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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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contains part of Ballyhaunis-128, on the Nanny
Water, seat of J. Bourke, Esq. Acres 20,315,
chiefly arable ; pop. 5589 + 23. Living, a Rect.
with Kiltullagh.


Belair (1) near Dulwich, NE. Surrey, seat of
H. S. Montague, Esq.

BELAX par. (38) Kilrea and Moone bar. iS.
Kildare, 4 m. N. of Castledermot-43, Acres 1198,
light soil ; pop. 286. Living, a Rect. with Timo-
lin. B. House, seat of Earls of Aldborough, now
neglected, is site of a castle of the Fitzgeralds.
'Bel,' 'beile,' 'bal,' etc., in gaelic is a town or
settlement; in other names it may come from
' belle ' beautiful.

Belan Point and Fort (77) at SW. entrance of


Menai Strait, W. Caernrvn. near the ferry to

Belarena (5) 5 m. N. of Newtown-Limavady,
N. Londondy. C. Gage, Esq.

BELAUGH par. (66) S. Erpingham hund. E.
Norfk. 6 m. NE. of Norwich-108, near R. Bure.
Acres 810 ; pop. 161 + 1 ; poor r. 1241. (Aylsham
U.); real prop. 1186/. St. Peter Rect. (Norw.)
val. with Scottow 4111., patr. Bishop; church,
has brass of Sir J. Cursun (1471). B. Hall.

P. BELBROUGHTON par. (54) Halfshire hund.
.ZV. Worcest. 5 m. E. of Kidderminster-126, in-
cludes Brian's Bell, Bromhill, Fairfield and Hartle.
Acres 5350; pop, 1765 + 32, in the manufact. of
hay knives, etc. ; houses 362 ; poor r. 689/. (Broms-
grove U.) ; real prop. 13,2817. ; charities 347., of
which 107. to free school. Holy Trinity Rect.
(Wore.) val. 12447., patr. St. John's Coll. Oxon.
Fairs, last Mon. in Apr. Mon. before St. Luke's
day, 18 Oct.

BELBY tnshp. (86) Howden par. E. R. York.
1 m. E. of Howden-180, near Selby and Hull rail.
Acres 440 ; pop. 58 + 1 ; poor r. 117. (Howd. U.) ;
real prop. 8107.

ext. par. to B. WALTER, as below. Pop 29 and
17. igf B. OTTON par. (47) Hinckford hund.
N. Essex, 3 m. SE. of Clare-56. Acres 1600 ;
pop. 389 + 1; poor r. 2187. (Sudbury U.); real
prop. 27167.; charities 217. St. Ethelbert and
All Saints Rect. (Roch.) val. 4467., patr. Rev. E.
H. Dawson, rector. ig? B.-ST. PAUL'S par. (47)
Hinckford hund. N. Essex, 2 m. SE. of Clare-56,
a meet for the E. Essex hounds. Acres 2270 ;
pop. 731 ; poor r. 5357. (Sudb. U.) ; real prop.
36447. ; charities 27. for school. St. Andrew Vic.
(Roch.) val. 2407., patr. Dean and Chap, of St.
Paul's. i^ B. WALTER par. (47) Hinckford
hund. N. Essex, 3 m. W. of Sudbury-54. Acres,
with B. North End and North Wood, 2110 ; pop.
652 ; poor r 3837. (Sudb. U.) ; real prop. 42337.
Living, a Vie. with Bulmer; church, has brass
of a lady (1591) and tombs of the Raymonds of
B. Hall, seat of Rev. O. Raymond, at which are
some dutch and other masters, and a portrait of
Sir H. Myddleton, who lived at Goldingham Ho.

Belchester { ) near Coldstream, SE. Berwick.
G. Dickson, Esq.

