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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 7 of 293)
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AGHADE par. (13, 17-8) Forth bar. E. Car-
low, 4m S. of Tullow-48, where R. Derreen

joins the Slaney. Acres 1698, marshy, with

stone and granite quarries ; pop. 521 + 15. Living,

a Vic. (Fe.L.O.) val. with Ballon 10G/., patr.

| Bishop. A Lodge, Ballykealy, J. J. Lecky

I Esq.

AGIIADERG par. (33-4, etc.) Lower and Upper
Iveagh bars. W. Down. 10 m. NNE. of Newry-63,
on the canal, containing Loughbrickland, Pointz
Pass, and Scarva, in a good military position,
has Greenan Sisters' cromlech, and Danes'
Castle tumuli. Acres 13,920 fertile, with clay-
slate quarries ; pop. 9240 + 26, linen weavers.
Living, a Vic. (Dn.C. D.) val. 234Z., patr. Bishop.

Aghadoe (65) 4 m. N.E. of Castle Martyr, E.
Cork, T. M. Green, Esq.

AGHADOE par. (65-6, etc.) Dunkerron and
Magunihy bars. Mid. Kerry, 2 m. N. of Killarney
-184, containing part of that town with Innis-
fallen Isld. on the Upper Lake, was the seat of a
bishopric joined to ARDFERT, and has remains of
the <;athedral (in some parts very old), of a round
tower called the ' Pulpit,' and of a castle called
' the Bishop's Chair,' probably built by the O'Do-
nohues, who, they say, founded an abbey here.
Acres 19,888 ; pop. 3734, decreasing. Living, a
Rect. (Lk. A. A.), val. 394Z., patr. Bishop. A.
House, Lord Headley, who is resident, and has
made great improvements.

P. AGHADOWEY par. (10-2, 18-9), Coleraine
bar., N. Londondy., 7 m. SW. of Coleraine-141,
on A. Rivulet (which runs to R. Bann at Gar-
vagh bridge) containing Caheny and Meohill,
was a cell to Agivey. Acres 16,346, chiefly rough
and boggy, with ironstone ; pop. 7884 + 25, in
the manufact. of ' Coleraines,' in the bleaching-
grounds, potteries, etc. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.)
val. 913Z., patr. Bishop. Rushbrook, J. Knox, Esq.

AGHADOWN par. (141, etc.), E. Carbery-West
bar. SW. Cork, 4 m. S.W. of Skibbereen-207,
where R. lien runs to Baltimore harb. near
Cape Clear, is a police station, and contains the
islds. of E. and W. Calf, E. and W. Innisbeg,
Hare and Scheams, and the ruins of our Lady's
ab. Acres 8952, good, with bog and rock ; pop.
5757 + 34 Living, a Vic. (Ck.R.C.) val. 272/.
patr. Bishop. A. House, H. Beecher, Esq. Fairs,
6 May, 7 Oct. cattle, etc.

AGHADRUMSEE chplry. (11-2) near Clones-
67, W. Monaghan, is a Cur. (Clog.) vaL , patr.

AGIIAGALIX>N par. (62, 66) Upper Massarene
bar. S. Antrim, 10 m. W. of Lisburn-92, where
R. Lagan joins L. Neagh. Acres 7885 (2415
in the lough), good, with bog ; pop. 3862 + 29,
weavers and spinners. Living, a, Vic. with
Aghalee; church, in ruins.

AGHAGOWER par. (97-9, etc.) Burrishoole and
Murrisk bars. S W. Mayo, 4 m. SE. of Westport-
170, has a round tower, and remains of Donne
castle. Acres 15,048, mostly bog and mountain ;
pop. 12235 + 27, of vil. 176, some in the linen
manufact. Living, a Vic. with Westport.

AGHALEE par. (62-3, 66-7) Upper Massa-
reene bar. S. Antrim, 8m. W. of Lisbum-92, near
L. Neagh. Acres 2500, fertile and cultivated, with
limestone and traces of lead ; pop. 1450 + 4, linen
weavers, etc. Living, a Vic. (Dn. C. D.) val. with
Aghagallon and Magheramesk, 285Z., patr. Mar-
quis of Hertford, of Portmore House, whither
Jeremy Taylor retired, in Cromwell's time.

