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Ayr. 1150 ft. high. gip* Benan, " with forehead
bare," stands near the Trossachs, SW. Perth.
between Ben Ledi and Loch Katrine.

Benanea Hill, 13 m. SSE. of Glencoe, NE.

Benanoir, i. e. " Gold mountain," the highest
of the Paps of Jura, W. Argyll. 2680 ft. high,
one of the points of the trig, survey, is partly
volcanic, and commands an extensive prospect of
the sea and islands around.

Benarmin, or Ben Ormonde, 7 m. SE. of Loch
Naver, Mid. Suthrld. 2306 ft. high.

Benarthur, or Ben Ima, N. of Loch Long, E.
Argyll. 2389 ft. high, is called The Cobbler, from
the shape of its top.

Benartie Hill, 3 m. SE. of Kinross, borders of
Fife, and Kinross.

Benattow, 24 m. WNW. of Fort Augustus, bor-
ders of Ross, and Invern. 2000 ft. high, near Loch

Benaven, one of the Grampians, borders of
Banff, and Aberdeen. 3967 ft. high, under which
Loch Aven is so hidden away that the sun seldom
shines on it. Topazes are found.

Benbane Head (3) Carey bar. N. Antrim, be-
tween Bengore head and Giant's Causeway, near

Benbaun Mountain (24) Ballinahinch bar. NW.
Galway, the principal peak of the Bennebeola
group, 2395 ft. high.

Benbecula Island, one of the Western Islds. 20 m.
W. of Skye across the Little Minch, belongs to
the Clanranalds. Size about 7 m. by 7, chiefly
bog, sand, and lake, with a very broken coast ;
pop. 2107, fishermen, and small farmers, who fer-
tilise the soil with the kelp which is thrown j

Benbharfion, " white (or snow) topped," a peak
of Arran, Butesh. near Goat felL

Benblaven, 8 m. W. of Broadford, S. Skye, W.
Inverness. 3000 ft. high.

Benbo Mountn. (8) near Manor Hamilton, NW.
Leitrim, 1511 ft. high.

BENBOULE vil. (30) Brigg hund. Mid. Cornwall,
3m yS. of Wadebridge-239.

Benbradagh Hill (25) 2 m. NE. of Dungiven,
Mid. Londondy. 1531 ft. high.

Benbreach Hill, in North Uist, Western Islds.
1000 ft. high.

Benbulben Mountn. (5) 2 m. NE. of Carney,
NE. Sligo, is 1722ft. high.

P. BENBURB vil. (61) Dungannon bar. SE. Ty-
rone, 7 m. S. of Dungannon, near the Ulster canal,
so called from the large castle which overhangs
R. Blackwater on a rock (" hill's brow"), 120 ft.
high, and built by the Wingfields on the site of
one founded by the O'Nials, was the scene of
three battles, viz. in 1597 when the Earl of Kil-
dare was defeated and killed by the rebellious
Earl of Tyrone, in 1601 when Tyrone in his turn
was defeated by Ld. Deputy Mountjoy, and in
1641 when the O'Nials won a complete victory
over Gen. Monroe, on which occasion the castle
was dismantled. Pop. 330, weavers, etc. Fairs,

Bencailrach, 3 m. WSW. of Broadford, S. Skye,
W. Inverness, above 2000 ft. high.

Bencairn, Berwick par. 5 Kirhciidbt. 1200 ft.

Ben-carrig, near Inverary and Loch Fynne, E.

Benchallin, in Killin par. W. Perth.

Bencheilt, 4 m. NW. of Lybster, SE. Caithness.

Benchochan, in Aberfoyle par. S W. Perth.
3000 ft. high, near Ben Lomond.

Benckonzie, 6 m. NW. of Crieff, Mid. Perth.
2923 ft. high.

Ben-chualach, 2 m. NE. of Loch Rannock, N.

Bencleuch, or Bencloich, the highest of the
Ochills, near the Devon, 5 m. N. of Clackmannan,
5. Perth., a chief station of gd. trig, survey,
2420 ft. high to the top, called Craigleith ; chiefly

Benclibrick, or Ben Klibrech, 2 m. S. of Loch
Naver, Mid. Suthrld. 3164ft. high, the highest in
this county.

