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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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1 m. SW. of the above, near the B. Road rail,
.station, on R. Nen, belonged to the Longuevilles,
whose old seat is now a farmhouse. Acres 890 ;
pop. 101 + 2 ; poor r. 167. ; real prop. 18737. All
Saints Rect. (Pet.) val. 3497., patr. Earl Brownlow.

Billingbear Park (7) 3 m. NE. of Wokingham,
SE. Berks. Lord Braybrooke.

BILLINGBOROUGH par. (70) Aveland wap. S.
Lincoln. 3 m. E. of Folkingham-106. Acres 2020 ;
pop. 999 + 11; poor r. 3487. (Bourn U.); real
prop. 65267.; charities 717., of which Toller's
school 307., poor's land 247. St. Andrew Vic.
(Line.) val. 2957., patr. Earl Fortescue ; church,
decorated eng. with spire.

P. BILLJNGE chplry. (89) Wigan par. S.Lancash.
5 m. SW. of Wigan-200, includes B.-Chapel-End
and Winstanley. Acres 2870, of town 1340;
pop. 2231, and" 1550 + 28; poor r. 2617. (Wigan
U.); real prop. 69127., of which 34007. on mines.
Living, a Cur. (dies.) val. 1657., patr. Rector,
gif B. HIGHER END tnshp. near the above,
under B. Hill, at the S. end of the Yorkshire chain,
633 ft. high, commanding a view of Ingleboro'
York. Blackcombe Cumbld. Frodsham hills Ches.
and N.Wales. Acres 1410 ; pop. 712 + 41, some in
the cotton factories and stone quarries ; poor r.
1087. (Wigan U.) ; real prop. 43007., of which
16647. on mines and quarries ; charities of both
tnshps. 1177., of which Eddistone's 927.

BILLINGFORD par. (66) Earsham hund. S.
Norfolk, 3 m. ESE. of Diss-86, on R. Waveney,
once belonged to Sir S. Burley, the Black Prince's
favourite, afterwards executed 1388. Acres 1100 ;
pop. 219, decreasing; poor r. 1327. (Depwade U.) ;
real prop. 16367. St. Leonard Sect. (Norw.) with
Little Thorpe val. 2647., patr. G. Wilson, Esq.
IJaT BILLINGFORD par. (66) Eynsford hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 3m. SSW. of Foulsham-111, was the
site of a hospital, found, before 1224 by Will, de
Beck, for poor travellers. Acres 1650 ; pop. 353 +
5; poor r. 957. (Mitford U.); real prop. 22747.
Living, a Rect. (Norw.) val. 3067., patr. Rt. Hon.
E. Ellice. B. Hall, W Pearce, Esq.

BILLINGHAM par. ( ) NE. Stockton ward, SE.
Durham, 3 m. NNE. of Stockton -on-Tees-242;
a station pn Clarence and Hartlep. rail, con-
tains Cowpen, Newton-Bewley, and Wolviston
cur. Acres 8970 ; pop. 1653, of town 782 + 48,
in the collieries, etc. ; poor r. 1627. (Stockt. U.) ;
real prop. 49327. ; charities 907., of which church
land 527. St. Cuthbert Vic. (Durh.) val. 2407.^
patr. Dean and Chap. ; church has brass of Brerley,
a priest. B. Grange, W. Chilton, Esq. jsg~ B.




House (10) 5 m. S. of Newport, I. of Wight, S.
Hants, Rev. J. Worsley.

P. BILLIXGHAY par. (70) first Langoe wap. Mid.
Lincoln. 4 m. WSW. of Tattershall-128, on B.
Skirt, a cut 5 m. long, which joins Sleaford canal
with R. Witham, contains Dogdvke and Walcott.
Acres 7630 ; pop. 2095 + 31 ; poor r. 2877. (Slea-
ford U.); real prop. 69677. St. Michael Vic.
(Line.) with Walcott cur. val. 280/., patr. Earl
Fitzwilliam ; church, with norman arches.

