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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 47 of 293)
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Water, S. Hants, i^" Bellerue (10) near Ryde, I.
of Wight, S. Hants. gg= BeUevue (6) near Seven-
oaks, W. Kent. |^p BeUevue (35) near Athy,
borders of Kildare and Queen's Co. on R. Barrow.
tfST BeUevue (47) near Waterford, S.Kilkenny, on
R. Suir, Power, Esq. igp BeUevue (20) near
Londonderry, W. Londondy. (jg BeUevue (23)
near Abbeyleix, S. Queen's Co. ijjjp" BeUevue (10)
near Borrisokane, N. Tippery. gp BeUevue
(32) 6m. NNW. of Wexford, Mid. Wexfd. near
R. Slaney, A. Cliffe, Esq. i^ BeUevue (8) near
Delgany, NE. Wicklw. P. Latouche, Esq. $ip Bel-
levue (87) 1 m. E. of Doncaster, W. R. York.
$3 BeUevue (88) near Wakefield, W. R. York.

BELLEWSTOWN vil. (27) Upper Duleek bar.
E. Meath, 2 m. SE. of Duleek-22, near B. Hill,
530 ft. high, where races are held in Julv.

Bellfield, near Mid. Calder, W. Edinbro', Earl
of Morton. &T Bellfield, near Crawford, S. La-
nark. M'Queen, Esq.

Bellgrove (18) 3 m. SE. of Cootehill, NE. Cavan,
IgOr Bell-grove (10) near Borrisokane, N. Tipperv.

BELL-HOUSES hmlt. (82) Ecclesfield par. Vf.
R. York. 5 m. W. of Rotherham-159.

BELLJE par. borders of Banff, and Elgin, on
R. Spey, contains Fochabers burgh, 138 m. N. of
Edinbro', near the roman Tuessis, and was in-
jured by the flood of 1829. Size about 4 m. by
2J, chiefly pasture ; pop. 2434, partly employed
in the salmon fisheries ; real prop. 42377. ; for
poor 5597. Living (Presb. Strathbogie) val. 1747.,
patr. Duke of Richmond, chief heritor, whose
noble seat, Gordon castle, has a front of 568 ft.
The duke of Cumberland slept at the manse before

BELLIEUSE vil. St. Martin par. in Guernsey,
Channel Islds.

BELLINA vil. (65) Moyarta bar. SW. Clare,
8m. W. of Kilrush-178. Pop. 213.

BELLINE (39) near Pilitown, SW. Kilkenny,
belongs to Earl Besborough.

BEIXINGDON hmlt. (7) Chesham par. SE.
Bucks. 2 m. NNW. Chesham-29. Pop. 173.

P. M. BELLINGHAM par. ( ) NW. Tindale
ward, Mid. Northmbrld. 28 m. WNW. of New-
castle, 294 from London, on R. Tyne, is a polling
place, and contains East and West Quarter-
Charlton, Leemailing, The Nook, and Tarret-
burn-Quarter. Acres 15,540, partly moor, with
coal, iron, limestone, and game ; pop. 1730 + 27,
of town 672, in the collieries; houses 104,
with an old church, 2 chapels ; poor r. 967. on
10667. ; real prop. 7501 ; charities 127. for school.
St. Cuthbert Rect. (Durh.) val. 2007., patr.
Greenwich hosp., to which the manor was
granted with the other forfeited estates of the
Radclifies, 1715, the rect. being one of 6 into
which Simonburn was subsequently divided.
Hareshaw burn has a fall here of 30 ft., and at
Hall field was the old castle of the Bellinghams.
Bellingh. P. L. Union contains the pars, etc. (with
their tnshps.) marked * in the deanery below,
with Birtley, Thorneyburn, Wark with Rams-
hope, Otterburn, Rochester, and Troughend;
acres 211,719, pop. 7462, cases relieved (yr. 1846-
7) 435 (out-door 401), expend. 21907., prop,
rated 52,6077. Sup. Registry comprises the same
up to Wark ; pop. 7462 + 93. The New County
Court district corresponds with the Registry.
>J< BEL. DEANERY, archdy. of Northtimbld. dice, of
Durham, includes *Bellingham rect., Chollerton
we., "Corsenside v., *Falstone r., *Gaystead r.,
*Kirk Harle v., Simonburn r., *Thockrington
cur., *Wark r., *Whelpington-Kirk v. See NW.
and NE. TIKDALE WARD. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs,


Sats. before 12 May and 12 Nov. 1st Wed. after
15 Sept.