AGHALOO par. (60-1, 66-7) Dungannon bar.
S. Tyrone, contains Caledon-86, on the Black-
water. Acres 19,583, good, well wooded; pop.
9807 + 8. Living, a Cur. (Arm.) val. 96/., patr.
Archdeacon. Caledon Hill, Earl of Caledon,
commands a fine view.


AGHALURCIIER par. (23-4, 28-3) Magheraste-
phana bar. E. Fermanagh, and Clogher bar. S.
Tyrone, contains Lisnaskea-90, and Maguire's
Bridge, on R. Colebrook, near Upper L. Earne.
Acres 48,017, middling, with mountain and water,
and building- lime- and mill-stone quarries ; pop.
16,740 + 154, spinners and weavers. Living, a
Rect. (Clog.) val. 8221., patr. Trin. Coll. Dublin ;
the old church founded in the 9th cent., in ruins.
Cole Brooke, Sir A. Brooke, Bt. Several strong-
holds, etc., of the Maguircs are about.

AGHAMOKE par. (81-2, etc.) Costello bar. E.
Mayo, 4 m. N. of Ballyhaunh-128, where St.
Patrick, they say, founded a monastery. Acres
22,820, arable, with bog and a black marble
quarry ; pop. 7675 + 61. Living, a Rect. with
Kiltullagh ; no church. Fairs, 3 June, 8 Aug.
19 Oct. 18 Dec.

Aghamore, or Abbey, Isle (108) near Lamb Head,
S. Kerry, between R. Kenmare and Ballinskellig's
bay, belongs to the Earl of Orrery, and has re-
mains of an austin abbey, found. 7th century.

AGHAMORE vil. (24) N. Ballintober bar. E.
Roscommon, 5 m. NE. of Strokestown-94.

AQHANAGH par. (34, 40, 45) Tirerrill bar. SE.
Sligo, 5 m. NNW. of Boyle-108, under Kesh Corrin
hills on L. Arrow, contains Ballinafad. Acres
8839 (1091 are water), with mountain and bog,
and limestone quarries ; pop. 2714 + 31. Living,
a Vic. with Boyle. Holybrook, J. Folliott, Esq.,
on the lough.

AGHANCON par. (38-9, 42-3) Ballybritt and
Clonlisk bars. S. King's Co. 3 m. N. of Roscrea
-75, near the Slieve Bloom hills, has a mineral
spring, and ruins of Ballybritt cast. Acres 5544,
poor land ; pop. 1310 + 18. Living, a Rect. (K.
K. C. K.) val. 1127., patr. Bishop.

AGHANLOO par. (5, 6, 9, 10) Keenaght bar. 2V.
Londondy. 3 m. N. of Newtonlimavady-142, is
on R. Roe, as it runs into L. Foyle, under Ben
Evenagh, a basalt hill rising 1260 ft. where the
Ordnance base-line was measured. Acres 8531,
fertile and well cultivated, with limestone ; pop.
1841, decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.) val.
296/., patr. Bishop sometime held by Simpson,
who published a ' Memoir ' of the county. Bally
cast, in ruins, belonged to the Haberdashers'
Comp., and was the scene of many contests.

AGHANUMSHIN par. (45, 53) Kilmacrenan bar.
Mid. Donegal, 2 m. NE. of Letterkenny-146, at
the head of L. Swilly. Acres 4012, good land ;
pop. 1649, decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.)
val. 362/., patr. Bishop ; church, ancient.

AGHARRA par. (23-4) Shrule bar. S. Longford,
5 m. NE. of Ballymuhon-70, near the Royal canal.
Acres 2595, partly bog ; pop. 1036. Living, a Vic.
with Kilglass.

AGHAVALLEN par. (4, 6, etc.) Iraghticonnor
bar. N. Kerry, 6 m. WSW. of Tarbert-153, on
R. Shannon, contains Ballylongford and Carriga-
foyle isld. and was forfeited by the O'Connors
with their castle, to Trinity Coll. Dub. Acres
16,743, good, with bog and mountain, and stone
quarries ; pop. 6C06 + 90, in the oyster and other
fisheries. Living, an impropriate Vic., held by
A. Stoughton, Esq.

