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site of St. Kieran's abbey, near a large cromlech.
One side (105 ft. high) and 2 towers (of 65 ft.)
remains of the roman castle, which guarded the
Pale, and was taken by the Fitzgeralds 1495,
1534, and by the rebels 1641. A shower of black
fetid rain, which extended over 400 sq. m. and cattle
would not drink, fell here 1849. The manor
belongs to B. Hamilton, Esq. ; it gives title of
visct. to Earl of Portarlington, and publishes the
' C. Sentinel' newspaper. The branch rail, of
25J m. passes Mageny, and Athy to Kildare, and
was opened 1 846. The irish S. Eastern joins here.
Carl. P. L. Union, contains 14 elect, divs. in Car-
low, Queen's Co., Kildare, with 30 guardians,
acres 188,247, pop. 78,086, ho. room for 3278, cases
relieved (1847-8) 4560 (besides 6110 out-door),
expend. 20,041/., prop, rated 179,037*. Mht. Ds.
Mond. Thurs. Fairs, 4 May, 22 June, 26 Aug.
8 Nov.

Carlowrie, 1 m. E. of Kirkliston, E. Linlithgow.
G. Falconar, Esq., on Almond Water, near East C.

CARLTON par. (52) Willey hund. NW. Beds.
1 m. S. of Harrold-59, near R. Ouse. Acres 1530 ;
pop. 444 + 2 ; poor r. 1537. (Bedf. U.) ; real prop.
20S77. St. Mary Rect. (Ely) val. with Chelling-
ton 3707., patr. Hon. G. R. Trevor. C. Hall Wood,
1 m. SW. ^" CARLTON chplry. (63) Market
Bosworth par. W. Leicester. 1 m. NW. of Mkt.
Bosworth-106, near Ashby canal. Acres 680,
part common ; pop. 282 +8 ; poor r. 887. (M.Bos-
worth U.) real prop. 15721. St. Mary Cur. with
Mkt. Bosworth. ^y CARLTON hmlt. (71) Ged-
ling par. <S. Notts. 3 in. ENE. of Nottingham- 124,
on Mdld. rail., a meet for Mr. Lumley's hounds.
Pop. 2015 + 31, lace and stocking weavers on 589
frames ; poor r. 474/. (Batford U.) ; real prop.
50552. Colwich Hall, seat of J. Musters, Esq.
<(3F CARLTON par. (50) Hoxne hund. E. Suffolk,
i m. NW. of Saxmundham-89, had a chantry
found. 1330 by Juo. Fraiulingham, which was



granted to the Honings. Acres 2070, part com-
mon; pop. 133; poor r. 607. (Blything U.);
real prop. 10927. ; charities 5(57., of which town
estate 467. St. Peter Rect. with Kilsale ; church,
has 2 brasses. C. Hall, E. Fuller, Esq. ^g" CARL-
TON hmlt. ( ) with Fosham, Aldbrough tnshp.
E. R. York. 6 m. S. of Hornsea-190. Real prop.

P. CARLTON par. ( ) W. Langbaurgh lib. N.
R. York. 2 m. SSW. of Stokesley-238, once had
large alum works. Acres 330 ; pop. 259 ; poor r.
531. (Stokes. IL) ; real prop. 16967. ; charities 247.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 567., patr. C. Reeve, Esq.
gap" CARLTON tnshp. ( ) Coverham par. N. R.
York. 5 m. SW. of Leyburn-235, near C. Moors.
Acres 3380 ; pop. 303 ; poor r. 937. (Leyb. U.) ;
real prop. 1930/. tgiP CARLTON hmlt. ( ) Helms-
ley tnshp. N. R. York. 2 m. N. of Helmsley-222.
IgT CAKLTON chplry. ( ) Hushwaite par~N. R.
York. 5 m. NNW. of Easingwold-212. Acres
1120; pop. 171; poor r. 171. (Easingw. U.); real
prop. 14607. ; charities 31. giT CARLTON par.
( ) E. Staincliff wap. W. R. York. 2 m. SW. of
Skipton-216, on R. Aire, contains Lothersdale
cur., and is a meet for the Craven harriers.
Acres 2390 ; pop. 1242 ; poor r. 4607. (Skipt. U.) ;
real prop. 59 19/. ; charities 4057. of which Spence's
almsh. 2817., Wilkinson's school 1207. St. Mary
Vic. (Rip.) val. 4007., patr. Chr. Ch. Coll. Oxon.
6iP CARLTON tnshp. ( ) Guiseley par. W. R.
York. 2 m. SE. of Otley-205. Acres 1270 ; pop.
205 + 2 ; real prop. 12067.

