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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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E. of Tavistock.

BEARD'S HILL hmlt. (3) St. Peter's par. E.
Kent, 2 m. NE. of Ramsgate-75, near Broadstairs.

Bearfield ( ) 6 m. S. of Ravenglass, S.Cumbld.

BEARL tiishp. ( ) Bywell St. Andrew par. S.
Nortlimbrld. 8 m. ESE. of Hexham-279. Pop.
36 ; poor r. 19/. (Hexh. UA

BEARLEY par. (54) Barlichway hund. W.
Warwick. 3 m. NNW. of Stratford- 96, near Birm.
canal and R. Alne. Acres 810 ; pop. 231 ; poor
r. 61Z. (Stratf. U.) ; real prop. 1283/. St. Mary
Cur. (Wore.) val. 62/., patr. King's Coll. Cainb. ;
church, old. S. Cross, ^ m. W.

P. BEARSTED par. (6) Eythorne hund. Ayles-
ford lathe, Mid. Kent, 2 m. E. of Maidstone-34.
Acres 810, part in hops; pop. 605 + 1; poor r.
206Z. (Maidst. U.) ; real prop. 2567/. Holy Cross
Vic. (Cant.) val. 191Z., patr. Dean and Chap.
Rochester. Fair, 14 Sept.

BEARSTONE tnshp. (73) Muckleston par. NE.
Salop, 6 m. NE. of Dray ton- 153. Pop. 101.

BEARSWOOD-GREEN hmlt. (87) Hatfield par.
W. R. York. 2 m. SW. of Thorn-166.

Bearthanig, Bearthanen, or Bardanig of the
Saxons, is BARDNEY, Lincoln.

BEARWARDOOTE tnshp. (71 or 2) Etwall par.
SW. Derby. 6 m. SW. of Derby- 126, near Ick-
nield St. and Birm. rail. Pop. 36.

BEASON-ESD (46) 3 m. N. of St. Alban's, W.

BEATH par. Dunferml. district S W. Fife. 4 m.
NE. of Dunfermline-16, contains Cowden Beath,
Kelty, and Oakfield, and B. Hill (near Loch
Fitty), which has a fine view of the Forth from
Wallace's stone. Size 3 m. by 3J, hilly; pop.
973 + 52, in the Halbeath coalworks, and" bleach


fields; real prop. 4447i ; for poor 1107. Living
(Presb. Dunferm.) val. 184Z., patr. Earl of Moray,
chief heritor, of Donibristle, whose ancestor the
Regent planned an ambuscade against Mary, in
the kirk here.

BEATHWAITE-GREEX hmlt. ( ) Leven tnshp.
<S. Westmrld. B m. N. of Milnthorpe-255, has
Leven church.

Beaton's Mill, near Milltown and Bannockbum,
E. Stirling, the house where Jas. III. was stabbed
to death after the battle of Sauchieburn 1488.

BEATTOCK viL 2 m. SSW. of Moffat-52, N.
Dumfries, on Caled. rail.

Beau (8) near Lusk, NE. Dubl. Smith,

Beauchamp Court (54) 1 m. N. of Alcester, W.
Warwick, near R. Arrow, once the seat of the
Grevilles and Beauchamps, Earls of Warwick, to
whom it gives title of baron, is now a farmhouse.
Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke, a native, 1554-1628.
IgT B. Court (54) near Powick, Mid. Worcest.
3 m. S. of Worcester, now a farm, was a seat of
the Beauchamps of Powick, ancestors of Lord Ly-
gon. ijaf B. Cottage (10) near Niton, UnderclifF,
I. of Wight, S. Hants. Mrs. Bennet. g" B.
Farm (47) 1 m. NE. of Buntingford, NE. Herts.
lIST B. House (1) near Tottenham, E. Middlesex,
Dr. Robinson.