Bellinter (31) 6m. NE. of Trim on R. Boyne,
Mid. Meath, Rev. J. Preston, belonged formerly
to the lords of Tara.

Bellisk (4) on Lough Derg, NW. Tippery.
Lord Avonmore.

BELLISTEK tnshp. ( ) Haltwhistle par. S W.
Northmbrld. 1 m. S. of Haltwhistle-284, near New-
castle and Carlisle rail. Pop. 116. B. Castle, a
ruined seat of the Blenkinsops.

BELLMANGATE hmlt. ( ) Guisboro' par. N.
It. York, near Guisboro'-245.

Bellmont (37) near Wexford, E. Wexford, on
R. Slaney, C. A. Walker, Esq.

BELLMOUNT hmlt. (14) Garrycastle bar. NW.
King's Co. 3m. N. of Ferbane, on the Grand canal.

Betton Point. See Belan Point, Caernarvon.

BELLOWS CROSS hmlt. (15) Chettle par. NE.
Dorset. 2 m. W. of Cranborne-93. See MONKTON-


BELLOWS HILL (1) Waltham bund. W. Essex,
5 m. NNE. of Waltham Abbey- 23.

Sell Park (10") near Borrisokane, NW. Tippery.

BdVs Creek (3) Isle of Sheppy, 2V. Kent, inside
Harty Isle. &" B. Hill (110) 1 m. SSE. of
Belford, NE. Northmbrld. gaP B. Lodge (46)

1 m. WSW. of Woburn, W. Bedfd. ^ B. MILLS
vil. in the suburbs of Edinburgh, so called
from the large flour mills on Leith Water.
^ B. QUARRY vil. Mid. Calder par. W. Edinb.
near Mid. Calder-12. Pop. 120.

BELLS (1) Ongar hund. W.Essex, 3m. SW.
of Chipping-Ongar-20.

P. BELLSHILL vil. Bothwell par. N.- Lanark.
3 m. SW. of Airdrie-32. Pop. 1013.

BELLSTOWN vil. Methven par. SE. Perth. 5 m.
NW. of Perth-40. Pop. 25,

Betturgan Park (7) Lower Dundalk bar. N.
Louth, L. Tipping, Esq^

Bellvidere House (47) near Sudbury, <S W. Suffk.

P. BELLVILLE ( ) 2 m. NW. of Dublin, Mid.
Dull, near Phoenix Park. ^ Bellvitte (27)

2 m. SE. of Enniskillen, Mid. Fermanagh.

Bellwood, 1 m. N. of Penicuik, Mid. Edinbro'.

BELLYCLONE vil. Maderty par. S. Perth. 4 m.
SE. ofCrieff-47. Pop. 69.

BELMiSTHORrE hmlt. (64) Ryhall par. E. Rut-
land. 2 m. NNR. of Stamford-89. Pop. 121.

Belmont (80) 3m. N. of North wich, N. GJiesh.
J. H. Leigh, Esq. igp Belmont (78) 2 m. N,.of
Llanrwst, W. Denbigh, seat of the Manneys.
<sS~ Belmont (24) Hear Devonport, S W. Devon.
^ Belmont ( ) 2m. ENE. of Durham, E.
Durham, near B. collieries on Yk. and Berwk.
rail. iJiT Belmont, or Belvidere, Castle (1) 1m.
E. of Gray's Thurrock, S. Essex, near R. Thames,
W. Webb, Esq. ^T Belmont (11) 5 m. NE.
of Bishop's Waltham, S. Hants, near the ruins
of ' K. John's House.' gip Belmont (43) 2 m.
WSW. of Hereford, Mid, Herefd. ^ Belmont
(7) near Barnet, S. Herts. $0" Belmont (3) 3 m.
SW. of Feversham, .ZV. Kent, seat of the late Lord
Harris. ^g~ Belmont (3) near Broadstairs, NE.
Kent, (if Belmont (3) near St. Lawrence, Rams-
gate, NE. Kent.