BILLINGLEY tnshp. (87) Darfield par. W. R.
York. 5 m. ESE. of Barnsley-172, near N. Midld.
rail. Acres 830; pop. 220; poor r. 123/. ; real
prop. 1139/.

P. BILLINGSHCRST par. (9) W. Easwrith
hund. Arundel rape, NW. Sussex, 5 m. SW. of
Horsham-36, at the head of R. Arun, on the
Stane Street, and Arun and Wye canal. Acres
6830 ; pop. 1439 ; poor r. 8627. (Petworth U.) ;
real prop. 57747. ; charities 71. St. Mary Vic.
(Chic.) val. 139/., patr. Sir C. F. Goring, Bt. B.
House, G. W. Wood, Esq.

BILLINGSIDE tnshp. ( ) Lanchester par. N.
Durham, 11 m. SW. of Gateshead-275, on Stan-
hope and Tyne rail. Acres 340 ; pop. 13 ; poor r.
157. (Lanches. U.)

BILLINGSLEY par. (61) Slottesden hund. S.E.
Salop, 5 m. S. of Bridgnorth-139, in the midst of
a coal and ironstone district. Acres 1560 ; pop.
149; poor r. 397. (Bridgn. U.); real prop. 19967.
St. Mary Rect. (Heref.) vaL 1957., patr. Duke of
Cleveland. Hyde, professor at Oxon., who assisted
Walton in his ' Polyglot,' a native (b. 1636).

BILLINGTON chplry. (46) Leighton-Buzzard
par. S W. Beds. 2 m. SE. of Leighton-Buzzard
-41. Pop. 323 + 5 ; real prop. 13817. Living, a Cur.
(Ely) val. 457., patr. Inhabitants. Little B., Jra. S W.

BILLTNGTON lib. (72) Bradley par. Mid. Staf-
ford. 2 m. SW. of Stafford-141, near B. Bury, a
circular british camp of several acres, command-
ing a fine view of the country around.

BILLINGTON LANGHO chplry. ( ) Blackburn
par. Mid. Lancash., 5 m. N. of Blackburn -2 12.
Acres 2960 ; pop. 988, many cotton weavers ; poor r.
237/.(Blackb.U.) ; real prop. 42427. ; charities 387.,
of which 147. to school.

Garstang par. Mid. Lancash. 5 m. SE. of Garstang
-229. Acres 750; pop. 157; poor r. 317. (Garst.
U.) ; real prop. 15367. ; charities, Cross's school, 487.

BILLOCKBY par. (67) W. Flegg hund. E. Nor-
folk, 8 m. NW. of Yarmouth-124. Acres 260 ;
pop. 71 ; poor r. 367. (Flegg Incorp.) ; real prop.
10007.; charities 37. All Saints Rect. (Nor\v.)
val. 1007., patr. Lucas family, of B. Hall.

BILLY par. (7, 8, 12) Gary and Lower Dunluce
bar. N. Antrim, contains part of Bushmills, 159
m. from Dublin, on R. Bush, and the Giant's
Causeway. Acres 17,329, good, with whinstone
or basalt, and limestone ; pop. 7277 + 143. Living
a Rect. (Dn.C.D.) val. 7., patr. Bishop. Bush-
mills Ho., Sir F. W. Macnaghten, Bt. ; Ballylough,
W. Traill, Esq. near the remains of the old castle.
Causeway Fair, day after Dervock fair (Aug. 12)
at Rock Head, near the Causeway, the best view
of which is from the Stookan hills.

Billy Castle, near Buncle, NE. Berwick, in ruins,
close to B. Mire Hill, belongs to Home of Paxton.
liP B.-Row tnshp. ( ) Brancepeth par. Mid.
Durham, 7 in. SW. of Durham-258. See CROOK.
lgP B.-QCAY vil. ( ) Nether Heworth chplry.
2V. Durham, 3 m. E. of Gateshead, on R. Tyne, the
seat of the Arkendale mining comp. and various

