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CAMWORTH hmlt. (15) Garrycastle bar. N.
King's Co. 4 m. NE. of Ferbane-71.

Can River ( ) runs into R. Chelmer, near
Chelmsford, Mid. Essex.

Canada ( ) 5 m. ENE. of Kothbury, E Nor-

CANAMOLLAGH hmlt. (4) Corcomroe bar. NW.
Ci.ire, 13 m. NW. of Ennistymon-154.

CANANBRIDGE (43) 5 m. WNW. of Hereford
-134, Mid. Hereford, on R. Wye.

Canda River ( ) runs into R. Eden, at Carlisle,
N. Cumbrld.

Candida Casa of Bede, is WHITKHORN, Wigton,
the Leucaphibia of Ptolemy, where St. Ninian
al>out 400, b. his first stone church, which became
the head of a diocese 723-800.

P. CANDLESBY par.(84)Candleshoe wap. E.Lin-
co/n. 3 m. ENE. of Spilsby-129. Acres 850 ; pop.
'_' 17 + 3 ; poor r. 1637. (Spils. U.) ; real prop. 14877.
St. Benedict Rect. (Line.) val. 200/., patr. Magd.
(.'<.ll. Oxon. C. Hall, Capt, Massingberd, R. N.

vision, E. Lincoln, contains the pars, (and bene-
fices) of Addlethorpe rect., Burgh vie., Croft .,
l-'riskney ., Ingoldmells r., Northolme, Orby r.,
Skcgness r. (All Saints and St. Mary), Wainfleet
?-., and Winthorpe; acres 3.3,530, pop. 7075, houses
1385. C. WAPENTAKE, Wold div., the pars, of
Ashby rect., Bratoft r., Candlesby r., Dalby cur.,
Driby r., Firsby r., St. Peter Gunby r., lrl)y c.,
Partney r., Screm by r., Skendleby ., Gt. Steep-
ing, Sutterby r., and Welton c. ; acres 16,510, pop.
2!i.'J7 houses, 577. >{ CANDLESIIOE DEANERY,
archdy. and dioc. of Lincoln, contains the benefices
marked in the bund, above.

Candlestick Lodge (19) 1 m. S. of Howth, E.

Candlestone (36) near Bridgenrl, S. Gfamrgn.

CANDOVER, BROWN, par. (12) Mainsboro' bund.
A', //unts. 4 m. NNW. of Alresford-57. Acres
1230; pop. 313 + 3 ; poor r. 1787. (Alresf. U.);
real prop. 14887. St. Peter Rect. (Wine.) val.
with C. CHILTON 4977., patr. Lord Ashburton.
8vJ C., CHILTON, par. as above, 1 m. ENE. is
Cendefer of Alfred's Will. Acres 2190 ; pop. 103 ;
poor r. 103/. ; real prop. 7957. St. Nicholas Rect.
with the above.

P. CANDOVER, PRESTON, par. Lower Bermonds-
pit bund, as above, 1 in. N K. Acres 3430; pop.
481 + 5 ; poor r. .'5087. (Basingstoke U.) ; real
prop. 29397. Living, a C/V. (Wine.) val. with
Nut Icy 228/., patr. Dean and Chap. C. House, J.
J'.larkiiurne, Esq.

Cane End (13) near Crowmarsh, S. Orford,
W. Vanderstegen, Esq.

P. CAXEWDON par. (1, 2) Rochford bund. SE.
Essex, 3 m. NNE. of Rochford-38, on R. Crouch,
has a danifih camp, supposed to have been the




' seat of Canute. Acres 2800, marshy ; pop. 723 +
5 ; poor r. 473/. (Rochf. U.) ; real prop. 68627. ;
charities 1327., of which Poor's land 113. St.
Nicholas Vic. (Roch.) val. 495/., patr. Bishop of
London ; church, later eng. C. Wick, A m. E.