Bencombe (35) 3 m. NNE. of Wotton-under-
Edge, E. Gloucest. Miss Dorney.

Ben-creggan Mountn. (115) Murrisk bar. SW.
Mayo, near Killery harbour, 2283 ft. high.

Bencroggan, in N. Uist, Western Islds. 1500 ft.

Ben-croy Mountn. ( ) near Lough Allen, Mid.
Leitrim, 1707 ft. high.

Bencullagh Mountn. See Bennebeola, Galway.

BEXDALL, viL (71) Repton hund. S. Derb. 5 m.
ENE. of Burton-on-Trent-125.

Bendeanavaig, near Portree, Isle of Skye, W.

Bendearg, 5 m. N. of Blair Atholl, N. Perth.
3550 ft. high, gg" Bendearg, one of the Benmore
range, near Loch Broom, Mid. Boss. 3551 ft. high.
giT Bendearg, 3 m. S. of Cape Wrath, NW.
Suthld. 1800 ft, high. " Red hill."

Bendiriemore, between Loch and Strath More,
W. Sutherld.

BEKDOCHY par. 5 m. N. of Blairgowrie-61,
NE. Perth, under the Grampians, on Rs. Isla and
Erroch. Size 2 m. by 1J, pasture, with free-
stone and granite ; pop. 783 : real prop. 6945Z. ; for
poor 105 Living (Presb. Meigle) vaL 252/.,
patr. the Crown. Some pictish remains are seen.

Bendonil, 8 m. NW. of Dornoch, S. Suthld.

Bendonich. See Benunack, Argyll.

Bendoran, in Glenorchy, NE. Argyll. 21 m.
NE. of Inverary, where wild deer were last taken.

Bendouch Hill, 3 m. NNW. of Luss, NW.

Bendu, 14 m. WNW. of Fort Augustus, borders
of Invern. and Rots.


Benduan, 2 m. NE. of Kildonan, borders of
Caithness, and Suthrld. 1500 ft. high.

Benduff Mountn. (1) a peak of the Benbulben
mountains, as above, Sligo.

Benecarigen, or Benicarigan, in Kilmory par.,
I. of Arran, Butesh.

Benechar, 4 m. S. of Luss, W, Dumbrtn.

Benecuirach Hill, 4 m. W. of Luss, NW.

BENEFIEI.D, UPPER and LOWER, par. (64)
Polebrook hund. NE. Northamptn. 3 in. W. of Oun-
dle-78, near Rockingham forest. Acres 5100, of
which 690 forest ; pop. 533 ; poor r. 335/. (Oundle
U.) ; real prop. 5535 ; charities 43Z. St. George
Sect. (Pet.) val. 531/., patr. J. W. Russell, Esq. of
B. Lodge, who has the manor. Near, are the
Swallows, or hollows which suck up the land floods.

Beneich Hill, 3 m. WNW. of Luss, NW.


P. BENENDEN par. (5) Rolvenden Scray lathe,
S. Kent, 4 m. W. of Tenderden-55, a place of
great antiquity. Acres 6780, part in hops ; pop.
1594, decreasing ; houses 296, with two schools ;
poor r. 958/. (Cranbrook U.) ; real prop. 7224/. ;
charities 1841., of which Gybbon's school 114/.
St. George Vic. (Cant.) val. 108/., patr. T. L.
Hodges, Esq. M. P., of Hempstead park. Fairs,
15 May, 4 Aug. horses, cattle.

Benerara, in Carrick, S. Ayr. near Ballantrae,
1440 ft. high.

Benevach Loch, in Strath Affaric, N. Inverness.

Benevian, or Bcnevack, Loch, 12 m. NW. of Fort
Augustus, N. Invern. under B. Hill.

BENFIELD-SIDE tnshp. ( ) Lanchester par.
JV. Durham, 12 m. SW. of Gateshead-275, a water-
ing-place near R. Derwent. Acres 2150 ; pop.
1074 + 54, in the coal mines; poor r. 121/. (Lan-
chest. U.) Living, a Cus. (Durh.) val. 130/., patr.
Crown and Bishop.

