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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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near Kirk Newton.

BOWER par. 10 m. NW. of Wick-282, NJ%
Caithness, watered by lochs Altenvall and Scarm-
clete. Size 11 m. by 3, rising towards Heather
Cow cairn, which commands a fine view ; pop.
1689 + 7 ; real prop. 43797. ; for poor 777. Living
(Presb. Caithness) val. 1917., patr. Sir J. Colqu-
houn, Bt Cairns and the Stone Lud dani.^h
pillar, are seen.

BOWER (14) 1 m. SE. of Melksham, Mid.
Wilts, near B. House, Col. Richards.

BOWER- ASHTON hmlt. (35) Long Ashton par.
NE. Somerset. 3 m. SW. of Bristol-114. Ashton
Court Sir J. Smyth, Bt. |^ B.-CnAi,K par.
(15) Chalk hund. S. Wilts. 7 m. SW. of Wilton
-84. Acres 3120; pop. 447 + 7; poor r. 2347.
(Wilton U.); real prop. 24377. Holy Trinity
Vic. with Broad-Chalk, iggp B. Court (55) 4 m.
SW. of Bewdley, NW. Worcester. |gp B., EAST
and WEST, hmlts. (20) near Bridgewater-139,.Md.
Somerset. ^ B\ Hall (47) 2 m. E. of Clare, N.
Essex, on R. Stour, E. A. Stephens, Esq. formerly
seat of the Bendishes and Knivets. igif 'B. HEATH
(46) 8 m. N. of St. Alban's-20, W. Herts, a meet
for Mr. Brand's hounds, igff B.-HINTON hmlt.
(18) with Hurst, Martock par. E. Somerset. 2 m.
NE. of S. Petherton-130. Pop. 688. B. House
(1) 2 m. N. of Romford, S W. Essex, Mas-
terman, Esq. B. House (6) near Staplehurst, S.
Kent, Mrs. E. Ottaway.

Bowerdale ( ) W. side of Wast Water, -S W.
Cumbrld. under the Haycocks, from which Nether
Beck runs down to the lake.

Bowerdale, or Boutherdale ( ) 3 m. W. of Ra-
venstonedale, Mid. Westmrld.

BOWERLAND (25) 3 m. SW. of Okehampton
-195, W. Devon.

BOWERS (73) 4 m. N. of Eccleshall-148, NW.
Stafford. B. Bent, 1 m. E. near Gd. Junct. rail.

P. BowERS-GiFFORD par. (1) Barstable hund.
S. Essex, 4 m. SW. of Rayleigh-32, near Canvey
isld. and R. Thames. Acres 2230, marshy ; pop.
249 + 1 ; poor r. 1587. (Billericay U.) ; real prop.
41567. St. Margaret Rect. (Roch.) val. 5647.,
patr. Mrs. Curtis of B. Hall

Bowershall (81) 2m. S. of Bakewell, NW.

P. BOWES par. ( ) Gilling wap. N.R. York. 4 m.
SW. of Barnard Castle-246, containing Gillmonby,
B.-CROSS hmlt., and 7 others, on R. Greta near
God's bridge (a natural one, 15 ft. span), and once
a mkt. town, is the ancient Lavatrte on the roman
road to Brough, and has on the site of a camp


the remains of the castle built by Alan, the black
Earl of Richmond, who had a gallows and a
through toll here. Acres 18,440, of tnshp.
16,090 ; pop. 850, and 763, decreasing ; poor r. 224
(Teesdale U.) ; real prop. 8296/. ; charities 2G6/.,
of which 2G1/. to Hutchinson's gram, school and
hosp. St. Giles Cur. (Rip.) val. 90/., patr. T.
Harrison, Esq. of B. House ; church, partly nor-
man, with font, and the grave of Mallet's " Edwin
and Emma." Many coins, and inscribed stones
(one of which, Camden says, had been used as a
communion-table), have been found.

Bowes (1) near Chipping-Ongar, W. Essex,
J. Barlow, Esq.

Bowes Manor (1) 2 m. NW. of Tottenham,
NE. Middlesex, seat of Lord Chancellor Truro
(late Sir T. Wilde).