AGHAVEA par. (23, 28-9) Magherastephana
bar. Mid. Fermanagh, near Maguirc's Bridge- |
92, on R. Colebrook, contains Brookeborough.
Acres 17,142, hilly pasture, with stone and bog;
pop. 6730 + 48. Living, a Rect. (Clog.) val.
300/., patr. Bishop. Nutfield, Lady Brooke.

AGIIAVIILER par. (31, 35) Knocktopher bar.
S. Kilkenny, 3 m. SW. of Knocktopher-78, con-
tains Hugginstown and Boolygas, with a round
tower and other remains. Acres 5671, moorland,



with stone and bog; pop. 1997+11. Living, a
Rect. with Knocktopher. Castle Morris, H. de
Montmorency, Esq.

Aghenish peninsula (10) Shanid bar. N. Lime-
rick, in R. Shannon, near A. Isld.

AGHER par. (42-3, 48-9) Upper and Lower
Deece bars. S. Meath. 2 m. SS\V. of Summer-
hill-23, near the Royal canal, is cut into two
parts, Ager and Ginnets, by Laracor par. Acres
2063, good land, with lime ; pop. 386 + 3. Living,
a Rect. (Meath) val. 104/., patr. Crown ; church,
has a stained window by Gervaise, given by the
Wellesleys. A. House, J. Winter, Esq. a great
benefactor to the place.

Agheralane (24) near Ballybay, Mid. Mona-

AGHERN par. (36, 45, 54) Kinnatalloon bar.
E. Cork, 5 m. E. of Rathcormack-142, on R. Bride,
is a petty sess. and police station. Acres 3489,
good, with bog and mountain; pop. 1198, de-
creasing. Living, a Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. with
Britway 365/., patr. Bishop. A. House, S. Bowles,
Esq. near the Fitzgeralds' ruined castle.

AGHERTON, or BALLYAGHRAN, par. (3) Cole-
raine lib. NE. Londondy. 3 m. NNW. of Cole-
raine-141, on the R. Bann near the coast, con-
tains Portstewart and Mac Quillan's ruined cast.
Acres 3897 fertile, on trap and basalt, with traces
of iron and coal ; pop. 2318, decreasing, in the
linen manufact.,.salmon and other fisheries. Living,
a Rect. f Dn. C. D.) val. 399/., patr. Bishop. Cro-
more, J. Cromie, Esq. who owns the manor. Dr.
Adam Clarke was a native (1762-1832).

Aghery Lough (21) 4m. E. of Dromore, Mid.

AGHIART, or BALLINAKILTY, par. (45-6) Kil-
lian bar. NE. Galway, 5 m. N. of Castle-Blakeny
-106. Acres 5221, fertile and boggy ; pop. 1762
+ 13. Living, a Re.ct. with Moylough. Mount
Bellew, M. D. Bellew, Esq.

AGHINAGH par. (GO, 71) E. Muskerry bar.
Mid. Cork, 1 m. SSE. of Macroom-171, on R. Lee,
has Carrigadrohig, a stronghold of the Macar-
tneys, and Mashanagkss, of the Mac Sweeneys,
with other remains. Acres 9420, good land, with
bog and stone ; pop. 2699 + 26. Living, a Rect.
(Ck. R. C.) val. 630/., patr. Bishop.

Aghinish Point (112) 7 m. S. of Galway. S.
Galway, near Burrin barb, in Galway bay.

Aghla Mountn. (66) 5 m. NE. of Gleuties, W.
Donegal, 1953 ft. high.

AGHJMACART par. (28-9, 34-5) Clarmallagh
bar. S. Queen's Co. 3 m. SW. of Castle Durrow
-65, has remains of an austin priory, founded
6th cent., and of an old castle. Acres 9601, fer-
tile, with mountain; pop. 3667 + 29. Living, a
Vic. (Fe. L. O.) val. with Cahir and Killeen 210/.,
patr. Ladies Fitzpatrick of A. Cottage.