CANFIELD, GHEAT, par. (47) Duninow bund.
NW. Essex, 3 m. SW. of Dtinmow-38, on R.
Roding, has the keep of a moated castle b. by the
De Veres, whence it is sometimes called C. ad
Castrum. Acres 3070 ; pop. 496 ; poor r. 41 17.
(Dunm. U.) ; real prop. 37097. Living, a Vic.
(Roch.) val. 140/., patr. J. M. Wilson, Esq. ; church,
has 2 brasses (J. Wiseman and fam. 1518, etc.). C.
House, J. Barnard, Esq. $35 C., LITTLE, par. as
above, 2m. N. Acres 1510; pop. 258; poor r.
263Z. ; real prop. 2026/. Living, a Rect. (Roch.)
val. 327/., patr. Ch. Coll. Camb. ; church, has 2
brasses (Anne Pudsey 1593, etc.).

CANFORD MAGNA par. (15) Cogdean bund.
SE. Dorset. 5 m. NNE. of Poole-106, on R. Stour,
contains Kinson, Longfleet, and Parkstone curs.,
with Knighton, Moreton, and Oakley, and John
o' Gaunt's ' Kitchen.' Acres 7880, woody at C.
Bottom ; pop. 3957 + 85 ; poor r. 4007. (Poole U.) ;
real prop. 48467. ; charities 227., of which Exeter
almsh. 167. Living, a Vic. (Sal.) val. 4507,, patr.
Sir J. Guest, Bt. C. House, Hon. W. F. Ponsonby ;
C. Lodge, Lord de Mauley.

P. CANFORD, LITTLE, 2 m. NE. of the above.

Cangani of Ptolemy, about Clare or Kerry, were
a tribe of the Cangi of the Romans, settled in
Carnarvn., which is washed by N. part of Cardigan
bay, or Canganus Sinus, and ends in Canganorum
Prom, or Braieh-y-Pwll point near Bardsey isld.

Canglass Point (69) S. side of Dingle bay, W.

Cangort (41-2) near Shinrone, SW. King's Co.
H. Trench, Esq. C. Park, G. Atkinson, Esq.

Cangullia (49) 5 m. S. of Castleislaud, Mid.

Canham, or Cannons, Lodge, 2 m. S W. of Kings-
clere, N. Hants, now pulled down, was a hunting
seat of the late Duke of Cumberland, where Foote
broke his leg.

Canhatch Farm (8) 5 m. N. of Reigate, E. Surrey.

CANICE, ST., par. (14, 19) Shillelogher bar. and
Kilkenny city, Mid. KiJky. 2 in. NW. of Kilkenny
-72. Acres 6915 ; pop. 8453.

CANISBAY par. 7 m. N. of Keiss-289, N. Caith-
ness, on Pentland Frith, includes Duncansby head,
John o' Groat's house, and Stromna isld. Size
10 m. by 5, limestone, heathy pasture, with a
rocky E. coast, near Warth hill, etc. and loch Mey,
and fine shell sand ; pop. 2306, decreasing,
farmers and fishermen ; real prop. 37577.. ; for
poor 1967. Living (Presb. Caithn.) val. 2067.,
patr. Sinclair of Freswick. Barrogill cast., Earl
of Caithness ; Brabster, Sinclair, Esq. Picts'
houses, forts, ruined chapels, etc., are found ; the
climate is mild, and the aurora borealis often

CANKLOW hmlt. (82) Whiston par. W. R. York.
2 m. SSE. of Rotherham-159.

CANLEY hmit. (53) Stoneleigh par. Mid. War-
wick. 2 m. SW. of Coventry-91.

CANN, or SHASTON-ST. RUM BOLD, par. (!.">)
Sixpi'imy-Handley bund. NE. Dorset. 1 m. SE.
of Shaftesbury-101. Acres 910; pop. 523 + 9;
poor r. 2267. (Shaftesb. U.) ; real prop. 7. Liv-
ing, a Rect. (Sal.) val. 1967., patr. Earl of Shaftes-

P. CANN OFFICE vil. (60) 6 m. WNW. of
Llanfair Mid, Montgmry. u fishing station, on site
of a camp.

Canny Quarr (25) 4 m. NNE. of Plymouth,
SW. Devon.


Canna Isld. Small Isles par. S. Argyll. 3 m. NW.
of Rum, has a good harb. towards Sand isld. Size
4 m. by 1, hilly, with arable and pasture ; pop.
255, decreasing. Compass Hill, of basalt, reverses
the needle of a compass, when brought near it,
and Corrandhun is a plumpudding rock, with a
fossil tree in it.