Benfin, 10 m. WNW. of Berrydale, SW. Caith-
ness. 1S Benfin, 3 m. SW. of Loch Fannich,
Mid. BASS.

P. BENFLEET, NORTH, par. (1) Barstable hund.
S. Essex, 3 m. WSW. of Rayleigh-32. Acres 1730 ;
pop. 364 + 6; poor r. 130/. (Billericay U.) ; real
prop. 3178/. All Saints Rect. (Roch.) val. 700/.,
patr. Rev. C. R. Rowlatt, rector. ^T B., SOUTH,

?ar. 3 m. SSE. of the above, opposite Canvey
sld. from which it is divided by Hadleigh creek,
had a castle destroyed by Hastings the danish
pirate 894. Acres 2160 ; pop. 707 + 17 ; poor r.
280Z. ; real prop. 3353Z. St. Mary Vic. (Roch.)
val. 242Z., patr. Dean and Chap. Westminster.

Benfuinevan, near Loch Inchard, W. Sutherld.

Bengairn (or Bengaren, or Bencairn) Hill> 5 m.
S. of Castle Douglas, S. Kirkcudbt. a mark for
entering R. Solway.

BENGAL hmlt. (53) Green's Norton hund. SW.
Northmptn. 1 m. W. of Towcester-60. Pop. 39.

BENGEO par. (47) Hertford hund. SE. Herts.
$ m. N. of Hertford partly in the boro'. Acres
3020; pop. 1141 + 29; poor r. 389/. (Hertf. U.);
real prop. 6056Z. ; charities 41. and 2 almsh. St.
Leonard Vic. (Roch.) val. 120/., patr. J. A. Smith,
Esq. B. House, T. Gosselin, Esq.

BENGEWORTH-ST. PETER par. (44) Evesham
boro', SE. Worcest. in the SE. suburbs, across
R. Avon. Pop. 1082 + 12 ; poor r. 484/. (Evesh.
U.) ; real prop. 5569/. ; charities 342Z. of which
2561. to Deacle's school. St. Peter Cur. (Wore.)
val. 158/., patr. Rev. W. Harker ; church, on site
of the castle which belonged to the Beauchamps,
and was razed by the abbot of Evesham 1156.

Benghulbhuinn Hill, in Glenshee, NE. corner of



Benglamlch, near Loch Sligachan, Isle of Skye,
W. Inverness.

Bengore Head (3) N. Antrim, near the Giant's
Causeway, rises in basalt columns, which are said
to be magnetic, 320 ft. above the sea, and is the
most northern point of Antrim ; close to it are the
" Giant's Granny," and the " Four Sisters."

Bengorm Mountn. (115) Murrisk bar. SW.
Mayo, 2280 ft. high.

Bengriam-beq, 1500 ft. and Bengriam-more,
1935 ft. high, NE. Sutherld. 9m. NE. of L. Naver.

BENHADLAF, ISAF, and UCHAF tnshps. (74)
Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant par. SE. Denbigh. 9m.
SW. of Chirk-173. Pop. 207 and 100 : real prop.

BENHADLAN tnshp. (74) Llanarmon par. SE.
Denbigh. 6 m. SSW. of Llangollen-184. Pop. 28.

BENHALL par. (50) Plomesgate hund. E. Suf-
folk, 1 m. SW. of Saxmundham-89, once belonged
to the Uffords and De la Poles, afterwards to the
Dukes. Acres 2010; pop. 7498; poor r. 3447.
(Plomesg. U.) ; real prop. 4098/. ; charities 28/. to
Duke's school. St. Mary Vic. (Norw.) val. 173/.,
patr. Rev E. Hollond, of B. Lodge ; church, haa
brass of E. Duke (1548). B. House, .

Benham Place (12) 1 m. W. of Newbury, SW.
Berks. Earl Craven, near Marsh Benham.

Benhar Collieries, 3 m. SE. of Shotts, borders oi
Lanark, and Linlithgw. lie close to the surface and
are of very good quality.

Benharrow, 4 m. NW. of Loch Katrine, SW.
Perth. "Along Benharrow's shingly side."

