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Dungehill, supposed to be the site of a danish
work, or a corruption of donjon and 1790 laid
out and planted for public use by Aid. Simmons,
with a terrace 1840 ft. by 15. Mrs. Behn (b. 1012),
Gostling (b. 1696), and Somncr (b. 160C) the
antiquaries, Dr. Linacre (1460), Dean Js'evile,
and Boyle (b. 15G6) the great earl of Cork, were
natives. It publishes the " C. Journal," " Kentish
Gaz." "Kent. Herald," and "Kent. Observer"
newspapers ; and gives title of visct. to the Man-
ners-Suttons. Roman ways went to Dover, Lymne,
Richboro', Reculver, as well as London. The
abp.'s PROVINCE includes the dioceses of St.
Asaph, Bangor, Bath and Wells, Canterbury,
Chichester, St. David's, Ely, Exeter, Gloucester
and Bristol, Hereford, Lictifield, Lincoln, Llan-
daft", London, Norwich, Oxford, Peterboro', Ro-
chester, Salisbury, Winchester, and Worcester,
a jurisdiction which comprises all England
except 6 northern counties. He is first peer of
the realm next to the royal family, and places
the crown on the sovereign's head at the corona-
tion; seats at Lambeth and Addington park,
patr. of 149 livings, and income 15,000/. Among
the prelates were Lanfranc, Anselm, u Becket,
Baldwin, Card. Langton, Card. Kilwarby, T.
Bredwardine, Chicheley, Card. Kemp, Card. Bour-
chier, Warham, Cranmer, Card. Pole, Parker,
Grindall, Bancroft, Abbot, Laud, Juxon, Sheldon,
Sancroft, Tillotson, Tenison, Wake, Seeker, Sut-
ton, Howley. C. DIOCESE, extending over a large
part of Kent, includes the archdeaconries of Can-
terbury and Maidstone, or 308 benefices in 14
deaneries in all ; chapter, etc. consists of a dean,
2 archdeacons, 9 canons, 6 minor canons, 6 preachers
and have the patr. of 33 livings. C. ARCH-
DEACONRY contains the deaneries of Bridge, Can-
terbury, Dover, Elham, Lymne, Ospringe, Sand-
wich, Westbere, or 157 benefices. C. DEANERY
contains Canterbury rect., Fordwick r., Hacking-
ton vie., Harbledown r., Low. Hardres r., Milton r.,
Nackington cur., Sturny p., Thannington c. Can-
terb. Sup. Registry comprises the city ; pop. 15,003
+ 176, births (1845) 404 (197 being females, 27
illegit.), death 323, marriages 146, of which
112 persons signed with marks. The New County
Court district includes the Registry, with Blean
and Bridge. The Excise District includes Can-
terbury, Komney, Cranbrook, Goudhurst, Tenter-
den, Ashford, Wye, Hythe, Folkestone, Dover,
Elham, Faversham, Ramsgate, Margate, Sand-
wich, Deal, and in 1835 had 41 officers, and col-



locted 147,3427. (each collector's round being
218m.), of which 60,3867. was on hops, 52,6317.
on malt, 14,4247. on paper, 94747. on licences,
57347. on bricks, 22257. on soap, etc. ; and the
total no. of traders (4131) included 1893 dealers
in tobacco, 1006 in tea, 860 in wine and spirits,
191 brewers and malsters, 111 makers of brick,
10 of paper. Mkt. D. Sat. Fair, for hiring, called
Jack and Joan fair, 10 Oct. and three weeks fol-
lowing. Races, Apr. Aug. on a cricket bat shaped
course of 2 in. (with a severe hill), on Barnham

CANTERTON tythg. (15) with Fritham, Min-
stead par. S W. Hants. 8 m. SW. of Romsey-72.
Pop. 38 ; real prop. 12597.

Cantii of the Romans, are the people of Kent,
which had Cantiopolis or Canterbury (usually
called Durovernum) for its capital, and ends in
Cantium (or Acantium) Prom, or N. Foreland.
The Cantce were in E. Iloss.

Cantleston (3C) near Ogmore Castle, 5. Glamrgn.

