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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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BLACKBARROW ( ) Lonsdale hund. N. Lan-
cash. 4 m. N. of Cartmell-254.

BLACKBOROUGH par. (21) Hayridge hnnd. JS
Devon. 3 m. E. of Collumpton-160. Pop. 112.
All Saints Rect. (Exet.) val. 140/., patr. CoL
Wyndham ; church, in ruins.

BL-VCKBOURN HUNDRED (50) N. Suffolk, con-
tains the pars, (and benefices) of Great Ashfield
cur. with Badwell Ash c., Bardwell rect.,
Baraham r. (with Euston), Barningham r., Cul-
ford r. (with Ingham), Elmswell r., Euston r.,
Fakenham Magna r., Hepworthr., Hinderclay r.,
Honingtonr., Hoptonc., Hunstonc., Ingham r.,
Ixworthc., Knettishallr., Langhamr., Livenncro
Parva r., Norton r., Rickinghall Inferior, Sapis-
tonc., Stantonr., Stowlangtoft r^ W. Stow, Thcl-
netham r., Thorpe c., Troston r., Walsham c^
Wattisfield r., Coney and Market Weston r.,
Wordwell r., and part of Rushford ; acres 67,370,
pop. 14,658, houses 2881. * B. DEANERY,
archdy. of Sudbury, dioc. of Ely, contains the be-
nefices above.

BLACKBOURNE HUNDRED (3, 4, 6) Scray lathe,
S. Kent, contains the pars, of Appledore, High
Halden, Kenardington, Shadoxhurst, and Wood-
church ; acres 17,050, pop. 2928, houses 518.



BLACKBOURTON par. (13,34) Bamptou bund.
W. Oxford. 2 m. WNW. of Bampton-71, a meet
for the Heythrop hounds. Acres 1300 ; pop. 331 ;
poor r. 1907. (Witney U.) ; real prop. 30167, St.
Mary Vic. (Oxon.) val. 1487,, patr. Christ Ch.
Oxon ; church, early eng. with stone pulpit and
tombs of the Hungerfords and Sir A. Hopton.
Maria Edgeworth, a native (1769-1849), born at
the house of her grandfather Elers.

P. BLACKBOYS (5) 8 m. NE. of Lewes, E.
Sussex, near B. Common.

BLACKBROOK (81) 1 m. E. of Chapel-le-Frith,
NW. Derby, is a meet for N. Stafford, hounds.
SiP Blackbrook (11) 1 m. E. of Fareham, S.
Hants. G. Purvis, Esq. ^g~ BLACKBROOK hmlt
(89) Parr tnshp. S. Lancash. near Prescot-198.
fiT BLACKBROOK (71) W. Goscote hund. .ZV.
Leicest. 5 m. W. of Loughborough-109, on B.
River, which rises in Charnwood forest and runs
12 m. to R. Soar near Barrow. gaP Black-
brook (9) 2 m. NE. of Petworth, W. Sussex.
giT BLACKBROOK hmlt. (55) Kidderminster par.
N. Worcest. in the suburbs. itiT B. House (43)
near Skenfreth, NE. Herefd.

BLACKBROW ( ) Cumberland ward, -ZV. Cum-
brld. 4 m. NE. of Wigton-303.

BLACKBULL vil. (50) Dunboyne bar. SE.
Meath, 2 m. N. of Dunboyne, near \Voodpark,
Rev. J. Preston.

BlackbuU Hall (52) 6 m. N. of Bedford, .ZV. Beds.

E. Lancash. contains parts of the pars, of Bury
and Whalley, with the towns of Burnley, Clitheroe,
Come, etc. ; acres 91,710, pop. 96,375, houses 17,669.
$3 B. (LOWER) HUNDRED contains the pars, of
Blackburn, Chipping, parts of Milton, Ribchester,
VVhalley, and the town of Haslingden ; acres
83,880, pop. 97*4,557, houses 16,828. The two
divisions constitute the ancient Blackburnshire.
ij< B. DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of Manchest.
comprises Whalley and its chapelries.

