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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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and bachelors of arts, doctors and bachelors in the
three faculties of divinity, physic, and law, ten-year
men, pensioners, scholars and exhibitioners (up-
wards of 700), and sizars, all distinguished by
difference of costume (which differs also slightty,
for each college). The professorships are Lady
Margaret's?, of divinity(found. 1502) bythefound-
ress of St. John's ; Regius Ps. of divinity, greek, civil
law, physic, and hebrew (all 1540) by Hen. VIII. ;
Adams's P. of arable (1632), Ld. Almoner's P. of
arabic ; Lucas's P. of mathematics (1663) ; Dr.
Rnighbridge's P. of casuistry or moral philos.
(1683) ; P. of music (1684), of chemistry (1702) ;
Archd. Plume's P. of astronomy and exper. philo-
sophy (1704) ; Geo. I.'s P. of modern history
(1724); P. of botany (1724); Dr. Woodward's
P. of geology (1727) ; Lowndes' P. of astronomy
and geometry (1749) ; Morris's P. of divinity
(1768) ; Jackson's P. of nat. and exper. philo-
sophy (1783) ; Sir G. Downing's Ps. of laws of
England and of medecine (1800) ; the government
P. of mineralogy (1808) ; P. of political economy
(1828). The lectureships and preacherships, etc.,
are Lady Margaret's P. (1503); Barnaby L. in
mathematics, found, by University; Barnaby
Ls. (1524) in philosophy, rhetoric, and logic;
Lady Sadler's 17 Ls. in algebra (1710); Hulse's
Christian Advocate and Lecturer (1789) ; Worts'
two Travelling Bachelors of Arts, and the 12
Whitehall Ps., to which fellows are appointed
by the Bp. of London. Besides the college prizes,
amounting to 800?. one-half being for classics,
and those of the University, which amount to
15007., three-fourths being for classics, etc., are the
chancellor's 2 for classics (15 gs. each) and 1 for
english verse ; members' 4 for latin prose (15 gs.
each) ; Browne's greek and latin verse (5 gs.
each) ; the Porson, for english into greek verse ;
Smith's 2 for mathematics (257. each) ; Morris's
for divinity essay (127.) ; Hulse's for dissertation
on Christian evidences (407.) ; Seaton's for sacred
english poem (407.) ; Adams' prize (in honour of
his astronom. discoveries) for pure mathemat. ;
the Maitland, for essay on propagating the gospel
in India ; Burney's, for essay on truths of Christian
religion ; the Le Bas, for general lit. University
scholarships are Ld. Craven's 5 for classics, 2 being
507. ; Bathe's for classics (18/.) ; Browne's (21/.) ;
Davies's for classics ; Bell's 8 for poor clergymen's
sons ; the Pitt Club's ; Tyrwhitt's 6 for hebrew
(307. and 201. each) ; Cross's, for promoting true
religion. It has the patronage of two livings,
and also the nomination of any held by roman
catholics in 27 counties in England and Wales ;
and the income is about 5500/. that of the
colleges about 133,0007. Terms are the Michael-
mas from 10 Oct. to 16 Dec. ; Lent, 13 Jan. to
Frid. before Palm. Sund. ; Easter or Midsummer,
llth day after Easter to Frid. after commencement
day (1st Tuesd. in July), when the long vacation
begins. College examinations take place twice a
year. An undergraduate in his 1st year is a
' freshman ;' 2nd year, a ' junior soph ' (so-
phister) ; 3rd year, ' senior soph ' after passing
his first university, or 'previous' i.e. general,
examination, or ' little-go ;' and 4th year (when
he graduates by passing his second or ' great-
go ' examination in Jan. for a degree), a ' ques-
tionist.' Those who go in for honours at this
period, are placed in three classes (tripos), depend-
ing chiefly on mathematics, for which this univer -