CAXTLEY par. (66) Blofield hund. E. Norfolk,
3 in. NNE. of Loddow-112, on Yarmouth rail, and
R. Yare. Acres 2970 ; pop. 210 ; poor r. 887.
(Blof. U.); real prop. 2577. St. Margaret Rect.
(Norw.) val. 2037., patr. W. A. Gilbert, Esq. C.
House, m. N. iir CANTLEY par. (87) b'traf-
forth wap. W. R.York. 2 m. SE. of Doncaster-162,
contains Bessecar, Branton, High and Low Ellers
and Gatewood. Acres 5160 ; pop. 651 + 2 ; poor
r. 3037. (Doncast. U.) ; real prop. 54297. ; charities,
poor's land 87. St. Wilfrid Vic. (Yk.) val. 2337.,
patr. J. W. Guilders, Esq. of C. House, formerly of
Carr house, where the celebrated horse ' Bay
Childcrs' was bred.

Cantl/e-far-faes, or Cantllevas Cromlech ( ) 2 m.
E. of Cardigan, S. Cardigan, is one of several
druidical remains.

CAXTLOP (61) 5 m. SSE. of Shrewsbury-153,
Mid. Salop.

CANTON hmlt. (36) Llandaff par. SE. Gla-
morgan, near Llandaff-162. Pop. 170 ; real prop.

Cantray House, at Croy, Nairn, near Culloden,
A. Davidson, Esq.

CuntrefGwaelofI, or Lowland Hundred, offGwal-
log and Aberystwith, Cardigan, a district 12 m.
by 5, with 16 towns, said in the welsh 'Triads '
to have been swallowed by the sea, and now form-
ing the Sarn Gwalod shoal. Another C. Gwaelod,
or probably part of the same, is off Barmo' etc.
between Sarn Badrig and Sarn-y-Bwch shoals.

CAXTKEKF, or CYXXEDD, par. (42) Penkelly
hund. Mid. Brecon. 2 m. SSE. of Brecknock-171,
on a branch of R. Usk, containing Nantddu cur.
under the Brecknock Beacons, which rise 2862 ft.
Size 15 m. by 2 ; pop. 223 + 3 ; poor r. 1117. (Brecon
U.~) ; real pfop. 15237. St. Mary Rect. (St. Dav.)
val. 7., patr. Rev. T. Powell, rector, of whose
family was the learned T. Powell, sometime rector.

CAXTSFIKLD tnshp. ( ) Tunstall par. N. Lan-
cash. 12 in. NW. of Laiieaster-240, near R. Greta,
Acres 1560 ; pop. 114 + 3 ; poor r. 557. ; real prop.
I'M*/. C. Hall, E. Tatham, Esq.

Cantuctune, of Alfred's Will, is QUANTOCK, So-

Ctintirara-biirh,or -byrig, of the Saxons, is CAN-
TKimriiY, Kent. Cantwarc, are the people, Cant-
ware-rice, the kingdom, Cantinganmaersces, the
marshes, of Kent.

CANTY BAY vil. 2 m. E. of North Berwick, N.
Hadilingtn. opposite Bass Rock.

Cantyre. See Kintyre, Argyll.

CANVEY ISLAND chplry. (1) Barstable and
Rochford hund. 5. Essex, in the Thames, between
Hole Haven and Leigh roads, opposite Benflcet,

to which there is a causeway, contains parts of 8
pars. Size G in. by 2, or about 3600 acres, marshy
pasture ; pop. 277, fishermen, etc. St. Catherine
Cur. (Roch.) val. 587., patr. Bp. London. Good
water has been found at the depth of 150 ft. ; and
the Chapman sand lines the outside.

CANWELL ext. par. (62) Offlow hund. SE.
Stafford. 5 m. SW. of Tarn worth-)] 5, had a priorv
found. 1142, by Geva Ridel, daughter of Hugh
Lupus, and given to Wolsey. Acres 260 ; pop:
27 ; poor r. 307. (Tamw. U.) ; real prop. 8197. C.
Hall, Sir F. Lawley, Bt. At Modswell is an ex-
cellent mineral water.

