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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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BRACKEN-HILL hmlt. (85) Roos par. E. R.
York. 5 m. N. of Patrington-192.

BRACKENBER hmlt. ( ) Shap par. NW. West-
mrld. near Shap-277.

rith, E. Cumbrld. gif" BRACKENBOROUGH par.
(84) Ludborough wap. NE. Lincoln. 2 m. N. of
Louth-143, a meet for the S. Wold hounds. Acres
890 ; pop. 63 + 2 ; poor r. 237. (Louth U.) ; real
prop. 8487.

BRACKENFIELD tnshp. (82) Morton par. Mid.
Derby. 4m. E. of Matlock-144. Pop 459+9;
poor r. 1157. (Chesterfield U.); real prop. 36087.
Holy Trinity Cur. (Lich.) val. 52/., patr. Rector.

( ) Rigton tnshp. W. R. York. 5 m. W. of

BRACKENHILL tnshp. ( ) Arthuret par. .A". Cum-
brld. 4 m. E. of Longtown-309, contains Easton,
once a par.

BRACKENHOLME tnshp. (86) with Woodhall,
Hemingbrough par. E. R. York. 3 m. NW. of
Howden-180, on R. Dement. Acres 1050 ; pop.
77 ; poor r. 217. (Howden U.) ; real prop. 1368/.

BRACKENTHWAITE tnshp. ( ) Lorton chplry.
W. Cumbrld. 7m. W. of Keswick-291, between
Grisdale Pike and Lowes Water. Pop. 116 ; poor r.
51/. (Cockenno' U.) ; real prop. 10077. ^ BRA-
KENTHWAITE ( ) 3 m. ESE. of Wigton-303,
Mid. Cumbrld. $3 BRACKENTHWAITE ( ) 5 m.
S. of Brampton-311, NE. Cumbrld.

BRACKHOLT. See TErr\;Inverness.

Brachenstoum (11) near Swords, Mid. Dublin.
RJ. Manders, Esq.

Bracket Castle, 2 m. S. of Strathaven, N. Lanark.

BRACKHILL viL ( ) Trughanacmy bar. M'al.
Kerry, near Miltown-197. Pop. 215.

Bracklesham Bay (9) 6 m. SW. of Chiches-
ter, S W. Sussex, near Selsey bill, where several
vertebrae of a fish 20 ft. long, have been found
in the clav.

pars. (45) King's Sutton hund. S W. Northmpton.
19m. SW. of Northampton, 63 from London, a
polling place and ancient town, on R. Ouse, was
a staple for wool, and from the time of Edw. VI.
a borough returning 2 members until disfran-
chised by the Reform bill, and under charter
from Edw. II. is governed by a mayor, 6 alder-
men, 26 burgesses. Acres, including Halne, 2790,
(of boro' 4197) ; pop. 2121 + 1, in the manufact. of
lace and shoes ; houses 428, of stone, in a long street
on a hill side, with 2 churches, 2 chapels, town-hall
built by the 1st duke of Bridgwater on the site of
the old cross, bank, St. John's hospital found, by
Rob. le Bossu (now belonging to Magdalen Coll.
Oxon.) with its chapel and a modern hall contain-
ing 105 blazoned shields, free sch., Crewe's alrnsh.
(367.), and Union p. house; poor r. 11387. on
6147/. ; real prop. 64297. ; charities 173/., of which
Feofie's estate 127/. St. Peter Vic. (Pet.) val. 3597.,
patr. Duke of Sutherland ; church, early eng. with
fine tower and font ; St. James's ch. has a round
norman font with grotesque figures. Of St. Leo-
nard's hosp. there are no remains. In 1249, and
later, tournaments were held at Bayard's Green,
in the first of which the foreign knights defeated
the English ; in 1264 the barons met to treat with
John, without success ; Clarke, a contributor to
Walton's 'Polyglot,' was a native (1624-69);
and it gives title of visct. to Earl of Ellesmere,
through the Bridgwaters. It had a castle, the
' dykes and hills whereof ' were seen by Leland.
Brack. P. L. Union, contains the pars etc. of
Biddlesdon, Turweston, Wesbury in Bucks., Fin-
mere, Midbury in Oxon., and Aynho, Brackley-
St. James and St. Peter, Crowton, Culworfh,
Evenley, Eydon, Farthinghoe, Greatworth, Helm-
don, Hinton, King's Sutton, Marstone-St. Law-
rence, Morton Pinkney, Newbottle, Radstone,
Stean, Sulgrave, Syre'sham, Thenford, Thorpe
Mandeville, Whitfield with Astwell, and Falcutt,
Edgcott, Stuchbury in Northamptn. ; acres 55,860,
pop. 13,425, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1569 (out-
door 1381), expend. 77887., prop, rated 68,4307.
Sup. Registry comprises the same up to Whit-
field ; pop. 13,425 + 17. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry. >5< BRACK.
DEANERY, archd. of Northampton, dioc. of Peter-
boro' contains the benefices marked in King's
Sutton, Chipping- Warden, Green's-Norton hunds.
with Abthorpe vie. Patishall r.