BELMONT hmlt. (89) Bolton-le-moors par. &
Lane. 4 m. E. of Chorley-208, is a Cur. val. I.
If Belmont near Douglas /. of Man, G. Dumbell,
Esq. g^" Belmont (74) 3 m. N. of Oswestry, NW.
Salop, R. Lovett, Esq. (aP Belmont, in Unst,
N. Shetld. Islds. has some verd antique, with
many spars, etc. O Belmont (35) 5 m W. of
Bristol, NE. Somerset. G. Gibbs, Ksq. ^" Bel-
mont (27) 4 m. SSE. of Leek, N. Staff, on Ut-
toxeter canal. O" Belmont (10) near Water-



ford, N. Waterfd. on R. Suir, Roberts, Esq
^ B. Castle (11) 1m. W. of Havant, SK.
Hants, jgj* B. Castle, on one of the Sidlaw hills,
E. Perth. 4m. NE. of Cupar Angus, Lord Wharn-
cliffe, ftsT B. House (22) near Exeter, E. Devon.
T. Snow, Esq. igP B. House (7) near Uxbridge,
W. Midsx. R. Fell, Esq. g= B. Lodge (43)
6 m. W. of Upton, SW. Worcest. Sir R. Fitz-
Wygram, Bt.

Belmore (11') near Lymington, /S. Hants. Capt.
Blakiston, R. N. g3 B. House (11) 3 m. N. of
Bishop's Waltham, Mid. Hants. |gp B. Mountn.
(26) near Enniskillen, S. Fermanagh, 13 J 2 ft.

Belmount (39) near L. Neagh, E. Tyrone,
Bell, Esq.

P. BELMULLET vil. (10) Erris bar. NE. Mayo,
a coast gd. and police station, on an isthmus
between Blacksod and Broadhaveii bays, which
joins Mullet peninsula to the mainland. Pop. 637,
fishermen, or emploj'ed in a small thriving export
trade in corn, etc. Bingham cast., D. Bingham,
Esq. Belm. P. L. Union, formed Oct. 1849, con-
tains- 15 elect, divs. in Mayo; acres 177,931, pop.
22,922, ho. room for , cases relieved , expend.
I. prop, rated 10,744/. Monthly Fairs on the

Belo River. See Beetha, Westmrld.

BELOVELY (30) Powder hund. Mid. Cornw.
3 m. SE. of St. Columb.

Belpatrick Hill (20} 2m. S. of Collon, SW.
Louth, 789ft. high.

