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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Living, a Rect. with St. Andrew's. fiT B.- ST.
PETKR, or SOUTH, par. close to the above. Acres
690; pop. 91; poor r. 62/. ; real prop. 10537.;
charities 21. Living (sometime held by Talbot
the antiquary and commentator on the Itinerary
of Antoninus), a Rect. val. 145/., patr. H. N.
Burroughes, Esq. ; church, has a figured stone
pulpit, the only one, it is said, in the county.

BURLINGJOISB tnshp. (56) Radnor boro', E.
Radnor. 2 m. SE. of New Radnor-156, on the
roman way from Builth, where the Kington rail.
begins, is joined to OLD RADNOR.


BURLTON tnshp. (73) Loppington par. N.
Salop, 4 m. SW. by W. of Wem-163, belongs to
the Vaughans, who trace to the Tudors. Pop.
172. B. Mill, 1 m. N.

BURMAHSH par. (4) Worth hund. Shepway
lathe, SE. Kent, 3 m. SW. of Hythe-65, in Rom-
ney Marsh lib. on the coast, Acres 1690 ; pop.
130 + 3 ; poor r. 1347. (Rom. U.) ; real prop. 4703/.
All Saints Rect. (Cant.) val. 220/., patr. Ld. Chan-

BURMINGTON par. (44) Kington hund. S.
Warwick. 2 m. S. of Shipston-on-Stour-83, on R.
Stour. Acres 720 ; pop. 188 ; poor r. 867. (Ships-

ton U.); real prop. 13617, St. Nicholas Cur.
(Wore.) val. ( /.), patr. Lessee of Rector ; church,
reb. 1793.

Burn ( ) 8 m. NW. of Durham, N. Durham.

BURN tnshp. (87) Brayton par. W. R. York.
3m. SW. of Selby-181, on the canal. Acres
2370 ; pop. 281 + 4 ; poor r. 757. (Selby U.) ; real
prop. 22277.

Burn Hall ( ) 2 m. S. of Durham, Mid. Dur-
ham, J. B. Salvin, Esq. $3 B. House, 7 m. W.
of Laurence Kirk, S W. Kincardine.

Burn, or Brun, River, in NE. Lancash. passes
Burnley to R. Calder. ^ B. River (69) runs
6 m. N. to the sea, below Burnham Westgate, N.

Burn-o'-the- Vat, a stream near Ballater, S W.
Aberdeen, which flows through a natural well in
the solid rock.

BURNAGE tnshp. (81) Manchester par. SE.
Lancasli. 4 m. S. of M anchester-183. Acres 610 ;
pop. 489 ; poor r. 607. (Chorlton U.) ; real prop.

BURNASTON tnshp. (71) Etwall par. S. Derby.

4 m. S. of Derby-126, seat of A. N. E. Moseley,
Esq. Pop. 143; real prop. 11317.

BURNBANKS vil. Bigg par. NE. Kincardine.
near Aberdeen-110. Pop. 60, fishermen.

BURNBRIDGE vil. Muiravonside par. SE. Stir-
lino. 5 m. SE. of Falkirk-24. Pop. 67.

BURNBY par. ( ) Harthill wap. E. R. York.
2 m. SE. of Pocklington-212, on a branch of R.
Derwent. Acres 2100 ; pop. 110 + 2 ; poor r. 317.
(Pockling. U.) ; real prop. 20467. St. Giles Rect.
(Yk.) val. 3187., patr. Duke of Devonshire.

BURNCHURCH, or KiLTRANEEN, par. (22-3)
Shillelogher bar. Mid. Kilkenny, 5 m. SSW. of
Kilkenny-72, contains Ballymack, Booly, and
Knockham. Acres 3364, with limestone ; pop.
977. Living, a Vic. (Os. F. L.) val. with 6
others 13347., patr. Crown and Bishop. Family,
seat of R. Flood, formerly of Henry Flood, who
died here.

Burncooze (31) 4 m. NW. of Penryn-266, W.

