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which are surrounded with woodland ; Ponsonby
hall, E. Stanley, Esq. A roman camp can be traced.

CALDER. See CADDER, Lanark. ^ CAL-
DER. See CAWDOR, Nairn. gip Calder ( )
5 m. SSE. of Wooler, N. Northmbrld.

CALDER, EAST, par. 1 m. NE. of Mid. Calder
-12, NW. Edinbro', is joined to KIRKNEWTON.
Pop. 833, of vil. 419. C. Hall . " Calder,"
a place of wood and water.

P. CALDER, MID., par. 12 m. SW. of Edinbro',
W. Edinb. in a fine spot on R. Almond and Caled.
rail., containing Bell's Quarry, was held with
West. C. by the earls of Fife as C. Camitis.
Size 7 m. by 3, fertile, with wood, building-stone,
lime and iron stone quarries ; pop. 1456, decreas-
ing, of viL 850 ; real prop. 77537. ; for poor 1897.
Living (Presb. Linlthgw.) val. 1587., patr. Lord
Torphichen of C. House, where is a portrait of
Knox, who first administered the sacrament after
the reformed manner in it; church, ancient.
Archbp. Spottiswoode the church historian was
born at Greenbank (1565-1639). Barrows, etc. are
seen, gap" C., WEST, par. 4 m. SW. of the above,
on Breich Water, under the Cairn hills, has an old
fort, and a roman camp at Castle Craig, where
coins have been found. Size 10 m. by 5, hilly,
with coal, limestone, and ironstone ; pop. 1666
+ 5, of vil. 434 ; real prop. 71587. ; for poor 2847.
Living (Presb. Linlthgw.) vaL 1587., patr. John
Drysdale, Esq.

'Colder Loch, in Halkirk par. NW. Caithness.
has a burn running into it.

Calder (North) River, rises in Black Loch, N.
Lanark., and runs under Wishaw and Coltness
rail. R. Clyde, opposite the S. Calder. g3p C.,
South, or Little, C. River, rises in Kilbride par.
W. Lanark., and being joined by Rotten Water
falls into R. Clyde near Daldowie. Calderwood
Castle, on the above river, Sir W. A. Maxwell, Bt.
Calder Park, T. Walrond, Esq.

Calder River ( ) rises in C. Fell, N. Lancash.
and runs into R. Wyre, near Garstang. flST Qi
River ( ), rises near Burnley, E. Lancash. and
runs into R. Ribble near Whalley. <s? C. River,
rises in Lochwinnoch par. W. Renfrew, and falls
into Castle Semple loch. ijaj C. River, rises near
the above and runs E. through Todmorden, past
Wakefield, to R.Aire, near Castletown, W.R,York.

land par. N. Lanark. 5 m. E. of Glasgow-44, on
the N. Calder (as above), near viaduct on Wishaw
and Coltness rail, (about 1300 ft. long, 120 high).
Pop. IOG4, in the iron and coal works.



CALDERBROOK tnshp. (88) Rochdale par. SE.
Lancasli. 4m. NE. of Rochdale- 198, is joined to

Caldeto River ( ) rises under Skiddaw, Mid,
Cumbrld. and runs 25 m. N. (4 of which from Holt
Close bridge to Spout's Dub are underground)
past Hesket-Newmarket to R. Eden at Carlisle,
passing over the Howk fall, near R. Caldbeck.