Bowhill, 3 m. W. of Selkirk, E. Selkirk. Duke
of Buccleugh.

Bowl Farm (7) 1 m. NW. of Chipping Barnet,
N. Middlesex.

Bowland Bridge ( ) 6 m. WSW. of Kendal,
SW. Westmrld. ^ B. Bridge, 3 m. NW. by
N. of Galashiels, NE. Selkirk, on Gala Water, and
Hawick rail. i^T B. FOREST, HIGH, tnshp.
( ) Slaidburn par. W.R.York. 9m. SW. of Settle
-235, contains Dunsap and Battrix, within the
verge of Bowland or Bolland forest, which is
watered by R. Hodder, included the pars, of Slaid-
burn and Mitton, and part of Whalley on both
sides of the border, and belonged to the honour
of Clitheroe. Acres 17,800, bare ; pop. 181 ; poor
r. 1021. (Clitheroe U.) ; real prop. 2901?. Browse-
holme hall, seat of T. L. Parker, Esq., hereditary
forester. This tract is now enclosed and cul-
tivated, but contained wild deer as late as 1812.
gS" B. FOREST, Low tnshp. ( ) Whalley par.
near the above, contains Harrop. Pop. 330 ;
poor r. 146/. ; real prop. 3778/. giP B., LITTLE,
tnshp. ( ) with Leagram, Whalley par. Mid.
Lancash. 6 m. NW. of Clitheroe-217, under
Bleasdale, near the above. Acres 7960 ; pop. 133 ;
poor r. 72Z. ; real prop. 3395Z.

BOWLD hmlt. (44) Idbury par. NW. Oxford.
5 m. NNW. of Burford-73. Pop. 59.

BOWLEES ( ) Darlington ward, W. Durham,
11 m. NW. of Bernard Castle-246, on B. Burn
which runs into R. Tees.

BOWLER GREEN (8) 3 m. N. of Haslemere-42,
SW. Surrey.

BOWLEY tnshp. (55) Bodenham par. Mid.
Hereford. 4 m. SE. of Leominster-137. Pop. 206.
B. Lane, 1 m. S. of B. Town, }, m. S.

BOWLING tnshp. (88) Bradford par. W. R. York.
2 m. S. of Bradford- 196, contains Dudley Hill.
Acres 1240 ; pop. 8918 + 296, in the cloth trade,
stone quarries, coal and iron mines ; houses 1717 ;
poor r. 1352/. (Bradf. U.) ; real prop. 7984J. St.
John Cur. (Rip.) val. 150/., patr. Vicar. B.Hall,
J. Sturge, Esq., was the head quarters of the
Earl of Newcastle when he defeated Fairfax on
Adwalton Moor, 1642.

BOWLING-BAY vil. Old Kilpatrick par. S. Dum-
barton. 4 m. ESE. of Dumbarton-58, a sub-port to
Glasgow, on B. Bay, in R. Clyde, at the end of
the Forth canal, with a revolving light. Pop.
182. t^ B. Green Farm (13) 2 m. SE. of Far-
ingdon-68, NW. Berks. 1^ B. Green House
(1) near Woodford, SW. Essex, J. Boote, Esq.
gaT B. Green House (54) near Bromsgrove, NE.
Worcester, G. P. Rufford, Esq. ^" B. GREEN,
extr. par. (8) in Guildford boro', W. Surrey.
Pop. 5.

BotcFs Barrow (15) near Heytesbury, SW.
Wilts, and the Golden Barrow, Knook Castle,
and other remains, is 150 ft. long by 10 high.



Bowmont Water, rises in Cocklaw hill, one of
the Cheviots, E. Roxburgh, and runs 12 m. to
the Glen at Kirk-Newton, NW. Northmbrld.
Trout abound in it.

P. BOWMORE, or KILARROW, par. in Mid. Islay,
W. Argyll, near Loch Indaal, includes Kilmeny,
Bridgend, Port Askeg, and is watered by Ra.
Sorn and Laggan. Size 17 m. by 8, flattish,
with lime, slate, marl, etc. ; pop. 4026 (decreasing)
linen weavers, etc. ; real prop. 8874Z. Living,
(presb. Islay) val. 296/., patr. Crown. Isla Ho.
Campbell, Esq. From " St. Marrow."