Bracklin, or Brackland, Falls, on the Keltic
burn, Callander par. 5 W. Perth, near the braes of
Doune, are 50 ft. down, and crossed by a small
rustic bridge, with Ben Ledi in the distance.

Bracklin House (14) Delvin bar. E. IVestmeath,
seat of R. Featherstonehaugh, Esq. near B. Boq.

BRACKLINTOWN vil. ( ) Ballyinoe bar. NE.

Brackloonagh Hill (51) Costello bar. E. Sligo,
is 309ft. high.

P. BRACKNAL hmlt. (8) E. Hampstead par. SE.
Berks. 4m. E. of Wokingham-31, has a church,
now building by Coe.

Bracks Farm (51) 6 m. NNW. of Newmarket,
E. Cambridge.


IJraco, 2m. NE. of Keith, NE. Banff.

P. BRACO vil. Muthill par. S. Perth. 5 m. SW.
of Muthill-44, on Knaick Water. Pop. 370.

BRACO, WEST, Shotts par. NE. Lanark. 3 m.
S. of Airdrie-32.

P. BRACON-ASH par. (66) Humbleyard bund.
SE. Norfolk, 6 m. SW. of Norwich -108. Acres
050; pop. 293; poor r. 1167. (Henstead U.) ; real
prop. 20097. ; charities, Woode's almsh. St. Ni-
cholas Rect. (Norf.) val. 2457., patr. Mrs. E. Ber-
ney of B. Hall.

BRACOXDALE hmlt. (66) Nonvich city, E. Nor-
folk, seat of Mrs. Martineau.


BRADBORNE par. (72) Appletree and Wirks-
worth hunds. Mid. Derby. 4m. NNE. of Ash-
borne-139, contains Atlow, Ballidon, and Brass-
ington curs., Aldwark, and Lea-Hall. Acres 6400
with limestone ; pop. 303 + 1 ; poor r. 887. (Ash-
bourne U.) ; real prop. 26937. ; charities 217. All
Saints Vic. (Lich.) val. with Ballidon 1197., patr.
Duke of Devonshire ; church, has norman tower.
Roman coins have been found. B. Hall, Rev. G.
Buxton ; Tissington, Sir H. Fitzherbert, Bt.

Bradbourne House (6) near Maidstone, Mid.
Kent, Sir J. Twistien, Bt., was bought by Judge
Twisden, of whom there are portraits. &T B.
House (6) near Sevenoaks, W.Kent. E. Douglas,

BRADBURY tnshp. ( ) Sedgefield par. E. Dur-
ham, 8 m. NNE. of Darlington-241, a station on
York and Berwick rail. 274^ m. from London,
commands fine prospects. Acres 1970 ; pop. 167
+ 2 ; poor r. 547. (Sedgef. U.) ; real prop. 21307.

