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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 6 of 293)
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A. PIGOT. See A. BURNELL above, tgg" A.
REYNOLD tnshp. (73) Shawbury par. N. Salop.
7 m. NNE. of Shrewsbury- 153, near R. Roden.
Pop. 159. A. R. Park, A. Corbet, Esq. ^ A.
ROUND par. (61) Stottesden hund. Mid. Salop.
5 m. WNW. of Bridgnorth-139, near Wenlock
Edge. Acres 3040; pop. 180; poor r. 82Z.
(Bridgn. U.) ; real prop. Z. ; charities 2Z.

Living, a Cur. (Heref.) val. 85Z., patr. Sir F. E.
Acton, Bt. of Aldenham, who has the manor,
and of whose family was Cardinal Acton, ifgj" A.
SCOTT par. (61) Upper Munslow hund. S. Salop.
3 m. S. of Church Stretton-158, near Watling St.
and R. Onny, under Wenlock Edge. Acres 930 ;
pop. 204 ; poor r. 83Z. (C. Stret. U.) ; real prop.
1931Z. ; charities 3Z. St. Margaret Rect. (Heref.)
val. 238?., patr. F. W. Pendarvis. A. C. House,
T. Starkhouse, Esq. igsg" A. STOXK tnshp. (61)
Rushbury par. Mid. Salop. 3 m. E. of Ch. Stret-
ton-158. Pop. 24. i^" A. TRUSSEL chplry. (62)
with Bednall, Baswick par. Mid. Staffd. 2 m.
NNE. of Penkridge-131, on Stafford canal and
R. Trent, near N. West. rail, and Cannock Chase.
Acres 2370; pop. 574 + 2; poor r. 101Z. (Penkr.
.); real prop. 4865Z. St. James Cur. (Lich.)
>1. 234Z., patr. Hulme's Trustees. ^ A. TUR-



VILLE par. (35) Lower Grumbald's Ash hnnd.
SW. Gloucest. 5m. E. of Chipping Sodbury-108,
near Fosse Way and the Cotswolds, has traces of
a sanctuary built by a saxon king. Acres 940 ;
pop. 311 + 8; poor r. 971. (C. Sodb. U.) ; real
prop. 1426/. ; charities /. St. Alary Vic. with

Adam and Eve (7) 3 m. SE. of Uxbridge, W.

Adam's Isle, at the entrance of Glendore barb.
S W. Cork, flap A. Row vil. Newton par. NE.
Edinb. 4 m. SE. of Edinbro'. Pop. 249. ^ A.
Wood (55) 6 m. NNE. of Bromyard, NE. Here-

Adamthwaite ( ) 3 m. SSW. of Ravenstone-
dale, E. Westmrld.

ADAMSTOWX, or MURNEVAN, par. (30-1, 35),
Bantry bar. Mid. Wexfd. 6 m^ NE. of New Ross
-90, has remains of Devereux cast. (b. 1556), near
Carrickburn hill (766 ft.) which commands a fine
view. Acres 8134, light land, with granite and j
stone quarries ; pop. 2037, decreasing. Living, a j
Rect. (Fe. L. O.), vat. 625Z., patr. Bishop ; in the j
ch.yard is an old cross. Merton, T. A. Whitney,
Esq. At Scullabogue barn 195 protestants were
burnt 1798 by the rebels.

Adar Rivulet ( ) a branch of the R. Moy, N.

P. M. a. ADARE par. (11-2, 20-1) Coshma,
Kenry, and Upper Connello bars. Mid. Limerh.
10 m. SW. of Limerick, 129 from Dublin, a petty
sess. and police station, and formerly a borough,
on R. Maigue (which is navigable), belonged to
the Fitzgeralds, who b. the black abbey (now
the R. C. chapel), the awstin friary in A. Park,
and the franciscan abbey, near the bridge, used as
the parish church. Acres 1 1,993, good land, with
limestone ; pop. 4902, of vil. 1095 + 33 ; houses
142, with a dispensarv and hospital. Living, a
Vic. (Lk. A. A.) val. 284Z., patr. Edw. Croker, Esq.
A. Castle, seat of Earl of Dunraven (a descendant
of " Cbn of the Hundred Battles"), who takes
hence his title of visct. and baron. Near the
river are remains of O'Donovan's cast., dismantled
by Cromwell. The Palatines, a body of German
protestants, have been settled here for more than
a century. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, every month
except June, July, and Aug., for farming stock.

