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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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BOOKHAM, GREAT, par. (8) Effingham hund.
Mid. Surrey, 2 m. SW. of Leatherhead-18. Acres
3170; pop. 963 + 7; poor r. 5937. (Epsom U.);
real prop. 51457. ; charities 337. St Nicholas
Viet. (Wine.) val. 3407., patr. Dr. Heberden. B.
Grove, H. Mackey, Esq. ; Eastwick House, an old
seat of the Effinghams. ^ B., LITTLE, par.
i m. SW. of the above. Acres 950, part common ;
pop. 237 + 4; poor r. 1767.; real prop. 18287.;
charities 657. with 3 almsh. Living, a Kect,




(Wine.) vaL 156/., pair, the Pollens of B. Manor
House; church, has a brass (1590).

BOOLEY tnshp. (73) Stanton par. N. Salop,
4 m. SE. of Wem-163. Pop. 117.

Booley Hills ( ) W. of Mullinavat, S. Kil-
kenny, a range about 7 m. long, the highest point
being Corbaly, 842 ft. high.

BOOLYGLASS vil. (35) Knocktopher bar. S.
Kilkenny, 5 m. SE. ofKnocktopher-78. Pop. 216.

BOOMER (20) 3 m. SSW. of Bridgewater-139,
Mid. Somerset.

BoomhaU (13) 2 m. N. of Londonderry, NW.
Londondy. Earl of Caledou'a seat, now occu-
pied by the Bishop of Deny.

Boon HOI, Legerwood par. W. Berwick. 1090ft.
high, near the Boon, or Boondreigh, Water, which
rises in Twinlaw, and joins R. Leader, below
Thirlestane cast.

Boon -WOOD hmlt. ( ) Gosforth par. SW.
Cumbrld. 5 m. N. of Kavenglass-279.

Boorzel (5) 6m. N. of Battle, NW. Sussex,
J. Roberts, Esq.

BOOSELEY, UPPER and NETHER, vils. (81)
2 m. SW. of Longnor-161, N. Stafford.

Boot Inn (46) 3m. S. of Biggleswade, SE.

P. BOOTERSTOWN par. (23) Dublin and Rath-
down bars. SE. Dublin, 4 m. SE. of Dublin, on
Kingstown rail, contains Blackrock and part of
Williamstown on Dublin bay, of which it com-
mands fine prospects. Acres 541, limestone ; pop.
3318 + 44, of vil. 695. Living, a Cur. (Du. G. K.)
val. 487., patr. Archdn. of Dublin. Seamount, Sans
Souci, Mt. Merrion, and many other seats are here.

BOOTH hmlt. (86) Knedlington tnshp. E. R.
fork. 1 m. W. of Howden-180, near B. Ferry
over R. Ouse. Pop. 36.

BOOTH, BARBER (81) 2m. NW. of Castleton
-164, N. Derby, on R. Edale, B. Over and Nether.
fig" B., or Northbury B., Hall (80) 1 m. SE. of
Knutford, N. Cheshire, P. Leigh, Esq., command-
ing a fine view, has Guercino's ' Death of Dido '
and other paintings. ^T B. Hall (72) 1 m. N.
of Cheadle, N. Stafford. ^ B., NEW and OLD
LAUND. See LAUJTD, Lancash. ^g B.-TowN
hmlt, (88) N. Oram par. W. R. York. 1 m. NE. of

BOOTHBY, or B.-GRAFFO, par. (83) B. Graffo
wap. as below, 8 m. S. of Lincoln-132, has the
remains of Somerton castle, b. 1305 by Bp. Bee,
in which Jno. of France was confined after the
battle of Poictiers. Acres 2850; pop. 214 + 4;
poor r. 591 (Line. U.) ; real prop. 283 U. St. An-
drew Rect. (Line.) val. 6387., patr. J. Fullerton,
Esq. ^P BOOTHBY hmlt. (84) Welton par. E.
Lincoln. 5 m. ENE. of Spilsby-129. Pop. 30.