P. CARLTON tnshp. ( ) Rothwell par. W. R. Yk.
4 m. N. of Wakefield-182, is joined to LOFTHOUSE.
Real prop. 2 1947. ; poor r. 4237. Carl. P. L. Incorp.
contains the pars. etc. of Addle, Armley, Arthing-
ton, Askwith, Baildon, Beamsley, Beeston, Bram-
hope, Burley, Carlton, Chapel-Allerton, Churwell,
Collingham, Denton, Dunkeswick, Eccleshill,
Farnley, Harewood, Hawkesworth, Headingley,
Horsforth, llkley, Kirkby-Overblows, Leathley,
Menstone, Middleton, Nessfield, Poole, Potter-
Newton, Otley, Rawdon, Rigton, High Rothwell,
Silsdon, Temple Newsom, Thorner, Weeton,
Wortley ; expend. 10,4637., prop, rated 186,3937.
gg" CARLTON tnshp. (88) Reystone par. W. R.
York. 3 m. NNE. of Barnesley-172, on the canal,
near N. Midld. rail. Acres 2090 ; pop. 411 + 7 ;
poor r. 1997. ; real prop. 28497.

CARLTON CASTLE par. (84) Louth Eske hund.
E. Lincoln. 4 m. SE. of Louth- 143, was once a
populous mkt town, nnder the Bardolphs, who
were seated at Castle hills. Acres 500 ; pop. 52 ;
poor r. 647. (Louth U.). Holy Cross Rect. (Lin.)
val. 697., patr. J. Forster, Esq. igp C. CURLIEU
par. (63) Gartree hund. SE. Leicest. 8 m. SE. of
Leicester-96, containing Ilston, is parcel of duchy
of Lancaster. Acres 2970 ; pop. 208 ; poor r. 87.
(Billesdon U.) ; real prop. 23787. St. Mary Rect.
(Pet.) val. 2427., patr. Sir J. H. Palmer, Bt. of
C. C. Hall, in the elizabethan style ; church has
some old mons. igp C. COLVILLE par. (67)
Mutford hund. NE. Suffolk, 3 m. SW. of Lowes-
toft-114, between Rs. Lothing and Waveney, near
the coast. Acres 2130 ; pop. 785 + 4 ; some fisher-
men ; poor r. 2297. (Mutf. U.); real prop. 48127.
St Peter Rect. (Norw.) val. 3457. patr. W. An-
drews, Esq.

field hund. SE. Cambridge. 6 m. NE. of Lin-
ton-48. Acres 2200 part common ; pop. 424 + 4 ;
poor r. 3377. (Lint. U.) ; real prop. 26877. ; cha-
rities 47. St. Peter Rect. (Ely) val. with Wil-
lington 2877., patr. Wilder's trustees ; church has
mon. of Sir T. Elliot, sometime sheriff and author
of a ' Latin Dictionary,' etc. C. House, . G.