Cumberland ward, NW. Cumberld. 10 m. SW. of
Longtown-309, where ship canal joins Sol way
Frith, contains Anthorn, Drumburgh, and Fing-
land, on the site of the roman Tunnocelum, the
final station on Severus's wall, that of Hadrian
ending a little sooner at Gabrocentum or Drum-
burgh. Acres 10,830; pop. 1488+29, of town
624 + 24; poor r. 229J. (WigtonlL); real prop.
1671Z. ; charities 241. St. Michael Sect. (Carl.)
val. 393/., patr. Earl of Lonsdale ; church, as well
as many houses, built of the ruins of the wall
which can be still traced in many parts. Coins
and inscriptions have been found", and a roman
way went to Maryport. Bowness is also the
name of the whole peninsula between the Frith
and Wampool bay. igp Bowness ( ) 8 m. ESE.
of Whitehaven, W. Cumbrld. on Ennerdale Water.
I^ Bowness, or Bulness, Knott ( ) E. side of
Bassenthwaite water, Mid. Cumbrld.

P. BOWNESS hmlt. ( ) Undermilbeck tnshp.
W. Westmrld. 7 m. WNW. of Kendal-261, on the
E. side of Windermere, where the Kendal rail,
ends, a pleasant resting-place for tourists, com-
manding a fine view. Pop. employed in fishing
and export of slate. It contains a gram, school
(56/.) found. 1656, and the par. church of Win-
dermere. B. House, E. Swinburne, Esq.

Bownham House (34) 2 m. S. of Stroud, Mid.

BOWOOD tythg. (18) Netherbury par. W. Dor-
set. 2 m. SW. of Beaminster-137.

BOWOOD liberty, ext. par. (14, 34) Calne hund.
Mid. Wilts. 2 m. SW. of Calne-87, was part of
Pewisham forest, in which Jas. I. hunted, and is a
meet for the Beaufort hounds. Acres 1320 ; pop.
68; poor r. 12/. (Calne U.); real prop. 772/.
B. House, Marquis of Lansdown, was partly de-
signed by Adams, and has, among other trea-
sures, Raphael's ' St. Jno. Baptist,' Westmacott's
'Hagar,' a fine Gainsboro', panel landscapes by
Stanfield, portraits of Sir W. Petty, etc., and of the
1st Marquis, sometime premier, with a curious one
of Cromwell on gold leaf. In the beautiful grounds
is an echo which repeats four times, a lake of 30
acres, and a mausoleum.

Bowrington (36) near Bridgend, S. Glamorgan,
and Llynvi ironworks, belongs to Dr. Bowring.

BOWSCALE tnshp. ( ) Greystoke par. Mid.
Cumbrld. 8 m. NE. of Keswick-291, on R. Calder,
near Souter fell and Greystoke park. Pop. 31.

Bowsers (47) 2 m. S. of Linton, NW. Essex.

BOWSIEFAULD vil. Dunnichen par. SE. Forfar.
4 m. SE. of Forfar-58. Pop. 109.

BOWTHORPE par. (66) Forehoe hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 3 m. W. of Norwich-108. Acres, with
Bawburgh, 2070 ; pop. 34 ; poor r. 9/. (Forehoe
Incorp.). St. Michael's don. Cur. with Earlham ;
church, for some time, till 1635, used as a granary.

BOWTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Hemingbrough par.
E. R. York. 4 m. NW. of Howden-180, is joined
to MENTHORPE. Pop. 38. B. House, .

BOWTHWAITE hmlt. ( ) Fountain's Earth
tnshp. W. R. York, near Ripon-212.



Box hmlt. (34) Minchinhampton par. Mid.
Gloucest. J m. W. of Minchinhampton-98.

