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dulas hund. N. Denbigh. 3 m. SW. of Abergele-214,
containing Beniarth, Bodlyman, Cilcen, Dehen-
fryn, Maesgwig, Tai, Trellan, Trofarth, commands
a fine view of the sea. Pop. 911 ; poor r. 480/.
(St. Asa. U.) ; real prop. 3459Z. ; charities 441. to
free school. St. Michael Vic. (St. Asa.) val. 333Z.,
patr. Bishop. Coed Coch, J. L. Wynne, Esq.

Bettyville (37) near Wexford, SE. Wexford.

BEUCKLEY, or BEWCLAY ( ), 5 m. NE. of Hex-
ham, S. Northmbld. on Watling St., where Devil's
causeway turns off.

BEVERCOATES par. (83) Bassetlaw wap. Mid.
Notts. 2m. NW.of Tuxford-137. Acres 790. part
in hops; pop. 44; poor r. 3Z. (E. Retford U.);
real prop. 927Z. Living, a Vic. with W. Mark-
ham ; church, in ruins. B. Park, I m. S.

Severe Island (54) 2 m. N. of Worcester, Mid.
Worcest. formed by the Bever-burn, or Barbon,
thought to have been the resort of those animals,
is seat of W. Carey, Esq. commanding a fine view
of the Abberley and Malvern hills.

## P. M. BEVERLEY, Harthill wap. E. R.
York. 29 m. ESE. of York, on Bridl. rail, 254 m.
from London, or 183 by road, and 10 m. NNW.
of Hull, a sessions, election, and polling town,
and head quarters of the E. Riding militia, on
R. Hull, under the Wolds, is the saxon Beoforlic
or Beverloga, i. e. " lake of beavers," and grew
out of the priory founded about 700, by John
Archbp. of York, which being destroyed by the
Danes 860, was refound. by Athelstane, with
the privilege of sanctuary ; was frequently visited
1299-1316 by Edw. I. during his Scottish wars, in
which he carried the standard of St. John at the
head of his army ; visited by Hen. IV. 1399, and
by Chas. I. 1639 and '42, when it was taken by
parl. ; returns two members to parl. (since Eliz.
and once Edw. I.) the boro' limits, talcing in the
old boro' (or the pars, of St. Martin, St. Mary,
and St. Nicholas), and the liberties (Molescroft,
Storkhill with Sandholme, Thearne, Tickton with
Hull Bridge, Weel, Woodmansey, with B. Park),
all in the par. of St. John (which further con-
tains Aike and Eske in Holderness wap.) ; no. of
electors, including freemen (who are exempt
from toll and custom in every part of England)
being 1373 (and 10Z. houses 2171) ; was first char-
tered by Eliz., and under the late act is divided
into 2 wards, governed by a mayor, 6 aldermen,
18 councillors, with the style of " maj r . aid. and
burgesses of boro' of B. " and a revenue of 2037Z.
Acres (boro') 9160, of which the " fremen's pas-
tures" and race-course are 1200 ; pop. 8671 + 37, in
the coal, corn, meal, malt, and leather trade ; houses
1947, some near the old gate, on the N. side, very
good, with 2 churches, 5 chapels, guild and sessions
halls, houses of correction for town and riding,
4 banks, savings bk. (67,014Z. from 1687 deposi-
tors), register office, theatre, mkt. cross in an
area of 4 acres, gram, school, which has 8 scho-
larships at Camb., blue-coat school, Fox's hosp.
for 6 widows, Routh's for 32 (682Z.), Warton's
for 12 (404Z.), corporation and other almshouses ;
assd. taxes 3000Z. ; poor r. 2323Z. on 21,618Z. ;
real prop. 42,782Z. ; charities 3825Z., of which
minster estates 1559Z., St. Mary church lands,
323Z., Metcalfe's charity 172Z. St. John Cur.
(York) with St. Martin, val. 128Z., patr. Simeon's
Trustees ; church or minster, formerly belonging
to the monastery and collegiate, in which Corpus