BRADBY tnshp. (71) Repton par. 5. Derby.
2 m. E. of Burton- 125. See BRETBY or BRETHBY.


BRADDEN par. (53) Green's-Norton hund. S W.
Northmptn. 3 m. W. of Towcester-60, a meet for
Lord Southampton's hounds. Acres 1000 ; pop.
171 ; poor r. 1537. (Towces. U.) ; real prop. 15447. ;
charities 557. St. Michael Rect. (Pet.) val. 2277.,
patr. Rev. C. Ives, rector, some time held by
Bp. Van Mildert. B. House, C. Ives, Esq.

Braddon's (22) near Torquay, S. Devon, and
B. Hill.

Bradebusk Priory, or Spittle, i. e. hospital (71)
Gonalston par. E. Notts, found, by Will. Heriz,
time of Hen. III. is now in ruins.

Bradenford of the Saxons, is BRADFORD, Wilts.

BRADENHAM par. (7) Desbomagh hund. S.
Bucks. 4 m. NW. of High Wycombe-29. Acres
830 ; pop, 226 ; poor r. 1077. (Wycombe U.) ; real
prop. 14257. ; charities, Pye's for education, etc.
.St. liutolph Rect. (Oxon.) val. 1907., patr. Mrs.
Hearle. B. House, B. D'Israeli, Esq. M. P. for-
merly Lord Windsor's seat (where he received
I'.li/.. in her progress 1566), and latterly of the
author of 'Curiosities of Literature,' who died
here 1848.

BKADENHAM, EAST, par. (66) S. Greenhoe
hund. Mid. Norfolk, 5 m. N. of Watton-91. Acres
2120; pop. 368; poor r. 3207. (Swaffham U.) ;
mil prop. 32197. ; charities 117. St. Mary Rect.
(N'orw.) val. 2787., patr. J. Ardlington, Esq.;
church, of flint. B. Hall, W. Haggard, Esq.
lgT B., WEST, par. (66) as above, i m. NW.
Acres 1790; pop. 364; poor r. 3107.; real prop.
30327.; charities 247. St. Andrew Vic. (Nonv.)
val. 2907., patr. Bishop of Ely ; church, of flint.
B. Grove, 1 m. N. under B. Hill.

Bradenstoke Altbey (34) 6 m. NE. Chippenham,
JV. Wilts, in Bradon forest, now a farm-house,
was found, in the norman style 1142 by Walter
d' Evreux, and after the dissolution came to the



BRADENEY (Cl) 3m. NE. of Bridgnorth-139,
E. Salop, J. Marshall, Esq.

Brades, 16 m. N. of Campbelltown, S. Argyll.
in Cantire.

BRADESTONE par. (66) Blofield hund. E. Nor-
folk, 6m. E. of Norwich-108, near Yarmouth
rail. Acres 630 ; pop. 126 ; poor r. 917. (Blof. U.) ;
real prop. 10487. St. Michael Rect. with Strump-

Bradfeld River ( ) falls into R. Teme, near
Leintwardine, S. Salop.

P. BRADFIELD par. (13) Theale hund. Mid.
Berks. 7 m. W. of Reading-38, on a branch of R.
Thames, has fine prospects, and the remains of an
abbey found, by King Ina before 699. Acres 4270 ;
pop. 1042 + 19 ; poor r. 5097. ; real prop. 51827. ;
charities 327. St. Andrew Rect. (Oxon.) val. with
Trinity Cur. 7881., patr. Rev. T. Stephens, rector,
of -B. House. Living, some time held by Bp. Lloyd,
and Pordage, a leader of the Boehmenists ; church,
of flint. B. Hall, Rev. J. Connop. Brad. P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. of Goring, Maple-
durham, Whitchurch in Oxo?i.,-^Mortimer- West-
End in Hants., and Aldermaston, Ashhampstead,
Basildon, Beedham, Bradfield, Bucklebury. Burgh-
field, Englefield, Frilsham, Padworth, Pangbourn,
Purley Standford (Dingley and Mortimer), Streat-
ley, Sulham, Sulhampstead (Abbot's and Ban-
nister), Tidmarsh, Tilehurst, Ufton, Yattendon
with Graizeley and Wokefield in Berks. ; acres
66,635, pop. 15,557, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
2074 (out-door 1629), expend. 97167., prop, rated
80,0947. Sup. Registry comprises the same up to
Yattendon ; pop. 15,555 + 96. It belongs to Read-
ing New County district.

