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on the SE. aide of it.

BOLINGBROKE (EAST) SOKE (69, 84) Parts of
Lindsay, E. Lincoln, contains the pars, and bene-
fices of Carrington cttr., East Ville, Halton-Hole-
gate rect., Hundleby vie., E. Keal r., Lusby r.,
Mavis-Enderby r., Mid- Ville c., Raithby r.,
Spilsby c., Little Steeping r., St. Peter Thorpe v.,
All Saints and St. Peter Toynton r. ; acres
26,840, pop. 5821, houses 1111. g^= B. (WEST)
SOKE E. Lincoln, contains Asgarby, Boling-
broke rect., Frith- Ville, Hagnaby cur., Hareby
(with Bolingbroke), W. Keal r., E. Kirkby vie.,
Miningsby r., Revesbyc., Sibseyc., Stickford.,
Stickney and West- Ville r. ; acres 30,140, pop.
6750, houses 1312. >5i B. DEANERY, archdy. and
dioc. of Lincoln, contains the benefices in B. Soke

P. M. BOLINGBROKE par. and honour as above,
8 m. N. of Boston-113, near Gt. North, rail, on a
stream ' Boiling brook ' which goes to R.
Witham, has the remains of a castle built by W.
de Romara, Earl of Lincoln, in which the ' can-
kered Bolingbroke ' Hen. IV. son of John of Gaunt
was born (1366-1413). Acres 2570; pop. (includ-
ing 349 in NEW B. which lies 5 m. SW.) 919 +
19, some potters; houses 190, with chapel and
free school ; poor r. 257 (Spilsby U.) ; real prop.
43827. ; charities 271., of which 167. to free school.
St. Peter and Paul Rect. (Line.) with Hareby
Rect. and NEW B. Cur., val. 3737., patr. C. Bosan-
quet, Esq. ; church, large and ancient Mkt. D.
Tu. Fair, St. Peter's day.

BOLLAIT vil. St. Bunyan's par. W. Cornwall,
4 m. SW. of Penzance, has two druidical stones
called the Pipers 21 and 16ft. high, and about
200 yds. apart. The Merry Maidens lie to the SE.

Bottin Farm (43) 1 m. S. of Ross, SE. Hereford.

BOLLIN-FEE tnshp. (81) Wilmslow par. E.
Cheshire, 6 m. NW. of Macclesfield-167, on R. Bol-
lin, which rises near Macclesfield, and runs 20 m.
NW. to R. Mersey, near Warburton. Acres 2360 ;
pop. 2212 + 43, in the silk and cotton mills ; poor
r. 4877. (Altrincham U.) ; real prop. 55987. B.
Hall, Fitton, Esq.

Bollingham Court (56) 2 m. S. of Kington, W.
Hereford. W. Unett, Esq.

BOLLINGTON tnshp. (80) Bowdon and Ros-
therne pars. N. Cheshire, 3 m. SW. of Altrincham
-179, on Bridgewater canal, near R. Bollin. Acres
610; pop. 316 + 5; poor r. 577. (Altrinch. U.) ;
real prop. 1677L

P. BOLLINGTON chplrv. (31) Prestbury par.
N.Cheshire, 3m. NE. of Macclesfield-167, near
the canal and R. Bollin. Acres 1000, with free-
stone and slate quarries ; pop. 4350 + 167, chiefly
in the collieries, silk and cotton factories ; poor r.
4937. (Macclesf. U.) ; real prop. 13,5117., of which
11207. on quarries. St. John Cur. (Ches.) val.
1747., patr. Vicar.

BOLLOM, or BOLHAM, hmlt. (83) Clareborough
par. JV. Notts. 1 m. N. of E. Retford-141. Pop. 103.

BOLNEY hmlt. (7 or 13) Harpsden par. SE.
Oxford. 2 m. S. of Henley-35, was formerly a par.
Living, a Cur. with Harpsden; no church. B.
Court, Col. Mayne.

