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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 75 of 293)
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Sompting, which go to Worthing) and Oving-
dean and Rottingdean. The Excise District (for
Susx. etc.) includes Brighton, Shoreham, Steyn-
ing, Worthing, Arundel, Storrington, Pulboro',
Horsham, Reigate, Cuckfield, Lewes, Hailsham,
Battle, Hastings, Rye, Wadhurst, Tonbridge
Wells, E. Grinstead ; and in 1835, had 56 officers,
and collected 180,0637. (each collector's round be-
ing 244 m.), of which 77,2887. was on hops,
67,5917. on malt, 13,3697. on licences, 77841. on
bricks, 59607. on paper, 51667. on soap, etc. and
the total no. of traders (5932) included 2568
dealers in tobacco, 1452 in tea, 1083 in wines and
spirits, 276 brewers, 143 maltsters, 184 makers of
bricks, 4 of paper, 3 of soap. TliC Rail., called
the 'B. and S. Coast,' and finished Sept. 1841, is
50 m. long, on the narrow gauge, and goes from
London bridge, past New Cross 2$ m., Sydenham
6J, Croydon 9^, Mersham 19 (a tunnel of 1820
yds.), Reigate 21$ (where the S.-Eastern turns
off, in a line with one from Guildfofd, etc.),
Horsley 25, near Leith hill and tower (whence
a fine view), Three Bridges 29 (a branch of 8J
to Horseham), Hayward's Heath 37| (a direct
branch to Lewes and Newhaven) near a tunnel
of 227 yds., Hassock's Gate 43, Clayton tunnel
(2240 yds.), Pangdean 46, Patcham tunnel (480
yds.), to Brighton 50 ; thence, W., to Shoreham
6i, Worthing 11, Arundel 20, Chichester 29,
Portsmo' 45 and, E., to Lewes 8 ("where the
branch from Hayward's Heath crosses), Polegate p
19J (branches to Hailsham and Eastbourne),
Bexhill 23, and Hastings 32$. Mkt. D. Thu.
Fairs, Holy Thu., 4 Sept. Races, Apr. Aug. on the
Downs, the old course being If m. 265 yds., new
co. 1$ m. 141 yds., Ovingdean co. 1J m., inclosed
co. 1J m., Bristol co. 1 m., two yr. old co. % m. \

P. BRIGHTON, NEW (79) Liscard tnshp. NW.
Cheshire, 3 m. NNW. of Birkenhead, a small
bathing-place of late date, on the sands, at the
mouth of R. Mersey near the Lighthouse.

BRIGHTSIDE BIKRLOW tnshp. (82) Sheffield



borough, W. R. York. 3 m. NE. of Shcffield-162,
on N. Midld. rail, and R. Don, contains BRIGHT-
SIDE, Grimes- Thorpe, and other hmlts. Acres
2690; pop. 10,089 + 212, in the iron works and
cutlery manufact. ; houses 2065 ; poor r. 21677
(Sheff. U.) real prop. 41,5327. of which 8902/. on
railway, and 31757. on ironworks; charities 417.,
including Grimsthorpe and Fulwood schools.
Living a Cur. (Yk.) val. 1307. patr. Crown and
Bishop. New Hall, R. Swallow, Esq.