BELCHFORD par. (84) N. Gartree wap. E. Lin-
coln. G m. NNE. of Horncastle-134, has B. Wood,
a meet for the S. Wold hounds. Acres 2390, with
limestone; pop. 554 + 4; poor r. 2967. (Home.
U.); real prop. 3637. St. Peter and St. Paul
Rect. (Line.) val. 4257., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

BELCLARE, or CLARE TIJAM, par. (42-3, etc.)
Clare bar. AT. Galway, 3 in. SW. of Tuam-126.
Acres 7847, boggy; pop. 2643 + 29. Living, a
Vic. with Tuam.

BELCOO vil. (25) Clonawley bar. W. Fermngh.
9 m. WSW. of Enniskillen-101, between Loughs
Macnean and Nilly. Fairs, 5 Apr. 5 June, 5 Aug.
6 Oct. 26 Nov.

BELFAST (LOWER) BARONY (46, 51, etc.) SE.
Antrim, contains the pars.of Ballylinny, Ballymore,
Ballyrobert Grange, Ballywalter Grange, Carn-
money.Glynn, Inver, Islandmagee, Kilroot, Molusk
Grange, Raloo, Templecorran, and parts of Bally-
martin, Shankill, and Templepatrick ; acres
56,093, an. val. 41,0717., pop. 24,867, houses 4567.
^ B. (UPPER) BARONY (60,64, etc.) S. An-
trim, contains Umgall Grange, and parts of Bally-
martin, Derryaghy, Drumbeg, Lambeg, Shankill,
and Templepatrick; acres 35,898, an. val. 139,301,
pop. 16,762, houses 2940.

** R.M. Belfast par. (61) in Upper B. bar.
14 m. SE. of Antrim (22 by rail.), 101 from |




Dublin, the capital of Ulster, a sess. coast gd.
and chief police station, excise collection, head-
quarters of the military district and co. militia,
and the first town and second port in Ireland
for trade, in a flat but healthy spot surrounded
by hills, where R. Lagan falls into B. Lough,
was destroyed by Edw. Bruce 14th cent. ; for-
feited by the O'Nials and given by Jas. I. to
lord deputy Chichester ; much improved by the
great Earl of Strafford, and visited by Q. Vic-
toria 1849 ; returns two members to parl.
(since Jas. I.), the bounds including Ballyma-
carret in Down, across the river, no. of electors
4701 (and 107. houses 3160), and chief influence
with Marq. of Donegal ; was first chartered by
Jas. I. 1613, and under the new act is divided
into 5 wards, governed by a mayor, 10 aid. 30
council, with a revenue of 19617. Acres of par.
(formerly called Shankill) 19,559, with lime, and
traces of coa,l, iron, manganese, of town 1873.
Pop. (1791) 18,320, (1821) 44,177, (1841) 75,308
+ 200, in the staple manufact. of linen and cot-
ton, Ardoyne damasks, the shipping and other
branches of trade. Houses 10,906 (besides 1969
empty and building), including 8 churches;
35 chapels, viz. 21 presbyterian (one has a good
done portico), 8 methodist, 4 rom. cath. (one
being the cathedral of Down), 1 independent,

1 quaker ; co. court house (building) ; house of
correction for 300 (like Pentonville), on a site
of 5 acres ; horse and foot barracks ; commercial
buildings (near the old Exchange), b. 1822 for
20,0007., with an ionic front, a news and assembly
rooms, etc., where Chamber of Commerce meet ;
custom house ; Northern, Belfast and Ulster banks,

