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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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living in mud, and having muddy heads," intel-
ligent and enterprising. Stock of sheep about
115,000, chiefly long-woolled in the Merse and
Cheviots, mixed with the native breed on the up-
lands. Principal families and seats are : Earl of
Lauderdale Thirlstane Castle, Earl of Home The
Hirsel, Marq. of Breadalbane Lane/town, Earl of
Haddington Lennel Ho., Earl Buchan Dryburgh
Ab., Earl Wemyss The Retreat, Ld. Blantyre
Wedderlie, Ld. Polwarth Mertoun Ho., Ld. Sinclair
Nisbet, Campbell Bt. Marchmount (the ancient
seat of the Morvilles), Don Bt. Newton Don,
Hall Bt. Douglas, Hay Bt. Ather stone, Baillie
of Jerviswood, Hay of Dunse or Drummehier,
the Homes of Wedderliwrn. of Paxton, and Bas-
tendean, Haig of Bemersyde, Ker of Morristoun,
Maitland of Manderstone, Renton of Lamerton,
Roy of Nenthorn, Shillinglaw of Birkhillside,
Spottiswoode of Spottiswoode, Swinton of Swin-
ton, Wilson of IVTiitsome Hill. The Berwicksh.
hounds hunt round Dunse, etc. The history of the
county must be read in the history of the Gos-
patiicks, Homes, Hepburns, and Douglases, and
in the border and national contests which took
place between the two kingdoms before the Union.
Among the antiquities and objects of interest are
the british camps at Habchester in Mornington
par., Wardlaw hill in Coldingham, and in Leger-
wood ; british and roman remains in Cockburns-
path ; roman camp at Chesters in Togo, on
Battleknowes in Whitsome, roman and pictish
camps at Channelkirk, many pictish camps in
Lauder, danish camps on Raeclugh in Langton ;
a curious building, called Edwin's or Woden's
hall, in Dunse, and Deadrig cairn or obelisk in
Eccles. Remains exist at Coldingham tower com-
manding the pass to the N., and the Priory,
founded by Edgar, the bell of which was carried
to Lincoln ; Fast castle, on the coast, the Wolfs
crag of the " Bride of Lammermoor" ; Cranshaw
castle, built by the Douglases, and said to be the
original of Ravenswood ; Dunse castle, belonging
to the Morays ; Eccles nunnery, built by the Earls
of Dunbar, near Leetholme peel or border tower ;
Eyemouth fort, built by the protector Somerset ;
Hume castle, built by the Homes on Lurgie
craigs, a basalt rock 898 ft. high, and Dunglas
castle, also built by the Homes, on the Haddington
border ; Hutton hall or border tower ; Horndean
hosp. founded by Dav. I. ; Morriston tower and
peel houses, in Legerwood ; Dryburgh Abbey, on
the Tweed near Melrose ; Evelan peel, in West-
ruther; Edrington cast, in Mordington. There
are no vestiges of Ayton cast, nor of the priory at
Coldstream, the spot where the "Coldstream
guards" were first raised by Monk, and the old
rival to Gretna Green for runaway matches. Two
old churches stand at Auld Cambus and Pol-
warth. On the top of Dunse law, a flat of 30
acres, the Covenanters under Leslie were en-
camped. Pease bridge is, near the coast, remark-
able for its elevated place over a pass; from
Gordon par. and the vil. of Huntley, which stood
here, the Gordons took their titles ; and on Lauder
bridge the favourites of Jas. III. were murdered
by Angus and other conspirators. The celebrated



Duns Scotus was a native of Dunse, where they
show the site of his house; and Thomas the
rhymer, of Earlstoun. Routes from Berwick : 1.
along the coast to Ayton 8, Granty Inn 14, Cock-
burnspath 18, thence to Edinburgh 40 ; or by rail.
to Ayton 1\, Reston 11, Grant's House 16, Cock-
burnspath 21, thence to Edinb. 58: 2. to Chirn-
side 8, Dunse 14, to the Whitadder 20, thence to
Haddington or Tranent; or to Westruther 23,
Lauder 30, Sontra Hill 38, thence to Dalkeith :
3. to the Chain bridge on the Tweed 5, Swinton
10, to Kelso 21, Smailholm 27, Earlston 32 ; or to
Greenlaw 19, and Lauder 30 : 4. up the Tweed on
the english side to Norham cast. 6, Coldstream
13, Kelso 21, Dryburgh abbey 30, Melrose 33,
Abbotsford 35. Twenty-one m. of the N. British
rail, intersects this county on the coast, as above,
with branches to Dunse, and, up the Tweed, to
Kelso, whence it will go to Jedburgh and also to
the Hawick line from Edinbro'.