ADBASTON par. (73) N. Pirehill hund. W.
Stuffd. 4 m. W. of 148, near G. Junct.
canal, containing Bishop's Offley, Flushbrook,
and Tunstall, gave title of visct. to Earl Whit-
worth. Acres 5330; pop. 610-1-1; poor r. 141Z.
(Newport U.) ; real prop. 4158Z. ; charities 8Z. of
which 41. to Wright's school. St. Margaret Cur.
(Lich.) val. 100Z., patr. Dean.

ADBEER (18) 4 m. NE. of Yeovil, SE. Somer-
set, had a church destroyed in the civil war.

ADBOLTON hmlt. (71) Holme Pierrepont par.
S. Notts. 1 m. SE. of Nottingham-124, on R.
Trent, near Grantham canal, was formerly a par.
Pop. 29. Living, a Cur. with Holme Pierrepont ;
church, in ruins.

Adbury House (12) 3 m. NNW. of Kingsclerc,
JV. Hants, on R. Emborne.

ADCOT tnshp. (73) Little Ness chplry. Mid.
Salty). 6 m. NW. of Shrewsbury- 153, near R.
Perry. Pop. 26.

Add River, rising near L. Awe, W. Argyll, runs
SW. about 12 m. to L. Crinan, and has a salmon

P. ADDERBURY par. (45) Bloxham hund. N.
Oxford. 3 m. S. of Banbury-71, on a branch of
R. Cherwell, near Oxford canal, containing A.
EAST and WEST tnshps. (acres 3060 ; pop. 1502),
Barford St. John, Bodicott, and Milton, was



called Edburghbezic at ' D.omesdy.,' Ebberbury
and Abberbury 1219, when the bishops at Oxford
condemned a religious imposter to be crucified
here. Acres 6380 ; pop. 2525 + 5 ; poor r. 630Z.
(Banb. U.) ; real prop. 83347. ; charities 257Z., of
which Feoffee's land for poor, school, etc. 249Z.
St. Mary Vic. (Oxon.) val. with Barford and Bo-
dicott, 818Z., patr. New Coll. ; church, cruciform
and perpendicular eng., built 1385, by Will, of
Wykeham (with a grange attached), has a de-
corated porch, two fonts, and tombs of the Oldys,
Bastards, and Cobbs of A. Green, near which is
the decayed seat of Rochester (who took the title
of Baron A., and died here, repentant), which
was occupied by the great Duke of Argyll when
Pope visited him and pressed "the bed where
Wilmot lay." A. Lodge, J. Field, Esq., has a
portrait of Luke, the hero of " Hudibras."

ADDERGOOLE par. (4, 5, 16) Dunmore bar.
N. Galway, 5 m. NW. of Dunmore-132, on R.
Clare, is a petty sess. and police station. Acres
8442, chiefly moor, with bog, which in 1745 after
a heavy rain, burst and formed a lough of 300
acres ; pop. 3321 + 79. Living, a Vie. with Tuam.
rgT ADDERGOOLE par. (58-60, etc.) Tirawley bar.
Mid. Mayo, 6 m. NE. of Newport-176, on Lough
Gonn, has remains of an old abbey. Acres 86,630
(3763 in the lough^, chiefly bog and mountain
(2646 ft. high at Nephin hill), with limestone
quarries ; pop. 7379 + 66. Living, a Vic. with
Crossmolina. Castle Hill, Major Cormick, near
an old fort,

ADDERLEY or ATHERLEY par. (73) N. Brad-
ford huni NE. Salop. 4 m. NNW. of Market
Drayton-153, on Gd. Junct. canal and R.
Weaver, contains The Morrey and Spoonley.
Acres 2260,; pop. 404; poor r. 145Z. (Drayt. U.);
real prop. 5928Z. ; charities 68Z., and a share with
Mucelston. St. Peter Rect. (Lich.) val. I,
patr. Rev. H, C. Cotton. A. Hall, R. Corbet, Esq.
^ A. GREEN hmlt. (72) Weston Coney tnshp.
N. Staffd. 1 m. E. of Lane End- 146, gives name
to the Adderleys of Warwick, and is a meet for
N. Staftl. hounds.

