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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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TON, par. (53) Knightlow hund. SE. Warwick.

3 m. SW. of Southam-82, at the source of R.
Itchin. Acres, with Chapel-Ascote 3760 ; pop.
463; poor r. 2291. (Southam U.) ; real prop.
4420Z. ; charities 22Z. All Saints Vic. (Peculiar of
of Lich.) with Chadshurst and Gaydon Curs. vaL
416Z., patr. Bishop. ; church, destroyed, and St.
Michael's in use. igT B. Lands (6*5) 8 m. SW.
of Wisbeach, .ZV. Cambridge. giT B. LAVINGTON.

Bishop's Loch, near New Machary E. Aberdeen.
has an old seat of the Bps. of Aberdeen on it.

P. BISHOP'S LYDEARD par. (21) W. Kingsbury
hund. W. Somerset. 3 m. NE. of Milverton-149,
contains Kenley Bottom and 8 tvthgs. Acres
3030; pop. 1295Z.; poor r. 7887. (Taunton U.);
real prop. 8307Z. ; charities 156Z., of which Grob-
ham's almsh. 126Z. St. Mary Vic. (Ba. and W.)
val. 120/.,patr. Dean and Chap. Wells; churchyd.
has a cross.

P. BISHOP'S MIDDLEHAM par. ( )NE. Stock-
ton ward, E. Durham, 7 m. ENE. of Bp. Auckland
-248, near Darlington and Hartlepool rails, was
a seat of the Bps. of Durham, and contains
Cornforth, Garmondsway.-Moor, Mainsforth, and
Thristlington. Acres 5940, with limestone, of
town 1830; pop. 1434 and 511; poor r. 156/.
(Sedgefield U.) ; real prop. 2817Z. ; charities 32Z.
St Michael Vic. (Durh.) vaL 252Z., patr. Ld.
Chancellor. ^ B. NYMPTON par. (26) Withe-
ridge hund. N. Devon. 3 m. SE. of S. Molton-178,
Acres 10,000, with much limestone ; pop. 1325 ;
poor r. 674Z. (S. Molton U.) real prop. 8520Z.
Living, a Vic. (Exet.) val. 296Z., patr. Bishop ;
church, with a screen and tomb of a Pollard. Fairs,
14 Apr. 29 Oct. cattle. ^ B. OFFLEY tnshp.
(73) Adbaston par. W. Stafford. 3 m. W. of Ec-

cleshall-148. Pop. including Oatlands 201. Real
prop. 2824/. $& B. Ridge, 5 m. E. of St. Agnes
Scilly Islds, a reef in lat. 49 52' N., long. 6 27'
W. having at the W. rock a cast-iron light on 6
pillars, b. by Walker 1849, 120 ft. high. ^ B.
SPARKFORD. tythg. (11) Winchester city, Mid.
Hants, Pop. 191 ; real prop. 639Z.

P. M. BISHOP'S STORTFORD par. (47) Braug-
hin hund. NE. Herts. 11 m. NE. of Hertford, on.
R. Stort, a station on E. Count, rail. 32J m. from
London, and a polling place, was given by the
Conqueror to the Bps. of London, but for a time
was alienated by John, who razed the castle
which stood here, and made it a borough. Acres
3080, fertile, with brick clay ; pop. 4681 + 73, in
the corn and malt trade; houses 878, with 4
chapels, mkt. house built 1828, a decayed gram,
school with a library attached, found. 1579, where
Sir H. Chauncey,the county historian and a native
(1632-1712) was educated, 3 banks, savings bk.
gas works, tan yards, many malt houses (topped
with cowls), Pilston's almshouses, and Union p.
house ; poorr. 2062Z. on 21,052/. ; real prop. 27,215/.
of which 3515/. on canal; charities 27 31., of which
church estate 107Z. St. Michael Vic. (Roch.) val.
409Z., patr. Precentor of St. Paul's Lond. ; church,
large and later eng. with tall spire, has tombs of
the Dennys and others. On Goose green a
martyr was burnt by Bp. Bonner, who was the
last to use the ruined castle as a gaol. B. Stort. P.
L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of Berden, Birch-
anger, Elsenham, Farnham, Hallingbury (Great
and Little), Henham, Manuden, Stansted Mount-
fitch et, in Esx., Ugley, Albury, Bishop's Stort-
ford, Braughin, Hadham (Gt. and Little), Pelham
Brent, Pel. Furneux, Pel. Stocking, Sawbridge-
worth, Thorley, in Herts. ; acres 49,813, pop.
19,380, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 4184 (out-
door 3115), expend. 13,124Z., prop, rated 94,477Z.
Sup. Registry comprises the same ; pop. 19,370 +
76. The New County Court district corresponds
with the Registry. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, Holy Th.
Th. after Trinity, 11 Oct horses, cattle.