#* P.M. BERWICK-ON-TVVEED ( ) in Island-
shire or N, Durham, locally in N. Northmbrld.
(with which it is reckoned, and for which it is a
polling place), 334 m. from London, or 369 by
rail., and 58 from Edinbro', the frontier town of
England and Scotland (though joined to Engld. in
all proclamations), a garrison, coast gd. station, and
port on the sea at the Tweed's mouth, on the Ber-
wcksh. side of the river, was founded by the saxon
kings of Northumbria (whose territory reached to
the Forth), and taken by Gregory of Scotld. 880 ;
given 1020 by the Cospatricks to Mai. IV., who
did homage to the Conqueror here 1070 ; taken
1174 from the Scots by Hen. II., and restored to
them by Rich. I. ; settled by the Flemings (who
had the ' Red Hall,' on condition of defending the
town against the English) ; taken 1272 by Edw.
I., who crowned Baliol in the castle 1292, and
again 1295 by assault, when he made it his ca-
pital of Scotld. ; retaken by the Scots 1297 (under
Wallace, whose limbs were exposed here 1305),
and again under Bruce 1318 ; taken 1333, after
Hallidon Hill, by Edw. III., who was here '35
and 40, and '55, after its surprise by the Scots,
seven of whom again surprised it 1377 ; recovered
by the Percys, and on their rebellion taken by
Hen. IV., the garrison being frightened by the
effects of the first cannon fired in Engld. ; at-
tempted 1422 by the Scots, to whom it was given
1461, by Marg. of Anjou, who landed here
1463, before the battle of Hexham ; finally ceded
to Rich. Duke of Gloucester 1482, and made in-
dependent of both countries 1551 ; visited by
Jas. I. 1603, on his way to Engld., by Ch. I.
1633 and '39 ; and taken by Cromwell 1648 ;
returns two members to parl. (since Hen. VIII.
before which it sent one to the Scottish burgh
court), the bounds including the par. with
Tweedmo' and Spittal, no. of electors 888 (and
10/. houses 1200); was first chartered by Jas. I.,
and under the late act is divided into 3 wards,
governed by a mayor (who is returning officer),
6 aid., 18 council., with the style of ' may., bailiffs,
and burgesses of boro' of B. on T.,' and revenue
of 15.794/. Acres of boro' 7497 (old boro' 6497),
of par. 5120, with Catwell mineral spring ;
pop. 12,578 and 8484 (decreasing), in the ship-
ping trade (as below), the salmon trout, lobster
fisheries, once worth 10.000/., ropemaking, etc. ;
houses 1297, on a hill side, with 8 chapels, town-
hall (b. 1751 by Dodd) with a tower of 150 ft,
gaol, custom ho., 2 banks, savings bk. (54.780/. from
1712 depositors), gas and water works, assembly-
rooms, theatre, large barracks near the fortifica-
tions, large foundry, Jackson's free gram, school
(159/.) found, about 1650, burgess, sch., Bolton'a