P. M. BELPER, or "BEADPOIRE," chplry. (71)
Duffield par. Mid. Derby, a polling place and
station on Midld. rail. 7J m. from Derby, 139
from London, on R. Derwent. Pop. 9885 + 199,
in Strutt's cotton-mills (visited by the Queen
and Duchess of Kent 1882), and the hosiery,
brown ware, and nail manufacts. ; houses 1830,
with 2 churches, 5 chapels, bank, savings bk.
(42,329/. from 1117 depositors), and almshouses;
poor r. 1055?. on 16,882;.; real prop. 17.565/. ;
charities, 67/. St. J. Baptist Cur. (Lich.) val.
158/., patr. Vicar; church, built 1824 of Hun-
gerford sandstone, is already decaying ; and near
it is the old one, built by John of Gaunt, remains
of whose hunting- seat are here. Bridge Hill Cur.
1301., Crown and Bishop. B. House, J. Strutt,
Esq. Belp. P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc.
of Alfreton, Allestree, Belper, Crich, Denbigh,
Duffield, Heage, Holbrook, Horsley, Kedleston,
Kirk-Langley, Mackworth, Morley, Mugginton,
Pentrich, Quarndon, Ravensdale Park, Ripley,
Smalley, S. Wingtield, Turnditch, Wirksworth,
with Alderwasley, Ashleyhay, Dethick-Lea, Ha-
zlewood, Horsley-Woodhouse, Idridgehay, Ireton
Wood, Kilbourne, Mapperley, Markeaton, Shottle
and Postern, Weston-Underwood, and Windley ;
acres 65,860, pop. 46,235, cases relieved (yr. 1846-
7) 1941 (out-door 1503), expend. 6985/., prop,
rated 132,527/. Sup. Registry comprises the same
up to Wirksworth, with Tanslcy, Cromford, Tble,
Iron-Brook-Grange, Mercaston, Biggin, Callow,
Hopton, Middleton, and Wessington ; pop. 46,233
+ 683. The New County Court district corre-
sponds with the Registry including Duffield,
Hazlewood, Heage, Shottle, Turnditch, Windley
(but excepting the rest of the sub-districts of
Alfreton, Duffield, Ripley, Wirksworth), with
Ileanor, Shipley, Loscoe, Ilkcston. Mkt. D, Sat.
Fairs, 12 May, 31 Oct. for cattle.

BELPH hmlt. (82) Whitwell par. NE. Derby.
10m. ENE. of Chesterfield-150.
Belrinnes. See Benrinnes, Banff.

Belsar, or Balsar's Hills (51) near Willingham
W. Cambr. 7 m. N. by W. of Cambridge, the site

ii 3



of Will, the Conqueror's camp, when he besieged
the Isle of Ely, and so called after Bellasius or
Belasis, his general.

BELSAY tnshp. ( ) Bolam par. S. Northmbrld.
9 m. SW. of Morpeth-289, a meet for the Tindale
hounds. Pop. 312 ; poor r. 151. (Castleward U.)
Near the old castle is the new Hall in the
grecian style, Sir C. Monck, Bt., maternally de-
scended from Gundred, grand-daughter of the
Conqueror, and from the parliamentary gen.
Lambert, whose seal is here.

BELSFORD limit. (22) Haberton par. 5, Devon.
1m. SW. ofTotness-196. Pop. 53.

Belsize House (7) 4 m. NW. of London, seat of
Wright, Esq., formerly of the Brabazons,
Wards, and others, was turned into a place of
public amusement in the year of the great south-
sea bubble. The manor belongs to the Dean and
Chap, of Westminster, by gift of the Brabazons.

BELIZE (64) 3 m. NW. of Peterborough, NE.

Belsous (7) 2 m. S. of Chesham, SE. Bucks.

BELSTEAD par. (48) Samford hund. S. Suffolk,
4 m. SW. of Ipswich-69, near E. Union rail.
Acres 1090 ; pop. 261 ; poor r. 721. (Samf. Incorp.) ;
real prop. 13437. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val.
2957., patr. Rev. E. J. Lockwood, rector.

BELSTOSE par. (25) Black Torrington hund.
Mid. Devon. 2 m. ESE.of Okehampton-195, near
the heads of Rs. Taw and Okement, under B. Tor,
in Dartmoor. Acres 2010 ; pop. 208, some wool-
len weavers ; poor r. 297. (Okehamp. U.) ; real
prop. 10321. Living, a Rect. (Exet.) val. 154/.,
patr. Rev. J. Hole.

BELSWAINS (7) Cashio hund. W. Herts. 2 m.
SSE. of Heuiel-Hempstead-23, on N. West. rail.

Belswardine (61) 2 m. NW. of Much Wenlock,
Mid. Salop, Mrs. Harnage.

Betlaw, 3 m. E. of Gordon, W. Berwick.

BEL/THORPE. See Bishop Wilton, E. R. York.

BELTINGE hmlt. (3) Herne par. NE. Kent,
6 m. NNE. of Canterbury-55.