Alton division, E. Hants, contains the pars, of
Bighton, Medsted, and Wield; acres 6210, pop.
1012, houses 194. gi B. SUTTON (LOWER)
HUNDRED, contains the pars, of Bishop's Sutton,
Ropley, and W. Tinsted ; acres 10,540, pop. 1541,
houses 309. iJiT B. SUTTON par. as above, 1 m.
SF. of Alresford-57-, where the Bps. of Winchester
had a palace, now a malt-store. Acres 3510 ; pop.
517Z. ; poorr. 365Z. (Alresf. U.) ; real prop. 4089Z.
St. Nicholas Vic. (Wine.) with Ropley Cur. val.
350Z., patr. J. Deacon, Esq. B. Farm, T. Scotland,
Esq. Fairs, Th. after Holy Trinity day, 6 Nov.
gig" B. TACHBROOK par. (53) Kington and
Knightlow hunds. Mid. Warwick. 3 m. SE. of
Warwick-90, contains Mallory Tachbrook. Acres
3950 ; pop. 723 ; poor r. 414Z. (Warwk. U.) ; real
prop. 4243Z. ; charities 45Z., of which 40Z-. to school.
St. Chad Vic. (Peculiar of Wore.) val. 293Z., patr.
Bp. of Lichfield.

P. BISHOP'S TAWTON par. (26) S. Molton hund.
N.Devon. 2m. S. of Barnstaple-192, on R.Taw, con-
taming Newport cur., was for a time a seat of the
Bps. of Devon ia see taken from Sherborne in
905, and afterwards transferred to Crediton. Acres
4710 ; pop. 1827 ; poor r. 431Z, (Barnst. U.) ; real
prop. 6391Z. ; charities 17Z. St. J. Baptist Vic.
(Ex.) val. 440Z., patr. Dean ; church, ancient, with
mons. of the Chichesters.

Droxford division, S 1 . Hants, contains Droxford ;
acres 7380, pop. 1942, houses 364. ^ B. W.
(LOWER) HUNDRED (11) contains Durley and


Bishop's Waltham ; acres 9310, pop. 2618, houses

P. M. BISHOP'S WALTHAM par. (11) as above,
9 m. SE. of Winchester, 65 from London, near S.
West. rail, a polling place, and " praty touulet " ac-
cording to Leland, at source of K. Hamble, con-
taining Ashton,Curdridge cur. and W. Hoe,belongs
immemorially to the see of Winchester, and has on
W. Pond, the remains of the episcopal palace, de-
stroyed in the civil Avars first built by Hen.
de Blois 1135, and improved by Will, of Wyke-
harn, who died here. Acres 5020 ; pop. 2193, of
town 1209, many in the leather trade ; houses 245,
with a chapel, Bp. Morley's and Bone's schools ;
poor r. 11397. on 92227. (Droxford U.) ; real prop.
55737. ; charities 1367., of which Morley's school
411. St. Peter Sect. (Wine.) val. 9157., patr.
Bishop. Beyond W. Chase, once notorious for its
gang of Waltham Slacks, or deer stealers, and for
the severe Black act passed 1723 to put them
down, is Wyckham, the birthplace of that dis-
tinguished prelate (1324-1404). Mkt. D. Frid.
Fairs, 2nd Frid. May, horses ; 30 July, cheese ; 1st
Frid. after old Michaelmas day, horses, stockings.