Aghnagar Bridge (88) over R. Derreen, W.
Kerry, 4 m. S. of Cahirciveen, near A. Bog, of
2162 acres.

AGHNAMEADLE par. (21-2, 28) Upper Or-
mond bar. If. Tippery. 3 m. S. of Monygall-83,
under Devil's Bit hills, contains Toomyvara, and
remains of Blane castle. Acres 10,322; pop. 3893
+ 3L Living, a Rect. (K. K. C. K.) val. 319/.,
patr. Bishop ; the old church and A. Court, once
a seat of the O'Egans, in ruins.

Aghnameen Bog (39, etc.) 9 m. N. of Killarney,
Mid. Kerry, on Rs. Flesk and Maine, contains
87,240 acres.

AGIINAMULLJN par. (18, 23-7) Cremorne bar.
S. Monaghan, 3 m. S. of Ballybay-62, contains
Bellatrain, and Loughs Eagish, Avean, and others.
Acres 30,710, bog and mountain (886 ft. high
at Crieve hill), with traces of lend and slate;

c 3




pop. 18,219 + 18, in the bleach-grounds and flax-
mills. Living, a Meet. (Clog.) val. 8392., patr.
Bishop. Mountain Lodge, Col. Ken


AGHOVVLE par. (37, 42-3) Shillelagh bar. S W.
Wicklow, 5 m. NW. of Carnew-61, a petty sess.
and police station, with remains of a monastery
and stone crosses. Acres 8140, mountain and bog ;
pop. 2764, decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.)
val. with Mullinacuff, Crycrim, and Liscolman
GOO/., patr. Bishop.


Aghris, or Aughris, Promontory (12) 14 m. "W".
of Sligo, NW. Sligo.

AghryLoch (21-2) 4 m. SE. of Hillsboro', Mid.

AGIVEY par. (12, 19) Coleraine bar. NE. Lon-
dondy. 7 m, SSE. of Coleraine-141, on R. Bann,
where joined by A. Rivulet (which rises near
Carntogher and runs SE. about 12 m.), was an
ext. par. Grange, belonging to the Ironmongers'
Comp. and has remains of a priory found, by St.
Goarcus. Acres 1728, fertile, with potter's clay,
ironstone, and traces of lead ; pop. 950 + 1, potters,
brickmakers, etc. Fair, 12 Nov. cattle.

AGLIONBY tnshp. ( ) Warwick par. NE.
Cumbld. 3 m. E. of Carlisle-301, near R. Eden ; so
alled after Walter de Aguilon, ancestor of the
Aglionbys of Newbiggen. Pop. 137 + 3.

AGLISII par. (72, 84) E. Musketry bar. Mid.
Cork, 9 m. ESE. of Macroom-171, on R. Lee, is
a police station, and was forfeited by the Mac-
artys. Acres 6771, good land; pop. 2579, de-
creasing. Living, a Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. 2652., patr.
Bishop ; church, in ruins. Curihaly, H. Penrose,
Esq. ' Aglish ' or ' eglish,' Ir., corresponds to
' eccles,' ' eagles,' Gael., and ' eglwys,' Wei.,
all from ' ecclesia,' a church, i^* AGLISH par.
(57-8, etc.) Magunihy bar. Mid. Kerry, 5 m. N W.
of Killarney-184, on R. Lane. Acres 4875, good,
with bog and stone ; pop. 1939 + 4. Living, a Vic.
(Lk.A.A.) val. 952., patr. Earl of Cork ; church,
near the old ruined one. tgl" AGLISH, or AGLISH-
MARTIN, par. (42-3, 45-6), Iverk bar. S. Kilkenny,
3 m. of Waterford-96, on H. Suir, has Grandison
castle, b. by the Butlers. Acres 1343, good soil ;
pop. 440 + 4, of vil. 150. Living, a Rect.
(Fe.L.O.) val. 982., patr. Crown ; no church. tgg
AGLISH par. (69, 70, etc.) Carra bar. Mid. Mayo,
contains Castlebar-159. Acres 14,794, with moun-
tain and bog; pop. 10,464, decreasing. Living,
a Rect. (Tu. K...A.) val. with Breafy and 3 others
6652., patr. Bishop. See CASTLEBAK. gif AGLISH
par. (29, 30, 34-5), Decies-within-Drum bar. W.
Waterfd. 5 m. S. of Cappoquin-124, on the Black-
water, contains Villierstown, With the ruins of
Bewley abbey and of Clough fort, by K. John.
Acres 8656, good, well-wooded, with bog ; pop.
3783 + 10, of vil. 458. Living, a Vic. with