Christi plays were at one time acted and the ' boy
bishop ' elected, -vvas restored 1717, with Roche
abbey stone, is cruciform (333 ft. by 165), with
two "towers (higher 198 ft.), in early eng. and
later styles, has 40 stalls in the choir, a beautiful
screen and altar, the 'freed stool,' or pads cathe-
dra, for criminals to fly to, near the spot where
the relics of St. John of Beverley, the patron
saint, are buried, the portraits of Athelstane and
the archbp., with the rhyming grant " Als free,
Make I the, As hert maythynke, Oreghmayse"
and several tombs of the Percys. St. Mary Vic.
with St. Nicholas Sect. 2897.. "Ld. Chancellor;
church, to which St. Catherine s, containing some
curious portraits, is united, is large and cruciform,
in styles from 1 188 downwards, with 8-sided sculp-
tured font. Three bishops, the learned Fisher
(1459-1635) executed by Hen. VIII., Alcock,
founder of Jesus Coll. Camb. (died 1500), and
Green (1706-79) who had a share in the "Athe-
nian Lettersj" were natives and educated at the
gram, school ; of this place also were Alfred of B.
a monkish historian, and Mary Wollstonecroft or
Godwin. Near are remains of Meaux abbey ; and
on a hill to the N., one of Athelstane's crosses*
which marked the bounds of sanctuary. It gives
title of Earl to the Percys, who once had a seat
at Lackenford. A canal called B. Beck runs to
R. Hull, and to B. and Bramston Cut, which has
Leen opened parallel to that stream. B. Park,
J. Yorke, Esq. was formerly all forest, but cleared
during the civil war. Bev. P. L. ifnion, contains
the pars. etc. of Beswick, Beverley, Bishop Bur-
ton, Brantingham, South Cave, Cherry Burton,
South Daltonj Elloughton with Brough, Etton,
Holme-on-the-Wolds, Kilnwick, Leckonfield, Le-
ven, Lockington, Lund, North and South New-
bald, Routh, Rowley, Scorbrough, Skidbv, Walk-
ington, Wawn with Aike, Elleker, Eske, Locking-
ton-in-Kilnwick, Meaux, Molescroft, StorkMU,
Thearne, Tickton, Weel, Woodmanley and Bever-
ley parks; acres 77,800, pop. 18,957, cases re-
lieved (yr. 1846-7) 1393 (out-door 1246), expend.
5853Z., prop, rated 120,583/. Sup. Registry com-
prises the same up to Wawn, with Broomfield,
Faxfleet, Hempholme, Wauldby, and Bracken;
pop. 18,954 + 216. The New County Court district
includes the Registry, with Bransburton and
Hornsea sub-districts (except Gt. Cowden). Mkt.

D. Sat. and every other Wed. for sheep and cattle.
Fairs, Tues. before 25 Feb. Holy Thurs. 5 July,
Wed. before 25 Sept. 6 Nov. horses, cattle, sheep.
Races, June.

Beverley Lodge (48) near Colchester, E. Essex,
R. Hill, Esq. ^ B. Park (3) near Canterbury,

E. Kent, gsf B. PARK, tnshp. See WOOB-

MANSEY, E. R. York.

(34) Calne and Hillmarton hunds. N. Wilts, 2 m.
NE. of Calne-87.

P. UEVEKSTOKE par. (34) Upper Berkeley hund.
S. Gloucest. 2 m. W. of Tetbury-98, the" saxon
Byferestan, has the remains of B. Castle, with a
church attached, built before the Conquest, after-
wards occupied by the Berkeleys, and destroyed
by part, in Ch. I.'s time. Acres 236, with stone-
roofing quarries ; pop. 178 ; poor r. 65t (Tetbury
U.) ; real prop. 2512Z. St. Mary Sect. (Gl. and
Ba.) with Kingscote, vaL 590/., patr. Crown ;
church old, with stone pulpit.

(11) 2 m. N. of Southampton, S. Hants, on R.
Itchin, so called after the hero Sir Bevie, by
whom it is said to have been raised, was late the
seat of Sotheby the poet, and formerly of the
great Earl of Peterborough,


(G4-5) a cut near Whittlesea, in
the fens, NW. Cambridge., unites Oakley and W.
Dykes, being about 4 m. long.

BEVINGTON (80) in the N. suburbs of Liverpool,
& Lancash. Pop. 12,795. Living, a Cur. (Ches.)
val. 130/., patr. Crown and Bishop. ||ir BEVINGTON

(54) 3 m. SW. of Alcester, SW. Warwick. B.
Cock, 1 m. SSE.