BILNEY, EAST, par. (66) Launditch hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 5 m. NNW. of East Dereham, was the

birthplace of the martyr Bilney, burnt 1531.
Acres 670 ; pop. 218 + 5 ; poor r. 697. (Mitford U.) ;
real prop. 8547. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. 1427.
and with Beetley Rect. 5297., patr. W. Collison,
Esq. B. Hall, . Hj-g* B. WEST par. (65) Free-
bridge-Lynn hund. W. Norfolk, 7 m. SE. of Lynn
-96. Acre's 2750 ; pop. 298 + 6 ; poor r. 1527. (Freeb.-
Lynn U.) ; real prop. 22677. ; charities 67. and a
fuel allotment. St. Cecilia Cur. (Norw.) val. 607.,
patr. J. Dalton, Esq.

Bilothas (31) 2 m. SSW. of Truro, W. Cornwall.

BILSBY par. (84) Calceworth hund. E. Lincoln.,
i m. E. of Alford-138, contains Asserby and Thurl-
by. Acres 2960 ; pop. 584+13; poor r. 3977.
(Spilsby U.) ; real prop. 46857. ; charities 77. Holy
Trinity Vic. (Line.) val. 1237., patr. J. Mason, Esq.

BiLSDALE-MiDCABLE chplry. ( ) Helmsley
par. N. R. York. 6 m. SSE. of Stokesley-238, in-
cludes B. KIRKHAM hmlt. and the districts of
B.-EAST-SIDE, and B., HIGH. Acres 8380 ; pop.
738 ; poor r. 2157. (Helmsl. U.) ; real prop. 40407.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 917., patr. Vicar, gif B.
WEST SIDE tnshp. ( ) Hawnby par. N. R. York.
1 m. E. of the above, includes Easter-side and
parts of Ladhill Gate, and Fangdale-Beck. Acres
6090 ; pop. 168 + 2 ; poor r. 827. (Helmsl. U.) ; real
prop. 23977.

Bilses Hill (52) 5 m. NE. of Bedford, NE. Beds.

BILSFORD hmlt. (26) Buckland-Brewers par.
NW. Devon. 6 m. W. of Torrington-194.

BILSHAM ty thg. (9) Yapton par. S W. Sussex,
3 m. SW. of Arundel-55.

BILSINGTON par. (3) Newchurch hund. Shep-
way Lathe, SE. Kent, 5 m. S. of Ashford-53, in
Romney Marsh, near Military canal, contains B.
Superior, the site of a priory (of which there are
remains in the farmhouse, commanding a good
view), founded by Chancellor Mansell in Hen.
III.'s time, and B. Inferior, or the Moat. Acres
2800, part in hops ; pop. 385 + 6 ; poor r. 3377.
(E. Ashf. U.) ; real prop. 42567. St. Peter and
St. Paul Cur. (Cant.) val. 527., patr. Lady Cosway
who holds the manor, first granted to the Albinis,
earls of Arundel, by the service of cupbearer at
the coronation.

BihmoorPark ( ) 6 m.SW. by W. of Rothbury
Mid. Northmbrld.

BILSTHOUPE par. (82) Bassetlaw wap. Mid.
Notts. 4 m. S. of Ollerton-137, in Sherwood forest,
was granted by the Conqueror to G. de Gaunt,
whence it came to the Foljambes, Broughtons, etc.
Acres 1600 ; pop. 244 + 3 ; poor r. 1007. (Southwell
U.) ; real prop. 16547. St. Margaret Rect. (Line.)
val. 3607., patr. Earl of Scarborough ; church, near
the old hall, is small, with tombs to Bp. Chappell,
and others.

