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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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parl. burgh, along with Falkirk, since the Re-
form Bill no. of electors 493 ; and is governed
under the charter of 1833 by a provost, 3 bailies,
12 council, etc., with a revenue of 1468?. Pop.
12,418+641, in the coal mines, the Calder and
other iron works, cotton factories, and distilleries ;
houses 2214, well built, with 3 churches, 4 cha-
pels, town-house, 3 banks, gas-works, mechanics'
institute, gram, school; rental 6700?. Livings,
(Presb. Hamilton), East church val. 120/., patr.
Heads of families ; W. ch., 105/., Male commu-
nicants ; High ch. , Male communicants. The
rail, to Bathgate, 19f m. long, and partly made,
will have a branch from Whitburn to Blackburn.
A. House, Miss Mitchelson. A mineral spa at
Monkland well. M ht. D. Thurs. Fairs, last Tues.
May, 3rd Tues. Nov.

Airdrie Place, 3 m. WNW. of Crail, E. Fife.
Aird's Moss, 3 m. N. of Cumnock, Mid. Ayr.
between Ayr and Lugan Waters, contains about
10 sq. m. and has a stone where the pious Rich.
Cameron and his party .were butchered 1680.

Aird's Snout, in the Giant's Causeway, N. An-

Airds, The, E. side ,of Lewis, Western Islds.
Dear Stornoway, a peninsula 5 m. by 2, outside
Broad bay. igg" Airds, The, a fine spot in Appin,
N. Argyll, on A. Bay, between Lochs Linnhe and
Creran. A. House, Sir J. Campbell, Bt.

Aire River ( ) rises at Malham Tarn, W. R.
York, near Settle, and runs 70 m. SE. by the
side of the Liverpl. canal, past Skipton, Bingley,
Leeds, Castleford (where R. Calder joins, and
whence it is navigable), Birkin (a canal to Selby),
and Snaith, to the Ouse near Howden.

Aire's End (46) 3 m. NNE. of St. Alban's, Mid.

Airey Force ( ) in Gowbarrow Park, Mid.
Cumbrld. near Ullswater, a fine fall of 80 ft.
Airhills (84) 2 m. SSE. of Spilsby, E. Lincoln.
Airhouse, 4 m. NW. of Lauder, W. Berwick, near
A. Law, 1054 ft. high.

AIRLJE par. W. Forfar. 4m. SW. of Kirriemuir
-61, watered by the Rs. Isla and Dean, has re-
mains of Blaikie cast., once seat of Visct. Fenton.
Acres 6000, well cultivated, formerly moss ; pop.
868, decreasing ; real prop. 7154 1.; for poor 130Z.
Living, (Presb. Meigle) val. 219Z., patr. Earl of i
Strathmore. Gives title of earl to the Ogilvies |
of A. Castle, on R. Isla, rebuilt on the site of
the "bonnie house of Airlie," which was older
than 1434, and ruined by Argyll 1640.

AIRNTULLY vil. Kinclaven par. E. Perth. 8 m.
N. of Perth-40 ; pop. 159.

AIRSHOLME limit. ( ) Linthorpe tnshp. N. R.
York. 3 m. E. of Stockton-241, near R. Tees.

AIRTH par. NE. Stirling. 5 m. N. of Falkirk-
24, where R. Pow joins the Frith of Forth, near
Kersie and Higgin's "Neuck ferries, contains Dun-
more, and had its shipping burnt by the rebels
1745. Size 6 m. by 3, well wooded and culti-
vated (formerly moss), with coal and stone at
A. Hill and Dunmore ; pop. 1498, of vil. 583, de-
creasing, in a small coast trade and salmon fishery ;
real prop. 12,421Z. ; for poor 230Z. Living (Presb.
Stirling), val. 282Z., patr. Graham of A. Castle,
which has portraits of Claverhouse and the Ad-
mirable Grichton, and includes Wallace's tower,
where he surprised the English garrison ; church,
modern gothic. Dunmore Ho. Earl of Dunmore ;
Powfouls cast, is a ruin.

head vil. Stirling, alid Clac'kmann. 2 m. NE. of
Stirling-35, has a good mineral well. A. Castle,
Lord Abercromby, near the loch. Veins of gray
copper are found in spar here.