AGLISIICLOGIIANE par. (4, 7, 8) Lower Ormomd
bar. N. Tippery. 4 m. NNE. of Borrisokane-91,
at the head of L. Derg. Acres 5898, poor and
boggy, with limestone quarries; pop. 1938 + 39.
Living, a Rect. (K. K. C. K.) held by the arch-
deacon of Killaloe, who is patr. of the Cur. val. 861.

AGIJSHCORMICK par. (23-4) Coonagh and
Clanwilliam bars. E. Limerick, 2 m. WSW. of
Pallas Grean-128. Acres 1715, good ; pop. 738.
Living, a Rect. with Ballybrood ; church, in ruins.

AGLISHDRIUAGH par. (7, 8) Orrery bar. N. Cork,
3 m. SSW. of Charleville-146. Acres 3310 good,
with hilly pasture ; pop. 1026 + 7. Living, a Rect.
(Ck. R. C.) val. 2242., patr. Bishop ; no church,


P. M. AGNES, ST., par. (31) Pyder hund. W.
Cornwall, 8 m. NWW. of Truro-255, on Bristol
chan., the seat of a rich mining district, includes
M. Hawk and Mithian Curs., Wheal (or ' Huel,'
a work or pit) To wan (for copper, 150 fath. deep),
S. Wh. Towau, Wh. Charles, West Pink (tin),
Polperro (tin, now exhausted), with Porth Towan
and Trevaunance Porth (or harb.) along the rocky
coast. Acres 8660 (or 6657), chiefly granite elvan,
with copper, tin, roofing-slate, etc., and a view of
34 pars, from one point ; pop. 7757 + 111 miners ;
poor r. 16562. on 87362. (Truro U.) ; real prop.
13,333/., of which 14872. on mines and iron
works ; charities, 52. to school. Living, a Cur.
(Ex.) val. 2., patr. ; church, of granite, with
tombs of the Tonkins of Trevaunance, etc. and
ruins of chapels at St. A. Well and Malow. Carn
Breanach or Pirran Round british camp, now
called St. A. Beacon, a mass of schist ore, fel-
spar, quartz 621 ft. high, in lat. 50 18^ N.,
long. 5 12' W., was a chief station of the Trig.
Survey; at St. A. Head (off which lie the Boden
rocks) are beds of recent shells, 20 ft. above
high water mark. Opie , the painter, a native
(1761-1807). Mkt. D. Thursd. Fair, 30 Apr.

Agnes (St.) Isld. ( ) the S.-most of the Scilly
islds. W. Cornwall, near which Sir C. Shovel was
lost on the Gilstone, is 1 m. by (exclusive of the
Gough or Gugh by J), or 390 acres, fertile,
with 4J m. of rocky coast ; it has a chapel, logan
stone, and at the top of the isld., a revolving light
with a 1-min. flash, in lat. 49 54' N., long. 6 21'
W.,138 ft. high, seen 16m., and first set up 1680
by Adam Walker.

Agnew's Mountn. (40) 5 m. W. of Larne, E.
Antrim, 1558 ft. high, has a fine view of the
coast and sea.

Agnis Meadow (172) 3 m. ENE. of Ashborne,
Mid. Derby.

Agram Seat ( ) 2 m. S. of Maker, N. R. York.

Ahach Port (5) at the mouth of R. Culdaff,
NE. Donegal.

Ahadda (66) near Killeagh, E, Cork, Sir A. de
Capel Brooke, Bt.