#* P. M. BLACKBURN par. (89) in the above
hund. Mid Lancash. 30 m. NE. of Liverpool, 212
from London or 224 by N.West. rail., a petty sess.
and polling town (for N. Lane.) formerly a part of
Whalley par. on R. Darwent, between Rs. Ribble
and Calder, near Leeds and Liv. canal, containing
Balderston, Bamber Bridge, Langho, Over and
Lower Darwen, Feniscowles, Gt. Harwood, Mellor,
Salesbury, Samlesbury, Tockholes, Walton-le-
Dale, Witton (all curs.), Billington, Clayton-le
dale, Cuerdale, Dinkley, Eccleshill, Little Har-
wood, Livesey, Osbaldeston, Pleasington, Rams-
gate, Rishton, and Wilpshire, is a new borough
created by the Reform act, returning two members,
the limits being those of the tnshp. no. of
electors 1116 (and 107. houses 8200). Acres of par.
45,620, or about 71 sq. m. chiefly sandstone,
dreary and uncultivated clay soil, with coal and
alumstone (not worked), of tnshp. 3610 ; pop.
71,711 + 192, and 36,629 + 953 in the manufacture,
printing, and bleaching of cotton, calico, muslins
(about 11,000 hands), formerly in that of
" checks" and " grays," besides about 400 cloth
weavers ; houses (town) 6229, with 8 churches,
many chapels, market-place, cloth-hall, 2 banks,
savings bk. (51,1 10/. from 1474 depositors), dis-
senters theolog. academy, assembly-rooms, scien-
tific institution, theatre, barracks, factories, dis-
pensary, Q. Elizabeth's gram, school (1207.) for,
30, at which Bolton, a native (1572-1631) and
compiler of the Liturgy, was educated, Leyland's
girls' school, Utiion poor-house ; poor r. 39137. on
85,7937. ; real prop. 95,474 ; charities 5267. St. Mary
Vic. (Mane.) val. 8937. patr. Abp. of Canterbury ;
church, b. 1826, for 26,0007. in place of the old


one, of which the tower remains, and whicu was
attached to Whalley abbey. St. John and St.
Peter Curs. 1507. and 1707. ; St. Paul and St. Michael
Curs. 1507. each ; Trinity Cur. 80Z. All Saints and
St. Clement Curs. 1007. each ; all in the patronage
of the Vicar. Hargreaves, the inventor (1767) of
the spinning-jenny, which has added so vastly to
the manufacturing produce and prosperity of the
town and county, was a native, and originally a
carpenter. It publishes the 'B. Mercury* and
'B. Standard;' and produces about 3,000,0007.
of goods yearly. Witton, J. Fielden, Esq.;
Woodfold, J. F. Hindle, Esq. ; Feniscowles, Sir.
W. Fielden, Bt. ; and other seats. Blackb. P.
L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of Balder-
stone, Billington, Blackburn, Church, Clayton-
le-Moors, Over Darwen, Gt. Harwood, Oswald-
twistle, Salesbury, Tockholes, with Clayton-le-
Dale, Dinkley, Eccleshill, Little Harwood, Livesay,
Mellor, Osbaldeston, Lower Darwen, Pleasingtou,
Ramsgrave, Rishton, Wilpshire, Wilton, Yate and
Pickup Bank; acres , pop. 75,091, cases re-
lieved (yr. 1846-7) 5675 (out-door 4951), ex-
pend. 96327. prop, rated 316,0627. Sup. Registry
comprises the same up to Tockholes ; pop. 75,088
+ 1287 ; births (1845) 3365 (1628 being females
349 illegit.) deaths 1982 marriages 847,of which
1134 persons signed with marks; "many "deaths
from cholera in 1849. The New County Court dis-
trict corresponds with the Registry Mht. Ds.
Wed. Sat. Fairs Easter week, 12-4 May, 17 Oct.