352 CAR

Grange, 3 m. NW. (gr C. EAST par. (60) Hiim-
bleya'rd hund. E. Norfolk, 4 m. E. of Wymond-
ham-100, near Norwich rail, contains two united
pars. Acres 1140 ; pop. 310 ; poor r. 2127. (Hen-
stead U.) ; real prop. 22487. St. Mary Rect.
(Norw.) val. 1767., patr. P. Day, Esq.; St.
Peter sin. Rect. 1887. Ld. Chancellor, church,
in ruins, igap" C. EAST par. (64) Corby hund,
JV. Northmptn, 7 m. N. of Kettering-74. Acres
1-120 ; pop. 68 ; poorr. 247. (Ketter. U.) ; real prop.
31737. St. Peter Rect. (Pet.) val. 1087., patr. Sir
J. H. Palmer, Bt. of C. House, who has this and
C. CURLIEU. Igg" C. GREAT par. (84) Louth
Eske hund. E. Lincoln. 5 m. SE. of Louth-143.
Acres 2190; pop. 352 + 7; poor r. 1587. (Louth
U.) ; real prop. 36927. ; charities, Smith's school
267. St. J. Baptist Vic. (Line.) val. 5717., patr.
Dean and Chap. tgi" C. HIGHDALE tnshp.
( ) Coverham par. N. R. York. 6 m. SSW. of
Leyburn-235, contains Horsehouse and 12 hmlts.
Acres 12,480, chiefly moorland ; pop. 164, de-
creasing ; poor r. 1347. (Leyb. U.) ; real prop.

P. CARLTON-IN-LIXDRICK par. (82) Basset-
law wap. NW. Notts. 4 m. N. of Worksop-146,
consisting of C. NORTH and SOUTH tnshps. was
a place of some consequence before the Con-
quest, when it was given to Rog. de Busli. Acres
3980 ; pop. 635 and 412 ; poor r. 4737. (Works. U.) ;
real prop. 52117.; charities, church lands 67. St.
John Rect. (Line.) val. 5767. ; patr. Abp. of York.
C. Hall, R. Ramsden, Esq., formerly of the Cliftons
and others. giP C. ISLEBECK. See CARLTOX
par. (83) Boothby-Graffoe wap. W. Lincoln. 7 m.
ENE. of Newark- 124, between Rs. Witham and
Brant. Acres 2610 ; pop. 331 ; poor r. 737. (Newk.
U.) ; real prop. 36997. ; charities 107. St. Mary Vic.
(Line.) val. 907., patr. Lord Middleton. igpp C.
LITTLE par. (84) Louth Eske hund. E. Lincoln.
4 m. ESE. of Louth-143, near Gt. Carlton above.
Acres 940 ; pop. 136 ; poor r. 337. (Louth U.) ;
real prop. 14817. St. Edith Rect. (Line.) val.
1597., patr. J. Forster, Esq. igiT C. LITTLE or
SOUTH hmlt. (83) S. Muskham par. E. Notts. 3
m. NW. of Newark-124. Pop. 79. C. Lodge ( )
near Bally moe, NE. Galway, I. N. Bagot, Esq.
giT C. MINIOTT, or C. ISLEBECK chplry. ( )
Thirsk par. N. R. York 2 m. W. of Thirsk-217,
near Gt. N. of Engld. rail. Acres 2070 ; pop.
313 + 8 ; poor r. 517. (Thirsk U.) ; real prop. 29807.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 1257., patr. Archbishop.
Iggp C. NORTH par. (83) Lawress wap. W. Lin-
coln. 4 m. NNW. of Lincoln- 132, a meet for
the Burton hounds. Acres 1940 ; pop. 178 ;
poorr. 767. (Line. U.) ; real prop. 16947.; chari-
ties, a share in Burton school. Living, a Cur.
(Line.) val. 357., patr. Prebendary. igg" C.
RODE par. (66) Depwade hund. S. Norfolk, 2 m.
NE. of New Buckingham-93, so called from a
rood or cross here, was held by the tenure of a
great hundred of herrings in 24 pies, to be supplied
by Yarmouth. Acres 2680 ; pop. 938 + 2 ; poor r.
7987. (Depw. U.) ; real prop. 55397. ; charities 687.
All Saints Rect. (Norw.) val. 8507., patr. Sir R. J.
Buxton, Bt.