P. BOLNEY par. (9) Buttinghill hund. Lewes
rape, Mid. Sussex, 3m. SW. of Cuckfield-38.
Acres 3550 ; pop. 713 + 9 ; poor r. 2781. (Cuckf.
U.) ; real prop. 37571. St. M. Magdalen Vic
(Chic.) vaL 1627., patr. Prebendary.

BOLNHURST par. (52) Stodden hund. N. Beds.
6 m. N. of Bedford-50. Acres 2130 ; pop. 344
+ 4; poorr. 1787. (Bedf. U.); real prop. 19007.;
charities 157., of which 127. to Baker's free school.
St. Dunstan Rect. (Ely) val. 1597., patr. Rev. H.
W. Gery.

P. BOLSOVER par. (82) Scarsdale hund. NE.
Derby. 5 m. E. of Chesterfield- 150, containing
Glapwell, Ockley, Whaley, Oxcroft, Stanfree,
Shuttlewood, Woodside, and Woodhouse, was a
mkt. town, and the site of a castle built by Peveril
of the Peak, the Conqueror's son, which the barons
afterwards garrisoned against John. Acres 60(50,
with very good magnesian limestone quarries,
used for the new houses of parl. ; pop. 1512 + 9,
some tobacco-pipe makers; houses 308, with 2
chapels and free school ; poor r. 419/. (Chesterf.
U.) ; real prop. 55937. ; charities 1037., of which
Smithson's 997. St. Mary Vic. (Lich.) val. 111/.,
patr. Duke of Portland, of B. Castle; church,
partly norman and later styles, with tombs of the
Cavendishes, of whom was Sir William, who built
the present seat, and his son, the Duke of New-
castle, who here entertained Ch. 1. 1633 (Ben Jon-
son assisting at the speeches, etc.), and after losing
nearly a million of money in support of the royal
cause, began to build a new house, of which the
walls and a fountain remain. Fair, Midsummer
day. gg B. Castle (71) 6 m. E. of Belper, E.

P. BOLSTERSTONE tnshp. (81 or 2) Bradfield
chplry. W. R. Fork. 8 m. NW. of Sheffield-162.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 1197., patr. J. Rimington,
Esq. ; church, built 1412.


Bolt Head and Tail (24) two points in S. De-
von, between Prawle pt. and Bigbury bay, 4 m.
apart, foul and rocky throughout.


Bolt Law ( ) 8 m. NW. of Wolsingham, W.

BOLTBURY hmlt. (24) Malborough par. S.
Devon. 4 m. SSVV. of Kingsbridge-208, near Bolt
Tail as above.

BOLTBY tnshp. ( ) Feliskirk par. JV. R. York.
5 m. NE. of Thirsk-217. Acres 3140 ; pop. 320 ;
poor r. 1647. (Thirsk U.); real prop. 29171.

BOLTON par. ( ) Allerdale-below-Derwent
ward, W. Cumbrld. 1 m. N. of Irebv-304, on R.
Ellen, contains HIGH and Low (or WOOD) BOL-
TON tnshps. (pop. 312, and 899) and Quarry
Hill. Acres 8760 ; pop. 1211, limestone quar-
riers, coal and copper miners ; poor r. 174/.
(Wigton U.) ; real prop. 64957. All Saints
Rect. (Carl.) val. 5127., pair. Earl of Lonsdale.
igaT BOLTON hmlt. ( ) Gosforth par. S W. Cum-
berld. 5 m. N. of Ravenglass-279. ^f BOLTON
par. 3 m. SSW. of Haddington-17, W. Hadngtn.
between Gifford and Birns' Waters, was given by
Will, the Lion to the Viponts. Size about 5 m.
by 1, or 2400 acres, (300 are planted) ; pop.
341 + 1 ; real prop. 30537. ; for poor 68/. Living
(Presb. Hadngtn.) val. 154/., patr. Lord Blan-
tyre, who has the manor formerly belonging
to Secretary Maitland, and the Hepburns, of
whom was John, one of the murderers of Darn-
ley. ^P BOLTON (56) 3 m. WNW. of Weobly-
145, W. Hereford. ^ BOLTON tnshp. ( Jj
Edlingham par. NE. Northumbrld. 4 m. NW.
of Alnwick-308, where the Earl of Surrey col-
lected his forces before the battle of Flodden,
had a hosp. found, by Rob. de Roos of Wark, and
afterwards given to the Collingwoods. Pop. 128.
B. WEST 3 m. SW. giT BOLTON chplry. ( )
Morland par. N. Westmrld. 4 m. NW. of Appleby
-270, on R. Eden, near the chainbridge, contains
Bewley-Castle, an old seat of the Bps. of Carlisle.
Pop. 383; poor r. 1467. (West ward U.); real
prop. 25841. ; charities 207., of which 16/. to free
school. All Saints Cur. (Carl.) val. 907., patr.
Vicar. B. Low Moor, 1 m. NW. BOLTON
tnshp. ( ) Bishop- Wilton par. E. R. York. 3 m.
NW. of Pocklington-212. Acres 960 ; pop. 98 ;
poor r. 42/. (Pockling. U.) ; real prop. 12567. B.
Hall, J. Preston, Esq. $Si BOLTON tnshp.
( ) Calverley par. W. R. York. 2 m. NNE.
of Bradford- 196, contains Hodson Fold, Low
Fold, and Out Lane. Acres 510 ; pop. 683 + 1, in
the woollen factories ; poor r. 1607. (Bradford U.) ;
real prop. 26017.