BEAUCHIEF ABBEY chplry. (82) Scarsdale
hund. N. Derby. 3 m. NNW. of Dronfield-156,
the site of a large abbey found, about 1180 by
Fitz-Ranulph, one of the murderers of a Becket.
Acres 780 ; pop. 74 ; real prop. 1008/. Living, a
donative Cur. (Lich.) val. /., patr. P. P. Bur-
nell, Esq. ; church, has a tower which was part of
the abbey. B. Hall, B. Steade, Esq.

BEAUDESERT par. (54) Barlichway hund. W.
Warwick. J m. N. of Henley-in-Arden-102, was
once a mkt. town, and the site of a castle b. by
the De Montforts soon after the Conquest. Acres
840 ; pop. 205 + 1 ; poor r. 691. (Stratford U.) ;
real prop. 25347. St. Nicholas Sect. (Wore.) val.
292/., patr. Ld. Chancellor, some time held by the
father of R. Jago, the poet, who was a native
(1715-81) and the friend of Shenstone ; church,
partly norman. B. House, on the site of the
castle, Moody, Esq.

Beaudesert Park (62) in Cannock chase, S.
Stafford. 3 m. NW. of Lichfield, the ancient seat
of Marq. of Anglesea (to whom it gives title of
baron), containing Castle hill camp, which has a
view over 9 counties.

Beau field (4, 5) near Newtown Barrv, NW.

P. Beaufort ( ) 9 m. NW. of Killarney, Mid.
Kerry, Mullins, Esq.

Beaufort Iron Works (42) Aberystruth par.
W. Monmouth. 10 m. NW. of Pont-y-pool-179, on
the Brecon border, at the source of R". Ebw-y-fawr,
is a Cur. (Llan.) val. 130/., patr. Crown and Bp.

Beaufort House, near Beauly, N. Inverness. Lord
Lovat. igp B. Villa (35) near Bristol, S.

Beaufront ( ) 2 m. NE. of Hexham, S. Nor-
thmbrld. W. Cuthbert, Esq., a meet for the Tin-
dale hounds.

BEAULIEU LIBERTY (11) Southampton div.
S. Hants, contains the pars, of Beaulieu and Ex-
bury. Acres 12,080 ; pop. 1745.

P. &. BEAULIEU, or BEWLEY, par. (11) in the
above lib. S W.Hants. 6 m. NE. of Lymington-93,
near S. West, rail., on B. Rivet (which rises near
Lyndhurst, widens into a creek for small craft, and
falls into the Solent), is site of a cistertian priory
found. byK John 1204, where Margaret of Anjou
and Perkin Warbeck took sanctuary, a privilege



which it retains to this day for debtors. Acres
9840 ; pop. 1339 + 4, sacking-makers, shipbuilders,
etc. ; houses 255, with two chapels; poor r. 919A
(Xew Forest U.) ; real prop. 4992/. St. Bartholo-
mew donative Cur. (Wine.) val. 140A, patr. Duke
of Buccleugh ; church, plain old fashioned, was
part of the abbey, the remains of which, and
of two granges, a chapel with a fine oriel stone
pulpit, and a hospital, stand in the valley of Beauly,
near the river. The old moated mansion, now seat
of Duchess of Buccleugh, commands a beautiful
sea view. Greaves are used about here to manure
turnips and feed pigs. Fairs> 15 Apr. 4 Sept.
horses, cattle.

BEAULIEU par. (25) Ferrard bar. SE. Louth,
2 m. ENE. of Drogheda-28, on R. Boyne. Acres
1228, good, with water; pop. 688+15. Living, a
Rect. (Arm. C.) val. 731., patr. Bishop. B. House,
Rev. A. Montgomery, who has the estate through
the Titchbornes, to whom it warranted upon its
forfeiture by the Plunkets.

P. BEAULY vil. Kilmorack par. N. Inverness.
8 m. W. of Inverness-161, in a pleasant spot on
B. Loch and River, has (at the 5-arch bridge)
near it the ruins of a priory found, by the Lovats,
still used as a burying-place for the Frasers,
Chisholms, and others. Pop. 560, employed in
shipbuilding and coasting trade. The Loch, in
Moray Frith, 7 m. by 2, is supplied by B. River,
which runs from R. Glass, a NE. course of 10 m.
past Eilan Agash, etc. and has a good salmon
fishery, with some falls.