(70, 83). Parts of Kesteven, W. Lincoln, contains
the pars, of Boothby rect., Coleby vie., Fagle,
Eagleball, Harmston v., Navenby r., Skinnand,
Swinethorpe, Welbourn r., and Wellingore v. ;
acres 19,190, pop. 3991, houses 798. ^ BOOTH-
Aubourn vie., Bassingham rect., Boultham r^
Carlton-le-Moorland v., Doddington r., Eagle-
Woodhouse, N. and S. Hyckham r., Morton,
Morton-Disney v., N. Scarle r., Skellingthorpe
v., Stapleford ., Swinderby v., Thorpe-on-the-
Hill r., Thurlby cur., and part of Eagle v. ; acres
37,060, pop. 4726, houses 925. See GRAFFO

BOOTHBY-PAGNELL par. (70) Winnibriggs
wap. SW. Lincoln. 5m. SE. of Grantham-110.
Acres 2560 ; pop. 132 + 2 ; poor r. 297. (Granth.
U.) ; real prop. 2421/. St. Andrew Rect. (Line.)
val. 3767., patr. T. Fardell, Esq., held for 40 yrs.


by the learned Bp. Sanderson. B. House, J.
Litchford Esq., a meet for the Belvoir hounds.

BOOTHEN tnshp. (72) Stoke-on-Trent par. N.
Stafford, near Stoke- 148. Pop. 144.

BOOTHFIELD (88 or 9) 4m. ENE. of Man-
chester-183, SE. Lancash.

BOOTHROYD hmlt. (88) Dewsbury tnshp. W.
R. York. 5m. W. of Wakefield-182.

BOOTH'S, HIGHER, tnshp. (88 or 9) Whalley
par. W. Lancash. 4 m. SSW. of Burnley-211.
Acres 2000 ; prop. 3652, in the cotton mills ;
houses 673 ; poor r. 5577. (Haslingden U.) ; real
prop. 12,183/., of which 19707. on mines. ^ B.,
LOWER, tnshp. 1 m. N. of the above. Acres 630 ;
pop. 2464 + 29, in the cotton mills ; houses 453 ;
poor r. 2907. ; real prop. 82662.

BOOTHSTOWN hmlt. (89) Worsley tnshp. SE.
Lancash. 6 m. WSW of Manchester- 183.

P. M. BOOTLE par. ( ) Allerdale-above-Der-
went ward, W. Cumbrld. a polling place, 5 m.
SSE. of Ravenglass-279, on the Whitehaven rail,
in the midst of fine scenery near B. Fell and
Black Combe, has r&nains of the nunnery church
at Seton and a camp at Esk Merts. Acres 6570,
well cultivated ; pop. 696, in a good corn and pork
trade; houses 128, with a chapel, Singleton's
free school (187.), and Union poor house ; poor r.
1187. on 35487.; real prop. 44987.; charities 207.
St. Michael Rect. (Manch.) val. 525/., patr. Earl of
Lonsdale ; church, ancient in part, with a brass
of Sir H. Askew of Seton hall (to whom the
nunnery was granted), and 8-sided figured font.
Bootle P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of
Bootle, Corney, Drigg and Carlton, Eskdale and
Wasdale, Irton and Santon, Millom (has a p.
house), Muneaster, Ulpha, Wabersthwaite, Whit-
beck, Whicham with Birker, and Austhwaite ;
acres 70,480, pop. 5516, cases relieved (yr. 1846
-7) 412 (out-door 423), expended. 1462/., prop,
rated 29,21 91. Sup. Registry comprises the same
up to Whicham, with Th waits ; pop. 5516, de-
creasing. It belongs to Whitehaven New County
Court. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 5 Apr. 24 Sept. com
and hiring ; 26 Apr. 3 Aug. horses, cattle, etc.

P. BooTLE-cuM-LiNACRE t n-li] i. (79) Walton
par. S W. Lancash. 3 m. N. of Liverpool-206, near
Southpt. rail., a bathing-place on the N. shore.
Acres 1050 ; pop. 1962 + 63, many visitors ; poor
r. 1407. (W. Derby U.) St. Mary Cur. (Ches.)
val. 164/., patr. W. S. Millar, Esq.