CANNA-MILL hmlt. ( ) W. Newton tnshp. N.
Northmbrld. 6 m. WNW. of Wooler-320.

CANNALIGEE (30) 4 m. SW. of Wadebridge
-239, Mid. Cornwall.

Cannap (31) 6 m. W. of Penryn-266, SW.

CANNAWAY par. (71-2, 83) E. Muskerry bar.
Mid. Cork. 4 m. SE. of Macroom-171, on R. Lee,
here crossed by two bridges. Acres 5225, middling
land ; an. val. 4274Z. ; pop. 1547 + 3. Living, a
Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. 203Z., patr. Bishop. Nettle-
ville Hall, R. N. Nettle, Esq.

CANNESBURN hmlt. E. Kilpatrick par. S. Dum-
barton, on R. Clyde. Pop. 33.

Cannich River, joins R. Beauly, NE. Inverness.
near Erchless castle.

P. CANNINGSTOWN ( ) near Bailieboro', E.

CANNINGTON HUNDRED (20) Mid. Somerset.
contains the pars, of Aisholt rect., Cannington vie.,
Charlinch r., Fiddington r., Otterhampton r.,
Spaxton r., Stockland-Bristol v., Stogursey v.,
Over Stowey, and Stringston v. ; acres 25,480, pop.
5580, houses 1163. See BRIDGWATEK DEANERY.

P. CANNINGTON par. as above, 3 m. NW. of
Bridgwater-139, an old place, the saxon Ca-
ninganmaersees, on R. Parret, containing Edstock
and Beer, had a benedictine nunnery found, by
Rob. de Courcy of Stokecourcy, in Stephen's time.
Acres 3970; pop. 1349; poor r. 733Z. (Bridg-
waterlL); real prop. 1601Z. ; charities 364Z., of
which Rogers's for poor and almsh. 330Z. St.
Mary Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 371Z., patr. Lord
Clifford, who has the manor ; church, later eng.,
was part of the nunnery, and has tombs of the

P. CANNOCK par. (62) E. Cutttlestone hund.
S. Stafford. 4 m. SE. of Penkridge-131, near
N. West, rail., contains C. WOOD tnshp. (pop.
275), Hednesford, Leacroft, Huntington, and Gt.
Wyrley cur., near Watling St. and C. Chase,
now bare heath, though once a forest in which
the mercian and norman kings had a hunt-
ing-seat and castle. Acres 11,970, with coal
and ironstone or 'Cannock' stone; pop. 2852,
of town 1125 + 36, miners, some tool-makers ;
poor r. 426Z. (Penkr. U.) ; real prop. 10,010Z. St.
Michael Cur. (Lich.) val. 144Z., patr. Dean and
Chap. sometime held by Dr. Sacheverell. The
Chase, commanding some good views from Castle
hill and the Knave's castle, stretched to R.
Trent, over a space of 25,000 acres ; it contains
the site of Radmore abbey, and some stones
supposed to be druidical. Fairs, 8 May, 24 Aug.
6 Oct. cattle.

Cannon Hall (88) 5 m. WNW. of Barnsley,
W. R. York. J. Stanhope Spencer, Esq., has the
bow of Little John the outlaw. i^ C. Hill (7)
2 m. S. of Maidenhead, E. Berks. J. Law, Esq.
^ C. Hill (8) 4 m. ESE. of Kingston, NE.
Surrey, T. Sherwood, Esq. $& C. House (9)
4 m. N. of Chichester, W. Sussex, seat of late
Lord Selsey, as lessee of Chichester cathedral.

CANNON-FEE tythg. (21) par. of Crediton-180,
Mid. Devon. Pop. 1411.

Cannonhill Hall ( ), near , Worcest. S.
Ryland, Esq.

CANNONIIOLD tythg. (14) Melksham par. W.
Wilts, near Melksham-96. Pop. 321.


Cannor Loch, Glenmuick par. S W. Aberdeen.
is 3 miles round, with some islds. in it, and an old
hunting seat of Malcolm Canmore.

CANOL vil. (57) Trefeirig tnshp. NW. Cardi-
gan, near Aberystwith-208.

