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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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includes Ham and Inhurst. Acres 1020 ; pop.
528 + 4 ; poor r. 2457. (Kingsclere U.) ; real prop.
11207. Living, a Rect. (Wine.) val. 1887., patr.

BAULDOXFEE tythg. (11) Eling par. 5. Hants.
3 m. W. of Southampton-74. Pop. 931 ; real prop.

BAULKING, or BALKING, chplry. (13) Uffing-
ton par. W. Berks. 3 m. SSE. of Farringdon-68,
near Gt West, rail., was a mkt. town. Pop. 193
+ 1 ; poor r. 997. (Farringdon U.) ; real prop.
28787. St. Nicholas Cur. with Uffington.

P. BAUMBER, or BAMBUHGH, par. (83) N.
Gartree wap. E. Lincoln. 6 m. SE. of Wragby-143.
Acres 3200; pop. 371 + 2; poor r. 2397. (Horn-
castle U.) ; real prop. 27147. St. Swithin Cur.
(Line.) val. 377., patr. Duke of Newcastle.

BAUNSKEHA vil. (32) Gowran bar. Mid. Kil-
keny. 1 m. SE. of Thomastown-75. Pop. Ifi8.

BAUNTON par. (34) Crowthorne hund. S.
Gloucestr. 2 m. S. of Cirencester-88, on Fosse
way. Acres 1310 ; pop. 187 + 3 ; poor r. 317. (Ci-
rencest. U.) ; real prop. 14417. St. Christopher
Cur. (GI. and Br.) val. 677., patr. Miss Masters. B.
Downs Farm, 2 m. NE.

BAURROE vil. (28) Upper Tulla bar. NE. Clare,

5 m. WNW. of Soariff-120. Pop. 121.
BAUSLEY, or BALASLEY, tnshp. (60) Alberbury

par. NE. Montgmry. 10m. NE. of Welshpool-171.
Pop. 371 ; poor r. 647. (Atcham U.).

Bautregaun Mountain (37) the highest of the
Slievemish range, Mid. Kerry, near Tralee, 2796
ft high.

Bavelaw, or Bevelaw, 3 m. S. of Currie, Mid.
Edinbro', near the head of B. Burn, which runs
to Leith water at Ravelrig, and has good trout.

BAVERSTOCK par. (14) Cawden hund. S. Wilts.
7 m. WNW. of Salisbury-81, on R. Nadder, or
Noddre. Acres 710 ; pop. 136 ; poor r. 797. ( Wil
ton U.); real prop. 15177. St. Edith Rect. (Sal.)
val. 2967., patr. Exet. Coll. Oxon.

BAVINGTOX, GREAT tnshp. ( ) Kirk-Whelp-
ington par. S. Northmbrld. 9 m. NE. of Hex-
ham-279. Pop. 69. B. Hall, R. J. Shaftoe, Esq.

BAVIXGTOX, LITTLE, tnshp. Throckington par.
1 m. E. of the above. Pop. 91.

BAWBURGH, or BABUR, par. (66) Forehoe
hund. Mid. Norfolk, 5 m. W. of Norwich-108, on
R. Yare, was the birthplace of St. Walstan,
whose shrine was in the old chapel, of which
there are remains. Acres 2070 ; pop. 494 + 5 ;
poor r. 967. (Foreh. Incorp.); real prop. 31517.
St. Walstan Vic. (Norw.) val. 1007., patr. Dean
and Chap. ; church, has an old font and brass of
Richers, a priest (1531).

BAWCOMBE hmlt. (24) Alvington par. S.Devon,

6 m. SE. of Modbury-208.

Bawden, or Balder, River ( ) rises near Kelton
Fell, N. R. York, and runs through Lunedale to
the Tees, at Cotherston, 3 m. NW. of Barnard

P. BAWDESWELL par. (66) Evnsford hund.
Mid. Norflk. 6 m. NE. of E. Dereham-100. Acres
1310; pop. 582; poor r. 3437. (Mitford U.); real
prop. 22727. ; charities 227., of which Leeds' school
207. All Saints Rect. (Norw.) val. 2087., patr.
E. Lombe, Esq. B. Hall, near Bylaugh heath,
Mrs. Lloyd.