BRIGHTWELL par. (13) Moreton hund. JV. Berks.
2. m N.W. of Wallingford-46 on Rs. Thames
and Tadsey, near Gt. West. rail, had a castle
demolished about the time of Hen. II. Acres
1680; pop. 611 + 4; poor r. 5407. (Wallingfd. U.)
real prop. 45437. ; charities 287. St. Agatha Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 6747. patr. Bishop of Winchester, who
has the manor ; living sometime held by Godwyn,
author of Greek and Roman antiquities, Bernard
the astronomer, and Wintle the hebraist. B.
Barrow, 1 m. N. 3iP BRIGHTWELL par. (48)
Carlford hund. S.E. Suffolk, 5 m. E. of Ipswich
-69. Acres 510 ; pop. 81 ; poor r. 607. ( Woodbridge
U.) ; real prop. 8227.. St. J. Baptist Cur. (Norw.)
val. with Foxhall 547. patr. Sir J. K. Shaw, Bt.
^T B.-BALDWIN par. (13) Ewelme hund. SE.
Oxford. 2 m. W. of Watlington-45, contains Cad-
well, and is a meet for Mr. Phillips's hounds.
Acres 1660; pop. 312; poor r. 2667. (Henley
U.) ; real prop. 17407. ; charities 141. St. Bartho-
lomew Rect. (Oxon.) val. 385/., patr.W. F. L. Stone,
Esq. of B. House, of whose fam. there are brasses
and tombs in the early eng. church ; living some-
time held by Bps. Westfaling and Paul.

Gloucester, contains the pars, of Aldsworth, Barns-
ley, St. Aldwin's Coin, E. Leach Martin, E. Leach
Turville, Fairford, Hatherop, Kempsford, Lech-
lade, Quenington, Southrop and part of Bibury ;
acres 36,850, pop. 7682, houses 1575.

BRIGMERSTON hmlt. (14) Milston par. SE.
Wilts. 3 m. N. of Amesbury-77, on R. Avon. Pop.
33. Living a Rect. with Milston.

BRIGNALL par. ( ) W. Gilling wap. N. R. York.
3 m. SSE. of Bernard Castle-246, contains Greta
Bridge. Acres 1910 ; pop. 190 ; poor r. 667. (Tees-
dale U.) ; real prop. 22307. St. Mary Vic. (Rip.)
val. 3007. patr. Ld. Chancellor; vicarage very
pleasantly situated.

BRIGOWN par. (10-1, 19, 20.) Condon's bar.
NE. Cork, contains Mitchelstown-128. Acres
15,212, good land, with some mountain and bog,
and limestone quarries ; pop. 10,619 + 145. Living,
a Rect. and prebend (Ck. R. C.) val. 8577., patr.
Bishop ; church, built by the Earl of Kingston, of
Mitchelstown castle. A round tower stood here
till about 1720.

BRIGSLEY par. (86) Bradley Haverstoe wap.
NE. Lincoln. 5 m. SSW. of Grimsby-163. Acres
860 ; pop. 125 + 2 ; poor r. 27*. (Caistor U.) ; real
prop. 15227. St. Helen Rect. (Line.) vaL 55/.
patr. Col. Ch. Southwell

BRIGSTEER hmlt. ( ) Leveni tnshp. S. West-
mrld. 3 m. SSW. of Kendal-262, seat of T. Strick-
land, Esq.

P. BRIGSTOCK par. (64) Corby hund. NE.
Northmptn. 6 m. NNW. of Thrapston-73, on a
branch of R. Nen, was a mkt. town, and has B.
Park, an old seat of the Montagues, near Rock-
ingham forest. Acres 5900 ; pop. 1262 + 10 ; poor
r. 7687. (Thrapst. U.) ; real prop. 75307. ; charities
727, of which Latham's school 207. Living, a Vic.
(Pet) val. with Stanion 2367., patr. Duke of Cleve-
land ; church, part norman. Here if a man dies
seised of copyholds which came by descent in fee,
the youngest son succeeds, if bo'ught, the eldest




as usual. Fairs St. Mark, St. Bartholomew, and
St. Martin's days.

Briguerd, or Brigord, Point, E. side of Frith of
Clyde, NW. Ayr, opposite Little Cameras Isld.

P. BRILL par. (45) Ashendon hund. W. Bucks.
6 m. NW.byN. of Thame-44, in Bernwood forest,
was a favourite hunting-seat of the Confessor and
succeeding monarchs, and a mkt. town. Acres
2600, dairy land, with stone quarries, and yellow
ochre ; pop. 1449 + 16, some lacemakers ; poor r.
10397. (Thame U.) ; real prop. 5625/. ; charities
2571. of which poor folk's 1207. and part to school.
All Saints Cur. (Oxon.) val. with Boarstall 101/.,
patr. Sir T. D. Aubrey, Bt, of Dorton, who has
the manor by descent from Nigel (see BORSTALL) ;
church, partly norman. Muswell, or Muzzle, hill,
with a camp and hermitage on it, commands a
fine prospect. BriUbury Hall, 1 m. N. .Fair, "Wed.
after Old Michaelmas day, hiring.

