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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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BLACK-WALL (71 or 2) Wirksworth Lund. Mid.
Derby. 3 m. SW. of Wirksworth-140.

BLACKWALL district (1) Poplar par. and Tower
Hamlets boro', E. Middlsx. 4 m. E. of St. Paul's,
where R. Lea joins the Thames, on B. Reach, near
the terminus of B. rail, at Brunswick steam-boat
wharf, has E. India Comp.'s Docks, Green's and
other shipyards, several foundries, Brunswick
white-bait tavern, etc. Living, E. India Com-
pany's chapelry, val. 5007., patr. Directors. E.
India Docks, disused by the Comp. since the ex-
piration of the last charter, as made, 1804-6, by
Rennie, are near the Mast House which is a
mark for the river, and consist of a basin of 3
acres, an import dock of 18 acres 1400 ft. by 560,
and an export dock of 9 acres 780 ft. by 520, with
a gateway at Poplar, where the Commercial Road
ends. Many of the Gen. Steam Nav. Com-
pany's vessels, and large traders, lie here. At
the mouth of the Lea is the Trinity Board Quay,
where their beacons, etc. are repaired. The
Rail. 4 m. long, of which 4464 yds. is a viaduct,
was 5 ft. gauge, worked by a copper-wire rope
and stationary engines ; but since 1849, has been
altered to the common gauge for locomotives,
and rises 1 in 59, cost 288,1777. per mile, was
first opened Aug. 1841, has 9 stations, and a
new branch of If m. to Bow on the E. Count
rail. ; near Blackwall, it joins the Docks and
N W. Junct. rail, of 8 m. thro' Bow, Hackney, Is-
lington, to Camden Town. B. Reach, a bend of
the river between Greenwich and Bngsby reaches,
lies N.byE. and NE., with a shelf on the I. of
Dogs' side, the Gun shoal off the W. India Docks,
a shoal at Lea Ness opposite Green's yard, and
one or two shifting grounds in the stream. The
depths are 13 to 23 ft

Blackwater, rises under B. hill, I. of Arran,
Butesh., and falls into Drimadown bay. g^" B.
River, about 40 m. long, rises in Clonkee bar. E.
Cavan, runs through Lough Ramor to Kelts,
Meath, and falls into R. Boyne at Navan, after
turning many mills. ^ B. River (1, 47) rises
3 m. SE. of Saffron Walden, NW. Essex (where
it is called the Pant), and runs SE. 30 m. past
Braintree, Coggleshall, and Witham, to the North
Sea at Maldon. ifip B. River, rises in the
Grampians, Linthrathan par. W. Forfar. and
joins R. Isla near Airby cast giT B. River, rises
in Knocksting loch, N. Kirkcudbt., and runs 8 m.
W. to R. Ken. ^ B. Rivulet (82, 91) Dnnker-
rin bar. /S W. Kerry, rises In Lough Brinn, among
the mountains, flows 8ja. S. into Kenmare river
passing through very beautiful and romantic
scenery, and abounding with salmon. t&*B.
River, the second river in Ireland and one in which
pearl muscles have been found, rises between the
Knocnagossy and Knockanadune mountns. 110 in.
from the sea, in Kerry ; thence it runs 3 m. S. to
the boundary of Cork for 8 m., then E. through
Cork, under the Bograh and Nagle mountns. to
Cappoquin, Waterfd. for about 42 m., then S. into
Youghal bay, passing by Mallow, Fermoy, and
Lismore, and the principal branches being the
Cledogh, Bride, Allua, Aubeg, Funcheon, Araglin,
Finisk, and Lickley ; it is navigable for barges to
R. Bride's mouth, for lighters by canal to Lismore,
and for flat-bottomed boats to Mallow, but there
is a bar with but 5 ft. water at its mouth. g5f" B.
River, rising in Clogher bar. Tyrone, abont 50 m.
from Lough Noagh, runs by Clogher, Anghcr.




Auchnacloy, Caledon, Benburg, and Moy, in Ty-
rone, Blackwatertown, and Charlemont (where
Ulster canal begins), Armagh, and falls into the
SW. corner of L. Neagh, near B. Isld., having many
small branches. Total fall from Aughnacloy

BLACKWATER vil. (15) 2 m. NW. of Christ-
church- 100, S W. Hants., on B. River, which rises
near Cranborne in Dorset, and runs 13 m. to R.
Stour above Christchurch.