BURNCOURT vil. (86) W. Iffabar. -S. Tinperary

5 m. NW. of Clogheen-119. Pop. 195.
BURNCROSS hmlt. ( ) Ecclesfield tnshp. W.

R. York. 5 m. N. of Sheflield-162.

Kendal par. W. Wextmrld. 2 m. N. of Kendal-
262, on R. Kent, and Windermere rail, contains
Strickland Kettle and Roger, and a holy well.
Living, a Cur. (Mane.) val. 1097., patr. Land-
owners; church, ancient. The manor belongs
to Earl of Lonsdale. B. Hall, seat of J. Gale,
Esq., formerly of the Braithwaites, of whom
was Richard, the famous author of "Drunken
Barnaby's Journal." Godmond Hall, was a for-
tified house of the Godmonds.


BURNESS par. Sanda isld. Orkney Islds. joined to
Cross, where a tumulus was found. Pop. 468 + 6.

BURNESTON par. ( ) Hallikeld wan. N. R.
York. 3 m. SE. of Bedale, contains Carthorp,
Exelby, Leeming cur., Newton, Gatenby, and
Threakstone. Acres 6920, of tnshp. 800; pop.
1494 + 5 and 351; poor r. 787. (Bedale U.); real
prop. 22827. St. Lambert Vic. (Rip.) val. 5467.,
patr. Duke of Cleveland

BURNETT par. (19) Keynsham hund. NE.
Somerset. 2 m. S. of Keynsham-110, on R. Chew.
Acres 660; pop. 100 + 2; poor r. 457. (Keynsh.
U.) ; real prop. 12347. St. Michael Rect. (Ba. and
W.) val. 1257., patr. Rev. J. B. Doveton, rector;
church, has brass of J. Cuttc and wife (1575).




BURNETT FLATT ( ) 7 m. NW. of Durham, N
Durham .

P. BURNFOOT (38) 6 m. NW. of Deny, E.
Donegal, on L. Swilly.

BURNFOOT ( ) 10 m. N. of Bellingham, W.
Northmbrld. Burnfoot, 1% m. NW.

Burngrange, 4 m. NE. of Kinross, NE. Kinross.
^ Burnyrange (9) m. 1SW. of Bellingham, W.

Burnham of Alfred's will, is BARNHAM, Sussx.

BURNHAM HUNDRED (7) SE. Bucks, contains
the pars, of Amersham rect., Beaconsfield r., Burn-
ham vie., Chalfont St. Giles and St. Peter r., Che-
nies ., Chesham v., Chesham-Bois r., Dorney .,
Farnham-Royal r., Hitcham r., Penn v., and
Taplowr. ; acres 50,980, hilly, pop. 19,894, houses
3914. I3-I B. DEANERY, archdy. of Bucks, dioc.
of Oxon. contains the benefices in the above and
Stoke hunds. with Eton v.

P. BURNHAM par. (7) in the above hund. 2 m.
NE. of Maidenhead-26, near Gt. West. rail, and R.
Thames, containing Upper and Lower Boveney,
Britwell, EAST B., Cippenham (which had a
palace of the Mercian kings) Town and Wood,
was once a mkt. town, and has remains of an
austin abbey, found. 1165 by Rich. Earl of Corn-
wall, and now a farmhouse. Acres 6730, part
common ; pop. 2284 + 15 ; poor r. 10937. (Eton
U.) ; real prop. 13,9237. ; charities 1527., of which
207. to school. St. Peter Vic. (Oxon.) with Bove-
ney, val. 505., patr. Eton Coll. ; church, has 5
brasses (G. Eyre and wife 1500, W. Aldriche and
23 children, etc.). Bp. Aldrich was a native (d.
1556). B. Grove, Sir W. Johnson, Bt. Fairs,
23 Feb. 1 May, 2 Oct.