P. CARLTON-SCROOP par. (70) Loveden wap.
SW. Lincoln. 5 m. NNE. of Grantham-110.
Acres 1460; pop. 219+2; poor r. 797. (Granth.
U.) ; real prop. 28247. ; charities 137. St. Nicholas
Rect. (Line.) val. 3867., patr. Earl Brownlow and
two others. tgg C. SOUTH par. (83) Lawress wap.
W. Lincoln. 3 m. NNW. of Lincoln-132, near N.
Carlton above, was the seat of the Monsons of
Burtons. Acres 2040; pop. 166; poor r. 1487.
(Line. U.) ; real prop. 24607. ; charities, Monson's


school 107. Living, a Cur. (Line.) val. 2007., pntr.
Bishop. Adml. Sir W. Monson of Elizabeth's time,
a native. ^ C. SOUTH. See CARLTON, LIT-
TLE, Notts, as above.

P. CARLTOX-UPON-TREXT chplry. (83) Nor-
well par. E. Notts. 8 m. NE. of Southwell- 132,
at the ferry over R. Trent. Acres 1160 ; pop. 230 ;
poor r. 627. (Southw. U.) ; real prop. 19777. Liv-
ing, a Cur. with Norwell.

P. CARLUKE par. Upper Ward, Mid. Lanark.
6 m. N W. of Lanark-31, on R. Clyde, and Wi-
shaw and Coltness rail., a burgh of barony,
containing Braidwood and Kilcadgow, named
after St. Luke, and given by Rob. I. to Kelso
ab. Size 7 m. by 4, or 15,360 acres, arable
and hilly, with coal, stone, lime, iron, mineral
springs, many good orchards, and fine views from
King's Law, etc. ; pop. 4802 + 152, of vil. 2090,
cotton spinners and miners ; real prop. 13,4377. ;
for poor 7127. Living (Presb. Lanark), val. 2327.,
patr. Sir M. N. Lockhart, Bt. of Lee. Gen. Roy
was a native, Maudslie a seat of the Hyndfords,
and St. Oswald's chapel, a hermitage ; roman
coins have been found at Castle hill, etc. on Wat-
ling St., which is traceable, and cairns are seen,
on the hills or laws.

Carlyon, or Carlion (31) 2 m. S. of Truro, W.
Cornwall, was, according to Thomas of Ercil-
doune, the birthplace of K. Arthur's companion,
the famous ' Sir Tristram of Lyons.'

Carmacoup, 11 m. S. of Lanark, SW. Lanark.

CARMARTHENSHIRE (37, 40-2, 56-7) a seaside
county on the Bristol Chan, in S. Wales, the seat
of the Demetce or Dyfed in the roman Britannia
Secunda, afterwards part of Ceredigion or Dinevor,
was traversed by the Via Julia Maritima, lies
between Rs. Loughor and Teifi, is watered by
the Tave and the Towy, whence it was called
' Ystrad Towy,' and bordered by Glamrgn. (SE.),
Brecon. (NE.), Cardigan. (N.), Pembroke. (W.),
and sea (S.). Length from Amroth Cast, to the
head of R. Bran 50 m., greatest breadth 35, av.
breadth 21 ; circuit 165, including 35 of marshy
coast, along which are Llanelly and the subordi-
nate ports of Kidwelly, Llaugharne, St. Clear,
Carmarthen, all in C. Bay, relative size 117-
10,000ths. It contains 974 sq. m. or 623,360 acres,
of which about one third is waste, though partly
enclosed; 106,326 + 567 persons, of whom 19,222
are in Carmarthen, Llanel ly, andPembrey, 55,650
are females, 51,502 under 20 yrs. of age, 97,547
county-born, 9070, or 8'5 per cent, live by
commerce, manufact. etc. (1637 being miners),
14,511, or 13-7 per cent., by agricult. (5503 being
fanners and graziers), 705 educated professions,
3602 are independent, 26,806 labourers and ser-
vants, etc. ; 23,449 houses, besides 1629 empty or
building; 8 hundreds (formerly 3 or 4 cantrefs
and 12 cwmwds) Carnwalloii (S.), Cathinog
(N.), Cayo (NE.), Derllys ( W.), Elvet (mid., round
Carmarthen), Iskennen (SE.), Kidwelly (S.),
Perfedd (E) ; 72 parishes, besides parts of 4
others and 1 ext. par. place; 8 market towns
Carmarthen, the county town, etc. as be-
low, Llanelly parl. boro', Llandeilofawr (where
Midsum. sessions are held), Llandovery, New-
castle in Emlyn, Kidwelly boro', Laugharne
boro', Llangadock the first five being polling
places, and the heads of poor law Unions and
new county courts ; returns three members to
parl., 2 for county (elect. 5261), and one for
Carmarthen etc. as below (elect. 915) ; is in
Welsh circuit and Home military district; is
governed by a lord lieut. high sheriff, and about
35 magistrates ; and constitutes an archdeaconry
in dioc. of St. David's, province of Canterbury.