P. BRADFIELD par. (48) Tendering hund. NE.
Essex, 2 m. SE. of Manningtree-60, on R. Stour,
near E. Union rail. Acres 2270 ; pop. 995 + 3 ; poor
r. 3677. (Tendr. U.) ; real prop. 46197. St. Law-
rence Vic. with Mistley. Speaker Grimston of Ch.
II.'s time was a native. B. Lodge, 1J m. SSW.
Fair, last Mon. July. ^3 BRADFIELD par. (68)
Tunstead hund. NE. Norfolk, 2m. N. of N. Wals-
ham-125. Acres 630; pop. 195; poor r. 867.
(Tunstead Incorp.) ; real prop. 11457. St. Giles
one half Rect. (Nonv.) val. 1277., patr. Lord Suf-
field; the other half a don. Cur. with Thorpe
Market. [email protected]" BRADFIELD chplry. (81) Eccles-
field par. W. R. York. 6 m. NW. of Sheffield- 162,
near Manch. rail, under B. Point, which is 1246ft.
high, contains NETHER-B., B.-DALE, and 16
other hmlts. Acres 33,730, hilly and barren ; pop.
6318 + 81, in the cutlery trade; poor r. 13057.
(Wortley U.) ; real prop." 15,2877. Living, a Cur.
(York) val. 1867., patr. Vicar. Near the saxon
camp roman remains have been found. Fairs,
17 June, 9 Dec.

FIELD, par. (50) Thedwestry hund. W. Suffolk, b in.
SSE. of Bury St. Edmund's-71, was the site of a
building (belonging to Bury abbey), which was
burnt 1327. Acres 590 ; pop. 192 + 5 ; poor r. 1717.
(Thingoe U.) ; real prop. 15517. All Saints' Rect.
(Ely) val. 1807., patr. Rev. H. Hasted. B. Hall,
Miss Young, formerly seat of Arthur Young, the
great agricultural writer. ^ B.-ST. CLARE par.
asabove,! m.NE. Acres 1190 ; pop.240 + 1 ; poor
r. 1247. ; real prop. 14007. St, Clare Rect. (Ely)
val. 275J., patr. Rev. H. Davers. B. Hall, 1 m. E.
Igy B.-ST. GEORGE, par. as above, 1 m. NNE.
Acres 2090; pop. 479; poor r. 1837.; real prop.
25027. St. George Rect. (Ely) val. with Rush-
brook 5507., patr. Marq. of Bristol ; church spire
commands a view of about 60 churches. <gy A
House (21) 3m. NE. of Culloinpton, E. Devon.
W. H. Walrond, Esq. built 16th century.




BRADFORD (30) G m. S. of Camelford-228, E.

BRADFORD par. (26) Bk. Torrington hund. W.
Devon. 5 m. NW. of Holsworthy-214, on R. Tor-
ridge. Acres 3670; pop. 530 + 5; poor r. 1987.
(Holswort. U.) ; real prop. 24727. ; charities 147.
All Saints Rect. (Exet.) val. 3087., patr. Rector of
East Down, etc. ; church, with plain circular door.
<r.B.Poo7,nearDrewsteignton,8 m. ESE. of Oke-
hampton, Mid. Devon, is an exhausted tin mine,
and has a meet for the Eggesford hounds at B.
Brake. gg" BRADFORD tnshp. (88) Manchester
boro' SE. Lancash. 1 m. E. of Manchester- 183, a
station on Sheffield rail. Acres 260 ; pop. 91 1 + 55.
giP BRADFORD tnshp. ( ) Bamborough par.
NE. Northmbrld. 3 m. ESE. of Belford-322. Pop.
34. igp" BRADFORD tnshp. ( ) Bolam par. SE.
Nortltmbrld. 9 m. SW. of Morpeth-289. Pop. 38.