BOOTOX par. (66) S. Erpingham hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 5 m. SW. of Aylsham-1 1 8. Acres 1030 ;
pop. 241 + 5 ; poor r. 2167. (St. Faith U.) ; real
prop. 19427. St. Michael Rect. (Norw.) val. 2287.,
patr. H. Elwyn, Esq. of B. Hall.

Boot's Bridge (65) 4 m. SE. of March, N. Cam-
bridge, on Sixteen-feet river or cut, near B. Drove.

BOOYE hmlt. ( ) Arkengarth-Dale par. N. R.
York. 3 m. NW. of Reeth-242.

Bopoop (5) 2 m. W. of Hastings, SE. Sussex.

Boquhan, near Kippen, N. Stirl. H.Campbell,Esq.

BORASTON chplry. (55) Burford par. S. Salop,
i m. W. of Tenbury-133. Pop. 199.

Borcovicus of the Romans, is Housesteads on
Hadrian's WalL

Bordale ( ) under Place fell, SE. side of Ul-
leswater, Westmrld. leads into Patterdale.

BORDEAN tythg. (11) E. Meon par. E. Hants.
3 m. W. of Petersfield-54. Pop. 109. B. House,
i m. SE.

P. BORDEN par. (6) Milton hund. Scray lathe,
N. Kent, 8 m. ESE. of Chatham-30. Acres 2010 ;
pop. 860 + 9; poor r. 1827. (Milton U.); real
prop. 50797. ; charities 13447., of which Barrow's
for widows, poor, etc. 13277. St. Peter and Paul
Vic. (Cant.) val. 2507., patr. J. Musgrave, Esq. ;


church, with norman tower, doorway, etc., has
tomb of Dr. Plot (author of the Oxford and Staf-
ford county histories) born at tSutton Baron in
this place.

Border Houses ( ) 10 m. NNE. of Allonby,
W. Cumbrld.

BORDESLEY hmlt. (82) with Deritend, Aston
par. Birmingham boro', NW. Warwick. Jm. E.
of Birmingham- 110, on Warwick canal. Pop.
with Deritend ; houses , with Dowell's alms-
houses, fancy paper-works, and many facto-
ries; charities 351. Holy Trinity Cur. (Wor.)
val. 300/., patr. Vicar; church, built 1820. Near
Camp hill, where the inhabitants had a battle
with Prince Rupert before he took the town, was
B. Hull, which the rioters burnt 1791.

BORDESLEY hmlt. (62) 5 m. E. of Bromsgrove
-116, NE. Worcester, has the chapel attached to
the abbey found. 1138 by the empress Maud, and
which at the dissolution was forced by Hen. VIII.
upon Lord Windsor in exchange for Stanwell.
B. Park, H. G. Dugdale, Esq.

BORDWELL par. (28) Clandonagh and Clar-
mallagh bars. S W. Queen's Co. 4 m. NE. of Rath-
downy-70. Acres 2805, including Lough Grants-
town, with bog and limestone; pop. 957 + 9.
Living a Rect. (Os. F. L.) val. 119, patr. Bishop.
Grantstown house, R. Vicars, Esq. near the ruins
of an old castle.

Bore Place (6) in Chidingstone par. W. Kent,
once the seat of Sir T. Willoughby and his son-in-
law Sir R. Read, belongs to the Streatfields of
High Street House.

Boreas Hall (86) 2m. S. of Hedon, E. R. York.
near R. Humber, Mrs. Stovin.

BOREATTON, or BRATTON, tnshp. (74) Base-
church par. N. Salop, 8 m. NW. of Shrewsbury
-153, on R. Perry. Pop. 32 ; real prop. 1553/.
B. Hall, R. Hunt, Esq. ; B. Park, 1 m. N W.