Renlprop. (1815) 282,0307., ('4 3) 396,9157. of
which 95967. on mines; ditto rentals 216,6437. or
Gs. lid. per acre (when wheat was 77s.) and
315,76 1/, or 10s. 1.V7. per acre (wheat 55s.).
County income ('48) 14,823/., of which 95927.
from co. rate (on a val. of 324,1007. made 1841),
29887. from police r. Poor r. (yr. 1846-7) for 5
unions, 31,0387. on 332,3737. or "is. 10d. in the
(wheat being 59s.), cases relieved 10,429
(out-door 9557) in estimated pop. of 114,080.
Total charities 10887., of which 3977. for schools
and education; savings bits. ('49) 3, with 29,2047.
from 'J21 depositors; in 'o8-9, 1679 m. of road
(2.">7 m. being turnpike) were maintained for
(J2857. In '46-7, out of 90 pars. 68 had 87 church
M-hools supported by 22997., with 5332 child,
attending, and 86 paid teachers (15 being moni-
tors), whose salaries were 15997., and who had
14 teachers' houses: out of these 52 were free
schools, and 22 sund. sch. (exclusively, with
245 teachers and 2146 child.) ; and 26 in union
with the National oe. had 1693 child., and total
grants of 10567. Offenders in '48, 65 (or 72 av.
of 5 yrs.), of whom 33 were convicted, 1 6 were
females, 1 under 15 yrs. of age, 32 could not read
or write. For births, deaths, etc., see S. WALES.
A range of l>!eak hills divides R. Cothi from the
Teifi, the highest point (1168 ft.) being near
New Inn ; another range to the SE., beginning at
Myndd Mawr with, Llyn Tegwyn on top, divides
the Towy from the Laughame, rising into the
Ulack mountains on the E. border, where the
Ban Sir Gaer, or C. Beacon, is 2596 ft high. Be-
tween these lies the valley, or Ystrad, of the
Towy, most part of which to N. and W. belongs
to the Silurian or slate system ; E. of it and
across its mouth is a strip of old red sandstone ;
next to this, another of carboniferous lime and
grit stone edges the great Glamorgan coal basin,
which stretches beyond Kid welly. Climate mild,
but rainy ; with a good soil about the Towy, but
poor and clayey in the uplands, where peat is the
only fuel. Oats are the chief crop for bread and
exportation ; on account of the climate much of
the wheat is imported. Cattle, as well as sheep,
are the small native breed, with a few from Pem-
broke., Hereford., etc. Butter and hogs are sent
to market from the dairy lands. Farm system,
bad, but improving; buildings, inferior; cottages
of mud, and thatched ; and stone inclosures. Coal
chiefly stone coal with many fossil plants (and
employing 1499 persons) and iron are worked
around Llanelly ; copper at Kidwelly ; slate,
building, and fire stone at Cwm Gwili and else-
where; dark blue marble at Llangyndeira ; and
lead (74 persons) at Lord Cawdor's mine near
Nant-y-Meryn up the Towy. Woollens (111 per-
sons were employed in factories 1847), and hides,
are made for exportation ; and fine fish caught in
C. Bay. Branches of the Towy (the anct. Tobius),
which produces salmon and savin, are, the Gwili,
Cothi, Bran, Sawddy, Cennen ; other rivers,
the Tavc, with the Gynin, Cowyn, Morlais, for
branches ; the two Gwendraeths ; the LJoughor or
I.oiighor and Ammon. Llanarthne has a good
mineral water. At Kidwelly is a canal 5 m. long;
and two or three rails, for mining produce run
up from Llanelly one 15 m. long along the
Loughor ; 35 m. of S. Wales rail, will go through
Loughor, Llanelly, Kidwelly, Carmarthen, Whit-
land ab. (towards Narberth). The roman Via Julia
MiiritiiHu went along the coast through Leticarum,
or Loughor, and Maridunwn, or Caer-marthcn ;
truces of the Sarn Helen (Legion way) are seen
from Carmarthen towards Llanvair (where many
remains have been found) on the Towy, in the