P. Box par. (34) Chippenham hund. W. Wilts.
a station on Gt. West. rail, near B. Tunnel, 4m.
WSW. of Corsham, 10 If from London, contains
BOX-QUAKRIES (whence good Bath stone is got),
and 6 other hmlts. Acres 4130, in a beautiful vale
with cream-coloured lias, etc.; pop. 2274+72;
poor r. 868Z. (Chippenh. U.) ; real prop. 9155Z. ;
charities Speke's school 751. St. Thorn. & Becket
Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. 348Z., patr. Rev. H. Horlock,
vicar ; church, has a tomb to Mrs. Bowdler. Across
the B. Rivulet, is the Middle Hill Spa, now ne-
glected, and at Cherry Court many roman remains
have been found. The Tunnel, one of the largest
of the kind, is 1 m. 1408 vds. long, by 10 yds. wide,
with a fall of 50 ft. per mile. B. Hall, W. Nor-
thev, Esq.

B'ox END (52) 3 m. WSW. of Bedford-50.
W. Beds.

chester rape, S W. Sussex, contains the pars, and
benefices of Aldingbourne vie., Appledram cur.,
Boxgrove ., Donnington v., Eartham v., New
Fishbourne, Hunston ., Merston rect., W.Hamp-
nett v., N. Mundham ., Oving v., Rumbold's
Wyke, and Up-Waltham ti. ; acres 21,320, pop.
4807, houses 967.

Box Hill (8) 1 m. NE. of Dorking, Mid. Surrey,
near Norbury Park, Betchworth, and R. Mole,
which here for a while runs under ground (hence
its name), stands among the fine country around
the Surrey hills, and commands a view from the
S. Downs of Sussex to the N. of London. Some
large box trees crown the top. Under it is
Holmdale, the retreat of the Britons in saxon
times, where red deer were found till Ch. II.

BOX-TREE quarter (62) Tamworth par. N.
Warwick, near Tamworth- 115. Pop. 558.

BOXDEN. See BOSDEN, Cheshire.

BOXFORD par. (13) Faircross hund. S W.Berks.
4 m. NW. of Newbary-56, on R. Lambourn, con-
tains Westbrook. Acres 2880 ; pop. 612 ; poor r.
499Z. (Newb. U.); real prop. 332U ; charities,
various small ones. St. Andrew Beet. (Oxon.)
val. 76 1Z., patr. Rev. Dr. Wells.

P. BOXFORD par. (48) Babergh and Cosford
hunds. /S. Suffolk, contains Hadleigh-64. Acres
2450; pop. 1121 + 4; poor r. 303Z. (Cosford U.);
real prop. 4940Z. ; charities 91Z., of which 33Z. to
Q. Eliz.'s gram, school St. Mary rect. (Ely) val.
710Z., patr. Crown. Fairs, Easter Mond. 21 Dec.

BOXGROVE par. (9) Box hund, Chichester rape,
SW. Sussex, 3 m. NE. of Chichester-62, near
Goodwood, contains Crocker-Hill, E. Hampnett,
Seabeach, Strellington, and Halnaker, which, now
belonging to Duke of Richmond, was given by
Hen. I. to Rob. de Haye, who about 1117 found,
the priory as a cell to L'Essay ab. Normandy.
Acres 3410 ; pop. 736, decreasing ; poor r. 280Z.
(W. Hampnett U.) ; real prop. 5004Z. ; charities
184Z., of which 115Z. to countess Derby's almsho.
and 56Z. to school. St. Mary and St. Blase Vic.
(Chic.) val. 687Z., patr. Duke of Richmond;
church, early eng. with norman remains, was at-
tached to the priory, and has tombs of Hen. I.'s
queen Adeliza and her daughters, also a Poyn-
ings, a Delawarr, and Countess Derby and other
Morleys all of whom had the manor. B. Priory,
Rev. Canon Webber, near the site of the old
building, ij B. DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of
Chichester, contains the benefices marked in Box,
Bosham, Manhood, Westbourne, hunds.