Brill, The, in Somers Town, N.London, supposed
by Stukeley to be the site of a roman camp, under
(he name of Bury Hill.

BRILLEY par. (56) Huntingdon hund. W. Here-
ford. 5 m. NNE. of Hay- 154. Acres 4250 ; pop.
587 + 5 ; poor r. 2451. (Kington U.) ; real prop.
40607,; charities 567. of which 507. to Morris's
school. St. Mary Vic. with Kington.

BRIMDEN (26) 4 m. SE. of Holsworthy-214,
W. Devon.

BRIMFIELD par. (55) Wolphy hund. N. Here-
ford. 4 m. SSE. of Ludlow-143, near R. Terne,
contains Wyson. Acres 1880, part in hops, and
common ; pop. 591 + 1 ; poor r. 194/. (Teubury U.)
real prop. 33207. Living, a Cur. (Heref.) val. 987.,
patr. Bishop.

&. BRIMHAM hmlt. ( ) Hartwith chplry. W.
E. York. 3 m. WN W. of Ripley-215 near B. 'Crags,
a well known group of shattered gritstone rocks,
supposed to have been a druidical station, and
including two perforated ones called the Cannons,
another called the rock idol, and several rocking-
stones of which two weighing 100 tons each, can
be moved by the hand.

BRIMINGTON chplry. (82) Chesterfield par. NE.
Derby. 2 m. NE. of Chesterfield-150, near the
canal and N. Midld. rail. Pop. 780 + 2 ; poor r.
1317. (Chesterf. U.); real prop. 21597.; charities
Cl. Living a Cur. (Lich.) val. 102. patr. Vicar.

Brimms House, 3 m. W. of Thurso, NIT. Caith-
ness, near B. Ness, on the Pentland Frith.

P. BKIMPSFIELD par. (44) Rapsgate hund. Mid.
Gloucest. 6 m. S. of Cheltenham-95, containing
Caudle Green at the head of the Stroud Water, on
Ermine street, had an alien priory, and a castle
belonging to the Giffards, which was destroyed
by Edw. II. Acres 2240 ; pop. 417 + 18 ; poor r.
2387. (Cirencester U.) ; real prop. 33027. ; charities
37. St. Michael Sect. (Gl. and B.) val. with
Cranham 4107., patr. W. Goodrich, Esq.

P. BRIMPTON par. (12) Faircross hund. S.
Berks. 6 m. ESE. of Newbury-56, between Rs.
Emborne and Kennet, was a preceptory of the
K. Templars. Acres 1900 ; pop. 412 ; poor r. 3197
Newb. U.) ; real prop. 35307. ; charities 247. St.
Peter Vic. (Oxon.) val. 7.. patr. Rev. G. B. Caffin,
vicar, g^" BRIMPTON par. (18) Stone hund. SJE.
Somerset. 2 m. W. of Yeovil-123, contains Alving-
ton and Houndstone, and once belonged to the
Sydenhams. Acres 860 ; pop. 123 + 2 ; poor r. 467.
( Yeov. U.) ; real prop. 34317. St. Andrew Sect.
(Ba. and W.) val. 1377., patr. Mrs. Morris. B.
House, Earl of Westmoreland.

Brimridge (26) 3 m. N. of S. Molton, N.Devon.

P. BRIMSCOMBE, or B. PORT, par. (34) Longtree
hund. Mid. Gloucest. 2 m. NE. of Minchinhamp-
ton-98, on Gt. West. Union rail. 982, and Thames

and Severn canal, containing C'lialford and 3
other hmlts. Pop. 1148, in the cloth trade. Liv-
ing a Cur. with Minchinhampton.