2 branch banks; savings bank (105,3477. from
4569 depositors in '48), loan fund; white and
brown linen halls, which the Queen went to see ;
literary, rhetorical, statist., history, fine arts, nat.
hist., and botanical societies (the last has a gar-
den on the river, and the first a good museum),
knowledge soc. (lib. of 8000 vols.), music class
on Hullah's system, mechanics' institute; music
hall, theatre ; northern, union, rowing, and rifle
clubs ; ' Donegal ' and other hotels ; 29 flax, and
13 cotton mills, several corn and flour mills,
12 breweries, 2 distilleries, foundries and tan-
yards, 4 ship-yards, ropes, sailcloth and felt
factories, vitriol works, etc. ; Queen's 5-arched
bridge, b. 1841 for 27,0007. (on site of a 21-
arched bridge b. 1686, 2562 ft. long), New bridge
(b. 1831) and another; May's, and Castle place,
and 8 other mkts. ; royal academical institutn.
or college, found. 1810, partly supported by pub-
He grants, with two schools (the Academy and
Lancasterian), 400 students, and teachers of clas-
sics, mathematics, arts of design, english, french,
Spanish, italian, etc. ; academy (1786 by Dr.Crom-
bie), under a principal, with teachers of classics,
mathemat,, logic, nat. philos. and hist., oriental
and modern languages; new Queen's College
(under the act of 1845), b. 1846-9, on a site of 10
acres, by C. Lanion in the tudor style, 300 ft.
long, with a tower of 80 ft., a great hall, lecture
rooms, laboratory, and museum, library, botanic
garden, Is under a president and vice-p., with
professors in greek, latin, and hist, and english lit.,
modern and Celtic langs., mathemat., nat. philos.,
chemistry, logic, nat. hist, geology, civil engin.,
agricult., anatomy, medicine, surgery, midwifery,
mat. med., law, jurisp., and polit. economy and
has 30 junior scholarships of 247., and 10 senior
of 407. ; Ulster teachers' associatn., sund. sen.
union, and about 70 schools of all kinds ; general
hosp., district lunatic asylum for 250, deaf and
dumb and blind asylums, female penitentiary,





fever and lying-in hospitals; master mariners'
assoc., seamen's friend soc., destitute sick, ser-
vants' friend, and other benevolent societies ; poor
ho. (found. 1774), and Union workho. The Liv-
ings (Dn. C. D.) are St. Anne Vic. val. 504Z.,
patr. Marq. Donegal ; church, built 1784, has a
conspicuous copper roof, and wood spire. Christ
Ch. and St. Matthew Curs. /. ; St. George or
Upper Falls Cur. 114Z., ch. on site of the castle
destroyed by De Courcy, has a fine portico brought
from the Bp. of Derry's palace at Ballyscullion ;
St. John Cur. Z., patr. of these four, Vicar. Tri-
nity and Magdalen Curs., patr. Trustees. Wet and
graving docks have been made by Walker, with
quays, etc. which with the lighthouse (on screw
piles), and 48 pilots, are under a Ballast Board
(estab. 1831), whose income is 24.756Z. In 1846,
42 sail of 62,094 tons (135 being under 50 1. each),
and 5 steamers of 653 t. (1 under 50 t.), belonged
to the port, which has Donaghadee and Larne for
sub-ports ; and the tonnage Inwards and Out-
wards, including repeated voyages, was 'coast-
wise,' 3680 sail of 250,964, and 826 of 45,971 t.
(besides 1090 steamers of 282,225 and 1083 of
280,929 t.) from and to 'colonies' in Canada,
W. Indies, etc. 79 of 28,999 and 75 of 23,005 t.,
from and to 'foreign ports' in United States,
Mediterranean, Baltic, China, etc. 90 of 13,281,
and 64 of 16,003 1. (besides 94 foreigners of 16,748
and 76 of 13,450 t.) ; imports (val. Z.), linen
yarn, woollens, coals, cotton, wool, flax and other
seeds, hemp, tallow, timber, herrings, slate, cider,
tobacco, corn, malt, etc., exports (val. Z.),
corn, meal, flour, linen yarn, feathers, flax, tow,
cotton and linen goods, provisions, cattle, eggs,
etc.; total customs 363,5777. (in 1805, 3728Z.
only). Steamers run to London, Liverpool,
Dublin, Glasgow, Fleetwood, Whitehaven, Car-
lisle, Stranraer, Ardrossan. The first eng. Bible
pub. in Ireland was printed here 1704, and the
' B. News Letter ' in 1737 which still circulates,
along with ' Banner of Ulster,' ' Belf. Mercantile
Register,' 'B. Protestant Journal,' 'B. Weekly
Vindicator,' ' Northern Whig,' ' Ulster Advocate '
newspapers. Dr. Edgar began the Temperance
movement here 1828. Divis hill (1567 ft. high)
and Cave hill (whence a rail, of 3 m. takes
stone to the quays) command fine views ; Giant's
Ring druid circle is near, also Ormeau, Marq. of
Donegal, who takes title of earl from the town,
and many other seats ; and the rosa hibernica is a
native. Belf. and Ballymena Rail., 33m. long, (be-
sides 4J m. branches), a single line of 5 \ ft. gauge,
was made 1845-8, at a cost of 12,677Z. per mile, and
passes Whitehouse 3 m., Carrickfergus 6| m. (and
branch of 2| m.), Templepatrick 15f m. Antrim on
L. Neagh 21| m., Drumsough 25 (branch of 2 m.
to Randalstown), Ballymena 33, thence to go
to Coleraine. B. and Co.Down Rail., of which 4im.
to Holywood are opened, is to go to Donagh-
adee 45^ m. with a branch to Newtownards.
The Ulster rail, goes by Moira 14^ m., Portadown
25^, to Armagh 35J m., where it will cross an
intended line from Drogheda. B. Lough or Carrick-
fergus Bay, as above, between Ballymacormick
point and Black Head, which are 6 m. apart, bends
SW. 15 m. to Belfast, at the mouth of the Lagan,
with an av. breadth of 3 m. It has Carrickfergus
on the N. side, and Bangor and Holywood light
on the S., with anchorage off the latter in 4 to 6
fath. ; from which a narrow channel runs to Bel?
fast harb., which admits vessels drawing 16 ft. at
neap tides. Near Ballymacormick point are Cope-
land isld. and light. The military district com-
prises all Ulster, with Sligo, Leitrim, Louth
(except Drogheda). Belf. P. L. Union, includes