BOXLEY par. (6) Maidstone hund. Avlesford
lathe, Mid. Kent, 2 m. NE. of Maidstone-34, near
B. Hill, once a mkt. town, was given by Rich. I.


to the mitred abbey founded here 1146, by W.
d'Ypres, which at the dissolution was granted to
Sir T. Wyatt. Acres 5970, part in hops, warren,
and including Penenden heath ; pop. 1398, in the
papermills, some of the best in the kingdom ; poor
r. 700Z. (Hollingbourn U.) ; real prop. 9871Z. ; cha-
rities 4Z. All Saints Vic. (Cant.) val. 834Z., patr.
Dean and Chap, of Rochester ; church large, with
tombs of the Wyatts and others. The abbey was
famous for an ingenious automaton rood or cross,
and a figure of St. Rumbold, which were publicly
burnt at the Refonnation. B. Abbey, Lady M.
Finch ; B. House, ; B. Grange, .

P. BOXMOOR (7) a station on Lond. and Birm.
rail. W. Herts. 2 m. SW. of Hemel-Hempstead,
24 from London. Living, a Cur. (Roch.) val.
150Z., patr. Vicar of H.-Hempstead.

BOXSTEAD (46) 3 m. SW. of Dunstable-33,
S. Beds.

BOXTED par. (48 J Lexden hund. NE. Essex,
2 m. SE. of Neyland-57, on R. Stour. Acres
3120, part heath; pop. 856 + 2; poor r. 274/.
(Lexden U.); real prop. 5106Z. ; charities 10Z.
St. Mary Vic. (Roch.) val. 190Z., patr. Bp. Lon-
don ; church, has a mon. of Sir J. Poley, with a
frog under the left ear. B. Hall, G. Poley, Esq.
^" BOXTED par. (51) Babergh hund. W. Suf-
folk, 5 m. NE. of Clare-56, on R. Stour. Acres
1580; pop. 200; poor r. 174Z. (Sudbury U.);
real prop. 1691Z. ; charities HZ. Living, a Rect.
with Hartest. B. Hall, .

BOXTEDS (7) 2 m. NW. of Hemel-Hempstead
-23, W. Herts, near Boxmoor.

BOXWELL par. (35) with Leighterton, Upper
Grambald's Ash hund. S W. Gloucester. 5 m. W
of Tetbury-98, near Lasboro' park on the Cotes-
wolds, has some box plantations, and was the site
of a nunnery destroyed by the Danes. Acres
2210 ; pop. 334 + 4 ; poor r. 46Z. (Tetbu. U.) ; real
prop. 2567Z. St. Andrew Rect. (Gl. and Br.) with
Leighterton, val. 350Z., patr. Rev. R. Huntley,
rector, of B. Court.

BOXWORTH par. (51) Papworth hund. W.Cam-
bridge. 7 m. NW. of Cambridge-50. Acres 2000 ;
pop. 326 + 4 ; poor r. 212Z. (St. Ives U.) ; real prop.
2968Z. ; charities 2Z. St. Peter Rect. (Ely) val.
350Z., patr. G.Thornhill, Esq. ; church, has a tomb
of Sanderson, the blind professor of mathematics.


BOYATT tythg. (11) Otterbourne par. Mid.
Hants. 4 m. S. of Winchester-62. Pop. 160.

Boyce Court (43) 2m. NNW. of Newent, NW.
Gloucest. on Herefd. canal.

BOYCOTT tnshp. (61) Pontesbury par. W. Sa-
lop, 1 m. SW. of Shrewsbury- 153. Pop. 33.

BOYCUTT, or BOYCOT, hmlt. (45) Stowe par.
Oxford, locally in Bucks. 2 m. NW. of Bucking-
hain-55. Pop. 35.

BOYDEN. See BAYDEN, Glamorgan. Living,
a Cur. with Llangynwd.

BOYDEN END (-51) 7 m. N. of Clare-56, W.

BOYDSTONEFARM, W. Kilbride par. NW. Ayr.
8 m. NW. of Irvine-50. Pop. 33.

BOYLAGH BARONY (56-9) W. Donegal, con-
tains part of pars, of Inishkeel, with Glenties,
Lower Killybegs, Lettermacaward, and Temple-
crone ; acres 158,479, pop. 22,845, houses 4005.

Boyland Hall (66) 9 m. S. of Norwich, SE.
Norfolk, late Hon. Adml. F. P. Irby.