P. M. BILSTON chplry. (62) Wolverhampton
par. and boro', S. Stafford. 17 m. S. of Stafford,
121 from London, a petty sess. and polling town,
on a branch of R. Tame, near Gd. June. rail, and .
canal, was formerly a royal manor of little conse-
quence, but is now a centre of the hardware trade.
Acres 2580, abounding with coal, ironstone,
quarry-stone, for building and for grindstones,
clay for coarse pottery, and fine sand for metal
casting ; pop. 20,181 + 569, employed in the col-
lieries and mines (2537 hands) and the manufacts.
of bridle-bits, smith's work (138 persons), boilers
(15), bolts, brass work (87), buckles, chains,
cooper's work (8), die sinking (17), engines
(150), files, fishing-rods, guns, hinges, hooks-and-
eyes, hoops, iron and steel manufactures of all
kinds (965), bottle-jacks (69), locks (25), metal
(78), pattens (6), pipes (7), planes, pottery (21),
saws (44), screws (74), tin-work (138), trays
(3-5), wire, besides moulders, japanners, ena-


metiers, quarriers (71), etc. ; houses 3783, ex-
tending two miles, with 3 churches, G chapels, 2
banks, savings bk. (12,3537. from 534 depositors)
blast furnaces, Perry's blue coat school, and cho-
lera orphan school for 450, supported by a large
fund raised in 1832, when 3568 persons (of
whom 742 died) were attacked ; poor r. 25357. on
53,2587. (Wolverhamp. U.) ; real prop. 70,9557., of
which 13,112/. on ironworks, and 11,5547. on
mines; charities 626/., of which 5887. for aug-
mentation of curacy. St. Leonard Cur. (Lich.)
val. 6357., patr. Inhabitants, church, built 1826 ;
St. Mary Cur. 2507., Bishop ; St. Luke Cur. 1507.,
Crown and Bishop. At Bradley, the ' wild fire ' has
burned in the ground, over an old coal mine, for
nearly 80 years, producing a calx (used in re-
pairing the roads) with masses of alum and sul-
phur. Deaths from cholera 1849 upwards of 600
Mkt. Ds., Mond. Sat. Fairs, Whit Mond. and
Mond. before Birmingham Michaelmas fair.


BILSTONE chplry. (63) Norton-juxta-Twycross
par. W. Leicest. 3 m. NW. of Market-Bosworth
-106. Acres 570 ; pop. 126 ; poor r. 767. (Mkt.
Bosworth U.); real prop. 11677.

BILTON tnshp. ( ) Lesbury par. E. NorlJim-
brld. 3 m. E, of Alnwick-308. Pop. 121. |^P BIL-
TON par. (53) Knightlow hund. E. Warwick. 1 m.
SW. of Rugby-83, near N. West. rail. Acres
1820 ; pop. 623 + 16 ; poor r. 1537. (Rugby U.) ;
real prop. 56797. St. Mark Rect. (Wore.) val. 67S7.,
patr. Rev. J. T. Parker, incumbent ; church, partly
norman. has tombs of the Boughtons. B. Hall,
J. B. Simpson, Esq., has some portraits and pic-
tures collected by Addison, who bought the
manor while wooing the Countess of Warwick,
afterwards occupied by his daughter till her death
in 1791. B. House, E. Vernon, Esq. B. Grange,
Capt. Hilbert, 1 m. S., and a meet for the N.
Warwk. hounds. |gp BILTON, or B.-IN-HODDER-
NESS, chplry. (86) Swine par. E. R. York. 4 m.
NE. of Hull-171. Acres 1120; pop. 84; poor r.
537. (Skirlaugh U.) ; real prop. 17757. St. Peter
Cur. (Yk.) val.45/., patr. Hon. P. Dawnay.

P. BILTON chplry. ( ) with Harrogate, Knares-
boro' par. W.R. York. 3 m. W. of Knaresboro'-202.
Acres 4800, with mineral springs ; pop. 3372 + 56 ;
poor r. 75 U.; real prop. 19,7527.; charities ML,
of which Taylor'sfree school 307. See HARROGATE.
B. Hall, H. Hunter, Esq. B. Park, R. F. Wilson,
Esq. igr BILTON par. ( ) 7 m, W. of York
-199, York Ainsty, contains Bickerton and Tock<-
with, and at Syningthwaite had a cistertian
nunnery found, about 1160 by Bertram deHaget.
Acres 4150 ; pop. 881, of town 557 + 36 ; poor r.
1477. (Barwick Incorp.) ; real prop. 2501/. St.
Helen Vic. (Yk.) val. 131/., patr. the Prebendary.