BISHOP'S WICKHAM par. (47) Thurstaple hund.
Mid. Essex, 3m NNW. of Maldon-37, on R. Black-
water. Acres 1490 ; pop. 544 ; poorr. 1677. Witham
U.) ; real prop. 34047. Living, a Rect. (Roch.)
val. 3937., patr. Bp. of London. ^~ B.WooD lib.
(62) Brewood tnshp. S. Stafford, a meet for the
Albrighton hounds, and a cur. with Brewood-132.
IggT B.WooD (43) Walford par. S. Hereford. 3 m.
SSW. of Ross, on R. Wye, near the ironworks of
that name. All Saints Cur. (Herf.) val. 351, patr.
J. Partridge, Esq. whose seat is here.

P. BISHOPSBOUKNE par. (3) Kinghamfordhund.
St. Augustine lathe, E. Kent, 3 m. SE. of Canter-
bury-55, contains Barham cur. and belonged to
Abps. of Canterbury, afterwards to the Colepepers
and Auchers. Acres 1860, part in hops; pop.
334 ; poor r. 1217. (Bridge U.) ; real prop. 27267. ;
charities, poor's house. St. Mary Rect. (Cant.) val.
7007., patr. Archbp. sometime held by the judi*
cious Hooker, who was buried here 1600, and
whose bust is in the church. Bourne Place, seat
of the Beckinghams.

BISIIOPSIDE, HIGH and Low, chplry. ( )
Ripon par. W. R. York, on ,R. Nidd, includes
Pateley-Bridge-224, and 6 hmlts. Acres 3480 ;
pop. 1937 + 9 ; poor r. 7027. (Pateley U.) ; real
prop. 49947. ; charities, Lupton's 367.

P. BISHOPSTEIGNTON par. (22) Exminster
hund. SE. Devon. 6 m. SE. of Chudleigh-182, by
the coast at R. Teign's mouth, on S. Devon rail.,
belongs to the see of Exeter, and has the re-
mains of a palace built by Bp. Grandison. Acres
3860, with limestone and marble ; pop. 992 ; poor
r. 3717. (Newton Abbott U.) ; real prop. 74957. ;
charities 527., of which Coleman's school 407. St.
J. Baptist Vic. (Exet.) with W. Teignmouth Cur.
val. 3347., patr. Rev. J. Comyns, Vicar of Wood ;
church, norman, with fine west doorway, richly
zigzagged. B. Lodge, E. Thornborough, Esq.


Swansea hund. W. Glamorgan. 6 m. WSW. of
Swansea-200, in a fine valley near Caswell bay,
contains Killay, and belonged to the Bps. of
Llandaff. Pop. 491 + 2 ; poor r. 1237 (Swansea
U.); real prop. 12307. St. Deilo Rect. (St. Dav.)
val. 2487., patr. Bp. Llandaft", sometime held by
E. Davies, author of " Celtic Researches." Lead
has been worked, jiy BISHOPSTON par. (34)
Ramsbury hund. NE. Wilts. 6jn. E. of Swindon.
Acres 3330 ; pop. 704 + 2 ; poor. r. 3587. (High-
worth U.) ; real prop. 47147.; charities 1287., of



which Coker's and Goddard's schools 597. St. Mary
Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 2087., patr. Bp. of Salisb.

BISHOPSTONE hmlt. (46) Stone par. Mid.
Bucks. 2 m. SSW. of Aylesbury-40. Pop. 274.

" BISHOPSTONE par. (43) Grimsworth hund.
Mid. Hereford. 5 m. S. of Weobly-145. Acres
840 ; pop. 304 + 3 ; poor r. 537. (Weobly U.) ; real
prop. 13497. ; charities 497., of which Berrington's
hospital 477. St. Lawrence Rect. (Herf.) with
Yazor, val. 4297., patr. Sir R. Price, Bt. of Foxley.
gg BISHOPSTONE tythg. (18) Montacute par.
& Somerset. 3mWNW. of Yeovil-123. Pop. 257.