BOYLE BARONY (11, etc.) N. Roscommmi, con-
tains the pars, of Ardcann, Boyle, with Boyle,
Esternow, Kilbryan, Killukin, with part of
Carrick-on-Shannon, Killummod, Kilronan, with
Ballyfarnan, Keadew and Tumiia with Battle-
bridge; acres 82,559, pop. 40,129, houses 70GO.


Was called Moylurg, and was the country of the

P. M. 3. BOYLE or ASSYLIN par. (6 etc.) Boyle
bar. N. Roscomn. 84 m. NW. of Dublin, on B.
River, near the Curlew hills, grew out of the
abbey found. 1148, and sent 2 members to parl.
before the Union. Acres 20,736, with bog, lime,
and freestone, of town 237 ; pop. 2591, and 3235
(decreasing) in a good general trade ; houses 495,
with church, 4 chapels, sessions house, bridewell,
bank, savings bk. (22,5601. from 609 depositors),
barracks, market-house, dispensary, Union poor
house. Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.) "with 7 others
united, val. 506/., patr. Bishop. The town, which
is a nominal borough under charter from Jas. II.,
belongs to Lord Lorton, of Rockingham House, a
fine seat on lough Key ; near the bridge is the
stump of a round towtr, and the beautiful remains
of the abbey are in the grounds of Tangier, seat
of Capt. Robertson. The ' Roscommon Gazette '
is published here ; and Carolan the bard was
buried at Kilronan 1741. Boyle P. L. Union,
contains 16 elect, divs. in Roscomn., Mayo, and
Sligo, with 19 guardians; acres 166.379, pop.
71,355, ho. room for 770, cases relieved (yr. 1847-
8) 3881 (besides 19,279 out-door), expend. 11,008/.,
prop, rated 81.408/. Fairs, 6 Mar. 3 Apr. 30 May,
25 July, 16 Aug. 1 Oct. 25 Nov. Mkt. D. Sat

Boyle Farm (8) near Thames Ditton, N. Surrey,
seat of the late Lord H. Fitzgerald.

Boyle River (5) rises out of lough Garra, NW.
Roscomn. and passing Boyle (as above), runs
13 m. through lough Key, and a series of small
lakes, to the Shannon, above Carrick-on-Shannon.

BOYLSTONE par. (72) Appletree bund. SW.
Derby. 6 m. S. of Ashborne-139. Acres 1360 ;
pop. 343 + 1 ; poor r. 148/. (Uttoxeter U.) ; real
prop. 2933/. ; charities 31. St. J. Baptist Rect.
(Lich.), val. 260/., patr. Rev. W. Hurst.

BOYNDIE par. 3 m. SW. of Banff-156, NE.
Banff, between B.-burn and Boyne burn, contains
Whitehills, on Moray Frith. Size, 5 m. by 2, or
3000 acres, partly arable ; pop. 1501, many fisher-
men ; real prop. 2622Z. ; for poor 213/. Living
(Presb. Fordyce), val. 205/., patr. Earl of Seafield,
chief heritor, through the Ogilvies, who were
seated at Boyne Castle, now in ruins, on the Burn.
Red Well is an excellent mineral water.

Boyndlie House, 6 m. SW. of Fraserburgh, NE.

Boyne House (6) near Tonbridge Wells, 5 W.
Kent, G. Palmer, Esq. ^ B. Lodge (36) near
Trim, S W. Meath and B. View and 'B. Park.

Boyne River (8) the Bubinda of Ptolemy, me-
morable in history for the battle fought 1 July,
1690, on its banks, near Oldbridge, - in which
our great deliverer Will III. defeated Jas. II.
rises in the par. and bar. of Carbury, NW. Kil-
dare, about 65 m. from the sea, and passing through
Meath by Trim, Navan, Slane, and Drogheda, falls
into the Irish Sea 4 m. below Drogheda, where is
a coast gd. station, and 3 fixed lights on timber
frames put up 1842, 28 to 40 ft. high, to lead over
the bar, which has 2 to 9 ft. water. Principal
branches are the Mattock and Blackwater ; total
fall from Kinnafad Br. 237 ft. It is navigable to
Slane, and thence by canal to Navan ; tonnage
(1833) upwards 45,954, of which 38,000 were
coals, tolls 2806/., downwards 31,847, tolls 20241.
An obelisk on a rock on the N. bank, put up 1736,
and rising 150 ft above the river, marks the spot
where Schomberg fell.