CANWICK par. (83) Lincoln city, W. Lincoln.
1 m. SE. of Lincoln-132. Pop. 190 ; poor r. 1297.
(Line. U.) ; real prop. 39497. ; charities 137. All
Saints Vic. (Line.) val. 2317., patr. Mercers' Comp.
C. House, Col. Sibthorpe, M. P. ; C. Common, near
the above.

CANWOOD hmlt. (43) 7 m. ESE. of Hereford,
E. Hereford.

CAPAS- HEIGHT hmlt. ( ) Batley tnshp. W. R.
York. 5 m NW. of Wakefield-182.

CAPE CLEAR. See CLEAR CAPE, Cork. igip" C.
Cornwall (33) near St. Just creek, W. Cornwall,
has quartz, tin, copper, red iron, jasper, etc. in the
cliffs, (^f C. Law, Collington par. Mid. Edinbro",
a peak of the Pentlands 1550 ft. high, gip C. OF

GOOD HOPE vil. (61) near Kinlet, SE. Salop.
g^ C. Wrath, or Rath (i. e. fort) Durness par.
NW. Suthrld. and NW. corner of Scotland, lat,
580 37' N., long. 5 0' W., is a pyramid of gneiss,
with a 2-minute revolving light, put up 1828,
cost 14,0007. (?), 400 ft. high, seen 25 m. ; off it
is Stag's Rock ; and 15m. N. the New Reef 3 m.
long, and only 2^ fath. in one part, over which
the sea breaks most violently in bad weather.

CAPEL vil. (57) Llanfihangel par. Mid.Cardigan.
6 m. NW. of Lampeter-209. ' Capel ', a chapel.

P. CAPEL par. (8) Second Wotton hund. S.
Surrey, 5 m. S. of Dorking-23, contains Cold
Harbour cur. Acres 4990, moory ; pop. 989 + 7 ;
poor r. 5927. (Dork. U.) ; real prop. 45037. ; cha-
rities 4. St. John Baptist Cur. (Wine.) val. 847.,
patr. Duke of Norfolk's Trustees.

CAPEL-ST. ANDREW par. (48) Wilford hund.
SE. Suffolk, 6 m. ESE. of Woodbridge-77, on R,
Butley, and E. Union rail. Acres 2400 ; pop.
222 + 3; poor r. 1457. (Woodb. U.); real prop.
7177.; charities, town estate 67. Living, a Cur.
with Butley ; church, in ruins. (Jap C. BANGOR.
See LLANBADARN VAWR, Cardigan. tgp C.-
BETTWS. See PENPONT, Brecon, ijig" C. Cad'
waladr, the oldest church in the co. See LLAND-
DANIEL, Anglesea. gip C.-CALLWEN. See GLYN-
TAWE, Brecon, igg" C.-CoELBREX chplry. (42)
Ystrad-Gynlas par. SW. Brecon. 11 m. NNE. of
Neath-198, on R. Tawe and Sarn Helm. Living,
a Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 457., patr. F. Gough, Esq.
iP C. CURIG chplry. (78) Llandegai par. E. Car~
narvon. 5 m. SW." of Llanrwst-217, a polling
place and angling station, under Mt. Siabod and
Snowdon, to which the best way is from here.
Pop. , in the lead, copper, and calamine mines.
St. Curig Cur. (Ban.) val. 897., patr. Bishop. In
the neighbourhood are Dolwyddelan Castle, Rhai-
adr-y-Wennol fall, Lake Ogwen near Nant
Frangcon and Llyn Idwal, all worth notice.
Remains of an ancient, said to be a roman, build-
ing are found at Bryn Gwalian. Fair, 28 Sept.
sheep. f3 C. CYNON chplry. (57) Llandi-
silio Gorgo par. SW. Cardigan. 11 m. SSW. of
Aberayron-208, where Hen. VII. encamped on
his march to Bosworth. Living, a Cur. (St. Dav.)
val. 577., patr. Vicar, ^5 C.-DuEwi hmlt. (41)