BISHOPSTONE HUNDRED (5) Pevensey rape, S.
Sussex, contains the pars, of Bishopstone and Den-
ton ; acres 2710, pop. 408, houses 78. gap" BISHOP-
STONE par. as above, 6 m. SSE. of Lewes-50, a coast
gd. station on the coast. Acres 1820 ; pop. 288 ;
poor r. 1357. (Newhaven U.) ; real prop. 20407.
Living, a Vic. (Chic.) val. 887., patr. Bishop;
church, partly saxon. J. Hurdis (1763-1801),
author of the " Village Curate," was a native.

BISHOPSTONE par. (15) Downton hund. S.
Wilts. 4 m. SW. of Salisbury-81, contains Throope
and 5 hmlts. Acres 2730 ; pop. 569 ; poor r. 5157.
(Wilton U.) ; real prop. 49067. ; charities, poor's
money 107. St. J. Baptist Rect. and Vic. (Sal.)
val. 8067., patr. Earl of Pembroke ; church, cruci-
form and later eng. belonged to Monkton Farleigh
priory, and has two stone coffins, which held the
relics of certain bishops, whence, it is said,
comes the name. B. Farm, 1 m. N.

Bishopstowe (22) near Torquay, SE. Devon.
Bishop of Exeter, lately rebuilt in Italian style,
is near Antis Cove (where ' Devonsh. marble' is
found), Kent's Hole, and -other fine spots in
Tor Bay.

BISHOPSTROW par. (14) Wartninster hund. W.
Wilts. 1J m. SE. of Warminster-96, where many
roman brass coins have been found. Acres 980 j
pop. 296 ; poor r. 2087. (Warmins. U.) ; real prop.
21587. St. Adelme Rect. (Sal.) val. 2207., patr.
Sir F. D. Astley, Bt. B. House, W. Temple, Esq.

P. BISHOPTON par. ( ) SW. Stockton ward,
SE. Durham, 5 m. WNW. of Stockton-242, near
Clarence and Hartlepool rail., contains E. and W.
Newbiggin, and Little Stainton, with remains of
a stronghold where Roger Conyersbeat off Comyn
who usurped the see, in 1140. Acres 5100,
of town 2240 ; pop. 473 + 5, and 362 ; poor r.
847. (Sedgefield U.) ; real prop. 29567. St. Peter
Vic. (Durh.) val. 1657., patr. Sherburn hospital,
gig" BISHOPTON vil. Erskine par. N. Renfrew.
near Frith of Clyde, a station on Greenock rail,
(which here runs through two tunnels in the
whinstone), belonging to Sir J. Maxwell, Bt. of
B. House. rgg BISHOPTON, or BISHOPSTON, hmlt.
(54) Old Stratford par. S W. Warwick. 2 m. NW.
of Stratford-on-Avon-96. Pop. 51. St. Peter Cur.
(Wore.) val. 257., patr. Vicar ; church, in ruins.
^"BiSHOPTON tnshp. (93) Ripon par. W.R. York.
near Ripon-212. Acres 350 ; pop. 108 ; real prop.

P. Bishoptown, near Glasgow, NW. Lanark.

BISHPORT, or BISHOPWORTH, tythg. (35) Bed-
minster par. NE. Somerset. 2 m. SW. of Bristol
-114; pop. 270. St. Peter Cur. (Gl. and Br.) val.
1257., patr. Vicar.

BISHTON hmlt. (35) Tidenham par. W. Glou-
cester. 1 m. NE. of Chepstow-135. Pop. 425.
flip BISHTON, or BISHOPSTONE, par. (35 or 6)
Lower Caldicott hund. S. Monmouth. 5 m. E. of
Newport- 148. Acres 1850 ; pop. 187 ; poor r. 497.
rNewp.U.); real prop. 12887. St. CadwalladerCwr.
(Llan.) val. 617., patr. Archdn. <3~ BISHTON
(01) 5 m. SE. of Shiffnal, E. Salop. <ST BISH-




TON tnshp. (72) Cohvich bund. Mid. Stafford.
2 m. NW. of Rugeley-126. Pop. 173. B. Hall,
Mrs. Sparrow.