CALDEWGATE tnshp. ( ) St. Mary par. Car-
lisle city, N. Cumbrld. on the above. Pop. 5558,
decreasing : poor r. 17197. (Carlisle U.).

month, contains the pars, of Caerwent vie., Caldi-
cottr., Chepstow ., Howick, Itton rect., Llavair
Discoed cur., Matherne v., Mounton c., New-
church c., Penterry c., St. Pierre r. with Ports-
cuett r., Shire^Newton r., and part of St. Arvan's
c. ; acres 23,850, hilly, with the remains of Went-
wood chase, and four of its six old castles,
pop. 7557, houses 1486. C. (LOWER) HUNDRED
(35, 6) contains the pars, of Bishtoncwr., St.
Bride's rect., Christchurch, Goldcliff vict., Ifton,
Llangstone r., Llanmartin r., Llanoaches r., Llan-
vihangel r., Llanworn r., Magor v., Nash v., Pen-
kow r., Roggiett, Undy v., Wilerick, and Wit'
ston v. ; acres 28,700 (flat and marshy), pop. 4420,
houses 872. See CHEPSTOW DEANERY, ijaf CAL-
DICOTT par. (31) in the above hund. 4m. SW. of
Chepstow-135, on C. Pill, which runs into R.
Severn's mouth, has remains of a norman castle.
Acres 1850 ; pop. 625 + 4 ; poor r. 3417. (Cheps.
U.) ; real prop. 40807. ; charities 177. Living, a
Vic. (Llan.) val. 2007., patr. Rev. Sir E. Williams,
Bt. C. Level, or the Moors, lying along the coast
as far as R. Usk, is a fine rich grazing district
first drained and brought into cultivation by the
monks of Goldcliff priory. gap" CALDICOTT
(UPPER and LOWER) hmlt. (46, 52) Northill par.
E.Beds, l^m. NW. of Biggleswade-45. Pop. 509.

Caldon Canal (72-3) begins near Apedall I lull.
NW. Stafd. and goes SE. and NE. past Newcastle
under Line, Boothen, etc. to the Gd. Trunk at
Stoke on Trent.

CALDRAGH (UPPER and LOWER) hmlts. (8)
Longford bar. N. Longford, near Newtown-

Caldron Linn, a fine fall of R. Devon, W. Kin-
ross, near the Crook of Devon, 44 ft. down in one

Caldshields Hill, near Melrose and Eildon hills,
N. Roxburgh, was a camp of the Gadeni.

CALDWELL, 6 m. E. of Beith, borders of Ayr.
and Renfrew. W. Mure, Esq. M.P., the greek
scholar. O CALDWELL tnshp. ( ) St. John
Stanwick par. N.R. York. 8 m. N. of Richmond-233,
on the roman way to the N. Acres 2000 ; pop.
209 ; poorr. 677. (Richm. U.) ; real prop. 20627.

CALDY tnshp. (79) W. Kirby par. NW. Chesfi.
6m. NNW. of Gt. Neston-194, near R. Dee, be-
longed to the Gleggs and Leighs. Acres 740 ;
pop. 104 ; poor r. 117. (Wirrall. U.) ; real prop.

Caldy Isld. or Ynys Pyr (38) ext. par. to Tenby
town, SE. Pembroke. 3 m. S. of Tenby-244, in
Carmarthen bay, near Giltar head, has, besides a
chapel, the church tower and other remains of
the priory found, in Hen. I.'s time by Rob. de
Tours, as a cell to Dogmaels abbey, and now
seat of C. Kynaston, Esq. to whom the isld. be-
longs. Size 1 m. by m. or about 600 acres, lime-
stone ; pop. 87. C. Light,on theS. side, put up 1829,
in lat. 51 38' N., long. 4 41' W., is fixed, partly
bright, partly red (from NNK. to N. by W.) 210 ft.
and visible 19 m.; several shoals and islets lie
around, but there is good anchorage to the N.

Cole River (18) rises near Wincanton, SE.




Somerset, and joins R. Stour near Stourminster,
aV. Dorset.

P. M. CALEDON, or KENNARD, vil (67) Aghaloo
par. Dungaunon bar. S. Tyrone, 8 m. SE. of
Aughnacloy, 86 from Dublin, a sessions, militia,
and police station, on R. Blackwater and Ulster
canal, belonged to the Nials, who built a castle.
Pop. 1046, in the flour trade, etc. ; houses 171,
with Aughaloo church, 3 chapels, large corn mill,
schools, dispensary, barracks. C. Hill, Earl of
Caledon, who owns the town which he has
much improved and takes from it his title;
Tynane Abbey, Sir J. M. Stronge, Bt Mkt. D.
Sat. Fairs, 2nd Sat. in every month.