Llandyssil par. S W. Cardigan. 6 m. E. of New-
castle-Emlyn-229. Pop. 394. Living, a Cur.
with Llandyssil. gap" C.-Ddewi-gano (41) 4 in.
E. of Carmarthen, Mid. Carmrthn. Morris,
Esq. ^ C.-EVAN vil. (41) 3 m. S. of New-
castle-Emlyn-229, NW. Carmarthen. ^T C.-
LE-FERNE par. (3) Folkestone hund. Shepway
lathe, E. Kent, 4 m. W. of Dover-71, near S. East,
rail. Acres 1490 ; pop. 247 ; poor r. 133f. (Dover
U.) ; real prop. 1427/. St. Mary Cur. with
Alkham ; church, has a brass of J. Gibbis

2526). ifip C.-GARMON. See GARTH GARMON,
enbif/h. ^~ C.-lFAN (37) near Llanelly-217,
S. Carmarthen. Living, a Cur. (St. Dav.) val.
1., patr. ijap"" C.-LLANDCRY chplry. (37)
Pembrey par. W. Carmrthn. 2 m. SE. of Kidwelly
-226, has a chapel.

P. CAPEL-ST. MARY, par. (48) Samford hund.
S. Suffolk, 4 m. SE. of Hadleigh-64. Acres
1210 ; ' pop. 608 ; poor r. 184Z. (Samf. Incorp.) ;
real prop. 3450Z. Living, a Rect. (Norw.) val.
with Little Wenham 682/., patr. Rev. J. Tweed,
rector. |gp C. Vair. See Braich-y-Vwll, Car-
narvon, rgp C.-VOELAS. See PENTRE VOELAS,
Denbigh. 33P C.-y-Ffin (42) 7 m. E. by S. of
Talgarth, E. Brecon, on Herefd. border. gaT C.-
y-Llochwy. See HOLYHEAD, Angksea.

CAPENHURST tnshp. (79) Shotworth par. NW.
Cheshire, 5 m. NNW. of Chester-183, on Birken-
head rail. Acres 1130; pop. 154; poor r. 52/.
(Gt. Boughton U.); real prop. 1345. C. Hall,
Mrs. Richardson.

CAPERNWRAY hmlt. Over Kellet chplry. N.
Lancash. 3 m. S. of Burton-in-Kendal-250. Pop.
118. C. Hall, O. Marton, Esq.

CAPKSTHORN chplry. (81) Prestbury par. E.
Cheshire, 3 m. W. of Macclesfield-167. Acres
960 ; pop. 95 + 2 ; poor r. 44/. (Maccles. U.) ; real
prop. 1074Z. Holy Trinity Cur. (Chesh.) val. 76/.,
patr. D. Davenport, Esq., of C. Hall.

CAPHEATON tnshp. ( ) Kirkwhelpington par.
S. Northmbrld. 10 m. WSW. of Morpeth-289.
Pop. 213; poor r. 29/. (Castle Ward U.) C. Castle,
seat of Sir W. Swinburne, Bt. and his fam. from
the time of Hen. VIII., was built 1264, and is
called ' Huttun ' by Leland. Roman coins and
silver vessels were found here in the last century.

CAPLAND tythg. (21) Broadway par. S. So-
merset. 2 m. NW. of Ilincaster-136. Acres 410 ;
pop. 118 ; real prop. 846/.

CAPLE par. (6) Washlingstone hund. Aylesford
lathe, S W. Kent, 3 in. SE. of Tonbridge-30, a meet
for the Horsham hounds. Acres 1630, part in
hops; pop. 516 + 13; poor r. 322Z1 (Tonb. U.);
real prop. 2740/. St. Thomas & Becket Vic. with

CAPLE-CROSS hmlt. (21) Horsemonden par.
S W. Kent, 5 m. SE. of the above.

Cappa Uniac Castle (75) 4 in. NW. by W. of
Caher, S. Tippery. an old seat of the Burkes, on
the hill of the last William.'