BRLMSLADE ext. par. (14) E. Wilts. 4 m. SSE.
of Marlborough-74, is joined to SEVERSAKE,

BRIMSTAGE tnshp. (79) Bromborrow par. NW.
Cheslrire, 4 m. NE. of Gt. Neston-194. Acres 1050 ;
pop. 161 + 3 ; poor r. 187. (WirrallU.) : real prop.

BRIMSTONE hmlt. (40) Hays Castle par. W.
Pembroke. 6 m. N. of Haverfordwest-251.

Brimstone Hill (65) 5 m. E. of March, NE.

BRLMSTREE HUNDRED (61) E. Salop, includes
the three divisions of Bridgnorth, Hales-Owen, and
Shiffnal, or 15 pars, and about 28 tnshps. in all.

Brin Lough (82) Dunkerrin bar. S. Kerry, at
the head of the small river Blackwater.

BRINAGE, or BRUNAGE (11) 3 m.WSW. of Fare-
ham, S. Hants. E. side of Southampton Water.

Brinavfe of the Romans, is CHIPPING WARDEN,

BRINCAMISIR tnshp. (60) Berriew par. E. Mont-
gomery. 3 m. NW. of Montgomery-168. Pop. 50.

BRINCHIL tnshp. ( ) Cemmes par. NW. Mont-
gomery. 7 m. NE. of Machynlleth-205.

BRINCLIFFE EDGE hmlt. (82) Ecclesall-Bierlow
tnshp. WK. York. 4 m. SW. of Sheffield-162.

BRIND hmlt. (86) Wressell par. E.R. York. 2
m. NNW. of Howden-180, on Leeds and Selby
rail. Pop. 77.

BRISDLE par. (89) Leyiand hund. Mid. Lan-
eash. 4 m. N. of Chorley-208. Acres 2940 ; pop.
1401, muslin weavers; poor r. 5137. (Chor. U.);
real prop. 53657. ; charities 317. of which 177. to
freeschool. St. James Reel. (Manch.) val.5157., patr.
Duke of Devonshire ; church, has the mark of a
shoe in the wall, to which a tradition is attached.
B. House, W. Heatley, Esq.

BRINDLEY tnshp. "(80) Acton par. S. Clieshire,
4 m. WNW. of Nantwich-164. Acres 950 ; pop.
184 + 3 ; poor r. 977. (Nantw. U.) ; real prop. 1734.

Brindley House (3) near Feversham, N. Kent,
G. Jarman, Esq.

BRINDLEY'S ext. par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. R.
York. Pop. 8.

Brine Pits (54) 1J m. N. of Droitwich, N. Wore.

BRINETON (61) 7 m. W. of Penkridge-131, W.

BRINGHURST par. (64) Gartree hund. SE. Lei-
cester. 2 m. ,W. of Rockingham-84, on R. Welland,
contains Drayton and Easton Magna. Acres 3650 ;
pop. 840 + 6 ; poor r. 537. (Uppingham U.) ; real
prop. 23157, St. Nicholas Vic. (1'et.) val. with
Gt. Easton 2417., patr. Dean and Chap.

BRINGTON par. (52) Leightonstone par. W.
Hunts. 5 m. N. of Kimbolton-63. Acres 1190;
pop. 129 ; poor r. 1047. (Thrapstone U.) real prop.
13497. All Saints Red. (Ely) val. with Bythorn
and Old Weston 4927., patr. Clare Hall, Cainb.
tfiP BRINGTON or BRITON par. (53) Nobottle-
Grove hund. W. Northmptn. 5 m. NW. of North-
ampton-66, contains LITTLE B. hmlt. (pop. 330),
and Nobottlc. Acres 4180 ; pop. 793 ; poor r. 4697.
(Brixworth U.) ; real prop. 62537. ; charities 2307.,
of which estate for poor 2257. St. Mary Rect. (Pet.)
val. 4347., patr. Earl Spencer, of Althope House, of
whose fam., includingWaller's ' Sacharissa,' the 1st
Countess of Sunderland, the church has tombs,
from 1522, with a carved screen, and brass of a
priest ; living, sometime held by Abp. Chicheley.