P. BOREHAM par. (1) Chelmsford hund. Mid.
Essex, 4 m. NE. of Chelmsford-29, on E. Count,
rail, and R. Chelmer, was a mkt. town in saxon
times, and contains the Honour of Newhall
(which see) now a nunnery. Acres 3820 ; pop.
1054+6; poor r. 70U (Chelmsf. U.) ; real prop.
7165/. ; charities 169i, of which Butler's schools
156/. St. Andrew Vic. (Roch.) val. 432/., patr.
Bp. London ; church, has tombs of the Radclitfes
in the Sussex chapel, and of the Walthams. B.
Home, Sir J. Tyrell, Bt. M. P.

P. Boreham House (14) 1 m. SE. of Warminster,
W. Wilts. Sir J. D. Astley, Bt.

P. BOREHAM MANOR or STREET (51) Wartling
par. SE. Sussex, 4m. E. of Hailsham-59, near
B. Bridge, on R. Ashburn.

BORELAND vil. near Dysart, & Fife. Pop. 173,

Boreray Isld., N. side of N. Uist, Western. Islds.
W. of Berneray, is about 1 m. square, and belongs
ti. D. Maclean, Esq. Pop. 181.

BORESFORD tnshp. (55 or 6) with Pedwardine,
Brampton par. NW. Hereford. 4 m. NE. of Pres-
tcign-151. Pop. 102.

BorKuin, Prom, of the ancients, is Malin Head,

P. BORGUE par. 3 m. SW. of Kirkcudbright-104,
<S. Kircudlit. between Kircdbt. and Wigton bays,
includes Chapelton, Kirkandrews (which be-
longed to lona), Sandwick old par., Balinangan
and Plunton casts., Barlocco and other islds.
along the coast, which is cliffy. Size 10 m. by 7,
with freestone and whinstone; pop. 1117 + 22;
real prop. 9625/. ; for poor 234/. Living (preb.
Kircdbt.) val. 23U, patr. Crown. Near Little
Ross light is Frenchman's rock, where a pirate
was wrecked after robbing Sandwick church.



Borinyton (25) 5 m. N. of Plymouth, S. Devon.
now a farmhouse close to B. Park (in which is
a roman camp), was the old seat of the Parkers
(Earls Morley, who take hence the title of visct.
and baron), before their removal to Saltram, lower
down the Catwater.

BORLAND PARK vil. Auchterarder par. E. Perth.
6 m. E. of Meethill-44, on R. Earne, seat of Hon.
J. Stuart Pop. 151.

BORLEY par. (47) Hinckford hund. N. Essex,
2 m. NW. of Sudbury-54. Acres 730, part com-
mon; pop. 188; poor r. 111/. (Sudb. U.); real
prop. 4637Z. Living, a Rect. (Roch.) val. 240/.,
patr. Earl Waldegrave. B. Hall, im. SE.
1^ BORLEY tnshp. (55) Omberley par. N. Wor-
cest. 5 m. WNW. of Droitwich, on R. Severn.

Barley Loch, near Durness bay, NW. Suthrld.
has red-bellied trout.

Boro, or Bow, River (21, 29) Upper Tulla bar.
NE. Clare, rises in Moynoe par. and runs 5 m. SE.
to Lough Derg. gaT B. River (18) rising in the
Blackstairs mouutus. W. Wexford, runs about
16 m. SE. to R. Suir, 2 m. below Enniscorthy.

BOROUGH hmlt. (37) Llanelly par. S. Car-
martfien. near Llanelly-217. Pop. 6846 + 267,
iron and coal miners ; houses 1358 ; real prop.
17,329/., of which 4437/. on mines. igT BOROUGH
(25) 6m. SW. of Okehampton-195, W. Devon.
(SST Borough, or Barrow, Hills (47) near Gt. Tot-
ham, E. Essex, were raised over the slain when
the Danes invaded this coast iJaP Borough (9)
4 m. SE. of Petworth, W. Sussex, J. Jupp, Esq.