BISLBY HUNDRED (34, 44) Mid. Gloucester.
contains the pars, of Bisley vie., Edgeworth reck,
Miserden r., Painswick ., Sapperton r., Stroud
car., and Winstone r. ; acres 27,730, pop. 1924,
houses 4058. See STONEHOUSE DEANERY.

P. BISLEY par. (34) in the above bund, and
Stroud boro', 3 m. E. of Stroud, a polling place and
decayed mkt. town, near Sapperton tunnel, on R.
Thames and Severn canal, contains Bussage, Chal-
ford and Oakridge cars., and 8 tythgs. Acres 7980,
partly common, given by the Mortimers who had
the manor ; pop. 5339, decreasing, in the woollen
cloth manufact.; houses 1212, with 4 chapels,
free and blue coat schools (567.), many mills ;
poor r. 22777. (Stroud U.) ; real prop. 11,0537. ;
charities 2987. of which church lands 1307. All
Saints Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 6277., patr. Ld.
Chancellor; church, decorated eng., on a hill,
has mons. of a crusader, etc., brass of Cath. Sewell
(1505), and in ch.-yard a cross with an old font
at top. At Lillythorne a vault and roman pave-
ment, and at Custom Scrubs roman remains, have
been found. Lypiat Park, J. Lewis, Esq. See
CHALFORD. Fairs, 4 May, 12 Nov.

BISLEY par. (8) First Godley hund. NW. Sur-
rey, 7 m. NNW. of Guildford-29, near S. West,
rail., belongs to the Sumners. Acres 780 ; pop.
321 ; poor r. 1437. (Chertsey U.) ; real prop. 1027. ;
charities 407. St. J. Baptist Beet. (Wine.) val.
1887., patr. J. Thornton, Esq. ; church, ancient,
with a mineral spring near it. B. Farm, % m. W.
JB. Common, 2 m. SW.

BISPHAM par. ( ) Amonnderness hund. W.
Lancash. 2 m. W. of Poulton-le-Fylde-234, near
Preston and Wyre rail, by the coast, contains
B.-WITH-NORBRECK, Layton with Warbrick,
and Blackpool and Southshore curs. Acres 3490,
of town 1490; pop. 2339 + 108, and 371 + 6;
poor r. 607. (Fylde U.) ; real prop. 28617; charities
707. to Higginson's school. Living, a Cur. (Mane.)
vaL 2757., patr. Sir P. Fleetwood, Bt. ^ BISP-
HAM tnshp. (89) Croston par. S. Lancash. 6 m.
WSW. of Chorley-208, near R. Douglas. Acres
850 ; pop. 306 + 5 ; poor r. 417. (Ormskirk U.) ;
real prop. 18067. ; charities Dwining's free gram,
school (found. 1675) 1627. ^ B.Hall (89) 4 m.
SW. of Wigan, S.Lancash. J. Holt, Esq., under
BUlinge beacon.

BISTERN tythg. (in with Bartley, Eling par.
SW. Hants. 4 m. W. of Southampton-74. Pop.
91. ; real prop. 6697. gii BISTERN tythg. (15)
with Crow, Ringwood par. SW. Hants. 1 m.
SE. of Ringwood-92, is a Cur. with Ringwood.
Pop. 98 ; real prop. 21807. ^ B.-CLOSES, 1 m.
SW. of the above, near B. Park, J. Mills, Esq.

BISTREE tnshp. (79) Mold par. S. Flint, near
Mold-191, contains Buckley. Pop. 1325; real
prop. 31647. Living, a Cur. (St. Asa.) val. 807.
patr. Yicar.

BITCHFIELD par. (70) Beltisloe wap. S W. Lin-
coln. 3 m. NNW. of Corby-106. Acres 1540 ;
pop. 160 + 3 ; poor r. 797. (Grantham U.) ; real
prop. 15977. St. Magdalen Vic. (Line.) val. 1347.,
patr. Bishop. gif BITCHFIELD tnshp. ( )
Stamfordham par. S. Northmbrld. 13 m. NW. of
Newcastle-275. Pop. 36.