BEWALDETH tnshp. ( ) with Snittlegarth.
Torpenhow par. W. Cumbrld., 3. m. SW. of
Ireby-304. Pop. 73 ; real prop. 938A

BEWCASTLE par. ( ) Eskdale ward, N. Cum-
brld., at the sources of Rs. Irthing and Leven,
9 m. ENE. of Brampton-311, so called from the
castle, b. by Bueth, a norman baron, is perhaps
the roman Apiatorium, on the Maiden way
to Netherby, was once a mkt. town, and con-
tains Bailey, Bellbank, and Nixons. Acres
26,640, wild and little known, with limestone,
coal, and lead; pop. 1274, decreasing, of town
181, horse-dealers, etc. ; poor r. 5451. (Long-
town U.) ; real prop. 1712/. St. Mary Rect. (Carl.)
val. 120/., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, stands
near the remains of the castle, which was de-
stroved by parl. 1641, and with the manor belongs
to Sir J. "Graham of Netherby, in the ch.yard
is a celebrated obelisk, 14 feet high, with inscrip-
tions and figures which have often tried the in-
genuity of antiquarians. Stones, coins, etc. have
been found.

* P. M. BEWDLEY, i. e. BEAUUEU, chplry.

(55) Ribbesford par. Lower Doddingtree hund.
JfW. Worcest, on a hill side by the Severn
" soe comely," says Leland, " a man cannot
wish to see a towne better," 14 m. NNW. of
Worcester, 129 from London, and until the time
of Hen. VIII. within the Welsh marches, has
returned one member from the time of Jas. I.,
by whom it was incorporated, the boro' limits
settled by the Reform bill, including the old
boro' in Ribbesford par., Wribbenhall across the
river, Hoarstone, Blaekstone, Netherton, and
Stourport in Lower Mitton-with-Lickhill tnshp.,
no. of electors being 394 (of 101. houses ) ; and
under the municipal act is governed by a mayor,
4 aid., 12 council., with the style of "bailiff,
burgesses, and inhabitants of town and boro'
of B.," and a revenue of G06L Acres 7110 (old
boro' 2500) including part of Forest of Wye,
and much woodland; pop. 7458, of town, 3400
in fhe manufact, of combs (that of dutch caps
having gone down), leather and malt, but de-
creasing from the decline of the carrying trade
on the river ; houses 779, with townhall and gaol,
4 chapels, bank, savings bk. (15,289/. from 445 de-
positors) Jas. I.'s free gram, school (44/.), at
which Bp. Willis and Tombes (the opponent of
Baxter), both natives, were educated, Wigan's
free library, Burlton, Sayer, and Cooke's alms-
houses ; assd. taxes 925/. ; poor r. 950Z. on 8277/1
(Kidderminster U.) ; real prop. 12,5527, ; charities
278Z. of which gram, school 44/. St. Andrew Cur.
(Wore.) val. 100/., patr. Rector; church built
1748, near the bridge ; Far Forest Cur. val. 6G/.
patr. Rector. The old town gates are removed ;
Lord Lyttleton has the manor under the crown.
Ticknell Park, seat of J. Bury, Esq. on the site
of the palace b. by Hen. VII. for his son Arthur,
and afterwards occupied by Ch. I. which was de-
stroyed in the civil wars ; Spring Grove, A. Skey,
Esq. On the Vasall, or Wasall, hill is a roman

| camp ; and there is a hollow called the ' Devil's
Spittlefull.' Mr. Roberta's harriers hunt here.
Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 23 Apr. 26 July, 10 and
11 Dec.

BEWERLEY tnshp. ( ) Ripon par. W. R.

N 4




York, close to PateleyBridge-224,on R. Nidd, con-
tains Greenhow Hill. Acres 5320 ; pop. 1329 + 2,
in the lead mines ; poor r. 5507. (Pateley Br. U.) ;
real prop. 60947., of which 14437. on mines. B.
Hall, J. Yorke, Esq.

BEWHOLMES tnshp. ( ) Nunkeeling par. E. R.
York, 3 m. NW. of Hornsea-190. Real prop.

BEWICK vil. ( ) Aldborough tnshp. E. R.
York, 6 m. SSE. of Hornsea-190.

BEWICK, NEW and OLD, tnshps. ( ) Egling-
ham par. N. Northmbld. 1 m. SE. of Wooler-320,
near B. Hill and Harup Burn, two semicircular
british camps. Pop. 1211 + 2 and 176; poor r.
1057. (Glendale U.). Near, is Cateran's or Rob-
ber's hole.

BEWLEY. See BEAULIEU, Hants, of which
name it is a common corruption.