CALEDONIA, that part of Scotland beyond An-
tonine's Wall, the Vespanasia of Rich, of Ciren-
cester, and Albin of the Britons, including C.
Sylva (the woody hills of Inverness and Suther-
land whence some derive the general name from
the british ' Cal,' ' Col,' etc. a wood) the Caledonii
(N. Argyll, and Inverness.), Canta (N.), Careni or
Catrini (N.), Carnonacte (N.), Creones (W.), Cor-
nalni (N.), Logi (N.), Merta: (N.), Taxai (NE.),
Vacomagi (Mid.), Vennicontes (S.) all of whom
were one and the same race, under the various
styles of Picts, Britons, Gaels, etc.

Caledonian Canal, between Murray Frith, N.
Inverness and L. Eil, N. Argyll. 59J m. long. (37
of which is natural lake), runs through Glenmore-
nan- Albin (Great Glen of Albin), was cut 1804
-22, and cost, up to 1830, 987,0007. being 110 ft.
wide, and 15 ft. deep (increased to 17 since 1843
at a further cost of 200.000/.), but is little used,
except by steamers for visitors. It begins at
Clacknacarry in Moray Frith near Inverness, and
after 4J m. enters Loch Dochfour which is 1 J m.
long to Bona ferry, thence to L. Ness, which is 24 m.
long and810 ft. deep (with Foyers fall near), thence
from Fort Augustus the canal runs 5 m. rising
94 ft. by 13 locks to L. Oich (4 m. long), de-
scends ft. by 2 m. of canal to L. Lochie (10 m.
long), and thence by 1 1 locks in 9 m. of canal
toCorpach in L. Eil one series of 8 locks being
called ' Neptune's staircase.' l|iP C. Rail., made
1846-9 by Locke, at a cost of /., goes from Car-
lisle, through Dumfries, to Gretna 8J m. (branch
to Dumfries 24 m., Closeburn 37), Ecclefechan 20,
Lockerbie 26, Beattock 39, Elvanboot 53, down
the Clyde in Lanark. Abington 58, Symington 66,
Float "Junction , Carstairs 73.V, Auehengray 79,
Mid Calder 90, Edinbro' 100 ; or by Float Junct
to Lanark 78, Carluke 82, Motherwell 89 (Cam-
buslang (on Clydesdale rail.) 97, Glasgow 101 ; or
by Motherwell to Coatbridge 944 (thence to Glas-
gow 105), Gartsherrie 96, Cumbernauld 101,
Castle Gary (on Ed. and Glas. line, near Antonine's
Wall, the'Gt. Canal, etc.) 103, thence to Stir-
ling, etc. by Scot. Central. Including the Glasg.
and Coatbridge (11 m.), Clydesdale (17 m., with
Pollock and Gavan), Glas. and Greenock (22 m.),
Wishaw and Coltness (13), Glas. and Neilstown
(8J m.), which are amalgamated with it, the total
capital is 7,044,707/. for 19H m. ; amount reed.
(1849) 4,654,621/., expend. 5,149,320/. ^Caled.
and Dumbrtn. rail. 8 m. long, joins L. Lomond
to Bowling bay, where Gd. Canal joins R. Clyde,
thence the fail, is to go to Glasgow.

^CALKHILL HUNDRED (3, 6) Scray lathe, Mid.
Kent, contains the pars, of Charing, Little Chart,
Kgerton, Pluckley, Smarden, and Westwell ; acres
21,980, pop. 5455, houses 957.