P. BURNHAM par. (2) Dengie hund. SE.
Essex. 9 m. SE. of Maldon-37, on R. Crouch by
the sea, contains Ostend, and is a sub-port to
Mai don. Acres 5050, marshy; pop. 1735 + 34,
fishermen, etc.; poor r. 7337. (Maldon U.); real
prop. 95297. St. Mary Vic. (Roch.) val. 5587., patr.
Lady St. John Mildmay. ^p Burnham (53) Cork-
aguiny bar. W. Kerry, near Dingle, Lord Ventry.
giT BURNHAM tnshp. (86) Haxey par. NW.
Lincoln. 2 m. S. of Epworth-156. Pop. 160.
gal" BURNHAM tnshp. (86) Thornton-Curtis par.
N. Line. 3 m. SE. of Barton-upon-Humber-166.
Pop. 75.

P. BURNHAM par. (20) Bempstone hund. N.
Somerset. 8m. SW. of Axbridge-130, a watering-
place on Bridgewater bay, near Gt. West, rail.,
containing Aston- Morris, Edithmead, and High-
bridge, is Burnhamme of Alfred's will. Acres
4270 ; pop. 1469 + 35 ; poor r. 5177. (Axbr. U.) ;
real prop. 11,1967. ; charities 727. St. Andrew
Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 5597., patr. Dean and
Chap. ; church, contains the fine altar piece de-
signed by I. Jones for Whitehall, and presented
by Bp. King, sometime vicar. Two lights, leading
over Bridgwater bar at the mouth of R. Parret,
lat. 51 15' N. long. 3 O/ W., are 91 and 23 ft.
high, and 1 500 ft. apart, the upper intermitting,
bright 34 rain, and dark min., visible 16 m.,
the lower fixed, and visible 12 m.

BURNHAM-DEEPDALE par. (69) Brothercross
hund. N. Norfolk, 2 m. NW. of Burnham-West-
gate-118, on the sea. Acres 960, marshy, part
reclaimed ; pop. 109 + 1 ; poor r. 457. (Docking U) ;
real prop. 14007. St. Mary Sect. (Norw.) val.
2577., patr. Blyth's Trustees ; church, has an old
pillared font, with sculptures on it. The B. Flats,
a collection of sands, including the Docking, the
Blakeney and Stakey overfalls, the Woolback,
Middle, and Sunk banks, extend 15 m. along the
coast and 15 off it, forming the E. side of the
Lynn deeps, with 1 to 5 fath. water, but with

some parts dry at low water. $ip B., EAST, or
ALLARD'S LIB. (7) Burnham par. SE. Bucks. 4 m.
NE. of Maidenhead-26. Pop. 312. B. Common,
1m. N. ; B. House, 1 m. SE. ^p B. -NORTON
par. (69) Brothercross hund. N. Norfolk, i m. N.
of B.-Westgate-118, had a white friary found.
1241, by Sir R. de Hampnall and Sir W. de Cal-
thorpe, of which R. Bale the historian was prior.
Acres 1480 ; pop. 166 ; poor r. 727. (Docking U.) ;
real prop. 16027. St. Margaret Rect. with B.-
Westgate. ^ B.-OVERY par. (69) as above,
i m. NE. of B.-Westgate, on a creek of R. Burn,
which forms B. Harbour. Acres 1920 ; pop. 613,
in the grain trade, and fishermen ; poor r. 4637.
(Docking U.) ; real prop. 40967. ; charities 57. St.
Clement Vic. with B.-Sutton. B. Hall, Lady
Martin, ^p B.-SuTTON-cuM-B.-ULPH pars. (69)
as above, m. S. of B.-Westgate-118. Acres
1220 ; pop. 355 ; poor r. 1857. (Docking U.) ; real
prop. 20877. St. Albert Rect. (Norw.) with B.-
Overy and part of B.-Ulph, va!7.. 669, patr. Ld.
Chancellor ; church, in ruins, flip B.-THORPE
par. (69) as above, 1 m. SE. of B.-Westgate, was
a mkt. town under the Calthorpes, and distin-
guished as the birthplace of Nelson, who was
born at the rectory (1758-1805), and took from it
the title of viscount N. of B. T. Acres 2200 ; pop.
396 + 3 ; poor r. 3027. (Docking U.) ; real prop.
31377. ; charities 46i, of which Bunting's school
447. St. Peter Beet. (Norw.) val. 4757., patr. Earl
Orford ; of church, later eng., has a mon. of Nel-
son's father, and canopied brass of Sir W. Cal-
thorpe (1420).