P. BLACKBURN vil. Livingstone par. S. Lin-
lithgw. 3 m. SSW. of Bathgate-19, on R. Almond,
has cotton and flax mills. B. Hall, . ijg"
BLACKBURN hmlt. (82) Kimberworth par. W.
R. York, 1 m. W. of Rotherham-159. ^ Black-
burn River ( ) Leath ward, E. Cumbrld. falls into
R. Tyne, 2 m. S. of Alston. ^= B. Water,
Castletown par. S. Roxburgh, runs to R. Liddel,
over several fine rocky falls (one 43 ft. down).
giiP B. Water rises in Buncle par. E. Berwick.
and joins R. Eye at Ay ton.

HUND. N. Suffolk.

BLACKBURY hmlt. (22) Colyton-Rawleigh par.
E. Devon. 4. m. WSW. of Colyton-151, near B.
Cast, a roman camp with a barrow, etc. close to it.

BLACKBUSH (43) 9 m. S.W. of Hereford, S W.

BLACKCASTLE, 2 m. S.E. of Fala, SE. Edinbrd',
on theCakemuir Water. |jip 'Blackcastle (25) near
Navan, Mid. Meath, R. Buxton Fitzherbert, Esq.

Blackcastk Hill, near Innerwick, E.Haddington.
has a danish camp with 2 tumuli, not far from
Edirkin old bridge of 1-arch.

Blackcave Head (29) near Larne, E. Antrim,
has an extensive cavern underneath it.

BLACKCHAPEL chplry. (47) Gt. Waltham par.
Mid Essex, 4 m. N. of Chelmsford-29. Living, a
Cur. (Roch.) val. 207. patr. Trustrees.

Blnckchester, near Lauder, W. Berwick, has an
oval double-ditched camp, on Watling St.

Blackcraigs, 2 m. E. of Melrose, near R. Tweed,
SW. Berwick.

Blackcrofts (30) 2 m. S. of St. Columb. Mid.

BLACKDEN twnshp. (80) Sandbach par. E.
Cheshire, 6 m. NNE. of Sandbach-162, on Mane,
and Birm. rail. Acres 760 ; pop. 266 ; poor r. 597,
(Congleton U.) ; real prop. 12087,

Blackden Moor (81) 4 m. NNW. of Castleton,
NW. Derby.

Blackdown (21) a bare chalky ridge in NE.
Devon, on the Somerset, border, under which rises
the Axe, Otter, and Culme, while the highest
point, 11 CO ft. high, is surmounted by the Wei-


lington column, put up by that town in . The
W. Somerset, hounds hunt here ; and sandstone,
or ' Devonsh. batts,' is quarried.

Blachdown ( ) 4 m. ENE. of Modbury, S.

BLACKDOWN vil. (18) 5 m. WNW. of Bea-
minstre-137, W. Dorset, is a Cur. with Broad-
winsor. Near B. House, is the ridge which gives
the name, 817 ft. high, a continuation of that in
Devon. ; along it are several large marl pits.

Blachdown Farm (9) 4 m. N. of Petworth, NW.
Sussex. B. Farm, 2 m. WNW.

BLACKDOWN hmlt. (55) Kidderminster foreign,
JV. Worcester, near Kidderminster-126.

Blackdyke ) 8m. NW. of Wigton, NW.

Blackedge (81) 2 m. N. of Buxton, NW. Derby.

BlackenhaU (73) 5 m. SE. of Nantwich, S. Chesh.

Worcest. contains the pars, of Gt. Hampton, Ab-
bot's Morton, Oldberrow, and part of Church
Lench ; acres 8070, pop. 1316, houses 264.
aT B. (UPPER )HUNDRED contains the pars, of
Badsey, Breforton, Church Honeybourne, North
and South Littleton, Offenham, and Wickham-
ford ; acres 9270, pop. 2088, houses 477.

BLACKER hmlt. (87) Worsborough chplry. W.
R. York. 2 m. S. of Barnesley-172. flip BLACKER
hmlt. (87 or 8) Darton tnsbp. W. R. York. 3 m.
NW. of Barnesley-172.