BEWLEY CASTLE hmlt. ( ) Morland par. N.
Westmrld. 3 m. NW. of Appleby-270. ^ B.
Down (21) 5 m. N. of Axminster, W. Dorset.

Bewper, i. e. Beaupre, Castle (36) the welsh,
'Maes Essylt,' near Cowbridge, S. Glamorgan.
though now a farmhouse, preserves its ancient
character as an old seat of the Sytsylts (ancestors
of the Cecils), afterwards of the Bassets, under
whom the last congress of the regular bards was
held here in 1681. Both it and the chapel, dated
1586, a mixture of pointed and Italian styles, were
partly by a native architect named Twrch.

lathe, <S. E. Kent, contains the pars, of Buckland,
Charlton, W. Cliffe, Coldred, Deal, Ewell, Guston,
Hougham, W. Langdon, Lyddon, St. Margaret,
Poulton, River, Sibbertswold, and Whitfield;
acres 19,820, pop. 15,159, houses 2944.

Bewsey Hall (80) 1 m. NW. of \Varrington, S.
Lancash., on Sankey canal, Lord Lilford.

BEXHILL HUNDRED, or Franchise (5) Hastings
Rape, SE. Sussex, contains part of Bexhill par.
as below. Acres 7900 ; pop. 1822, exempt from
service on juries ; houses 359.

P. BEXHILL par. in the above hund., and Hast-
ings cinque port, a station on S. Coast rail. 71 m.
from London, 5 m. W. of Hastings-64, on the
coast. Acres 7900, part in hops with some
wood-coal, or lignite ; pop. 1916 ; poor r. 1466/.
rBattle U.) ; real prop. 10,3777. St. Peter Vic.
(Chic.) val. with St. Mark Cur. 9777., patr. Bishop.
B. Common, J m. N.

BEXINGTON, EAST and WEST, hmlts. (17) Ab-
botsbury par. SW. Dorset. 2 m. W. of Abbots-
bury, near the castle, was once a distinct par.
Real prop. 6807. Church, in ruins by the sea-shore.

P. BEXLEY par. (1) Buxley and Lessness
hunds. Sutton Lathe, NIV. Kent, 3 m. W. of
Dartford-15, contains Blendon, Bridgend, and
Upton, and gives title of baron to the Vansittarts
of Foot's Cray. Acres 5370 ; pop. 3955 + 165 ;
poor r. 13127. "(Dartford U.) ; real prop. 21,1877. ;
charities 2047. of which Styleman's almsh. 1007.
St. Mary Vic. (Cant.) with B. Heath Cur. val.
5927., patr. Visct. Sidney ; church, has 2 brasses
(one T. Sparrow, 1513), and a confessional with
oak walls, and tombs. Camden, the father of
english antiquaries, who lived and died at Camden
Place, gave the manor in trust to the Leighs, for
the endowment of his professorship of history at

P. BEXLEY HEATH (1) 2 m. N. of the above,
now allotted, and partly built upon, is a Cur. with

BEXTON tnshp. (80) Knutsford par. N. Cheshire,
1 m. SW. of Knutsford-172. Acres 540 ; pop. 77 ;
poor r. 517. (Altrincham U.) ; real prop. 12457.

BEXWELL par. (65) Clackclose hund. W. Nor-

folk, 1 m. E. of Downham-84, near E. Count, rail,
was once a mkt. town. Acres 1280 ; pop. 70 + 2 ;
poor r. 97. (Down. U.) -, real prop. 17837. ; charities,
poor's ground 37. St. Mary Red. (Norw.) val.
3757., patr. Bp. of Ely. B. Green, 1 m. S.

Beymore and Beybeg House, near BEAMORE,

BEYNHURST HUNDRED (7) E. Berks, contains
the pars, of Bisham, Hurley, Remenham, Shottes-
brook, and White Walthani ; acres 13,020, pop.
3421, houses 664.

BEYTON, or BEIGHTON, par. (50) Thedwestrey
hund. W. Suffolk, 5 m. ESE. of Bury St. Ed-
mund's-71. Acres 550 ; pop. 384 + 5 ; poor r. 1087.
( Stow U.) ; real prop. 16077. All Saints Rect.
(Ely) val. 1757., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

Bhrotachan Loch, in Crathie par. SW. Aber-

Bibracte, Bibrocum, or Bibrox, of the Romans,
is Wickham-Bushes, near Windsor Park, Berks.
on the roman way to Silchester, in the country
of the Bibroci or Regni.