CANON-FROME par. (43) Radlow hund. E
Hereford. 5 m. NW. Ledbury-120, on R. Frome.
Acres 1040 ; pop. 115 + 2 ; poor r. 57Z. (Ledb. U.) ;
real prop. 1211Z. Living, a Vic. (Herf.) val. 193/.,
patr. Rev. J. Hopton, vicar, of C. F. Court, (gg" C.
HILLS vil. in New town of Edinbro', N. Edinb.
on Leith Water and Newhaven rail., has some
corn-mills which belonged to Holyrood abbey,
fig" C. Isld. (60) 2 m. E. of Killadysert, S. Clare,
at the mouth of R. Fergus, has the ruins of a
priory found, by O'Brien, afterwards given to
the earls of Thomond. ^ C.-PioN, or PYON,
par. (55) Grimsworth hund. Mid. Hereford. 3 m.
SE. of Weobley-145. Acres 3730, part in hops ;
pop. 681 + 2; poor r. 312Z. (Weob. U.); real
prop. 5046Z. St. Lawrence Vic. (Heref.) val.
Z., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, early eng.
with a screen and large old font. C. P. House, D.
Thomas, Esq.

P. CANONBIE, or CANOBY,par. E. Dumfries. 6 m.
S. of Langholm-73, on the borders, at Halgreen,
where R. Liddell joins the Esk, has a few remains
of a canonry, found. (Dav. I.) by Turgot de Rosse-
dale, which was given to Jedburgh abbey, and
destroyed at the battle of Solway Moss. Size
9 m. by 6, hilly, but fertile and well wooded, with
coal, stone, lime, and iron springs; pop. 3032,
decreasing ; real prop. 9375Z., of which 2753Z. on
mines and quarries ; for poor 623Z. Living (Presb.
Langh.) val. 237Z., patr. Duke of Buccleuch, chief
heritor. Remains of roman camps, of Watling St.
from Netherby, and of border towers, are seen.
" There was racing and chasing on Canobie lea."

Canonbury House, at Islington, 2 m. N. of Lon-
don, among a pile of old-fashioned buildings, and
consisting chiefly of a 7-storied brick tower, 58 ft.
high, 17 square, belonged to the canons of St.
Bartholomew's and was b. by Bolton the last
prior, whose punning arms, ' a bird bolt in a
tun,' are yet visible. The manor, after passing
through T. Cromwell, Dudley, and others, came
to ' rich Spencer,' the lord ma3 - or whose daughter
was carried off hence by her lover Lord Compton,
ancestor of marq. of Northampton, the present
holder. Among the tenants of the tower were
Chambers the author of the ' Cyclopaedia,' who
died, and Goldsmith who wrote part of his ' De-
serted Village,' here, also C. Smart the poet, and
his friend Newberry the bookseller.

CANONBY-CROSS par. ( ) Allerdale-below-Der-
wentward. W. Cumbrld. 2m.NE.of Maryport-31],
on Solway Frith and R. Ellen, near Carlisle rail.,
contains Birkby, Crossby, and Maryport cur.
Acres 2400, with coal and stone quarries ; pop.
5731 + 149, of tnshp. 27 ; poor r. 992Z. (Cocker-
mo' U.) ; real prop. 440 1Z. St. John Cur. (Carl.)
val. 150Z., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, partly

CANONGATE par. suburb of Edinbro', .ZV. Edinb.
so called after Dav. I.'s abbey of canons regular,
or Holyrood, which it contains, is an ancient
burgh of regality to the city, governed by a baron
bailie, etc. and including the castle, 3 churches,
gram, school, burgh and sessional schools, Mag-
dalen asylum (old Queensberry Ho.), house of
refuge, charity workhouse, police station, burgh
court and gaol, White Horse Close (near that old
inn), Moray Ho. (now Free Church normal sch.),
etc. Pop. 9945 ; houses 1503 ; real prop. Z. ; for
poor 2053Z. Living (Presb. Edinb.) 1st minister,
val. Z., patr. Crown, 2nd Z., patrs. Heritors


and K. session ; church, built lf.88, is cruciform,
an>l lias mons. of Ferguson the poet, A. Smith,
and D. Stewart : New Street a. s. val. I., patr.
Mombcrs ; Leith Wynd q. s. val. /., patr. .

( .' AXOXGATE tnshp. ( ) Alnwick par. E.Xorth-
mbrld. near Alnwick-308. 1'op. 572.