P. BURNHAM-WESTGATE par. (69) Brother-
cross hund. 34 m. NE. of Norwich, 118 from Lon-
don, on R. Burn, near the coast, was formerly a
mkt. town. Acres 2930, fertile; pop. 1126+ 10,
in a good corn trade ; poor r. 4687. (Docking U.) ;
real prop. 58407. ; charities 57. St. Mary Rect.
(Norw.) with B.-Norton and part of B~.-U/ph,
val. 7687., patr. Christ's Coll. Camb. ; church,
of flint. Besides All Saints, or B. Ulph church,
which stands in the town, there was another, now

fane. Holkham Park, Earl of Leicester. Fairs,
ast. Mon. and Tu. Aug. 1, 2.

BURSHAVEN vil. Peterhead par. NE. Aberdern.
near Peterhead- 144.

Burnhead, 2 m. S. of Whitburn, S W. Linlthgw.

Burnhope ( ) 14 m. W. of Wolsingham, W.
Durham, on B. Burn, which runs to R. Wear,
past B. Moors.

BURNHOUSE vil. Leith par. N. Ayr. llm. NNW.
of Kilmarnock-62. |gp" Burnhouse, 7 m. S. of
Fala, SE. Edinbro".

BURNISTON tnshp. ( ) Scalby par. N. R. York.
3 m. NNW. of Scarboro'-187. Acres 1400 ; pop.
389 + 7 ; poor r. 617. (Scarborough U.) ; real prop.

P. M. BURNLEY chplry. ( ) Whalley par. E.
Lancashire, 21 m. N. of Manchester, 211 from
London, a polling and sessions town, on Lane, and
Yorksh. rail., and Leeds and Liverp. canal, where
R. Burn joins the Calder, is supposed by Whit-
taker to have been a roman station on the way to
Ribchester. Acres 1630, with coal, flagstone, and
slate ; pop. 10,699 + 314, cotton-spinners and prin-
ters, miners, etc. ; houses 1918, built of stone.
with 3 churches, 4 chapels, bank, savings bk.
( 42,8167. from 1387 depositors), gram, school
(1447.) found, in Edw. VI. 's time, where Dr.
Whittaker was educated, and Union p. house ;
poor r. 14767., on 29,0397. ; real prop. 38,2847., of
which 24717. on mines; charities 2257. St. Peter
Cur. (Mane.) val. 7707., patr. R. T. Parker, Esq. ;
church, early eng. and later styles, altered in re-
pairing, with the family chapel of the Townleys of


Townley, of whom was Charles, the accomplished
collector of the Townley marbles ; St. James and
St. Paul Curs., each 130/., Crown and Bishop.
Saxifield is reported to be the site of a battle.
Ormond House, J. Hargreaves, Esq. Burnley
P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of Altham,
Barrowford, Burnley, Cliviger, Colne, Habergham,
Marsden, Padiham, Worsthorn, with Barley, Brier-
cliffe, Dunnockshaw, Foulridge, Goldshaw, Hap-
ton, Heyhouses, Higham, Huncoat, Ightenhill
Park, Old Laund Booth, Read, Reedley-Hollows,
Rough, See, Simondstone, Trawden, Wheatley
Carr; acres 44,378, pop. 54,192, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 6225 (out-door 5881), expend. 11,213/.,
prop, rated 135.722/. Sup. Registry, comprises the
same up to Worsthorn, with Fence and New-
church-in-Pendle, and Admergill. Pop. 54,202
+ 619; births (1845) 2225 (1094 being females,
270 illegit.), deaths 1305 marriages G25, of
which 870 persons signed with marks : 24 deaths
from cholera in 1849. The New County Court

1 list riot corresponds with the Registry, except
Colne and Pendle sub-districts, which go to
Colne. Mkt. Ds. Mon. Sat.; alternate Monds.
for cattle. Fairs, 6 Mar. Easter Eve, 9, 13 May,
10 July, 11 Oct.