BIBRIDGE hmlt. ( ) Kirkharle tnshp. Mid.
Northnibrld. 10 m. E. of Bellingham-294. Pop. 7.

BIBSWELL (46) 6 m. NNW. of Hatfield, Mid.

P. BIBURY par. (44) Bradley and Brightwells-
Barrow hunds. E. Gloucest. 5 m. S. of Northleach
-82, on R. Colne, a meet for the White Horse
hounds, once gave name to a hund., and con-
tains Ablington, Arlington, and Winson. Acres
6300 ; pop. 1077 + 12 ; poor r. 4697. (Northl. U.) ;
real prop. 23577. St. Mary Vic. (Gl. and Br.)
val. 10237., patr. W. Strahan, Esq. ; church, partly
norman in doorways, with several tombs, was
erected by the abbots of Osney, who had the
manor, now belonging to Hon" J. Button of B.
House, which was built by the Sackvilles, and
has a fine view of the river. A roman pavement,
etc., have been found. Races, June.

P. M. BICESTER par. (45) Ploughley hund.
NE. Oxon. llm. NNE. of Oxford, 54 from Lon-
don, the saxon Bernacaester, near the ancient
Alchester, and one of the places investigated in
Kennet's " Parochial Antiquities," containing B.
King's End and B. Market End, is the site of a
priory founded 1182 by Gilbert Basset, of which
some remains have been turned up. Acres 2580 ;
pop. 3022 + 16, in the leather slipper and lace
manufact. and ale breweries; houses 588, with
2 chapels, bank, savings bk. (57487. from 275
depositors), and Union p. house; poor r. 12677.
on 82787. ; real prop. 10,8147. ; charities 2477., of
which Feoffer's land for poor 2067. St. Eadburg
Vic. (Oxon.) val. 2317., patr. Lady P. Turner;
church, on the site of the priory church, with
norman arches, a brass, and many tombs. Near St.
Eadbiirg's Balk or Walk, is a mineral well called
after him. Mr. Drake's hounds meet at B. Mill.
Bic. P. L. Union, contains the pars, etc., of Boar-
stall, Caversfield, in Bucks., Ambrosden, Ardley,
Bicester (King's End and Market End),Bletching-
don, Bucknell, Charlton, Chesterton, Cottisford,
Fringford, Fritwell, Goddington, Hardwick, Hethe,
Heyford (Lower and Upper), Islip, Kirtlington,
Launton, Merton, Middleton, Newton Purcell,
Noke, Oddington, Piddington, Shelswell, Somer-
ton, Souldern, Stoke Lyne, Stratton Audley,
Tusmore, Wendlebury, Weston with Arncott,
Blackthorne, Fencott, and Murcott, in Oxon. ;
acres 67,070, pop. 15,201, cases relieved (1846-7),
1846 (out-door 1683), expend. 63897., prop, rated
73,4677. Sup. Registry comprises the same up to
Weston: pop. 15,200 + 35. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry. ^< BICES-
TER DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of (Dxford, con-


tains the benefices marked in Ploughle)' bund,
with Ambrosden vie., Piddington cur. Mkt. D.
Frid. Fairs, Easter Frid. 1st Frid. June, 6 Aug.
3rd Frid. Dec.

BifESTKB-Kmo'3 ENt> tnshp. as above, seat
of J. W. Coker, Esq., and the site of Bigenhall,
which had a market afterwards removed. Acres
1540; pop. 279; poor r. 66Z. &T B.-MARKET
END tnshp. as above, to which the market was
removed, is a sessions court, and contains Wretch-
wick. Acres 1040 ; pop. 2743 ; poor r. 1201?.

BICKESHALL par. (21) Abdick hund. S. So-
merset. 5 m. SE. of Taunton-141. Acres 1090 ;
pop. 264 ; poor r. 86Z. (Taunt. U.) ; real prop.
1545Z. Living, a Eect. with Staple-Fitzpaine.

BICKENHILL par. (62) Hemliugford hund. N.
Warwick. 7 m. SE. by E. of Birmingham- 110,
near B. Hill, on N. West. rail, and Warwick
canal, contains Church and Middle Lyndon, and
Marston quarters. Acres 8810 5 pop. 774+5;
poor r. 257/. (Meriden U.) ; real prop. 7912Z. ;
charities 6/. St. Peter Vic. (Wore.) val. 222/.,
pair. Earl of Aylesford.