Bin Hill of Cullen, 2 m. SW. of that town, N.
Banff sh. a seamark 1050 ft. high.

BINACRE par. (49) Blything hund. NE. Sufflk.
C m. SSW. of Lowestoft-114,near the coast and B.
Broad, a lake of 100 acres abounding with fish.
Acres 1660; pop. 194; poor r. 86/. (Blyth. U.);
real prop. 2033/. St. Michael Rect. (Norw.) val.
with Easton-Bavents and N. Hales, 440/. patr.
Sir T. S. Gooch, Bt. of B. or Benacre Hall. In
1786, 700 coins of Vespasian, etc. were found

Binbane Hill (84) Bannah bar. SW. Donegal.
1490 ft. high.

P.BiNBiiooK-Sr. GABRIEL par. (83) S.Walsh-
croft wap. N. Lincoln. 7 m. SE. of Caistor-153, on R.
Ancholme, and once a mkt. town, abounds with
ruliliit warrens. Acres (with St. Mary B. and Or-
ford) 6070 ; pop. 686, employed in dressing rabbit
skins ; poor r. 205/. (Louth U.) ; real prop. 6912. ;



charities, church estate 837. Living, a Vic. (Line.)
val. 757., patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church, in ruins.
1ST B.-ST. MARY par. (83) joined to the above.
Pop. 501 ; poor r. 1147. Living, a Rect. (Line.)
val.29L?.,Ld.Chancellor. B. .House, Rev. R.Katon.
fair, Easter Tues.

BINCHESTER tnshp. ( ) St. Andrew Auckland
par. Mid. Durham, 2 m. NNE. of Bishop's Auck-
land-248, was the roman Vinovia or Binovium, a
station of about 30 acres, on R. Wear, command-
ing a fine view, where coins, altars, vases, etc.
have been found, and whence a road went to
Chester-le-Street. Acres 500 ; pop. 43 ; poor r.
127. (Auckland U.) ; real prop. 10387. B. House,
seat of the Wrens, who have the manor.

Binchinnan Mountns. a part of the Grampians,
in N. Forfar.

BINCOMBE par. (17) Frampton lib. & Dorset.
4 m. N. of Weymouth-128, near the Downs, on
which are many barrows. Acres 1220 ; pop. 170,
in the stone quarries ; poor r. 1277. (Weymouth
U.) ; real prop. 11147. Holy Trinity Rect. (Sal.)
with Broadway val. 487/. patr. Caius Coll. Camb.

BINDERTON par. (9) Westbourne hund. Chi-
chester rape, W. Sussex. 3 m. N. of Chichester
-62. Acres 1790 ; pop. 75 ; poor r. 53/. (W.
Hampnett U.) ; real prop. 10987. B. House, C.
Teasdale, Esq.

Bindon Abbey (16) 4 m. W. of Wareham, SE.
Dorset, on R. Frome, of which onlv part of a
tower remains, was found. 1172 by*R. de New-
burgh, and belongs to Weld of Lulworth, who
has cleared the foundations and the grounds, so
that most of the buildings can be traced. Effigies
of an abbot, and a boy bishop have been found
and a monastery of La Trappe is established in
the neighbourhood.

BINDON LIBERTY (16-7) S. Blandford division,
SE. Dorset, contains the pars, of Chaldon-Her-
ring, Wool, and parts of Edmondsham, Moreton,
and Pulham; acres 9640, pop. 1197, houses 265.

BINEGAR (19) Well hund. E. Somerset. 4 m.
ENE. of Wells-120. Acres 680 ; pop. 338 ; poor
r. 2867. (Shepton U.). Holy Trinity Rect. (Ba.
and W.) val. 7., patr. Prebendary of Whit-
church. Fair, Whitsuntide, horses.

Bines Green (9) 3 m. N. of Steyning, Mid.Susx.