AIRTON tnshp. ( ) Kirkby-in-Malhamdale
par. W. R. York. 6 m. SE. of Settle- 235, on R.
Aire. Acres 2790 ; pop. 217 + 4, some spinners ;
poor r. 24Z. (Settle U.) ; real prop. 2390Z.

AISBT hmlt. (83) Corringham par. NW. Lin-
coln. 4 m. NE. of Gainsboro'-148 ; pop. 63.

AISBY hmlt. (70) Haydor par. & Lincoln. 5 m.
NW. of Folkingham-106 ; pop. 190.

AISHOLT, or ASHOLT, par. '(20) Cannington
hund. Mid. Somerset. 7 m. WSW. of Bridgwater
-139. Acres, with Courtway and Spaxton, 2650 ;
pop. 201 ; poor r. 144Z. (Bridgw. U.V; real prop.
361Z. ; charities 5Z. All Saints Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 280Z., patr. Rev. J. West, rector.

AISKEW, or ASKEW, tnshp. ( ) Bedale par.
N. R. York. 1 m. ENE. of Bedale-223, on Lee-
ming Lane, and a branch of the Swale, contains
Lit. Leeming. Acres 1660; pop. 658+7; poor r.
308Z. (Bedale U.); real prop. 4126Z.

AISIJVBY tnshp. Eaglesclifte par. SE. Durham,
5 m. SW. of Stockton-241, on the Tees, near Dar-
lington rail. Acres 1920 ; pop. 128 ; poor r. 97Z.
(Stockt. U.); real prop. 3071Z. A. House, T.
Meynel, Esq., formerly of the Pembertons. igg"
AISLABY tnshp. ( ) Middleton par. N. R. York.
2 m. NW. of Pickering-226, near Whitby rail.
Acres 1110; pop. 128; poor r. 44Z. (Picker. U.) ;
real prop. 1219Z. ^ AISLABY chplry. (95)
Whitby par. N. R York. 3 m. SW. of Whitby-
236, on Pickering rail, and R. Esk. Acres 1080 ;
pop. 346 + 7, in Bolton's limestone quarry, which
gave the stone for Whitby ab. Sheerness, St. Ca-
therine's docks, etc. ; poor r. 33Z. (Whitby U.) ; real
prop. 3872Z. ; charities, Bower's for poor," 1 1 1. Liv.
a CWr.(Yk.)val.87Z.,patr.Mrs.Boulby. A.House,.

AISMUNDERBY tnshp. ( ) with Bondgate,
Ri-pon par. W.R.York, near Ripon-212. Acres
1670; pop. 614; poor r. 169Z.

AISTHORFE, or EAST THORPE, par. (83) Law-
ress wap. W. Line. 6 m. NNW. of Lincoln-132,
on the Wolds, near Ermine St. Acres 1150 ; pop.
82 ; poor r. 47Z. (Line. U.) ; real prop. 1450Z.
St. Peter Rect. (Line.) val. with W. Thorpe 289Z.,
patr. J. Milnes, Esq., of A. Hall.

Aiswater ( ) near Hartsop, NW. Westmrld.
and Ulleswater, has some good fishing.

Aith Ness, near AITHSTING as below, Shetld.
Islds., has bog, iron, and some ancient remains,
gip" A. Wards, S. part of Hoy, Orkney Islds., from
which it isalmost divided by Long Hope bay.

Aiths Voe, a shallow bay, inside Mousa isld.
SE. Shetld. Islds.