12 elect, divs. in Antr. and Down, with 22 guar-
dians; acres 47,752, pop. 100,992, ho. room for
1000, cases relieved (yr. '47-8) 8020 (besides
out-door), expend. 24,345Z., prop, rated 27t,9L5Z.
(fa B. PRESBYTERY, includes Alfred-place, Alfred-
street, Ballinderry, Ballycairn, Ballyeaston, Bal-
lymacarret, Ballysillan, Berry-street, Carnmoney,
Fisherwick-place, Great George-street, Hillhall,
Holywood, Legacurry, Linenhall, Lisburn, Mag-
heragall, Malone, May-street, Newtownards, New-
townbreda, Rosemary-street,Saintfield, Townsend-
street, Whiteabbey, York-street. Mkt. D. Frid.
Fairs, 12 Aug. 8 Nov. for horses.

Bdfield Hall (88) near Rochdale, SE. Lancash.
E. Clegg, Esq. |^" B. House (14) 2 m. N. of
Dublin, Mid. Dull.

P. M. BELFORD par. ( ) N. Bamborough ward,
NE. Northmbrld. and Islandshire Durham, 14 m.
SE. of Berwick, on Yk. rail., 322 from London, con-
taining Delchant, Easington, Easington-Grange,
Middleton-Elwick and Ross, is a petty sess. town
in a pleasant spot near the sea. Acres 9380, good,
with coal, lime, and freestone ; pop. 1789 + 24,
town 1157 + 20 ; houses 278, with church, 3 chapels,
and bank ; poor r. 374Z. on 4897Z. ; real prop.
11,791Z. St. Mary Cur. (Durh.) val. 147Z., patr.
Rev. J. D. Clark, of B. Hall, who has the manor
through the Dixons and others. A square camp
lies about 1 m. SW. and on the hills are the ruins
of the old chapel. Ld. Elcho's hounds meet about
here ; and it gives title of earl Graham of B. to
duke of Montrose. Belf. P. L. Union, contains
the pars, of Bambrough and Belford, with their
tnshps. including N. Sunderland ; acres 34,278 ;
pop. 6421, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1301 (out-
door 1263), expend. 1929Z., prop, rated 49.542Z.
Sup. Registry comprises the same with Cold-
Church, Ellingham, N. and S. Charlton, and Dox-
ford ; pop. 6436 + 1. The New County Court dis-
trict corresponds with the Registry. Mkt. D.
Thurs. for corn. Fairs, Tues. before Whit Sunday,
23 Aug. Races, Sept.