CAPPACLOUGH viL ( ) Corkaguiny bar. W.
Kerry 4 m. SE. of Castle Gregory-213. Pop. 277,

Cappagh (17) near Ballon, Mid. Cavan.
3iT Cappagh (26) 4 m. NE. of Ennis, Mid. Clare,
tg^* Cappagh (31) near Glenaddy, N Gahvay.
O CAPPAGH hmlt. (33) Killian bar. NE. Gal-
way, 10m.NE.ofNewtown-Bellew-106. i^T Cap-
pagh (4) 4 m. NW. of Kilcock, N. Kildare, T.
Colgan, Esq. .gif CAPPAGH par. (20) Lower
Connello bar. W. Limerick, 4 m. W. of Adare
-129. Acres 1268, poor land; pop. 755 + 6, of
vil. 108. Living, a Rect. with St. Mary's, Lime-
rick. C. House, R. Peppard, Esq. near the
ruins of the old castle, ouce belonging to the

Geraldines. Igp CAPPAGH par. (34-5, etc.)
Strabane and Omagh bars. Mid. Tyrone, 1 m. NE.
of Omagh-109, near Cairntogher mouutn., the
highest in the county. Acres 37,699, chiefly bog
and mountain, including Bessey Bell and Mary
Gray ; pop. 13,330, some weavers, spinners, quar-
riers. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.) val. 1423/., patr.
Trinity Coll. Dublin. Mountjoy forest, C. Gar-
diner, Esq. ; Facary Lodge, Sir W. M'Mahon,
Bt. ^ Cappagh (30) 4 m. NW of Dungarvon,
S. Waterford, R. Usher, Esq.

Cappagh Lodge (140) near Ballydahob, S. Cork,
and the C. Copper Mine.

P. CAPPAGH- WHITE vil. (50) Kilnamannagh
bar. W. Tipperary, 6 m. N. of Tipperary, a police
station, where copper was searched for without
success. Pop. 1046 + 35. C. House, Mrs. F. Hunt.
Fairs, 4 June, 27 July, 29 Sept. 16 Nov. 21 Dec.

Cappagowlan (32) near Ballyboy, Mid.King's Co.

Cappalough (3) 4 m. N W. of "Montmellick, C.
Bailey, Esq. N. Queen's Co.

CAPPALUSK hmlt. (72) Tiaguin bar. Mid. Go/-
way, 8 m. NE. of Athenry-180.

P. CAPPAMORE vil. (15) Owneybeg bar. NE.
Limerick, 12 m. SE. of Limerick-U9, near R.
Mulcairn, is the proposed head of a new Poor
L. Union. Pop. 551, decreasing. Fairs, 20 Apr.
1 July, 20 Sept. 12 Dec. cattle, pigs. igT Cap-
pamore (55) 5 m. S. of Athlone, .S. Roscommon.
ISif CAPPAMORE hmlt. (84) Glenarought bar.
-S. Kerry, 3 m. N. of Kenmare-202.

Cappanacushy Islets ( ) 3 m. SW. of Kenmare,
in K. river, S. Kerry, near the Roancarrig rocks.

CAPPAKANAGH vil. (53) Lower Tulla bar. SE.
Clare, 4 m. E. of Sixmilebridge-128. ^ST Cajipa-
nanagh (52) 6 m. NW. of Cashel, W. Tipperary,
N. B. Greene, Esq.

Cappanawalla Mountain (2) 5 m. SW. of Bur-
ren, N. Clare, is 1023 ft. high.

Cappancur (17) near Tullamore, Mid. King's Co.

Cappard (17) near Rosenallis, N. Queen's Co.
H. P. Pigott, Esq.

CAPPEEN hmlt. (94) W. Carbery bar. W. Cork,
12 m. NW. of Bandon-176.

CAPPOGK, or KIPPIGUE, par. (18) Ardee bar.
Mid. Louth, 1 m. NW. of Dunleer-38. Acres 1284,
good ; pop. 568 + 3. Living, a Rect. with Dunleer.

Cappoges (14) near Finglass, Mid. Dublin.

P. M. CAPPOQUIN vil. (21) Coshmore bar. W.
Waterford, a police and petty sessions town of
some antiquity, 27 m. W. of Waterford, 124 from
Dublin, on R. Black water. Pop. 2341 + 6 ; houses
316, with a monastery of La Trappe at Mt. Mel-
leray. Fairs, 17 Mar. 31 May, 5 July, 20 Sept.
14 Oct. C. House, Sir R. Keane, Bt

Capragh (31) near Carrickmacross, S. Mo-
naghan. J. B. Kernan, Esq.