P. BRADFORD par. (21) Taunton hund. SW.
Somerset. 3 m. NE. of Wellington-148, on Br. and
Ex. rail. Acres 1710 ; pop. 550 + 3 ; poor r. 278/.
(Wellingt. U.) ; real prop. 45557. St. Giles Vic.
(Ba. and W.) val. 1207., patr. Rev. W. Burridge,

BRADFORD HUNDRED (14, 19) W. Wilts, con-
tains the pars of Gt. Bradford, Broughton-Gifford,
Gt. Chalfield, Monkton-Farleigh, and Wingfield ;
acres 18,760, pop. 12,103, houses 2503.

P. M. BRADFORD, or GREAT B., par. (19) in
the hund. as above, 27 m. NW. of Salisbury, 100
from London, near Gt.West. branch rail, the saxon
Bradenford, and a petty sessions town, oil R.
Avon and Kennet canal, containing Atworth,
Holt, and Winsley curs., Leigh, Limpley Stoke,
Trowle, and S. Wraxall, returned members to
parl. of 23-4 Edw. I., was the site of a battle 652,
in which Cenwalf of Wessex, defeated Cuthred,
and has the remains of an abbey found. 705, by
St. Aldhelm, afterwards given to Shaftesbury
abbev. Acres 11,740, fine chalk hills; pop.
10,563 + 46, of town 3836, in the woollen cloth
manufact. (for which it was noted in Leland's
time), here called "fines " and "seconds ; " houses
827, of stone, on the hill sides, with 4 churches,
9 chapels, a gaol (once a part of the abbey X
bank, savings bk., Smith's free school (537.),
almshouse (407.), found, by J. Hall, of a fam. of
standing here now extinct, two bridges one
an old 9-arched br. which had a chapel upon it,
and Union p. house; poor r. 551 U. on 30,3327. ;
real prop. 34,7687. ; charities 2217. Holy Tri-
nity Vic. (Sal.) with Westwood (an ancient
place in the par.) val. 5967., patr. Dean and Chap.
Bristol ; church, large and modernised in part,
has several mons. and 2 brasses. Christchurch
Cur., 150/., Vicar. Kerseymere was first made
here, and its fancy cloths are still excellent.
Kingston House, and other old seats are standing,
but decayed. Brad. P. L. Union contains the
pars. etc. in the above hund. with Westwood
(where poor ho. is), and Little Chalfield, and
Freshford, in Somerset. ; acres 19,680, pop. 13,379,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2109 (out-door 1400),
expend. 6750Z., prop, rated 44,9247. Sup. Registry
comprises the same ; pop. 13,379 + 71 ; 7 deaths
from cholera 1849. The New County Court dis-
trict corresponds with the Registry.except Brough-
ton Gifford and Atworth, which go to Melksham.
Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, Trinity Mond., and day
after Bartholomew's day, at Leigh.

Bradford (54) 4 m. NNW. of Bromesgrove, 2V.

# # P. M. BRADFORD par. ( ) Morley wap.
W. R. York, a stat. on N. Midld. rail. 219 m. from
London or 196 by road and 30 m. WSW. of York,
on the canal at the head of R. Aire, a poll-