sity is most famous, the 1st called wranglers (the
senior being the first man or mathematician of
his year), the next two senior and junior optimes
(the last junior being immemorially the ' wooden
spoon '). The rest, who take an ordinary degree,
come out in the ' pol ' (' JTXX/ the mob) those
who fail are said to be 'plucked.' A B. A.
keeps twelve terms ; a M. A. is B. A. of three
yrs. standing ; a B. D. is M. A. of 7 yrs. stand-
ing, or if a 10-year man, takes his degree after
that time without having taken any other;
a D.D. is B.D. of 5 yrs., or M. A. of 12 yrs.
standing ; a B. C. L. is of 6 yrs. standing complete,
and must keep 9 terms, or be B. A. of 4 years ; a
D. C. L. is B. C. L. of 5 yrs. or M. A. of 7 yrs.
standing; a M. B. must keep 9 terms, and is ad-
mitted in his 6th year ; a M. D. is M. B. of 5 yrs.,
or M. A. of 7 yrs. ; a licentiate is M. A. or M. B.
of two yrs. ; a Mus. B. enters his name and com-
poses a piece of music, and afterwards proceeds to
Mus. D. Races, near Baitsbite. Boat race, on a
course of 1 J from Ditton church, May.

Cambridge (31) 3 m. NNW. of Redruth, SW.

P. CAMBRIDGE hmit (35) Slimbridge par. W.
Gloucester, on R. Cam, 4 in, NNW. of Dursley, is
the saxon Cwatbricge, where a battle was fought
between the Danes and Saxons in the time of
Edward the Elder.

Cambridge Heath (1) near Hackney, E. Mid-
dlesex, and Victoria Pk., has some steam saw-
mills on the Regent's canal.

CAMBDS vil. Alloa par. S. Clackmann. on Frith
of Forth, where joined by R. Devon. Pop. 287.
' Cambus' or ' Cam,' a crooked turn or elbow of a
river as in Camelford, i. e. Cambus-alan-ford,

CAMBUSBARRON vil. St. Ninian's par. N. Stir-
ling. 1 m. SW. of Stirling-35. Pop. 676, carpet
and tartan weavers.

Stirling par. Clackmannan, on R. Forth, by some
said to belong to Logic par. has the walls, bell
tower, etc. of an austin abbey, found. 1147 by
Dav. I., and the most richly endowed in Scotland,
dismantled by the Reformers 1559, given to the
Erskines, and now belonging to Cowan's hosp.
Pop. 227. Abbey Craig was fortified by Cromwell.
P. CAMBUSLANG par.Middle ward,.ZV W.Lanark.
4 m. SE. of Glasgow-44, between Rs. Calder and
Clyde (250 ft. wide), containing Bushyhill,
Chapeltown, E. and W. Coats, Collochburn, Kirk-
hill, Lightburn, Sanchiebeg, Silverbanks, and
Vicarland, had Drumsargard castle on Ditch-
mount hill (700 ft), which has a fine view over
13 countries. Size 3 m. by 3, hilly, with coal,
stone, marble, iron : pop. 3022 + 33," colliers, and
weavers ; real prop. 11,555Z. ; for poor 494/. Liv-
ing QPresb. Hamilton) val. 282Z., patr. Duke of
Hamilton, chief heritor. Near Kirkburn was a
chapel, and hosp. which belonged to Glasgow
Cathedral. Westbume, T. Hamilton, Esq. Some
remarkable conversions, called "Camb'slang
wark," took place here 1742, which Whitefield
witnessed. J. Loudon, the naturalist, and author
of ' Encyc. of Plants,' ' Encyc. of Gardening,' etc.
a native (1783-1843).


ward, N. Lanark. 4 m. E. of Hamilton-38, on R.
Clyde, contains Bonkle, Stane, Stewarton, and
Wishawton which has a distillery. Size 12 m. by
3, clayey and good, with fine orchards and planta-
tions, coal, iron, and stone ; pop. 5796 + 197, wea-

vers, colliers, of vil. 485; real prop. 32,0167. of
which 7000Z. on ironworks, and 1057Z. on mines ;
for poor 553Z. Living (Presb. Hamil.) val. 279/.,
patr.Lockhart of Castle hill, chief heritor ; church,
was called St. Nethan or Nectanus.

CAMBUS- WALLACE vil. Kilmadock par. S. Perth.
4 m. NW. of Doune, on R. Teith, contains Doune
Cot., seat of Earl Moray, and Cambusmore Ho.,
A. Hamilton, Esq., where Scott stayed for a time
when a boy.

Camddwr River (57) rises under Tregaron
mountn. E. Cardigan, and runs 7 m. SE. to the
Towy, 3 m. above Capel-Ystrad-fin.