Caprington, 2 m. SW. of Kilmarnock, N. Ayr.
3. S. Cuninghame, Esq. on R. Irvine.

CAPTON hmlt. (23) Dittisham par. S. Devon.
3 m. N. of Dartmouth-202, near R. Dart. Pop.
104. igl" CAPTON hmlt. (20) Stogumber par.
W. Somerset. 4 m. SSE. of Watchet-156.

CAPUTH par. 3 m. N. of Auchtergaven-53,
W. Perth, on Rs. Tay and Isla, in Stormont,
contains C. WESTER (pop. 178), Craiger, Fun-
garth, Kincarnie Meikleour, and Spittalfield.
Size 13 m. by 3 (some other parts are 20 to 25 m.
away), hilly, with blue slate, and many lakes
which contain plenty of fish ; pop. 2317 + 1 ; real
prop. 14,483/. ; for poor 342. Living (Presb.
Dunkeld), val. 233/., patr. Crown ; church, has a
curious brass font 16 in. diameter. Not far from
it are Crosscairn, Cairnmure, 18 ft. high, another
14 ft. high, also a fort at Stenton, and a roman
camp at Inchtuthill (anc. Orrea according to


Pennant), which was part of Kenneth III.'s grant i
to the Hays. Traces of the roman way and the
Cleaving Dyke are seen.

CAR-COLSTON par. (70-1) N. Bingham wap.
8. Notts. 3 m. NNE. of Bingham-124, near Car
Dyke as below. Acres 1200 ; pop. 276 + 3 ; poor
r. 37Z. (Bingh. U.) ; real prop. 3602/. ; charities
18/. St. Mary Vic. (Line.) val. 203/., patr. Rev.
J. C. Girardot, vicar. $aT C. Dyke, i. e. Fen Dyke
(70) or drain, said to be a roman work, 5. Lin-
coln, is 60 ft. wide, and extends from Bourn (for-
merly from the Welland) 20 m. N. to the Sleaford
canal (formerly to R. Witham). igT C. House
(82) 5 m. ESE. of Chesterfield, NE. Derby.
|g C. Torr ( ) near Mottram, NE. CJieshire,
at the head of R. Mersey, is 80 ft. high, with coal,
slate, and other strata regularly marked.

Car, or Char, River (17-8) runs to the Channel
at Charmouth, W. Dorset.

Cara Isld. Kintvre district, S. Argyll. 17 m.
NNW. of Campbelltown-179, is cliffy and full of
caverns, and joined to GIGHA par. in civil matters.

CARADOC or CKADDOCK (43) 3 m. NW. of
Ross- 120, S. Hereford, a camp, near a seat of the
Digbys, overlooking R. Wye.

Caradon Mines (25) near Liskeard, E. Cornwall.

Caragh Lough (64) N. Dunkerron bar. W. Kerry,
near C. Lodge, is 4 m. long by 1 broad, and tra-
versed by C. River, which rises in Macgillicuddy's
Reeks, and runs 16 m. NW. to Dingle bay, with
a total fall of 287 ft.

Caran River (44) runs into R. Avon, near
Tewkesbury, N. Gloucest.

Carbantoricum of the Romans, is KIRKCUD-
BRIGHT (?) Kirkcdbt.

CARBEAN (31) 3 m. N. of St. Austle-254. Mid.

CARBECK tythg. ( ) Limedale tnshp. N. R.
York. 9 m. NW. of Bernard Castle-246.