P. BLACKWATER (10) 2 m. E. of Newport, I. of
Wight, S. Hants.

P. BLACKWATER (8) Tateley par. N. Hants.
near Sandhurst College, on R. Blackwater, which
here forms the border of Surrey, Berks, and
Hants, and runs 18 m. N. and W. to the Loddon
near Swallowfield. Fair, 8 Sept. g3 BLACK-
WATER vil. (92) on R. Blackwater, S W. Kerry,
as above, 6 m. W. of Kenmare, near B. Cottage.
gaT BLACKWATER vil. (27) Ballaghkeen bar. E.
Wexford, a police and coast gd. station, 12 m.
NE. of Wexford- 90. Pop. 380 + 12. Fairs, 25 Mar.
12 May, 1 June, 10 Aug. 10 Nov.

Blackwater Bank, about 4 m. from the coast of
Wexford, off 5. River, is 6 m. long, with 8 ft. water
only in one part. At the N. end are two shoals,
the Money- weights, with 6 and 4 ft. water.

Blackwater House, Cabrach par. Mid. Banff.
on R. Blackwater, which runs into the Dovern.

BLACKWATERBRIDGE hmlt. (48) Moyfenrath
bar. S. Meath, 3 m. NW. of Innfield-24, on B. Ri-
vulet, and borders of Kildare.

P. BLACKWATERTOWN vil. (8) Armagh bar.
NW. Armagh, 2 m. S. of Charlemont, 85 from
Dublin, a police station, opposite Clonfeacle, on
R. Blackwater, as above, near Ulster canal, has
remains of a fort, the scene of many skirmishes
in Tyrone's rebellion. Pop. 369 + 16, in a thriving
trade ; houses 71, including Clonfeacle church,
a chapel, dispensary. Fairs, 2nd Wed. every

BLACKWELL tnshp. ( ) Darlington par. 5.
Durham, 1 m. SW. of Darlington-241, on R.
Tees, near Croftbridge rail. Acres 1670; pop.
299 + 2; poor r. 116/. (Darlingt. U.) real prop.
3571/. B. Grange, W. Allan, Esq., descendant of
George the antiquary, who died here.

P. BLACKWELL (82) Scarsdale hund. E. Derby.
3m. NE. of Alfreton-139. Acres 1700, with coal
mines ; pop. 477 + 4 ; poor r. 222Z. (Mansfield U.) ;
real prop. 2439Z. ; charities 4Z. St. Werburgh Vic.
(Lien.) vaL 90Z., patr. Duke of Devonshire.
giT BLACKWELL tnshp. (81) Bakewell par. NW.
Derby. 4 m. E. of Buxton-160, near R. Wye. Pop.
68 ; real prop. 833Z. g~|~ BLACKWEI.L hmlt. (44)
Tredington par. Worcester, locally in Warwick.

2 m. NNW. of Shipton-on-Stour-83. Pop. 204 + 3 ;
real prop. 897Z.

BLACKWELL, HIGH and Low, tnshps. ( ) St.
Cuthbert's par. Carlisle, N. Cumbrld. 2 m. S. of
Carlisle-301, near Wigton and Lane, rails. Pop.
496 + 7, poor. r. 110Z. (Carl. U.) ; real prop. 3543Z. ;
charities 14Z., of which 4Z. to Durdar school.

BlackweU Hall (7) near Chesham, SE. Bucks.
A. Kirkman, Esq.

BlackweU Lodge (24) near Bennetsbridge, E.
Kilkenny, R. Shea, Esq.

BlackwelTs Mountn. (23) N. Ballinacor bar. N.
Wicklow, 2296 ft.

Blackwing Drove (51) Ely hund. 2V. Camb. 4 m.
ENE. of Ely- 67.

Blackwood, Eaglesham par. SE. Renfrew, at
the head of R. Revoch. igf BLACKWOOD tnshp.
(81) with Crowborough, Horton par. 2V. Stafford.

3 m. W. of Leek-154. Pop. 526 ; real prop. 27G1Z.