direction of the supposed Via Montana; and
towards Llanio in Cardigan, whence a third branch
went round to Llanvair again. Coins have turned
up at Penboyr, Cilymaenllwyd and Convil Gaio.
At Buarth Arthur is a druid circle with a crom-
lech near it; Convil, in El vet, has some earth-
works and part of a cromlech ; there is a camp at
Cron Gae Dyer's 'Grongar hill;' and another,

called Tricrug at Llangadock. Besides these,
are remains of Talley and Whitland abbeys, and
Llauilwny priory, of castles, at Carmarthen,
Kidwelly, Laugharne, Lanstephan, Newcastle
Emh-n, and at Carrig Cinnen, Dynevor (the seat
of the S. Wales princes), Dryslwyn, and Llan-
dovery, all in the vale of Tow}". As part of Dynevor
it belonged to the fam. of Rhys, descendants of
Rhodri Mawr and How el Dha (who promulgated
his welsh code from Ty Gwyn near St. Clear), till
subdued by Edw. I., when it was made a distinct
county. Merlin's grove is at Abergwili, where,
1020, Llewelyn ab SUsyllt defeated Run, a Scottish
leader ; at Llandovery Pritchard was born, who
wrote the ' Lly-fr-y-Ficer,' or Vicar's book, a col-
lection of pious carols as common as the bible.
Some principal seats and families are: Earl
Cawdor Golden Grove, where Jeremy Taylor Avas
protected by the Vaugbans, Bp. of St. David's
Abergwili Palace, Lord Dinevor Newton, Man-
sel, Bt. Iscoed, L W'illiams, Bt. Edwinsford, E.
Williams, Bt, Llwyny Wormwood, Williams of
Henllys, Johnes of Dolcolhy, Phillips of Aber-
glasney, Adams of Middleton Hall, Holford of
Kilgwyn, Morris of Llanstephan, Powel of Maes-
gwynne (where his hounds are kennelled), Jones of
Ystrad. Roads from Carmarthen : 1. to St. Clear
on the Tave 8 m., Amroth Cast. 18, thence by
Carew Cast, to Pembroke 30 ; or to Whitland ub.
13, Narberth 20, Haveifordwest 29. 2. to Convil
Elvet 6, Newcastle Emlyn 16, Cardigan down the
Teifi 25. 3. to New Inn Hill 9, Llanvihangel-ar-
Arth 14, Pencarreg on Teifi 18, Lampeter 21,
thence to Aberaeron 34, or Tregaron 21. 4. up
the Towy to Abergwili 2, Cwrt Henry 10, Dyne-
vor near Llandeilofawr 14, Llangadock 21, L*lan-
dovey 26, up the Bran to Builth, and over the
hills to Builth on the Wye 46, or over the hills to
Trecastle 34, thence down the Usk to Brecon 44.
5. to Kidwelly 8, Pembrey 12, Llanelly 17; or
direct to Llanelly 13, thence to Castel Llwchwr
17, Swansea 23, Neath 30.