BOROUGH FEN VILLE extr. par. (64) Peter-
boro' lib. NE. Northmptn. 5 m. N. of Peterboro'
-81. Acres 3130 ; pop. 192 ; real prop. 5573i.

P. BOROUGH GREEN hmlt. (6) Ightham and
Wrotham pars. E. Kent, 5 m. ENE. of Sevenoaks
-23. ^ B. Hill (53) near Daventry, W.
Northmptn. where in 1006 the Danes defeated the
Saxons, and Chas. I. encamped before Naseby,
has one of the largest camps in the country,
and commands a fine view of the Gt. Junct. re-
servoir, etc. ^P B. Island (24) in Bigbury bay,
S. Devon, at R. Avon's mouth. ^J B. Mill (51)
6 m. S. of Cambridge, 5. Cambridge, rgp B. Moor,
S. side of Edinburgh, and once forest, is the spot
where Jas. IV. reviewed his army before the battle
of Flodden (the royal standard being fixed in the
Hare, orBuck, stone), and the site of an old chapel,
of which there are remains. ' Thousand pavilions
white as snow,Spread all the Borough -moor below,
etc. ^ B. STREET (8) 2 m. SE. of Epsom-15,
E. Surrey, near the roman road to Chichester.

P. BOROUGHBRIDGE hmlt. (20) Lyng and
Weston Zoyland pars. Mid. Somerset. 4 m. NW.
of Langport-1'28, close to the bridge over R. Parrel
and a barrow crowned by the ruins of St. Michael's
chapel, once belonging to Athelney ab. Pop. 93.

P. M. BOROUGHBRIDGE chplry. ( ) Aldboro*
par. W. R. York. 15 m. NW. of York by Berwk.
rail., 206 from London, the ancient Isunum, near
the bridge over R. Are, first built after the Con-
quest when the N. road was diverted from Ald-
boro', was from the time of Mary a borough re-
turning 2 members till disfranchised by the Reform
bill, and the scene of a battle in which Edw. II.
defeated the Earl of Lancaster, 1321. Acres 220 ;
pop. 1024 + 7, chiefly in the hardware trade ; houses
203, with 2 chapels, bank, the Crown Inn once the
seat of the Tancreds. and the market column :
poor r. 166/. ; real prop. 2653/. ; charities 5/. St.
James Cur. (Rip.) val. 82/., patr. Vicar. Near the
stone bridge which replaces the old one, are three
druid stones called the Devil's arrows. Mkt. D.
Sat Fain, 27-8 Apr. 23-4 Oct. cattle, sheep ;
22 June, horses, hardware, woollens. 4< B.

Q 2




DEANERY, dioc. of Ripon, contains the benefices
in Upper and LowerClaro wap. with Cundall cur.,
and Niddt?ic.

BORRAS, or BWRAS, HOVAH, tnshp. (74)
VVrexham par. E. Denbigh. 3 ra. NE. of Wrex-
ham-179, near R. Dee. Pop. 43. $ig" B.-RIFFRE
tnshp. (74) Gresford par. near the above. Pop. 37.

BORRIS par. (8, 13) E. Maryborough bar. Mid,
Queen's Co. contains Maryborough, 50 in. from
Dublin (which see).

P. BOURIS, or B.-IDRONE, vil. (22) E. Idrone
bar. W. Carlow, 17 m. S. of Carlow, 67 from Dub-
lin, on B. Rivulet, which falls into R. Barrow a
little below, is a petty sessions and police station.
Pop. 950 + 28. B. Castle, the fine seat of T. Ka-
vanagh, Esq. who is descended from M'Murrough,
king of Leinster, resisted two attacks in the year
1798. Fairs, 1 Jan. 5 Feb. 1 May, 2 July (wool),
15 Aug. 4 Oct. 14 Nov. cattle, sheep, pigs.

P. M. BoRRis-iN-OssoRY vil. (21-2) Clan-
dank bar. W. Queen's Co. 15m. SW. of Maryboro',
69 from Dublin, on R. Nore, near Gt. South and
West. rail, is a sessions and police station, be-
longing to the Duke of Buckingham, where the
Fitzpatricks to whom it was given by Eliz. had a
castle to defend the pass to Munster. Pop. 821
+ 5. Fairs, 25 Jan. 21 Mar. 31 May, 24 June,
15 Aug. 11 Oct. 21 Nov. 20 Dec.