Camden Fort (99) W. side of Cork harbour,
SE. Cork, opposite Carlisle Fort, igr C. Place
(6) 2 m. NE. of Bromley, NW. Kent, seat of
Marquis Camden, formerly of Camden the great
antiquary, who wrote his " Annals," and died
here 1623, and of whom there is an original por-
trait C. Park, G. Gurney, Esq.

P. CAMDEN-TOWN hmit (7) St. Pancras par.
Marylebone boro' NE. London, between the
Regent's Canal and Park, so called about 1791,
after the late Marquis Camden, as lessee of
Cantelows manor, through the Jeffreyses of Breck-
nock, contains some good houses, Gloucester
crescent, savings bk. (13,567Z. from 1139 de-
positors), St. Martin's almsho. and cemetery
(where C. Dibdin and Sir J. Barrow are buried),
the veterinary college (found. 1791), near St.
Pancras workhouse, 2 chapels, and Cotterill's
almsho. for 70 (inc. 1742Z.). Living, a Cur.
(Lon.) val. 200Z., patr. Vicar ; St. Paul New Town
Cur. 3501., Vicar. Peter Pindar (Dr. Walcott)
died here. The de'pot of the N. West rail, and its
stationary engines for drawing the trains through
the sunken viaduct, workshops, coke-ovens, etc.,
cover 32 acres, near Chalk Farm. Elm Ho. W.
Agar, Esq.

Came (17) 2 m. SSE. of Dorchester, 5. Dorset.

Camel River. See Alan River, Cornwall. Trout,
etc. are caught

P. CAMEL, QUEEN, par. Catsash hund. SE.
Somerset. 7 m. WSW. of Wincanton-109, on R.
Camel, which joins the Yeo, a little below, was
once a mkt. town. Acres 2280 ; pop. 739 + 7 ;
poor r. 3331. (Wincant U.) real prop. 4847Z. ;
charities 111. St Barnaby Vic. (Ba. and W.)
val. 222Z., patr. P. St J. Mildmay, Esq. A good
sulphur spring here. Fairs, Trin. Tu. 25 Oct
Ifip C., WEST, par. Somerton hund. as above,
1 m. W. contains Downhead, Sterthill, and U rgas-
hay. Acres 2100; pop. 344 + 2; poor r. 123Z.
(Yeovil U.) ; real prop. 3410Z. ; charities 31. All
Saints Rect. (Ba. and W.) val. 275/., patr. Bishop.

CAMELEY par. (19) Chewton hund. NE. So-
merset. 8 m. NE. of Wales-120. Acres 1630, with
Bath-stone quarries; pop. 643; poor r. 281/.
(Cholton U.); real prop. 3198Z. ; charities 6Z,
St James's Rect. (Ba. and W.) val 256Z., patr.
H. Hippesley, Esq.

P. M. CAMELFORD town (30) Llanteglos par.
NE. Cornwall, 14 m. W. of Launceston, 228 from
London, on R. Camel or Alan (see CAMBCS above)
a polling and petty sess. town, in a dreary spot,
and a decayed borough which returned 2 mem-
bers before the Reform act, is famous for the
battle of Camb-lan, in 542, when King Arthur
and his wicked nephew Mordred, against whom
he fought, were both killed, and also for
another, 823, between Egbert and the Cor-
nishmen. Pop. 705 ; houses , with chapel,
townhall, Smyth's school, Union poor house ;
charities, school 297. Gave title of baron to the
Pitts of Boconnoc, and the Smiths. Camelfd. P.
L. Union, cntains the pars. etc. of Advent, St.


Breward, St. Clether, Davidstow, Forrabury, St.
Juliott, Lanteglos (with Camelford), Lesnewth,
Michaelstow, Minster, Otterham, St. Teath, Tin-
tagell, with Bossiney, Trevalga; acres 46,052,
pop. 8063, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 916 (all out-
door), expend. 2760/., prop, rated 33,211?. Sup.
Registry comprises the same; pop. 8063+112.
The New County Court district corresponds with
the Registry. Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, Frid. after
10 Mar. 26 May, 17 July, sheep ; 6 Sept. cattle.