P. BLACKWOOD, 14m. from Newport, Monmouth.

Blackwood House, Kier par. W. Dumfries, on
R. Nith, near the birthplace ( ?) of A. Cunning-
ham (1785-1842). |gp B. House, Lesmahagow
par. Mid. Lanark. 6 m. NW. Lanark, J. Vere, Esq.

Blackworthy (26) 4 m. SW. of Hatherleigh, 2V.

Blackwose Priory. See NEWENDEN, Kent.

(79) Holy Trinity par. Chester, NW. Cheshire,
1 m. W. of Chester-183, near Ellesmere canal.
Acres 1170 ; pop. 61 ; real prop. 2128Z.

Blacow,or Bacon, Hill (82) 4m. SE. of Bawtry,
2V. 2Votts. has remains of a danish camp and

BLADENOCH vil. (19) Wigton par. E. Wig-
ton, on B. Water, which contains salmon, and
rising in Ben Braik hill, passes about 25 m. SSE.
through Loch Mabery, and between Kirkowan,
Penningham, Kirkinner and Wigton, into Wig-
ton bay.

BLADON par. (45) Wotton hund. Mid. Oxon.
1 m. S. of Woodstock-62, contains Cassington,
and the site of a saxon camp. Acres 1350 ; pop.
687 + 10 ; poor r. 239Z. (Woodst. U.) ; real prop.
1366Z. ; charities 251Z. St. Martin Rect. (Oxon.)
with Woodstock Cur. val. 329Z,, patr. Duke of
Marlborough. See WOODSTOCK.

Bladon Hall (72) 1 m. NE. of Burton-on-Trent,
S. Derby.

BLAEN-AERON tnshp. (57) Caron par. E. Car-
digan. 4m. NE. of Tregaron-204, at R. Aeron's
head. Pop. 287 ; real prop. 998Z. " Blaen " is u-clsh
for head or source, whence the following names.
igg- B.-AFON (41 or 57) 6 m. NE. of Newcastle
Emlyn, SW. Cardigan. B. House, \ m. N.
l^ B.-AvoN, or AFON, (42) Llanover par. 4 m.
SW. of Abergavenny-141, SW. Monmo' on R.
Avon LJwyd. Pop. 2500, in iron mines, which
are worked by horizontal shafts, and produce
400 tons of metal weekly. Living, a Cur. (Llan.)
val. 1147., patr. T. Hill, Esq. lessee under Earl of
Abergavenny. gSP B. AFON (36) 10 m. ENE.
of Aberafon-192, Mid. Glamrgn. |gg" B.-CA-
RON tnshp. (57) Caron par. E. Cardigan, near
Tregaron-204, at R. Caron 's head. Pop. Ill
+ 1. igf B.-PORTH par. (57) Troedyraur
hund. SW. Cardigan. 5 m. ENE. of Cardigan
-239, contains part of Aberporth. Pop. 752 + 6 ;
poor r. 266Z. (Cardig. U.) ; real prop. '20141. St.
David Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 97Z., patr. Earl of Lis-
burne and J. V. Lloyd, Esq., of Tyllwyd. It has
three gaers or camps, and was the site of a castle
built by Gilbert, Earl of Clare.

BLAEN AN hmlt. (41) Llanfihangel Ar-Arth par.
2V. Carmrthn. 9 m. SW. of Lampeter-209.

BLAENARGY (40) 3 m. S. of Cardigan-239, NE.


BLAEN AU CAER (41) 9m. NW. of Llandovery
-191, NE. Carmrthn.

BLAENAWE (42) 3m. N. of Abergavenny-141,
2V. Monmouth.

BLAENBARE (57) 6 m. NNE. of Newcastle Em-
lyn-229, SW. Cardigan.

BLAENBARGOED (41) 6 m. SE. of Newcastle
Emlyn-229, NW. Carmrthn.

BLAENBREFI (57) 4m. SE. of Tregaron-204,
E. Cardigan.

BLAENBUARTHAW (41) 4 m. SE. of Newcastle
Emlyn-229, NW. Carmrthn.

BLAENBWCH (57) 5 m. NE. of Newcastle Em-
lyn-229, SW. Cardigan.