CalehiU Park (3) 5 m. NW. of Ashford, Mid.
Kent. H. Darell, Esq. formerly the Brockhills'

Calf Isld. Kilninian par. NW. Argyll, on Loch
Tua, or Sound of Mull, opposite Toberneny.

gg C.-of-Man Isld. ( ) Rushcn par. 7. of Man,
6 in. WSW. of Castletown, at the S. corner, is
about 4 m. in circuit, and belongs to C. Carey, Esq.
Pop. 35, employed in catching rabbits and solan

gaese, with which the island swarms (in the
urrow, Eye, and other cliffs, which rise more than
400 ft.), and the turnip husbandry, which has
been introduced. The lights put up 1818, in lat.
54 3' N., long. 4 49' W., are N.E. and Si W. 560 ft.
apart, 396 and 305 ft. high, revolving every 2
min. and visible 25 and 23 m. Near the shore
are the Eye and Chicken sunk rocks. gap" C.
Islds. East, Mid. and West (149) are to the S. of
Castle isld. S. Cork.

Calgarth ( ) 3 m. SSE. of Ambleside, W. West-
mrld. on Windermere, seat of Mrs. Watson, for-
merly of Bp. Watson, who died here 1816.

Calgary Castle, Isl. of Mull, NW. Argyll, on
C. Say.

CALHANCE hmlt. (92) Bannagh bar. SW.
Donegal, near Killybegs-161.

CALHARNISH vil. at Uig, Lewis isld. Western
Islds. has a good druid circle near it.

Calico Hall (88) near Halifax, W. It. York.
Mrs. Prescott.

Calinnich Tinworks (31) 1 m. S. of Truro, W.

CALKE, or CAULK, par. (71) Repton hund. S.
Derby. 3 m. N. of Ashby-de-la-Zouch-115. Acres
880 ; pop. 55, some lead miners ; poor r. /.
(AshbyU.) ; real prop. 960Z. St. Giles Cur. (Lich.)
val. 341., patr. Sir G. H. Crewe, Bt. of C. Abbey,
which is on the site of an austin priory, found,
about 1160, by Maud, wife of Earl Ranulph of

CALKERTON tytbg. (34) Rodmarton par. S.
Gloucest. 3 m. NE. of Tetbury-98. Pop. 145.


CaUader Loch, near Braemar, SW. Aberdeen.
2 m. round, produces small salmon, trout, eels.


CALLALY tnshp. ( ) with Yetlington, Whit-
tingham par. N. Northmbrld. 5 m. N. of Rothbury
-304, has a roman camp on C. Crag, with remains
of walls. Pop. 306. C. Hall, J. Clavering, Esq.
includes some remains of the old castle.

CALLAN BARONY (22, 26) W. Kilkenny, con-
tains the par. of Callan and part of Killaloe;
acres 5653, pop. 6128, houses 1147.

P. M. S3. CALLAN par. (22, 26) in the above
bar. 9 m. SW. of Kilkenny, 82 from Dublin, a
chief police station, on R. 'Owenree, formerly be-
longing to the O'Callans, Butlers, Comerfords,
now to Visct. Clifden, is a boro' by prescription
which returned two members till the Union, and
is governed by a sovereign and burgesses with a
revenue of 48/. Acres of par. and boro' 5634, well
cultivated, with limestone; pop. 6128 + 2, of
town 3111 chiefly agricultural, with a few flannel
makers; houses 536, with chapels, friary, dis-
pensary, loan fund, flourmills, etc. and Union p.
house. Living, a Rcct. (Os. F. L.) with five others,
val. 2198/., patr. Marq. Ormonde, to whose fam.
the austin abbey, found. 1487 by the Butlers, was
given ; church, a part of the abbey, has tombs
of the Comerfords. Gives title of visct. to the
Fieldings, earls of Denbigh, who had West Court,
now seat of Rev. C. B. Stephenson. Callan P. L.
Union, contains 13 elect divs. in Kilky. and Tipper y.
with 26 guardians; acres 111,529, pop. 38.524,
ho. room for 1130, cases relieved (1847-8) 2636
(besides 17,319 out-door), expend. 14.371/., prop,
rated 84,103/. Mkt. Ds. Tu. Sat. Mon. for pigs.
Fairs, 4 May, 13 June, 10 July, 21 Aug. 10 Oct.
4 Nov. 14 Dec.