blue coat sch. (1567.), freemen's alrash., lunatic
asyl., dispensary, Union p. house, 15-arched
bridge from the quay to Tweedmo', 1014 ft. long
(b. 1634, for 25,0007!), Union suspension br. (the
first made by Sir S. Brown), and a new stone
br. for the rail. Assd. taxes 21307. ; poor r.
24367., on 28,280?.; real prop. 34,1447., of which
29467. on fisheries. Holy Trinity Vic. (Durh.)
val. 289Z., patr. Dean and Chap.; church, reb.
in Cromwell's time, on site of that wherein
Edw. III.'s sister Joan married Dav. Bruce 1328.
Some few remains are left of the castle, where
Edw. I. confined the Countess of Buchan in a
wooden cage for 6 vrs., and of the Bell and
Magdalen towers which communicated with it
and the old walls ; but nothing of the hosp., the
priory, Sir J. Grey's friary (found. 1270), or Dav.
I.'s nunnery. The harbour, which is rocky and
difficult from a shifting bar, has good anchorage
within, near Carr rock off Spittal, and is defended
by a pier and slip of 800 yds. (b. 1810, for 40,0007.),
with two fixed lights, in lat. 55 46' N., long.
2 0' W., the upper, or bright one, being
44ft. high, and seen 11 m., the lower red, and
seen when the bar has 10 ft. water. There is
anchorage in the bay outside in 9 fath. ; but
several reefs line the coast. In 1846, 76 sail
of 5818 tons (32 being under 50 t. each), and
2 steamers of 295 t. belonged to the port, to
which Alnmo', Budle, Holy Isld. are sub-ports ;
and the tonnage Inwards and Outwards, includ-
ing repeated vovages, was 'coastwise' 852 sail
of 39,843, and 5*63 of 28,285 tons (besides 179
steamers of 15,384, and 180 of 15,395 t.), from
'colonies,' 6 of 1510 t., from and to 'foreign
ports' 13 of 2190, and 7 of 822 t. (besides 47 fo-
reigners of 4071, and 23 of 2395 t.) ; imports (val.
/.), timber, bones (for manure), iron, hemp,
tallow, etc., exports (val. 7.), corn, wool,
salmon, provisions, etc. from the county, to which
it is the great outlet ; total customs 15,7297.
It publishes the ' B. Advertiser ' and ' B. War-
der' newspapers; and Stevenson, a writer on
commerce, was a native. Beriek. P. L. Union,
contains the pars. etc. of Berwick in Northmbrld.,
and Ancroft, Cornhill, Holy Island, Kyloe,
Norham, Tweedmouth, with Duddo, Felkington,
Grindon, Horncliff, Loanend, Longridge, Nor-
ham Mains, Shoreswood, Thornton, and Twisel,
in Durh. ; acres 49,090, pop. 20,938, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 1640 (out-door 1486), expend. 62847.,
prop, rated 96,8617. The Sup. Registry comprises
the same up to Tweedmouth ; pop. 20,945 + 16 ; in
1845, births were 782 (369 being females, 50 el-
legit.), deaths 418, marriages 54, of which 6
persons signed with marks. The New County
Court district corresponds with the Registry.
Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, Trinity Frid. 2nd Wed. May,
Wed. before 26 Aug., 1st Wed. Nov. black cattle.


Berwood Hall (62) 5 m. NE. of Birmingham
N. Warwick.

BERWYN tnshp. with CBOES (57) Tregaron
par. E. Cardigan. 3 m. ESE. of Tregaron-204, in
a wild and romantic valley called Cwm Berwyn,
through which the R. Berwyn runs 6 m. to the
Teifi, below Tregaron, rising among the moun->
tains in the Llyn Berwyn the " Verwin's rushie
lin " of Drayton.

Berwyn Mountains (74) between Merioneth, and
Montgomery, a high range in continuation of the
Arran-y-Gessel and Fowddy, two peaks of which,
near the road from Llanfyllin to Bala, are 2104 ft.
and 2027 ft. high ; further to the NE. is Cader
Fronwen 1650 ft., and Cader Ferwyn 2563 ft.,
beyond which is Moel Ferna 2108.

BESCOBY. See BESKABY, Leicester.

Bescot Hall (62) 1 m. SW. of Walsall, S. Staf-
ford. W. Marshall, Esq., a moated house, near X.
West, rail., on- the site of the Hillarys' and Mount-
forts' seat, commanding a fine view.

BESFORD tnshp. (73) Shawbury par. N. Salop,
3 m. SE. of Wem-163, near R. Roden. Pop. 167
+ 1- ^ BESFORD chplry. (54) Pershore par.
S. Worcest. 2 m. WSW. of Pershore-102, on R.
Avon and Birm. and Glouc. rail. Acres 1300;
pop. 179 + 3 ; poor r. 617. (Persh. U.) ; real prop.
16787. St. Andrew Cur. with Pershore. B. Court,
N. L. Fenwick, Esq. ; B. Farm, 1 m. N.

BESKABY (70) extr. par. to Croxton-Keyrial,
NE. Leic. 5 m. NE. of Melton Mowbray-105. Pop. 7.

Beshwood. See Bestwood Hall, Notts.

Bessborough (39) near Pilltown, S W. Kilkenny,
Earl of Bessborough.

Bessbrook (26) Upper Orior bar. SE. Armagh,
2J m. NW. of Newry, a seat of the linen manu-
facture, celebrated for its flax mills.

BESSECAR hmlt. (87) Cantley par. W. R. York.