P. Belford Lodge (19) 2 m. E. by N. of Dublin,
E. Dull.

Belgee, The, in Caesar's time were colonies of
the original people in Gaul, who passed over
and settled in Somers. Wilts. Hants, (of which
they dispossessed the Segontiact) ; having the
Wansdike, for their boundary on the N., and for
neighbours the Regni in Sussex and Surrey,
Attrebatii Berks. Dobuni Gloucest. Damnonii De-
von, and Durotriges Dorset. Caer Gwent or Venta
Belgarum (Winchester) was their capital ; and the
territory which reached from the Southampton
Water to R. Severn, and was afterwards part of
Britannia Prima and Wessex, included the roman
stations of Vindomis near Andover ; Clausentum
or Bittern, and Ad Lapidem or S. Stoneham, near
Southampton; Sorbiodunum, Old Sarum ; Aqua
Solis or Caer Badon, Bath ; Trajectus, Aust ferry ;
AdAquas,We\ls; AvaUonia, Glastonbury ; Ischa-
lis, Ilchester : besides numerous remains, espe-
cially hi Wilts, of camps, barrows, tumuli, on the
downs and high places, among which are Worle
Hill, Brean Down, Beacon Hill near Highclere,
Arreton and Shalcombe Downs, Badbury Rings,
Silbury Hill, one of the largest of its kind. Most
of the British posts here, as elsewhere, appear to
have been fortified by the Romans.

BELGOLT vil. (112) Kinalea bar. S. Cork, 7 m.
E. of Kinsale-178. Pop. 141.

P. BELGRAVE par. (63) E. and W. Goscote
hunds. Mid. Leicest. 1 m. N. of Leicester-96, on R.
Soar, containing Birstall and S. Thurmaston, near
the Fosse way, belongs to the Beaumonts of Bar-


row Hall. Acres 3450 ; pop. 2C09 + 28, stocking
makers; poor r. 427Z. ( L5arrow-on-Soar U.) ; real
prop. 6549/. ; charities 126/., of which * ownlands
90/. St. Peter Vic. (Pet.) val. with Birstall 146/.,
patr. Bishop of Lichiield; church, later eng.
with norman door, monuments, and curious font
Gives title of visct. to Marquis of Westminster.*
eg" BELGRAVE (80) 3 m. S. of Chester, W.

Belguard (21) 5 m. WSW. of Dublin, 8. DM.

Bclhacel Lough (15) 6 m. S. of Manor Hamil-
ton, Mid. Leitrim, between Loughs Allen and
Gilly, contains 345 acres.

BELHAVEN* vil. Duubar par. NE. Haddingtn.

1 m. W. of Dunbar-28, a watering-place on B.
Bay, at the mouth of Beil Water, gives title of
baron to the Hamiltons of Wishaw. Pop. 380.

P. BELHELVIE par. Aberdeen district. E.
Aberdeen. 8m. N. of Aberdeen- 110. Size 5 m.
by 3, with Portsoy marble at Milldens; pop.
1594 ; real prop. 76271. ; for poor 243/. Living
(Presb. Aberd.) val. 180/., patr. Crown. On the
sand by the shore, Gen. Colby measured his base
line for the grand trig, survey of the country.

Belissama jEsiuar. of the Romans, is S. Nibble,

BELL BUSK hmlt. ( ) Gargrave par. W. R.
York. 4 m. WNW. of Skipton-216. Pop. 128.
SiP B. Green hmlt. (6) near Sydenham, NW.

