Barrow (Little) River, or
Cushina, rises in the Bog of Allen, W. Kildare,
and runs past Rathangan, into the Barrow, above
Monastereven. The name comes from barragh, a
boundary, which the Barrow has long been,
first of the English pale, and now of several
counties. In 1646, 86,750J tons of corn, flour,
coal, etc., produced 6405Z. tolls.

BARROW, SOUTH, par. (18) 1 m. S. of NORTH
BARROW, Somerset, as above. Acres 580 ; pop.
140 ; poor r. 48Z. (Wincanton U.) ; real prop.
12941. St. Peter Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 80Z., patr.
Mrs. Toogood.

Barrow-Stones (81) 9 m. N. of Castleton, NW.

Barrowash (71) 4 m. ESE. of Derby, SE.

BARROWBY par. (70) Winnibriggs wap. SW.
Lincoln. 2 m. W. of Grantham-110. Acres 4010 ;
pop. 799+11; poor r. 224Z. (Granth. U.); real
prop. 7896Z. All Saints Rect. (Line.) val. 1200Z.,
patr. Duke of Devonshire, l^g" BARROWBY hmlt.
(70) Austhorpe tnshp. W. R. York. 4 m. E. of
Leeds-189. Pop. 25. B. Hall, seat of R. O. Gas-
coigne, Esq, g3 BARROWBY vil. ( ) Kearby
with Netherby tnshp. W. R. York. 5 m. W. of

BARROWDEN par. (64) Wrandyke hund. S.
Rutld. 6 m. E. of Uppingham-89, on R. Welland.
Acres 1530; pop. 658+15; poor r. 214Z. (Up-
pingh. U.); real prop. 2859Z. St. Peter Rect.
(Pet.) val. 483Z., patr. Marq. of Exeter. B. Hey,
J m. NE.

P. BARROWFORD, or B. BOOTH, tnshp. ( )
Whalley par. E. Lancash. 2 m. W. of Colne-218,
on E. Lane. rail, near Pendle wood, and the Leeds
canal. Acres 1540 ; pop. 2630, in the cotton
factories ; houses 500, with a chapel ; poor r. 566Z.
( Burnley U.) ; real prop. 5116Z. Living, a Cur.
(Manch.) val. 150Z., patr. Hulme's Trustees,
giT Bafrowford (20) near Athy, E. Queen's Co.
on R. Barrow.

BARROWMOUNT vil. (25) Gowran bar. E. Kil-
kenny, 1 m. S. of Goresbridge-66, on R. Barrow,
seat of Viscount Clifden, near the remains of a
monastery and of a druids' circle. Fairs, 13 Apr.
15 June, 1 Aug. 15 Oct.

Barrow's Edges (8) 4 m. WSW of Croydon, E.
Surrey, near Banstead Downs, iggp B. Park
(13) 3 m. NW. of Lambourne, NW. Berks.

Barruc- or Berroc-scire of the Saxons, is Berk-

Barrule, North, 2 m. SSW. of Ramsey, /. of
Man, 1840 ft. high, at one end of the slaty ridge
which runs through the island. B., South, 5 m.
SSE. of Peel, 1545 ft. high at the other end of the
same ridge, has mica, felspar, etc., in it.

BARRY par. (20) Dinas Powis hund. SE. Gla-
morgan. 8 m. SE. of Cowbridge, a sub-port to
Cardiff, on the Bristol chan., near the most
southern part of the Welsh coast, with a ruined
castle. Acres about 430 ; pop. 174 ; poor r. 47Z.
(Cardiff U.) ; real prop. 368Z. St. Nicholas Rect.
with Porthkerry. gig" B. Island, opposite the
above, an island only when the tide is up, is
about 1 m. long, containing 300 acres of lime-
stone, with heath and warren, let as one farm :
and takes its name from St. Baruch, to whom a
chapel, in ruins, and a holy well were dedicated.
Formerly it belonged to the fam. of De Barri of
Manorbeer, of whom was the writer Giraldus Barry
or G. Cambrensis. The Bendrick rock lies 1 ni.
ENE. between which and theisld. the tide some-
times produces a race. flS" Barry, or Bartie, Hill,




near Alyth, NE. Perth, is 680 ft. high, with an
oval camp, once of great strength, 168 vds. round,
where, they say, K. Arthur's wife "Vanora or
Guinevra was confined bv the Picts. gir BARRY
vil. (27) Shrule bar. S~E. Longfd. 3 m. NNE. of
Ballymahon-70. Pop. 125.