2 m. SE. of Doncaster-162.

BESSELSLEIGH par. (13) Hormer hund. A'. Berks.

3 m. NNW. of Abingdon-56, so called because it
once belonged to the Blessels, or Bessels, and
Leighs, afterwards came to the Fettiplaces, and
(1630) to the Lenthalls, of whom was the Speaker
of the long parliament. Acres 980; pop. 106;
poor r. 717. (Abingd. U.) ; real prop. 11247.;
charities, a share in Sellwood's " foul weather
jackets " for the poor. St. Lawrence Rect. (Oxon.)
Val. 2107., patr. W. J. Lenthall, Esq. of B. House.

P. Besses oW Burn, 4 m. from Bury, S. Lancash.

BESSIXGBY par. ( ) Dickering wap. E. R. York.
1 in. SW. of Bridlington-206. Acres 1230 ; pop. 66 ;
poor r. 717. (Bridl. U.) ; real prop. 17447. St. Mag-
nus Cur. (Yk.) val. 597., patr. H. Hudson, Esq.

BESSINGHAM par. (68) N. Erpingham hund.
N. Norfolk, 4 m. SW. of Cromer-129. Acres 410 ;
pop. 139 ; poor r. 617. (Erping. U.) ; real prop.
10137. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. 1317., patr.
F. E. Arden, Esq.

Bessmount (9) near Monaghan, N. Monagh.

Bessy-Bell Hill (25) near Newtown Stewart,
NJV. Tyrone, 1386 ft. high, not far from Mary-
Gray hill.

BESTHORPE par. (66) Shropham hund. S. Nor-
folk, i m. E. of Attleborough-94, on Norw. and
Brandon rail. Acres 2440 ; pop. 536 + 21 ; poor r.
3497. rWayland U.) ; real prop. 37797. All Saints
Vic. (Norw.) val. 2507., patr. Earl of Winterton.

BESTHORPE, or BEESTHORPE, chplry. (83) Si
Scarle par. E. Notts. 6 m. NNE. of Newark-124.
Acres 510 ; pop. 327 ; poor r. 767. (Newark U.) ;
real prop. 22007. ; charities 97., to school. Living,
a Cur. with Scarle. B. Hall, built in Jas. I.'s
time, with an old hall, tower, pointed roof.

BESTRASE (33) 5 m. W. of Penzance, W.

Bestwood Hall (71) 4 m. N. of Nottingham, S.
Notts, a farmhouse, on an old royal demesne of
3700 acres, once abounding with deer, but now

BESWICK (89) ext. par. to Manchester boro',
S. Lancash. Acres 60 ; pop. 345 + 10 ; real prop.

BESWICK chplry. ( ) Kilnwick par. E. R.
York. 6 m. N. of Beverley-183, contains Wilt-
holme. Acres 1430 ; pop. 211 ; poor r. 487. (Be-
verl. U.) ; real prop. 22427. Living, a Cur. (Yk.)
val. 657., patr. Master of Abp. Holgate's gram. sch.

Lower Duleek bar. E. Meath, 1 m. XE. of Duleek,
34 from Dublin, a small bathing-place, belonging
to R. Sheppard Esq., of B. House. Pop. 214.


BETCHCOTT tnshp. (61) Smethcott par. Mid.
Salop, 4 m. N. of Church Stretton-158. Top. 32.

Betchton. See Bechton, Cheshire.

P. BETCHWORTH par. (8) Keigate hund. Mid.
Surrey, 2 m. E. of Dorking-23, contains Brock-
ham Green Cur. Acres 3660 ; pop. 1140 + 14;
poor r. 664/. (Reigate U.) ; real prop. 59447. ; cha-
rities 751. St. Michael Vic. (Win.) val. 126/.,
patr. Dean and Canons of Windsor ; church, has
brass of W. Wardysworth, a priest (1553). B.
Castle, Rt. hon. H. Goulburn, M. 1'.

BETHELNIE par. is joined to RHYNIE, Aberdeen.
hear B. Hill.

P. BETHERSDEN, or B.-LOVEI.ACE, par. (3)
Chart hund. Scray lathe, Mid. Kent, 6 m. WSW. of
Ashford-52, near S. East. rail. Acres 6410, part
in hops ; pop. 1011 + 4 ; poor r. G33/. (W. Ashford
U.); real prop. 51027. St. Beatrice Vic. (Cant.)
val. 1657., patr. Archbp. ; church, has mons. of the
Withersdens and Choutes of Surrenden, and
brasses of the Lovelaces, who had the manor
through the Grensteds, and of whom was Richard
the poet. Gray marble, like the Petworth, was
formerly quarried here for slabs, mantelpieces,
columns. Fair, 1 July.