ADDERSTONE tnshp. ( ) Bambrough par. NE.
Northmbrld. 3 m. SE. of Belford-322. Pop. 302 ;
poor r. 95/. (Belf. U.). A. House, T. Forster, Esq.

ADDINGHAM par. ( ) Leath ward, E. Cum-
brld. 6 m. NE. of Penrith-283, near R. Eden and
the Maiden Way, contains Gamblesby, Glassonby,
Hunsonby, and Lit. Salkeld, which has a fine
view at " Long Meg " druid circle of 70 stones.
Acres 9520, with good stone ; pop. 735 + 2 : poor
r. Z. (Penr. U.I ; real' prop-. I. ; charities
182Z., of which 70Z. to Maughanby, 431. to Hun-
sonby, schools. St. Michael Vic. (CarL) val.
253Z., patr. Dean and Chap., sometime held by
Paley, who died here 1805.

P. ADDINGHAM par. ( ) E. Staiucliffe and
Upper Claro waps. W. R. York. 6 m. ESE. of
Skipton-216, en R. Wharfe, near Midkl. rail., con-
tains Beamsley and traces of a roman camp. Acres
4310, of town 3500 ; pop. 1812, and 1753 (decreas-
ing) in the cotton, worsted, and woollen factories ;
poor r. 479Z. (Skipt U.) ; real prop. 7236Z. ; cha-
rities 13Z. St. Peter Rect. (Rip.) val. 360Z., patr.
Mrs. M. Cunliffe ; church, old, in a prettv spot.

ADDINSTON par. (46) Buckingham hund. N.
Ducks. 4 m. SE. of Buckingham-55, on a branch
of R. Ouse, was held by the Molines, who had
power to hang at Gallows Gap. Acres 1320 ;
pop. 84 + 1 ; poor r. 43Z. (Buck. U.) ; real prop.
2758Z. St. Mary Rect. (Oxon.) val. 200Z., patr.
J. Powlett, Esq. of A. House. <ST ADDINGTON
par. (6) Larkfield hund. Aylesford lathe, Mi,l.
Kent. 6 m. WNW. of Maidstone- 34, on a branch





of the Medway. Acres 920 ; pop. 208 ; poor r.
1377. (Mailing U.) ; real prop. 14947. ; charities 207.
for Tynte's school, etc. St. Margaret Rect. (Cant.)
val. 2531., patr. Hon. Col. Stratford .of A. Place ;
church, has 2 brasses (from 1400), and near it
is a druid circle, and the Nailbourn landspring,
which breaks out every 7 or 8 years.

DINGTON par. (6) First "Wellington hund. NE.
Surrey, 3 m. ESE. of Croydon-9, near the rail.
containing Badger's Hole, was given by the Con-
queror to his cook Tezelin, and is held by the
Primate, by the tenure of presenting the king a
mess of pottage at his coronation. Acres 3210 ;
pop. 580 + 12 ; poor r. 323Z. (Croyd. U.) ; real prop.
39557. ; charities 67. St. Mary Vic. (Cant.) val.
2067., patr. Archbishop, of A. Place, which was
bought 1807, of Aid. Trecothick (who built it out
of the Leighs' old seat), when Croydon palace was
sold ; church, ancient, with 2 brasses (from 1540).
Tumuli, etc, on the hills, which have a good pros-
pect. igp A., GBEAT, par. (52) Huxloe hund.

E. Northmptn. 4 m. SW. of Thrapston-73, on
North, and Peterb. rail, and R. Nen, belongs to
Ward of Guilsboro'. Acres 1230; pop. 266;
poor r. 2707. (Thrap. U.) ; real prop. 17407. All
Saints Meet. (Pet.) val. 3157., patr. Rev. J. Tylny,
rector. A. House, Hollidge, Esq. 1$si A.
LITTLE par. as above, 1 m. S. belonged to Sulby
monastery. Acres 1170 ; pop. 299 + 3 ; poor r.
1557. (Thrap. U.) ; real prop. 16867, St. Mary
Vic. (Pet.) val. 2457., patr. J. Boodle, Esq.