ing and sessions town, and one of the chief
seats of the cloth trade, at the meeting of three
vales, in the heart of the manufacturing dis-
trict, contains Allerton, N. Brierley, Bowling,
Buttershaw, Clayton, Daisey Hill, Denholme,
Eccleshill, Haworth, Heaton, Horton, New Leeds,
Manningham, Oxenhope, Shipley, Stanbury,
Thornton, Wibsey, Wilsden (all curs.) with seve-
ral hmlts. ; returns two members to parl. under
the Reform act, the bounds including the
the tnshp. with Bowling, Gt. and Lit. Horton and
Manningham, no. of electors being 1871 (of 107.
houses 18,741); was first chartered 1847, and
divided into 8 wards, under a mayor (who is re-
turning officer), 14 aid. 42 council.," with the style of
" may. aid. and burgesses of the boro of B.," and a
revenue of 7. from the rates. Acres 33,710, fine
hilly open country, of tnshp. 1680 ; pop. 105,257
+ 2826, of tnshp. with Under Clifie 34,560 + 2133,
in the manufact. of woollens and cloth (3965
hands), worsted (2468), stuff (709), cotton (432),
iron (124), combs (34), besides 2830 'spin-
ners,' 1244 'weavers,' and 'factory workers,' 229
coal miners ; houses 6590, of stone, with 5 churches,
14 chapels, piece hall for sale of stuffs, where ses-
sions are held, exchange building and news room,
court and mkt.houses, criminal and debtors prisons,
cavalry barracks, mechan. instit., 4 bks. ; savings
bk. (86,9597. from 3553 depositors), about 150 milli=,
forges, free gram, school (4317.), found, in Edw.
VI. 's time, reb. 1818, in which Abp. Jno. Sharp,
a native (1644-1714), who had a saying that
the " Bible and Shakspeare made him Abp. of
York," was educated, many schools, dispensary,
infirmary, and Union p. house ; assd. taxes 24447.
poor r. 64287. on 112,6377.; real prop. 225,2627.
of which 106,0007. on canal; charities 8937.
St. Peter Vic. (Rip.) val. 6007., patr. Simeon's
Trustees ; Christ Church Cur., 2007., and St. Jude
Cur. 1507., patr. Vicar ; St. James Cur. 2007., J.
Wood, Esq. ; St. John Cur. 7., Brethorn, Esq.
In 1642, the Earl of Newcastle, whose head quar-
ters were at Bowling hall, took the place by
storm Faixfax, who defended for parliament,
escaping to Leeds. Alpaca cloth, was first made
here. Horton house, Mrs. Thorpe; Undercliffe
hall, J. Hustler, Esq. Abraham Sharpe, the ma-
thematician, was a native of Lit. Horton, where
the baptists have a college ; others for independ-
and wesleyans, are at Airedale and Woodhouse
grove. Brad. P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc.
(with their tnshps.) of Bradford, Calverley, Clack-
heaton, Drighlington, Unsworth, Tong, Wyke;
acres 36,486, pop. 132,164, cases relieved (yr.
1846-7) 8731 (out-door 8366), expend. 23,6807.,
prop, rated 321,6597. Sup. Registry comprises the
same, except Bolton, Hunsworth, Wike; pop.
132,161 + 3897 ; births (1845) 6489 (3169 being
females, 486 illegit.) deaths 4255 marriages
1475, of which 1811 persons signed with marks ;
292 deaths from cholera in 1849. The New
County Court district corresponds with the Re-
gistry. Mkt D. Thurs. Fairs, 17-9 June, 9-11
Dec. pigs ; 3, 4 Mar. cattle.

P. BRADFORD ABBAS par. (18) Sherborne
hund. N. Dorset. 3 m. WSW. of Sherborne-117.
Acres 1810 ; pop. 652 + 6 ; poor r. 3847. (Sherb.
U.); real prop. 31897.; charities 527., of which
Preston's school 247. St. Mary Vic. (Sal.) val.
with Clifton Maybank 4797., patr. Winch. Coll.

division, NE. Salop, contains the pars, of Adder-
ley red. Cheswardine, Drayton-in-Hales vie.
Child's Ercall cur., Hinstock r., Moreton-Sea c.,
Norton-in-Hales r., Stoke-on-Tcrn r., and parts
of Hoduet r., and Muckleston ; acres 55.980, pop.