BRINHYKEDD tnshp. (56) Llanbadarn-fawr par.
Mid. Radnor. 8 in. WNW. of Radnor-159. Pop.


P. BRINIXGIIAM par. (68) Holt hund. N. A'cr-
folk, -i m. SW. of Holt-119. Acres 1450 ; pop. 243,
poor r. 169/. (Walsingham U.) ; real prop. 21721.
Living, a Cur. (Norw.) val. -L, patr. Rev. S.

Brink Bridge (7) 4 m. SSW. of Maidenhead, E.
Berks, on a stream which joins the Thames at

BRINKBURN par. ( ) E. Coquetdale and Mor-
peth wards, Northmbrld.,4m. SE. of Rothbury-304,
containing B. HIGH and Low wards (pop. 96 and
57) and South side, has, on R. Coquet, the half
norman church, etc., of the black priory, found.
(Hon. I.) by Will, de Bertram. Acres, with Long
Framlington, 6530, with coal and limestone ; pop.
208 + 1 ; poor r. 1677. (Rothb. U.) ; real prop. 1612/.
Traces of a station and bridge are found at this
place, which stands on a branch of Watling St.
and is thought to be the Brunanburch, where
Athelstane, in 938, defeated the Danes. B. Abbey,
Major H. Cadogan, through the Fenwicks, to
whom the priory was granted. g-g B. Low SIDE
tnshp. in the above par. Acres 800 ; pop. 55.

BRINKHILL par. (84) Hill hund. E. Lincoln.
5 m. NNW. of Spilsby-129. Acres 780, with
veins of marcasite ; pop. 168 + 5 ; poor r. 307.
(Spils. U.) ; real prop. 1267/. ; charities 87. St.
Philip Rect. (Line,), val. 1377., patr. R. Cracroft,
Esq. ; remains of a cross in ch.yard.

P. BRINKLEY par. (51) Radfield hund. SE.
Cambridge. 5 m. SSW. of Newmarket-61. Acres
1500 ; pop. 366 + 3 ; poor r. 2417. (Newmkt. U.) ;
real prop. 20507. ; charities 2/., with a share in
Histon school St. Mary Beet. (Ely) val. 2417.,
patr. St. John's Coll. Camb. B. Hall, W. King, Esq.

P. BRINKLOW par. (53) Knightlaw hund. E.
Warwick. 4 m. NW. of Rugby-83, on Oxfd. canal
and the Fosse way, was formerly a mkt. town
under the Mowbrays, Stutevilles, and Segraves,
who had a castle here. Acres 1410 ; pop. 797 ;
poor r. 2507. (Bedworth Incorp.) ; real prop. 35837. ;
charities 487., of which 17/. for education. St.
J. Baptist Rect. (Wore.) val. 228/., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor. Remains of a camp, etc., are found, and
the fam. of Rous, the antiquary, lived here.

BRINKSWAY hmlt. (81) Stockport borough,
NE. Cheshire, near Stockport- 176.

BRINKWORTH par. (34) Malmesbury hund. N.
Wilts. 5 m. SE. of Mahnesburj -94, containing
Grittenham, is a polling place for Cricklade boro'
which extends over five hunds. Acres 6470 ; pop.
1694 + 29; poor r. 12087. (Malmesb. U.) ; real
prop. 80947.; charities 267. St. Michael Rect.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 8087., patr. Pemb. Coll. Oxon.
sometime held by Crisp, the antinomian divine.
^ B. House ( ) 6 m. ESE. of York, E. R. York.

BRIXX (80) 4 m. SW. of Northwich-174, Mid.

BRINNINGTON tnshp. (81) Stockport boro' NE.
Cheshire, 2 m. NE. of Stockport-176. Acres 810 ;
pop. 5331 + 135 ; poor r. 4877. (Stockp. U.) ; real
prop. 16,6297.