21. BOLTON-ABBEY tnshp. ( ) Skipton par.
W. R. York. 6 m. ENE. of Skipton-216, near the
beautiful church ruins (partly norman) of the
Priory, on R. Wharfe, first founded 1121 at
Embsay by Will, de Meschines and his wife Ce-
cilia, and afterwards removed here by their
daughter Adeliza, in memory of her son, who was
drowned in crossing the ' Strid.' Pop.127 + 1 ; poor
r. 157. (Skipt U.); real prop. 17737.; charities
1071. of which 1041. to Hon. R. Boyle's free school.
St. .Mary and Cuthbert Cur. (Rip.) val. 111/., patr.
Duke of Devonshire of B. Park, who has the
manor through tho Burlingtons ; church, has an
old font, and was part ol the priory.

P. BOLTON BRIDGE hmlt. ( ) Bolton Abbey
tnshp. as above, has an old chapel. fl3" B. BROW
hmlt. (88) Skircoat tnshp. W. R. York. 1 m. S.
of Halifax-197.

P. BOLTON- BY-BOLLAND par. ( ) Staincliffe
wap. W. R. York. 10 m. S. of Settle-235, on
R. Ribble, near Bolland or Bowland forest, con-
tains Forest Beck. Acres 4940 ; pop. 933, some
lead miners ; poor r. 3347. (Clitheroe U.) ; real
prop. 6178/. ; charities 54/., of which Hungril
school 34/. St. Peter Rect. (Rip.) val. 8357.,



patr. Mrs. A. Littledale of B. Hall, formerly
seat of Sir R. Pudsey, whose effigy is in the
church, and who here sheltered Hen. VI. after the
battle of Hexham ; the king's boots and gloves
are still preserved. fliT B. CASTLE chplry. ( )
Wensley par. N. R. York. 5 m. ENE. of Askrigg
-246, in Wensleydale, under the ruined castle of
the Scropes, in which Mary Q. of Scots was con-
fined before her removal to Tutbury. Acres 5160 ;
pop. 230 ; poor r. 377. (Leyburn U.) ; real prop.
14477. ; charities 47. St. Oswald Cur. (Rip.) with
Redtnire, val. 115/., patr. Rector; church, small
and ancient. B. Hall, Lord Bolton, to whom it
gives title of baron, was built by the first duke.
$gp B. GARTHS ( ) Darlington ward, S. Dur-
ham, 5 m. SW. of Bishop's Auckland-248.

BOLTON INN, or CHEEKPOINT, vil. (10) Gaul-
tiere bar. E. Waterfd. 5 m. E. of Waterford-96,
had a large cotton and hose factory, now decayed.