BICKER par. (70) Kirton wap. S. Lincoln. 1 m.
SW. of Swineshead-109, contains Coppiiig-Syke,
Ferrv-Corner, Frist and Gauntlet. Acres 3720 ;
pop." 925 + 21; poor r. 228Z. (Boston U.); real
prop. 7951Z. ; charities 116Z., of which 69Z. from
allotments. St. Swithen Vic. (Line.) val. 560Z.,
patr. Dean and Chap.

BICKEKSTAFFE tnshp. (89) Ormskirk par. S W.
Lancash. 4 m. SE. of Ormskirk-219, gives title of
baron to Lord Stanley of B. Acres 5860 ; pop.
1579 + 27, in the collieries, etc.; poor r. 194/.
(Ormsk. U.) ; real prop. 10.693Z., of which 1873Z.
on mines. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 1. B.
Hall, 1 m. NW.


BICKJERTON tnshp. (73) Malpas par. SW. Che-
shire, near Malpas-168, commands a fine view
from B. Hill, where roman coins have been found.
Acres 1780 ; pop. 401 ; poor r. 89Z. (Nantwich U.) ;
real prop. 1856/. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val.
120Z., patr. Rector, igp BICKERTON (43) 5 m.
NE. of Ross, SE. Hereford, igr BICKERTON
tnshp. ( ) Rothbury par. Mid. Northmbrld. 4 m.
WSW. of Rothbury-304. Pop. 18. ^ BICKER-
TON tnshp. ( ) Bilton par. York Ainsty, 9 m.
W. of York-199. Acres 1080; pop. 110; poor r.
45/. (Gt. Ouseburn Incorp.) ; real prop. 1078Z.


Bickham (25) 6 m. S. of Tavistock, S W. Devon.
on R. Tavy, seat of J. Gill, Esq., formerly of the
Elfords. gg Bickham (20) 3 m. SW. of Dunster,
W. Somerset. |^ B. House (22) 5 m. S. of
Exeter, SE. Devon.

BICKIXOTON par. (22 or 25) Teignbridge hund.
-S. Devon. 3 m. NE. of Ashburton-192. Acres
1220 ; pop. 374+ 2 ; poor r. 1671. (Newton Abbot
U.) ; real prop. 2254Z. ; charities 21. Living, a
Cur. with Ashburton. Fair t 14 May, cattle.
3 Bickington (27) 1 m. W. of Barnstaple, NW.
Devon. J. King, Esq.

TON, Devon. ^ B. HIGH, par. (26) N. Tawton
hund. Mid. Devon. 7 m. NW. of Chumleigh-184,
a meet for Mr. Tout's harriers. Acres 3890 ; pop.
895 + 4 ; poor r. 407/. (Torrington U.) ; real prop.
3264/. ; charities 12Z., of which Pincombe's school
10/. St. Mary Beet. (Exet.) val. 475Z., patr, W.
M. Stowell, Esq.

BICKLEIGH par. (21) Haybridge hund. E. De-
von. 3 m. S. of Tiverton-165, near R. Exe. Acres
1690; pop. 362 + 8; poor r. 2G61. (Tivert. U.);
real prop. 2597Z. ; charities 28Z. St. Mary Rect.
(F.xet.) sometime held by the father of Bamfylde



More Carew, the king of the gypsies, who was
born here, val. 420/., patr. Sir \V. P. Carew, Bt.,
of Haccombe ; church, has tombs of the Carews,
formerly of B. Court, now pulled down, igg" BICK-
LEIGH par. (26) Roborough hund. SW. Devon.

6 m. NNE. of Plymolith-216, on the Catwater.
Acres 2980 ; pop. 469 ; poor r. 67Z. (Plympton U.) }
real prop. 2224Z. ; charities 81. Living, a Vic.
(Exet.) with Sheepstor, val. 258Z., patr. Sir R.
Lopes, Bt.

BICKI ,EY tnshp. (73) Malpas par. S W. Cheshire,
B m. NE. of Malpas-168, where at Barrel fall, in
July 1657, a tract of ground covered with trees,
sank with a loud noise into a subterranean flood,
long since dried up. Acres 2200 ; pop. 489 + 8 ;
poor r. 597. (Nantwich U.); real prop. 27027.
Two copper tablets containing a decree of the
Emperor Trajan were found here 1812, and
placed in the Brit Museum. S. Hall, 1 m. S.
18^= B. Place (6) 1 m. E. of Bromley NW. Kent,
J. Wells, Esq.