Canonium of the Romans, was near KELVEDON,

Canonleigh House (22) 8 m. ENE. of Tiverton,
NE. Devon.

Canons (7) 5 m. SW. of Barnet, N. Middlesex,
the property of the duke of Buckingham, for-
merly of St* Bartholemew's priory, was given by
Henry VIII. to the Losses (whose seat is thought
to be the ' Cbandos arms,' Stanmore), and through
the Lakes, came to the 1st duke of Chandos (the
' Timon ' of Pope) who here built a noble palace in
the formal style of the day, which his successor
pulled down 1747. C. Park, belonged to O'Kelly
the sportsman, whose famous horse ' Eclipse ' was
ouried before the house.

Canons, High (7) 3m. NVV. of Barnet, SW.

Canonte'ign House (22) 8m. SW. of Exeter,
Mid. Devon, seat of Visct. Exmouth, formerly
of the hero of Algiers, who is buried in Christow
church. It was taken by Fairfax, 1642.

Canrour (85) 7 m. NE" of Kenmare, S. Kerry.

Cant Sand, stretches from Sheerness, N. Kent,
3 or 4m. NE. of it, with 1 to 2 fath. at the edge.

CAXTELOSE, an old par. now part of Hethersett,
Norfolk, to which the Beet is united.

#* P. M. * 31. CANTERBURY city (3) a
county of itself, locally in Bridge hund. St.
Augustine lathe, E. Kent, 55 m. from London or
81 iiv S.East. rail., a sessions, election, and polling
town, excise collection, militia head qrs. and seat
of the primacy of all England, on Watling St.
and R. Stour/is the Divrwhern of the Britons,
Durttctrnum of the Romans (who built the walls),
Cantu-arabyrig, or " Kent town," of the saxon
kings of Kent, who made it their metropolis,
and was at that time noted for its abbey and
cathedral, founded upon the conversion of Ethel-
dred by St. Augustine the first archbishop ; was
repeatedly taken by the Danes 843, 852, 918, etc.
and 1011, when St. Alphage was put to death;
appcjirs as the Civitas Cantuarite of 'Domesdy. '
with a castle b. by the Conqueror, and later still,
after the murder of a Becket 1170, was distin-
guished for the pilgrimages from all parts of
Christendom to his shrine ; visited bv Hen. II.
1172, '79, and '84, by Rich. 1. 1194, Rich. II. 1389,
Hen. VIII. and emp. Ch. V. etc. 1519, and Eliz.
etc. as below; is a boro' returning two mem-
bers to parl. from Edw. I., the limits under
the Reform act, including the 13 pars, below,
with part of Holy Cross, the boro' of Longport
and the ext. par. places, or precincts of the
archbp.'s palace, Christehureh (the cathedral),
East Bridge and St. John's hospitals, Old-Castle,
St. Augustine abbey, and the almonry, the no.
of electors being 1625 (of 107. houses "3699); and
by the municipal act is divided into 3 wards (for-
merly 6), governed by a mayor, aid. and 18 coun-
cil, with the style of " mayor and commonalty of
city of C." and a revenue of 373 1/. Acres of boro'
3240, chalk and clay ; pop. 15,435 + 97, employed
in the corn, hop, and wool trade, formerly in
the manufactures of 'Chamberry' muslins and
silk first brought here by the A\ alloons. Houses
27G9, many old-timbered, on a flat surface, which
in the course of time has gradually risen above
the river, with the cathedral, 1 1 churches, 6 fha-
pol.s ; guildhall reb. in Anne's time, sessions house
and co. g::ol,co. hosp. on site of abbey, 2 banks, '