** P. M. BOLTON-LE -MOORS par. (89) Salford
hund. S. Lancash. 10m. NW. of Manchester, 208
from London by rail., a petty sessions and polling
town, on R. Croal, and one of the oldest seats of
the cotton manufact., containing Astley Bridge,
Blackrod, Bradshaw, Harwood, Little Lever,
Lever Bridge, Rivington, Tonge, Turton.Walmsley
(all curs.), Breightmet, Darcy, Edgeworth, Ent-
wistle, Longworth, Lostock, Quarlton, Sharpies ;
was stormed 1644 by Pr. Rupert and the Earl of
Derby, who then had the manor; isanewboro'
returning two members under the Reform act,
the bounds taking in most part of GREAT and
LIT. B. tnshps. (including Horrocks-Fold, Eagley
Bank, Avith Haulgh), no. of electors 1531 (of 101.
houses 10,185) ; and is governed by two borough
reeves, who are returning officers. Acres of par
81,390, moory, with millstone, grit, and coal,
of boro' 1748 (of Gt. and Lit. B. 820 and 1450) ;
pop. of par. 73,905+1256, of boro' 50,163 (of
tnshps. 33,610 and 16,153), in the cotton factories,
bleaching grounds, woollen manufacture (first
introduced by the Flemings 1337), machine and
engine foundries, coal mines ; houses (boro') about
9474, with 7 churches, 16 chapels, with townhall,
exchange, 2 banks, savings bk. (94,6367. from 2803
depositors), assembly-rooms, theatre, mechanics'
institute, waterworks, barracks, Lever's gram,
school (4867.) where Ainsworth the lexicographer
was pupil and master, Hulton's (827.) and Mars-
den's (247.) schools, dispensary, Union p. house :
assd. taxes 437. ; poor r. 75711. on 140,1567. ; real
prop. 153,0917. of which 11,7617. on railway and
30147. on mines ; charities 16097., of which 8817. to
town. St. Peter Vic. (Manch.) vaL 464/., patr.
Bishop, church, later eng. ; Holy Trinity Cur.
1507. ; St. George cur. 1687., and Emmanuel cur.
1507., patr. Vicar ; Christ Church Cur. 1507., and St.
John Cur. 1307., Crown and Bishop ; All Saints
Cur. 1287., T. Tipping, Esq. Cotton velvets were
first made here 1756, and muslins in 1782, by
means of the spinning-jenny and water-frame as
improved by Arkwright, who was once a barber
here; the powers of these two machines being
afterwards united in Crompton's mule, for which
the inventor, a weaver of the town, who lived at
Hall in the Wood (an old timbered house) re-
ceived 50007. from parl. It publishes the ' B.
Chronicle ' and ' B. Free Press ' newspapers. The
rail. 19 m. long passing, in the direction of the
canal (cut 1791), Tarnworth, Stoneclough, and
Clifton, to Manchester, where it joins the one
to Liverpool, was made 1838, at a cost of 67,0007.
per mile, and has amalgamated with the Manch.
and Leeds; other rails, joins it to Blackburn
(14 m. opened 1848, to go on to Clitheroe 12 m.
further), Bury (6 m.), to Chorley (11 m. and




thence 3 m. to N. Western), to Wigan (8 m. and
thence to Liverp.), and by Leigh junction, to
:Kenyon at the middle of the Liverpool line
(10 m.). B. Lodge, R. S. Berry, Esq. Smith-
hills Hall, P. Ainsworth, Esq.; Lostock Hall,
W. Clayton, Esq. ; and other seats. Bolton
' f. L. Union, contains the pars, (with their
tnshps/) of Bolton and Deane, Sharpies, Tonge-
with-Haulgh; acres 40,955 pop. 97,519, cases
.relieved (yr. 1846-7) 9333 (out-door 8496), ex-
pend. 14,4817., prop, rated 293,004;. Sup. Registry
comprises the same, exceptGt Lever and Sharpies ;
pop. 97,529 + 1416; births (1845) 4560 (2267
being females, 546 illegit.) deaths 2871 mar-
riages 1017, of which 1420 persons signed with
marks; 90 deaths from cholera in 1849. The
New County Court district corresponds with the
Eegistry. Mkt. Ds. Mond. Sat. Fairs, 30-1
July, 13-4 Oct. horses, cattle, etc. ; for lean cattle,
every other Wed. from. 5 Jan. to 12 May.