Benhee, or Benhae, between Lochs Moore and
Maddie, W. Sutherld. 2858 ft. high, the highest
of the range in this quarter.

Benhill, Ruthven par. N. Banff.

BENHOLM par. 2 m. SW. of Bervie 88, SE.
Kincardine, contains Johnshaven fishing-town.
Acres 4721, good, hilly to the NE. with limestone
quarries ; pop. 1688 + 207, sail-cloth weavers and
fishermen; real prop. 4731/. ; for poor 386/.
Living (Presb. Fordun) val. 232/., patr. Scott of
B. (an old tower) and Scott of Brotherston. H.
Robertson, Esq. has a seat here.

Benhope, 3 m. SW. of Kyle of Tongue, N.
Sutherld. 3061 ft. high, chiefly quartz.

Benhorn, 4 m. N. of Golspie, SE. Sutherld.
1712 ft. high.

Benhutig, near the Whiten Head, N. Sutherld.
1345 ft. high.

Benian, 4 m. NW. of Loch Ericht, E. Inverness.

BENIARTH tnshp. (79) Bettws-yn-Rhos par.
NW. Denbigh. 3 m. SSW. of Abergele-214. Pop.

Benison Lodge (7) 2 m. S. of Castlepollard, N.
Westmeatfi, Rev. T. Smyth, near L. Derveragh.

Benknowle ( ) 8 m. N. of Stockton-on-Tees,
SE. Durham.

Benlair, near Loch Mare, NW. Boss, 3000 ft.

Ben-laoghaU, or Ben Loyall, between the Kyle
of Tongue and L. Laoghafl, N. Sutherld. 2508 ft.

Benlaoi, or Ben Lay, 12 m. NE. by N. of In-
verary, NE. Argyll, on the Perth, border.

Benlascrona Channel, in W. Mayo, is the ordi-
narv one to Westport, being about $ m. broad
with 6 fath. water, and shoals on each side. The
entrance has a fixed light on Innisgourt, or Inish-
gort, inside of which is anchorage in 3 to 5 fath.

Benlechee, 9 m. NW. of L.Earnhead, W. Perth.

Benleod, between Lochs Dow and Shin, W
Sutherld. 2200 ft. high.

Benleothaid, or Benleach, between Lochs Dow
and Merkland, W. Sutherld.

Benlettcry Mountn. See Bennebcola, Galway.




Benlevey (27) 9 m. N. of Oughterard, N. Gal-
way, near Lough Mask, Blake, Esq.

Benhibbhain, near Benunack, E. Argyll, and
Loch Gilphead.

Benlundie, near Golspie, SE. Suiherld. 1467 ft.


Benmore, the highest peak of Mull, NW. Argyll.
and a chief station of the gd. trig, survey, 3168 ft.
high, gig" Benmore (13) N. Mayo, one of the
Bereen Corrough range, gif Benmore, 9 in. W.
of Loch Earnhead, W. Perth. 3819 ft. high, with
specular iron ore in it. giT Benmore Hills in
Mid. Ross, include Bendearg 3551 ft. high.
giP Benmore, between Lochs More and Dow,
W. Sutherld. giP Benmore, in N. Uist, Western
Is?ds. 1000 ft. high. (JiT Benmore, in Bum isld.
NW. Argyll. 2310 ft. high. " Great hill."

Benmore Assynt, 4 m. SE. of Assynt, SW.
Sutfierld. 3431 ft. high.

Benmore Head (5) 4 m. NE. of Ballycastle, N.
Antrim, 636 ft. high, is also called Fair Head.

Benna-Bynack, 10m. SW. of Tomantoul, borders
of Banff, and Invern. not far from Bo-na-main.

Bennacot (25) 4 m. NNW. of Launceston, N.

Bennarty, or Binnarty, Hill, near Loch Leven,
borders of Fife, and Kinross.

Bennavenna, or Isanavatia, of the Romans, is
on Watling St. near Daventry, Northmptn.

Benneagh (59) near Crumlin, S. Antrim, J.
Macawley, Esq.