BEAUMANOR ext. par. (63) W. Goscote hund.
N. Leicest. 3 m. W. of Mt. SoiTel-105. Acres
1210; pop. 87; real prop. 2041/. B. Park, W.
Herrick, Esq., near Charnwood Forest.

* P. M. a. BEAUMARIS par. (78) Tyndaethwy
hund. E. Anglesea, 238 m. by Holyhead rail, from
London, the County and election town, militia head
qrs., a bathing-place and a port, in a fine spot on
B. Bay, at the NE. end of Menai Strait, was the
welsh " Forth Wgyr " and " Bonovr," and found,
by Edw. I., who built the castle to secure his con-
quests here 1295-6, which, being garrisoned 1642
for Ch. I. by the Bulkeleys, was taken by Myt-
ton 1645; returns one member to parl. under
the reform bill, along with Amlwch, Holyhead,
Llangefni the bounds including the par. and
parts of the six adjoining, total no. of electors
354 (and 10/. houses 1915, in a pop. of 10,375) ;
was first chartered by Edw. I., and under the late
act, is governed by a mayor (who is returning
officer)* 4 aid. and 12 council, with the style of
"may. bailiffs, and burgesses of boro' of B.", and
revenue of 4502/. Pop. 2299, in the shipping
trade* as below ; houses 509, with 4 chapels,
D. Hughes's free school (617/.) found. 1609, with
a fellowship and exhibition at Oxon. shire and
sessions hall, co. gaol, townhall and assembly-
rooms, baths, custom-house, savings bk. (with
branches at Amlwch, Holyhead, Llangefni, and
64,012/. from 2142 depositors), and almshouses;
poor r. 922Z. on 441 9/. (Bangor U., but Llangefni
County Court) ; real prop. 7080/. ; charities 632/.,
besides various sums from the society of Ancient
Druids, who meet in Sept. for benevolent purposes.
St. Mary Cur. with Llandegvan ; church, later eng.
with an ancient tomb brought from Llanvaes
priory, a brass (1500) and other monuments of the
Bulkeleys of Barn Hill, who have been great be-
nefactors to this place. The castle ruins include
a chapel in good condition, and a hall 70 ft. by
23, where, in 183*2, an Eisteddfod, or meeting of
the Bards, was held before Her present Majesty
and the Duchess of Kent. A beautiful drive goes
along the coast to Menai Br., and fine views are

had from Bam Hill and the Green ; the Bulkeley
harriers hunt round here. A ferry plies from
the new landing pier, across the Lavan Sands
to Aber, and steamers run to Liverpool, Caer-
narvon, and Dublin ; the Rothesay Castle ' was
wrecked on Dutchman's Bank, 17 Aug. 1831,
and about 100 persons lost. In 1846, 249 sail of
14,952 tons (149 being under 50 1. each) belonged
to the port which has Amlwch, Aberffraw, Con-
way, Holyhead, Rhydpoint, etc., as sub-ports;
and the tonnage Inwards and Outwards, including
repeated voyages, was 'coastwise,' 1851 sail of
82,296 and517 of 20,502 tons (besides 138 steamers
of 26,843 and 170 of 28,191 1.), from and to 'colo-
nies' 20 of 7612 and 13 of 4761 t., from and to
' foreign ports,' 1 of 77 and 6 of 809 t. (besides
10 foreigners of 3257 and 9 of 2259 tons). Im-
ports (val. /.), coal, timber, provisions, etc.,
exports (val. /.), copper and mineral ores, slate,
marble, etc. ; total customs, 4994/. The Bay, 6 m.
across from Trwyn Dhu Light to Gt. Orme's head,
is for the most part occupied by the Lavan
Sands ; but has a large and safe harbour, called
Friar's Road, off the town, with anchorage in 4
to 6 fath., entered round Puffin's Isld. by two
channels properly buoyed. Mht. Ds. Wed.
Sat. Fairs, 13 Feb. Holy Thur. 19 Sept. 19 Dec.