BAWDIUP par. (20) N. Petherton hunil. Mid.
Somerst. 3 m. NE. of Bridgewater-139, near
Brist. and Ex. rail. Acres 1780 ; pop. 425 + 5 ;
poor r. 16G7. (Bridgew. U.) ; real prop. 49657. St.
Michael Eect. (Ba. and W.) val. 3607., patr. E.
Page, Esq.

BAWDSEY par. (48) Wilford hund. SE. Sufflk.
12 m. ESE. of Ipswich-69, at R. Deben's mouth
(which is a retreat for small craft under the name
of B. Haven}, was once a mkt. town. Acres 2640 ;
pop. 468 + 1 ; poor r. 292/. (Woodbridge U.) ;
real prop. 27787. St. Mary Vic. (Norw.) val.
1937., patr. Ld. Chancellor. B. Hall, stands on
the coast, which is defended by martello towers.
B. Sand, about 5 m. off, is 4 m. by |, with not
less than 10 ft. water, and forms the W. side of
the Shipway, on the route N-ward out of R.
Thames. Fair, 8 Sept.

Bawkie Bay, in Frith of Clyde, E. Argyll, near
Toward Point.

bar. NW. Kilkenny, 5m. WNW. of Freshford-82,
so called after the grange of Fertagh abbey, which
remains. Living, a Eect. with Burnchurch. Fairs,
Ascension day, 8 Julv, 8 Sept. 29 Oct. igP Bawn
(15) 2 m. W. of Castlebellingham, Mid. Loutli, T.
Tisdall, Esq.

Bawn Lough (27) 5 m. S. of Ballibay, S. Mo-
naghan, near seat of W. Tenison, Esq.

P. BAWNBOY, or KILSUB, vil. (9) Tullyhaw bar.
NW. Cavan, 6 m. S. of Swanlinbar-96, near
Lough Brackley, seat of Hassard, Esq., is the
proposed head of a new Poor 1. union. Pop. 96
+ 36.

BAWSEY par. (65) Freebridge-Lynn hund.
NW. Norflk. 3 m. E. of Lynn-96. Acres 1090 ;
pop. 28 ; poor r. 11. (F. Lynn U.) ; real prop. 5157.
St. James Sect. (Norw.)Val. 557., patr. A. Ham-
mond, Esq. ; church in ruins.

P. M. BAWTRY chplry. (82) Blyth par. Straf-
forth wap. W. R. York, and Bassetlaw wap. Notts.
14 m. W. of Rotherham, 153 from London, on the
great N. road, near the roman way to Doncaster,
is chiefly supported by the carrying trade on R.
Idle, which runs by it. Acres 270 ; pop. 1083,
decreasing ; houses 223, with 2 chapels, bank ;
poor r. 2057. (Doncaster U.) ; real prop. 38177.
St. Nicholas Cur. with Blyth ; church, later eng.,
built of Roche abbey limestone, which is much in
request with sculptors. At Scrooby, near the river,
is a farmhouse, once a seat of the Abps. of York,
and traces of a camp are found near Marton. B.
House, R. M. Milnes, Esq., M. P. Mkt. D. Th.
Fairs, Whitsun. Thurs. 22 Nov. horses, cattle.

BAXBY hmlt. ( ) Coxwold par. N. R. York.
7 m. SE. of Thirsk-217. Pop. 28.

BAXENDEAN (89) 2 m. N. of Haslingden-204,
E. Lancash. on E. Lane. rail.

BAXTERLEY par. (62) Hemlingford hund. N.
Warwk. 3 m. WSW. of Atherstone-107, near
Binn. and Derb. rail. Acres 850, with coal ; pop.
228 + 4 ; poor r. 447. (Atherst. U.) ; real prop.
21147. Living, a Sect. (Wore.) val. 262/., patr.
Ld. Chancellor, and F. Boultbee, Esq., of B. Hall.
B. Park, 1 m. E.