BELTINGHAM vil. ( ) Tindale ward, S.
Northmbrld. 4 m. E. of Haltwhistle-284, near
Ridley Hall, was mkt. town, and has a very old
yew in the churchyard. Living, a Cur. (Dur.)
val. 767., patr. Vicar of Haltw.

Lincoln, contains the pars, and benefices of Bas-
singthorpe vie., Bitchfield v., Burton-Goggles
rect., Little Bytham r. with Castle Bytham,
Careby r., Corby r., Creeton r., Edenham cur.
St-Nicholas Gunby, Irnham r. (with Corby), La-
vington ., Skillington v., Stainby r.(with Gunby),
Swayfield r., Swinstead v., Witham-on-the-hill c.,
North Witham r., and South Witham r., and
part of Colsterworth r. ; acres 53,470, pop. 6923,
houses 1342. >fc BELTISLAW DEANERY corre-
sponds with the wap. and contains the benefices
marked above, with North and South Stoke r.

BELTOFT hmlt. (86) Belton par. NW. Lincoln.
2 m. NE. of Epworth-156. Pop. 139.

P. BELTON par. (71) W. Goscote hund. NW.
Leicester. 6 m. W. of Loughborough-109, includes
Grace Dieu, in Charnwood forest, the site of a
nunnery found, about 1240, afterwards the seat
of the Beaumonts where judge B. and his two
sons, Francis the dramatic poet (1586-1616), and
Sir John, also a poet (1582-1628), were born.
Acres 1900 ; pop. 718, some stocking makers ;
poor r. 2327. (Loughb.U.) ; real prop. 30537. St.
J. Baptist Vic. (Pet.) val. 1797., patr. Marquis of
Hastings; church, has a monument of Roesia
de Verdun, the founder of the nunnery, of which
there are remains. Fairs, 1st Mond. after Trinity,


P.BELToSpar. (70) Grantham Soke, SW. Lin-
co7n.2m. NNE. ofGrantham-110. Acres3120 ;pop.
176 ; poor r. 437. (Granth. U.) ; real prop. 24997. j
charities 57. St. Peter and St. Paul Rect. (Line.)
val. 4307., patr. Earl Brownlow, whose beautiful
seat, 3. Halt, designed by Wren, in the shape of
an H, and improved by Wyatt, contains some carv-
ings by G. Gibbons, and many paintings ; church,
ancient, with a rich 8-sided font, and monuments
of the Gusts and Brownlows who take hence
the title of baron.

P. BELTOX par. (86) Manley wap. NW. Lincoln.
1 m. N. of Epworth-156, contains Beltoft, Carr-
house, Mosswood, Sandtoft, Westgate, and Wood-
house. Acres 8530 ; pop. 1706 + 10 ; poor r. 4967.
(Thome U.) ; real prop. 10,3347. ; charities 407. All
Saints Cur. (Line.") val. L, patr. J. Hood, Esq.
1gir BELTON par. (64) Oakham Soke hund. &W.
Rutland. 3 m. WNW. of Uppingham-89. Acres
(with Gunthorpe) 2380 ; pop. 402 ; poor r. 1607.
(Uppingh. U.) ; real prop. 25167. ; charities 1037.,
of which 837. poor's land. St. Peter Vic. with
Wardley. igp BELTON par. (67) Mutford hund.
NE. Suffolk, 3 m. SW. of Yarmouth- 124, on R.
Waveney, contains Browston. Acres 2120 ; pop.
465 + 4; poor r. 1937. (Mutf. Incorp.); real prop.
29957. ; charities 197. All Saints Rect. (Xorw.)
val. 3627., patr. Bishop. B. Hall, i m. S. ^ K.
Place, 3 in. SW. of Dunbar, as below, Capt.
Hay, R. N. South B. is near it.

P. BELTONFORD vil. 2 m. WSW. of Dunbar-28,
NE. Haddingtn. on B. Burn.

Beltra Though (58-9, etc.) Tirawley bar. Mid.
Mayo, about 2 J m. long, is at the head of B. River,
which runs 6 m. SW. to Clew Bay, at Newport.