Addiscombe House (6) 1 m. E. of Croydon,
NE. Surrey, near the rail., built by Vanburgh,
with a staircase by Thornhill, and formerly seat
of the Herons, Lord Chan. Talbot, Lord Liverpool,
and the Radcliffes, is, since 1809, the E. I. Com-
pany's Military coll. for 150 cadets, with chapel,
model-room, etc., and a good park.

Addiston, 7 m. WSW. of Edinbro', W. Edinb.
Earl Morton, on Cogar burn.

ADDLE par. ( ) Upper Skvrack wap. W. R.
York. 5m. NNW. of Leeds-189, containing A.-
CUM-ECCUP tnshp. (acres 4570 ; pop. 883), Ar-
thington, Breary, and Cookridge, has the Leeds
waterworks, and remains .of the roman Burgo-
dunum on the moors. Acres 6350; pop. 1219 +
15, some in the flaxmill ; poor r. 2277. (Carlton
Incorp.) ; real prop. 65807. ; charities, Kirk's etc.,
for poor and school, 847. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Yk.)
val. 6237., patr. Sir W. Davy ; church, a fine nor-
man specimen, b. before 1100.

Addle Pitts (40) 3 m. WNW. of Narberth, Mid,

P. ADDLESTONE (8) 1 m. S. of Chertsev, NW.
Surrey, a stat. on S. West, rail., near the Thames,
has A. House, Rev. T. Schoneld, and St Paul
Cur. (Win.) val. 1507., patr. Bishop.

ADDLESTROP par. (44) Upper Slaughter hund.
NE. Gloucest. 3m. E. of Stow-on-the-Wold-82,
in a pretty spot on R. Evenlode, near Daylesford,
belonged to Evesham ab. Acres 1320 ; pop.
200 + 1 : poor r. 637. (Stow U.) ; real prop. 20367.
St. M. Magdalen Rect. with Broadwell ; church,
twice rebuilt in the year 1764, through the un-
skilfulness of the architect. A. House, Lord
Leigh, who has the manor.

ADDLETHORPE par. (84) Candleshoe wap. E.
Lincoln. 9 m. ENE. of Spilsby-129, near the coast.
Acres 1770; pop. 238+6; poor r. 1847. (Spilsby
U.); real prop. 39477.; charities 167., including
poor's cottages. St. Nicholas Rect. (Line.) val.
727., patr. LcL Chancellor.

Adelphi (17) near Corrofin, N. Clare. W. and

F. Fitzgerald, Esqrs.

Adelphi Ironworks (82) 3 m. E. of Chesterfield,
NE. Derln/.

ADERRIG par. (7) Newcastle bar. W. Dublin.
2 m. SW. of Lucan-7. Acres 759 ; pop. 127.

Ades (15) 5 m. N. of Lewes, Mid. Sussex.

ADFORTOX tnshp. (55) with Stamvay, Paytoe,
and Grange, Lemtwardine par. N. Hereford. 7 m.
WSW. of Ludlow-143. Pop. 288 ; real prop. 15067.

ADGARLEY tnshp. Urswick par. NIV. Lancash.
4 m. SWS. of Ulverstone-272, near Morecombe
bay ; pop. 45.

Adgeton (10) 1 m. SW. of Brading, I. of
Wight, S. Hants.

Adhelm's Head. See St. Alban's Head, Dorset.

ADISHAM par. (3) Downhamford hund. St. Au-
gustine lathe, E. Kent, 5 m. SE. Canterbury-55.
Acres 1810, part in hops; pop. 372; poor r.
2357. (Bridge U.) ; real prop. 28627. ; charities 207.
Holy Innocents Rect. (Cant.) val. with Staple
9527., patr. Archbp. ; church, cruciform and early

ADLIXGFLEET par. ( ) Lower Osgoldcross
wap. W. R. York. 10 m. NE. of Thorne-166,
where Rs. Trent and Ouse join the Humber, con-
tains Eastoft, Fockerby, and Haldenby. Acres
4580, of town 1680 ; pop. 448, and 199 ; poor r.
917. (Goole U.) ; real prop. 24787. ; charities 697.
All Saints Vic. (York) vaL 2807., patr. Ld. Chan-