P. BOLTON-LE-SANDS par. ( ) S. Lonsdale
hund. N. Lancash. 4 m. N. of Lancaster-240, on
Carlisle rail, near the sands of Morecambe bay,
contains Nether and Over Kellet cur. and Slyne.
Acres 7630, of town 1370 ; pop. 1774, and 671 ;
poor r. 237/. (Caton Incorp.) ; real prop. 3975Z.,
charities 127?., of which 26/. to Asheton's free
gram, school. Living, a Vic. (Manch.) val. 169/.,
patr. Bishop, of Chester.

P. BOLTON PERCY par. ( ) York Ainsty, 3 m.
SE. of Tadcaster-192, on H. Midld. rail., contain-
ing Appleton-Roebuck, Colton, and Steeton, be-
longed to the Percys of Topcliffe, afterwards to
the Beaumonts, who had a seat here. Acres
7320, of town 2170; pop. 1040, and 241 + 2;
poor r. 81/. (Barwick Incorp.) ; real prop. 4631Z.
charities 341. All Saints Reel. (Yk.) val. 1540?.,
patr. Archbp. ; church, b. 1423 by T. Parker the
rector, has tombs of the Fairfaxes. iJiP B.-UPON-
DEARNE par. (87) Strafforth wap. W. R. York.
8 m. W. of Doncaster-162, on N. Midld. rail, con-
tains Goldthorpe. Acres 2390; pop. 671 + 8;
poor r. 221/. (Doncast. U.) ; real prop. 4500/., chari-
ties 19/. St. Andrew Cur. (Yk.) val. 88Z. ; execu-
tors of W. Marsden, Esq. Fairs, 2nd Thurs. Nov.
for hiring, ^f B.- UPON- SWALE chplry. ( )
Catterick par. N. R. York. 5 m. ESE. of Rich-
mond-233. Acres 500 ; pop. 96 + 1 ; poor r. 28/.,
(Richm. U.) ; charities 249Z., of which 231/. to
Scorton school. St. Mary Cur. (Rip.) val. 100/.,
patr. Vicar ; church, has a tomb of Henry Jen-
kins, who was born at Ellerton in 1500, was at
Flodden Field, and lived to be 169 years old,
dying in Ch. II.'s time. gif B.-WITH-AD-
GARLEY ( ) Lonsdale hund. NW. Lancash. 2 m.
ESE. of Dalton-276, in Furness.

Bolt's Hope Mill ( ) 9 m. NW. of Wolsingham,
W. Durham. Bolfs Well, 1 m. SSW.

Bolus Head (104) 5 m. W. of Hog's Head,
5 W. Kerry, between St. Finan's and Ballinskel-
lig's bays.

BOLVENTOR ( ) near Altarnon, NE. Cornwall,
is a Cur. (Exet.) val. 46Z., patr. F. Rodd, Esq.

BOLY. See GALBOOLEY, Tipperary.

BOMBY hmlt. ( ) Bampton par. N. Westmrld.
3 m. NW. of Shap-277.

BOMER hmlt. (24) Kilmacrenan bar. NW.
Donegal, 10 m. SW. of Dunfanaghy-170.

BON ACCORD q. s. par. in Old Machar, Aber-
deen, SE. Aberdeen. Pop. (1837) 4387. Living
150/., patr. Seatholders. " Bon Accord," the city
motto, was the watchword of the people when
they rose against Edw. I.

Bona Ferry, between lochs Dochfour and Ness,
E. Inverness. 6 m. SW. Of Inverness. Bon Ness
Cast, or camp, the ancient Banatria, is 2 m. NE.

Bonamargy Ruins (9) Gary bar. N. Antrim^
1 m. E. of Ballycastle, site of a monastery, found,
by the O'Doimells loth cent., and the burial-place
of the earls of Antrim.