Bur'nmoor Tarn ( ) 8 m. NE. of Ravenglass,
S. Cumbrld. between Sea and Screes fells.

BURNMOUTH vil. Ayton par. E. Berwick. 2 m.
E. of Ayton-50, near the stone quarries. Pop.
fishermen, and formerly noted smugglers.

Burn-Newsham ( ) 2 m. ENE. of Keswick,
Mid. Cumbrld.

BURNOP tnshp. ( ) Lanchester par. N. Dur-
ham, 6 m. NW. of Durham-258, is joined to HAM-

BURNS vil. Milton of Balgonie q. s. par. S. Fife.

2 m. W. of Leven-24. Pop. 28.

Burns's Monument, 3 m. S. of Ayr, W. Ayr.
near the " brig o' Doon," commanding a fine view,
as designed by Hamilton, and put up 1820, is a
circle of 9 corinthian pillars on a rustic base, with
a tripod at top ; and contains the poet's bust by
Park, a portrait after Nasymth, the Bible he gave
to his 'Highland Mary,' with other relics. In
the grounds around it are Thorn's ' Tarn o' Shanter,
and ' Souter Johnnie.'

BURNSALL par. ( ) Staincliffe wap. W. R.
York. 7 m. NE. of Skipton-216, on R. Wharfe, was
part of Linton, and contains Appletreewick,
Thorpe-sub-Montem, Coniston cur. with Kiln-
say, Cracoe, Hartlington, Hetton-with-Boardley,
and Rilston cur. Acres 25,950, of town with
Thorpe 2680 ; pop. 1484 -t- 18, and 284 ; poor
r. 45/. (Skipton U.); real prop. 2610J. St.
Wilfrid Red., with the Curs, above (Rip.) in two
portions, 1st val. 315/., patr. Rev. J. Graham,
'2nd, 276/., Earl Craven ; church, has a desk, etc.,
for each portionist.

Burnstcark, or Birrenswark, or Brunswark, Hill,
2 m. N. of Ecclesfechan, S. Dumfries. 740 ft. high,
has two roman camps, on the site of a british one,
on Watling St., and is supposed by Chalmers to
be the roman Trimontium, which others place at
Eildon hills. Near it is BURRON vil. and camp, on
the ancient way.

Burnt (65) 5 m. NE. of Ely, NE. Cambridge.

BURNT ASH (l)2m. N. of Bromley- 10,2V W.Kent.
^P B. Fen (51) between Rs. Ouse and Lark,
border of Suffolk and Camb. between Mildenhall
and Littleport, a district now reclaimed by drain-
ing, etc. JJS~ B. GATE (16-7) 6 m. SW. of Ware-
ham-115, S. Dorset. ^ B. House (30) 3 m.
NW. of Liskeard, Mid. Cornwall. ^ B. House
(3 1 ) 2 m. N W. of Penryn, W. Cornwall. ^T B.
House ( ) Cm. NE. of Ravenglass, S. Cumbrld.



at the bottom of Wast Water, ^ B. House
Drove (65) 5 m. W. of March, 2V. Cambridge.
^ B. Mill (47) 2 m. E. of Roydon, W. Essex,
on E. Count, rail., near R. Stort. jS^- B
Mill 46)) 1 m. NE. of Hitchin, N. Herts, has
remains of a station on Icknield St. gg B.
Walls, under Borough hill, J m. S. of Daventry,
a spot of 6 acres, where fragments of walls, build-
ings, etc., have been found, supposed by Pennant
to be Benavenna. flap" B. YATES hmlt. ( ) Clint
tnshp. W. R. York. 1 m. W. of Ripley-215.