Beltrasna (14) 3 m. SE. of Oldcastle, NW.
Meath, Jas. O'Reilly, Esq.

Beltrees, 2 m. E. of Lochwinnock, S. Renfrew.
Lady Sempill.

Beltrim (18) 6m. E. of Newtownstewart, N.
Tyrone, A. Hamilton, Esq.

P. M. BELTURBET town (11) Armagh and
Drumlane pars., Loughtee bar. N. Cavan, a police
station on R. Erne, near the lough, was founded
by the Lanesboroughs, and incorporated by Jas. I.,
under a provost and 12 burgesses (with a revenue
of 2487.) and sent 2 members to parl. before the
Union. Pop. 1620, decreasing ; houses 286, with
par. church and school, distillery, barracks, mkt.
house, making-houses, almshouses. In ch.yard
are remains of a fort and those of an abbey
further away. Mkt. D. Thurs. provisions and yarn.
Fairs, Ash Wed. 4 Sept. and 1st Th. of every
other month.

Belvidere (73) near Whitchurch, borders of
Cheshire and Salop, C. Watson, Esq. tgST Belvi-
dere. See Belmout, Essex, above. gif Bel-
videre (16) 2m. ENE. of Christchurch, SW.
Hants.3. Griffiths, Esq. ^" Belvidere (l)3m.E.
of Woolwich, NW. Kent, near R. Thames, Sir C.
Eardley, Bt., has a good collection of paintings,
igg" Belvidere ( ) Owneybeg bar. N. Limerick,
M. Barrington, Esq. gg" Belvidere (26) on L.
Ennell, SE. Westmeath, Lord Lanesborough.

Selview (100) 3 m. NW. of Eyrecourt, SE.
Galway, Lawrence, Esq.

Bdcin Hall (32) 5 m. N. of Dunshaughlin,
SE. Meath.

Belcoir (43) 4 m. NE. of Sixmilebridge, Mid.
Clare, D. J. Wilson, Esq. ^ Belvoir (60) Up-
per Belfast bar. S. Antrim, near R. Lagan, Sir
R. Bateson, Bt.

BELVOIR, or " Beever," extr. par. (70) Fram-
land hund. NE. Leicest. on the Lincoln border,
10 m. NNE. of Melton Mowbray-105, derives its
importance from B. Castle, seat of the Duke of


l!utl;md, where the ' B. hounds' arc kennelled.
Acres 170, with fossils ; pop. 109 ; real prop. 1319/.
The castle seated on a hill (ascended by steps),
which commands a view of 30 m. over the Vale
of B., and restored by Wyatt, was founded by
Rob. de Todeni, the Conqueror's standard-bearer,
who had about 80 lordships, many of which still
belong to the duke his descendant. Among the
pictures are Nic. Poussin's ' Seven Sacraments,'
several by Claude, Rubens, Murillo, Teniers, Lely,
Reynolds, Gainsboro', West, Mortimer, and the
Quixote tapestry. A fire in 1816 destroyed part
of the building to the value of 120,OOOZ. Lower
down are remains of the priory, founded about
1076 by De Todeni, of whom it has a memorial,
and given to the Mannerses at the dissolution,
when the ancient tombs were moved to Bottesford

P. BEMBRIDGE chplry. (10) Brading par. I. of
Wight, <S. Hants. 8 m. E. of Newport-82, a
coast gd. station near B. Point, and B. Down
(over Brading harb.), which has on it the Yar-
borough pillar of 75 ft. high put up 1849 to the me-
mory of the late earl. Real prop. 35831. Living, a
Cur. (Wine.) val. 100Z., patr. Vicar, church built
1826-7. B. Farm, 1 m. S., near Culver Cliffs;
B. Lodge, Mrs. Grant. Lignite, fuller's earth,
and red ochre are found. The point at the E. end
of the island, near Brading harbour, has oft' it
in the way to Spithead several shoals, all buoyed,
as B. Ledge and Betty Ledge, which run off from
the point, the Princcssa to the SE. with only
20 ft. water, The Nab on the new grounds with
19 ft., to the ENE. of which is B. Floating Lights,
first put up 1812, one 25 ft. above deck, the other
18, and 43 ft. apart, by which they are distin-
guished from the Owers and other lights. Inside
is St. Helen's anchorage, with fine sand in 11



BEMERSLEY tnshp. (72) Norton-on-the-Moors

m. NE. of

par. N. Stafford. 2 m. NE. of Burslem-152. Pop.