BORRISMORE par. (12) Galmoy bar. N. Kil-
kenny, 2 m. S. of Johnstown, belonged to Jer-
point abbey. Acres 1271 ; pop. 267. Living,
united to Burnchurch. B. House, .

BORRISNAFARNEY par. (46, etc.) Clonisk bar.
S. King's Co. (22, 28) Ikerrin bar. Tipperary,
near Moneygall-83, and the Devil's Bit mountn.
Acres 4540, middling ; ann. value 3438/. ; pop.
1073. Living, a Rcct. with Bourney. Loughton,
Lord Bloomfield ; and other seats.

P. BORRISOKANE par. (7, 10) Lower Ormond
bar. N. Tipperary, 7 m. E. of Lough Derg, a
sessions and police station, 91m. from Dublin,
contains Goatstown. Acres 5123, middling, with
bog, limestone ; pop. 3175, of town 1625 + 100 ;
houses 266, with bridewell, fever hosp. and dis-
pensary. Living, a Beet. (K. K. C. K.) val. 222Z.,
patr. Bishop. Kyle Ho. W. Harvey, Esq. ; Arran
Hill, Marq. of Ormonde.

P. BORRISOLEAGH vil. (34) Upper Kilnama-
nagh bar. Mid. Tipperary, 6 m. SW. of Temple-
more, 92 from Dublin, a sessions and police station.
Pop. 1438 + 10. Fairs, 9 June, 6 Aug. 27 Nov.

P. BORROWBY tnshp. ( ) Leake par. N. R.
York. 4 m. N. of Thirsk-217. Acres 1280 ; pop. 401
+ 5 : poor r. 70/. (N. Allerton U.) ; real prop.
20777. ; charities 8/. igjp BORROWBY tnshp. ( )
Lythe par. N. R. York. 9 m. WNW. of Whitby
-236. Acres 650 ; pop. 81 + 2 ; poor r. 61. (Whit-
by U.) ; real prop. 733/.

BORROWDALE chplry. ( ) Crosthwaite par.
S. Cumbrld, 5 m. S. of Keswiek-291, between B.
Fells and Derwent Water, is famous for its wild
scenery and black lead mines. Pop. 369 + 1 ; poor
r. 901. (Cockermo' U.) ; real prop. 33281. Living, a
Cur. (Carl.) val. 80Z., patr. Vicar ; church, rebuilt
1706. R. Derwent runs through rich meadows in
the Dale, which is well-wooded up the mountain
elopes (300 to 500 ft. high) on both sides, and has
at the entrance near Grange, the Castle crag, with
the remains of a fortification commanding a fine
view, the Bowder stone weighing 1771 tons;
further up is Rosthwaite, where three vales meet,

Stonethwaite leading under Eagle and Bull
crags and Glenamara. into Langdale and Ensdale

Seatoller by Honiton crag and B. House to
Buttermere, Seathwaite over Style head by
Gt. End to Wastdale. At Giller coom in a por-

phyry rock, is the graphite, or wad, or black lead
mine, which supplies the world, and belongs to
W. Banks, Esq. of Corfe Castle, who has one half
and the reversion of the other half. It is but occa-
sionally wrought ; and the workmen are examined
on coming out, in the entrance room where a
guard keeps watch with loaded pistols, to prevent
theft. 1gaT BORROWDALE hmlt. ( ) Orton par.
Mid. Westmrld. 4 m. SW. of Orton-276, on Lane,
and Carl. rail, near B. Bridge, where R. Lane is
joined by the Borrow, which rises in Hartop pike
to the NW. and is so called from a roman camp
(burgh or barrow) at Castle dykes, commanding
this wild pass.