Callan Mounln. or SI tax Cullane (31) 6 m.
E. 1)}' S. of Miltown Malbay, W. Clare, is 1282 ft.
high, with the Altoir na Greine cromlech and
* Ogham ' stones on the E. side.

Callan River, where King Nial was drowned,
NW. Armagh, rises in the Armagh Breague hills,
and passing Armagh, Loughall, falls into R.
Ulackwater at Charlemont.

CALLAUGHTON tnshp. (Gl)MuchWenlock par.
Mid. Salop, 2 m. S. of Much Wenlock-148. Pop.149.

P. M. CALLENDKR par. Memeith district, S W.
Perth. 8 m. NW. of Aberfoil-53, a fine spot near
the Highlands and Scot, Cent, rail., at R. Teith's
head, containing Kilmahog, Ben Ledi (3009 ft.),
and lochs Vennachar, Lubnaig (where Bruce the
traveller had a hunting-box), Achray, and Ka-
trine. Size 16 m. by 10, fertile near the river,
' with sheepwalks, lime and plumpudding stone,
blue slate, traces of lead, also red deer, etc., and
salmon and pike in the waters; pop. 1665, de-
creasing, some spinners ; real prop. 7169/. ; for poor
326/. (Living Preb. Dunblane) val. 198/., patr.
Crown ; near the church was an old cast, of the
Livingstons. At Bodcastle is a 3-ditched fort ;
and there are fine prospects at Leny pass and fall,
Bracklin bridge, etc. Kier, W. Stirling, Esq. Mkt.
D. Th. Fairs, 21 Mar. 16 May, cattle.

Cullender House, near Falkirk, E. Stirling. W.
Forbes, Esq. M. P. the old seat of the earls of C.


CALLERTON, HIGH, tnshp. ( ) Newburn and
Ponteland pars. SE. Northmbrld. 6 m. N W. of New-
castle-on-Tyne-275. Pop. 131 ^g C., LITTLE,
tnshp. ( ) Ponteland par. near the above. Pop.34.

Calleva Attrebatum of the Komans, is SILCHES-
TER, Berks., the capital of the Attrebatii, whence
roads struck off to London, Winchester, Salisbury,
Cirencester, etc.


Callich, or Callioch, Point, NW. coast of Mull,
W. Argyll, opposite Coll.

Calligray. See Killigray, Western Islds.

P. M. CALLINGTON, or KELLITON, par. (25)
Middle East hund. E. Cornwall, 10 m. S. of
Launcestou, 213 from London, a polling and petty
sess. town, was created a borough by Eliz. and sent
two members till disfranchised by the Reform act,
when it belonged to the Barings. Acres 2600 (or
2387), granite and hornblende, rising 1067 ft. at
St. Kits hill, with stream tin and copper; pop.
1685 + 30, in the wool and woollen trade, some in
the mines ; houses 327, poor and irregular, with
2 chapels, courthouse, bank, lit. institution, Lord
Clinton's free school ; poor r. 583?. on 3682/. (Lis-
keardU.); real prop. 5927/. ; charities?/. Living,
a Rect. with Southill ; church, large and good,
reb. 1645 by Judge Assheton, to whom and to
Lord Brooke, who had the manor through the
Champernounes, Ferrers, Dennises, etc. there are
tombs, with a brass of N. Ashton and wife 1465.
Mr. Morgan's S. Devon hounds meet at the new
bridge; and Mr. Williams's harriers hunt here.
Mkt. D. Wed. Sat. Fairs, 1st Wed. every month,
cattle ; 1st Th. May and Sept. ; 1st Wed. and Th.

Callipers (7) 4m. N. of Rickmansworth, SW.

St. Peter's par. NE. Kent, 2 m. N. of Ramsgate-73.