BOYNTON par. ( ) Dickering wap. E. R.
York. 3 m. WNW. of Bridlington-206. Acres
2690; pop. 100; poor r. 187. (Bridlingt. U.) real
prop. 1799/. Living, a Vic. (York) val. 141/., patr.



Sir G. Strickland, Bt., of B. Hall, which has a
pavilion above it commanding fine views of sea
and land.

BOYOUNAGH par. (6, 7, etc.) Ballymoe and
Tyaquin bars., N. Galway, contains Glenamadda
-144, B. BEG, etc. Acres 15,822, boggy; pop.
5288 + 42. Living, a Vic. with Kilkerrin.

Boysack, 6 m. N. by W. of Arbroath, E. Forfar.
W. Carnegie, Esq. near the rail.

BOYSTOWN, or BALTIBOYS, par. (10-1, 16-7)
Lower Talbotstown bar. NW. Wicklow, 3 m. S. of
Blessington, on R. Lifley. Acres 25,134, chiefly
mountain, with granite and slate quarries ; pop.
3644 + 43. Living, a Vic. with Blessington.
Baltiboys, Col. Smith ; and other seats.

BOYTHORPK tnshp. ( ) Foxholes par. llm.
WNW. of Burlington-206. See FOXHOLES.

BOYTON par. (25) Stratton bund. Cornwall, and
Bk. Torrington hund. Devon. 5 m. N. of Launce-
ston-213, on Bude canal and R. Tamar. Acres
5120 (or 3710), dunstone ; pop. 600 + 5 ; poor. r.
145 (Launcest. U.) real prop. 2726/. Living, a
Cur. (Exet) val. 120/., patr. Rev. G. Prideaux.
Bradridge (the old seat of the Hoblyns) and
Beardon are now farmhouses. At Northcot lived
Agnes Rest, a protestant martyr of Mary's time.
Fair, 5 Aug. dip BOYTON par. (48) Wilford
hund. SE. Suffolk, 3 m. SW. of Orford-90, near
R. Aide's mouth, or Orford haven. Acres 1890 ;
pop. 239 + 1 ; poor r. 209/. (Woodbridge U.) ; real
prop. 1735Z. ; charities, Warner's almsh. for 16.
St. Andrew Rect. (Norw.) val. 3651, patr. Trus-
tees. $ig BOYTON par. (14) Heytesbury hund.
S. Wilts. 2 m. SE. of Heytesbury-90, contains
Gorton, on R. Willy. Acres 4580 ; pop. 360 ; poor
r. 218/. (Warminster U.) ; real prop. 2835/. ; cha-
rities 21. St. Mary Rect. (Sal.) val. 549/., patr.
Mag. Coll. Oxon. ; church, b. 1301, with an ancient
font. B. House, A. B. Lambert, Esq., as old as
Jas. I.'s-time.

Boyton Hall (47) 7 m. WNW. of Halstead, N.
Essex. ^ B. New Hall (1 or 47) 4 m. NW.
of Chelmsford, Mid. Essex, near B. Cross.

BOYTONRATH, or LAGiNSTOwN, par. (68) Mid-
dlethird bar. S. Tippery. 4 m. SSW. of Cashel
-100. Acres 991 ; pop. 255. Living, an impro-
priatejRec* (Ca.E. W.L.).

BOZAIR vil. (6) Stockbury par. N. Kent, 7 m.
SE. of Rochester-29.

P. BOZEAT (52) Higham Ferrars hund. E.
Northamptn. 6 m. S. of Wellingboro'-67. Acres
2400 ; pop. 845 + 3 ; poor r. 4661. (Wellingb. U.) ;
real prop. 27421. ; charities 22/. St. Mary Vic.
(Pet.) with Strixton, val. 183/. patr. Earl Spencer.