BEAUMONT par. ( ) Cumberland ward, .2V.
Cumbrld. 4 m. NW. of Carlisle-301, on R. Eden,
near Carlisle ship-canal and H adrian's wall. Acres
1470 ; pop. 288 + 1 ; poor r. 26/. (Carl. U.) ; real
prop. 2022/. St. Mary Rect. with Kirk-Andrew's-
on-Eden. 8ip Beaumont (24) near Plymouth, S.
Devon, T. Bewes, Esq. ijif" BEAUMONT vil., St.
Peter's par; /. of Jersey, 2 m. N. of St. Aubin.
Pop. 285.


Beaumont Castle ( ) 1 im. N. of Lancaster-240,
N. Lancash. ^P B. CHASE, ext. par. C64)
Wrangdike hund. S. Ruts, near Uppingham-89,
now enclosed, commands some very beautiful
views. Pop. 34. ^p B. Cottage (8) near Chert-
sey, N. Surrey, gap" B.-CUM-NAZE par. (48)
Tendring hund. NE. Essex, 7 m. SW. of Har-
wick-71, near the Naze, on N. Sea. Acres 2890 ;
pop. 451 ; poor r. 161/. (Tendring U.) ; real prop.
4076Z. St. Leonard Rect. (Roch.) val. 652/., patr.
Guy's Hosp. B. Hall) . ^ B. Green (1) 3 m.
SW. of Hoddesdon, SE. Herts. ^ B. Hall (46)

3 m. NW. of St. Alban's, S W. Herts. Ug B.
Hill, Lower ( ) 3 m. N. of Darlington, S. Dur-
ham. ^ B. House (14) 2 m. NNE. of Dublin,
Mid. Dubl. ^P B.-LEYS, ext. par. (63) W. Gos-
cote hund. Mid. Leicester. 2 m. N. of Leicester-96,
near Swannington rail. Acres 1210 ; pop. 29 ;
real prop. 1570/. B. Lodge, 1 m. N. ^jf B.
Lodge (7) near Old Windsor, E. Berks, Visct.

Beauparc House (19) near Slane, NE. Meath,
G. Lambert, Esq.* on the Bovne.

Beauport (5) 3 m. SE. of Battle-56, E. Sussex.
Sir C. M. Lamb, Bt., commands a view, sometimes
as far as Boulogne.

Beaupre Hall (65) near Outwell, W. Norfk.
6 m. WHW. of Downham Market, Rev. W. G.
Townley. "Beau pre'," fine meadow.

Beatirepaire House (12) near Bramlcy, N. Hants.

4 m. N. of Basingstoke, was seat of J. C. Apper-
ley, Esq. or Nimrod.'. ^y B. Park, see Bear
Park, Durham.

BEAUSAI.L hmlt. (54) Hatton par. W. Wartch.
4m. NW. of Warwick-90. Pop. 292 + 4; real
prop. 2160. B. or Beausall House, near this.

Beauthorn Villa ( ) near the foot of Ulles-
water, SE. Cumbrld,

L 4



Beaucale Manor (71) Greaslcy par. W. Notts. [
7 m. NW. of Nottingham, has part of the walla
of a carthusian priory found, by the Cantilupes,
to the monks of which John of Gaunt gave a tun
of wine annually as long as he lived, to secure
their prayers for his health.

BKAUVOIR, or DE BKAUVOIK, Tow's, hmlt. (1)
Hackney par. Midsx. 2 m. N. of London, near
Kingsland Road, behind the new cattle market.
St. Peter Cur. (Lond.) val. 2007., patr. R. B. de
Beauvoir, Esq., of Culford, who founded it, and b.
the church.

BEAUWOTRH, or BEAWORTH, par. (11) Upper
Fawley hund. Mid. Hants. 6 m. ESE. of Win-
chester-62, united to CHERITON, is a meet for the
H. H. hounds, and the spot where 669 pennies of
the Conqueror were found, now in Brit. Museum.
Pop. 153.