BiiiNNY par. (96) E. Carbery, Kinalea and
Kinalmeaky bars. S. Cork, 3 m". N. of Bandon
-180 on B. Rivulet, which runs to R. Bandon.
Acres 4898 ; arable land, with stone quarries ;
pop. 1852. Living, a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) with Knock-
avilly, val. 10537. patr. Bishop. B. House, J. Nash,
Esq. ; Upton, Rev. S. Payne.

BRIXSLEY, or BRUNSI.EY, hmlt. (71) Greasley
par. S W. Notts. 8 m. SW. of Mansfield-138, on
R. Erewash. Pop. 1139, stocking -knitters and

Bicixsor par. (55) Grimsworth hund. Mid.
Hcrefd. 5 m. NW. of Hereford- 134. Acres
1470; pop. 110; poor 537.; < Weobly U.); real



prop. 20047. St. George Vic. (Heref.) val. 2687,
patr. Bishop. B. Court, 1 m. N.

BRINSWORTH tnshp. (82) Rotherham par.
W. R. York. 2 m. SW. of Rotherham-159, on
N. Midld. rail., contains Ickles. Acres 1050 ; pop.
241 + 1 ; real prop. 30207. Haworth, Mrs. Boomer.

BKINSWOUTHY (26) 2 m. SW. of Barnstaple
-192, NW. Devon.

BRINTON par. (68) Holt hund. N. Norfolk, 3 m.
WSW. of Holt-119. Acres 650; pop. 193+15;
poor r. 7. ; real prop. 12737. ; charities Rogers's
37. St. Andrew Jiect. with Thornage.

BRIXZEY (19) 5 m. N. of, Axbridge-130, .ZT.

Brisbane House, 2 m. N. of Largs, NW. Ayr.
Gen. Sir T. M. Brisbane, Bt, whose observatory
is here.

BRISCOE, or BIRKSCOCGH, tnshp. ( ) Carlisle
city, N. Cumbrld. 3 m. SE. of Carlisle-301, on R.
Petterill, and Lane, rail., was the place where the
first wheat in the county was grown 1700.
<gp BRISCOE hmlt. ( ) Lythe par. N. R. York.
4 m. NW. of Whitby-236. ^- BRISCOE hmlt
( ) Cotherston tnshp. N.R. York. 3 m. NW. of
Bernard Castle-246.

Brisenden Farm (45) 4 m. NW. of Thame, W,

BRISKEDWIN hmlt. (37) Llandeilo-talybont par.
W.Glamorgan. 4m. NNE.of Castell-llwchwr-212,
on R. Llwc'hwr. Pop. 297. -

BRISKEN hmlt. (41) Llanfynydd par. Mid. Car-
marthen. 5 m. NW.ofLlandeilofawr-202. Pop.131.

BRISLEY par. (66) Launditch hund. Mid. Nor-
folk, 5 m. NE. of Litcham-101. Acres 1230 ; pop.
338 + 2 ; poor r. 2797. (Mitford U.) ; real prop.
23207.; charities, town lands. St. Bartholomew
Rect. (Norw.) val. with Gately, 4867., patr. Chr.
Ch.Coll. Camb. d< B.DEANERY, archdy. and dioc.
of Norwich, contains the 21 benefices marked in

Brislingcote Hall (72) 1 m. ESE. of Burton-on-
Trent, S. Derby.

P. BRISLINGTOX par. (35) Keynsham hund.
NE. Somerset. 2 m. SE. of Bristol- 11 4, on R. Avon
and Gt. West. rail, has at B. Hall an excellent
lunatic asylum first established on a remedial sys-
tem by Dr. Fox. Acres 2960 ; pop. 1338 + 4 ; poor
r. 3707. (Keynsh. U.) ; real prop. 97257. ; charities
127. St. Luke Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 1707., patr.
E. W. L. Popham, Esq.