Barry Point (113) 2 m. ENE. of Oysterhaven,
SE. Cork, near Newfoundland bay.

BARRYMORE BARONY (53-4, etc.) E. Cork, con-
tains the pars, of Ardnageehy, Ballycnrrany,
Ballydeloher, Ballyspillane, Caherlag, Carrigto-
hill, Clonmel, Coole, Gortroe, Inchinabacky, Kil-
laspugmullane, Kilquane, Kilshanahan, Lisgoold,
Littleisland, Rathcormack, Templebodan, Tem-
plemacarriga, Templerobin, Templeusque, parts
of Britway, Castlelyons, Clonmult, Dunbullogc,
Dungourney, Garrannekinnefeake, Knockmourne,
Middleton, Mogeesha, St Michael's,Whitechurch,
and the towns of Rathcormack and Cove ; acres
155,686 (hilly, with limestone), pop. 61,339,
houses 9603 Formerly it belonged to the M'Car-
thj-s and O'Lehans, of Castle-Lyons, but after-
wards to the Barrys, who came over with Strong-
bow, and take hence the title of earL


Barry's Court (75) 4 m. W. of Middleton, E.
Cork, b. by the De Barrvs 13th cent., now seat of
E. Coppinger, Esq. g^T B. Hall (122) 5 m. NE.
of Clonakilty, S. Cork, Lucas, Esq.

BARSBY chplry. (63) Ashby Folville par. NE.
Leic. 8 m. NE. of Leicester-96. Acres 1030 ; pop.
291 + 6, in the stocking trade ; poor. r. 857. (Melton
Mowbray U.) ; real prop. 2000/.

BARSHAM par. (66) VVangford hund. NE. Sufk.
2 m. WSW. of Beccles-109, near R. Waveney.
Acres 1470 ; pop. 250 + 7 ; poor r. 1317. (Wangf.
U.) ; real prop. 29987. Holy Trinity Rect. (Norw.)
ral. 53 1/., patr. Rev. A. J. Suckling, rector
sometime held by the father of L. Echard, a native
(1671-1730), and author of an " Ecclesiastical
Hist." and of one of the earliest-written Gazetteers;
church has a brass (1380).

BARSHAM EAST, par. (68) Gallow hund. N.
Norfk. 2 m. N. of Fakenham-109. Acres 1230;
pop. 240 + 2 ; poor r. 1217. (Walsingh. U.) ; real
prop. 18257. All Saints Vic. (Norw.) with Little
Snoring, val. 6457., patr. Lord Hastings, of Melton
Constable. Hen. VIII. walked hence barefooted
1510, to give a necklace to our Lady of Walsing-
ham. ig>T B., NORTH, par. 1 m. N. of the above.
Acres 710; pop. 84+1; poor r. 737.; real prop.
17077. All Saints Rect. val. 2447., patr. Earl
of Orford. g^ B., WEST, par. 1 m. W. of the
above. Acres 1380 ; pop. 86 ; poor r. 347. ; real
prop. 17397. Living, a Vic. val. 1557., patr. Capt.
Boldero, M.P.

Barskimming House, near Mauchline-63, Mid.
Ayr. Sir W. Miller, Bt. on R. Ayr, near the

BARSTABLE HUNDRED (1) near the Thames,
jS. Essex, contains, exclusive of pt. of Thundersley,
the pars, (and benefices) of N. Benfleet vie., S.
Benfleet v., Bowers Giflford rect., Bulphan r., Gt.
Burstead r. with Billericay cur., Lit. Burstead r.,
Chadwell-St. Mary r., Corringham r., Dodding-
hurst, Downham r., Dunton r., Fobbing r., E.
Horndon r.. Horndon-on-the-Hill r., W. Horndon,
Hutton r., Ingrave r., Laindon with Basildon r.,
Langdon Hills r., Lee Chapel (ext. par.), Muck-
ing ., Nevendon r., Orsett r., Pitsea r., Ramsden-
Bellhouse r., Shenfield r., Stanford-le-Hope r.,
Lit. Thurrock r., E. Tilbury v., W. Tilbury r.,
Vange r., Wickford r., and pt.' of Thundersley ;
acres 73,290, pop. 15,044, houses 2676. * BAR-
STABLE (and Rochford) DEANERY, archd}'. of
Essex, dioc. of Rochester, contains the benefices

in Barstable hund. above, with those in Rochford

TON par. (53 or 4) Hemlingford hund. NW.
Warwk. 8 m. W. of Coventry-91. Acres 1990 ;
pop. 342 + 5; poor r. 1547. (Solihull U.); real
prop. 54977. ; charities 87. St. Swithin Cur. with
BerkeswelL B. Park, R. Hopkins, Esq. {gT B.
Hall (48 or 50) 2 m. S. of Lavenham, S. Suffolk.