* P. M. CARMARTHEN par. (41) a county of
itself including St. John's, locally in Elvet "and
Derllys bunds. S. Curmrthn. 218 m. from London,
the county, assize, sessions, and election town, a
polling place, militia head quarters, and sub-
port to Llanelly, on the Towy 9 m. from C. Day,

is the Roman Maridunum on the Via Julia
Maritima and Montana which meet here, and
welsh Caer-fyrddin, the capital of S. Wales till
it was moved to Dinevor 877 had a castle,
taken by Grufi'ydd ab Rhys 1113, by Owain
Gwynedd about 1140, by Llwelyn ap Jorwerth
1215, by the Normans under the Earl of Pembroke
1223, by Owain Glyndwr 1405, and dismantled by
Cromwell 1648 ; has returned one member from
Hen. VIII. 's time (by whom it was chartered),
the limits being those of the par., and no. of
electors, including Llanelly, which is contribu-
tory, 915 (of 107. houses 2281) ; and under the new
act is, with reduced limits, divided into 3 (or 2)
wards, governed by a mayor, 6 aid., 18 council.,
with the style of " mayor, burgesses, and com-
monalty of town and boro' of C ," and revenue of
1 9207., partly from corporation lands. Extent of
par. 4 in. bv 5; pop. 9526 (probably underrated),
some in salmon fisheries, many in the constiii"





and foreign trade thro' Penny-man's Poo! barb.
3m. below custom ho. ; houses 1949, in narrow
streets, but some well built, with 2 churches, 8
chapels, guildhall on pillars near the site of St.
Mary's, and statue of Picton (1849), co. gaol on
site of the castle (and ext. par.), mkt. ho., fish mkt.
theatre, gas and water works, tin works 3 banks,
presbyterian coll., S. Wales diocesan training
college for 60, b. 1847-8 on site of 10 acres, with
a front in pointed style of 200ft., Bp. Owen's
gram. sch. (207.) with 3 exhibitions, Rudd's alrash.
(337.), Ld. Chichester's sch., 7-arched bridge and
quay to which vessels of 200 tons come, and Union
p. house ; assd. taxes for both boroughs 21927. ;
poor r. 26457. on 27,6887. ; real prop. 23,9147. ; cha-
rities 1807., of which Powell's for teaching navi-
gation, etc. 717. Livings are : St. Peter Vic. (St.
Dav.) val. 176/., patr. Lampeter coll., church,
once cruciform, has effigies and mons. of Sir Rhys
ab Thomas who joined Hen. VII., Lady Vaughan,
and the Scurlocks of Ty Gwyn, into which fain.
Steele, who died at the old 'Ivy Bush' in King
Street, and lies here, had married; Llanllwch
Ciir. 120/., Bishop; St. David Cur. ISO/., Vicar.
Some remains exist of the walls and of a priory
founded before 1148; there was also a grayfriars'
cell to St. Augustine, Bristol. At the Bulrack or
bulwark is a camp ; two altars and coins of the
lower empire have been found. An Eisteddfod
was held 1450. Bp. Ferrars was burnt 1555.
The plague, in 1604, 1606, 1651. Merlin, the
magician, was born somewhere between this and
Abergwili ; Bp. Bayley, who wrote the ' Practice
of Piety,' Picton and Sir W. Nott, were natives ;
it publishes the ' C. Journal ' and ' Welshman '
newspapers ; and gives title of marq. to Duke of
Leeds. Llangynyr, above the town, has a fine
view of the Towy. >J< C. ARCHDEACONRY dice,
of St. David's, includes the deaneries of Carmar-
then, Kidwelly, Llandeilo. C. DEANERY, in-
cludes the benefices in Derllys bund, with Abemant
vie., Carmarthen ., St. Clear cur., Eglwysfair-
glantof c., Lampeter- Velfrey rect., Llandewi-Vel-
freyc., Laugharner., Llanllwchc., Mydrinm, Tre-
leach v., YstradfFyn c. Carm. P. L. Union, contains
the pars. etc. of Abergwilly, Abernant, St. Peter
Carmarthen, St. Clears, Conwil, St. Ishmael, Lla-
narthney, Llanddarog, Llandawk, Llandefeilog,
Llandilo- aber-cowin, Llandowror, Llanlawddog,
Llantihangel-aber-cowin, Llangain, Llangen-
deirne, Llangining, Llangunock, Llangunnor,
Llanpumsaint, Llansedurnen, Llanstephan, Llan-
winio, Llaugharne, Merthyr, Mydrim, New-
church, Treleach-ar-Bettws ; pop. "37,512 ; cases
relieved (yr. 1846-7) 4069 (out-door 3744), ex-
pend. 10,9247., prop, rated 126,0907. Sup. Registry
comprises the same, with Llanllwch ; pop. 37,523
+ 60 ; births (1845) 1194 (575 being females, 121
illegit.) deaths 795 marriages 313, of which
333 persons signed with marks ; 70 and 'many'
more deaths from cholera 1849. The New County
Court district corresponds with the Registry.
Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 12 Mar. 16 May, 12 Aug.
20 Sept. 5 Dec. cattle.