BLAENCLYDACH (36) 8 m. NW. of Llantrissant
-171, E. Glamrgn.

BLAENCORGY (36) 8 m. ENE. of Neath-198,
2V. Glamrgn.


BLAENCRUMLIN (36) 4 m. NNE. of Bridgcnd
-181, E. Glamrgn.

BLAEXCUMXO (40) 3 m. NE. of Narbeth-240,
. Pembroke.

Blaencwm Colliery (35) 2 m. W. of Pont-y-pool
-149, W. Monmo\

BLAEN-CWM-CERWYN (36) 5 m. E. of Aberafon
-192, Mid. Glamrgn.

Lampeter-209, S. Cardigan.

Blaen-dar Furnace (36) 1 m. SW. of Pont-y-
pool-149, W. Monmo'.

BLAENDRYFFYN (41) 5 m. NW. of Llandovery
-191, NE. Carmrthn. BLAENDRYFFYN (41) 2 m.
S. of Llangadock-195, E. Carmrthn.

BLAENGAING (41) 6 m. NE. of Kidwelty-226,
8. Carmrthn.

BLAENGARW (36) 9 m. E. of Aberafon-192,
Mid. Glamrgn.

BLAENGAVENNY (42) 3 m. N. of Abergavenny
-141, N. Monmo 1 .

BLAENGAWRNAI (36) 4 m. SW. of Pont-y-pool
-149, W. Monmo'.

garon-204, E. Cardigan.

BLAENGLESYRCH hmlt. (59) Llawrin par. W.
Montgmry. 2 m. N. of Machynlleth-205, near R,
Dovey, commands some fine views.

BLAENGOED (42) 3 m. ENE. of Abergavenny
-141, N. Monmo'.

BLAENGORPHEN (57) 3 m. NE. of Tregaron
-204, E. Cardigan.

BLAENGWAITHNOCH (40) 3 m. SE. of Narbeth
-240, SE. Pembroke.

BLAENGWENWS (56) 8 m. NW. of Builth-173,
N. Brecon.

BLAENGWRACH chplry. (36) Glyncorrwg par.
Mid. Glamrgn. 1 1 m. E. of Neath-198, at the head
of the vale, of which it commands a fine view, was
the birthplace of Dr. A. Rees, the editor of the
Cyclopaedia. Pop. 498 + 8, in the copper and
iron mines ; real prop. 2566Z. Living, a Cur. with
Glyncorrwg. Ynislaes, Earl of Dunraven.

BLAENHANLEW (41) 7 m. SW. of Lampeter
-209, N. Carmrthn.

BLAENHANT DDU (36) 3 m. NW. of Pont-y-
pool-149, W. Monmo'.

BLAENHARTEN (60) 8 m. WNW. of Llanidloes
-188, S W. Montgmry.

BLAENHONDDAN hmlt. (37) Cadoxton par. W.
Glamrgn. 1 m. N. of Neath-198. Pop. with Ca-
doxton 1156 + 13, in the copper mines ; real prop.

BLAENIAGO (41) 5 m. ENE. of Newcastle Em-
lyn-299, SW. Cardigan.

BLAENISTRWYTH (42) 6 m. WSW. of Aber-
gavenny-141, W. Monmo'.

BLAENLLYNFI (42) Calhedine par. E. Brecon.
7 m. N W. of Crickhowell, near Llynsaviddan lake,
a nominal borough of ancient date, and in Leland's
time the site of a "veri faircastel now dekeiying,"
of which pieces of wall and a ditch are left.

BLAENOGWR (36) 8 m. N. of Bridgend-181, E.

BLAENPANT (57 or 8) 6 m. E. of Cardigan-239,
S W. Cardigan, on R. Teifi, a seat of the Brig-
stockes. BLAENPANT (40) 4 m. S. of Cardigan \
-239, NE. Pembroke.

BLAENPENAL, or LLANPENAL, chplry. (57) Llan-
ddewi-brefi par. SE. Cardigan. 6 m. NW. of
Tregaron-204, near the top of R. Ae'ron. Pop.
503; poor r. 59/. (Tregar. U.); real prop. 1143/.
St. David Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 84/., patr. Earl of
Lishurne and R. Price, Esq.