P. Bonarness, borders of Ross, and Suthrld. on
the main road to the N. 12 m. NW. of Dornoch,
is near B. Bridge across the Frith (by Telford)
of one iron arch 150 ft. span, between two stone
arches of 50 and 60 ft.

BONBUSK hmlt. (82) Norton Cuckney par.
W. Notts. 5 m. SW. of Worksop-146.

BONBY, or BONDEBY, par. (86) N. Yarborough
wap. N. Lincoln. 4 m. SSW. of Barton-166, had
an alien priory found, in John's time. Acres
2900 ; pop. 386 + 5 ; poor r. 69Z. (Brigg U.) real
prop. 3589/. St. Andrew Vic. (Line.) val. 233/.,
patr. Earl of Yarborough.

P. Bonchester Bridge, 6 m. E. by S. of Hawick,
Mid. Roxburgh, on R. Rule, near B. Hill.

E. Medina lib. Isle of Wight, S. Hants. 8 m.
SSE. of Newport-82, a charming spot near Dun-
nose and Undercliff, next to Boniface Down.
Acres 150 ; pop. 302 + 16 ; poor r. (I. of Wight
Incorp.); real prop. 2421Z. St. Boniface Rect.
(Wine.) with Shanklin Cur. val. 134/., patr. Rev
W. White, and C. P. Hill, Esq., of Boniface Cot-
tage ; church, partly norman, has tomb of Adams,
author of 'Shadows of the Cross,' etc., Adml.
Hobson was the son of a tailor here.

BONDARY, or BARTON, ROAD, ext. par. (63)
Repton hund. S. Derby. 2 m. N. of Ashby-de-la-
Zouch-115. Pop. 44.

BONDGATE tnshp. ( ) Ripon par. W. R. York.
Jm. S. of Ripon-212, is joined to AISMUNDERBY.
Pop. 541.

BONDINGTON hmlt. (20) Dunster par. NW.
Somerset, near Dunster-161. Pop. 16.

BONDLEIGH, or BuNDLEY, par. (26) N. Tawtou
hund. Mid. Devon. 5 m. NW. of Bow-188, on a
branch of R. Taw. Acres 2410 ; pop. 342 ; poor
r. 139Z. (Okehampton U.); real prop. 1537/.;
St. James Rect. (Exet.) val. 232?., patr. Col. Wynd-
ham ; church, partly norman, with a font.

BONDS tnshp. ( ) Garstang par. Mid. Lan-
cash. 2 m. E. of Garstang-229, is joined to Barn-
acre, and has the ruins of Greenhaugh cast., an
old seat of the Stanleys. igg" BONDS (7) 6 m.
W. of Gt. Marlow, S. Bucks.

BondviUe (15) 1m. N. of Middletown, W. Ar-
magh, H. E. Bond, Esq.

BONE END (52) 7 m. N. of Bedford-50, N. Beds.

P. BONE END (7) 3 m. E. of Gt. Marlow-31,
S. Bucks, on R. Thames.

BONEHILL lib. (62) Tamworth par. SE. Staf-
ford. 2 m. SW. of Tamworth-115 Pop. 323 + 4.
B. House, E. Peel, Esq.

Bonehurst Bridge (8) on R. Mole, SE. Surrey,
4 m. SSE. of Reigate.

Bone's Hill (81) 4m. N. of Macclesfield, E.


Bonet River (4, 7) rises in Lough Glenade,
N. Leitrim, flows SSW. 17 m. near Lurganboy,
Manor Hamilton, and Drumahaire, into L. Gill.

BONGATE tnshp. ( ) Appleby par. and boro',
N. Westmrld. on R. Eden, near Appleby-270, was
given by K. John to the Veteriponts or Viponts,
and contains Battle-Barrow, where stood a white
friary and priory. Pop. 618 ; real prop. 4146Z. The
church was rebuilt by the Countess of Pembroke.

BONHARD vil. Whitburn par. SE. Linlithgw.
4 m. SE. of Whitburn-20, near the colliery in
Flow Moss.