CARBEKY (EAST) BARONY, E.part (122-4, etc.)
S. Cork, contains the pars, of Ballymoney, Kil-
brittain, Kilmaloda, Kilnagross, Rathclarin, and
Templeregan, and parts of Ballinadee, Ballymo-
dan, Brinny, Desert, Desertserges, Innishannon,
Island Kilgarriff, Ringrone, Templequinlan, Tem-
pletrine, and Timoleague ; acres 67,944, pop.
36,450, houses 6067. C. (EAST) BARONY, W.part
(106-9, etc.) S. Cork, contains the pars, of Fan-
tobbus, Kilfaughnabeg, Kinneigh, and parts of
Castleventry, Drinagh, Inchigeelagh, Kilkerran-
more, Kilmacabea, Kilmichael, Kilmocomoge,
Murrngh, Rathbarry, and Ross; acres 105,143,
pop. 42,947, houses 7215. ^g CARBERY ( WEST)
BARONY, W. part (130-2, etc.) W. Cork, contains
the pars, of Kilcoe, Kilcrchane, Kilmoe, Skull, and
parts of Caheragh, Durrus, and Kilmocomoge;
acres 109,170, pop. 44,425, houses 7575. C.
(WEST) BARONY, E.part (141-2, etc.) S W.Cork,
contains- the pars, of Abbeystrowey, Aghadown,
Castlehaven, Clear island, Creagh, Dromdaleague,
Myross, Tullagh, and parts of Caheragh, Drinagle,
and KilmacaUea ; acres 78,034, pop. 43,521, houses
7482. Though once covered with wood, this
barony is now bare, except as heretofore on the
" pleasant Bandon." It was the country of the
Macarthys, O'Malioneys, O'Learys, and O'Dris-
colls, and gives title of baron to the Evanses of
Castle Freke.

Carbery Isld.(l38) in Dunmanus bay, S W. Cork,
6 m. NW . of Skull, has a good anchorage near it.

Carberry Hill, 2 m. SE. of Musselburgh, N.
Edlnliro 1 , where Mary gave herself up to Morton
and the confederate lords 1567

Carbet Water, joins R. Isla, S. Forfar. near

Carbeth, 1 m. WSW. of Balfour, W. Stirling.



J. Buchanan, Esq. on R. Endrick. <3P Carbeth,
5 m. S. of the above.

Garbles (31) 1 m. S. of Redruth, W. Cornwall.

CARBIS (33) 2 m. SSE. of St. Ives-277, W.

Carborough (62) 2 m. N. of Lichfield, SE. Stafd.

P. CARBOST or SKABOST ( ?), in Skye, W. In-
verness. 18 m. NW. by W. of Broadford-211.

CARBROOK hmlt. (82) Attercliffe chplry. W. R.
York. 2 m. NE. of Sheffield-162.

CARBROOKE par. (66) Wayland hund. Mid.
Norfolk, 2 m. NE. of Watton-91, near R. Wissey,
had a preceptory or commandry of K. Templars,
found. 1173 by Roger Earl of Clare, near the
church. Acres 3020 ; pop. 807 + 2 ; poor r. 526/.
( Wayl. U.) ; real prop. 5473/. ; charities 70/. St.
Peter and Paul Vic. (Norw.) val. 170/., patr.
R. Dewing, Esq. ; church, later eng. with 16
chancel stalls for the knights, and old tombs. C.
Hall, B. Barker, Esq.

CARBURTON chplry. (82) Edwinstoe par. NW.
Notts. 3 m. SSE. of Worksop-146. Pop. 193;
poor r. 64/. (Works. U.) ; real prop. 845/. Living
a Cur. with Edwinstowe. C. Lodge, or Cocklade,
was seat of Dr. Aldrich.

CARBURY BARONY (7 etc.) NW. Kildare, the
Berminghams' country, contains the pars, of Ard-
kill, Ballinadrumma, Cadamstown, Carbury, Car-
rick, Dunfort, Kilpatrick, Kilrainy, Kilmore,
Mylerstown, and Nurney ; acres 48,287, including
a great part of the Bog of Allen, pop. 9890, houses
1625. ^g CARBURY, or CASTLE-CARBERY par.
(3, 8) in the above bar. 8 m. NW. of Roberts-
town-29, near the Bog of Allen, at the head of R.
Boyne, has the remains of a castle, once belong-
ing to the Berminghams, then to the Colleys and
Wellesleys. Acres 4796, good land; pop. 754,
decreasing. Living, a Vic. (Du. G. K.) with 7
others, val. 225Z., patr. Visct. Haberton of New-
berry (who has the manor), and Hon. G. Colley.
Fairs, 26 May, 2 Oct.