BITTADON par. (27) Braunton hund. N. Devon.
5 m. N. of Barnstaple-192. Acres 5100 ; pop. 78 ;
poor r. 377. (Barnst. U.) ; real prop. 7637. St.
Peter Rect. (Exet.) val. 837., patr. W. A. Yeo,

BITTERINO PARVA par. (66) Launditch hnnd.
Mid. Norfolk, 5 m. NW. of E. Dereham, united

to Beeston. Pop. 18. St. Peter Rect. (Norw.)
val. 1007., patr. J. Dover, Esq.

BITTERLEY par. (55) Overs hund. S. Salop,
4 m. NE. of Ludlow-143, contains Cleeton, Hen-
ley, Hill-upon-Cot, Middleton, and Snitton.
Acres 5610, with coal and ironstone at Clee-hill ;
pop. 1098, miners and colliers, of town 204;
poor r. 5537. (Ludlow U.); real prop. 21177.;
charities 607., of which 347. to Newborough's
gram, school. St. Mary Rect. (Heref.) with Mid-
dleton Cur. value 5557., patr. Rev.C.Walcot, rector,
of B. Court.

P. BITTERN tythg. (11) S. Stoneham par. 8.
Hants. 2 m. ENE. of Southampton-74, on R.
Itchin, has a camp at B. Grove (Mrs. Shedden), the
roman Clausentum, where many remains of stones,
urns, coins, pottery, etc., have been found, and
where, in 1848, 40 yds. of the quay of the roman
town were discovered, 9 ft. down, with part of a
rope, besides an old boat in the bed of the
water, of doubtful character. Pop. 881 + 18 ; real
prop. 49157. B. Manor House, Mrs. Hall.

BITTERSBY lib. (63) Claybrooke par. S. Leices-
ter. 2 m. WNW. of Lutterworth-89; pop. 28;
real prop. 11897. B. Lodge, .

BITTERSCOTE lib. (62) Tamworth par. SE.
Stafford. % m. SE. of Tamworth-115. Acres 350 ;
pop. 44.

BITTESWELL par. (63) Guthlaxton hund. S.
Leicester. 1 m. NNW. of Lutterworth-89, near
Watling Street. Acres 2630, with a mineral
spring ; pop. 495 + 6 ; poor r. 1687. (Lutterw. U.) ;
real prop. 39067. ; charities 697., of which Dowse's
for church 587. St. Mary Vic. (Pet.) val. 4287.,
patr. Haberdashers' Comp. and Christ's Hosp.
B. Hall, Mrs. Coleman.

BITTISCOMBE hmlt. (21) Upton par. W. So-
merset. 4 m. ENE. of Dulverton-165.

P. BITTON par. (19) Upper Langley hnnd. S W.
Gloucest. 6 m. ESE. of Bristol-114, on Rs. Avon
and Blyth, near Gt.West. rail., contains Hanham,
Kingswood, and Oldland, curs. Acres 7520, part
of the Gloucest. coalfield ; pop. 9338 + 63, colliers
and iron-miners, once notorious for savageness
and profligacy, but reclaimed by the exertions of
Wesley and Whitfield, and other preachers of the
gospel of town 2413 + 16 ; poor r.10297. (Keyns-
ham U.) ; real prop. 12,5297., of which 14407. on
mines ; charities 267. St. Mary Vic. (Gl. and Br.)
with Oldland, val. 2007., patr. the Prebendary.

Bitton Grove (22) near Teignmouth, S. Devon.
Mr. Sergt. Praed.

BIX, or BIXBRAND, par. (13) Binfield hund.
SE. Oxon. 4 m. NW. of Henley-on-Thames-35.
"30; pop. 427 + 2: poor r. 4437. (Henley
il prop. 28627. St. James Rect. (Oxon.)
val. 4877., patr. Earl of Macclesfield. gip BIX,
or BIXGIBAVEN, 1J m. S. of the above, into which
it has merged, was formerly a distinct par. St.
Michael Rect. with St. James ; church in ruins.