Blackford (24) 6 m. NNW. of Modbury-208,
S. Devon, igp BLACKFORD par. 5 m. SbE. of
Muthill-44, S. Perth, under the Ochills, on Scot.
Cent, rail., including part of Ardoch and its
camp, is watered by Rs. Ruthven, Allan, and
Devon. Size 9 m. by 4, middling, with sandstone
and good free-stone; pop. 1188, decreasing, of
vil. 547 ; real prop. 10,4617. ; for poor 135Z. Living
(Presb. Auchterarder) val. 2071, Murray of Aber-
cairney. Remains are seen of druidical circles, of
a roman camp, of Kincardine cast, the burial-
place of the dukes of Montrose, and Tullibardine,
an old seat of the Murrays, to whom it gives title
of marquis. Fair, 3rd Wed. in Oct. cattle.
ff BLACKFORD hmlt. (61) St. Milborough
Stoke par. -S. Salop, 7 m. NE. of Ludlow-143.
^* BLACKFORD par. (18) Whitley hund. SE.
Somerset. 3 m. WSW. of Wincanton-109. Acres
680 ; pop. 178 ; poor r. 787. (Wincant. U.) ; real
prop. 1084/. St. Michael Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 177/., patr. Trustees; church, early eng.
gip BLACKFORD chplry. (19) Wedmore par. N.
Somerset. 4 m. S. of Axbridge-130, a manor given
by II. Saxey to his hospital at Bruton. Pop.
755 ; real prop. 67751. Living, a Cur. (Ba. and
W.) val. 8o/., patr. Vicar

Blackford Hill, 2 m. S. of Edinboro', N. Edinb.
near Braid burn, commanding a fine view of the
city and country around, is of whinstone, and
belongs to Trotter of Morton halL " Still on the
spot Lord Marmion stay'd," etc.

BLACKFORD MANOR (20) Selworthy par. W.
Somerset. 3 m. W. of Minehead-163. Pop. 13 ;
real prop. 761/.

BLACKFORDKY chplry. (63) Ashby-de-la-Zouch
and Seal pars. W. Leicester. 2 m. N W. of Ashby
-115, near the canal. Acres 1320 ; pop. 478 + 15 ;
poor r. 119/. (Ashby U.); real prop. 2123/. It
has a church and chapel.

Blackfriars' Bridge (65) across R. Nen, N. Cam-
bridge. 3 m. WSW. of March.

Blackgang Chine (10) I. of Wight, S. Hants.
one of the largest and wildest chasms in Under-
cliflF, with a slight mineral spring which falls into
Chale bay, has a fine view from the top, which
is about 600 ft. high.

I >LA 2Gir

Blackgrove (13) 4m. SW. of Oxford, N.Berks.
gap Blackgrove, Lower and Upper (46) 4 m. N W.
of Aylesbury-40, W.Bucks. gip Blackltall ( )
10 m. ENE. of Ravenglass, . Cumbrld. gip Black-
hall (24) 6 m. SW. of Totness, Devon. H. Cornish,
Esq. ^ BlackhaU ( ) 6 m. NW. of Hartlepool,
E. Durham, has some caves made by the sea.
^p BlackhaU, 3 m. W. of Banchory, N. Kincar-
dine, on R. Dee, Col. Campbell, ^p BlackhaU
(22) Ferrard bar. S. Louth. W. H. Pentland,
Esq. $iP BlackhaU (50) near Dunboyne, 5.

P. BlackhaU, Innerkip par. NW. Renfrew, has
limeworks belonging to Sir M. R. S. Stewart, Bt.
of Ardgowan. g3P B. Abbey par. E. Renfrew.
near Paisley. giP.B. Burn, in Eskdale, E. Dum-
fries, near Ewes. ^" B. Head (127) 4m. SW.
of Bear isld. S W. Cork, N. of the entrance to
Bantry bay. giP B. HiU, a peak of the Che-
viots, Hownam par. E. Roxburgh.

BlachhaUs, 9 m. SE. of Jedburgh, borders of
Roxburgh, and Northmbld. on Watling St.