Bennebeola, Twelve Pins of (23-4, 36-7) Balli-
nahinch bar. NW. Galway, between Lough Corrib
and Aghris point, occupying an area of 50 to 64 m.
bounded by the valley and lake of Kylemore on
the N. ; lakes Ina, Derryclare, and Ballinahinch,
E. and S. ; the principal peaks are Knockanna-
higgen 2400 ft., Bengower or Bencorr 2336 ft.,
Bencullagh 2084 ft, Derryclare 2000 ft., Benbaun
2395 ft, and Benlettery 1904 ft.

Bennerly Bridge (71) 8 m. NE. of Derby, E.
Derby, on Erewash canal.

Bennet End (7) 6 m. NW. of High Wycombe,
S. Bucks.

Bennet Head ( ) 6 m. SW. of Penrith, E.

BENNETIAND limit, (86) Bellasize tnshp. E.
R. York. 4 m. E of Howden-180. Pop. 82.

Bennet's (25) near Launceston, NE. Cornwall,
seat of the late Lord de Dunstanville.

Bennefs Castle (1) 3 m. SW. of Romford, SW.
Essex, gip B. Grounds, 5 m. E. of Howth light,
a sand outside Dublin bay with 5 to 6 fath. on it.

BENNETSTONE vil. Polmont pat. E. Stirling.
2 m. E. of Falkirk-24. Pop. 642.

P. BENNETT'S-BRIDGE vil. (24) Gowran and
Shillelogher bars. Mid. Kilkenny, a police station
on R. Nore, 5 m. S. of Kilkenny-72. Pop. 263,
some in the flourmills. Fairs, 24 Feb. 26 Aug.
19 Sept. 21 Dec.

BENNETT'S-END tnshp. (55) Cainham par. S.
Salop, 3m. ESE. of Ludlow-143. Pop. 309.

BENNETT'S-HOUSES hmlt. (79) Harwarden
tnshp. E. Flint, near Harwarden-189.

Benni I Vood (42) near Brecknock, S. Wales, the
site of a british camp, now covered with trees.

Swine par. E. R. York. 6 m. E. of Beverley-183.
Acres 1280 ; pop. 108 ; poor r. 677. (Skirlaugh U.) ;
real prop. 19657. B. Grange, J. Harrison, Esq.

BENNINGBROUGH tnshp. ( ) Newton-on-Ouse
par. N. -R. York. 5 m. NW. of York-199, on R.
Ouse. Acres 1070; pop. 86; poor r. 71. (York
U.) B. Hall, Mrs. Earle.

BENNINGTON par. (46) Broadwater hund. N.

Herts. 4 m. ESE. of Stevenage-34, the Bclintone
of ' Domesdy.' and Benefica of the Mercian kings
who had a seat here, was once a mkt. town.
Acres 2950 ; pop. 605 ; poor r. 3807. (Hertf. U.) ;
real prop. 43497. St. Peter Sect. (Koch.) val.
6087., patr. G. Proctor, Esq. ; church, near the site
of the old castle, has a chapel containing mons.
of the Benstedes and Caesars, who, as well as the
Earl of Essex, had the manor, now belonging to
the Cheshires. B. Place, C. M. Campbell, Esq. ;
B. Street (on the branch roman way to St. Al-
ban's), a meet for the Puckeridge hounds. Fair,
29 June, pedlery. igp BEXXINGTON par. (69)
Skirbeck wap. E. Lincoln. 4 m. ENE. of Boston
-113. Acres 3090; pop. 539 + 3; poor r. 1187.
(Boston U.); real prop. 63037. ; charities 1877.
of which 307. to Porril's school. All Saints Rect.
(Line.) val. 8057., patr. Earl of Ripon.

BENNINGTON GRANGE ext. par. to Long Ben-
nington below. Pop. 16. igsg" B., LONG, par.

8 '3) Loveden wap. W. Lincoln. 8 m. NW. of
rantham-110, on R. William, was a cell to Se-
vigny ab., Normandy, before 1175. Acres 4420 ;
pop. 1007 + 20, in the lime quarries ; poor r. 2507.
(Newark U.) ; real prop. 70987. ; charities 217.
All Saints Vic. (Line.) val. with Foston 4637.,
patr. Duchy of Lancaster.