BLAENPIBEN (40 or 1) 5 m. S. of Newcastle
Emlyn-329, borders of Pembroke, and Carmrthn.



BLAENRHISCLOG (41) 8m. NW. of Llandovery
-191, NE. Carmrthn. '

BLAENRHONDDA (36) 8 m. WSW. of Merthyr
Tydvil-171, 2V. Glamrgn.

BLAENRHOSAFON ( ) 6 m. N. of Narbeth-240,
W. Carmrthn.

BLAENSARNGOCH (41) 10 m. WNW. of Car-
marthen-218, W. Carmrthn.

BLAENSAWTHE or SAWDDE hmlt. (41) Llan-
dausaint par. E. Carmrthn. 7 m. S. by E. of Llan-
dovery-191, E. Carmarthen, under the Black
Mountns. Pop. 214; real prop. 667Z.

BLAENSYCHAN (36) 3m. NW. of Pont-y-pool
-149, W. Monmo'.

BLAENTELERAN (42) 6 m. SW. of Abergavenny
-141, W. Monmo'.

BLAENTWRCH (37) 4 m. NE. of Neath-198, 2V.

Blaenwcaean (57) 10 m. N. of Tregaron-204,
E. Cardigan.

Blaenybylan (41) near R. Teifi, and Newcastle
Emlyn, NE. Pembroke, an ancient seat of the
Morgans, now a farmhouse.

BLAEN- Y-COED (41) 6 m. NW. of Carmarthen
-218, W. Carmrthn.

BLAEN- Y-CUM (74) 9 m. SW. of Llangollen
-184, S. Denbigh.

BLAEN- Y-CWM (57) 14 m. NE. of Tregaron-204,
E. Cardigan. ir BLAEN-Y-CWM. (36) 10 m. E.
of Neath-198, Mid. Glamrgn.

BLAEN-Y-DDOL (41 or 2) 5 m. SE. of Llando-
very-191, E. Carmrthn.

BLAEN- Y-FFRYDD (36) 5 m. NW. of Pont-y-
pool- 149, W. Monmo'.

BLAEN-Y-WAUN (41) 8 m. WNW. of Carmar-
then-218, W. Carmrthn.

BLAGDON tythg. (15) Cranborne par. NE.
Dorset. 3 m. N. of Cranborne-93. Pop. 36.
(Jap" BLAGDON tnshp. ( ) Stannington par. SE.
Northmbld. 8 m. NNW. of Newcastle-275. B.
Park, Sir M. W. Ridley, Bt. formerly the Fen-
wicks' seat.

P. BLAGDON par. (19) Winterstoke hand. NE.
Somerset. 5 m. ENE. of Axbridge-130, produces
lapis calaminaris and the teasel. Acres 2520 ;
pop. 1178 + 7-; poor r. 5141. (Axbr. U.) ; real prop.
6429/. ; charities 42/. of which 187. to Baynard's
school. St. Andrew Sect. (Ba. and W.) sometime
held by Dr. J. Langhorne, who is buried here,
val. 512Z., patr. J. George, Esq. ^ BLAGDON
tythg. (21) Pitminster par. S. Somerset. 3 m. S. of

Blagdon House (26) 5 m. SSE. of Holdsworthy
-214, W. Devon.

BLAGILL ( ) Leath ward. E. Cumbrld. 2 nu.
ENE. of Alston-272.

BLAGRAVE tythg. (13) Lambourn par. IF~.
Berks, near Lambourn-65. Pop. 204.

BLAIDES hmlt. ( ) Melbecks tnshp. 2V. R^
York. 4 m. W. of Reeth-242.

BLAINEY parcel (42) Llangunider par. SE. Bre-
con. 5 m. WNW. of Crickhowell-157. Pop. 2110.

Blair, 5 m. NE. of Girvan, S. Ayr. W. Blair,
Esq. 'Blair,' a plain. ^T Blair, 6 m. WNW.
of Dunfermline, -S W. Fife.