Blackhaugh (72) near Cheadle, N. Stafford, has
the ruins of a timbered seat of the Adderleys.

Blackhaw Topping HiU ( ) 8 m. NE. of Pick-
ering, N. R. York.

BLACKHEATH HUNDRED (1) Sutton-at-hone
lathe, NW. Kent, contains the pars, of Charlton-
next- Woolwich, Eltham, Lee, and Lewisham;
acres 12,650, pop. 20,198, houses 3447.

P. BLACKHEATH hmlt. Lee and Lewisham
pars, in the above hund. is a polling place close
to Greenwich park, on Blackheath, a healthy
spot, commanding a fine view of great extent.
Across it, and over Shooters' hill, went the
roman road to Dover ; the Danes encamped here
in 1011 (when they murdered Alphege abp. of
Canterbury), and Wat Tyler in 1381 ; Hen. IV.
met the emperor Palaeologus 1400 ; the people of
London welcomed Hen. V. on returning from
Agincourt 1415 ; the emperor Sigismond was re-
ceived by Hen. in the year following; Jack
Cade encamped 1450, and the year after, his fol-
lowers made their submission; Hen. VI. en-
camped 1452 to oppose the Duke of York and
the bastard Falconbridge 1471 ; the Londoners
met Edw. IV. 1474 coming from France; the
Cornishmen under Ld. Audley were beaten by
the Earl of Oxford ; Campejo, the pope's legate,
was received 1519 ; and here (1539) Hen. VIII.
met Anne of Cleves, to whom he was married at
Greenwich. Among the buildings around are the
Park lodge, Earl Aberdeen, lately the residence of
the Princess Sophia, close to which stood the Prin-
cess of Wales's house ; Park place, on the site of
Wricklemarsh ho. built by Sir G. Page ; Morden's
college for 30 decayed merchants, found. 1695 (see
CHARLTON); a church and 2 chapels; 2 pro-
prietary schools ; Colfes's gram, school (see LEWIS-
HAM) ; Earl Dartmouth's and other seats. Roman
remains and a cavern have been discovered.

rey, contains the pars, of Alford, Bramley, Duns-
fold, Hascombe, St. Martha, Shalford, and Wo-
nersh. fiP B. (SECOND) HUNDRED, the pars,
of Albury, Cranley, Ewhurst, and Shere ; total
acres 40,930, pop. 9620, houses 1831.

BLACKHEDDON tnshp. ( ) Stamfordham par.
S. Northmbld. 10m. SW. of Morpeth-289, a meet
for Tindale hounds. Pop. 73, poor r. 47L (Castle
ward U.\

Blackliill, Tinrone par. W. Dumfries. $$* Black-
hill, near Lesmahagow, Mid. Lanark, has remains
of a camp on it.

Blackliill Mount (10) near Blessington, N.
Wicklow, 1984 ft. high.




BlackhiBs, 5 m. SE. of Elgin, E. Elgin, in glen
of Rothes.

Blackholme. See Black Comb, Cumbrld.

Blackhope Scars, in the Muirfoot hills, SE.
Edinboro', 1410 ft to 1810, at the head of B.

Blockhouse ( ) 7 m. NE. of Longtown, N. Cum-
brld. ^- Blockhouse (11) m. S. of Fareham,
S. Hants.

Blockhouse, The, Largs par. NW. Ayr. Bang,

Blockhouse HUh, between the vale of Yarrow
and Tweeddale as below, are in one part 2370 ft.
high, and give rise to the Blackcleugh and other

Blockhouse Tower, in Yarrow par. NW. Selkirk.
on Douglas burn, about 3 m. SE. of B. Hills, be-
longing to the Earl of Traquair, was an old seat
of the Douglases, whence the Lady Margaret is
carried off by her lover, in the ballad of the
"Douglas Tragedy."