Brissons (33) three small islands off Cape Corn-
wall, W. Cornwall.

** P. M. 8U BRISTOL city (35) a county of
itself, locally in Barton Regis hund. S W. Glou-
cest. including part of Bedminster, Somerset, at
the terminus of Gt. West, and Glouc. rails. 118 m.
W. of London, or 114 by road, a sessions town,
sometime the seat of a diocese, head of an excise
collection, and a bonding-port on R. Avon, where
R. Frome joins, 8 m. from the sea at King Road,
was the british Caer Oder, or Brito, near the ro-
man Abone on the Via Julia, the saxon Bryt-
stow, where St. Augustine met the bishops of the
primitive church 603, and a mint town, and
Bristow at ' Domesdy.' when it was held by Rob.
Fitzhardinge, a Dane, who reb. the castle 1130
on the site of an older one, and found. 1140 an
austin priory, to which his wife Eva added a
nunnery; was taken 1138 by Gloucester for hie
sister Maud ; had a good trade with the N. of
Europe, Hen. II. 's time ; was visited by John
1209, by Edw. I. 1283 and 85 (when a parl.
was held) ; sent 22 ships to the siege of Calais in
Edw. III.'s time, when many flemish weavers
settled here; was taken 132G by Isabella; visited
by Hen. VI. 1446, and by his queen, Margaret,




14,59, by Edw. IV. 1461 (when Fulford, the
subject of Chattel-ton's " Bristowe Tragedy," was
executed at High Cross), by Hen. VII. 1487
(in whose reign Cabot sailed hence and discovered
Labrador), by Eliz.1574 (for whom 4 ships went
to the Armada 1588), and by Jas.I.'s queen,Anne,
1613 ; was held for parl. March 1643, given up to
Rupert, etc. in June (when Ch. I. visited it), but
retaken 1645 by Fairfax and Cromwell, who razed
the castle ; was visited by Ch. II. 1663 ; was the
scene of a 3 days' riot 1831, because the recorder,
Sir C. Wetherell, voted against the Reform bill,

and was visited by the royal agricult. soc.
1842, and by the british associatn. ; returns
two members to parl. (from Edw. I.), the enlarged
reform bounds taking in the city (containing 18
pars, in whole or part, as below), the out pars, of
St. Jas., St. Paul (including Montpellier), St.
Philip with St. Jacob (all partly in the city), Clif-
ton, a large part of Bedminster, and part of
Westbury (including Stoke Bishop, Cotham,
Redland), no. of electors being 11,032 (lOi
houses 22,780) ; was first chartered by Hen. III.,
and under the act of 1835 is divided into 8 (or
10 ?) wards, governed by a mayor, 16 aid., 48
council., etc., with the style of " may. burg, and
commonalty of city of B." and a revenue of
48,483Z. A'cres of boro' 4674, or 4 m. by 3, of
city 1840, on a bed of coal, limestone, oolite, with
some specular iron ore, red haematite, jasper, etc.,
amygdaloid at Brandon hill, quartz at Clifton, etc.
Pqp.of boro'('21) 87,779 ; of city('41) 64,266 + 519,
of boro' 123,188+1930, in the" shipping trade (as
below), and in the manufact. of anchors (37 hands)
baskets (163), bellows (22), blocks (17), boxes
(35), brushes (124), caps (45), chairs (101),
clogs (46), coaches (247), combs (85), cotton
(697), engines (514), glass (124), haircloth (24),
hats (246), iron (127), lace (16), nails (56), paper
(14), parchment (14), pins (82), pipes (216), pot-
tery (159), rope (89), sails (53), silk (8), soap
(31), starch (10), stockings (46), woollens (46\

besides blacksmiths (1046), dyers (47), hal-
liers' (218), coal miners (378V moulders (58),