BINFIELD par. (7) Cookham hund. E. Berks.
3 m. NE. of Wokingham-31, near Gt. West. rail, in
Windsor Forest, where Pope, when a youth living
with his father, whose house is still shown, wrote
his 'Pastorals,' 'Windsor Forest,' 'Rape of the Lock,'
and part of ' Homer' a fact commemorated by the
words, Here Pope sung, cut on his favourite beech
tree by Ld. Lyttleton. Acres 3530, good corn
and meadow land; pop. 1242 + 20; poor r. 7117.
(E. Hampstead U.); real prop. 67957.; charities
827., of which 37. to school. All Saints Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 6287., patr. Lord Chancellor ; church,
has tombs of Adml. Vernon, who took Pondi-
cherry, and Mrs. Macaulay, the historian and
cotemporary of Johnson. Near the vil. are Caesar's
camp, on the roman road called the Devil's high-
way and a waterwort, elatine tripetala, is
found here. B. Manor Ho. Davidson, Esq.
B. Park, Lady Walsh.

BINFIELD HUNDRED (13) SE. Oxon. contains
the pars of Bix reel., Caversham cur., Harpsden
r., Henley-on-Thames r., Grays and Peppard
Rotherfield reels., Shipslake vie., and pan of
Sonning; acres 23,040, pop. 9309, houses 1861.

Binfords (20) 4 m. SSW. of Bridgewater, Mid.
Somerset, is in ruins.

Bing Manor (50) Petistree par. SE. Suffolk,
B m. NNE. of Woodbridge.




BING-WESTON quarter (60) Worthen par. W.
Salop, 2 m. WSW. of Worthen.

BINGFIELD tnshp. ( ) St. John Lee par. S.
Northmbrld. 6 m. NNE. of Hexham-279, has a
strong mineral spring near R. Erringburn. Pop.
111 + 2; poor r. 517. (Hexh. U.). B. East-side,
i m. N.

Notts, contains the pars, (and benefices) of Bing-
liam rect. E. Bridgford r., Car-Colston cic., Elton
r., Flintham v., Granby v., Hawkswortb. r., Knee-
ton cur., Langar r., Orston ., Scarrington c.,
Screveton r., Thoroton c., and Whatton v. ; acres
24,980, pop. 7367, houses 1404. ^ B. (SOUTH)
WAP. contains the pars, of Broughton r., Col-
ston-Basset v., Colgrave, Cropwell-Bishop, Hick-
ling r., Holme-Pierrepont r., Kinoulton v., Lodge-
on-the- Wolds, Owthorpe c., Radcliflfe-on-Trent .,
Shelford c., Tollerton r., Tythby don. c., and parts
of W. Bridgford r., and Plumtree r. ; acres 30,780,
pop. 6700, houses 1306. ifr B. DEANERY, archdy.
of Notts, dioc. of Lincoln, contains the benefices
in the above and Rushcliffe waps., with Bunny
vie., Benton Joyce v.

P. M. BINGHAM par. in the above wap. 8 m.
E. of Nottingham, 124 from London, in the
vale of Belvoir, on Fosse way, is a polling and
petty sess. town, containing part of Newton.
Acres 2930, richly cultivated; pop. 1998 + 26,
chiefly agricultural, with 58 hosiery frames at
work; houses 383, with 2 chapels, free school,
and Union p. house ; poor r. 2597. on 83657. ;
real prop. 8945?. ; charities 397. All Saints Rect.
(Line.) val. 15037., patr. Earl of Chesterfield, some-
time held by Abp. Abbot, and Bps. Hanmer and
Wren in succession ; church, large and cruciform,
in early and decorated eng. styles, with tower
and spire, and mon. to White, the first editor of
the " Ephemeris." Of the small college or guild,
besides two or three chapels found, here, there
are no remains. Bing. P. L. Union, contains
the pars. etc. of Barkston and Plungar in Leices.
and those in the above wap. (except Broughton
and W. Bridgford), with Edwalton, Flawboro',
Keyworth, Shelton Sibthorpe, Stanton-on- Wolds,
Widmerpool, and Aslackton, Clipstone, Butler-
Cropwell, Normanton, and Saxondale ; acres
68,899, pop. 16,196, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
853 (out-door 651), expend. 3220?., prop, rated
97,1647. Sup. Registry comprises the same up to
Widmerpool ; pop. 16,196 + 182, ' many' deaths
from cholera 1849. The New County Court district
corresponds with the Registry, except Edwalton,
Keyworth, Plumtree, Tollerton, which go to Not-
tingham. Mkt. D. Thurs. Fairs, 13-4 Feb.
horses ; Whit Mond. 8-9 Nov. horses and hogs.