Dormington par. Mid. Herefd. 6 m. ENE. of Here-
ford-134. Acres 250 ; pop. 44 ; poor r. 367. (Heref.
U.). St. James Cur. with Dormington.


BARTHOI-OMEW, ST. (13) Bullingdon hund.
Mid. Oxfd. 1 m. ESE. of Oxford-51.

E. Kent, 1 m. S. of Sandwich, is the site of a
hospital found, about 1190, but chiefly en-
dowed 1244 by Sir Henry de Sandwich (whose
monument is in the chapel), which still exists
as an almshouse for 16, income 7667. Pop. 54/.

BARTHOLOMEW (ST.) HYDE par. N. suburbs of
Winchester, Hants, the site of Hyde abbey, first
found, by Alfred, near the cathedral, and refound.
here by Hen. I., a chapel attached to which is
the par. church.

BARTHOMLEY par. (73) Nantwich hund. S.
Chesh. partly S. Pirehill hund. Stafd. 7 m. E. of
Nantwich-164, near Grand Junct. rail., contains
Alsager, Crewe, Haslington curs, and Batterley.
Acres 11,600, of tnshp. 2240; pop. 2725 + 2"0,
and 422 ; poor r. 1677. (Nantw. U.) ; real prop.
31427. ; charities 517., of which 107. to school. St.
Bertoline Rect. (Ches.) val. 8247., patr. Lord
Crewe's Trustees ; church, old, with norman porch,
and carved roof. B. Hall, on Alsager Heath.

BARTHORPE BOTTOMS hmlt. ( ) Acklam par.
E. R. York. 7 m. N. of Pocklington-212. Pop. 51.

BARTTNGTON tnshp. (80) Gt. Budworth par.
N. Cliesh. 4 m. NW. of Northwich-174. Acres
210 ; pop. 89 + 1 ; poor r. 427. (Runcorn U.) ; real
prop. 781/.

Bartletfs (7 or 46) near Berkhampstead, W.
Herts. Mrs. Pechell. ^f Barletfs (3) near
Sarre, E. Kent, 6 m. WSW. of Margate, Mrs.

Bartlewood Lodge, 4 m. ENE. of Derby, SK

BARTLEY tythg. (11) with Bistern (which see).
near the following place.

P. BARTLEY REGIS tythg. (11, 15) Eling par.
S W. Hants. 6 m. W. of Southampton-74. Pop.
288. B. House, Lord Vivian ; B. Lodge, Hon. R.
Blaquiere ggf B. YIELD, or GREEN, vil. (54)
Northfield par. N. Worcest. 7 in. NE. of Bromes-
grove-116, near Birm. and Glost. rail. Pop. 617.
Living, a Cur. with Northfield.

BARTLOW, GREAT, par. (47) Chilford hund.
SE. Cambridge, on the Essex border, 2 m. SE. of
Linton-48, near E. Count, rail. Acres 320 ; pop. 89 ;
poor r. 1367. (Lint U.) ; real prop. 8087. St. Mary
Rect. (Ely) val. 2597., patr. Rev. J. Bullen, rector";
church, has a round saxon tower. B. Cottage, seat
of Miss Lawley ; B. House, T. Barnard, Esq., is near
the B. Hills, where the slain were buried after the
battle of Ashdon, between Canute and Ironsides,
and commands a wide prospect. (g^" B., LITTLE, or
B.-END, or STEVENTON END hmlt. near the above,
but united to Ashdon par. N. Essex. Pop. 216.

BARTON hmlt. (13) St. Helen's par. N. Berks.
% m. E. of Abingdon-56 ; pop. 10. B. Court,
Adml. Dundas, M.P. ; B. Lodge, Mrs. Birch.

BARTON par. (51) Wetherley hund. SE. Camb.
3 m. SE. of Cambridge-50. Acres 1500 ; pop. 319
+ 4 ; poor r. 2087. (ChestertonU.) ; real prop. 27757.