BAXTON-MOOR limit. (82) Whitwell par. NE.
Derby. 10 m. ENE. of Chesterfield-150.

BAXWORTIIY (26) 1 m. SE. of Hartland, W.

Bay Hall (C9) 4 m. NE. of Boston, E. Lincoln.
jgT B. Lodge (20) 4 m. SSE. of Cushendall. NE.
Antrim, on Red bay. ^P-B. Horse ( ) 6 m. N.
of Garstang, N. Lancash. on Lane, and Prest. rail.

Bay (The) House (14) 5m. N. of Dublin, Mid.

Bayard's Green (45) in Tusmore Park, NE.



Oxford. 5 m. NW. of Bicester, was one of the
three places appointed by Rich. I. for the earliest
tournaments held in England ; a second took
place here in Hen. III.'s time.

BAYARD'S LEAP ext. par. (70) Loveden wap.
W. Lincoln. 5 m. NW. of Sleaford-115.

BAYDEN chplry. (36) Llangonoyd par. S. Gla-
morgn. 4 m. NW. by N. of Bridgend-181. Pop.
339. Church, in ruins.

BAYDON par. (34) Ramsbury hund. NE. Wilts.
8 m. NE. of Marlboro'-74. Acres 3060 ; pop.
335 ; poor r. 2057. (Hungerford U.) ; real prop.
27437. St. Nicholas Cur. (Sal.) val. 1107., patr.
Rev. A. Meyrick. B. Hall (13 or 34) near this,
but in W. Berks. 2 m. W. of Lambourne.

BAYFIELD par. (68) Holt hund. N W. Norfk.

2 m. W. of Holt-119, is united to Glandford. Pop.
21. St. Margaret Rect. (Norw.) val. 397., patr.
Mrs. E. J. Best, of B. Hall ; no church.

P. BAYFORD par. (47) Hertford hund. S. Herts.

3 m. S. of Hertford-21, belonged to ' eorl' Tosti the
Dane, before the Conquest. Acres 1450 ; pop.
357 + 2 ; poor r. 937. (Herts. U.) ; real prop. 19967.
St. Mary Cur. with Essendon ; church, has an
old 8-sided font, and tombs of the Knightons,
Fanshaws, and Bakers, who held the manor with
B.-Bury, now seat of Mrs. Baker, where is pre-
served Jacob Tonson's gallery of the Kit-Cat
club, brought from his house at Barnes-Elms,
including 47 portaits by Kneller, of Marlborough,
Wharton, Halifax, Sir Robert Walpole, Van-
brugh, Garth, Steele, Addison, Congreve, etc. B.
Place, T. Byron, Esq. gg" Bayford, near Sit-
tingbourne, N. Kent, now a farm, has traces of a
camp thrown up by Alfred, and was the site of a
cast, built by Rob. de Nottingham (Edw. I.).
lgr BAYFORD hmlt. (18) Stoke-Trister par. E.
Somerset. 1 m. E. of Wincanton-109, is a Rect.
with Cucklington. B. Lodge, U. Messiter, Esq.

<&. BAYHAM hmlt.(18) Frant par. NE. Sussex, on
the Kent border, 4 m. ESE.of Tunbridge Wells-36,
the site of a premonstratensian abbev, removed
from Brockley near Deptford, in 1200, by Rob.
de Thurnham, val. I., and granted first to Wolsey,
afterwards to the Montagues. The gateway, part
of the church, and cloisters remain, and part has
been turned into a seat for Marq. Camden, Avho
takes hence title of Viscount. The R. Tun flows
through the beautiful grounds.

BAYLHAM, or BAYLEHAM, par. (48 or 50) Bos-
mere hund. S. Suffk. 6 m. NNW. of Ipswich-69,
on E. Union rail. Acres 830 ; pop. 27o + 4 ; poor
r. 1127. (Bosm. U.); real prop. 19087. St. Pete*
Rect. (Norw.) val. 2567., patr. .

BAYIJN hmlt. (29) 3 m. NW. of Moate, S W,
Westmeath, near Moydrum Cast., Visct. Castle-
maine's seat.