Bemerside House, near Dryburgh abbey, SW.
Berwick, b. 1581, seat of the Haigs since the time
of Petrus de Haga of Mai. IV.'s time. ' Tide,
tide, whate'er betide, There '11 aye be Haigs in

BEMERTON chplry. (15) St. Peter Fugglestone
par. S. Wilts, close to Salisbury-81. Pop. 109 ;
real prop. 2568Z. Living, a Rect. with Fuggle-
stone, sometime held by Bp. Curie, Geo. Herbert
the poet (who built the parsonage, with an in-
scription on it, and was buried here), Norris the
metaphysician, (to whom there is a monument),
and Coxe the historian.

BEMPSTONE HUNDRED (19, 20) Mid. Somerset.
contains the pars, of Allerton Chapel, Biddisham,
Breane, Burnham, Mark, Weare, Wedmore ; acres
24,530, pop. 8158.

BKMPTOX par. ( ) Dickering wap. E. R.York.
3 m. NE. of Bridlington-206, on the N. branch
rail, from Hull. Acres 1930 ; pop. 313 + 3 ; poor r.
G2/. (Bridl. U.) ; real prop. 2207Z. St. Michael
donative Cur. (Yk.) val. 51Z., patr. H. Broad-
ley, Esq.

Ben, Bern (see Bein-y-PIiof), or Bhein, is gaclic
for a mountain top, as in the scotch and irish
names following ; and is related to the Pen in
such names as Pen-maen-mawr in Wales, Pentyre,
Pcnzance, Tol Pedan Penwith in Cornwall, Pent-
land in Scotland, Penmarch in France in all
which it means rather a headland or corner than
a peak. The original meaning, however, comes
out in the Ap-pen-nines, and the Pen-nine alps.

Be.n-Blaven, in I. of Skye, W. Inverness. 9 m.
W. of Broadford, is 1000ft. high.

Ben Cruachan, between Lochs Etive and Awe,
N. Argyll, rises in two cones 3669 ft. high, com-
manding a magnificent view of Ben Nevis, Ben
Lawers, and the islands on the coast. It is chiefly
granite, with a base about 20 m. in circuit.

Ben Eay, 5m. S. of Loch Mare, W. Ross.

Ben Ewcy, between Lochs Assynt and Shin,
SW. Suthrld.

Ben Ima. See Benarthur, Argyll.

Ben Lawers, near Loch Tay, W. Perth, a chief
station of the gd. trig, survey, with chlorite slate
in it, rises gently 3945 ft. being 1000 ft. higher
than the other peaks of Breadalbane. At the top
gentiana nivalis, small alpine gentian, is found, and
eriophorum capitatum, round-headed cotton-grass,
near the snow line, with many other plants.

Ben Ledi, between Lochs Katrine and Lubnaig,
S W. Perth, rises, " ridge on ridge," 2863 ft.

Ben Lomond, between Lochs Lomond and Ka-
trine, NW. Stirling, at the S. extremity of the
Highlands, a chief station of gd. trig, survey, rises
3195 ft. and commands a view of Lanark. Ren-
frew. Ayr. the Frith of Clyde, Arran, and Bute,
to the S. ; and of Edinburgh and Frith of Forth
to the E. It belongs to the Duke of Montrose,
and is composed of granite but covered with
vegetation to the top. On the W. side is Craig-
rostan, a cave which sheltered Bruce, and was a
retreat of Rob Roy.