BINGHAMSTOWN, or BALEEN, vil. (16) Erris bar.
NW. Mayo, a police station on the peninsula of
Mullet, 3 m. SW. of Belmullet-199, in Saleen
bay. Pop. 436. B. Castle (24) Major Bingham,
who owns the place. Fairs, monthly.

P. M. BINGLEY par. ( ) Upper Skyrack wap.
W. R. York. 31 m. WSW. of York, 202 from
London, on R. Aire, N. Midld. rail, and Leeds and
Li verp. canal, a polling place, containing B.-with-
Micklethwaite, and Morton and Cullingworth
curs, and 12 hmlts. Acres 13,180, well wooded,
of tnshp. 9890 ; pop. 11,850 + 260,and 10,157 + 213,
worsted and cotton yarn spinners, paper-makers,
and maltsters; houses 1889, on a hill, with 3
chapels, grammar school (272/.), found, in Hen.
VJII.'s time, Rhodes's almshouses ; poor r. 20467.
on 27,9677. (Keighley U.) ; real prop. 26,7087.;
charities 3667. All Saints Vic. (Rip.) with Mor-
ton-Banks, val. 2337., patr. Ld. Chancellor. Rid-
dlesden hall, the ancient seat of the Maudes, who

had large possessions here in 12th cent. Mkt.D.
Tues. Fairs, 25 Jan. 25-7 Aug. 2, linen, horses,

Bingwett House (21) 1J m. E. of Tiverton, NE.

BINHAM par. (68) N. Greenhoe bund. N.
Norfolk, 4 m. SE. of Wells-117, was the site of a
priory found, by Peter de Valoins, the Conqueror's
nephew. Acres 2200 ; pop. 505 + 1 ; poor r. 2377.
(Walsingham U.) ; real prop. 32977. ; charities
557. Holy cross Vic. (Norw.) val. 103/., patr.
T. T. Clarke, Esq. ; church, was part of the priory
church, having norman arches in the nave, and
pointed front, with large central window and
door, besides a font and stalls. An ancient cross
stands near it.

BINHAM limit. (20) Old Cleeve par. NW.
Somerset. 2 m. W. of Watchet-156.

BINLEY tythg. (12) St. Mary Bourne par. NW.
Hants. 6 m. NNE. of Andover-63. Pop. 138.

BINLEY par. (53) Knightlow hund. E. War-
wick. 2 m. E. of Coventry-91, on R. Sow, includes
Earnsford. Acres 2470 ; pop. 233 + 2 ; poor r.
90/. (Foleshill U.) ; real prop. 23877. ; charities
67. St. Bartholomew dim. Cur. (Wore.) val. 527.,
patr. Earl Craven, of Coombe Hall, who has the
manor ; church, built by William 6th lord, with
medallioned roof, etc. Wagstaffe, a bishop among
the nonjurors, and protestant chaplain to the
Pretender, was a native. B. Hall, Lloyd, Esq.

Binnarty Hill. See Benartie Hill, Fife.

Binner Down (31) 4 m. N. of Helston, has a
copper mine 540 ft. deep, with spars, etc.

Binnimore Farm (65) 2 m. E. of March, N.

BINNINGTON tnshp. ( ) Willerby par. E. R.
York. 13 m. NE. of Bridlington-206, on the York
and Scarboro' rail. Acres 910 ; pop. 61.

Binns House, and B. Hill, Carriden par. N.
Linlthgw. 1 m. S. of Blackness.