Bennington's (47) 3 m. ESE. of Ware, SE. Herts.

E. Wraggoe wap. Mid. Lincoln. 5 m. NE. of
Wragby-143, on the Wolds. Acres 2840 ; pop.
488 + 11 ; poor r. 2357. (Horncastle U.) ; real prop.
34927. St. Julian Rect. (Line.) val. 5067., patr.
G. F. Heneage, Esq. ; church, with norman porch.
A british urn was found here.

Benochie. See Benachie, Aberdeen.

Benoghrie, near Lochs Ard and Con, S W. Perth.
in Abeffoil par.

BenontB, or Benonis, of the Romans, was HIGH
CROSS, where Watling St. crosses the Fosse way.

Benormid, 5 m. SE. of Loch Naver, Mid. Suthrld.
2307 ft high.

Benradh, near Strathy head, NE. coast Suthrld.

Benreisipoll, between Shiel and Sunart. N. Ar-
gyll 2661 ft high.

BENRIDGE tnshp. ( ) Mitford par. SE.
Northmbld. 2 m. WNW. of Morpeth-289. Pop. 70.
^ BENRIDGE hmlt. ( ) Kirkley tnshp. SE.
Northmbrld. 6 m. SSW. of Morpeth-289. Pop. 30.
B. House, R. Hedley, Esq.

Benrinnes, near Inveraven, on R. Spey, W.
Banff. 2747 ft. high above Glenlivet, where Argyll
fought the catholic leaders, 1595.

Benronastill, in Islay, SW. Argyll, at the N.
end 1050 ft. high.

Benroy, in W. Sutherld. 1400ft. high.

Bensbury, i. e. " Cneben's bury," SE. corner of
Wimbledon common, NE. Surrey, a saxon camp
of 7 acres and 220 paces diam., so called after
Cneben, one of Ethelbert's captains, killed here
568, in battle with Cealwyn of Wessex.

Benscreel, near Loch Hourn, W. Inverness.

Benscrivy, near Loch More, W. Suthrld.

Benshake, near Ardnamurchan point, NW.

Benshianta, in Jura, W. Argyll. 2300 ft. high.

P. BENSINGTON, or BENSO'X, par. (13) Dor-
chester and Ewelme hunds. SE. Oxford. 1 in.
NNE. of Wallingford-46, on R. Thames, near
G. West. rail, and the roman road to Alcester,
containing Fifield, Crowmarsh-Battle, and Roke,
was the saxon Benesingtun, Bynsingtun, etc. taken
from the Britons about 571 by Cealwyn, K. of
Wessex, whose castle was in 775 reduced by K.
Offa. Acres 2800 ; pop. 1254 ; poor r. 8957. (Wal-
ling. U.); real prop. 38937.; charities 807., of


which church estate 747. St. Helen Cur. (Oxon.)
val. 1807., patr. Ch. Ch. Coll. ; church, near site of
the castle, is ancient, with some broken brasses,
and a modern tower, under which a stone coffin
was found. Will, de la Pole's liaison Dieu (round.
Hen. VI.) was given to Oxfd. Univ.

Benskrish, 4 m. SE. of Cape Wrath, NW.

Bensmorale, in W. Sutherld. 1667 ft. high.

Benson Hall ( ) 2 m. NE. of Kendal, S.
Westmrld. near B. Knot 1098 ft. high.

Baispennie, 10 m. SE. of Cape Wrath, NW.
Sutherld. 2565 ft. high.

Benstack, 20 m. S. of Cape Wrath, W. Sutherld.
2400 ft. high.

Benstarive, or Benslarvie, NE. of Loch Etive,
N. Argyll.

Benstomin, near Loch Laoghall and the Kyle
of Tongue, N. Sutherld. 1800 ft. high.

Bent ( ) 12 m. NE. of Longtown, N. Cumbrld.

Bentaluidh, in Mull, NW. Argyll.

Bentartevil, in Islay isld. -S W. Argyll. 762 ft.
lii.uh, W. side of Loch-in-Daal.