AHAMLISH par. (2-6, 8) Carbury bar. N. Sligo,
9 m. If. of Sligo-131, on the coast, containing
Ballintemple, Grange, and Kilkilloge, with the
islds. of Innismurray and Dhernish, belongs for
the most part to Lord Palmerston, who has taken
great pains to improve it. Acres 16,414, chiefly
bog and mountain, with limestone quarries at Ben
Albin ; pop. 8720 + 34, in the salmon and other
fisheries. Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.) val. 922.,
patr. Bishop of Kilmore.

Ahanna (3) near Tarbert, N. Kerry.

AHAPHOND or AHAPHOJTA vil. (4) Iraghticon-
nor bar. N. Kerry, 8 m. SW. of Ballylbngford-
165. Pop. 281.

AHAEACLE, or ACIIARACLE, par. q. s. in Ardna-
murchan par. Inverness and Argyll, 7 m. SW. of
Arisaig-176, near the coast, contains Shonaveg,
Portavata, and Shona islds. Pop. 2016. Living
(Presb. Mull), val. I., patr. Crown.

Aharmartha (99) 7 m. SE. of Cork, S. Cork,
C. O'Grady, Esq., near the harb. and the ruins of
A. Castle, a stronghold of the Desmonds.

AHARNEY, or LISDOWNEY, par. (4-5, 9-10)
Galmoy bar. Kilkenny, and Clarmallagh bar.
Queen's Co. 2 m. NW. of Ballyragget-65, on
R. Nore. Acres 6940 middling land, with
limestone ; pop. 2587 + 43, in the cornmills, etc.
Living, a Rect. (Fe. L. O.) val. with Athanagh,
2892., patr. Crown. Ballyconra, Hon. Col. Butler,
a fine old seat.

P.M. AHASCRAGH par. (60-1, etc.) Killian, Kil-
connel, and Cloumacknowen bars. E. Galwav, 33


m. WNW. of Galway, 99 from Dublin, a petty
scss. and police station, on A. Rivulet (which runs
SE. about 12 m. to R. Suck at Ballinasloe), had
an abbey founded by St. Cuan. Acres 17,342
well cultivated, with bog, and lime quarries ; pop.
5380 +16, of viL 755 ; houses 111. Living, a
Rect. (K. E. A.) val. 278/., patr. Crown and
Bishop. Clonbrock, seat of Lord Clonbrock ; Cas-
tlegar, of the Mahons. Fairs, East. Mond. Trim
Mond. 25 Aug. 24 Nov.

Aherlow Rivulet (73) rises near Tipperary, 5" W.
Tippery. under Galtee hills, and runs E. about
17m. through A. Glen in the midst of fine scenery,
past A. Castle, seat of J. A. Butler, Esq., to K.
Suir, 2 m. N. of Cahir.

P. AHOGHILL par. (31-2, etc.) Lower Antrim,
Kilconwav, Upper and Lower Toome bars. W.
Antrim, 3 m. WSW. of BaIlymena-118, near
the R. Bann, containing Portglenone, Carnearny,
Cullybrackey, Galgorm, and Gracehill (a Mora-
vian settlement), was the scene of some disturb-
ances 1771. Acres 35,419 hilly, with bog; pop.
23,622 + 690, of vil. 477, in the bleach-fields and
linen manufact. Living, a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val.
9687., patr. Crown. Galgorm Castle, Earl of
Mountcashel. >Jf A. Presbytery includes Ahog-
hill, Ballvmena, Boveedy, Churchtown, Duneane,
Grange, Killymurris, Portglenone, and Rasharkin.
Fairs, monthly for linen, and 4 June, 26 Aug. 12
Oct. 5 Dec. for cattle.

Aidhne of the Old Irish, is KILTARTIN BARONY,
S. Galway.

Aigas Island or Eilan Aigas, 5 m. SW. of
Beauly, NE. Inverness, in a fine part of R.
IVuuly, and lately bought by Sir R. Peel, was a
seat of the Lovats.

P. AIGBURTH hmlt. (80) Garston chplry, 5 W.
Lancash. 4 m. SE. of Liverpool-206, on R. Mer-
sey. Pop. 1031. St. Anne Cur. (Ches.) vaL
., patr. trustees. A. Hall, J. Brancker, Esq.