CALLIVER tnshp. (41) with Berrach and Bryng-
wyne, Llanfihangel Aberbythych par. Mid. Car-
marthen, near Llandeilofawr-202. Pop. 267.


CALLOW hmlt, (71-2) Wirksworth par. Mill.
Derby. 2m. SW. of Wirksworth-140. Pop 112;



poor r. 35A (Ashbourne U.); real prop. 1627/.
C. Hall, i m. SE. C. Park, 1 in. SE. $gr CALLOW
par. (43) Webtree hund. S. Hereford. 4 m. S. of
Hereford-134, has remains of roman camps. Acres
640 ; pop. 171 + 2 ; poor r. 42/. (Heref. U.) ; real
prop. 491/. St. Michael Cur. with Dewsall.
l^= CALLOW hmlt (61) Gallen bar. NE. Mayo,
between Upper and Lower C. Loughs.

CALLOW DOWN (7) 2 rn. SW. of Prince's Ris-
borough-36, S W. Sucks. ^ C. HILL (54) 5 m.
SE. of Bromsgrove-116, E. Worcest. flap- ft
Lodge (73) near Kilconnell, Mid. Galway.

CALLOWHILL chplry. (38) Knockninny bar. S.
Fermanagh, 6 m. SW. of Lisnaskea-90. Fairs,
28 Mar. 2 Aug. 11 Dec.

CALLOWLAND (7) 1m. N. of Watford, S W.Herts.

CALLWEN chplry. (42) Glyntawe hmlt. Mid.
Brecon. 7 m. W. of Brecknock-171.

CALMSDEN ty thg. (44) N. Cerney par. E. Glou-
ecst. 4 m. NNE. of Cirencester-88. Pop. Co.

CALNADALUCK vil. Muckairn par. N. Argyll.
near Lorn-112, on Loch Etive.

CALNE HUNDRED (14, 34) N. Wilts, contains
the pars, of Berwick-Bassett, Blackland, Bowood,
Calne, Calstone-Wellington, Cherhill, Compton-
Bassett, Heddington, and Tatesbury ; acres 21,540,
pop. 6996, houses 1355.

* P. M. CALNE par. (34) in the above hund.
N. Wilts. 27 m. WNW. of Salisbury, 87 from
London, near Gt. West, rail., on a branch of Wilts,
and Berks, canal, and R. Marian, containing
Beversbrook, Blackland, Calstone, Eastmead-
Street, Quemerford, Stock, Stockley, Sttidley,
Whetham, and Whitley, was a Saxon royal town
where the synod was held 977, at which Danstan
presided, for settling the disputes between the
monks and the regular clergy (decided by the
tumbling in of the floor) ; was given by Edw. I.
to the Cantilupes, whence it came to the Zouches ;
is a boro' by prescription, returning one mem-
ber under the Reform act (two from Rich. TI.'s
time), the limits including the par. with parts
of Blackland and Calstone Wellington, and all
parts of old boro' without the par., no. of elec-
tors 165 (of 10/, houses 1003),
with Marq. of Lansdowne of Bowood, who has
the manor ; and is governed by a mayor, 4 aid.,
12 council.,- with the title of " guild, stewards, and
burgesses of boro' of C." and a revenue of 158/.
Acres of par. 9670, of boro' 8080 (old boro' 800) ;
pop. of par. 5128 + 25 of boro' 5100, of town
2483, in the broad cloth trade which is declining ;
houses 452, of stone, chiefly in a long street, with
4 chapels, townhall and mkt. house, 2 banks, sav-
ings bk. (23,640/. from 655 depositors), fulling and
corn mills, Bentley's free school (54/.) with 2 scho-
larships at Queen's Coll. Oxon., and Union poor-
house ; assd. taxes 1581/. ; poor r. 3028/. on 22,905/. ;
real prop. 21,780/. ; charities 167/. St. Mary Vic.
(Sal.) with Berwick-Bassett, val. 769/., patr.
Bishop, church, large and early eng. with nor-
man traces and pinnacled tower, and, among
other tombs, one to Bowsell, a gypsy king ;
Christch. Derryhill Cur. 130/., Vicar. A hosp.
was found, here before Hen. III.'s time; and
many curious fossils are turned p in the neigh-
bourhood. Calne P. L. Union, contains the
pars. etc. of Blackland, Bremhill, Calne, Cherhill,
Compton, Calstone-Wellington, Heddington,
Highway, Hillmarton, Yatesbury, and Bowood ;
acres 26,689, pop. 9324, cases relieved (184G-7)
2044 (out-door 1775), expend. 5872/., prop, rated
55,190/. Sup. Registry comprises the KMIIIC, t>.\<-fpt
Bowood ; pop. 93'24 + 35. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry. Mkt. D,
Tu. Fairs, 6 May, Sep. 29, cattle, sheep.