CARBURY BARONY (13, 15, etc.) N. Sligo, in-
cluding part of Dartrigia, contains the pars, of
Ahamlish, Calry, Drumcliff, Killaspugbrone, Kil-
macowen, St. John's, and part of Rossinver;
acres 78,884 (a large part belonging to Visct.
Palmerston), pop. 46,597, houses 8127.

Carby, or Carbie, Hill, 2 m. SSE. of Castletown,
S. Roxburgh, on the Border, commands a fine
prospect from the top, which is 100 ft. diam. with
a stone wall, and a circular building, etc. inside.

Carcarrick Tor (25) 6 m. WNW. of Calling-
ton, E. Cornwall.

Carchonzie Falls, Callender par. <S. Perth, near
L. Vennachar.

Car daze Downs (31) near St. Austle, Mid.
Cornwall, have under them a rock basin, and tin
mines, in the white granite, open to the day.

Carclew (31) 3 m. N. of Penryn, W. Cornwall,
Sir C. Lemon, Bt. formerly seat of the D'Augerses,
Bonithons, etc.

Cardiff Tor (81) near Stanton Moor, N. Derby.
has sonie rock basins on it, and a hermitage

Carcourracon (100) 7 m. N. of Ballinrobe, S.
Mayo, on C. Lough.

CARCROFT hmlt. (87) Owston tnshp. W. R.
York. 5 m. N. of Doncaster-162.

Cardaine, near Roslin Castle, Mid. Edinbro'.

CARDEN tnshp. (73) Tilston par. W.Cheshire,
4 m. N. of Malpas-168, under Broxton hills,
is a meet for the Wynnstav hounds. Acres 730 ;
pop. 233 + 2 ; poor r. 24/. (Gt. Bough ton U.) ; real
prop. 13341. C. Hall, J. II. Leche, Esq., a fine
old timbered house, plundered by the parliament
troops 1643.

z 4.




Cardew ( ) near Dalston, N. Cumbrld. belong-
ing to Earl Lonsclale, was, in Elizabeth's time,
the seat of J. Deuton, who made large collections
towards the history of the county.

* P. M. CARDIFF (36) Kibbor hund. SE.Gla-
morgan. 150 m. from London by S. Wales rail,
at the mouth of Taff (Ratostathybius Fluv. of
Ptolemy, or Tibia Amnis of Antonine, on Via
Julia roman way), the county, assizes, and (Epi-
phany) sessions town, a bonding port, head of
an excise district, militia head qrs. and polling
place, which derives its name from Caer-Taf,
" the fort of the Taf," or according to some
(Cardydd being its welsh name) from Caer-didi,
after the roman general Aulus Didius, was the
seat of Morgan, prince of Morganwg, upon re-
moving from Caerleon ; afterwards of the norman
Fitz-Hamon, who, having wrested the lordship
from the last native prince, built the castle on the
site of an older one ; is the head of a parl. dis-
trict, which includes Cowbridge and Llantrissent,
and returns one member, its own limits being co-
extensive with its two pars., and the total no. of
electors 880 (of 10/. houses 3028); and under
the municipal act is divided into 2 wards, go-
verned by a mayor, 6 aid., 18 council, with the
style of " bailiffs, aid. and burgesses of town of C.,"
aiid a revenue of 24307. Size 3 m. by 1 ; pop. of
par. dist.11,649, of boro' 10,077 + 389, increas-
ing rapidly, on account of improvements in the
port, etc., and employed in the export of iron and
tin (from Merthyr Tydvil), grain, butter, etc. ;
houses 1730, well built, with 5 chapels, guildhall
(where the Athenjeum, ' eisteddfod ' was held
1850), prison and mkt. house, custom house,
theatre, county gaol and house of correction, 3
banks, savings bk. (41,4847. from 1349 depositors^,
barracks, infirmary, Herbert's free school (257.),
almshouses, bridge by Parry, foundry, and Union
p. house ; assd. taxes (parl. dist.) 40537. ; poor r.
3089Z. on 37,3157. ; real prop. 42,1887. ; charities
1377. of which Wells's for education, etc. 727.
Livings, St. Jno. Baptist Vic. (Llan.) val. 260/.,
patr. Dean and Chap. Gloucester, church, nor-

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