AIGHTON, or OVERHACKING, hmlt. ( ) Mitton
par. Mid. Lancash. 4 m. WSW. of Clitheroe-
217, near R. Hodder, under Longridge fell, has
Ovcrhacking workhouse and Stonyhurst rom.
cath. coll. Pop. 1234, in the cotton factories j
poor r. 662Z. (Clith. U.) ; real prop. 65847, A.

Park, .

AIK.BAR, or AKEBAR, tnshp. ( ) Finghall par.
N. R. York. 5 m. E. of Leyburn-235. Acres 750 ;
pop. 30.

AIKE tnshp. ( ) Lockington and St. John
Beverley pars. E. R. York, b m. NNE. of Bever-
ley-183, near R. Hull. Acres 630 ; pop. 98 + 1 ;
poor r. 217. (Beverl. U.)

Aikerness Loch, N. end of Pomona or Mainland,
Orkney Isles, opposite Rowsay and Wire islds.
AIKTON. See ACTON, W.~R. York.
AIKTON par. ( ) Cumberland ward, N. Cum.'
brld. 3 m. NNE. of Wigton-303, near R. Wam-
pool, contains Biglands, Wampool, and Wiggonby.
Acres 5270 ; pop. 802 + 5, of town 318 + 5 ; poor
r. 2-201. (Wigt. U.); real prop. 19117. ; charities
1767. to Wiggonby, 37. to Watson's schools. St.
Andrew Rect. (Carl.) val. 5467., patr. Earl of

Ailttvood. See Oakwood Castle, Se'kirk.
AII.IJV hmlt. (84) Rigsby par. E. Lincoln. 1 m.
NW. of Alford-138, was the site of a monas-
tery (?). Pop. 53.

AUeach. See Grianan of Ailench, Donegal.
AILESWORTH hmlt. (64) Castor par. NE.
Northmptn. 5 m. W. of Feterboro'-81, near the
R. \cn. Pop. 363 + 8.

AII.KY vil. (56) 5 m. SW. by W. of Weoblcy-145
W. Herefd.
Ailsa 'Craig or Perch of Clyde, Duilly par.



-S W. Ayr. 1 m. W. of Girvan, a basalt rock in
the Clyde, 1098 ft. high, and 2 m. in circuit, is
inaccessible except on the W. side, abounds with
sea-fowl, goats, and rabbits, has a ruined castle at
the top, and belongs to the Kennedys of Culzean,
who take hence title of marquis and baron. ' Meg
was deaf as Ailsa Craig.'

Ailsh Loch, 6 m. S. of Assynt, SW. Sutherld.
where the R. Oikel takes its rise.

AILSTOW vil. (54) Atherstone-on-Stour par.
S. Warwick. 3 m. S. of Stratford-on-Avon-96.
Pop. 47.

AINDERBY-MYERS tnshp. ( ) with Holtby,
Hornby par. N. R. York. 3 m. NNW. of Bedale
-223, had a chantry. Pop. 82 ; poor r. 477. (Bedale
U.) ; real prop. 1 1627. ij-g" A. QUERN HOW tnslip.
( ) Pickhill par. N. R. York. 6 m.WSW. of Thirsk
-217, near Leeming Lane and R. Swale. Acres
330; pop. 92; poor r. 217,; real prop. 11447.
(Thirsk U.). ^" A. STEEPLE par. ( ) E. Gil-
ling wap. N. R. York. 2 m. SW. of Northallerton
-225, on Yk. and Berwk. rail, and R. Swale, con-
tains Morton, Thrintoft, and Warlabv. Acres
4300, of town 910 ; pop. 760 and 262 ; poor r. 687.
(Northal. U.) ; real prop. 26657.; charities 87.
St. Helen Vic. (Rip.) val. 2007., patr. Ld. Chan-

Ainort Loch, I. of Sky, W. Inverness, opposite
Scalpa isld.

AINSDALE hmlt. (90) Formby chplry. SW.
Lancash. llm. NNE. of Liverpool-206, by South-
port rail.