11,445, houses 2199. Wem div. contains the
pars, of Moreton-Corbet r., Shawbury t'., Wem r.,
nnd parts of Ilodnet ; acres 22,090, pop. 5772,
nouses 1152. Whitchurch div. contains the pars,
of Ightfield r., Lee Blockhurst c., Stanton v.,
and part of Whitchurch r. ; acres 36,340, pop.
10,754, houses 2077. It is called Odenett in
' Domesdy.' B. (SOUTH) HUNDRED (61), Wel-
lington div. E. Salop, contains the pars, of At-
cham ., Buildwas c., Dawley Magna c., Eaton-
Constantine c., Ercoll Magna .,Eyton r., Leigh ton
., Longdon c., Roddington r., Stirchley r., Up-
pington c., Upton Magna r., and Parva r.,
Wellington ., Withington c., Wombridge c.,
Wrockwardine and Wroxeter ; acres 54,460, pop.
30,938, houses 5959. Newport div. contains the
pars, of Bolas-Magna r., Chetwynd r., Edgmond
r., Kinnersley r., Lilleshall ., Longford r., New-
port c., Preston r., and part of Sheriff-Hales,
acres 28,830, pop. 10,929 houses 2111. See NEW-

BRADFORD-PEVKRILL par. (17) George hund.
SW. Dorset. 3m. NW. of Dorchester-120, near
B. Down, on R. Frome, and the roman way to
Ilchester, contains Muckleford. Acres 2700 ; pop.
355 + 2 ; poor r. 2167. (Dorches. U.) ; real prop.
25577. ; charities 5/. St. Mary Beet. (Sal.) val.
2297., patr. Winchester Coll. Roman remains
have been found. g3P B., WEST, tnshp. ( )
Mitton par. W. Y. York. 2 m. N. of Clitheroe
-217, on R. Ribble. Acres 1700 ; pop. 366 ; poor
r. 1257. (Clither. U.) ; real prop. 21027.

BRADGATE hmlt. (82) Kimberworth tnshp.
JT. JR. York. 1 m. W. of Rotherham-159.


BRADHOLME hmlt. ( ) Thorne par. W. R.
York, near Thorne-166.

P. BRADING par. (10) E. Medina lib. I. of
Wight, S. Hants. 7 m. ESE. of Newport>82, be-,
tween B. Doum and Harbour, containing Alvers-
tone, with Bembridge, and Sandown curs., and
called the " King's town of Brading" was formerly
a mkt. town, having once sent members to parl.,
and under charter from Edw. VI., is governed by
8 bailiffs, recorder, and 13 jurats. Acres 7350, of
which the harbour 806, and including Whitefield
Wood, and the old forest of Borthwood ; pop.
2701 + 48, in the corn trade, and many fishermen ;
houses 520, with old townhall, 2 chapels ; poor r.
7. (I. of Wight Incorp.) ; real prop. 98847. St.
Mary Vic. (Wine.) val. 2507., pat r . Winchester
Coll., sometime held by Legh Richmond, whose
' Little Jane ' is buried in the ch.yard, where also
is the epitaph " Forgive, blest shade," which was
set to Calcott's glee ; church, in part as old as 704,
was b. by Bp. Wilifred, and has effigies, etc. of
the Oglanders of Nunwell, and others. The bar
harbour, into which R. Yar runs, admits small
vessels at high water up to the quay, and has fine
cockle (and at one time had oyster) beds. Two
or three attempts to embank it have been made
without success. Bembridge point and light are
outside. Fairs, 1 May, 21 Sept.

BUADLE tythg. (16) Church-Knowle par. SE.
Dorset. 1 m/W. of Corfe-Castle-116. Pop. 97.