Beater Grove (78) near Bettws-y-Coed, E.

BEAWORTHY, or BEWORTHY, par. (26) Black
Torrington hund. W. Devon. 6 m. SW. of flather-
leigh-207. Acres 6270 ; pop. 405 + 6 ; poor r.
1127. (Okhampton U.); real prop. 48937. St.
Alban Eect. (Exet.) val. 1437., patr. Sir W. Moles-
worth, Bt., M. P.

BEAZLEY EJD vil. (47) Hinckford hund. N.
Essex, 4 m. N. of Braintree-40.

BEBINGTON par. (79) Lower Wirrall hund.
NW. Chesh. a station on Chesh. rail. 8 m. SSE.
of Birkenhead, overlooking the Mersey, includes
UPPER and LOWER B.,Poulton-cum-Spittle, Store-
ton, with New Ferry and Tranmere, curs. Acres
5250, of Lower B. 910, with excellent stone
quarries at Storeton and other parts ; pop. 5008
+ 281, and 1187 + 75 ; poor r. 49/. (Wirrall U.) ;
real prop. 66267. ; charities 537., of which 207. to
free school. St. Andrew Rect. (Ches.) val. 6707.,
pair. Rev. R. M. Fielden, rector ; church, has nor-
man traces. ^T B., UPPER, tnshp. (79) a quiet
primitive place, 1 m. W. of LOWER B. as above.
Acres 1050; pop. 844+57; poor r. 1367.; real
prop. 5906/. giT B. House (19) near Frome,
E. Somerset. W. Knatchbull, Esq.

BEDSIDE tnshp. ( ) Horton par. SE. North-
mbrld. 2 m. W. of Blyth-288, on R. Blyth, be-
longed to Tynemouth priory. Pop. 91, in the
iron works ; poor r. 317. (Tynemo*. U.).

Becca Hall ( ) near Kidhall, W. R. York.
7 m. NE. of Leeds, W. Markham, Esq.

Beccaulen of Alfred's Will, is BECKLEY, Sussex.

P. M. BECCLESpar. (6) Wangford hund. NE.
Sufflk. 16 m. SE. of Norwich, 109 from London,
a polling place for the E. division, and sub-port to
Yarmo., on R. Waveney (made navigable hence to
the sea), belonged to Bury abbey, which at 'Domes-
dy.' it supplied with fish ; was first chartered by
Eliz., and under the new act is governed by a
mayor, 4 aid. 12 council, with the style of " port-
reeve, surveyors, and commonalty of the Fen of
B." and a revenue of 2019/. Acres 1919, part
common ; pop. 4086 + 22, chiefly in the corn and
malt trade ; houses 891, with 8 chapels, 2 banks,
gram, school (1847.)found, 1712byDr. Falconberge
(a native), where President Routh, of Magdalen
Oxon. was educated, Leman's free sch. (197/.),
townhall and assembly-rooms, gaol, theatre, race-
stand, almshouses ; poor r. 20307. on 98277. (Wang-
ford U.) ; real prop. 15,512Z. ; charities 671/., of
which townlands 2727. Sfe Michael Rect. (Norw.)
val. 3207., patr. Earl Gosford, of Worlingham
Hall ; church, later eng., has a fine porch and
campanile tower away from the body, with a good
view of the pleasant country around. At End-
gate are rains of another church, a chapel, and a
barn which was founded as a leper's hosp. Rose


Hall, an old seat (Jas. I.) 1 m. N. Sec. New
County Court, includes the Sup. Registries of
Loddon (except Loddon sub-district) and Wang-
ford (except 9 pars.). Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, Whit
Mond. cattle ; 2 Oct. horses. Races, Sept. on a
course of 1$ m.

BECCONSALL, chplry. (89) Croston par. W*
Lancash. 4 m. SW. of Preston-217, is joined to


Bee/tan River (60) rises in the Berwyn mountns.
Montgomry., and passing 20 m. by Lhvydiarth
park, joins R. Einion, above Maifod"

Btchton, or Betchton Hall, (0) 2 m. SE. of
Sandbach, SE. Chesh.