BORROWDON, or BURRADON, tnshp. ( ) Al-
lenton par. N. Northnibrld. 6 m. NW. of Rothbury
-304. Pop. 165 ; poor r. 64/. (Rothb. U.)

BORROWSTON vU. Reay par. NW. Caithness, a
fishing-place, 4 m. NE. of Reay-298. ^P BOR-
ROWSTOWN vil. 2 m. N. of Liulithgow-17, Lin-
lithgw. as below.

N. of Linlithgow-17, N. Linlithgw. on the Frith of
Forth, formerly called Kinniel, and containing
Newtown, is a decayed port and burgh of barony
under the Duke of Hamilton. Size 3^m. by 2, well
cultivated, with coal, limestone, ironstone, free-
stone, etc. ; pop. 2347, decreasing, of town 1790,
in the coasting and Greenland trade, salt-works,
ship-building ; houses 258, straggling, with a
custom-house, chapel, 2 banks, distiller}', soap
and pottery works, schools; real prop. 8548Z., of
which 1015/. on mines; for poor 593Z. Living
(Presb. Linlithg.) val. 272/., patr. Duke of Hamil-
ton, of Kinniel, which was the residence of Dugald
Stewart. The port, which in Defoe's time was
second to Leith and had the best seamen in the
Frith, is protected by an embankment. In 1846,
91 sail of 5944 tons (44 being under 53 tons
each) belonged to it, with Brucehaven, Limekilns,
Charlestown, Inverkeithing, St. David's, for sub-
ports; and the tonnage Inwards and Outwards,
including repeated voyages, was ' coastwise' 1031
sail of 57,031 and 944 of 51,301 tons, from ' colo-
nies' 10 of 1963 t. (2 of 271 1. being foreigners),
from and to 'foreign ports' 21 of 2502 and 136 of
20,355 1. (besides 27 foreigners of 3211 and 262 of
23,919 t.) ; total customs 1856/. Fair, 16 Nov.


BORTH vil (59) Cyfoeth-y-Brenin tnshp. NW.
Cardigan. 5 m. N. of Aberystwith-208, on th
coast, near B. Sands, which stretch 3 m. to R.
Dovey's mouth.

BORTHIN hmlt. (41) Llandyssil par. S. Cardi-
gan. 7 m. E. of Newcastle- Emlyn-229. Pop. 263.

&. BORTHWICK par. 11 m. SE. of Edinbro',
SE. Edinb. on Rs. Gore and S. Esk, containing
Dewarston, Middleton, Newlandrigg, Hemperston,
belonged to Crichton College, and has the fine
tower (74ft. by 68, and 110 high) and other re-
mains of B. Castle, b. 1430 on site of the roman Cu-
ria and a fort called Lockerworth, by the Lords
Borthwick, who came from B. Brae (below), after-
wards occupied by Mary on her marriage with
Bothwell, and taken by Cromwell. Size 6 m. by 3,
hilly, with limestone quarries; pop.!617+ 14, some
in the Stobbs powdermills ; real prop. 9050/., of
which 2245Z. on mines and quarries ; for poor 360Z.
Living (Presb. Dalkeith) val. 198Z., patr. Dundas
of Arniston. The barony belongs to Borthwick of
Crookstone, but the title is in abevance. Principal
Robertson (1721-93), Henry Dundas (1742-1811),
and Small the machinist, were natives.

Borthwick Park, ] m. NW. of Dunse, Mid.Berwk.
<fs8 B. Water, " Borthwick's mountain flood,"
rises in Roberton par. SW. Roxburgh, and runs


10 m. NE. to R. Teviot, above Hawick, past B.
Shells, which is opposite B. Brae House in Selk.
(11 in. SSVV. of Selkirk), seat of A. Lockhart,
Esq. M.P.

BORVA, or BURFA, tnshp. (56) with Bareland,
Old Radnor par. E. Radnor. 5 m. E. of New Rad-
nor, on the Hereford, border, near Offa's dyke.