# P. BUKNTISLAND par. Kirkcaldy district,
SW. Fife. 18m. SW. of Cupar, 12 from Edinbro'
(by Ed. and North, rail.), on Frith of Forth, at
the steam ferry to Granton, belonged to Dun-
fermline ab., and is a sub-port and royal and parl.
burgh, contributory to Kirkcaldj' (elect. 56), first
chartered by Jas. V., and governed under the mu-
nicipal act, by a provost and 21 councillors, with
a revenue of 1022Z. Size 2 m. by 1 , flat along the
links, but generally hilly, rising 695 ft., at Du-
naim camp, with lime and freestone quarries,
abounding with fossils (as amethysts, crystals,
natrolite, etc.), and volcanic remains ; pop. 2210,
decreasing, of town 1859, many fishermen, some
shipbuilders, and in the whaling and coasting
trade, through the pier harbour, which was used
by the Romans, and is one of the best in the Frith ;
houses, in two streets, with chapel, town-house,
market, bank, large distillery, bathing-houses,
burgh and par. school, gaol, remains of the fortified
walls ; real prop. 8920/. ; for poor 317/. Living
(Presb. Kirkcaldy) val. 186/., patr. Crown. A
general assembly met here 1601 ; it was after-
wards taken by Cromwell, and by Earl of Marr
1715 ; and gave title of baron to the Wemyss
fam. who had a castle here. Rossend was built
by the Duries, and there are traces of barrows,
etc. A fixed light on E. pier, in lat. 56 4' N.,
and long. 3 14/ W., put up 1845, is 20 ft. high,
seen 8 m. Fair, 10 July.

Burntshield ( ) 13 m. NE. of Longtown, N.

P. BURNTWOOD hmlt. (62) St. Michael par. S.
Stafford. 3 m.W.Lichfield-119. Pop. 426. Living,
a Cur. (Lich.) val. 78/., patr. Vicar of St. Mary's.
Races, Oct.

BURPHAM par. (9) Poling hund. Arundel rape,
S W. Sussex, 2 m. NE. of Arundel-55. Acres
3150 ; pop. 280 ; poor r. 155Z. (E. Preston Incorp.) ;
real prop. 2079J. St. Mary Vic. (Chic.) val. 145/.,
patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, partly norman.

Burr, or Burial, Isld. (18) off Bryal Point, E.
Down, has an anchorage near Ballyhalbert.

P. Burro, S. corner of Yell isld. N. Shetland Islds.
near B. Head, and B. Voe. ^ BURRA q. s. par.
with Quarff, in Bressay par. & Shetld. Islds.,
includes the islds. of East and West B., Papa and
Halvera, in Scalloway bay, and separated from
main land by Cliff sound. Size of E. Burra 7 m.
by 1, of W. Burra 6 m. by 1$, both fertile, with
good pasture ; pop. of the two islds., 568. For
Living, see QUARFF.


BURRADON, or BRIERDEAN tnshp. ( ) Earsdon
par. SE. Northmbrld. 8 m. NE. of Newcastle-275.
Pop. 97, in the coal and stone quarries.

BURRALS tnshp. ( ) Appleby par. N. Weshnrld.
1 m. SW. of Appleby-370, is said to be a corrup-
tion of " borough walls." Pop. 97.

Burray Isld., S. Ronaldsay par. /S. Orkney Islds.
once a par. and belonging to the Earl of Zetland,
is divided from Ronaldsay and Pomona bv Wati-r
and Holm Sounds, with ferries across both. Size
4 m. by 1J, sandstone and schistous clay. Pop
532 + 18, fishermen, etc.



Burre House (81) near Bakewell, N. Derby.
J. Barker, Esq.

BuRRELL-cuM-CowLiNG tnshp. (97) Bedale
par. N. R. York. 1 m. SW. of Bedale-223. Acres
370 ; pop. 138 ; poor r. 67/. (Leyburn U.) ; real
prop. 14127.

Burrett House (24) near Saltash, E. Cornwall,
J. Burrell, Esq.

P. BURRELL TOWN vil. Cargill par. E. Perth.
7 m. NE. of Perth-40. Pop. 485.

BURREN BARONY (1-6, 8-10) N. Clare, contains
the pars, of Abbey, Carron, Drumcrechy, Glani-
nagh, Kilcorney, Kjlleany, Killonaghan. Kil-
moom, Noughoval, Oughtmanagh, and Rath-
borney ; acres 74,361, an. val. 21,2177., pop. 12,786,
houses 2056.