CAN 339

savings bk. (116,0217. from 4173 depositors), as-
sembly-rooms, theatre, gas and water works close
to the castle ruins ; cavalry, infantry, and artillery
barracks ; philosoph. institution, corn and hop ex-
change, butter, fish, and cattle markets, military
hospital, Masters's nursery of rare plants, etc.,
gram, school (formerly the almonry or mint) found,
by Hen. VIII. with about 24 scholarships or exhibi-
tions, and the place where Harvey, Dr. March, and
Lord Tenterden (whose father was a barber here)
were educated ; Jesus hospital (618/.) founded 1596
by Sir J. Boys ; Eastbridge hosp. (5127.) to which
Cockyre's hosp. and Abp. Whitgift's school are
attached, founded bv Abp. Lanfranc, who also
founded St. Nicholas's at Harbledown (2807.), of
which the chapel remains ; blue-coat hosp. (4757.)
on the foundation of Archdn. Langton's poor
priests' hosp., which is now the city workhouse ;
St. John's hosp. (4857.) found. 1084 by Lanfranc
with remains of the chapel doorway; Cogan's
hosp. (248/.) for clergymen's widows ; Mayner the
Rich, or Maynard's, hosp. or spittle (2447.) found.
Hen. II.'s time ; Hackington hosp. (26/.), Smith's
almsh. (260/.), Harris's 687., Dean's Sunday
school (437.) ; the Abbot's, Dean's, and other old
mills. Assd. taxes 45857. ; poor r. 81337. on
47,3287. (Bromley U.) ; real prop. 47,G927. ;
charities 48997., of which, besides the above,
Lovejoy's is 5527. Livings in dioc. of (Cant.)
are : All Saints Rect. with St Mary-in-Castle
Beet, and St. Mildred, val. 1507., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor, St. Mildred ch. on the site of an older, has
tombs of the Attwoods, Cranmers, and others;
St. Alphage Beet, with St. Mary Northgate Vic.
1507. Archbp., ch. has some curious epitaphs;
St. Andrew Beet, with St. Mary Bredman Beet.
2031, Archbp. and Dean and Chap. St. Mary ch,
has tombs of Herne who wrote the ' Hist, of Re-
culver;' St. George Martyr Beet, with St. M.
Magdalen Beet. 1407.,Dean and Chap., St.George
ch., once norman and lately restored (when a
sedilia, piscina, etc. were found) has a wooden
tower, brass of 1531, and both have old fonts,
St. Mary's has 2 brasses (1492) ; St. Margaret
Beet. 877., Archdu., ch. has a tomb of Somner the
city historian and brass of J. Wynter (1479);
St. Mary Bredin Vic. 1497., Rev. H. L. Warner,
vicar, of Dane John manor, ch. b. at the Con-
quest by Fitz-Hamon, has an old font and wood
tower ; St. Peter Beet, with Holy Cross Vic. 1617.,
Archbp. and Dean and Chap., Holy Cross ch.
close to Westgate, ancient and cruciform, has a
font, and had a chantry; St. Martin Beet, with
St. Paul Vic. 3007. Archbp. and Dean and Chap.,
St. Martin cA. small and rough cast, on a hill
beyond the walls, and lately well restored by the
Lancefields at the cost of Hon. D. Finch, is partly
of roman brick and tile, on the site of one which
was built for Augustine or before, and was a sort
of cathedral to a resident suffragan bishop, it
has an ivied tower, stained windows, 3 brasses
(1587), and a norman font 3 ft. high, which they
say is the one in which Ethelbert was baptized,
597, with old yews in the ch.yard, and a fine
view from the porch, St. Paul ch. early eng.
has a pillared font, 2 bras-es and a tomb of'Adml.
Rooke of Rooke's Nest, which was formerly St.
Lawrence's leper hosp. : these pars, constitute the
borough. Another outside the walls is St. Dun-
stan Vic. 1207., Archbp., cA. ancient, but mo-
dernised, belonged to St Gregory's coll., has a
half circular tower close to the W. tower, a piscina,
font, vestry (a chantry 1330), and the head of
Sir T. More in the chantry found. (Hen. IV.)
by the Ropers of Place house (the gateway of
which is part of a brewery). The churches are