BECK vil. ( ) Eskdale ward, N. Cumbrld. 2 m.
W. ofLongtown-319 ^ BECK vil. ( ) Loath
ward, E. Cumbrld. 3 m. N W. of Kirk Oswald-292.
From the saxon ' Bee,' a brook.

Beck Bank ( ) 8 m. SE. of Ravenglass, S.
Cumbrld. ^ ^. Close ( ) 8 m. SW. of Pen-
rith, E. Cumbrld. ^ B. Hall ( ) near Settle,
W. R. York, seat of Mrs. Clayton, igp B.
House ( ) Eskdale ward, N. Cumbrld. 7 m. SE.
of Longtown. gST B. House ( ) Allerdale-
above-Uerwent ward, S. Cumbrld. 6 in. ENE. of
Whitehaven, under Blake Fell, gif B. House
( ) 6 m. E. of Whitehaven, near Ennerdale
Water, igp" B., LITTLE, hmlt. ( ) Ugglebarnby
chplry. N. R. York. 8 m. SW. of Whitby-236.
^ B. Row hmlt (51) Milden hall par. NW.
Sufflk. 3 m.NW. of Mildenhall-70.

BECKBURY par. (61) Breinstree hund. E. Salop,
4 m. S. of Shiffhall-135. Acres 1640 ; pop. 312 ;
poor r. 82/. (Shiffn. U.); real prop. 21757. St.
Milburgh Rect. (Heref.) val. 350/., patr. Ld.

P. BECKEXHAM par. (6) Brotnley hund. Sutton
Lathe, NW. Kent, 7 m. S. by E. of London, 2 from
Bromley, in a pleasant spot near the Ravensbourne
and Croydon rail., was the residence of Brandon,
Duke of Suffolk, when visited bv Hen. VIII. Acres
3820 ; pop. 1C08 + 32 ; houses 285, with a chapel,
Watson's free school, almshouses ; poor r. 6777. ;
(Bromley U.) ; real prop. 12,0227. ; charities 1107.,
of which 427. to school. St. George Rect. (Cant.)
val. 9007., patr. J. Cator, Esq., of B. Place
sometime held by Dr. Assheton, prolocutor in
convocation (died 1711); church, has an avenue
of yews from the ancient lich gate (under which
the corpse rested), 3 brasses (a priest 1458, Sir
H. Style and wives 1540), and monuments of the
Style, Burrell, Eden, and other families, and of
Mrs. Clarke, with epitaph by Gray. B. House,
; Langley Park and Kilseys belong to Lord
Willoughby d'Eresby; Eden Farm, Rt. Rev.
Lord Auckland ; Clay Hill, late the residence of
King, author of " Munimenta Antiqua ; " and
Kent House, an ancient seat of the Lethieulliers.
Fair, Mond. before St. Bartholomew's day.

lerdale-above-Derwent ward, SW. Cumbrld. 3 m.
S. of Egremont-290, on R. Eden, a meet for
the Whitehaven harriers. Acres 4640, with free-
stone ; pop. 630 + 5 ; poor r. 877. (Whitebaven
U.); real prop. 19247. Living, a Cur. (Ches.)
val. 877., patr. H. Gaitskell, Esq. @ B.-ST.
JOHN'S par. close to the above. Acres 3030;
pop. 4687; poor r. 1017. Living, a Cur. with
Calder-Bridge, val. 577., patr. as above ; church,
ancient. 'Wotobank,' the name of a hill here,
gives the subject of Mrs. Cowley's ' Edwina.'

BECKET tythg. (34) Shrivenham par. NW.
Berks. 5 m. SW. of Farringdon - 68, seat of Viscount
Barrington, where Shute, Bp. of Durham, was
born. Pop. 42.

Becketsbury (35) 1 m. N. of Wootten -under-


Edge, 5. Glove, on Westridge, a camp of 4 acres
double trenched, and planted with beech.

BISCKFOOT hmlt. ( ) Barbon chplry. S. Wland.