P. CAMELON vil. Falkirk par. E. Stirling. 1 m.
NW. of Falkirk-24, on Gt. canal, near the remains
of Camelodunum (?) or Ad Vallum, on the An-
tonine Wall. Pop. 1340, nailmakers, etc. An
anchor, etc. having been found, some think the
tide once flowed here, and that it was a roman

CAMERON vil. Markinch par. S. Fife. 3 m. W.
of Leven-24. igi CAMERON par. St. Andrew's
district, E. Fife. 3 m. SVV. of St. Andrew's-41.
Size 3 m. by 4, arable, with moor, coal, and
limestone. Pop. 1167, decreasing; real prop.
8460/. ; for poor 147/. Living (Presb. St. Andrew's)
val. 200/., patr. Crown.

Cameron Lodge ( ) near Coolock, E Dublin.

CAMERON-BRIDGE hmlt. Libberton par. N.
Edinbro', 2 m. SE. of Edinbro'.

CAMERTON par. (19) Wellow hund. NE. So-
merset. 6m. SW. of Bath-104, near Radstock
canal and the Fosse way, where roman pottery,
glass, etc. have been found. Acres 2020 ; pop.
1647 -t- 32, some coal mines ; poor r. 4127. (Glutton
U.) ; real prop. 66127. St Peter Sect. (Ba. and
W.) val. 4817., patr. J. Jarrett, Esq., of C. Park,
who has laid out the ch. yard, in a very pleasing
manner, gaT CAMERTON hmlt. (86) Ryhill
tnshp. E. R. York. 3 m. SE. of Hedon-182.
Pop. 39.

CAMES-ASH tythg. (21) Bishop's Lydeard par.
W. Somerset. 4 m. NE. of Milverton-149. igp C.
House (47) 5 m. SW. of Dunmow, W. Essex.

Camet Hall (47) 4 m. NE. of Ware, E. Herts.

Cornfield Place ( ) near Hatfield, S. Herts. Hon.
Baron Dimsdale.

Camilla (8) near Dorking, S. Surrey, T. Hud-
son, Esq.

Camilla Loch, Auchtertool par. S. Fife, at
the head of Teel Water, is near the ruins of C.
House, which was called Hallyards when it be-
longed to the Skenes, came to the Kirkcaldys of
Grange, who received Jas. V. here after his defeat
on the borders, and was the rendezvous of the
Fife lairds 1715.

Camira (21) 5 m. NE. of Nenagh, N. Tipperary.

Camis-eskan, near Helensburgh, W. Dumbrtn.
J. Dennistoun, Esq.

Camla (9) near Monaghan, NW. Monaghan,
Col. Westenra.

Camlagh (50) 5 m. N. of Ballinasloe, S. Roscmn,

CAMLAN tnshp. (60) Mallwyd par. S. Merioneth.
2 m. S. of Dinas-Mowddwy-200, on R. Dovey.
Pop. 180 ; real prop. 579/.

Camlas River ( ) runs into R. Usk, Brecon.

Camlet River ( ) runs into R. Severn, Salop.

CAMI.IN par. (58-9) Upper Masserene bar. S.
Antrim, contains Crumlin-100, and part of Glenavy
on C. Rivulet, which rises near Divis mountn. and
runs 10 m. W. to Lough Neagh. Acres 6417,
good wheat land, with limestone ; pop. 2157 + 92,
agricultural, with some weavers. Living, a Vic.
with Glenavy ; church, in ruins. Glendaragh, Col.
Heyland ; Cherry Valley, C. W. Armstrong, Esq.
83 Camlin (107) near Ballyshannon, S. Donegal.
$&- Camlin (10) 5 m. S. of Boyle, N. Roscmn.

P. CAMLOUOII par. (26) Upper Orior bar. SE.
Armagh, 3 m. W. of Newry, on the Cam (i. e.

CAM 335

crooked) lough, from which R. Camlough runs to
Newry canal, belonged to the O'Hanlons now
to Viscount Mandeville. Acres 10,176, good, with
mountain and water; pop. (1831) 5822, some
spinners, bleachers, etc. Living, a Cur. (Ann. C.)
vaL 146/., patr. Rector of Killery, sometime
held by Boyd, who translated " Dante." Diver-
nagh House, J. White, Esq. A large cairn is here.

Caminoge Point (66) at the entrance of Poult-
nasherry bay, S W. Clare.

Comma Lodge ( ) near Athlone, SE. Roscomn.
A. St. George, Esq.

CAMLACHIE, q.s. par. in Barony par. N. Lanark.
1 m. E. of Glasgow-44, in the suburbs, contains
Parkhead. Pop. 3654, of vil. 2152, weavers.
Living (Presb. Glasgw.) val. I., patr. Church
building Soc.