AITHSTING par. with Sandsting, W. side of
Mainland, Shetland Islds. 15 m. N W. of Lerwick,
contains Little Papa and and Vementry islds.,
and has good anchorage in Aith Bay, near A.. Nest.
Size 9 m. by 6, hilly sheepwalks ; pop. 2478 + 28,
fishermen, and in a small coast trade. Living
(Presb. Lerwick) val. 158/., patr. Earl of Zetland.

Aits, The (8) are small islands in the Thames,
near Richmond, Middlesex.

AKEBAR. See AIKBAR, .2V. R. York.

Akehead ( ) 2 m. WNW. of Wigton, N.

AKELD tnship. ( ) Kirk Newton par. N.
Northmbrld. 2 m. WNW. of Wooler-320, near
R. Glen ; pop 182 + 1. A. House, .

AKELEY par. (45) Buckingham hund. N. Bucks.
3 m. NNE. of Buckingham-55. Acres 1080;
pop. 362 + 7 ; poor r. 1217. (Buck. V.) ; real prop.
16647. ; charities, 7 acres of allotment. St. James
Rect. (Oxon) val. 2557., patr. New ColL

Akeman Street, a British way, went from Bath,
Somerset, (which the Saxons called Aceman or
Akemancester) to Cirencester Gloucest., thence
thro' Wychwood forest and Blenheim (where it
may be traced) to Alcester and Watling St.

AKEXIIAM par. (50) Bosmere hund. S. Suffolk,

3 m. NNW. of Ipswich-69, on a branch of R.
Gipping. Acres 1060; pop. 117; poor r. 78L
(Bosmere U.) ; real prop. 17227. St. Mary Rect.
with Claydon. A. Hall, .

Akerm'oor Loch, 6 m. SW. of Selkirk, E. Selk.

AJriblion Loch (44) m. W. of Kilmacrenan, N.

Akin Kyle, the top of Dornoch Frith, NE.
Ross, above Bonor Bridge.

Alan, or Camel, River (30) near which K. Arthur
was killed, rises at Davidstow, NE. Cornwall,
and runs S. and W. 27 m. past Camelford,
Bodmin, Wadebridge, to the Bristol chan. near

AI.ASUDEX par. is joined to Lessuden, or St.
BothwelFs, Roxburgh.

Alata Castra, or Ptoroton of Ptolemy, is Burg-
head, Elgin.

Alaterva of the Romans is Cramond, Linlithgw.
at the Almond's mouth (Caer- Almond).

Alauna, of the Romans, is ALCESTER, Warwick,
on Ryknield St. ; another Alauna is at Kier (i. e.
Caer), near Stirling, where R.Allan joins the Forth.
IJiP A. Fluvius, is the Coquet, Northmbrld., which
flows by the site of Ad Alaunam Amnem.

ALAXTOJJ tythg. (35) Lidney par. W. Gloucest.

4 m. NW. of Berkeley-114, near R. Severn.

## P. M. a. ALBAN'S, ST. (7) locally in Cashio
hund. SW. Herts, 12 m. WSW. of Hertford, 20
from London, or 24 by N. West, rail., close to the
roman Verulamium on the Ver or Colne, and Wat-
ling St (whence the Saxons called it Watling-
ceaster), containing Colney Hatch Cur., grew out of
a benedictine abbey, found. 793 by K. Offa, to the
memory of the first english martyr, St. Albanus
(on Holmhurst hill, where he suffered 293) which
was mitred., val. 2107., and given to the Lees at
the dissolution ; had 46 burgesses at ' Domesdy.'
was visited by Rich. II. 1381 to try some of Wat
Tyler's mob, and in the wars of the ' Roses ' was
the scene of Hen. VI. and the Lancastrians' defeat
l>y Warwick 1455, and of Warwick's defeat by
Marg. of Anjou 1461 ; returns tico members
(since Edw. VI. and also from Edw. I. to III.)
the new Reform bill bounds including St. Alban's
par. with parts of 2 others (as below) and Titten-
hanger no. of electors 536 (and of 107. houses
13 10) ; was first chartered by Edw. VI. and under
the late act is governed by a mayor (who is re-