BINNY, or BINNING, EAST and WEST, vils. ( )
Linlithgow par. Mid, Linlithgw. 2m. N. and NVv.
of Uphall-13, between B. Craig, 450 ft. high,
whence sandstone is quarried, and B. Burn, which
falls into R. Ecclesmachan. B. House, J. Stewart,
Esq. It was part of the old par. of Binning, which
gives title of baron to Earl Haddngtn., who planted
Binning Wood, near Whitekirk, Hadngtn.

BINSCOE vil. (97) W. Tanfield par. N. R. York.
3 m. SE. of Masham-223. Pop. 32.

BINSCOMB tythg. (8) Godalming par. W.
Surrey, 1 m. N. of Godalming-33.
^BINSEY par. (45) Oxford boro', 5. Oxford. 2 m.
N. of the city on R. Thames or Isis. Acres 470 ;
pop.61 ; real prop. 11367. St.Margaret CWr.(Oxor..)
val. 907., patr. Christ Ch. Coll. Oxon. igg B.
Fell ( ) near Bassenthwaite Water, Mid. Cumbrld.
overhangs Ireby.

P. BINSTEAD par. (10) E. Medinalib. I. of Wight,
S. Hants. 5 m. RE. of Newport-.82, opposite the
Motherbank, in a prettv spot, has the remains of
Quarr abbey found. 1132 by Baldwin Earl of
Devon, now turned into a barn. Acres 1140,
well wooded, with a quarry which gave the stone
for repairing Winch, cathedral ; pop. 278 + 2 ;
poor r. 7. (I. of Wight Incorp.) ; real prop. 16227.
Holy Cross Rect. (Wine.) val. 807., patr. Bishop;
church, ancient. B. Cottage, J. Fleming, Esq.

BINSTED par. (12) Lower Alton hund. NE.
Hants. 3m. ENE. of Alton-47, contains Issington,
Week, Westcote, and Wheatley. Acre's 7060,
partly in hops ; pop, 1055 + 9 ; poor r. 7367.
(Alton U.) ; real prop. 54917. ; charities 27. St.
Nicholas Vic. with Alton. B. Hill, J. B. Coul-
thard, Esq. g^ BINSTED par. (9) Avisford
hund. Arundel rape, SW. Sussex, 2 m. W. of




Arundel-55. Acres 1010; pop. Ill; poor r. 297.
(W. Hampnett U.) ; real prop. 1072/. St. Mary
Vic. (Wine.) val. 1507., patr. Earl of Newburgh.
B. House, .

BINTON par. (54) Barlichway hund. S W. War-
wick. 3 m. W. of Stratford-on-Avon-96. Acres
1260 ; pop. 269 ; poor r. 99/. (Stratf. U.) ; real
prop. 1704/. ; charities 41. St. Peter Rect. (Wore.)
val. 140/., patr. Marq. of Hertford.

BINTKEE par. (66 or 8) Eymsford hund. N.
Norfolk, 1 m. SW. of Foulsham-111, on R. Wen-
sum. Acres 2120 ; pop. 409 ; poor. r. 2857. (Mit-
ford U.) ; real prop. 23007. ; charities 471. St.
Swithin Rect. (Norw.) with Themelthorpe Rect.
val. 4627., patr. Lord Hastings.

BINWESTON (60) 7 m. NE. of Montgomery, W.

BIRBECK-FELLS tnshp. ( ) Orton and Crosby-
Ravensworth pars. Mid. Westmrld. 4 m. WSW.
of Orton-276, in a wild country, on Carlisle rail,
and the Birbeck Stream which, rising in Snap-Fells,
runs to R. Lune. Pop. 200 ; real prop. 10657.

BIRCH hmlt. (89) Rusholme tnshp. SE. Lan-
cash. 3 in. SSE. of Manchester, a donative Cur.
(Ches.) val. 1607., patr. J. Dickinson, Esq. of B.
Hall. g^ BIRCH chplry. (89) Middleton par.
SE. Lancash. 1 m. NNW. of Middleton-192. St.
Mary Cur. (Ches.) val. 1507., patr. Rector.
igT BIRCH hmlt. (80) Warrington par. & Lan-
cash. near Warrington- 184, is frequently con-

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