P. BONHILL par. at the S. end of Loch Lomond,
W.Dumln-tn. 5 m. N. of Dumbarton-58 on R. Le-


vcn, -wliicli produces fine salmon, and runs from
the loch down to the Frith of Clyde, was the birth-
place of Smdlett (1721-71), who has celebrated his
favourite stream in a song. Size 5 m. by 3,
middling, chiefly pasture, with 300 acres planta-
tion ; pop. chiefly in the print and bleach works
by the river; real prop. 10,8647. ; for poor 11257.
Living (presb. Dumbrtn.) val. 2257., patr. Camp-
bell of Stonefield. B. House, A. Smollett, Esq.
near the pillar to the novelist's memory ; Darleith
was built by the Lennoxes who had the par. and
a castle in Inch Marin. An ash here covering i
a space 94 ft. diameter has 25 ft. girth at the
ground, is 18 ft. girth at 9 ft. above, where it se-
parates into 3 branches of 11, 10, and 9ft. girth.
The hollow stump of another ash, which is fitted
up as a room 11 ft. high, is 33 ft. girth at the
ground, narrowing to 20 ft.

BONING ALE, or BONINGHALL, par. (61) Brims-
tree bund. E. Salop, 5 m. SE. of ShiffnaM35,
near N. West. rail. Acres 690 ; pop. 184 ; poor
r. 357. (Shiffn. U.) ; real prop. 23437. Living, a
Cur. with Stockton.

BONITHAN (31) 5 m. SSE. of Helston, W. Corn-

BONJEDWARD vil. 2 m. N. of Jedburgh, Mid.
Roxburgh, between the Rs. Jed and Teviot.


BONLAHY, or BUNLAHY, vil. (10) Granard bar.
E. Longford, 4 m. N W. of Granard-65. Pop. 238.
fairs, 6 May, 26 July, 15 Oct. and 12 Dec.

P. BONMAHON, or BUNMAHON, vil. (24) Decies-
without-Drum, SE. Waterfd. 14m. SW. of Water-
ford, 111 from Dublin, a coast gd. station and
bathing-place, at R. Mahon's mouth. Pop. 1771
+ 80, in the Knockmahon copper and lead mines,
which have been worked for a long time with

Bonne Nuit Bay, N. side of Jersey, Channel
Islds. 5 m. N. by W. of St. Helier's, has a fine pro-
spect from the cliffs.

BONNEHOMMES (14) near Stourton, SW. Wilts.
now a farmhouse, was, according to Leland,
' builded of late by my Lord Stourton,' and after-
wards belonged to a Bonhome.

BONNEN GATE vil. ( ) Strickland-Kettle
tnshp. W. Westmrld. 3 m. NW. of Kendal-262.

BONNINGTON vil. Cuthbert's par. N. Edinb.
\ m. N. of Edinbro', on Leith Water, has a
mineral spring. igiP BONNINGTON vil. Ratho
par. W. Edinb. 9 m. WSW. of Edinbro', near the
Union canal and B. House. 1^^ Bonnington (3)
near Goodneston, E. Kent, 7 m. ESE. of Canter-
bury, the old seat of the fam. of Boys, who had
also Betshanger and of whom was Sir John,
the defender of Donnington castle, and Lieut.-
gov. Boys of Greenwich hospital, whose remark-
able escape in the ' Luxemburgh ' is the subject of
some of the paintings in the hall there, i$af Boif-
NINGTON par. (4) Street hund. Shepway lathe,
SE. Kent, 6m. W. of Hythe-65, on the Military
canal, in Romney marsh. Acres 4310 ; pop. 155
+ 3; poor r. 447. (E. Ashford U.) ; real prop.
17357. St. Rumwald Sect. (Cant.) val. 2257.,
patr. T. Papillon, Esq. of Acrise.

Bonnington Green (47) 4m. W. of Dunmow,
W. Essex. tjgj" Bonnington, or Bonniton, Linn,

2 m. above Lanark, Mid. jMnark. a fall of the
Clyde (30 ft. down) close to Corra Linn, and
B- House, Sir C. Ross, which has a portrait of
Wallace, and his chair.

Bonnington's Hall (47) 3 m. NE. of Hoddesden,
E. Hertx.'Rt. Hon. C. P. Yorke.