ADLIMGTOX chplry. (81) Prestbury par. NE.
Chesh. 5m. N. of Macclesfield-167, on Manch.
rail, and R. Bollin. Acres 3350, with coal and
flagstone; pop. 1159+9, chieflv silk weavers;
poor r. 3367. (Macclesf. U.) ; real prop. 65427.
A. Hall, C. Legh, Esq., an old seat, taken by
Parl. 1645, after a two weeks' siege, fip AD-
LIXGTOJJ tnshp. (89) Standish par. S. Lancash.
4 m. N. of Wigan-200, near Preston and Bolton
rails, and Leeds and Liv. canal. Acres 990 ; pop.
1130 + 5, in the cotton factories; poor r. 1707.
(Chorley U.) ; real prop. 33447. Living, a Cur.
(Manch.) val. 1507., patr. Rector. A. Hall, seat of
R. Clayton, Esq., through the Adlingtons, has some
good pictures and portraits, with a fine view.

ADMARSH, or BLEASDALE, chplry. ( ) Lan-
caster par. N. Lan. is a Cur. (Manch.) val. 807.,
patr. Vicar.

P. ADMASTON hmlt. (72) Blithfield par. Mid.
Staffd, 2 m. W. of Abbot's Bromley-129 ; pop. 59.

ADMASTON tnshp. (61) Wrockwardine par.
Mid, Salop. 1 m. NW. of Wellington- 142 ; pop.

ADMINGTON hmlt. (54) Quinton par. NE.
Gloucest. 5 m. NE. of Chipping Campden-90 ; pop.
197 + 2 ; real prop.23477. A. House, M. Corbet, Esq.

Admiralty Patch, at the mouth of the Channel,
35 m. S. of the Scilly Islands, has 59 fath. on it
and 63 to 70 around.

dletown hund. Mid. Dorset. 5m. NE. of Dorches-
ter- 120, on R.Trent, was a seat of Wessex kings.
Acres 290 ; pop. 74 + 1 ; poor r. 487. (Dorch. U.) ;
real prop. 7. Living, a Rect. (Sal.) val.

with Burleston 2007., patr. Earl of Mornington ;
church, perp. eng., with a tomb of Sir W. Martin,
who b. A. Hall before 1503.

ADMORGILL tnshp. ( ) Barnoldswick par. W.
R. York. 3 m. NW. of Colne-218, on a branch of
R. Eibble, is joined to BROGDEN.

ADXEY tnshp. (61) Edgmond par. E. Salop.
B m. WSW. of Newport-142, near Shrewsbury
canal and R. Strine. Pop. 71 ; real prop. 58507.

* M. ADPAR, or ATPAR, town (41) Llan-dy-
friog par. Troedyraur hund. S1V. Card. 10m.
ESE. of Cardigan- 239, on R. Teifi at the bridge
opposite Newcastle Emlyn, is a petty ses. town
and boro' by prescription, contributory to Car-
digan, the Reform bounds including the old


boro' and N. Emlyn, no. of electors about 80.
Pop. of boro' 1619, in a small trade. A. Hill, J.
Beynor, Esq. Mkts. monthly, cattle.

Adragook, or Adrigole, Bay (116) near Bear
isld. W. Cork, in Bantry bay.

Adsall or Yeatsatt (72) m. W. of Abbot's
Bromley, Mid. Stafford.

Adscomb (20) 7 m. W. of Bridgwater, Mid.

ADSTOCK par. (45) Buckingham hund. N.
Bucks. 3 m. SE. of Buckingham-55, where the mkt.
was held in the plague of 1665, is a meet for Roth-
schild's hounds. Acres 1130; pop. 419; poor r.
2571. (Buck. U.); real prop. 1993Z. St. Cecilia
Red. (Oxon.) val. 400/., patr. Bp. of Lincoln.

ADSTON tnshp. (61) Wentnor par. W. Salop.
4 m. W. of Church Stretton-158. on a branch of
R. Onny, under the Long Mynd ; pop. 100.