BENTFIELD hmlt. (47) Stanstead Mountfitchet
par. NW. Essex, 3 m. NE. of Bishop Stortford-30,
near East. Count, rail. Acres 740 ; pop. 486 ; real
prop. 27997.

BENTHALL tnshp. (60 or 61) Alberbury par. W.
Salop, S m. WNW. of Shrewsbury-153.

BENTHALL par. (61) Wenlock'boro', E. Salop,

2 m. NE. of Wenlock-148, on R. Severn. Acres
770, with lime spars ; pop. 587 + 6, in the pot-
teries ; poor r. 1547. (Madeley U.) ; real prop.
24557. St. Bartholemew Cur. (Heref.) val. 937.,
patr. Vicar. B. Hall, .

BENTHAM hmlt. (44) Badgeworth par. Mid.
Gloucest. 4 m. E. of Gloucester- 102. Pop. 236.

P. BENTHAM par. ( ) W. Staincliff, W. R.
York. 12 m. WNW. of Settle-235, contains Cha-
pel -le-Dale and Ingleton curs, and HIGH and Low
B. hmlts. Acres 23,100; pop. 3535, of town
2180, in the potteries and factories ; houses 421 ;
poor r. 604;. (Settle U.) ; real prop. 9261 ; chari-
ties 3187., of which 2407. to Collingwood's hosp.
and school. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Rip.) val. 4527.,
patr. J. W. Farrer, Esq.

Benthill (45) Bucks, hund. N. Bucks. 1 m. SE.
of Buckingham-55.

Benthiolaire, near Lochgoilhead, E. Argyll, a
high peak, abounding with cresses, etc.

P. BENTI.EY par. and lib. (12) Odiham divi-
sion, NE. Hants. 5 m. NE. of Alton-47, a meet
for the H. H. hounds. Acres 2450, part in hops ;
pop. 766 + 4 ; poor r. 463/. (Alton U.') ; real prop.
42457. ; charities 177. St. Mary Cur. (Wine.)
val. 1067., patr. Archdeacon of Surrey. Fairs,
25 Jan. 22 June, Sat. in Easter week, 25 Oct.
giT BENTLEY tnshp. (61) Worfield par. E. Sa-
lop, 1 m. NE. of Bridgnorth-139. l^" BENT-
LEY tnshp. (62) Wolverhampton par. /S. Staffford.

3 m. E. of Wolverhampton-123, near N. West.
rail. Acres 1470 ; pop. 428 + 32, in the coal mines
and iron trade ; poor r. 487. (Walsall U.) ; real
prop. 42387., of which 23107. on iron works. B.
Hall, seat of the late Hon. E. Anson formerly of
CoL Lane, who hid Chas. II. after Worcester, and of
his sister who guided him to Bristol. |gj" BENT-
LEY par. (48) Samford hund. S. Suffolk, 6 m.
SW. of Ipswich-69, near E. Union rail, has an
old seat of the Tollemaches, who were here before
the Normans. Acres 2350; pop. 419; poor r.
132/. (Samf. Incorp.) ; real prop. 34667. ; chari-
ties 27. St. Mary Vic. (Norw.) val. 1827., patr.
Rev. C. E. Keene. ^JT BENTLEY hmlt. (63)
Shustoke par. N. 'Waneick. 3 m. SW. of Ather-
stone-107, near B. Park. Acres 1230 ; pop. 266 ;



real prop. 27987. Living, a Cur. with Shustoke ;
church, in ruins. Fair, 20 July. ^T Bentley
(55) 5 m. NNW. of Worcester, W. Worcest. T.
H. Cookes, Esq. ^g BENTLEY hmlt. ( ) Row-
ley par. E. R. York. 2 m. SSW of Beverley-183.
Pop. 49.

BENTLEY, FENNY, par. (72) Wirksworth hund.
W. Derby. 2 m. N. of Ashborne-139, in Dove-
dale, was the seat of the Beresfords and Cottons,
of whose house there are some remains. Acres
670; pop. 343; poor r. 447. (Ashbo. U.); real
prop. 20797. ; charities 27. St. Mary Magdalen
Rect. (Line.) val. 1247., patr. Bishop of Lichfield ;
church, has tombs of the Beresfords, one of whom
(died 1473) was at Agincourt. B. Cottage, fa m.
N. gg- B -GRANGE hmlt. (88) Emly par. W.
R. York. 6m. ESE.of Huddersfield-189.