P. Bay mount Castle (19) 3 m. NE. of Dublin, E.
Dublin, on the bay, Warren, Esq.

Baynard Castle ( ) which stood on Castle-
hill, near Cottingham, E. R. York. 3m. NW. of
Hull, was the moated seat of the Lords Wake,
and burnt down 1541.

BAY-NESS hmlt. ( ) Fylingdales par. N. R.
York. 8 m. S. Whitby-236.

BAYNTON, or BAN ETON, vil. Kennoway par.
Mid. Fife. 2 m. NNW. of Leven-24. Pop. 204.
(3T BAYNTON tythg. (14) Edington par. W.
Wilts. 3 m. NE. of Westbury-100. Pop. 33.

Bayon's Manor (83) 4 m. E. of Market Rasen,
Mid. Lincoln, on the Wolds, G. Tennyson, Esq.

Bays Brown Peak ( ) near the black lead mine
in BoiTOwdale, S.Cumbrld. S. of Derwent Water.

Bays, The (69) an inshore passage for small
vessels, to Lynn deeps, NW. Nor*'k. between Gore
point, and the Sunk shoal.

L 2



Bays Dale ( ) 5 m. ESE. of Stokesley-in-the-
Wolds N. R. For*, had a eistertian nunnery, moved
from Thorpe by Guide de Bovingcourt (Hen. II.).

Says, or Boys, Hill (18) 5 m. SSE. of Sher-
borne, N. Dorset.

BAYSHAM (43) 3 m. NW. of Ross, S. Herefd.

BAYSTON tnshp. (61) Condover and St. Julian's
pars. Mid. Salop, 3 m. S. of Shrewsbury-153.
Pop. 1420. B. HILL Cur. (Lich.) val. 30/., patr.
Curate of St. Julian's.

P. BAYSWATER hmlt (7) Paddington par.
Marylebone boro'. beyond Hyde Park, one of the
fashionable suburbs of NW. London, was called
Baynard's Water, after Baynard of Cast Baynard
(who held it of Westminster ab.), and the ponds
which supplied the London conduits, and has
an episcopal chapel, a chapel which was Q. Char-
lotte's lying-in hosp. (removed to the New road),
the Wesleyan female orphan sch., and St. George's
burial-ground (with the graves of Sterne, Sirs.
Radcliffe, Picton, etc.). The tea gardens belonged
to Sir J. Hill, a scribbler and vegetable quack,
of whom Garrick said
" For physic and farces, his rival there scarce is ;

His farces are physic, his physic a farce is."
Craven hill, where the Cravens had a seat, is built
nn ; Westbourne Green, behind, is covered with
terraces and houses on a splendid scale.

P. BAYTHORXE END (47) Hinckford hund.
N. Essex, 2 m. SW. of Clare-56, near Baythorne,
or Bat/iorne, Park, Rev. G. Pike.

BAYTON par. (61) Lower Doddingtree hund.
NW. Worcest. 6 m. WSW. of Bewdley-129,
Acres 1960 ; pop. 468 + 2 5 poor r. 1197. (Cleobury
IL); real prop. 27627. St. Bartholomew Vic.
with Mamble. iJiT Bayton, or Boyton, End (47)
6 m. SE. of Saffron Walden, NW. Essex.

Bayview (31) near Dungarvan bay, S. Waterfd.
B. Low, Esq.

BAYVTL par. (40) Kerness hund. NE. Pembroke.
3 m. ENE. of Newport-250, on R. Nevern. Pop.
130 ; poor r. 287. (Cardigan U.) ; real prop. 9077.
St. Andrew Vie. (St. Dav.) with Moylgrove, vaL
2247., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

BAYWORTH hmlt. (13) Sunningwell par. N.
Berks. 3 m. N. of Abingdon-56, has remains of a
church, where many private marriages were ce-
lebrated before the marriage act passed.


BEACH HIDE, UPPER, vil. (46) Cashio hund.
Mid. Herts. 4 m. NE. of St. Alban's-20.

Beach Hill (12) 6 m. S. of Reading, S. Berks.
giT B.-MILL. See BACHE MILL, Norfk.