ADSTONE chplry. (53) Canon's Ashby par. S W.
Northmptn. 6 m. WNW. of Towcester-60, near a
branch of R. Tove. Acres 1190 ; pop. 196 + 3 ; poor
r. 129Z. (Towcest. U.) ; real prop. 2247Z.

Ad-tuifyrdi of Bede, is TWYFORD, Northampton.

Adur River (9) rises near Horsham, N. Sussex,
in the Weald, and runs 20 m. S. past Steyning to
Shoreham harb. in the Channel.

ADVENT par. (30) Lesnewth hund. NE. Corn-
wall, 1 m. S. of Camelford-228, on R. Camel.
Acres 4020 (or 2844), partly moorland on granite,
felspar, etc, ; pop. 201 + 5, some in the copper
mine ; poor r. /. (Camelf. U.) ; real prop. 1768Z.
Living, a Rect. with Lanteglos. Trethym was a
seat of the Vivians, Gwatkins, etc.

P. ADVIE par. is joined to Cromdale, Inverness.
and Elgin.

ADWALTON hmlt. (88) Drightlington chplry.
W. R. York. 5 m. SW. of Leeds-189, and once a
mkt. town, is near A. Moor, where the Earl of
Newcastle defeated Fairfax 1642. Fairs, 26 Jan.
26 Feb. Easter Th. and every other Th. to Mi-
chaelm., horses, cattle, etc.

ADWELL par. (13) Lewknor hund. SE. Oxford.
4 m. S. of T hame-44, near the Chilterns, has A.
Cop danish camp. Acres 500 ; pop. 46 ; poor r.
32/. (Thame U.) ; real prop. 520/. St. Mary Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 105/., patr. Mrs. E. Jones. A. House,
Mrs. F. Webb.

ADWICK-LE-STREET par. (87) N. Strafforth
wap. W. R. York. 4 m. NW. of Doncaster-162, on
Ermine St., and a branch of R. Don, contains
Hampole. Acres 2950, of town 1530 ; pop. 554
+ 2, and 434 + 5; poor r. 121?. (Donc.U.) ; real
prop. 3070/. ; charities 19Z., of which 111. to
Hedges' school. St. Lawrence Rect. (York) vaL
3G4L, patr. T. Fullerton, Esq. of Thriberg. A.
Hall, Miss Simpson, gig 1 " A.-UPON-DEARNE par.
as above, 6 m. SW., on R. Dearne, near N. Midlnd.
rail, and Dearne and Dove canal. Acres 1130;
pop. 180 + 4 ; poor r. 82/. (Done. U.) ; real prop.
1387/. Living, a Cur. with Wath; church, an-

Adzor (155) 5 m. NW. of Hereford, Mid. Herefd.

Ae Water rises under Queensberry hill, N. Dum~
fries, and runs SSE. about 15 m. under A. Bridge
to the Annan, near Lockerby.

Acgelersworthe of the Saxons,is Ecclesworth( ?) ;
Aef/elersford, is AYLESFORD, Kent; Aebercurnig
of iii'de, is ABERCORN, Linlthgw. ; Aedmunbyrig,
is ST. EDMUNDSBURY, or BURY, Suffolk ; Aedwi-
nerdiff, is EDWIN'S CLIFFE or EGGESCLIFFE ( ?),
Durham; Aeglea, is LEIGH, Wilts.; Adm, is ELM,
Cambridge. ; Aesceng (of Alfred's Will) is EASI 1 1 x< ;,
Surrey ; Aescerdun, is AsilDOWN, Berks. ; Aesetun
(of Alfred's Will) is ASIITON, Wilts.; Aeseton,
Aestfdd, Aeston, are ASIITON, EASTFIELD, EAS-
TOX, Northmptn.; Aetefingstoe, is TAVISTOCK,



Devon. ; Aethandun, is EDDINGTON, Wilts. ; Aethel-
briyter-ministre is Hereford Cathedral ; Athelinga-
dcne, is ALTON. Hants. ; Athelingaigge, is ATIIEI,-
NEY, Somerset.

JEKa Castra of the Romans, is ALCESTER, Ox-
ford, on Akeman St.