turning officer), 4 aid., 12 council., with the style
of " may., aid., and burgesses of boro' of St. A.,"
and revenue of 760/. Acres 425 (of old boro' 320 or
308), with pudding-stone ; pop. 6497, straw-plat-
ters, silk weavers, etc. Houses 1401 (many being
old), in three streets, with 3 churches, 5 chapels,
townhall (reb. 1830), on site of the abbey charnel-
ho., gaol (which was the ab. gatehouse), ho. of
correction, 2 banks, silkmill (on site of the ab. mill ),

free gram, school (157/.) in the Virgin chapel,
founcL 1569, at which Shirley the poet, was mas-
ter blue coat sch., Duchess of Marlboro's aim-
houses for 36 (7577.), on site of the Robothams'
seat, Pemberton's (307.), Raynshaw's, and Clarke's
almsh., and Union p. house. Assd. taxes 19647. ;
poor r. 20507. on 33,5977.; real prop. 17,1057.;
charities 15407. Livings, are St. Alban's Rect.
(Roch.) val. 111/., patr. Rev. Dr. Nicholson;
church, which belonged to the abbey, and was
sold to the town by Edw. VI. is a venerable cruci-
form building 539 ft. by 174 (thro' the transept),
with specimens of every style from the saxon or
norman down to Edw. IV., was reb. at the Con-
quest by Abbot Paul, with roman bricks, etc. from
Verulam, improved by Rob. de Gorham, and lately
restored by Cottingham and includes a tower of
144 ft., groined ceiling, St. Cuthbert's screen, a
beautiful altar screen (Edw. IV.), Virgin chapel
(now the school), old font and the pillar of
St. Amphibalus (who converted St. Alban), the
presbytery (which had the martyr's shrine), the
passages called the Monks' Holes, 8 brasses (from
1360), besides 5 more at the rectory, tombs of good
Duke Humphrey (who was found lying in pickle
1703), Abbot's Ramayge and Whethamsted, with
the graves of Mat. Paris the historian, and of
Lancastrians, etc, who fell in the battle of 1455.
St. Michael Vic., 3007., Earl Verulam, ch. has
saxon remains of one b. about 950 by Ab. Ulsinus,
3 brasses, tombs of the Grimstons, and a sitting
figure of Bacon "sic sedebat '' placed there
by his admirer Sir T. Meautys ; St. Peter Vic.
3081., Bp. of Ely ch. rebuilt on the site of a
saxon one, has a brass, and tomb of Dr. Cotton.
Near St. German's farm and Verulam hill are
part of the walls, ditches, etc. of that great city,
where so many coins and other relics have been
found, "that were I to relate," says Camden,
" what common report affirms, I should scarcely
be believed ; " Fishpool St was close to a seat of
the Saxon kings; Oyster hills is the site of
Ostorius's camp ; remains of Sopwell nunnery are
seen ; and near an old spring is Holywell Ho.
Besides St. Alban the martyr, John de St, A. of
the 12th cent., Giles, a phvsician, 13th cent.,

Mandeville, the traveller {born 1300), Abbot
Nequam or Necham, of Cirencester (died 1227),
Ch. Just. Pemberton (b. 1625), Sir J. King, a
lawyer (b. 1639), Humphrey, the nonconformist
(b. 1622), were natives ; it gives title of duke
to the Beauclercs, and Verulam that of earl to
the Grimstons, of Gorbambury, once the seat of
Bacon, who had the titles of Baron V. and Visct.
St. A. St. Alb. P. L. Union contains the pars,
etc. marked * below, with Harpendon ; acres
40,441, pop. 17,051, cases relieved (vear 1846-7)
1747 (out-door 1366), expend. 4473?., prop, rated
75,2157. Sup. Registry includes the same, with
London Colney; pop. 17,048 + 121. Along with
those of Hatfield (except Welwyn sub-distr.) and
H. Hempstead (except King's Langley sub-distr.)
it constitutes the New County Court district.
* ST. A. ARCHDEACONRY, dioc. of Rochester
(formerly London), includes the deaneries of
St. Alban's, Baldock, Barnet, Bennington, Berk-
hampstead, Bp's. Stortford, Buntingford, Hertford,