St. Peter Vie. (Ely) val. 1567., patr. Bishop;
church, has brass of J. Martin (1593.) B. Field,
1 m. N. ifc B. DEANERY. See BERTON.

BARTON tnshp. (73) Farndon par. W. Chesh. 8 m.
SSE. of Chester -183. Acres 490 ; pop. 169 ; poor
r. 307. (Gt. Boughton U.) ; real prop. 1057/. ^
BARTON hmlt. (17 or 18) Piddletown par. S.Dorset.

5 m. NE. of Dorchester- 120. i^" BARTON tythg.
(34) Cirencester par. E. Gloucest. jT BARTON
hmlt. (44) Temple Guyting par. N. Gloucest. 4 m.
E. of Winchcomb-95. rgf BARTON tythg. (11)
Stoneham par. SW. Hants. 5m. NNE. of South-
ampton-74, on S. West. rail. Pop. 57. gP BAR-
TON (10 or 16) Christchurch luuid. SW. Hants.
4 m. E. of Christchurch-100. B. Cottage, J.
Dent, Esq. BARTON vil. (10) Whippingham par.
I. of Wight, 5. Hants. 2 m. Is E. by N. of Newport
-82, has at B. Farm traces of an austin priory cell
found. 1282, by Jno. de Insula, and given by
Hen. VI. to Winch. Col. igf BARTON tnshp. (56)
Kington par. W. Herefd. 1 m. N. of Kington-154.
Pop. with Bradnor and Kushock, 426. ljif BARTON
tnshp. ( ) Preston par. N. Lancash. 5 m. N. of
Preston-217, on Lane. rail. Acres 1510; pop.
413 + 3; poor r. 1007. (Prest. U.); real prop.
35187. B. Hall, 1J m. NE. ; B. Lodge. 1 m. SE.,
seat of G. Jacson, Esq.

BARTON, or B.-IN-FABIS, par. (71)N. Rushcliffe
wap. S. Notts. 5 m. SW. of Jsottingham-124, on R.
Trent. Acres 1620 ; pop. 333 ; poor r. 597. (Basford
U.) ; real prop. 26797. St. George Rect. (Line.) val.
3607., patr. Arch bp. of York. Coins have been found
near Brent's hill british camp, on B. Moor, (gap"
BAKTOX hmlt. (54) Bidford par. SW. Warwk.

6 m. SW. of Stratford-96. Pop. 147. ^ BAR-
TON par. ( ) Westward, N. Westmrld., 4 m. SW.
of Penrith-283, and once a mkt. town, stretches
on the Eamont and Ulleswater to Patterdale,
which it includes along with Eamont Bridge,
Hartsop, Martindale cur., Stockbridge,Tirrel, Low
Winder, Yanwalk, and some hmlts. Acres
33,690, with slate quarries in Patterdale, and vari-
ous minerals and petrifactions on B. Fell and else-
where ; pop. 1668 + 13, of HIGH B. tnshp. 323 ;
poor r. 447. (West Ward U.) ; real prop. 28367. ;
charities 1137., of which 917. to gram, school, found,
by Dr. Langbaine, a native (1(508-57) and an anti-
quarian writer. St. David Vic. (Carl.) val. 1307.,
patr. Earl of Lonsdale, who owns the greatest part
of this place through the Lancasters, of whom the
church has monuments. Several remains are
found, and near Eamont is the hollow called
Arthur's Round Table.

P. BARTON par ( ) E. Gilling wap. N. R.
York. 5 m. SW. of Darlington-241, contains New-
ton-Morrell and pt. ofStapleton, and is a meet for
the Raby hounds. Acres 2790, with limestone ;
pop. 631 + 13, of tnshp. 567+10; poor r. 165/.
(Darlingtn. U.) ; real prop. 39397. St. Cuthbert
and St. Mary Curs. (Rip.) val. 1107. each, patr.
Vicars of Stanwick and Gilling. IJ3T BARTON.
See BARDEN, N. R. York.

BARTON-BENDISH par. (65) Clackclose hund.
W. Norfk. 7 m. ENE. of Downham-84, close to a
dyke made by the Saxons, for the hund. or an-
glian boundary. Acres 4390 ; pop. 455 ; poor r.
226/. (Downh. U.); real prop. 44097.; charities
227., of which 87. for school. St. Andrew Rect.

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