2 ni. NNE. of Kirkby Lonsdale-252. ^ BECK-
FOOT limit. ( ) Bingley tnshp. W. R. York, near

P. BECKFORD par. (44) Tibaldstone hund. N.
Gloucest. 5 m. ENE. of Tewkesbury-103, near
Bredon Hill, including Bangrove, Didcote and
Orafton, had an austin priory found, as early as
803, and refound. by the Fitz-Hamorts (Hen.
III.). Acres 26&0, hilly, with freestone} pop.
461 + 3; poor r. 1477. (Winchcomb. U); real
prop. 2461 A ; charities 477. St. J. Baptist Vic.
(Gl. and Br.) with Ashton-under-Hill, val. 817/.,
patr. Rev. Dr. Timbrill; church, norman. B.
House, and B. Inn or Cross, to the S.

BECKHAM, EAST, par. (68) N. Erpingham hund.
NlV. Norfk. 5 in. E. of Holt-119. Acres 790;
pop. 66 ; poor r. 1007. (Erpingh. U.) ; real prop.
15887. St. Helen's church, a picturesque ruin.
^g" B., WEST, par. i m. E. of the above. Acres
780; pop. 179 + 2; poor r. 807.; real prop. 11477.
All Saints Cur. (Nonv.) val. 6 1/., patr. Dean and
Chap. ; church, has a round tower, and 8-sided
lantern above, of later date, gg" B. House (7
or 8) 3 m. SW. of Staines, NW. Surrey.

BECKHAMPTON tythg. (14 or 34) Avebury par.
N. Wilts. 6 m. W. of Marlboro'-74, near B.
JJowns, has a ruined chapel, with a brass of a
knight. Pop. 155.

P. BECKINGHAM par. (70) Loveden hund. IV.
Lincoln. 5 m. E. of Newark-124, includes Sutton.
Acres 2200 ; pop. 462 ; poor r. 1647. (Newk. U.) ;
real prop. 43507. All Saints Rect. (Line.) with
with Stragglesthorpe and Fenton, val. 6977., patr.

Marsland, Esq. ; church, partly norman. B.
Hall, J. Milnes, Esq. igP" BECKINGHAM par. (83)
Bassetlaw wap. JV. Notts. 2 m. W. of Gainsboro'
-148, on R. Trent. Acres 3010; pop. 491 + 1;
poor r. 1107. (Gainsboro' U.); real prop. 60157.;
charities 217. All Saints Vic. (Line.) val. 1107.,
patr. Preb. of Southwell. Dr. Howel, who wrote
a ' Hist, of the World,' a native (died 1683).

P. BECKINGTOS par. (19) Frome hund. E. So-
merset. 8 m. NE. of Frome-103, including Rudge,
was once a large clothing-town, and still makes a
few woollens. Acres 1840 ; pop. 1190, decreasing ;
houses 263, with 2 chapels ; poor r. 8047. (Frome
U.) ; real prop. 48737. ; charities 237. St. George
liect. (Ba. and W.) with Standerwick, val. 5407.,
patr. S. L. Sainsbury, Esq. sometime held by
Huish, one of the editors of the Polyglot Bible ;
church, has a brass of J. Seymour (1475), an old
font, and monument of Sam. Daniel (died 1619), a
poet and prose writer, the Atticus of his day.
Bp. Beckington, praised by Fuller, as " a good
churchman, a good townsman, a good kinsman)
a good master, and a good man," was a native
(died 1465) ; and his house remains.

BECKJAY tnshp. (55) Clungunford par. SW.
Salop, 8 m. WNW. of Ludlow-143. Pop. 73.

BECKLANDS ( ) Eskdale ward, N. Cumbrld.

3 m. SE. of Longtown-309.