P. BENTLEY, GREAT, par. (48) Tendring hund.
E. Essex, 7 m. ESE. of Colchester-51. Acres
2850 ; pop. 1005 + 3 ; poor r. 4497. (Tendr. U.) ;
real prop. 55857. ; charities 157. St. Mary Vic.
(Roch.) val. 2367., patr. Bishop of London. B.
Lodge, 1 m. S. Fair, Mond. after 15 July, cattle
and toys, i^" B. Hall (72) 5m. S. of Ashborne,
S W. Derby, near HUNGRY BENTLEY. tOT Bent-
ley, or Gladsmore, Heath (7) 2 m. NNE. of Chip-
ping Barnet, NE. Middlesex, where the battle of
Barnet was fought 1471, when Neville the king-
maker was killed; commemorated by an obelisk
on the Hatfield road.

P. BENTLEY, LITTLE, par. (48) 2 m. NE. of
Gt. Bentley, Esf.ex, as above. Acres 2750 ; pop.
462 ; poor r. 1517. (Tendr. U.) ; real prop. 84087.
St. Mary Rect. (Roch.) val. 6507., patr. Emmanuel
Coll. Cambridge. B. Hall, . ^ B.-PAUNCE-
FOOT, or B., UPPER and LOWER, tnshp. (54)
Tardebigg par. E. Worcester. 3 m. SSE. of
Bromsgrove-116. Pop. 238. B. House, .
giP B. Priory (7) 11 m. NW. of London, on the
Edgeware road, seat of Marq. of Abercorn, where
Q. Adelaide died, Nov. 1849, after a residence
of some months, formerly the site of a small re-
ligious house, contains some antiques, and among
the paintings, Panini's views of St. Peter's and
St. Paul's at Rome, Vandyke's Charles I., with
family portraits by Kneller, Reynolds, Gains-
borough, and Lawrence. ^g B.-WITH-ARKSEY
par. (87) Strafforth wap. W. R. York. 2 m. N. of
Doncaster-162, on R. Dearne, includes Almholme,
Bodies, Doncaster-Bridgend, Scawthorpe, Shaft-
holme, and Stockbridge. Acres 5220 ; pop. 1056 ;
poor r. 3707. (Done. U.) ; real prop. 84297. ; chari-
ties 2917., of which 407. to Cooke's free school (de-
signed by its founder for a gram, school), 1007. to
almshouses for 12 women. All Saints Vic. (York)
val. 1137., patr. Sir W. B. Cooke, Bt. of Wheatley.

Benton, or Bentham (34) 3 m. S. of Cricklade,
N. Wilts. Stoally, Esq.

Benton Castle (38) 3 m. NNE. of Pembroke,
S. Pembroke, in a fine spot on Milford haven.
fif B., LITTLE, hmlt. J m. S. of Long Benton as
below, H. T. Bigge, Esq., who has the manor, once
belonging to the Scropes of Masham, the Fitz-
hughs, and others. ({3F" B., LONG, par. ( ) E.
Castle ward, SE. Northmbrld. 3m. NNE. of New-
castle-275, near R. Tyne and the roman wall,
which stops at Segedunum or Wallsend, contains
Killingworth, Walker cur., and Weetslet. Acres
8760 ; pop. 8711 + 260, of town 2451, in collieries,
stone quarries, foundries, copperas, and gunpowder
works; poor r. 13227. (Tynemo. U.); real prop.
47,4497. of which 23,7107. on mines, and 14007. on
iron works ; charities 127. St. Bartholomew Vic.
(Durh.) val. 3537., patr. Balliol Coll. Oxon. to
which the church was granted by the Somcrvilles.
The manor, formerly the De Merlays', belongs




partly to the Brandlings. B. House, D. Dixon,
Esq. Walker colliery is crossed by a basalt dyke,
which is stone in the middle, falling away into

BENT'S-GREEN hmlt. (82) Eccleshall-Bierlow

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