BEACHAMPTOX par. (46) Buckingham hund.
N. Bucks. 2 m. SSW. of Stony Stratford-52, on R.
Ouse. Acres 2110 ; pop. 248 ; poor r. 1727. (Bucks.
U.) ; real prop. 26687. ; charities 226/., of which
48/. to Elmer's school. St. Mary Rect. (Oxon.)
val. 379/., patr. Caius Coll. Camb. ; church, has
the tomb of Sir S. Bennet, who held the manor.
B. Grove, I m. SE., a meet for tbs Whaddon
Chase hounds.


Beachborough House (3 or 4) 2 m. NNE. of
Hythe-65, E. Kent, 3. D. Brockman, Esq., who
has the manor, commands an extensive view
of the country and sea, so that a bonfire near
the summer-houses is seen from the coast of

Beachey Head (5) iij the Channel, SE. Sussex,
lat. 50 44' N, long. 13' E. at the end of the chalk
hills which stretch through the county, is 475 ft.
high, at the highest part, and known by'the " Seven
Cliffs " to the W. of it, on one of which, called Belle
Toute, stands the revolving light, flashing every
2 min. 285 ft. above the sea, and seen 22 m. Near


this is Parson Darby's hole and 6 other caverns,
which have been cut in the rock, for shipwrecked
seamen to take refuge in. To the E. lie the Rattan,
Horse, and the Royal Sovereign shoals, on the last
of which that ship was wrecked ; and within
sight of this point, the english and dutch fleet
were beaten by the French, 1690. Lime crystals
and gray pyrites are found.

P. BEACHLEY chplry. (35) Tidenham par. W.
Gloucest. 2 m. SE. of Chepstow-103, a sub-port to
Glo'ster where R. Wye joins the Severn, at the end
of Offa's Dyke, and at the Aust ferry, was always
I considered an important military pass, and has the
remains of earthworks, and of a chapel on St.Tecla's
isld. Pop.224. St.JohnCr.(Gl.audBr.)val. 16/.,
patr. Vicar. B. Lodge, R. Jenkins, Esq., com-
mands a view of the fine scenery around.

Beacon Hill (12) near Highclere park, A'.
Hants. 900 ft. high, was a roman camp. tgl" B.
Hill (70) near Newark, E. A'otts. produces good

fypsum for stucco, etc. ^T B. Hill (13) near
token church, SE. Oxfd. and the roman Port
way. e^ B. Hill (72) 1 m. NE. of Stafford,
Mtd. Staffd. had formerly a signal post at thetop.
lg| B. House ( ) 1 m. N. of Hexham, S. Nor-
thmbrld. M. W. Carr, Esq. ^ B. Place (62)
near Lichfield, E. Staffd. Mrs. Hand.

Beaconfield Hall (76) 2 m. E. of Newark, E.

P. M. BEACONSFIELD par. (7) Burnham hund.
S. Bucks. 6 m. from Slough (Gt. West, rail.), 23
from London, a polling and petty sessions town,
in a healthy spot in the midst of a fine country.
Acres 3710, partly common ; pop. 1732, chiefly
agricultural ; houses 339, of flint, in a cross, with
mkt. house at the middle, and 2 chapels ; poor r.
7457., on 60387. ( Amersham U., but high Wycombe
County Court) ; real prop. 68977.; charities 114/.,
including bequests left by the Wallers. All Saints
Rect. (Oxfil.) val. 6457., patr. Mag. Coll. ; church,
old, partly flint, with monuments of Burke, whose
seat was at Gregories (now called Buller's)
court, and of Waller the poet, who had the
manor, and died at Hall Barn. Near the town is
Wilton, seat of Du Pres ; Bulstrode lies to the E. ;
and Stoke, seat of the Penns, and the scene of
Gray's ' Elegy,' is to the S. Dentaria bulbifera,
coral-root, is found in B. Wood. Mkt. D. Th.
much business done in grain, cattle. Fairs, 13
Feb. Holy Thjurs. cattle, horses.

Beading of Alfred's Will, is BEEDING, Sussex.