z 2




mostly flint and rough cast, containing fragments
of older buildings. The cathedral (lately restored)
which at first was Ethelbert's house, was burnt
by the Danes 1011, reb. 1023 by Canute, again
reb. after another fire by Abp. Lanfranc 1073-
1080 ; the choir being taken down was reb. under
the name of the "glorious choir" by prior Con-
rade 1114, and after a fire of 1174 was finally
reb. with its transept 1174 by Will, de Soissons;
the present nave and its transept 1379-1420. It
is a double cross like that of Rochester, the length
being 514ft., of which choir is 180, and 71 high;
E. transept 154 ft. through, the W. 124 ; and the
styles are specimens of all the early norm, to latest
eng. The beautiful central Bell-Harry tower is
235 ft. high, the Oxford and Arundel towers at
W. end 130 ; St. Andrew's and Anselm's tower at
E. end . In the nave (214 ft. by 94, and 80
high) are Prior Goldstone's beautiful later eng.
porch (1517) Itnd the great W. window, with
mon. of Gibbons the organist, Casaubon, Rooke,
and others ; the NW. transept near the cloisters,
called the Martyrdom,' where a- Becket was
murdered, had a fine painted window, much
injured by the puritans 1641 ; close to it is the
Lady, or Dean's, chapel, b. by Goldstone, with
mons. of Wotton and other deans ; in the
SW. transept is St. Michael's chapel, b. by Abp.
Sudbury, with mons. of duke of Clarence, Lang-
ton, etc., and the porch of the Black Prince's
chantry ; the decorated screen dividing the nave
and choir was the work of Prior de Estria ; in the
choir, which is chiefly transition norman and
early eng., are Q. Edith's tomb; in NE. tran-
sept Trinity chapel, and its pavement, on which
stood the gold shrine containing the relics of h,
Becket, which on the jubilees drew 100,000 per-
sons with their offerings, and where are mons. of
Hen. IV. and his queen, the Black Prince, Chi-
chely, Bourchier, and other prelates ; and at the
extremity is & Becket's Crown (norman and
pointed) with mons. of Cards. Pole and Chatillon,
and the ancient chair in which the abp. is en-
throned. Within the precincts are the archbp.'s
palace (now a workshop), the almonry or King's
school close to Green Court gate, the waterhouse
on the wall ; baptistry with its norman door,
prior's chapel or library with an old copy of Dun-
stan's charter, and an inlaid table ; Prior's gate-
way covered with ivy ; the treasury where records
are kept, with its unique norman staircase in
good condition; the cloisters (134 ft. square)
restored by Prebendary Peel, with 683 shields
running round ; the chapter-house (on X. side)
92 ft. by 37, early and later eng., in which Hen. II.
did penance li7?,. The crypt, or undercroft,
where the Walloons had service in French, con-
tains the Virgin and other chapels in norman
and later styles, with many tombs. C. Abbey
in which the apostle of England was buried 605,
was deJicated to him by Dunstan 978, was
mitred and had a mint and large possessions;
part of the walls, the beautiful N. gate in deco-
rated style, and the ruins of St. Pancras remain ;
St. Ethelbert's tower (which covered his grave')
was suffered to fall down 1822. Hen. VIII.
turned it into a palace for himself, and Eliz.
kept her birthday here 1573 ; Jas. I. gave it
to the Cecils, from whom it came to the Wat-
tons, who entertained Chas. I. on his mar-
riage with Henrietta Maria, at this place 1625,
and received Chas. II. at the Restoration 1660.
St. Augustine's missionary college founded on
the abbey site by H. Hope, Esq. M. P. (who re-
stored the old gate), and b. by Butterfield 1847-9,
is a quadrangle, including a chapel, hall, library,

cloisters, corridor, etc. in the monastic style.
Remains are left of St. Lawrence's hosp. wall
with his gridiron upon it ; of blackfriars' house
I (b. 1217) now a baptist and Unitarian chapel, and
! the wall of St. James's leper hosp. ; but those of
i St. Gregory's prior}', founded by Lanfranc 1084,
the porch of which is at Beachley, are removed.
Near Oatenhill onWatling St., where the gallows
stood, was St. Sepulchre's nunnery (found. 1100
by Anselm), of which there are traces, and to
which the impostor Eliz. Barton the 'holy maid'
belonged. The gray friars who came over 1224
had their oldest house (part of the walls are left),
and the templars a preceptory, here. In Castle
St. is the keep of the Conqueror's castle. ' Chau-
cer's Inn ' stood in Mercery Lane. The city walls,
about 1J m. in circuit, 20 ft. high, still have left
one of the 3 posterns, four of the 21 turrets, and
one out of 6 gates, viz. Westgate and its towers
(reb. by Abp. Sudbury, Rich. II.'s time) on the
London road, now used as a gaol. On the S. be-
tween Worthgate, where stood a roman arch (re-
moved to Lee Priory), and Riding Gate, through
which Watling St. passed, is the Dane John, or

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