CAMMERINGHAM par. (83) W. Aslacoe wap.
W. Lincoln. 7 m. WNW. of Lincoln-132. Acres
4450, with limestone ; pop. 139 ; poor r. 427.
(Line. U.) ; real prop. 23507. St. Michael Vic.
(Line.) val. 1407., patr. Lord Monson.

CAMMERTON par. ( ) Allerdale-below-Der-
went ward, W. Cumbrld. 6 m. W. of Cockermouth
-306, on R. Derwent and the Solway Frith, con-
tains Seaton. Acres 2880, with iron and coal ;
pop. 941 + 14, of tnshp. 154 + 5; poor r. 447.
(Cockermo. U.) ; real prop. 17167. Living, a Cur.
(Carl.) val. 1007., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church,
has tomb of Black Tom of the North, of Barrow
castle, now in ruins. C. Hall, R. Cook, Esq.

CAMMON tnshp. ( ) Llanfyllin par. NE. Mont-
gomery, near Llanfyllin-179. Pop. 44.

Carnage River rising near Emly, Tipperary, runs
24 m. NW. to R. Maigue, near Croom, Mid. Lime-
rick, with a total fall of 295 ft.

P. CAMOLIN vil. (14) Scarwalsh bar. N. Wex-
ford, a police station, 3 m. NE. of Fens-72, on R.
Bann, has some traces of a small monastery. Pop.
561, decreasing. C. Park, Earl Mountnorris. Fairs.
9 Feb. 4 Apr. 9 June, 9 Aug. 28 Sept. 9 Nov.

Camomile Hill (37) Lower Toome bar. W. An-

Camowen Green (44) 3 m. SE. of Omagh, Mid.

CAMP hmlt. (44) Miserden par. Mid. Gloucestr.
5 m. NE. of Stroud-101.

Camp Hill ( ) near Bedale, N. R. York. W.
Serjeantson, Esq. ^ C. Hill (62) 2 m. SE. of
Birmingham, NW. Warwick, on Bristol rail.
^- C. House (54) 4 m. NW. of Warwick, Mid,

P. Camp Lodge (39) 2 m. W. of Castleisland,
Mid. Kerry.

seir par. N. Inverness. 10 m. NE. of Inverness
-161, on Moray Frith, near Fort St. George, was
founded byEarlCawdor whose old seat is not far.
Pop. 716, decreasing.

* P. M. CAMPBELTOWN par. Kintyre district,
W. Argyll. 179 m. from Edinbro' by Inverary,
or 116 thro' Ayr, a port and militia head qrs.,
including Dalintober and Drumlemble, was found,
by the Campbells 1700, before which it was
called Caennloch, Kilkerran, etc., and was once the
seat of the Dalruaidhini, under Fergus the 1st
Scottish king ; is a royal and parl. burgh, contri-
butory to Ayr, no. of electors 268 ; and under
the new act is governed by a provost and 17
council., with a revenue of 12097. Size 11 m. by
8, open hills, rising 1200 ft. in one part ; pop. of
par. 9634 + 16, of burgh 6782, in the distilleries,
fisheries, and coasting trade; houses (burgh)
1623, with 2 churches, 3 chapels, townhouse and
tolbooth, mkt. house, public washing-house, 2
banks, mills, Dalarnan and 4 other distilleries




where ' Campbclton whisky ' is made, gram,
school, 3 other schools ; real prop. /. ; for poor
1654Z. Living(Presb. Kintyre) a collegiate charge
for two, val. of each 1471., patr. Duke of Argyll,
chief heritor; church, stands on the site of the
Macdonalds' castle, and near Kilkerran ch. ruins.
In the mkt. place is an old cross from Icolmkil.
N. of Davar isld. is the way to the harb., which
is 2 m. long, well sheltered, with 6 to 10 fath.
water, 2 harb. lights (12 and 36 ft. high), and the
Oterard, Ilanross, and other rocks off it. In 1846,
28 sail of 2039 tons (23 being under 50 t. each)
belonged to the port, which has Islay and Tar-
bert for sub-ports ; and the tonnage Inwards and
Outwards, including repeated voyages, was 624
sail of 179,211 1. and 172 of 5036 tons (besides
23 steamers of 2675 and 20 of 2161 t.), from
' foreign ports ' 2 of 292 t. ; total customs 10/.,
the imports being whisky (which stands 3rd
quality), potatoes, etc. 'Mkt. D. Th. Fairs,
1-8 Aug. 1-8 Oct. 1-8 Nov.