BORWICK tnshp. ( ) Warton par. N. Lancash.
7 in. NNE. of Lancaster-240, near Carlisle rail.
Acres 820 ; pop. 214 ; poor r. 1211. (Caton Incorp.) ;
real prop. 16557. B. Hall, seat of the Standishes,
where Ch. II. lodged on his way to Worcester.

Bosahan (31) 6 m. S. of Penryn, W. Cornwall,
II. M. Grylls, Esq.

P. BOSBURY par. (43) Radlow hund. E. Here-
ford. 4 m. N. of Ledbury-120, containing Uplea-
don, and a farinho., once the palace of Bps.of Here-
ford, is a meet for the Ledbury hounds. Acres 5200,
part in hops ; pop. 1 137 + 7 ; poor r. 6847. (Ledbury
U.) ; real prop. 30497. ; charities 1237. of which
Morton's gram, school 907. Holy Trinity Vic.
(Heref.) val. 337/., patr. Bishop ; church, ancient.
The ' Barland pear' is grown at Barelands farm.

Boscarne (30) 2 m. W. of Bodmin, Mid. Corn-
wall, H. Flamank, Esq.

Forrabury and Minster pars. N. Cornwall, 5 m.
N. of Camelford-228, in a rocky creek, was once a
mkt. town, and had a castle built by the Botte-
reaux family. Pop. 807, export corn, slate, and
manganese, coastwise. B. Port, a member of
Padstow, admits small craft only to the quay,
and has a small island at the mouth, with the re-
mains of a chapel inside.

Boscawen-Rose, in St Buryan par. Cornwall (see
Boshenna, below), has been held since K. John,
by the Boscawens of Tregothnan, to whom it gives
title of baron, with a rose (properly ros, meaning,
like the welsh rhos, a marsh or valley) for their

21. BOSCOBEL ext. par. (61) Brimstree hund.
E. Salop, 6m. E. ofShiffhal-135, on the Stafford.
borders, contains the celebrated B. House, then
a seat of the Giffords, where Chas. II. was con-
cealed after the battle of Worcester, Wed. 3 Sept.
1651. From 4th to 6th the king, disguised in the
clothes of the brothers Pendrill, was hid in White
Ladies House, about 1 m. oflf, near the old priory,
and belonging to a Fitzherbert ; the next two
days he was at B. House, where his hiding-place
is still shown ; and on Monday night he went to
Moseley, Stafford. An oak near the house with
an inscription on it, is said to be a scion of the
Royal Oak in which the king was part of the time
hidden with Col. Careless.

P. BOSCOMBE (16) 2 m. WSW. of Christchurch,

5 W.Hants.

P. BOSCOMBE par. (14) Amesbury hund. SE.
Wilts. 6m. NE. of Salisbury-81. Acres 2000;
pop. 156 + 1 ; poor r. 287. (Araesb. U.) ; real prop.
15827., charities Kent's almsh. 247. St. Andrew
Rect. (Sal. ) val. 330/., patr. Bishop, sometime
held by Hooker, who here wrote four books of
his ' Ecclesiastical Polity.'

BOSCOPPA (31) 2 m. NE. of St. Austell, Mid.

BOSDKN tnshp. (81) Cheadle par. NE. Cheshire,
2 m. SSW. of Stockport-176, on Manch. and Bir-
ming. rail, is joined to HANDFORTH. Pop. 1713.

BOSHAM HUNDRED (9, 11) Chichester rape,

6 W. Sussex, contains the pars, of Bosham, Chid-
ham, Funtington, W. Stoke, and W. Thorney;
acres 10,61)0, pop. 2625, houses 527. ifST" BOSHAM
par. in the above hund. 3 m. W. of Chichester-62,
on the harbour and S. Coast rail., containing
Broadbridge, Creed, New Fishbourne, Gosport, and



Walton, was the sax on Bosenham, a port of some
consequence in old times, forcibly acquired from
the Abp. by that ' cunning wordcatcher,' as Cam-
den calls him, Earl Godwin, where his son Sweyne
made a descent in 1049, and from which Harold
embarked when he was shipwrecked on the coast

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