BETHESDA vil. (77) Llandurog par. W Carnar-
von. 4 m. SW. of Carnarvon-235, is peopled by
slate quarriers and has several chapels.

P. BETHESDA hmlt. (78) Llan-llechid par. A.
Carnarvon. 3 m. SE. of Bangor-236.


BETHNAL-GREEN par. (1) Tower Hamlets
boro', Tower div. of Ossulstone hund. SE. Middle-
sex, 2 m. NE. of St. Paul's, London, between the
Regent's canal and E. Count, rail., was part of
Stepney till 1743, and is divided into the Church,
Green, Hackney Road, and Town districts. Acres
760 including Globe Town, NE. London cemetery,
part of Victoria park, with pasture, brick land, and
market gardens ; pop.74,088 + 1207, chiefly Spital-
fields silk-weavers, and some in a cotton factory,
and a factory for firemen's and brewers' hose.
Houses 11,782, old and densely-peopled, with 13
churches (of which 10 have been b. and endowed
1840-50, chiefly by the exertions of the Bp. of Lon-
don (Blomfield), and one is attached to the college,
school, and operative institutn. of the London soc.
for promoting Christianity among the Jews, in Pa-
lestine PI. ; the french, and many other chapels ;
Union workho., Parmiter's free school and almsh,
(3087.), par. sch. (1477.); Fisher's almsh., the Tri-
nity, Drapers' and Dyers' almsh. ; lunatic asylum
b. 1570, by J. Thorpe, for John Kirby, a citizen
of Elizabeth's time, but commonly said to have
been the seat of the " Blind Beggar of Bethnall-
Green," the hero of which (see Percy's ' Re- 1
liques') was Henry, son of Simon de Montfort,
whose adventure is commemorated to this day on
the parish beadle's staff. Poor r. 11,0667, on
96,8167.; real prop. 110,2477,; charities 6507., of
which the " Green " lands for benefit of poor 1547.
St. Matthew Rect. (Loud.) val. 6147.; church,
plain brick built 1740, patr. Bishop, and also
of the following curs. : St. John, val. 2307.
(church b. 1828 by Soane, for 18,0007.), St. Peter
2007., St. Andrew 2247., St. James the Less 150/.,
St. James the Great 3007., St. Bartholomew 2007.,
St. Philip 2247., St. Matthias 1807., St. Jude 2507.,
St. Simon Zelotes 1507., St. Thomas 2007. Vic-
toria Pk., begun about 1841, and so called after
the Queen, lies between the canal and Old Ford
lane on the borders of Hackney and Bow pars.,
is 1 m. long by to J broad, or 290 acres, and
has only one end laid out, in which are a lodge,
a piece of water for fowl (and swimmers) with a
pagoda in it, and a public gymnasium adjoining.



Near the park and Klrby's castle (which in
Pepys's time belonged to Sir W. Rider), is the
site of " Bp. Bonuer's hall," called so after another
which was probably the residence of that famous
persecutor; Sir T. Gresham was a resident, and
Aiusworth (the lexicographer) kept school here ;
and it is the head qrs. of the Queen's own light in-
fantry. Bethnal- Green P. L. Union, consists
the above par. ; cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 3270
(out-door 1982). Sup. Registry comprises the
same; births (1845) 3091 (1528 being females, 63
illegit.), deaths 1763, marriages 590, of which 472
persons signed with marks; 419 and "many"
more deaths from cholera in 1849, through bad
drainage, poverty, etc. It belongs to Shoreditch
New County Court district.

P. BETLEY par. (73) N. Pirehill hund. NW.
Stafford. 6 m. WNW. of Newcastle-under-Lyne
-150, a pleasant place near Gd. Junct. rail, and
Healy castle, and once a mkt. town. Acres 1480,
part in market gardens, and including B. Mere;
pop. 884+1; poor r. 1367. (Newcast. U.) ; real
prop. 38707. ; charities 157. St. Margaret Cur.
(Lich.) val. 1607., patr. G.Tollett, Esq. of B. Hall;
church, ancient, partly of framed timber, with
wooden pillars and arches, and mons. of the Eger-
tons, Tolletts, etc. B. Court, F. Twemlow, Esq.
Fair, 31 July.