Aelvanog ( ) near Brecknock, Mid. Brecon, was
the seat of the Harvards.

Aelwyn Lough ( ) 5 m. W. of Castlerea, W.
Roscommon, in the Bogs.

Aeron River (57) or " queen of brightness,"
rises 4 m. NW. of Tregaron, Mid. Cardigan, on the
A. Hills, and runs about 15 m. SW. and NW. to
Cardigan bay at Aber-aeron.

JEsica of the Romans,, is Great Chesters, on
the Wall, Northmbrld. ^p A. Fluv. is S. Esk
river, Forfar. which went by Ad ^Ssicam, near

Afene of the Saxons, is the Avon.

AFFANE par. (21-2, 29) Decies-without-Drum
bar. W. Waterfd. 4m. ESE. of Lismore-128, near
R. Blackwater, said to have been given to Raleigh
for a breakfast by one of the Fitzgeralds, is noted for
its cherry, first introduced by him. Acres 7773,
fertile ; pop. 2115 + 24. Living, a Vic. (C. E. W.
L.) val. with Aiglish 289/., patr. Duke of Devon-
shire. A. House, seat of S. B. Power, Esq. ; Dro-
mana, Lord Stuart de Decies, formerly of the
Desmonds, on the site of the old castle. Fairs,
14 May, 12 Aug. 22 Nov.

Affaric Loch, 14m. NW. of Fort Augustus,
N. Inverness, in Strath A., at the head ojf A.
Watep, which runs out of it through L. Benevian
to R. Glass.

Afflick Castle, 7 m. NE. of Dundee, S. Forfar.

AFFLINGTON tythg. (16) Corfe Castle par.
SE. Dorset, near Corfe Castle- 11 6.

AFF-PUDDLE par. (17) Hundredsbarrow hund.
Mid. Dorset. 8 m. NW. of Wareham-115, on
R. Trent, containing Pallington and Bryant's
Puddle, with many pits on Blackdown, belonged
to Cerne ab. Acres 4940 ; pop. 507 + 6 ; poor
r. 237/. (Wareh. U.) ; real prop. 22237. ; charities
51. to Milbourne's school. Living, a Vic. (Sal.)
val. 64J., patr. J. Frampton, Esq. of Cloakham.

Afan River (32, 46) rises under Blorenge hill,
NW. Monmouth. and runs about 15 m. SSE. past
Pont-y-pool to R. Usk, near Caerleon. Afon,'
or 'Avon,' a river in general.

Africa, near Roberton, E. Selkirk, a roman
camp, with british remains near it.

AFTON vil. (10) 2m. S. of Yarmouth, I. of
Wight, S. Hants, Hicks, Esq., near Freshwa-
ter, under A. Down, which is 500 ft. high, and has
tumuli on the top.

AFTON BRIDGEND vil. New Cumnock par. E.
Ayr. near New Cumnock-67, on A. Water,
which rises under Black Larghill, and runs through
Glen A. to R. Nith, and is sung by Burns.
Pop. 261, some lead miners. A. Lodge,

AGAR TOWN (7) 2 m. NW. of St. Paul's, I^n-
don, was founded by W. Agar, Esq. of Elm Lodge.

Agardisley Park (72) 3 m. NE. by E. of Ab-
bot's Bromley, E. Staffd. in Needwood forest.

AGBRIGG WAPENTAKE (87-8) Lower div. W.
R. York, contains the pars, of E. and W. Ardsley,
Mcthley, Mirfield, Normanton, Rothwell, San-
(l;i]]-^I. : igna, Thornhill, Wakefield, Warmsfield,
and parts of Batley, Dewsbury, Emley, and Fo.-i-
therstone ; acres 68,090, pop. 96,247, houses 18,964.
1'ppiT div. contains the pars, of Almondlmrv,
Huddersfield, Kirk-Burton, Kirk-IIcntoii, aiid
parts of Emley and Rochdale ; acres 85,990, pop.
123,973, houses 23,006. AGBRIGG vil. Warm-
1'n Id tnshp. in the above wap. 2 m. E. of Wake-

c 2




AGDEX tnshp. (SO)Bowdon and Rostherne pars.
N. C/tfsh. 4 m. SW. of Altrincham-179. Acres
670 ; pop. 95 ; poor r. 30Z. (Altrinc. U.) ; real
prop. 1141Z. ijgp AGDEN tnshp. (73) Malpas par.
S. Chesh. 2 m. SE. of Malpas-168. Acres 670 ;
pop. 97 ; poor r. 121. (Wrexham U.) ; real prop.