P. BURREN vil. (3) in the above bar. 23 m.
N. of Ennis, 132 from Dublin, has a good coast-
ing trade with Galway and other parts, through
Burren, or New Quay, harbour, and is noted for
the fine oysters on B. Bank.

Burren Rivulet (20) rises near Mount Leinster,
S. Carlow, and runs 18 m. N. to R. Barrow, near

Burrenswark. See Burnswark, Dumfries.

Burrham Green (46) 5 m. NW. of Hertford,
Mid. Herts.

Burridge Farm (11) 5 m. NW. of Fareham, S.

BURRINGHAM tnshp. (86) Bottesford par. NW.
Lincoln. 5 m. NW. of Epworth-156, on R. Trent,
at the ferry to Althorpe. Pop. 624 + 21, brick-
makers, etc. ; poor r. 757. (Glanford U.) ; real prop.

BURRINGTON par. (26) N. Tawton hund. N.
Devon. 8 m. SW. of S. Molton-178. Acres 6100 ;
pop. 1244 + 26 ; poor r. 4357. (S. Molton U.) ; real
prop. 3994Z. charities 31. Holy Trinity Ftc.(Exet)
val. 2767., patr. Rev. J. Buckingham, Vicar.
qgTBurrington (24 or 25) 5 m. NE. of Plymouth,
<S W. Devon. $sf BURRINGTON par.(55)Wigmore
hund. N. Hereford. 4 m.WSW. of Ludlow-143,near
R.Teme, and B. Pool. Acres 2850 ; pop. 236 ; poor r.
56/.(Ludlow U.) ; real prop. 15017. St. George Vie.
(Heref.)val. 1467., patr. Ld.Chancellor. ^" BUR-
RINGTON par. (19) Brent hund. NE. So-
merset. 4 m. NE. of Axb ridge- 130, under the
Mendip Hills, has, at B. Combe, an ancient cata-
comb discovered 1795, containing nearly 50 ske-
letons. Acres 2420, limestone ; pop. 531 ; poor r.
2767. (Axbr. U.) ; real prop. 24587. ; charities 187.
Holy Trinity Cur. (Ba, and W.) val. 1477., patr.
Inhabitants ; church, with an epitaph by Hannah
More to Mrs. Jackson.

BURRISCARRA par. (100, 110) Carra bar. S.
Mayo, E. side of Lough Carra, has the remains of
an ancient carmelite monastery. Acres 5760,
good land ; pop. 1681 + 14. Living, a Rect. (Tu.
K. A.) with 2 others, val. 3467. Moore Hall,
G. H. Moore, Esq. ; Towerhill, V. Blake, Esq.

BURRISHOOLE BARONY (53-8, etc.) W. Mayo,
contains the pars, of Achill, Burrishoole, Kilma-
dasser, Kilmeena, and parts of Aghagower, Bal-
lintober, and Islandeady ; acres 146,991, an. val.
22,5987,, pop. 39,853, houses 7114.

3. BURRISHOOLE par. (56-8, 67-8) in the above
bar. J/z<f..ftfayo,containsNewport-176,with remains
of a dominican abbey found, by the De Bourkes
1486, and of Grace O'Malley's castle. Acres 55,239,
including some islds. in Clew bay, and loughs
Feagh and Furnace, with much mountain and
bog ; pop. 1 1,942 + 27. Living, a Rect. (Tu. K. A.)
val. 3287., patr. Bishop. Newport House, Sir R.
O'Donnell, Bt.

BURRISNEFARNEY, and other names in BORRIS,


Burrium, or Bultrum, of the Romans, is USK,
Monmo 1 .

Burroden House,( ) in ruins, 5 m. NNE. of New-
castle, SE. Northmbrld. belongs to the Ogles of
Causey pk. and has a colliery near it.

Burron Isld. and Point, near Southerness, SE.
Kirkcudbt. going into Solway Frith.