? Harriers (92), ship carpenters (290), sugar bakers
72), turners (106). Houses (in city) 9276, many
ancient (in Temple, Mary-le-port, Peter streets,
etc.), with York crescent, etc. at Clifton, and
including a cathedral, 30 churches, and 37 cha-
pels ; guildhall, lately reb. in elizabethan style,
by R. Pope on the old site, with law and other
courts (that of bankruptcy having jurisdiction
over Gknic. Monmo. N. Wilts. E. Somerset. Bre-
con. Cardgn. Carmthn. Glamrgn. Pembroke. Rad-
nor.'), 6 statues by Thomas (to be put in), and
one of Ch. II., Hen. VII.'s sword, St. George's
chapel, found. (Rich. II.), etc. ; council ho., on
site of St. Ewen's church, with a portrait by
Vandyke in it, and a statue of ' Justice' by
Baily; Bathurst basin, and co. gaols; Newgate
and Lawford's-gate prisons; bridewell, ho. of
correction, and police station; custom-ho. reb.
since the mob burnt it 1831 at Queen sq., near
a bronze statue of Will. III. by Rysbrach ; ex-
cise and post offices ; exchange b. 1740-3 \>y Wood,
with a roman front, and used as the corn mkt. ;
commercial rooms (1810), where the merchants
meet; merchants' hall (1701) with a portrait of
Colston, and a school where 10 boys are taught na-
vigation ; Baillies', Miles's, Stuckey's, W. of Eng-
land, and 2 other banks ; savings bk. (33 1 ,235Z. from
10,044 depositors), merchant tailors' and coopers'
halls (the last has a good front) ; cattle and other
mkts. ; gas and water works ; old theatre (1766),
and old assembly-rooms; philosoph. institutn.,
which has an art academy, a theatre, and Baily's

' Eve at the Fountain,' in the museum ; athenaeum
or mechanics institute ; horticult. rooms in Tin-
dalFs park ; proprietary college ; baptist college,
and museum, with a portrait of Evans ; city li-
brary (of stone) and museum ; mesmeric institute ;
Victoria rooms (at Clifton) by C. Dyer, in the
grecian style, with a hall 117 ft. by 55; West's
observatory (in a camp) on St. Vincent's rocks
(300 ft. high), where a suspension bridge 900 ft.
long is to be made ; zoolog. gardens, baths, and
hotwells, near Cook's Folly, a tower on Durdham
Down; new rail, station, in the Tudor style;
cemetery hi Arno's vale ; the arcade 600 ft. long ;
glass, soap, lead, brass, iron, and other works
(chiefly at Temple Mead and St. Philip's), sugar
refineries, distilleries, cotton factory, Stothard's
locomotive factory, etc. ; 3-arched bridge reb.l 768
at Redcliffe, in place of one of the 13th cent
which had a chapel, etc. on it, draw-bridge on
R. Frome ; the city gram, school (41Z.), found,
by Thornton, with 5 exhibitions and 2 scholar-
ships at Oxon. ; Hen. VIII.'s college gram, school
(near the cathedral), and Redclifie's gram, school
(21Z.) ; Bishop's college for 200 boys, in the eliza-
bethan style, at Clifton ; Colston's hosp. for 100
boys, and free schools ; Q. Elizabeth's or Carr's
hosp. (2391Z.) or school, something like Christ's
hosp., lately rebuilt by Fosters on Brandon hill
(250 ft. high) with a 400 ft. front, which has a
fine view; Red Maids' or girls' school (600Z.),
reb. 1835-7 in the pointed style, L-shaped, by C.
Dyer, with a tower, and school-room 52 1 ft. by 24 ;
White's Temple hosp. (1192?.), St. Peter's hosp.,
Wilson's merchant venturers' hosp. for seamen,
Trinity hosp.(824/.) ; Stevens's almshouses(651/.),
Colston's almsh. (345Z.), Forsters' almsh. (334Z.)
called the Three Kings of Colleii (Cologne) ; city
infirmary (b. 1735), general hosp., two dispen-
saries, eye infirmary, deaf and dumb institution,
blind asylum (at Clifton) in pointed style ; orphan
girls' and Friends' asylums ; Counterslip schools

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