AINSTABLE par. ( ) Leath ward, E. Cumbrld.
10 m. NNE of Penrith-283, in a pretty spot near
R. Eden, contains Ruckcroft. Acres 41 10; pop.
501 ; poor r. 1977. (Penr. U.) ; real prop. 3786. ;
charities 157., of which 77. to free school. St. Mi-
chael Vic. (Carl.) val. 2257., patr. F. Aglionb}-,
Esq. M. P. of Nunnery, who has the manor,
which belonged to W. Rufus's nunnery; church,
built from Plumpton walls, has a tomb of Jno. de
Dentoren. Roman remains have been found.

AIXSTY WAPENTAKE ( ) W. R. York, be-
tween Rs. Ouse and Wharfe, once a forest and a
separate district up to 1837, contains the pars, of
Acaster Malbis, Acomb, Askham Bryan and
Richard, Bilborough, Bilton, Bishop-Thorpe, Bol-
ton Percy, Healaugh, Long Marston, Moor Monk-
ton, Nether Poppleton, Ruflbrth, Thorp-Arch,
Walton, Wighill, and parts of Holy Trinity Mic-
klegate, Kirk Hammerton, St. Mary-Bishophill
Junior and Senior, Stilh'ngfleet, and Tadcaster;
acres 49,720, pop. 2681, houses 1942.

AIXSWORTH, or COCKEY, chplrv. (80) Middle-
ton par. S. Lancash. 2 m. WSW. of Bury-195.
Acres 1090 ; pop. 1598 + 1, in the cotton factories ;
poor r. 6157. (Bury U.) ; real prop. 46677. ; cha-
rities 127. to school. Living, a Cur. (Manch.) val.
1367., patr. Rector.

AINTHORPE hmlt. ( ) Danby par. N. R. York.
9 m. SE. of Guisbrough-245, on the moors.

AINTREE tnshp. (90) Sephton par. S W. Lane.
6. m. NNE. of Liverpool-206, on Leeds canal
and R, Alt, has a race-course, and large stand.
Acres 840; pop. 311 + 7; poor r. 327. (W. Derby
U.) ; real prop. 31907. St. Peter Cur. (Ches.)
val. I., patr. .

Air, or Ayre, Point (79) W. side of R. Dee's
mouth, N. Flint, has a fixed bright and red lit/tit,
4-2 ft. high, seen 9m., built on piles 1844, in lat.
53 22' N., long. 3 19' W.

AIRD vil. (16) Inch par. W. Wigton. 2 m. E.
of Stranraer-151, near Loch Ryan. Pop. 18. 'Aird'
or 'ard,' a peninsula or head.

Aird Cnxtle, near Machry bay, W. Arran isld.
Bute. $af A. District, or The Aird, on K. Beauly.

< 4


NE. Inverness near Beauly, a pleasant and well
cultivated spot, belonging to the Frasers. ijaf A.
Linn, a fall on R. Shinnel, W- Dumfries, in a
pretty spot near Tynroan. igp A. of Loch
Broom, a peninsula between L. Broom and Little
L. Broom, NW. Ross, i^" A. of Strath, S. part
of Skye isld. W. Inverness, opposite L. Scavaig.
l|ir A. Point, N. part of Skye isld. W. Inverness.
opposite Trodda isld. igp A. Renish, SE. corner
of Lewis, Western Islds.

Airdle Water, rises under the Ben-y-Gloe
mountns. NE. Perth, near Glen Tilt, and running
S. 14 m. through Strath A. to R. Shee, 4 m. N.
of Blairgowrie forms R. Erricht.

% P. M. AIRDRIE town, New Monkland par.
Middle ward, N. Lanark, 10 m. E. of Glasgow-32
from Edinbro', a burgh of barony containing 4
q. s. pars., on A. rail, and Monkland canal, near
Caled. rail, and R. Calder, at the centre of the
great Scottish coal-field and the " black band "
ironstone, which is confined to this spot, and
has contributed to its extraordinary prosperity',
was the british Arderyth, where Rydderech,
king of Strath Cluyd, defeated Aidan, 577 ; is a

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