BRADLEY tythg. (13) Cunmor par. N. Berks.
4 m. SW. of Oxford-54. Pop. 7. | BRADLEY
hmlt. (80) Frodsham par. NW-. Cheshire. 1 m.
ESE. of Frodsham-191. Pop. 77. gap BI:AI-
LEY tnshp. (73) Malpas par. SW. Cheshire,
2 m. SE. Malpas-163. Acres 940; pop. 99;
poor r. 377, (Wrexham U.); real prop. 9667.
laP BRADLEY par. (72) Appletree bund. Mid.
.Derby. 2 m. E. of Ashbourne-139, a meet for Mr.
Yates's harriers. Acres 18CO; pop. 271; poor r.

557. (Asb. U.) ; real prop. 31007. ; charities, Gis-
borne's for this and 99 other places in county
6877. All Saints Rect. (Lien.) val. 2597., patr.
Bishop ; church, ancient. B. Parks, 1 m. SE.
Igp BRADLEY ( ) Darlington ward, Mid. Dur-
ham, 2 m. E. of Wolsingham-256. gap BRADLEY
tythg. (35) near Wotton-under-Edge-107, W.
Gloucester, is joined to SINWELL. SiP BRADLEY
par. (12) Upper Bermondspit hund. NE. Hants.
5 m. NW. of Alton-47. Acres 670 ; pop. 125 ;
poor r. 597. (Basingstoke U.) ; real prop. 7587. ;
charities 207. St. Mary Reft. (Win.) val. 1757.,
patr. C. E. Rumbold, Esq. tip BRADLEY hmlt.
(64) Holt par. SE. Leicester. 7 m. NE. of Mkt.
Harboro'-83, had a small priory found, about
1200, by Rob. de Bundy } near the site is our
Lady's well. |gp BRADLEY par. (86) Bradley
Haverstoe wap. NE. Lincoln. 2 m. SW. of Grims-
by-163, has, at.B. Wood, a meet for the Brockles-
by hounds. Acres 1450 ; pop. 106 + 2 ; poor r. 367.
(Caistor U.) ; real prop. 11227. St. George Rect.
(Line.) vaL 1517., patr. Sir J. Nelthorpe, Bt.
3P BRADLEY tnshp. (61) Wenlock par. E.
Salop, 1 m. NE. of Wenlock-148, is joined to
FARLEY. (3 BRADLEY hmlt. (72) Burslem
chplry. S. Stafford, near Burslem-152, has a fire
in the earth over a coal mine, which has burnt
for more than 60 years, and produces alum, sul-
phur, etc. giT BRADLEY par. (62) W. Cuttle-
stone hund. W. Stafford. 4 m. SW. of Stafford
141, near N. West, rail., contains Billington
and Woollaston. Acres 4690; pop. 649; poor
r. 3017. (Staff. U.) ; real prop. 63767. ; charities
1427., of which 1327. to free school. All Saints
Cur. (Lich.) val. 757., patr. Duke of Sutherland.
$aP BRADLEY chplry. (54) Flodbury par. E.
Worcester. 5m. ESE. of Droitwich-116, is joined to
STOCK. Pop. 160. Living, a Cur. with Fladbury.
giP BRADLEY hmlt. (88) Huddersfield tnshp.
W. R. York, near Huddersfield-189, and North
West. rail.

BRADLEY FIELD chplry. ( ) Kendal par. S W.
Westmrld. 3 m. W. of Kendal-262, is joined to
UNDERBARHOW. ^ B. Fold (89) 4 in. WSW.
of Bury, S. Lancash. on Lane, and Yksh. rail.
SS" B., GREAT, (13) Hornier hund. N. Berks.
4m. SW. of Oxford-54. ^p B., GREAT, par.
(51) Risbridge hund. W. Suffolk, 5 m. N. of
Haverhill-59. Acres 2280 ; pop. 544 + 2 ; poor r.
2207. (Risbr. U.) ; real prop. 26377. St. Mary Rect.
(Ely) val. 4077., patr. Wilder's Trustees. (gp B.,
LITTLE, par. as above, 1 m. S. Acres 890 ; pop.
33 + 1 ; poor r. 507. ; real prop. 11297. All Saints
Rect. (Ely) val. 2507. patr. W. and C. Lamprell,

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