Bell, or Play, Hatch (13) 2 m. NE. of Reading,
SE. Oxim. Mrs. Handscombe. igg" B. House (1)

2 m. S W. of Chipping Ongar, W. Essex. |^ B.
House (1) 6 m. SE. of Romford, S W. Essex, Sir
T. Leonard, Bt. built in time of Henry VII. B.-
House Farm, J m. NE. fgT B. Inn (54) Half-
shire bund. N. Worcester. 5 m. SSE. of Stour-
bridge-122, near B. Hall, Mrs. Noel, and B.
Heath. <gT B. Mount (7) 2 m. W. of Edgeware,
N. Middlesex, Sir C. Flower, Bt.

Bell, or Inch Cape, Rock, the subject of Southey's
ballad, 10 m. SE. of Arbroath, with which it com-
municates by signal, opposite the Frith of Tay in
lat. 56 26/ N., long. 2 23' W., was the cause
of many shipwrecks till the lighthouse was
built 1810, on the plan of the Eddystone, at a
cost of GO.OOOZ. ; diam. at base 42 ft. at top 23 ;
height 115 ft. being solid for 30 ft. upwards, 15 of
which are covered at high water ; light, bright
and red alternately every 2 min. and visible 14
miles. A bell is tolled by machinery in foggy
weather, as it was in old times, by the abbots of
Aberbrothick. The rock is J m. long, 110 yds.
broad, bold and steep to ' as sailors say, but run-
ning off in a flat SW. with 12 fath. near, and 1 to
2 fath. upon, it.

Bella (15) 2 m. NE. of Frenchpark, N. Roscomn.
French, Esq.

Bella Hill (47) near Carrickfcrgus, SE. Antrim,
M. Dal way, Esq. igg" B. Marsh (22) near Newton
Bushel, SE. Devon, a mineral spring in the un-
healthy flats round King's Teignton. ijaf B.
POUT ( ) Allerdale-above-Derwent ward. W.
Cumbrld. 3 m. S. of Workington.

Bellabeg, 8 m. NW. of Tarland, NW. Aberdeen.

Belladrum, 10 m. WSW. of Inverness, NE. In-
vern. 3. Stewart, Esq.


P. BELLAGIIY vil. (37) Loughinsholin bar.
SE. Londondy. 35 m. ESE. of Londonderry, 116
from Dublin, near Lough Beg, belonged to the
Vintners' Comp. who had a castle here. Pop.
739. B. House, J. Hill, Esq.; B. Castle, H.
Hunter, Esq. Fairs, monthly for cattle.

P. M. IJicLLAGiiY vil. (42) Leney bar. S. Sligo,
2-1 m. SW. of feligo, 91 from Dublin, is a police



station. Pop. 292; houses 65. M kt. D. Wed.
Fairs, Monthly.

Belluir (22) near Exeter, SE. Devon. G. Rhodes,
Esq., has portraits by Kneller, Reynolds, Hud-
son, etc. ^ Bellair (24) near Plymouth, SE.
Devon. Mrs. Elpliinstone. ggf BELLAIR vil. (7)
Garrycastle bar. NW. King's Co. 2 m. WNW.
of Ballycumber-64, near B. Hill, and B. House,
T. Mullock, Esq. to whom it belongs.

Bellamont Forest (17) near Cootehill, NE.
Cavan, C. Coote, Esq.

Bellamore Hall (62 or 72) 1 m. N. of Rudgeley,
E. Stafford. J. Oldham, Esq.

BELLAMY'S BRIDGE (65) Wisbeach hund. N.
Cambridge. 3 m. WSW. of Wisbeach-93, across
Parson's drove, or cut.

BELLAK tnshp. (74) Ruabon par. SE. Denbigh.

5 m. E. of Llangollen-184, near B. Place. Pop.