BLACKLAND (5 or 6) 2 m. SSW. of E. Grinsted,
JV. Sussex, ig^" BLACKLAND par. (34) Calne
hund. .ZV. Wilts. 2 m. SE. of Calne-87. Acres
460 ; pop. 81 + 2 ; poor r. 42/. (Calne U.) ; real
prop. 1439?. St. Peter Rect. fSaL) val. 160Z., patr.
Rev. J. Mayo. B. House, W. Tanner, Esq., for-
merly of the Maundrells. gST BLACKLAND tythg.
(34) Calne par. N. Wilts, near Calne-87. Pop. 73.

Blacklands (; ) 4 m. NE. of Whitehaven,
W. Cumbrld. ^ B. Farm (46) 3 m. ESE. of
Winslow, N. Bucks.

Blacklands, The (52) 5 m. NNE. of Bedford,

Blacklarg Hill, Sanqnhar par. W. Dumfries.
2890 ft. high, at the source of R. Euchan.

Blacklaw ( ) 6 m. NW. of Alston, borders of
Cftmbrld. and Northmbrld. i^ Blacklaw, Ben-
dochy par. E. Perth. 5 m. NNE. of Cupar- Angus
-57. ilif BLACKLAW vil. Linton par. NE. Box-
burgh. 4 m. SE. of Kelso-42, was the birthplace of
T. Pringle (1789-1834).

Blacklaws, Whitburn par. SE. Liidiihgow. 1 m.
SSE. of Whitburn.

BLACKLEY, or BLAKELEY chplry. (89) Man-
chester par. SE. Lancash. 3 m, N. of Manchester
-183. Acres 1840 ; pop. 3202 + 18 in the cotton
manufact. ; poor r. 798t (Manch. U.) ; real prop.
839U St. Peter Cur. (Manch.) val. 150Z., patr.
Man. ColL Church; church, was a chapel to
B. HalL Races, Aug.

BLACKLEY ( ) 4 m. NW. of Alston, SW.

Blackline House ( ) 4 m. N. of Bewcastle,
N. Northmbld. on B. River. See Line River.

BLACKLION vil. (32) Skyrne bar. NE. Meath,
6 m. S. of Slane-28.

Blacklow Hill (53) 1 m. N. of Warwick, near
Guy's Cliff, the spot where an inscription com-
memorates that Peirs Gaveston, Edw. IPs fa-
vourite, was beheaded 1311, by Beauchamp, the
* Black Hound of Arden.'

BLACKMANSTONE par. (4) Worth hund. Shep-
way lathe, SE. Kent, 3 m. N. of Eomney-70, in
Romney Marsh. Acres 320 ; pop. 10 ; poor r. 21.
( Romney U.) ; real prop. 7G4L Living, a Rect.
(Cant.) vaL 44 ; church, in ruins.

Blackmanstone (43) close to Hereford, Mid.

BLACKMILL vil. (36) Llan-dyfodog par. Mid.
Glamrgn. 5 m. WNW. of Llantrissant-171.

Blackmoor (43) 8 m. SW. of Hereford, S. He-
reford. ^ Blackmoor ( ) 3 m. NE. of Brough,
E. Westmrld.

BLA.CKMOOK-FOOT hmlt. (88) Linthwaite
chplry. W. R. York, near Hnddersfield-189.

. Mountn. (5) Talbotstown bar. N. Wick-
low, 1464 ft. high.

Blackmore, i. e. Bleak Moor, Forest (18) in .ZV".
Dorset, in Leland's time extended along the hills
from Yeovil to Gillingham forest, near Shaftes-
bury, and had a friary in it found, before 1300,
by Edmund Earl of Cornwall. See White Hart
Forest. Mr. Yeatman's harriers hunt in B. Vale
below, 19 m. by 14, with fertile pasture, cider
orchards, etc.