Hitchin, Ware, Welwyn. The Deanery contains
*St. Alban's r., *St Stephen's ., Hemel Hemp-
stead v., *Redbourn v., *Sandridge v., *Wheat-
hampstead v. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 25-6 Mar.
10-1 Oct. cattle, hiring, etc.

Alban's, St. (36) 1 m. ENE. of Caerleon, S.
Monmouth, near R. Usk.

Alban's (St.) Court (3) 7 m. SE. of Canterbury,
E. Kent, W. Hammond, Esq. came from Bp. Odo
to Nigil de Albini, who gave it to St. Alban's ab.,
and has portraits of the poet Hammond, his father
" silver-tongued Hammond," etc.

Alban's (St.), or Adhelm's, Head (16) 4m. S. of
Corfe Castle, SE. Dorset, a sea-mark on the Chan-
nel, 441 ft. high, with a ruined church on the top,
near which the 'Halsewell' was lost 1786.

Albany, Albain, or Albinn, the old gaelic name
of Scotland (from 'albin,' high), is confined to the
highland districts of Appin, Athole, Bread-albane,
Glenorchy, and Lochaber, in Argyll, and Perth, and
gives the title of duke to the king's second son
(since Robt. III.), and of Clan Alpin to the Macgre-
gors. ' Glen more nan Albyn,' t. e. the great glen of
Albyn, which the Caledonian canal runs through.

Albany (71) 6 m. \V. of Nottingham, /S W. Notts.

Albany House (10) near Newport, I. of Wight,
S. Hants, and the A. Barracks.

P. ALBERBURY par. (60) Ford hand. W. Salop.
and Cawrse and Deythur hunds. Montgmry. 8 m.
WNW. of Shrewsbury-153, on Watling St. near
the Severn, containing Gt. Wollaston and Crig-
gion Curs., Bansley, and 10 other tnshps. has re-
mains of a black priory cell to Grandmonte,
France, found. (Hen. II.) by Fitzwarren (near
his castle) and given by Hen. VI. to All Souls',
Oxon. Acres 6040 ; pop. 1861 + 7 ; poor r. 140/.
(Atcham U.) ; real prop. 60127. ; charities 177. St
Michael Vic. (Heref.) val. 1877., patr. All Souls'
Coll. Oxon.

Albion, of the ancients, is England, from its
" white " (albus) cliffs, as first seen from the


ALBOURNE par. (9) Tipnoak hund.. Bramber
rape, Mid. Sussex, 6 m. SW. of Cuckfield-38,
near Brighton rail. Acres 1280 ; pop. 395 + 3 ;
poor r. 176t (Cuckf. U.) ; real prop. 42147. ; cha-
rities 117. St. Bartholomew Beet. (Chic.) val.
2257., patr. J. Goring, Esq. of A. Place, once the
seat of Bp. Juxon, and the eccentric Sir R. Fagge.

AJ^BRIGHTLEE twnshp. (61) St. Alkmond par.
Mid. Salop. 3 m. XE. of Shrewsbury-153, near
Sundorne castle ; pop. 45.

P. ALBRIGHTON chplry. St. Mary par. in the
above hund. 3 m. N. of Shrewsbury-153, near
Albright Hussey, which belongs to Corbet of
Sundorne. Pop. 85 ; St. J. Baptist Cur. (Lich.)
val. 527., patr. W. Spurrier, Esq.