Agecroft Hall, near Pendleton, S. Lancash.
1 J m. W. of Manchester, an old seat.

Af/gard (104) near Craughwell, S. Galway, J.
W. H. Lambert, Esq.

Aggiestone (16) near Studland bay, SE. Dor-
set, a rock of 400 tons wt., with barrows around
it, is called the Devil's Nightcap by the people,
who say he threw it from the I. of Wight to de-
molish Corfe Castle.

THORPE, N. R, York.

AGHA par. (12, 16) Idrone-East bar. W. Car-
low, contains part of Leighlin Bridge-57, on R.
Barrow, and was the site of St. Fintan's ab. Acres
4184, well cultivated land, with limestone ; pop.
2027 + 18. Living, a Vic. with Dunleckny. Fairs,
East. Mond. 14 May, 23 Sept. 27 Dec. This and
the following names, from agh, ach, achadh, a field.

AGHABE vil. (62) Upper Massarene bar. S.
Antrim, 2 m. N. of Moira.

AGHABOE par. (21-2, 28) Clandonagh and
Clarmallagh bars. W. Queen's Co. containing Bor-
ris-in-Ossory-67, and Ballycolla, was the seat of
a bishopric until 1202 (when it was transferred to
Kilkenny), and has remains of A. House, the site
of a culdee monastery found, by St. Canice, and
of a dommican abbey by the Fitzpatricks. Acres
18,702, good soil, with bog and moor (partly re-
claimed), lime and slate quarries ; pop. 6310 + 201.
Living, a Vic. (Fe. L. O.) val 462/., patr. Rev. G.
Carr ; church, was part of the old cathedral. The
Rath of Lava and other remains are here.

AGHABOG par. (12-3, 17-8) Dartree bar. W.
Monaghan, 6 m. ESE. of Clones-76. Acres
1 1,543, fertile, with bog and water ; pop. 7530 + 9,
linen weavers. Living, a Rect. (Clogh.) val. 538/.,
patr. Bishop. Leesborough, J. Moorehead, Esq.

Aghabohad Mountn. ( ) on Lough Melvin, N.
Leitrim, 1346 ft. high.

AGHABULI,OGE par. (60-1, etc.) E. Muskerry
bar. Mid. Cork, 7 m. NE. of Macroom-184, on
a branch of R. Lee, under Bograh hills, in a
pretty spot near Mullnassig glen. Acres 18,733,
chiefly bog ; pop. 6001 + 5. Living, a Rect.
{Ck. R. C.), val. 673Z., patr. Bishop ; in the ch.yard
is St. Olan's cap, an Ogham stone, by which the
people swear. Cloymoyle, C. Colthurst, Esq.

Aghacashel (24) near Drumshanbo, Mid. Lei-
trim, J. Johnston, Esq.

AGHACREW par. (51) Lower Kilnamanagh bar.
W. Tippery. 3 m. E. of Cappaghwhite-115.
Acres 1231 ; pop. 409 + 1. Living, a Rect. with
Toem; no church or school. High Park, Rev.
J. Hunt.

AGHACROSS par. (18-9) Condons bar. NE.
Cork, 5 m. W. of Mitchellstown-128, on R.
Funcheon, under Galtee hills. Acres 355 ; pop.
104. Living, a Rect. with Clenore. Fairs, 25.
Jan. 3. Oct.

AGHADA par. (88) Imokilly bar. S.E. Cork,
4 m. S.W. of loyne-152, in Cork harb. near
Cove (or Queenstown), contains A. Upper and
Lower vils. (pop. 241 and 106), Farsid and White-
gate. Acres 2459 good, with stone quarries at
Whitegate ; pop. 2835 + 32, some fishermen, and
straw platters. Living, a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val.
2587., patr. Crown. A House, J. J. Roche, Esq.

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