P. BLACKMORE par. (1) Chelmsford hund. W.
Essex, 7 m. SW. of Chelmsford-29, had an aus-
tin priory found, on site of the manor house
by the Sampfords (Hen. II.), afterwards called
Jericho, when Hen. VIII. used to meet his fa-
vourites here so that it became a cant saying
with the courtiers on such occasions that he was
'gone to Jerich6.' Acres 1990; pop. 709 + 6;
poor r. 365Z. (Ongar U.) ; real prop. 4197/. ; cha-
rities 54/. St. Lawrence Vic. (Roch.) val. 83/.,
patr. Crickett fam. ; church, small and ancient, was
attached to the priory. <gp BLACKMORE tythg.
(14) Melksham par. W. Wilts. 2m.NE. of Melks-
ham-96. Pop. 279. |^ B. Park (43) 4 m.
NW. of Upton, SW. Worcest. T. Hornyhold,

BLACKNESS vil. Carriden par. N. Linlthqw. on R.
Blackburn and Frith of Forth, 5 m. EXE. of
Linlithgow-17, to which it was the port (as it
was in roman times), with a good trade, is now
remembered on account of its old castle, built, it
is said, in the form of a ship, and one of the ft>ur
which are kept up by the articles of Union. Jas. L
and Ch. I. made it a state prison.

Blacknib Head ( ) Ards bar. SJE. Down, at
the entrance to Lough Strangford.

P. BLACKPOOL chplry. ( ) Bispham par. W.
Lancash. 3 m. SW. of Poultoli, 229 from London,
a pleasant bathing-place, on N. West, branch raiL
commanding a fine view of Wales, I. of Man,
Cumberld., etc. Pop. 1304 + 50, many visitors;
houses , with chapels, free school, hotels,
theatre, library, etc. Living, a Cur. (Manch.) vaL
200/., patr. Trustees. Near Vauxhall, once the
seat of the Tildesleys, is the pool which gives the
name. The sea has encroached so much here,
that a public-house stood on the Penny stone,
now i m. in the sea.

BLACKRAKE hmlt. ( ) Carlton Highdale
tnshp. N. R. York. 6 m. SW. of Middleham-232.

BLACKRATH par. (20) Gowran bar. Mid. Kitty.
3 m. NE. of Kilkenny-72. Acres 1759, middling ;
pop. 341. Living, a Rect. (Fe. L. O.) vaL 13U,
patr. Bishop. Lyrath, Sir J. Cuff, Bt.

BLACKRIDGE vil. Torpichen par. SW. Lin-
Jithgw. 5 m. WSW. of Bathgate-19.

P. BLACKROCK vil. (74) Cork bar. Mid. Cork,
3 m. E. of Cork, 161 from Dublin, on R. Lee, and
Cork and Passage rail., is near B. Castle, built
by Ld. Deputy Mountjoy 1604, now partly used
as a lighthouse and coast gd. station, in the
middle of very beautiful scenery and many seats.
It has a church, chapel, ursuline convent found.
1771, dispensary, and lunatic asylum.

P. M. BLACKROCK vil. (23) Dublin and Rath-
drnm bars. S. Dublin, 4 m. SE. of Dublin, a bath-
ing-place, on the bay and Kingstown raiL Pop.
2372 + 32 ; houses 355, with a carmelite nunnery.
An ancient cross here marks the S. boundary of
the city. B. House, Rev. Sir H. Lees, Bt. ; Mare-
timo, Lord Cloncurry ; and other seats. igSTBLACK-
ROCK vil. (12) Upper Dundalk bar. N. Louth, a
small bathing-place, 2 m. SSE. of Dundalk-50.
Pop. 507 + 6 ^P Blackrock (7) N. side of en-
trance to Sligo bay, N. Sttgo, has a fixed light on
it, in lat. 54 18' N., long 8 37' W., put up 1835,




74 ft high, seen 13m. ^T Blackrock (53) Forth
bar. SE. Wexfd. 2m. W. of Carnsore Point

Blackrock Inn (35) 4 m. SSW. of Chepstow,
SE. Monmouth. ^T B. Lighthouse (79) at the
mouth of the Mersey, Liverpool, on the Rock
point reef, a round white tower on the plan of the
Eddystone, b. 1830 by the Corporation for 35,0007.,
in lat. 53 27' N., long. 3 3' W., with a revolving
minute light, twice bright and once red, 88 ft.
high, seen 14 m. It is surrounded by water at
half tide, and shows a fixed light from a lower
point, where there is 12 ft water in Rock chan-
nel. <gp B. Mountain (9) a peak of Mount
Leinster, 1971 ft. high. See Blackstairs below.