ALBRIGHTON DIVISION (61, 73) Mid. Salop.
contains Shrewsbury, the pars, of Battlefield,
Broughton, Fitz, Grinshill, Preston, Gubbals,
Uffington, and parts of St. Alkmond, St. Chad,
St. Mary, and Middle ; acres (without Shrews-
bury) 14,620, pop. 3304, houses 679.

P. ALBRIGHTOX par. (61) Brimstree hund. E.
Salop. 5 m. SE. of Shiffnal-185, on Shrews, and
Binn. rail., belonged to Dore ab., and was a mkt.
town. Acres 2970; pop. 1058; poor r. 3177.
(Shiffh. U.); real prop. 89617. ; charities, poor's
land, etc., 657. St. Mary Vic. (Lich.) val. 6517.,
patr. Haberdashers' Comp. and Christ's Hosp. ;
church, early eng. with perpendicular transoms.
A. Hall, Corbet, Esq. The Alb. hounds are
at Enville. Fairs, 5 Mar. 23 May, 18 July, 9
Nov. cattle, etc.

ALBUKGH par. (66) Earsham hund. SJS. Nor-

folk, 3 m. NE. of Harleston-99, near R. Wave-
ney. Acres 1430 ; pop. 589 ; poor r. 1947. (Er-
pingham U.) ; real prop. 3099 ; charities 2237., of
which town estate, 1817. All Saints Beet. (Norw.)
vaL 3957., patr. St. John's Coll. Camb. ; church,
has good S. door and tower.

ALBURY par. (47) Edwinstree hund. E. Herts.
4 m. NW. of Bishop Stortford-30, on the R.
Ash, in a pretty spot. Acres 3200 ; pop. 641 + 1 ;
poor r. 7507. (Stortf. U.) ; real prop. 76457. ; cha-
rities 197. St. Mary Vic. (Roch.) val. 3007., patr.
Treas. of St. Paul's ; church, has a brass of Sir
R. Verney, and tomb of a De la Lee, who had
A. Hall, now J. Calvert, Esq. Fair, 17 July.
gaP ALBURY par. (13) Bullingdon hund. E.
Oxford. 3 m. WSW. of Thame-44, near the R.
Thame, contains Teddington. Acres 1250 ; pop.
244 + 1 ; poor r. 437, (Thame U.) ; real prop. 12447. ;
charities 107. to school. St. Helen Beet. (Oxon.)
val. 2767. patr. Earl of Abingdon, of Rycote, who
has reb. the church.

P. ALBURY par. (8) Second Blackheath hund.
Mid. Surrey, 4 m. ESE. of Guildford-29, on a
branch of the Wey, under Hog's Back Down,
near S. West, rail., has a fine view from A. Hill,
with a glimpse of the sea. Acres 4920, with
Sussex marble quarries ; pop. 1079 + 15, some in
Magnay's papermills; poor r. 7297. (Godstone
U.) ; real prop. 46537. ; charities 317. St. Peter
and St. Paul Beet. (Wine.) val. 4297., patr. H.
Drummond, M. P. Esq. of A. Park, once seat of
the Duncumbes and Finches, whose tombs are in
the church, which has two pillars and font from a
roman temple which stood here in Camden's time.
Horsley was rector, and the Earl of Arundel col-
lected some of his marbles here, fif A. Hatch
(1) 4 m. WNW. of Roinford, SW. Essex, in
Hainhanlt forest, seat of Middleton, Esq. is a
Cur. (Lond.) val. , patr. Woods and Forests.

ALBY par. (68) S. Erpingham hund. NE.
Norfolk, 4 m. NNE. of Aylsham-118, near R.
Bure. Acres 840 ; pop. 299, decreasing ; poor r.
1967. (A^lsh. U.) ; real prop. 15577. St. Etbelbert
Beet. (Nonv.) val. 1407., patr. Earl of Orford.

Albyns (1) 5m. N. of Romford, SJV. Essex,
near R. Roding, seat of J. R. H. Abdy, Esq.