Betloe Farms (46) 4 m. NNE. of Tring, N W.

BETSOME, or BETSHAM, hmlt. (6) Southfleet
par. NW. Kent, 3 m. SW. of Gravesend-22, a pretty
spot among hop-grounds, orchards, etc. Pop. 188.

BKTTERTO.N tythg. (13) Lockinge par. W.
Berks. 2 m. SE. "of Wantage-60, seat of Rev. J;
Collins- Pop. 17.

Eastry hund. St. Augustine lathe, E. Kent, 4 m.
W. of Deal-74. Acres 370 ; pop. 18 ; poor r. 327.
(Eastrv U.) ; real prop. 14347. St. Mary Rect.
(Cant.) val. 1667., patr. F. E. Morrice, Esq. of
B. Park, formerly a seat of the Boys family.

BETTISCOMBE 'par. (18) Frampton lib. W.Dor*
set. 6 m. W. of Beaminster-137. Acres 1810 5
pop. 53 ; poor r. 697. (Beam. U.) ; real prop. 10577.
Living, a Rect. (Sal.) val. 1807., patr. R. Sheridan,
Esq., M. P.,- of Frampton.

BKTTISFIELD tnshp. (73) Hanmer par. SE.
Flint. 4 m. NE. of Ellesmere-1 69. Pop. 370 ; poor
r. 1477. (Ellesm. U.); real prop. 34677. B. Hall,
Sir J. Hanmer, Bt. (of whose family was the'
Speaker of Anne's time, and editor of Shakspere),
has portraits by Kneller, Jansen, etc. B. Park, .

BETTON and AIKMERE tnshp. (61) St. Chad
par. Mid. Salop, 3m. SSE. of Shrewsbury-153.
Pop. 48. Little. B. or B. Strange, G. J. Scott, Esq.
B. Hall, W. C. Norcop, Esq. '

BETTUS, or BETTWSI-Y-CRWTN, par. (56) Clun
hund. <S W. Salop, 9 m. SW. of Bishop's Castle-159,
near R. Teme, contains Kevencalanog, Rugantine,
and Trebrodier. Acres 8500 ; pop. 452 + 7 ; poor
r. 1897. (Knighton U.) ; real prop. 24407. St.
Mary Cur. (Heref.) val. 577., patr. Earl Powis.

BETTWS par. (36^) Upper Wentllooge hund.
S. Monmouth. 8 m. N W. of Newport-148. Acres
1470 ; pop. 90 ; poor r. 667. (Newp. U.) ; real prop.-
9667. St. David Cur. with Woollas. ' Bettws,' in
wehh, means a pleasant spot between hill and
dale, said to come from abbatis, a monastery.

BETTWS, or CAPEL BETTWS, chplry. (42) Mid.
Brecon, includes Pen-Pont, which see. gif" BET-
TWS limit. (57) Bettws-Evan par. S. Cardigan.
as below. Pop. 242. $3" BETTWS par. (41)
Jskennen hund. SE. Caermarth. 7 m. S. of Llan-
deilofawr-202, near the B. Mounts., which are a
branch of the Black mnts. Extent about 5 m. by

M 3




li, hilly; pop. 1109 + 27; poor r. 2197. (Llan-
deil. U.) ; real prop. 2783Z. St. David Cur. (St.
Dav.) val. 98Z., patr. Bishop. tgjp BETTWS
par. (36) Newcastle hund. Mid. Glamrgn. 4 m. N.
of Bridgend-181, on R. Ogmore, near R. Severn.
Pop. 438 + 7, in the collieries ; poor r. 134Z.
(Bridgend U.) ; real prop. 1718Z. ; charities 41.
St. David Cur. with Newcastle. Goytrehene,
M. P. Traherne, Esq. ; and at Tynton, Dr. Price,
the celebrated nonconformist divine, was born.
giT BETTWS tnshp. (74) Llanfawr par. E. Me-
rioneth. 1m. NE.of Bala-194. Pop. 232. ^ BET-
TWS, or B. CEDEVVEN par. (60) Newtown hund.
E. Montgomery. 3 m. N. of Newtown-175, on R.
Bechan, near Pen-y-gaer camp, commanding
fine views of R. Severn, contains Dolforwyn
and its ancient castle, Garthgellin, Llanitheon,
and Ucheldre. Acres about 6000; pop. 821;
poor r. 324Z. (Newtown U.) ; real prop. 3696Z. ;
charities 24Z. St. Beuno Vic. (St. Asa.) val.
211/., patr. Bishop ; church, with mon. to John
ab Meredith, who built the tower. Gregynog,
was the Blayneys' seat.