BICKMERSH hmlt. (54) with Little Dorsington,
Welford par. SW. Warwick. 5 m. SSE. of Alees-
tep-103. Acres 1340; pop. 130 + 7j real prop.
1317/. B. Lodge, or Bedlam, 1 m. S.

BICKNACRE hmlt. (1) Danbury and Woodham
pars. Mid. Essex, 5 m. SE. of Chelmsford-29, the
site of a priory of black canons, founded by Mau-
rice Jefiry, in Hen. II.'s time of which some
arches remain. Pop. 304 ; real prop. 748/.

P. BICKNOLLER par. (20) Willitoh hund. W.
Somerset. 4 m. SE. of Watchet-156. Acres 1370 ;
pop. 345 + 6 ; poor r. 1257. (Willit. U.) ; real prop.
35717. ; charities 21. Living, a Vic. (Ba. and W.)
val. 124Z., patr. Dean and Chap. ; near the church
are two roman camps, called Trendle and Turk's
castles, and a beacon, while many coins and
other remains haVe been found so many indeed
that some fancifully derive the name from two
british words signifying " a little treasury."

BiCKNoR par. (6) Eyhorne hund. Aylesford
lathe, Mid. Kent, 6 m.'ENE. of Maidstone-34.
Acres 500 ; pop. 46 ; poor r. 14/. (Hollingbourne
U.) ; real prop. 5577. St. James Rect. (Cant.)
val. 130Z., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

BICKNOK-ENGLISH par. (43) St.Briavell's hund.
W. Gloucest. G m. WSW. of Mitcheldean-113, on
the english side of R. Wye. Acres 2440 ; with
Styre apple and other orchards, and limestone,
coal, and iron quarries; pop. 576; poorr. 245Z.
(Monm. U.) ; real prop. 3337Z. ; charities 5Z. St.
Mary Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 3007., patr. Queen's
Coll. Oxon. ; church, stands within an an-
cient camp. B. Court, Miss Wyrhall, on a cliff
which overhangs the river, of which it has fine
views. gip B>WELSH par. (43) Lower Sken-
freth hund. E. Monm. locally in Hereford. 4 m.
S. of Ross-120, on R. Wye, opposite the above,
and formerly included in the welsh marches.
Acres 960 ; pop. 74 ; poor r. 34Z. ; real prop. 8667.
St. Margaret Rect. (Heref.) val. 169Z., patr. Ld.
Chancellor. Courtfield, W. Vanghan, Esq., where
it is said Hen. V. was nursed by Countess of

BICKTO& tythg. (15) Fordingbridge par. W.
Hants. 5 m. N. of Ring wood- 92 j pop. 237 ; real
prop. 1233Z.

BICTON par. (22) E. Budleigh hund. E. Devon.

7 m. ESE. of Topsham-170, on the coast, contains
Yettington, and was given by Hen. I. to the
Janitors, on the tenure of finding a gaol for the
county. Acres 1180; pop. 198; poorr. 957. (St.
Thomas U.); real prop. 3244Z. Holy Trinity
Rect. (Exet.) val. 220Z., patr. Heirs of Lord Rolle,
late of B. Isodge, which is well wooded, and
stocked with deer ; church has a tomb of one of




the Kolles, with an epitaph by Fuller. giT Bic-
TON tnshp. (6) with Calcott, St. Chad par. Mid.
Salop, 3 m. N W. of Shrewsbury- 153, on R. Severn,
and Watling St. Pop. 560. Living, a Cur. (Lich.)
val. 607. patr. Vicar. B. House, R. Jenkins, Esq.
^ BtcroJf tnshp. (60) Clun par. -S W. Salop,
4 m. SSW. of Bishop's Castle-159.

Blckicear (35) 8 m. above Chepstow, W. Glou-
cest. seat of Gen. Sir H. W. Rooke, near which
are blocks of limestone like the Gray Wethers on
Marlboro' downs, Wilts.

BIDBOROUGH par. (6) Washingstone hund.
Aylesford lathe, W. Kent, 2 m. SW. of Tunbridge
~30. Acres 1360, part in hops, With some mineral
springs ; pop. 260 + 3 ; poor r. 537. (Tunbr. U.) ;

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