BURROUGH, or BURROW, par. (64) Gartree
hund. E. Leicester. 5 m. S. of Melton Mowbray
-105, near B. Hill, or Caesar's camp, which has a
fine prospect. Acres 1190 ; pop. 149 ; poor r. 427.
(M. Mowbray U.) ; real prop. 32997. St. Mary
Rect. (Pet.) val. 4337., patr. Rev. G. Barnaby;
church, has a piscina, figured circular font, and
tomb of a Stockden.

P. BURROUGH GREEN par. (51) Radfield hund.
SE. Cambridge. 5 m. S. of Newmarket-61. Acres
2000 ; pop. 452 + 3 ; poor r. 3887. (Newmkt. U.) ;
real prop. 25427, Living, a Rect. (Ely) val. 7057.,
patr. C. Porcher, Esq.

Burrough ( Great)House (8) 3 m. SE. of Epsom,
Mid. Surrey, seat of the Hon. Capt. Perceval
(formerly of the Buckles) on Banstead Downs, and
supposed to be the site of a roman station.

Burroughs (7) at W. Drayton, W. Middlesex,
seat of Gen. Arabin, on the site of an old house
of the Burghs or De Burghs.

Burrow (7) 3 m. S. of Henley, E. Berks, on
R. Thames. ^- BURROW (20) 3 m. SW. of
Minehead-163, W. Somerset.

BURROW BRIDGE tythg. (18) Kingsbury Epi-
soopi par. S. Somerset. 2 m. N W. of S.Petherton-130,
on R. Parret. Pop. 242 ; real prop. 13841. Living,

a Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 607,, patr. Bisho

i (65) "
bridge. B. Moor, 1 m. S W. B. Moor Farm, 2 m. W.

Burrow Farm i

1 m. SW. of March, N. Cam-



Burrow Head (37) the SE. corner of Wigton.
on the W. side of Wigton bay, has a whinstone
rock close to it, on which the ' devil's steps ', or
foot-prints of different sizes, are distinctly seen,
at low water.

BuRROW-wiTH-BuRROw tnshp. ( ) Tunstall
par. N. Lancash. 2 m. SE. of Kirkby-Lonsdale
-252, on R. Lune. Acres 2290; pop. 177; poor
r. 1297. ; real prop. 26867. B. Hall, J. Parr, Esq.
Gargrove camp is near ; and a roman milestone
stands on the road. Where R. Lac joins, was
the roman Bremetonacte, and pavements, inscrip-
tions, altars, coins, urns, etc., have been found.

BURROWASII hmlt. (71 or 2) Ockbrook par. S.
Derby. 6 m. ESE. of Derby-126, near R. Derwent,
on the roman way from Lit. Chester to Verome-
tum. Pop. stocking makers (28 frames), and in
the lace thread mills.


town, E. Cumbrld. Pop. 712.

ROWS, Devon.

Burrs Green (46) 5 m. SE of Stevenage, Mid.

Burrswood (6) near Tunbridge-wells, S1V.
Kent, seat of late W. Camfield, Esq.

BuRRYpar. (16-23) Upper Kells bar. W.Meath.
2 m. SW. of Kells-39, contains Springville. Acres
3694, good ; pop. 796. Living, a Rect. with Kells.
Balrath, C. A. Nicholson, Esq.

Burn/ River(31) theaestuary of Rs.Lloughor and
Amman, E. side of Carmarthen bay, is 3i m. wide
at the mouth, which is blocked by Whitford Point,
and the Linch and other sands. B. Holm, with
ruins of a cell to Llangennith priory, is on the
S. side near Rhossili bay ; on the N. is B. Port,
or PEMBREY harbour and light, with 12 to 30 ft.
water (6 only on the bar), and 200-ton craft can
go up to Lloughor, where a wooden bridge was
made 1833.


Burscomb (27) 8 m. NE. of Barnstaple, N.Devon
BURSCOUGH tnshp. (89) Ormskirk par. SW.
Lancash. 4 m. NE. of Ormskirk-219, near Leeds
canal, has a few remains of the black priory

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