CALOORT hmlt. (1) Innishowen bar. N. Do-
negal. 5 m. NW. of Malin-169.

CALOW tnshp. (82) Chesterfield par. NE. Derby.
2 m. E. of Chesterfield-150, belongs to the Lucases
of Hasland. Pop. 536, in the collieries ; poor r.
133Z. (Chesterf. U.) ; real prop. 2092Z.

Calrossie, near Logic Easter, E. Ross. H. Eoss,

Calruidhe, or Calrigia, of the Irish, was part of
Carbery bar. Sligo ; another was part of Tyrawley
bar. Mayo.

CALRY par. (9, 14-5) Upper Carbery bar. N.
Sligo, near Sligo-131, on R. Garvogue, near Lough
Gill, contains Ballytionan, Newtown-Anderson,
and part of Sligo, and is within the ancient Cal-
ruidhe, as above. Acres 11,510, good with lime-
stone ; pop. 6045, decreasing. Living, a Vic. with
St. John's Sligo, and Cur. (K. E. A.) val. 741.,
patr. Vicar. Hazlewood, J. Wynne, Esq., and
other seats.

CALSHOT CASTLE, ext. par. (11) Dibden lib.
S. Hants. 6 m. WSW. of Fareham-73, a coast
gd. station at the mouth of Southampton Water,
to protect which the fort was b. by Hen. VIII.
Pop. 22. C. Light is fixed, bright and red. Off
it is C. Spit Light vessel in 3 J fath., revolving
every minute, and seen 9 m.

Calsterdale ( ) 6 m. W. of Masham, N.R. York.

P. CALSTOCK par. (25) East huud. E. Corn-
wall, 4 m. E. of Callington-213, a sub-port to
Plymo', near Tavistock canal, in a fine spot on
R. Tamar, which abounds with salmon trout, be-
longs to Earl Mount-Edgcumbe of Cotehele,
an ancient seat as old as Hen. VII. in part. Acres
5450 (or 5035), granite, with copper, tin, manga-
nese and lead mines ; pop. 2553 + 25 ; poor r. 945Z.
(Liskeard U.) ; real prop. 6943/. St. Andrew
' Rect. (Exet.) val. 510Z., patr. Crown, sometime
held by Abp. Blackburn, who b. the parsonage ;
church of granite, with the Edgcurnbe chapel
and monuments. Near it is a holy or mineral
well. Harewood, J. Trelawney, Esq. M. P. ; Sand-
hill, J. Williams, Esq. who has the manor, which
belonged to the Duchy.

CALSTONE tythg. (34) Calne par. N. JFtfts.near
Calne-87. Pop. 219.

CALSTONE- WELLINGTON par. (14) Calne hand.
N. Wilts. 2 m. SE. of Calne-87, belonged to the
lords Wilington, through the Zouches and Can-
tilupes. Acres 1130 ; pop. 31 ; poor r. M/. (Calne
U.) ; real prop. 1791/. St. Mary Rect. (Sal.) val.
192/., patr. Marquis of Lansdowne.