Blackrocks 5 m. NW. of Achill Saddle head,
NW. Mayo.

P. BLACKROD chplry. (89) BoIton-le-Moors
par. S. Lancash. 6 m. WNW. of Bolton-197, by
Chorley rail, is by some supposed to be the Coc-
cium of Antonine, on Watling St., where (at Castle
Croft) many remains have been found. Acres
2660 ; pop. 2615 + 2, cotton spinners, etc. ; poor r.
2667. (Wigan U.) ; real prop. 11,313?., of which
55177. on mines; charities 2447.. of which 1407. to
gram, school, besides an exhibition of 82/. to
Pembroke Coll. Camb. St. Catherine Cur. (Manch.)
vaL 1007., patr. Vicar. A colliery, on fire here,
was put out by turning R. Douglas into it.

BLACKSHAW vil. Caerlaverock par. S. Dumfries.
7 m. SE. by S. of Dumfries-73, near R. Lochar's
mouth, and B. Flats in the Solway, which are
large sands or moss (once a forest, they say), where
the sea is retiring.

P. BLACKSHIELS vil. Fala par. SE. Edinb. near
Fala-15, and a bog under Soutra hill.

Blackside HiO, Sorn par. Mid. Ayr. 1500 ft.
high, commanding a fine view over 15 counties.

Blacksod Bay (24-5, etc.) Erris bar. NW.
Mayo, within the Mullet, about 10 m. long and 6
broad at the widest, is well sheltered, except
from the W. with anchorage for the largest ships
in 5 fath., near Barnach isld.

Blacksole (3) 1 m. SE. of Herae bay, NE. Kent.

Blackstairs Mount ns. (8, 9, 10, 13) boundary of
Carlow and Wexfd., near Newtownbarry and New
Ross, is a range 12 m. long, the chief peaks of
which are Mount Leinster 2610 ft., Knockroe
1746 ft., Blackstairs 2406 ft., White-Mountain
1676 ft., and Carriglead 1053 ft.

Blackstakes, in R. Medway, . N. Kent, inside
Sheerness, is the usual roadstead for wind-
bound ships, in 3 to 5 fath.

BLACKSTONE hmlt. (55) Kidderminster foreign
and Bewdley boro' N. Wore. 2 m. below Bewdley
on R. Severn, which passes a fine range of clifls
called B. Rocks, in which is a hermitage.

Blackstone, or Carragh, Rivulet (72) rising in
Dunkerrin mountns. S. Kerry, runs 7 m. N. to
Upper L. Carragh, and falls into Castlemaine bav.

Blackstone Edge (88) 5 m. ENE. of Rochdale,
8E. Lancash., on the Yorksh. borders and Halifax
road, commands a fine view.

Blackstone Point ( ) mouth of R. Kent, SW.
Westmrld., near Black dyke and Arnside tower.

BLACKSTOWN vil. Kilbarchan par. Mid. Renfrew.
2 m. NW. of Paisley-51, on R. Black cart, near B.
House, T. Speir, Esq.

Blacktail Shoal (1, 2) on the Essex side of R.
Thames, runs past Shoeburyness to the Maplin

BLACKTHORN chplry. (45) Ambrosden par. NE.
Oxon. 3 m. S.E. of Bicester-54, on Akeman Street,
near B. Hill. Acres 2280 ; pop. 380 ; poor r. 1237.
(Bicest U.) ; real prop. 27497. ; chanties It

BLACKTOFT par. (86) Howdenahire wan. E. R.
York., G m. SE. of Howden-180, where R. Ousc

joins the Trent, contains Scalby. Acres 2730, of
town 1720 ; pop. 505, of town with Staddlethorpe,
374 ; poor r. 1397. (Howden U.) ; real prop. 2818 ;
charities 27. Living, a Cur. (Yk.) vaL 487. patr.
Dean and Chap. Durham.

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