CASIPDEK, BROAD, hmlt. (45) Chipping Camp-
den par. as below, 1 m. SE. Pop. 230 ; real prop.
26 12i

P.M. CAMPDEN, CHIPPING, par. (45) Upper
Kiftsgate hund. NE. Gloucest. 24 m. NE. of
Gloucester, 90 from London, a polling place, and a
nominal boro ' under charter of Jas. I., containing
Campden Broad as above, Berrington, where the
W. Saxons and Mercians had a battle, and West-
ingdon with Combe, was the spot where, 687, the
saxon kings met to prosecute the war with the
Britons, and was a noted staple for wool in the
14th cent. Acres 4660 ; pop. 2087 + 5, of town
1521, silk weavers and stocking knitters; houses
321, in a well wooded valley, in one long street,
and many ancient, with an old courthouse, mkt.
house b. 1624 by Sir Baptist Hickes (the mater-
nal ancestor of the Noels, and builder of a noble
seat here which was destroyed by the cavaliers to
keep it from the parliament, also of C. House, at
Kensington, and of Hickes's Hall which stood near
Smithfield), 2 chapels, Varbey's gram, school
(1707.) with an exhibition at Pembroke Coll.
Oxon., Thynne's blue coat (1301.') and Towns-
hend's (207.) schools, Hickes's almsho. (1407.) ;
poor r. 10507, on 72187. (Shipston U.) ; real prop.
28417; charities 4897, St. James Vic. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 640/., patr. Earl of Gainsborough, who
has the manor, and takes hence title of visct. ;
church, fine decorated eng. (partly b. by W.
Grevel, a great wool merchant), with two end
chapels, tower of 120 ft., old font, 4 brasses
(Grevel and wife canopied 1401, W. Gybbys
and 3 wives 1484, etc.), and some excellent
tombs of Hickes (who was created first visct.),
and the Noels. Harris, a parliament preacher,
and Ballard, a saxon scholar, author of ' Me-
moirs of British Ladies, ' were natives. At
Dover Hill, the Coteswold games, established by
Dover of Barton-on-the-Heath, were celebrated.
Some remains of Hickes's seat are yet visible.
J C. DEANERY, archdy. and dioc. of Gloucester,
contains the benefices marked in Kiftsgate hund.,
with Alderton rect., Beckford vie., Clifford Cham-
bers r., Kemerton r., Lemington cur., Stanway .,
Toddenham c., Gt Washbourn c. Mkt. D. Wed.
Fairs, Ash Wed. 23 Apr. 5 Aug. 11 Dec.

Campden Hill (7) near Kensington, NW. Lon-
don, Sir J. South, whose observatory is here.

Camperdown (5) near Comber, N.Down. g- C.
House, 3 m. NVV. by W. of Dundee, S. Forfar.
Earl Camperdown, b. by Parl. for Duncan after
his victory 1 797.

Camphill Cottage (54) 2 m. N. of Henley-in-
Arden, W. Warwick.

Camphire ( ) near Cappoquin, W. Waterford,
on R. Blackwater, Usher, Esq.

Cample Water, Morton par. NW. Dumfries.
rises in Wedder Law, and runs SW. to R. Nith.

CAMPSIUIR vil. Kettins par. S. Forfar. 1 1 m.
NW. of Dundee-45, on Newtyle rail. Pop. 45.

Campodunum of Bede, is ALMONDBURY, York.

fr CAMPS DEANERY, archdy. of Sudbury, dioc.
of Ely, so called from Castle camps, contains the
benefices marked in Welford, Radfield, Staine, and
Whittlesford hunds. Cambridge.

CAMP'S END (47) 4 m. SE. of Linton-48, SE.

CAMPSALL par. (87) Upper Osgoldcross wap.
W. R. York. 7 m. N. of Doncaster-162, contains
Askerne, Fenwick, Moss, Norton, and Sutton.
Acres 9390, of tnshp. with Barnsdale 1470 ; pop.
2149 + 14 and 385 ; poor r. 1427. (Doncas. U.) ; real
prop. 23447. ; charities 137. St. M. Magdalen Cur.
(Yk.) val. 1287., patr. G. C. Yarborough, Esq.
C. Hall, Rev. E. Frank, who has the collections
made for the Hist, of the W. Riding by his great
uncle, the antiquary ; Campsmount, .