P. BECKLEY par. (45) Ballingdon hund. E.
Oxford, and Ashendon hund. Bucks., 4 m. NE. of
Oxford-54, on the roman way to Bicester, belonged
to Alfred, and includes Horton and Studlev. Acres
4370, hilly ; pop. 763 ; poor r. 2397. (Headington
U.) real prop. 15937. 5 charities 997., of which 927.
to Croke's almshouses. St. Mary Cur. (Oxon.)
ral. 1127., patr. Rev. T. L. Cooke; church, early
eng., with tombs of the Crokes of Studlev priory

found, by Bertrand de St. Walery (Hen. II.),
some remains of whose castle exist. B. Park,
1 m. E. ^ BECKLKY par. (5) Goldspur hund.



Hastings rape* E. Sussex, 5 m. NW. of Rye-G3,
on R. Rother, was the saxon Beccaulen, and at
one time the seat of ironworks. Acres 5640, iron-
sand, part in hops ; pop. 1412, decreasing ; houses
255 s poor r. 10597. (Rye U.) 5 real prop. 67947.
All Saints Sect. (Chic.) val. 8617., patr. Univ.
Coll. Oxon. ^" B. House (6) 1 m. E. of Bromley,
NW. Kent

BECKS hmlt. (35) Marshfield par. & Gloucest.
Hear Marshfield-103.

BECK SIDE vil. ( ) Allerdale-above-Derwent
ward, -S. Cumbrld. 8 m. SSE. of Ravenglass-279.
B. Hall ( ) 2 m. NE. of Kirkby Lonsdale, S.

BECKWITH hmlt. ( ) Panndl par. W. R. York.
5 m. S. of Ripley-215, near Harrogate.

BECONTREE HUNDRED (1) in S W.Essex, nearest
London, by R. Thames, contains the pars, of
Burking, Dagenham, East and West Ham, Little
Ilford, Low Leyton, Walthamstow, Wanstead, and
Woodford-St. Mary, with Lower Epping and
Hainault forests ; acres 35,950, pop. 37,932.

ft. BECTIVE par. (31) Upper Navan bar. Mid.
Meath, 8 m. NE. of Trim-31, on R. Boyne, be-
longing to R. Bolton, Esq., of B. Hinae, descend-
ant of Ld. Chan. Bolton, to whom it was granted
by Chas. I., has the fine ruined arches, cloisters,
towers, etc. of a cistertian mitred abbey (founded
1146, by Murchard O'Melaghlin, king of Meath)
and of Assay castle and church, and gives title
of earl to Marquis of Headfort. Acres 3386, good,
with limestone ; pop. 602. Living, a Rect. (Meath)
impropriate. ^ B. BRIDGE vil. (31) Lower
Deece bar. Mid. Meuth, on R. Boyne, opposite
Bective, as above. Fairs, 16 May$ 1 Nov. for Cattle.

P. M. BEDALE par. ( ) W. Hang and Halli-
keld waps. N. R. York. 7 m. SW. by W. of
Northallerton, 223 from London, in a fertile valley,
noted for its horse-breeders, on R. Bedale, near
the Leeming roman way, and Yk. and Berwk. rail.,
includes Aiskew, Burrell-cum-Cowling, Crake-
hall cur. Firby, Langthorne, Rands - Grange.
Acres 7070, of town 1770 ; pop. 2803 + 10, and
1250 ; houses (town) 222, chiefly in one street,
with 3 chapels, bank, savings bk. (51,0177. from
1474 depositors) Q. Elizabeth's gram, (now a
national) school, Samwaie's hosp., almshouses,
and Union p. house ; poor r. 4707. on 60957. ;
real prop. 69067. ; charities 2477. St. Gregory Rect,
(Rip.) val. 19367., patr. Miss Pierce, of B. Hall,
and M. Stapylton, Esq., whose fam. had the manor ;
church, early eng., formerly used as a retreat in
border forays. B. Grange, Rev. J. J. Monson ; B.
Hall, stands near site of a castle b. by the Fitz-
alans; the Bedale hounds are at Thorpe Per-
row, M. Milbanke, Esq. Bedale P. L. Union
contains the pars. etc. of Bedale, Burneston,
Kirkby-Fleetham, Kirklington, Masham, Scrnton,
Thornton-Watlass, Well, with Ainderley Miers,

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