BEADLAN tashp. ( ) Kirkdale par. N. R.
York. 2 m. E. of Helmslev-222. Acres 620 ; pop.
168 + 2 ; poor r. 277. (Helmsl. U.) ; real prop.

Beadlow (46) 5 m. E. of Ampthill, S. Bedfd.
near B. Farm.

BEADKELL chplry. ( ) Bamboro' par. NE.
Northmbrld. 10 m. NNE. of Alnwick-308, on the
sea. Pop. 323 + 7, fishermen ; poor r. 637. (Belford
U.) Living, a Cur. (Durh.) val. 79/., patr. Curate of
Bamboro'. B. House, J. Wood, Esq.

BEADONWELL hmlt. (1) Erjth par. N. Kent,
4 m. E, of Woolwich-9.

P. BEAFORD par. (26) Shebbear hund. NW.
Devon. 4 m. SE. of Torrington-194. Acres 3760 ;
pop. 713 + 9 ; poor r. 290/. (Torringt. U.) ; real
prop. 21237. AJ1 Saints Rect. (Exet.) val. 3157.,
patr. Rev. C. Wood, rector.

BEAGH vil. (3) Bnrren bar. N. Clare, 13 m.
N. of Curofin-151. gg" BEAGH par. (128-9, etc.)
Kiltartan bar. S. Galway, includes part of Gort
-124, and Toberreendonay. Acres 14,582, arable,
with water, bog, and limestone ; pop. 4751 + 30.
Living, a Rect. with Ardrahan. It has the re-
mains of a franciscan monastery and of Fidane


cast In. Loitghcooter, seat of Viscount Gort.
gxT Beagh Castle (11) 4m. NE. of Askeaton,
JV. Limerick. gaT Beagh (North), or Glenbeagh,
Lough (43) 3 m. W. of Kilmacreenan^fF. Donegl.
is 3 m. long and \ mile broad, and surrounded by
the Derryleagh and Glendowan hills. IgT Beagh
(South')^ or Gartan, Lough (44, 51) 2 m. SE. of
the above.

BEAQHALL, or BEAL, tnshp. (87) Kellington par.
W. R. York. 7 m. WNW. of Snaith-173. Acres
1570 ; pop. 568 ; poor r. 24GI. (Gt. Preston In-
corp.) ; real prop. 4160Z. ; charities 51.

Beak's House (35) near Marshlield, S. Gloucest.
C. Dickinson, Esq.

Beaks, The, (62) 4 m. W. of Birmingham, S.

BEAKSBOURNE par. (3) Bridge hund. Augus-
tine lathe, E. Kent, 3 m. SE. of Canterbury-55,
a member of Hastings cinque port. Acres 1200)
part in hops ; pop. 332 ; poor r. 1281. (Bridge U.) ;
real prop. 2050/. St. Peter Vic. (Cant.) val. 21U,
patr. Archbp. B. House, R. Peckham, Esq.

BEAL tnshp. ( ) Kyloe par. Islandshire, Dur-
ham, locally in N. Northmbrld. 8 m. SSE. of Ber-
wick-337, on York rail, tgr BEAL vil. (1, 2)
Iraghticonner bar. NE. Kerry, 10 m. W. of Tar*
bert-160, on R. Shannon, near the coast and Beau*
lieu cast., which belonged to the Earls of Kerry.
B. Point, at the riser's mouth, is 17 m. NE. of
Kerry head, and has a sandy bar off it.

Bealach-nani'-Bo, and Bealan-Duine (where
Fitz- James lost his ' gallant gray'), two passes in
Aberfoil par. $ W. Perth, near Ben Venue and
Loch Katrine. At Bealan-Duine, the battle de-
scribed by Allan Bane took place. ' Beal ' or
' beul ', a mouth or pass.

BEALACLUGGA hmlt. (3) Burren bar. N. Clare,
12 m. N. of Curofin-151, near New Quay bay.

Bealaveeny Rivulet (56) rises in Moam Thotnaus
mountns. NW. Mayo, and runs to AcMU sound.