BELLANACARGY vil. (16) Tullygarvey bar. N,
Cavan, 2 m. E. of Ballyhaise-75, on It. Annalee.
Pop. 85, decreasing.

BELLANAGARE vil. (15) Castlerea bar. JV.
Rosocmn. 2 m. SE. of Frenchpark-117. Pop. 209.
B. House, seat of the O'Conor Don, near the old
ruined house. Fairs, 6 Jan. for horses and pigs ;
1st Wed. March, Aug. Nov.

P. BELLANAMALLARD vil. (16) Tirkennedy
bar. N. Fermngh. 6 m. NNE. of Enniskillen, 108
from Dublin, on B. Rivulet, where are some large
corn mills. Pop. 376. Fair, 12 Feb.

P. M. BELLANANAGH vil. (25) Clonmahon bar.
Mid. Cavan, 4 m. SW. of Cavan, 75 from Dublin,
is a petty sessions town, and was burnt in 1794.
Pop. 836 + 13 ; houses 153, with a market house.
M ht. D. Sat. Fairs, 31 March, 6 June, 5 Aug.
3 Oct. 21 Dec.

Belland (26) 4 m. S. of Holsworthy, W. Devon.

BELLANODE vil. (9) Monaghan bar. N W.
Monaghn. 3 m. NW. of Monaghan-76. Pop. 215.

BELLAPORT (73) N. Bradford hund. NE.
Salop, 4 m. NNE. of Drayton-153, near B. Dairy-

BELLASIS tnshp. ( ) Stannington par. SE.
Northumbld. 4 m. S. of Morpeth-289, near R.
Blythe, the ancient seat of the Bellasize fain, after-
wards of the Somervilles.

BELLASIZE tnshp. (86) Eastrington par. E. R.
York. 4 m. E. of Howden-180, contains Greenoak
and Bennetland. Acres 1020 ; pop. 306 + 11 ; poor
r. 129Z. (Howden U.) ; real prop. 1940J.

Bellassis ( ) 3 m. NE. of Stockton, SE.

BELLATRAIN vil. (27) Cremorne bar. S. Mo-
naghn. 6 m. S. of Ballibay-86. Pop. 197.

BELLAUGH vil. (52) Athlone bar. S. Roscomn.
1 m. NW. of Athlone-76. Pop. 298.

BELLAVALLY vil. (70) Gallen bar. Mid. Mayo,

6 m. NE. of Castlebar-159. Pop. 116. Fairs,
29 May, 17 Aug. 14 Nov.

BELLBANK tnshp. ( ) Newcastle par. N.
Cumbld. 9 m. NNE. of Brampton-311. Pop. 445,
in the coal and ironworks; real prop. 1906/.

BELLBANK tnshp. ( ) Stapleton par. N.
Cumbrld. 7 m. N. of Brampton-311. Pop. 124;
real prop. 766/.

Bellbroughton Manor (54) in Belbroughtoa par.
N. Worcest. 5 m. E. of Kidderminster.

BELLCHALWELL par. (18) Cranborno hund.
Mid. Dorset. 3 m. S. of Sturminster Newton-109.
Acres 950 ; pop. 225 + 2 ; poor r. HOt (Sturminst.
U.) ; real prop. 1816J. Living, a Sect, with Fife-
head Neville.

Belleau, or Beelah, River, rises in Stanemoor,
E. Westmrld. and falls into R. Eden, near Great

M 2




BELLEAU par. (84) Calceworth hund. E. Lin-
coln. 4m.NW. of Alford-138, contains Claj-thorpe,
and was seat of Sir H. Vane of Cromwell's time.
Acres 650 ; pop. 197 + 9 ; poor r. 817. (Louth U.) ;
real prop. 18907. St. J. Baptist Beet. (Line.) val.
with Aby 3007., patr. Lord Willoughby d'Eresby,
of Grimsthorpe.

BELLEEK viL (25) Upper Orior bar. S. Armagh,
4 m. W S W. of Newtown Hamilton-70. Pop. 112.
Living, a Cur. (Arm. C.) vaL 1917., patr. Incum-
bent of Loughgilly.