P. Blair-Adam, 5 m. S. of Kinross, W. Fife.
Adml. Sir C. Adam, Bt.

P. BLAIR- ATHOLL par. in 2V. Perth, on Inver-
ness, border, 79 m. from Edinbro' under the Gram-
pians, containing the old pars, of Kilmaveonaig,
Lude, and Strowan, is watered by R. Garry and
its feeders, Rs. Erockhie, Bruar, and Tilt, in as
many glens. Size 28 m. by 12, or 166,000 acres,
chiefly mountain and strath, including lochs
Garry, Chon, and Tilt, and Atholl forest, the
highest points being Bonygloe 3725 ft. and Ben





Dearg 3550 ft. ; pop 2231 (decreasing) gaelic
speaking; real prop. 11,9131 ; for poor 370/.
Living (Presb. Dunkeld) val. 144Z., patr. Duke of
Atholl, chief heritor, at whose ancient seat, B.
Castle, or Atholl House, which the Highlanders
attacked 1746, Q. Victoria spent three weeks Sept.
1844 ; church, has the grave of Claverhouse, who
fell at Killiecrankie pass. Near are : Lude, seat of
M'Inroy, Esq.; R. Fender falls in Glen Tilt
which leads up to Braemar, and presents some
striking geological features ; and Burns' ' falls of
Bruar,' near the Inverness road, which crossing
the par. passes by the Badenoch Boar and Atholl
Sow, two hills on the borders. Millions of birch,
alder, fir, larch, etc. have been planted since 1774.
Fairs, 2 Feb. 3rd Wed. May, cattle ; Bridge of
Tilt 25 June, 20 Aug. o. s.

P. Blair Drummond House, 4. m. NW. of Stir-
ling, S. Perth, on R. Teith, H. Drummond, Esq.
M. P. formerly seat of Ld. Kames, who succeeded
in reclaiming 1500 acres by draining B. Moss here.
" Blair Drummond sees the hoofs strike fire."

P. BLAIR GOWBIE par. in Slrathmore, E. Perth.
4 m. NW. by N. of Cupar Angus, near Dund. and
Perth branch rail., a burgh of barony, watered
by R.Ericht, which runs between very high banks
and abounds with fish, and R. Isla, which is sub-
ject to overflows. Size 7 m. by 3, partly arable,
with plantations and much lake and muirland ;
pop. 3471 + 83, spinners and weavers, for the Dun-
dee market ; real prop. 9274Z. ; for poor 702Z.
Living (Presb. Meigle) val. 223/., patr. M'Pher-
soii of B. and Oliphant of Gask. Near Ardblair
is Newton house, the old seat of the M'Phersons.
The pure white ' B. marble,' is much in request
with sculptors and architects. Craighall-Ratray,
on the Ericht commands a fine view. Fairs, 3rd
Wed. Mar. 26th May if Wed. or 1st Wed. after,
2nd Wed. Aug., Wed. before Falkirk tryst Oct.
1st Wed. Nov.

P. BLAIR LOGIE vil. Logie par. N. Stirling.
3 m. NE. of Stirling-35, in a pretty spot in Glen
Devon, has veins of copper and barytes, which
were once worked, and is near Alv^ where silver
has been found. Pop. 124.


Blairleg, in Lamlash bay, E. side of Arran,

Blairfad, Drymen par. W. Stirling. 2 m. NE.
of Drymen-58 ; also Blaimarour and Blairnavaid
close to it, and Blairnabord 6 m. N. and Blairvach

7 m. on R. Duchray, NNE. of the same.
Blairmuckhill Water, flows through that moss,

in Whitburn par. 8 W. Linlithgw.

BLAIRNGONE vil. Fossaway par. SE. Perth.

8 m. NE. of Clackmannan, a burgh of barony
under the Duke of Atholl, and an old seat of the
Murrays where the clan met.

BMrquhan Castle, near Straiten, S. Ayrsh. J.
Blair, Esq.

Blair's, or St. Mary's, College, 6 m. WSW. of
Aberdeen, -S. Aberd. on R. Dee, was founded 1829,
by Menzies of Pitfodels, for rom. cath. divinity
students, and has a president and 5 professors.

Blairston, 7 m. SSW. of Ayr, W. Ayr.