Beale, or Beult, River (3, 6) rises near Ticehurst,
borders of Kent and Sussex, and falls into R.
Medway, near Yaldingr

BEALINGS, GREAT, par. (48) Caflford hund.
SE. Suffolk, 2 m. W. of Woodbridge-77. Acres
830; pop. 377+1; poor r. 171/. (Woodb. U.);
real prop. 2103Z. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val.
260?., patr. E. Moor, Esq. B. Hall, 1 m. E.
igT B. LITTLE, par. as above, 1 in. S. Acres
410; pop. 322 + 5; poor r. 201?.; real prop.
1002?. All Saints Rect. (Nonv.) val. 140i, patr.
F. Smythies, Esq.

Beal-maha, or Balmaha, Pass, Buchanan par.
W. Stirling, near Loch Lomond.

Bealnabrack Rivulet (25) Ballinahinch bar.
rises in Maam Turk mountns. NW. Galway, and
runs to Lough Corrib, through B. Glen, which is
well wooded and surrounded bv hills, above
2000 ft. high.

BEAMAN END (7) 2 m. W. of Amersliam, S W.

Beamdune of the Saxons is BAMPTON, Devon. ;
Beamflote Is S. BENFTEET, Essex.

BEAMHURST hmlt. (72) Checkley par. NE.
Stafford. 3 m. NW. of Uttoxeter-135, seat of H.
Mountford, Esq.

P. M. BEAMINSTEH par. (18) in B.-Forum
hund. W.Dorset. 18 m. NW. by W. of Dorchester,
137 from London, at R. Birt's head, is a polling
place, and remarkable only as having been three
times destroyed by fire, first when occupied by
Prince Maurice for Chas. I., again in 1684 and
1781. Acres 4350, fertile, with hemp and flax;
pop. 3270 + 30, town 2938, in the manufact. of
sailcloth, sacking, pottery, that of woollens having



declined; houses 581, chiefly modern, with a
chapel, townhall, house of correction, 2 banks,
Tucker's free school (of which Rev. T. Hood,
the father of Lords Hood and Bridport was once
master) and almshouses (173/.), and Union p.
house; poor r. 2117Z. on 10.224/. ; real prop.
10,268/. ; charities 272/. St. Mary Vic. (Sal.)
val. 190/. patr. Prebendary, to whom it was
given by Bp. Ormund 1091 ; church, large, later
eng. with a sculptured tower 100 ft. high, and
tombs of the Strodes of Parnhatn. The poets Bp.
Spratt, and Russell (born 1762) who defended
Warton's History, were natives. B. Bottom, 2 m.
NE. Beam. P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc.
marked * in B.-Forum hund. below, with Bettis-
combe, Broadwinsor, Burstock, Chelborough (East
and West), Evershot, Halstock, Hook, Melbury
(Osmond and Sampford), Pilsdon, Poorstock,
Rampisham (where poor ho. is), Wraxall with
Marshwood in Dors. and Misterton, Seaborough
in Somerst.; acres 51,212, pop. 15,112, cases re-
lieved (yr. 1846-7) 3742 (out-door 3484), expend.
9064/., prop, rated 73,754/. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same with Ash, except Marshwood in
Dors. It is divided between Bridport and Crew-
kerne New County Court districts. Mht. D.
Thurs. Fair, 19 Sept. cattle.

(18) Bridport diy. W. Dorset, contains the pars,
of Beaminster vie., Bradpole ., Chardstock .,
*Cheddington rect., *Corscombe r., *Mapperton r.,
*Mostertonecwr. (with S. Perrot), Netherburyr.,
*S. Perrot r., *N. Poorton r., *Stoke Abbas r.,
Wambrook r., and part of Toller-Porcorum v. ;
acres 34,490, pop". 11,490. See BRIDPORT DEAN-

BEAMISH tnshp. ( ) Chester-le^Street par. N.
Durham, 6 m. SW. of Gateshead-275, on R. Ur-
petb, near Stanhope rail. Acres 4120, with coal
and iron ; pop. (1881) 1848 + 9, coal workers, etc. ;
real prop. 41 50/. of which 1068Z. on mines. B.
Hall, M. J. Davison, Esq.