BONNYBRIDGE vil. Falkirk par. E. Stirling.

3 m. W. of Falkirk-24, on the Bonny Water,
which runs 8 m. NE. past Bonny Muir (where




Charles Stuart defeated Gen. Hawley) to R. Carron
Pop. 184.

P. BONNYBROOK (4) 2i m. NE. of Dublin,
E. Dubl.

Bonnyglen (29) near Mountcharles, & Donegal,
M. Babbington, Esq.

BONNYRIGG, or BANNiRiGG, vil. Cockpen par.
E. Edinb. 7 m. SE. by S. of Edinbro', near a col-
liery. Pop. 650.

BOJTNYTON, or BONNINGTON, vil. Maryton par.
E. Forfar. 3 m. WSW. of. Montrose, has re-
mains of an old castle belonging to the Woods.

BONRON tnshp. (74) Gwyddelwern par. NE.
Merioneth. 2m. N. of Corwen-194.

P. BONSALL par. (82) Wirksworth bund. Mid.
Derby. 1 m. SW. of Matlock-144, in a fine spot,
containing Slaley, near R. Derwent, on the roman
road to Manchester, was once a mkt. town, and
has remains of the cross. Acres 2750, hilly ; pop.
1496 + 18, hosiery frame-workers, comb-makers,
and lead and zinc miners; poor r. 3337. (Ash-
bourne U.); real prop. 51577. ; charities 1037., of
which Cragg's school 997. St. James Beet. (Lich.)
val. 2017., patr. Bishop ; church, old, on a rock
above the dale.

Bonshaw, 5m. NNE. of Annan, -S. Dumfries.
Wood, Esq. near B. Moss.

BONT vil. (56) Llanwrtyd par. NW. Brecon.
llm. W. of Builth-173. 'Bont' for 'Pont,' a
bridge, ^p BONT tnshp. (74) Llanfairtalhaiarn
par. E.Denbigh. 3 m. SE. of Ruthin-195. Pop. 86.

P. BONT-NEWYDD vil. (78) Llanbeblig par.
NW. Carnarvon, near Carnarvon-235. 35f BONT-
NEWYDD vil. (787) Llanwnda par. NW. Carnar-
von. 3 m. S. of Carnarvon-235.

BONT-UCHEL hmlt. ( ) Trepark tnshp. Mid.
Denbigh. 5 m. W. of Ruthin-195.

BONTEYEN vil. (79) Llangeitho par. Mid. Car-
digan. 8 m. N. of Lampeter-209.

BONTHORPE hmlt. (84) Willoughby par. E.
Lincoln. 3 m. S. of Alford-138. Pop. 14.

BONTRHYDYFERE vil. (56) Llanwrtyd par.
NW. Brecon. 11 m. W. of Builth-173.

Bonvilk Court (38) near Tenby, S. Pembroke.
J. M. Child, Esq. was the Bonvilles' old seat.

par. (36) Dinas-Powis hund. SE. Glamorgan. 4m.
E. of Cowbridge-173. Pop. 282 + 4, seme lime-
stone quarriers; poor r. 1137. (Cardiff U.); real
prop. 15557.; charities 127. St. Mary (Llan.)
vai. 837., patr. J. J. Bassett, Esq. of B. Park.

BONWEN tnshp. (74) with Rhuggatt, Corwen
par. NE. Merioneth, near Corwen-194. See

BONWICK tnshp. (94) Skipsea par. E. R. York.
8. m. ESE. of Gt Driffield-196. Acres 920 }
pop. 29 ; poor r. 77. (Skirlaugh U.) ; real prop.

BOXWYSON tnshp. (56) Gwyddelwern par. NE.
Brecon. 11 m. W. of Builth-173.

Boodin's (St.~) Well (10) 4 m. E. of Blessington,
NE. Wicklow.

BOOHAY hmlt. (23) Brixham par. S. Devon.
4 m. NE. of Dartmouth-202. Pop. 28.

Booker Farm (7) 2 m. SW. of High Wycombe,
S. Bucks, near B. Common.

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