BIXLEY par. (66) Henstead hund. E. Norfolk,
2 m. SSE. of Norwich-108. Acres 760 ; pop.
110 + 3 ; poor r. 507. (Henst. U.) ; real prop. 16857.
St. Wandegisilus Rect. (Norw.) with EarPs-Fram-
lingham, val. 6087., patr. Rev. C. Brereton, rector ;
church, ancient, had an idol of the saint, to which
pilgrimage was made. B. Hall, seat of the late
Mrs. Hammond, formerly of the Wards, who
built it.

BEXTON (66) Forehoe hund. S. Norfolk, 5 m.
N. of Wymondham, formerly a par. but now lost
in Barnham-Broom, with which the Rect. is
united ; church, in ruins.

P. BLABY par. (63) Guthlaxton hnn(LS.Leicest.
4 m. S. of Leicester-96, near Midld. rail., on
Union canal, contains Countessthorpe Cur. Acres



3300 ; pop. 1896 + 4, in the worsted and stocking
manufact. ; poor r. 449 ; real prop. 3090/. ; cha-
rities bl. All Saints Reel. (Pet.) val. 350A, patr.
Ld. Chancellor, was held by E. Stokes, the blind
rector, who died here 1799. B. Lodge, . Bla-
by P.L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of Aylestone,
Blaby, Braunstone, Cosby, Countessthorpe, Croft,
Enderby (where poor ho. is), Foston, Glenfield,
Kilby, Kirby Muxloe, Knighton, Lubbesthorpe,
Narborough, Oadby, Thurlaston, Whetstone,
Wigston Magna, with Glenn Parva, Huncote,
Leicester Forest, and Potter's Marston; acres
32,024; pop. 13,699, cases relieved (1846-7) 1493
(out-door 1395), expend.5517/., prop.rated 64,2912.
Sup. Registry comprises the same up to Wigston
Magna ; pop. 13,699 + 64. It belongs to Leicester
New County Court district.

Black Abbey (2,1) 4 m. NNW. of Croom, Mid.
Limerick, a ruin, built by the Fitgeralds, now
belongs to Earl of Dunraven. See ADARE.
igzTJS. Abbey (12) Ards bar. E, Down, a ruin near
Irish channel.

Black, or Swarte, Bank, halfway between Nor-
folk and Holland, North Sea, about lat. 53$ N.,
long. 3 E., has a dark, sometimes black, sandy
bottom, with 13 to 19 fath.

W. B. York.

BLACK-CALLERTON tnshp. ( ) Newburn par.
SE. Northmbld. 5 m. NW. of Newcastle-275. Pop.
158, decreasing ; poor r. 154J. (Castle ward U.)

BLACK-CARTS ext. par. ( ) with Ryehill,
NW. Tindale ward, S. Northmbld. 8 m. NW. of
Hexham-279. Pop. 17.

Black Castle (35) 1 m. SE. of Bristol, NE.

Black Comb ( ) near R. Duddon's mouth, S W.
Cumbrld. 1919 ft. high, and covered with dark
heather, commands a fine view of as many as 14
counties, the sea, and /. of Man. gap" B. Down
(11) 5 m. S. by E. of Newport, I. of Wight, 8.
Hants, a barren spot, near Godshill.

BLACK-DOWN tythg. (18) Crewkerne par. S.
Somerset. 6 m. SW. of Crewkerne-132, is joined

BLACK-FRIARS (63) ext. par. to Leicester
borough. Pop. 992.

Black Hambleton ( ) 6 m. NW. of Helmsley,
N.R. York, a hill with a fine prospect.

Black Hamilton ( ) 7 m. S W. of Durham, Mid.