Ben Macdhu, or Muickdhu, 10 m. WNW. of
Braemar, where Aberdeen, meets Banff, and In-
verness, at the centre of the Highlands, is the
principal peak of the Cairngorm branch of the
Grampians, and, according to the trig, survey,
4390 ft. high, being 20 ft. higher than Ben Nevis,
and therefore the highest mountain in Scotland
or in Great Britain. " Black Swine-hill."

Ben Nevis, 4 m. SE. of Fort William, near
Loch Eil, $ W. Inverness, a chief station of gd.
trig, survey, 4370 ft. high, and 24 m. round
at the base, was considered till lately the highest
mountain in Scotland. (See Ben Macdhu.) At
the height of 1700 ft. is a lake, beyond which
vegetation ceases; it is rugged and difficult of
ascent, with a precipice on the E. side of 1500 ft.
perpend. The bottom is fine red granite, with
porphyry at the top which is a flat plain, in some
of the hollows of which snow lies all the year
round. ' Ben Nevis whisky ' is of the first quality,
Glenlivet and Campbeltown coming next.

Ben Oe, S. end of Isla, W. Argyll. 546 ft. high.

Ben Turk, in Can tyre, SW. Argyll. 1515ft.
high, a chief station of gd. trig, survey, 11 m. N.
of Campbeltown.

Ben Venue, near Loch Katrine, with the Tros-
sachs at its foot, -S W. Perth. 2800 ft. high, has
overhanging the SE. end of the lake the ' rugged
silvan grot ' called the Coir-nan-Uriskin, or " Sa-
tyr's den," referred to in Scott's ' Lady of the Lake.'

Ben Wyvis, 7m. NW. of Dingwall, E. Ross.
rising gradually 3720 ft. high, is always covered
with snow, and belongs to Sir H. Monroe of
Foulis, who holds it on the tenure of bringing
" 3 wain loads of snow from the top of the moun-
tain, whenever his majesty shall so desire."

Ben-y-Gloe, in the Grampians, Atholl, NE.
Perth, is 3690 ft. at Cairn Gower near Glen Tilt.

Ben Yevenagh (6) 5 m. N. of Newtown Lima-
vady, .ZV. Londondy. 1260 ft. high, near Green-
castle, etc.

Bena'an Mountain, borders of Aberd. and Banff.
one of the Grampians, 3920 ft. high. Ben-a-bourd
Mountain, near the above, 3940 ft. high.

Benabhraqidh Hill, in Golspie par. SE. Sutherld.
1300 ft. high, near the coast

Benachally Loch, 5 m. NE. of Dunkold, NE.

M 4




Perth, about 900 ft. above sea level, near B. Hill,
which is 1800 ft. high, commanding a fine view
of Strathairdle and Strathtay.

Benachan Lough, 18 m. WSW. of Dingwall, S.

Benachie Hill, about 7 m. NW. of Inverary,
Mid. Aberdeen. 1420 ft. high, chiefly red granite,
having on one side a steep rock said to have been
fortified by the Danes.

Benachielt Loch, 10 m. SW. of Halkirk, W.

Benacholais, one of the Paps of Jura, W. Argyll.
about 2600 ft. high.

Benacre Hall (49) 5 m. N. of Southwold, HE.
Suffolk, seat of Sir T. Gooch, Bt., near Binacre,
and B. Broad, a small lake 1 m. ESE.

Benagen, or Ben Aigan, Hill, near Rothes,
borders of Banff, and Elgin.

Benalch HiU, 3 m. NW. of Luss, W. Dumbartn.
BENAIGHN tnshp. (79) Llannefydd par. N.
Denbigh. 5 m. NW. of Denbigh-201.

Benalder Mountain, one of the Grampians, SE.
Inverness, a chief station of the trig, survey, 9 m.
S. of Dalwhinnie Inn on Loch Ericht, -where, in
a hole called the Cage, on the side of Letterni-
silichk, Prince Chas. took refuge after the battle
of Culloden ; it is now a sheepfarm to the Marq.
of Abercorn.

Btnamban, between Great and Little Lochs
Broom, NW. Boss.

Benan, or Bennan, Hill, near Straiten, Mid.

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