Carmarthen Say (37-8), washing the coast of
Glamrgn. Carmrthn. Pembroke, is 17 m. across
from Worms Rd. to Giltar pt. near Caldy isld.
light, 10m. deep, and 35 in circuit including
Helwick Sand light outside Worms Rd. (a wild
part with cliffs of 300 ft.), Rhosilly bay. Buny
Holmes near that river which runs up to Llanelly
<md Loughor, Pembrey harb. light, and bank,
Towyn pt. near the Gwendraeth, which goes up to
Kidwelly, Warley pt. between the mouths of the
Towy and Tave (with the Cefn Sidan sands out-
side), Amrotu Castle, ncir Saundersfoot, and

Tenby a beautiful watering-place commanding
the whole bay, which has 1 to 10 and 15 fath.

CARM ARY-GRANGE par. (55) Lower Massereene
bar. S W. Antrim, 5 m. SE. of Antrim-16. Acres
789 ; pop. 307.

Carmel Water, runs by Kilmaurs, N. Ayr. to
R. Irvine below Kilmarnock.

CARMEN limit. ( ) Ivilkea and Moone bar. &.
Kildare, near Ballitore.

CARMICHAEL par. Upper ward, E. Lanark. 4 m.
E. of Lanark-31, on R. Clyde, was called Kirk-
michael, and belonged to the Douglases and Car-
michaels (earls Hyndford). Size 5 m. by 3J, or
about 11,500 acres, partly arable, with coal and
limestone, rising 2340 ft. at Tinto hill camp ; pop.
874, decreasing ; real prop. 52807. ; for poor 6G/.
Living (Presb. of Lanark) val. 2257., patr. Sir W.
C. Anstruther,Bt.,of C. House (through the Hynd-
fords), and Sir M. D. Lockhart, Bt. of Lee.

Carminow (31) near Helston SW. Cornwall,
Rev. J. Rogers, was the old seat of the Carmi-
nows and Arundells.

CARMUNNOCK par. Under ward, NW. Lanark.
4 m. S. of Glasgow-44, on R. White Cart, be-
longed in part to Paisley ab. Size 6 m. by 4,
or about 3600 acres, hilly and cultivated, with
coal, iron, limestone, a mineral spring, and views

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