BEAMORE, or BEYMORE vil. (20) Lower Duleek
bar. E.Meath, near Drogheda-28 and Beybeg Ho.
had a preceptory to Kilmainham priory.

BEAMSLEY tnshp. ( ) Sldpton and Adding-
ham pars. W. R. York. 5 m. E. of Skipton-216.
Acres 1820 ; pop. 235 ; poor r. 9Z. (Skipt. U.) ;
real prop. 2360Z. ; charities, B. Hospital 8751.,
founded in Elizabeth's time by Margaret Countess
of Cumberland, for 13 women.

BEANACRE tythg. (14) Melksham par. W.
Wilts, near Melksham-96. Pop. 257.

Beane Heath (73) 2 m. NE. of Nantwich, S.

Beane River (46) rises near Rushton, N. Herts
and passing 14 m. S. by Aston and Woodhall
park falls into R. Lea at Hertford.

BEANLEY tnshp. ( ) Eglingham par. E. Nor-
thmbrld. 6 m. WNW. of Alnwick-308, near Percy's
cross on Hedgley moor, was a barony held by the
Earls of Dunbar, by the service of Ingborg, or or
keeping open the way between the two countries.
Pop. 176 ; poor r. 39/. (Alnwk. U.)

BEAR BARONY (115-6, etc.) SW. Cork, which
was, with Bantry bar., the country of the O'Sulli-
vans, contains the pars, of Kilcatherine, Killa-
conenagh, Kilnamanagh, and part of Kilcaskan,
with Castletown; acres 89,987, pop. 25,487,
houses 4391.

Bear Green (8) 4 m. S. of Dorking, S. Surrey.
g3" B. Hill (7) 5 m. WSW. of Maidenhead-26,
E. Berks. Mrs. Cavendish ; B. Place, Sir M. Xi-

Bear Island (115-6, 128-9) in the above bar.
S W. Cork, on the N. side of Bantry bay. 2 m.




SE. of Castletown, from which it is separated by
S. Haven, belongs to R. Eyre, Esq. ; is 6 m. long
by 1^ broad, hilly and bare, chiefly slate, and
is defended by 5 martello towers, which were
built in 1796, after the French landed in the
bay. Sear Haven (115) inside the island, near
Dunboy, the O'Sullivans' old cast., is a sub-port
to Baltimore and one of the best harbours in
Ireland, well sheltered and easy of access, with
good anchorage anywhere, in 5 to 11 fath.
the best being off Balnakilly. It has two en-
trances E. and W. off the isld. ; that to the W.
which is not more than 150 fath. wide, and can
only be made with a leading wind, leads to Castle
Cove in 6 to 13 fath. The eastern entrance is
between the Carnamadry rocks and Roanhurrig
isld. f m. wide and 7 to 17 fath. deep, leading to
Lawrence's creek with anchorage in 8 or 9 fath.
The dangers are Spartiate bank, and the Harbour,
Colt, and Duculla rocks. Gives title of visct. to
the Chetwyndes.

Sear, or Seaurepaire, Park ( ) near Durham,
Mid. Durham, has the remains of a house of the
priors of Durham, on the site of a former one de-
stroyed by the Scots, where Edw. II. rested, on
his flight from Bannockburn, and David of Scot-
land encamped before the fatal battle of Seville's
cross, 1346.

BEAR WOOD (8) 2 m. S. of Wokinghahi-31,
E. Berks, is a Cur. (Oxon.) val. 40/., patr. J.
Walter, M. P. of S. Wood.

BEARD hmlt. (81) Glossop par. NW. Derby.

4 m. NW. of Chapel-le-Frith-167, in the High
Peak, near R. Etherow, the Peak rail, and S.
Hall. Real prop. 13.193/.

Seardiville (6) near Bushmills, NW. Antrim,
Sir F. M'Naghton, Bt.
BEARDON vil. (25) Stratton hund. N. Cornwall,

5 m. N. of Launceston-213. giT Seardon, or
Beardown, Tor (25) in Dartmoor, S. Devon. 9 m.

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