BLAISDON par. (43) Westbury hund. W. Glou-
cest. 3 m. ESE. of Mitcheldean-113. Acres 760 ;
pop. 264 ; poor r. 73/. (Westb. U.) ; real prop.
1754/. St. Michael Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. /.,
patr. Mrs. A. Gordon. The vil. suffered much
from fire 1699.

Blaise Castle (35) 4 m. NNW. of Bristol, SW.
Gloucest. J. S. Harford, Esq., near a colliery, com-
mands a fine view.
. Blaisfelds (43) 2 m. W. of Ne went, W. Gloucest.

I BLAITHWAITE ( ) 3 m. SW. of Wigton, N.
| Cumbrld.

Blake Fell ( ) 8 m. E. of Whitehaven, W
\ Cumbrld. near Cumnock water and Buttermere.
gg B. Hall (1) 5 m. NE. of Epping, W. Essex,
C. Cure, Esq. 1" B. Hall (88) 4 m. NE. of
Huddersfield, W. R. York. Mrs. Ingham. ^p B.
Hills ( ) near Souter fell, 5 m. NE. of Keswick,
Mid. Cumbrld. where the appearances in the air
like the spectre of the Brocken, were seen 1743, as
related in Clarke's ' Survey of the Lakes.' ^g" B.
House (11 or 15) near Lymington, &\ Hants. Hon.
W. H. Hare. ^ B. House (1) near Waltham
Abbey, S W. Essex, F. Horsley, Esq. ^p B. Ley
( ) 5 m. NE. of Egremont, S. Cumbrld. near
Copeland forest.

Blakcbrook House (55) near Kidderminster,
NW. Worcester. J. Best, Esq. M. P.

Blakeley (72) 4 m. N. of Burton-on-Trent, S.
Derby. ^ Blakeley ( ) 7 m. WNW. of Har-
tlepool, E. Durham.

Blakelnw House (82) 2 m. ENE. of Matlock,
Mid. Derby.

BLAKEMERE, or BLACKMOOR, par. (42)Webtree
hund. W. Hereford. 7 m. SSW. of Weobly-145,
on R. Wye. Acres 1080 ; pop. 183 ; poor r. 46/.
(Weob. U.) ; real prop. 1517/. ; charities 21. St.
Leonard Vic. with Preston-on-Wye.

Blakemoor Hall ( ) 7 m. NE. of Morpeth, E.
Northmbld. on the coast.

Blahemore Forest. See BLACKMOOR, Dorset.

P. BLAKEXEY chplry. (35) Awre par. W.
Gloucester. 3 m. S. of Newnham-112, on R. Severn.
Real prop. 2948Z. Alls Saints Cur. (Gl. and Br.)
val. 232/., patr. Haberdashers' Compy. Fairs,
12 Mav and Nov.

P. BLAKENEY, or SNITTERLEY, par. (68) Holt
hund. N. Norfolk, 5 m. NNW. of Holt-119, on B.
Harbour was once a mkt. town, and has some re-
mains of a carmelite friary found, about 1295.
Acres 1630 ; pop. 1021 + 10, in the coasting-trade
and fisheries, all fish caught within 20 m. being
brought here ; poor r. 431/. (Walsingham U.) ;
real prop. 2550Z. ; charities 41. etc. St. Nicholas
Rect. with Cockthorpe ; church, of flint, is a mark
for vessels coming over the bar, which is a dan-
gerous shifting one, though the harbour is safe in
bad weather. Total customs (1846-7) 135U ;
and (1833) 54 sail of about 3250 tons belonged to
the port. B. Overfalls, a spit of sand, is about
3 m. off. John de Baconsthorpe, the ' resolute and
subtle doctor,' was a native.

Wybunbury par. S. Cheshire, 5 m. SE. of Nant-
wich-164, near Gd. June. rail. Acres 1700 ; pop.
257 + 1 ; poor r. 1437. (Nantw. U. ) ; real prop.
235U ^ Blakenhatt (63) 1 m. WNW. of Lut-
terworth, /S. Leicest.

BLAKENHAM, GREAT, par. (50) Bosmere hund.
S. Suffolk, 3 m. SSE. of Needham market-74, on
E. Unio rail, and Ipswich canal, was a cell to
Bee abbey, afterwards granted to Eton Coll.
Acres 1850; pop. 180; poor r. 113/. (Bosm. U.);
real prop. 1843/. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val.
166/., patr. Eton College, ^f B., LITTLE, par.
1 m. SW. of the above. Acres 250; pop. 119;
poor r. 571. ; real prop. 1682Z. St. Man' Rect.
(Norw.) val. 280/., patr. Rev. Jackson, rector.