BETTWS-BLEDDRWS par. (57) Moyddyn hund.
S. Cardigan. 3 m. N. of Lampeter-209, near R.
Teifi. Pop. 227; poor r. 68Z. (Lamp. U.); real
prop. 964Z. St. Bleddow Rect. (St. Dav.) val.
143Z., patr. Bishop. Dery Ormond, J. Jones, Esq.
near the trench called Castel Goedtref. iJaT B.-
CLYKO, or CAPEL-BETTWS, chplry. (42 or 56)
Clyro par. S. Radnor. 3 m. N. of Hay-154, on R.
Wye. Pop.218 ; real prop.!414Z, igaTB.-DissERTH
chplry. (56) Colwyn hund. S.Radnor. 7 m. WSW.
of Radnor-159, near the source of R. Edwy. Pop.
132 ; poor r. 89Z. (Builth U.) ; real prop. 5907.
St. Mary Rect. with Disserth. {gf B.-EvAN or
JEUVAN par. (57) Troedyrawr hund. <S W. Cardi-
gan. 8 m. ENE. of Cardigan-239, contains Bettws
and Llynnchel. Pop. 426 + 4 ; poor r. 149Z. (New-
castle U.); real prop. 1140Z. St. John Cur. with
Penbryn. gif B.-GARMON par. (78) Is-gorfai
hund. W. Carnarvon. 4 m. SE. of Carnarvon
-235, under Snowdon, in the midst of fine moun-
tain and lake scenery, at the source of R. Gwrfai.
Pop. Ill ; poor r. 631. (Carnarv. U.) 5 real prop.
895?. St. Garmon Cur. (Bang.) val. 90Z., patr.
Bishop ; church, between Moel Eilis, which rises
2377 ft., and the Mynddfawr hills. Fairs, 17 Aug.
22 and 26 Sept. i^P B.-GwERFYL-Gocn par.
(74) Edeyrnion hund. NE. Merioneth. 4 m. N W. of
Corwen-194, near R. Alwen. Size about 6 sq.
m. ; pop. 279, stocking knitters ; poor r. 125Z.
(Corwen U.) ; real prop. 6957. ; charities 21. St.
Mary Rect. (St. Asa.) val. 124Z., patr. Bishop;
church, early english. Fairs, 22 June, 12 Aug.
lambs, 16 Sept. 12 Dec. cattle, horses, sheep,
pigs. tiP B.-LEIKI chplry. (57) Llandewy Brevi
par. 8. Cardigan. 7 m. N. of Lampeter-209, on i
R. Aeron. Pop. 364 ; poor r. 72Z. (Tregaron U.) ;
real prop. 1471Z. Living, a Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 50Z.,
patr. Incumbent of par. (gg" B.-NEWYDD par.
(36) Lower Ragland hund. Mid. Monmouth. 5 m.
NNW. of Usk-142. Acres 1200 ; pop. 106 ; poor
r. 19Z. (Abergavenny U.) ; real prop. 1004Z. ; cha-
rities 5Z. Living, a Cur. with Llanarth. B. Lodge,
. ^aP B. PEN-FONT. See PEN PONT, Brecon.
gip B.-Y-COED par. (75) Nant-Conway hund.
E. Carnarvon. 3m. S. of Llanrwst-217, a pretty
spot among the hills where R. Llugwy, crossed by
a singular bridge called Pont-yPair, joins the
Conway at the Waterloo-bridge, with good trout
and salmon fishing. Pop. 451 + 11 ; poor r. 120Z.
(Llanrwst U.) ; real prop. 845Z. St. Michael Cur.
(Bang.) val. 10 1Z., patr. Bishop ; church, ancient, on

the site of a religious house, has a mon. of Grufiydd
ap Davyd Goeh, a kinsman of- the last Llewelyn.
In high floods the hills form several good cataracts
here ; and Fors Northyn is a fine spot on the Con-
way. igi B.-Y-CRWYN. See BETTUS, Salop.
Igp B.-YN-RHOS, or B.-ABEROELE, par. (79) Is-

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