Black Head (47) near Magee isld. N. side of
the mouth to Belfast Lough. igp B. Head
(1) Burren bar. W. Clare, between South sound
and Ballyvaughan or B. Bay. ggp B. Head
(137) 2 m. NE. of the Old Head of Kinsale, S.
Cork, between Kinsale and Courtmacshcrry bars.
63 B. Head (32) a point on the S. coast of
Cornwall, half way between the Lizard and the
Manacles rocks; also another (31) at the W. side
of St. Austle's bay. ^T B. Head (15 or 21) W.
coast of Wigton, near Port Patrick. ^"B.Heath.
(14) near Mkt. Lavington, Mid. Wilts.

Black Hilts in the Pentland range S.Edinboroj'
3 m. E.byN. of Penicuick, 1420 to 1550 ft. high.

Black Isle. See ARDMEANACH, Ross. Black
J^arg Mountn. 7 m. WSW. of Sanquhar, NW.
Dumfries, on the Ayr. border, is 2890 ft. high.
gaP B. Loch, 1 m. NE. of Dumfries, S. Dumfries.
$3 B. Loch, Cleish par. S W. Fife, near Loch
Glow. 65T B. Loch, Mearns par. SE. Renfrew.
S. of Brother Loch, flows into the Earne Water.
^T B. Loch, Slamannan par. SE. Stirling, on
the Lanark, border, supplies the Clyde canal re-

Black Mountains (42) a wild range on the bor-

ders of Hereford, and Brecon, between Rs. Mon-
now and Usk, called Hatterhill hills in the former ;
the highest point being Pen Cader fawr, or the
Gt. Chair, 2545 ft. high, on which is a druid
circle, a camp, and other remains. This range
may be taken as a branch of the main line which
runs through Caermrthn. and Brecon, by the
names of Bannau Brecheinog and Myndd Dhn.

Black Park (7) 3 m. W. of Uxbridge, SE.
Bucks. ^~ B. Park (73) 2 m. NE. of Whit-
church, N. Salop, igp B. PARK tnshp. (73)
Whitchurch, par. N. Salop, 2 m. NE. of Whit-
church-163. Pop. 97.

Black River, on the border of Galway and Mayo,
rises near Kilmain and runs 6 m. S W. to L. Corrib.

contains the pars, and benefices of Abbot's-Bick-
ington cur., Ashbury rect., Ashwater r., Bea-
worthy r., Belstone r., B.-Torrington r., Bradford
r., Bradworthy vie., Broadwood-Kelly, Clawton c.,
Cookburyc., Exbourner., St. Giles, Halwellr.,
Hatherleighv., High-Hampton r., Hollacomber.,
Holsworthy r., Honeychurch r., Inwardleigh r^
Jacobstower., Luffincottr., Milton Damerellr.,
Monk-Okehampton r., Northlewr., Pancrasweek,
N. Petherwin, W. Putfordr., Pyworthy r., Samp-
ford-Courtney r., Sutcombe r., Tetcott r., Thorn-
bury r., Werrington, with parts of Boyton,
Bridgerule ., and Okehampton v. ; acres 141,600,
pop. 21,351, houses 3888. See HOLSWORTHY and
RINGTON par. as above. See TORRINGTON.

BLACKADDER viL Edrom par. E. Berwick. 4 m.
ESE. of Dunse-44, near B. House, A. Boswell,
Esq. and a colliery, on R. Blackadder, i. e. Black-
water, which rises under Twinlaw, and runs 20 m.
E. through the Merse, by Greenlaw and Allan-
bank (where the Whitadder joins) to the Tweed
above Berwick. Black trout are caught in it.

Blachaton Hitt (25) near Paddesbury hill, E.
Cornwall, 5 m. WNW. of St. Germain's.

BLACKAUGHTON par. (23) Coleridge hund. S.
Devon. 4 m. W. of Dartmouth-202, contains
Street cur. Acres 5850; pop. 1449, of town
420 ; poor r. 7511. (Kingsbridge U.) ; real prop.
8270Z. ; charities 16?. St. Michael Vic. (Exet.)
val. 1221, patr. Sir J. H. Seale, Bt. of Mt. JBoone;
church, with screen and saxon font.

'Blackball Head, (127) at the entrance of Ban-
try bay, S W. Cork, outside Bear island.

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