Alcade (42) 13 m. SW. of Hereford, SJT.


Alcester, near Bicester, E. Oxford, on Akeman
St. is the roman jElia Castro, with remains of a
trench, etc. on the roman way to Dorchester

ALCESTER DIVISION (54) Barlichway hund.
W. Warwick, contains the pars, of Alcester*, Gt.
Abie*, Coughton*, Ipsley*, Kinwarton*, Morton
Baggott*, Spernall*, Studley*. Weethley*, and
parts of Arrow, Tardebigg, and Weston-on-Avon ;
acres 24,070, pop. 8039, houses 1588.

ALCESTER LIBERTY (15) St. James's par. NE.
Dorset, near Shaftesbury-101, is within that
borough ; pop. 334 ; real prop. 41237.

P. M. ALCESTER, or AULSTER, par. in the above
hund. 13 m. WSW. of Warwick, 103 from London,
a petty sessions town on the R. Alne, where
joined by the Arrow, was the roman Alauna, on
Ryknield St., became a seat of the saxon kings,
was made a borough by Hen. I. and has traces
of a Benedictine abbey cell to Evesham, found.
1140, by Ralph Boteler, val. 1027. and given to
theGrevilles by Hen. VIII. Acres 1530, fertile;
pop. 2399, some needle and fishhook makers ;
houses 499, chiefly in one street, with 4 chapels,
townhall and mkt. (in Priory Place) on arches,
2 banks, savings bk., Newport's free school (207.),
Bridges' almsh. etc. (1397.) ; poor r. 5637. on 71897. ;


real prop. 974 II. ; charities 2707. St. Nicholas Rect.
(Wore.) val. 2597., patr. Marquis of Hertford, of
Ragley, who has the manor; church, reb. 1732
except the tower, has tombs of Fulke Greville
and lady, and of the Beauchamps, whose ruined
seat is near. Roman urns, coins, pavements,
etc. have been found. Alces. P. L. Union in-
cludes the pars. etc. marked * above, also Arrow
(where the poor ho. is), Aston Cantlow, Bid-
ford, Exhall, Haselor, Oversley, Salford, Wixford,
with Sambourn, in Warwk. and Moreton Abbott's,
Feckenham, Inkberrow, Oldberrow, in Worcest. ;
acres 51,493, pop. 16,833, cases relieved (year
1846-7) 1796 (out-door 1652), expend. 58527.;
prop, rated 82,1707. Sup. Registry includes the
same to Wixford, in Warwk., and all in Wore. ;
pop. 16,838 + 91. New County Court district corre-
sponds with the Registry (except Ipsley). Mkt.
D. Tues. Fairs, 27 Jan. 24 Mar. 18 May, 28
July, 17 Oct. 1 Dec. cattle and cheese.

ALCISTON HUNDRED (5) Pevensey rape, SE.
Sussex, contains the pars, of Alciston, Alfriston,
and Lullington ; acres 4700, pop. 982, houses 188.
gif ALCISTON par. in the above hund. 6 m. SE.
of Lewes-50, near S. coast rail, and R. Cuckmere.
Acres 1620, hilly ; pop. 275 + 1 ; poor r. 3697. ;
(YV. Firle U.) ; real prop. 13897. Living, a Vic.
with Selmeston ; church, norman and early en-

Aldulth of the Saxons, or Dumbarton, was the
'Castrum Arthuri,' which that british king made
the capital of Strath Cluyd, and was taken by
Eadbert of Northumbria 756. and the Danes 870.

ALCOMBE hmlt. (20) Dunster par. NW. So-
merset. 1 m. NW. of Dunster-161, near Bristol
channel ; pop. 259. A. House, .