P. BELLEEK par. (3, 4, 8, 9) Lurg bar. NW.
Fermngh. 20 m. NW. of Enniskillen, 126 from
Dublin, is a petty sessions and police station at
a fall of L. Erne, in a pretty spot, and has some
old remains. Acres 12,849, good, with moun-
tain, bog, limestone, and water ; pop. 2875 + 17.
Living, a. Pert. (Arm. C.) vaL 1747., patr. Bishop.
Castle Caldwell, Major Bloomfield. Fairs, 3 Feb.
17 Mar. 17 May, 20 June, 10 Oct. ^" B. Castle
(30) near Ballina, N. Mayo, on R. Moy, E. How-
ley, Esq. ; B. Manor, CoL Gore.

BeUefield ( ) E. side of Windermere, opposite
Belle-Isle, S W. Westmoreld. Mrs. Taylor.

Belle- Grange ( ) near Hawkshead, N. Lan-
cash. T. Pickard, Esq. has a fine view of Lake
Windermere and Rydal mount.

Belle- Grove (9) near Ballybrittas, NE. Queen's
Co. Adair, Esq.

Belle-Hill ( ) near Settle, W. R. York. Miss

Belle-hogue Point, between Giffard harb. and
Bouley bay, N. side of/, of Jersey.

Belle-Isle (33) in Upper Lough Erne, S.
Fermngh. 6 m. SSE. of Enniskillen, Rev. G. Porter,
formerly a seat of the Earl of Rosse, and well
wooded. iJiP Belle-Isle ( ) or Curwen's Isld.
in Windermere lake, SW. Westmrld. a seat of
the Curwens of Workington, is well wooded and
has several fine views of the lake, IJiP B.-House
(13) 3 m. WNW. of Reading, Mid. Berks, on R.

Bellelake House (18) 5 m. SE. of Waterford, E.

BeUemont (7) 3 m. SW. of Carlow, NW. Carlw.
on R. Barrow. ggp BeUemont (23) near Dart-
mouth, <S. Devon. T. Newman, Esq. ijaf B.
House (34) Clarmallagh bar. SW. Queen's Co.
2 m. S. of Rathdowney.

BELLERBY tnshp. ( ) Spennithorne par. N.
R. York. 2 m. N. of Leyburn-235. Acres 2540 ;
pop. 350, decreasing; poor r. 537. (Leyb. U.);
real prop. 32437. Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 787.,
patr. J. C. Chaytor, Esq. of B. Park, who owns
the manor.

Believer Tor (25) on Dartmoor, S. Devon, near
Widevcombe, has a fine view.

Belleview (21) 4m. NW. of Athboy, borders of
Meath and Westm. Capt. Daniel.

Belleville (25) 4 m. SW. of Cavan, Mid. Cavan,
Capt. Fleming. gg Belleville (71) 4m. N. of
Atheury, Mid. Galwy. ^" Belleville, 5 m. E. of
Pitmain, SE. Inverness, was the seat of Mac-
pherson, the translator or compiler of Ossian.
IgiP Belleville (29) near Templemore, E. Tipperary.
49" Belleville (47) Dungannon bar. E. Tyrone,
near Stewartstown. giP Belleville (30) Clon-
lonan bar. W. Westmeath, 4 m. NW. of Moate.
^B. Park (21) near Cappoquin, W. Waterfd.
S. de la Poer, Esq.

BeUevue (80) near Sandbach, S. Cheshire, R.
Latham, Esq. ^p BeUevue (33) near Mallow,
N. Cork. ^- BeUevue (31) near Penryn, SW.
Cornwall, ^p BeUevue (22) near Exeter, E.
Devon. J. Creswell, Esq. flip BeUevue (24) 2 m.
SE. of Plymouth, SW. Devon. Mrs. Bulteel.

gg BeUevue (11) near Southampton, on that

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