BLAKESALL hmlt. (55) Wolverley par. N. Wore.
3 m. N. of Kidderminster-126, near BlakesluU.

P. BLAKESLEY par. (53) Green's Norton hund.
SW. Northmptn. 4m. WNW. of Towcester-60,
contains Woodend and Foxley. Acres 2840 ;
pop. 830 ; poor r. 159/. (Towces. U.) ; real prop.
7280Z. ; charities 254/., of which 100Z. to Fox ley's
gram, school, 100/. Lady Leveson's, besides a


share in the Dudley char, at Bidford. St. Mary
Vic. (Pet.) val. 17G/., patr. J. W. Wright, Esq.
of B. Hall, which belonged to the Knights of
St. John ; church, has a good brass of Sir W.
Swetenham (1416).

Blakeston Manor ( ) Norton par. SE. Durham,
4 m. NNW. of Stockton-242.

Blukesweare (47) Braughin hund. SE. Herts.
3 m. ENE. of Ware- 20, a seat of R. Plumer Ward,
Esq. of Gilston. |J3P Blakesweare, Little, m. N.

BLANANLLYN vil. (41) Kilrhedin par. N W.
Carmarthen. 4 m. S. of Newcastle Emlyn-229.

P. BLANCH ARDSTOWN hmlt. (13) Castlenock
bar. Mid. Dublin, 5 m. NW. of Dublin, on Mul-
lingar rail., a police and petty sessions station.
Pop. 182 ; houses 32, with barrack, chapel, and
Cabra nunnery and school.

TER chplry. ( ) Shotley par. S. Northmbrld.
8 m. S. of Hexham-279, on R. Derwent, has re-
mains of an abbey found, about 1170 by W. de
Bolbeck, afterwards forfeited by the Forsters in
1715. Pop. 476 + 2, in the lead mines; poor r.
697. (Hexh. U.) val. 1987., patr. Lord Crewe's
Trustees ; church, b. 1752, out of the abbey ruins.

BLANCHVILLESKILL par. (20, 24) Gowran bar.
E. Kilkenny, 5 m. ESE. of Kilkenny-72. Acres
854, good, with limestone ; pop. 152. Living, a
Vic. with Kilfane. B. House, Gen. Kearney.

BLAND hmlt. ( ) Sedbergh par. W. R. York.
near Sedbergh,

Dorset, contains the hunds. of Coomb's Ditch,
Pimperne, and Rushmore, and Dewlish. lib. ; acres
44,970, pop. 6509, houses 1318. B. (SOUTH) DI-
VISION (15-6) SE. Dorset, contains the hunds.
of Corfe Castle, Bere-Regis, Hundredsbarrow, Ha-
silor, Rowbarrow,Winfrith, and the libs, of Bindon,
Owermoigne, and Stoborough ; acres 87,650, pop.
14,106, houses 2794.

P. M. BLANDFORD-FORUM. par. (15) Coomb's
Ditch hund. E. Dorset. 15 m. NE. of Dorchester,
103 from London, on R. Stour, belonging to the
duchy of Lancaster, suffered greatly from fire in
1579, 1677, 1684, 1713, and 1731 when all but 40
houses were burnt, is a polling, petty sess. town,
and a borough by prescription, having sent mem-
bers to parl. of 23 Edw. I. and 22 Edw. III. ; was
chartered by Jas. I. who gave the manor to the
corporation, and under the new act is governed
by a mayor or bailiff, 4 aldermen, and 12 coun-
cillors, with the style of " bailiffs and burgesses of
B.-F." and a revenue of 1827. Acres 920, good
pasture land ; pop. 3349 + 24 employed in agri-
culture and shirt button manufact. formerly in
that of point lace, which sold for 301. a yard;
houses 639, with 2 chapels, town hall and pump
(on which the last fire is recorded), 3 banks,
savings bk. (76,603/. from 1797 depositors), 3

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