P. ALCONBURY par. (52) Leightonstone hund.
Mid. Hunts. 4 m. N.W. of Huntingdon-59, near
Ermine St. and E. Count, rail., on A. Brook (which
rises near Lullington, and runs about 13 m. SSE.
to the Ouse at Huntngdn.), is under A. Hill, with
a fine view from St. Anne's old chapel. Acres
3700 ; pop. 823 + 6 ; poor. r. 5881. (Hunts. U.) ;
real prop. 49547. St. Peter and St. Paul Vic.
(Ely) val. with Weston 162Z., patr. Dean and
Chap, of Westminster. A Lodge, J. Newton, Esq.
gaT A. WESTON par. as above, 1 m. NW. Acres
1540; pop. 491 + 5; poor r. 2547. (Hunts. U.);
real prop. 26257. Living, a Vic. with Alconbury.


ALD CAMUS par. joined to Cockburnspath, N.
Berwick, and has remains of St. Helen's chapel.

ALD CATHIE par. isjoined to Dalmeny, Linlthqw.

Aldar Hcdl (63) 6 m. WSW. of Leicester, Mid.

ALDBOUOUGII par. (68) N. Erpingham hund.
NE. Norfolk, 4 m. N. of Aylsham-118, on R. Bure.
Acres 590 ; pop. 293 + 2 ; poor r. 1947. (Erpingh.
U.) ; real prop. 19907. ; charities 31. for church.
St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. 173/., patr. Lord
Suffield of Gunton ; church, has a brass. A. Hall,
seat of J. J. Gay, Esq.

P. ALDBOHOUGH par. ( ) Upper and Lower
Claro waps. W. R. York, and Hallekeld wap.
N. R. York. 15 m. NW. of York-199, a petty sess.
town on Watling St. and R. Ure, near the
AITOWS druid stones, and containing Borough-
bridgc, Dimsfortli, and Kocliffe Curs., Humberton,
Minskip, arid Kllcnthorpc, was the ronian /.vw-
rium and capital of the Brigantcs, the saxon Eald-
Ininili, and a boro' from Q. Mary, returning 2
members till disfranchised by the Reform act.
Acres 8750, of town 1890 marshy; pop. 2-12-1,
and 615 ; poor r. 90/. ; real prop. 60457. ; cha-
rities 1167., of which M. Smithson's, for poor, etc.



1007. St. Andrew Vic. (Peculiar of York) val.
368/., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, ancient, with
a saxon gravestone and a brass of Will, de Al-
burgh ("1360), whose seat A. Hall was near A.
iMdge, A. Lawson, Esq. Roman pavements, etc.,
and coins from Trajan to Constantine, were found
at Borough hill, where the elections took place ;
other pavements were found 1832, '46, and '48
(one at Blackhamfield 13 ft. by 14, and a perfect
one near it) ; and part of the town wall is left.
Fair, 4 Sept.

P. ALDBOURN par. (34) Selkey hund. NE.
Wilts. 7 m. NW. of Hungerford-64, near Gt.
West, rail., containing Upham and Preston, was
a mkt. town, and had A. Chase given by Hen.
VIII. to the Duke of Somerset, now enclosed
and a meet for the Craven hounds. Acres
8060, good land ; pop. 1556, decreasing, formerly
fustian weavers ; poor r. 7637. (Hungerf. U.) ;
real prop. 10,0097. ; charities 87., and fuel allotment
357. St. Michael Vic. (Sarum) val. 367/., patr.
Bishop ; church, partly norman, with a brass of a
priest (1508). British remains have been found at
Pierce's Lodge, and the vicarage was John of
Gaunt's hunting-seat.

P. ALDBROUGH par. ( ) Middle and N. Hol-
derness waps. E. R. York. 7 m. NE. of Hedon-182,
on the coast near Lambwith Drain, contains New-
ton, Little Cowden, and 4 limits. Acres 5240, of
town 3880; pop. 1119+11; poor r. 359Z. (Skir-
laugh U. ) ; real prop. 50277. ; charities, Towrie's
almshouses and school, etc., 2007., and a share with
Beverley. St. Bartholomew Vic. (York) val. 1857.,

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