CAMPSEY ASH par. (50) Loes hund. SE. Suf-
folk, 6 m. LW. of Saxmundham-89, on R. Deben,
has remains of StClare's nunnery Theo-
bald de Valoines in John's time, to which Maud
de Lancaster added her chantry before its re-
moval to Bmisyard. Acres 1900 ; pop. 374 ; poor
r. 2777. (Plomesgate U.) ; real prop. 28487. ; chari-
ties, parish estate 107. St. J. Baptist Rect.
(Norw.)val. 3507., patr.Trustees ; church, has brass
of a priest. Ash House, seat of the Hoylands.

CAMPSIE par. in The Lennox, <S. Stirling. 4 m.
S. of Fintry-45, on Kelvin Water, Ed. and Glas.
rail, and Gt. canal, near Antonine's wall, contains
Birdstone, part of Clachan, Haugh-head, Lennox-
town, Milton (with a distillery), and Torrence.
Size 6 m. by 6, hilly, rising 1500 ft. at C. Fells,
with gypsum, coal, lime, iron traces of lead,
and copper ; pop. 6412 + 130, in the print works ;
real prop. 19,5567. of which 21807. on mines; for
poor 10437. Living (Presb. Glasgow) val. 28o/.,
patr. Crown. Two british forts are here, and
" Campsie grays " used to be spun. The branch
rail of 5^m. goes to Kirkintilloch and Lennox-
town. Bell of Antermony, the traveller, was a
native. (JiT Campsie (14) 4 m. NE. of London-
derry, N. Londondy.

Campsie Linn, in Caxgill par. E. Perth, a fine fall
of R. Tay, where salmon are caught.

of Abergavenny-141, N. Monmouth., a meet for
the Monmo' hounds.

Campstone Castle, Twynholme par. KirJtcudbt.
on R. Dee, where joined by R. Tart.

CAMPTON par. (46) Clifton hund. SE. Beds.
6 m. SW. of Biggleswade-45, on R. Ivel, contain-
ing Shefford, belongs to the Honour of Ampthill.
Acres 1120; pop. 1390; poor r. 2087. (Bigglesw.
U.) ; real. prop. 18917. ; charities 1447., of which
Fepffment estate 1407. Living, a Rect. (Ely) val.
with Shefford 3747., patr. Sir G. R. Osborne, Bt, ;
church, has brass of R. Carlyll and wife (1489),
and the grave of R. Bloomfield the poet who died
here 1823. An old seat here is a school.

CAMROSE, or CAMRHOS, par. (40) Rose hund.
W. Pembroke. 3 m. NNW. of Haverford West
-251, on a branch of R. Cleddv, contains Keston.
Pop. 1210 ; poor r. 4317. (Haverf. U.) ; real prop.
57437. Living, a Vic. (St. Dav.) val. 1277. patr.
H.W. Bowen, Esq., of C. House. Fair, 13 Feb.

Cams Hall (11) near Fareham, S. Hants. H. P.
Delme, Esq. C., Little, Capt. George. $^ C.
Hill (34) near Malmsbury, NW. Wilts, has two
british camps, with another supposed to be saxon,


and the site of a battle between Stephen and the
empress Maud.

(.'AMPIU-: vil. (39) Shelburne par. S.Wexford
3 in. X. of Arthurstown-101.

Camus (GO) near Cashcl, W. Tijtperary.

CAMUS par. (5, 10) Strabane bar. N. Tyrone,
containing Strabane- 129, on R. Thournc, belongs
to Marq. of Abercorn. Acres 7555, half moor and
mountain ; pop. (1309, decreasing, some weavers.
Living, a Rect. (I)y. R.) val. 5977., pntr. Bishop;
church, built 1619. Milltown, J. Humphrey.-, Kstj.

Camiis-na-gaul, near CoiTan ferry, in L. Eil,
S. Inverness, has a fine view.

CAMUS-TOWN vil. Monikie par. S. Forfar. has
a pillar, on the spot where Camus the Dane was
killed, in the battle of Barril, 1010.

CAMVELIN vil. (40) Llangan par. W. Car-
marthen. 5 m. NE. of Narbeth-240.

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