CALTEGFA tnshp. (79) Llanfwrog par. N. Den-
bigh, near Ruthin-195.

CALTHORPE par. (68) S. Erpingham hund. iV.
Norfolk, 3 m. N. of Aylsham^ll8, on R. Avon.
Acres 850 ; pop. 214 + 2; poor r. 99Z. (Aylsh. U.) ;
real prop. 1842Z. ; charities, town lands 23/. St.
Margaret Vic. (Nor.) val. 143Z, patr. Sir W.
Coster, Bt. ^iT CALTHORPE hmlt. (45) Nei-
thorp tnshp. N. Oxford, near Banbury-71, seat of
T. Cobb, Esq. of C. Hall, which was" part of St.
John's hospital.

CALTHWAITE tnshp. ( ) Hesket-in-the- Forest
par. Mid. Cumbrld. 7 m. NNW. of Penrith-283,
on Carlisle rail, and R. Petterill. Pop. 206 ; real
prop. 1504Z.

CALTON, a barony in Edinbro', N. Edinb. under
C. Hill, a basalt peak, having Nelson's monument
put up 1815, 12 pillars of an unfinished copy of
the Parthenon, the Observatory and Playfair's
mon., and the High School, on it; and glance
coal, celestine, etc. in the rock. fiT 1 CALTON
chplry. (72) Blore, Croxden, Mayfield, and Water-
fall pars. NE. Stafford. 8 m. NE. of Cheadle
-146. Acres 2480; pop. 244 + 3; poor r. 4U

(Ashbournc U.) ; real prop. 19217. St. Marydbn.
Cur. (Lich.) val. 86/., patr. Vicar, igp CALTON
tnshp. ( ) Kirkby-in-Malham-Dale par. W. R.
York. 7 m. NW. of Skipton-216, on a branch of
R. Aire, is said to be the birthplace of Lambert
the parliament, general, and fifth monarchy
leader. Acres 1730 ; pop. 79 ; poor r. 23/. (Skipt.
U.) ; real prop. 1226/.

CALTON, MID. q. s. par. in Barony par. NW.
Lanark, a suburb of Glasgow-44, with 2 banks,
etc. Pop. 7185. Living (presb. Glasgw.) val.
I., patr. Crown.

CALTRA vil. (60) Tiaguin bar. E. Galway, near
Castleblakeney-106. Pop. 164. Fairs, 14 May,
16 July, 21 Sep. 14 Dec.

CALTRAGH hmlt. (45) Athlone bar. S. Roscom.
9 m. NW. of Athlone-76. igp CALTRAGH hmlt.
(56) Clare bar. N. Galway, near Headford-137.
igiP CALTRAGH hmlt. (21) Rathcline bar. SW.
Longford, 6 m. S. of Lanesboro'-84.

CALVELEY tnshp. (80) Bunbury par. S. Chesh.
5 m. NNW. of Nantwich-164, on N. West, rail.,
belonged to Sir Hugh C. the ' glory of Cheshire,'
who lies in Bunbury church, to which this is a
Cur. Acres 1910; pop. 190 + 2; poor r. 911.
(Nantw. U.) ; real prop. 2664Z. C. Hall, E. D.
Davenport, Esq.

CALVER tnshp. (81) Bakewell par. IV. Derby.
4 m. NNE. of Bakewell-153, on R. Derwent.
Pop. 573, lime burners and cotton workers ; poor
r. 92/. (Bakew. U.) real prop. 1502/.

CALVERHALL, or CORRA, chplry. (73) Prees
par. N. Salop, 7 m. NE. of Wem-163, contains
Millenheath and Willaston. Pop. 262. St. Bar-
tholomew Cur. (Lich.) val. 65/., patr. J. W. Dod,
Esq. of Cloverley.

CALVERLEIGH par. (21) Tiverton hund. NE.
Devon. 2 m. NW. of Tiverton-165. Acres 550 ;

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