Braagh (St.") Ruins (43) 4m. SSW. of Wexford,
S. Wexfd. in the harbour.

Braal Castle, near Halkirk, N. Caithness, on
Thurso Water, an old seat of the earls of Caithness.

Braan, or Brand, River, Dunkeld par. Mid. Perth.
rises in Monzie, and joins R. Tay at Dunkeld,
passing over a fall near Ossian's hall, and another
at the Rumbling bridge.

Brabazon Park (62) near Swineford, E. Mayo,
seat of the late Sir W. Brabazon, Bt.

P. BRABOURNE, EAST and WEST, par. (3)
Bircholt franchise, Shepway lathe, E. Kent, 5 m.
E. of Ashford-53, was a mkt. tn. belong, to Aymer
de Valence, now to the Honeywoods of Evington.
Acres 3640, wet clay soil, part in hops; pop.
889 + 22; poor r. 411/. (E. Ashf. U.) real prop.
4703/. ; charities 8/. St. Mary Vic. (Cant.) with
Monk's Horton, val. 320/., patr. Archbp. ; church,
early eng., has tombs of the Scotts, who held the
manor, and in ch.yard, in Evelyn's time, stood a
vew 59 ft. in girth. Near B. Lees warren are the
large barracks. Fair, 31 May.




Brabsterdorran, 5 m. EXE. of Halkirk, N. Caithn.

Brabstermire, or Biabster, Cast. 6m. NNW. of
Keiss, NE. Caithness, a seat of the Sinclairs.

P. BRACADALE par. in Skye, W. Inverness. 17m.
N W. of Broadford-211, on Loch B., which is 5 m.
by 1, and has good anchorage, includes Soay,
Vniary, Haversay, Oransay islds. Size about
17 m. by 5, hilly, rising towards the Coolin range ;
pop. 1824 + 5; real prop. 24797.; for poor 1667.
Living (Presb. Skye) val. 1587., patr. M'Leod of
M'Leod. Many of the people are supposed to
have the gift of second sight.

Bracchium of the Romans, is supposed to be
BAINBRIDGE, York, or near it.

BRACE-MEOLE par. (61) Condover hund. and
Shrewsbury boro', Mid. Salop, 1 m. S. of Shrews-
bury-153, contains Newton, Nobold, and Pulley,
and the Shrewsbury house of industry. Pop.
1197 ; poor r. 1857. (Shrewsb. Incorp.) All Saints
Vic. (Hertf.) val. 361/., patr. Rev. E. Bather, vicar.

BRACEBOROUGH par. (64) Ness wap. S. Lin-
coln. 4 m. S. of Bourne-97, on R. Glen, contains
Shillingthorpe. Acres 2230 ; pop. 231 + 1 ; poor
r. 981. (Stamford U.) ; real prop. 23637. St. Mar-
garet Rect. (Line.) val. 1257., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

BRACEBRIDGE par. (83) Lincoln lib. W.Lin-
coln. 2 m. S. of Lincoln-132. Pop. 127 ; real prop.
39857. All Saints Vic. (Line.) val. 203/., patr
Mrs. Bromehead.

P. BRACEBT par. (70) Grantham Soke, SW.
Lincoln. 3 m. W. of Folkingham-106. Acres 970 ;
pop. 155 + 3 ; poor r. 1077. (Granth. U.) ; real
prop. 12437. St. Margaret Fie. with Grantham.

Braces Leigh (55) near Bransford chapel, W.

BRACEWELL par. ( ) Staincliff wap. W. R.
York. 8 m. W. of Skipton-216, contains Stock.
Acres 1920, with limestone quarries ; pop. 153 ;
poor r. 887. (Skipt. U.) ; real prop. 24187. St.
Michael Vic. (Rip.) val. 1237., patr. Earl de Grey.
The ' king's parlour,' in an old house here, was a
retreat of Hen. VI.

BRACKEN tnshp. ( ) Kilnwick par. E. R.
York. 5 m. SW. of Gt. Driffield-196. Acres 460 ;
pop. 33 ; poor r. 21. (Driff. U.) ; real prop. 9407.

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