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impropriator, church was ruinous {R.V.). In 1692 the return runs: "no
such parish or church as I can find, only a townland so called " {V.B.).
The Return of 1765 states that this parish with Kilcrony was consolidated
by Act of Council with Louth {V.B.). It was also known as Castlefranke
=" the castle of the dancing." In the Ordnance Survey it appears as a
T.L. of 209a, but not as a parish.

CASTLETOWN— rco. Ltyuth).


So called from an old castle which was early erected here, and which
in 1318 was partly destroyed by Edward Bruce. Tradition says it was
the birthplace of Cuchullain and a residence of Fingal ; it subsequently
belonged to the Bellew family. It is situated about a mile W. of Dundalk.

The parish, as far back as can be ascertained, as early at least as 1307,
was united to Dundalk, q.v. The church was dedicated to St. John the
Baptist, and the advowson belonged to the Bellews up to about 1622,
when Sir John Draycot was impropriator and " the church was repaired."
There are the ruins of an old chapel in the graveyard, which still contains
a stone altar with an inscription on it stating that it was erected in 1631
by Sir Walter Bellew, priest. £5 was allowed in 1622 to serve the cure
(R.V.), and Roger Briscoe was Cur. in 1633 {R. V. 1633). The tithes of the
Rectory and Vicarage seem soon after to have been disappropriated and
given to the V. of Dundalk and R. Castletown. In 1692 the church was
" out of repair, a chapel belonging to Sir John Bedlow's family : joined to
Dundalk" ( V.B.). In 1764 there was" no church, no chapel, no Protestants.
746 Roman Catholics in the parish "(Pari. Ret.). In 1854 it was perpetually
united to Dundalk by Act of Council. In 1871 part of the parish which
was in the heart of Ballymascanlan was added to that parish and the rest
united to Dundalk.

For notes on Castletown Mount, see Wright's Louthiana and the L.A.J.
and a booklet issued by Mr. H. G. Tempest.

The graveyard is not mentioned in any Vesting Order. Until the
opening of the new cemetery it was largely used for interments from

CHARLEMONT— (Co. Armagh).

(j}et^?efttaf Curafee.

1829— CorneUus WiUIam Lyne, B.A., Lie. Nov. 13 at £70 {D.R.) ; res. in
1834 for Grange, q.v.

1834— Henry Stewart, Lie. Sep. 23 [D.R.). He was of the family of
Stewart, of Killymoon, in Co. Tyrone ; T.C.D. B.A. 1821 ; M.A. 1834 ;
ord. D. May 19, 1822 (Cork) ; P. Sep. 14, 1823 (Meath) ; C. Loughgall
1822 ; C. Kilmore 1823 ; C. Tartaraghan 1827-32 ; res. Charlemont and
became C. Donaghenry 1837-41 ; P.C. Carrowdore, Co. Down 1841-58 ;
V. Derriaghy 1858-1872. His elder brother was Rev. James Stewart,

172 Parish of Charlemont, Perpetual Curates, &c.

R. Lislee (Boss) 1825-61. He m. in 1837 Frances Maria, dan. of Joseph
Atkinson, of Crowbill, Co. Armagh, and had issue 2 sons, of whom the
younger is Rev. Canon Joseph Atkinson Stewart, M.A., of Killowen,
Lisburn, b. Sep. 21, 1839. He d. at Collin Grove, Dunmurry, March 3,
1872, in the 76th year of his age. During his residence at Charlemont
he acted as Chaplain to the forces there.
1836 — James Disney, M.A. (Par. Reg.) ; res. in 1849 for Killyman, q.v.

1850— Abraham Augustus Nickson, B.A., Lie May 29 (D.R.) ; res. in 1868
for Clonkeen, q.v.

1868— Lewis Reynolds Hearn, Lie. April 17 {D.R.). He was the son of
William Edward H. ; b. in Co. Leitrim, ent. T.C.D. 1854, aged 23 ; B.A.
1860 ; Div. Test. 1861 ; M.A. 1874 ; ord. D. 1862 ; P. 1863 ; C. Bally-
more 1862-5 ; C. Pomeroy 1865-7 ; res. Charlemont Jan. 20, 1874 ; sub-
sequently C. Rathby, Leics. 1875 ; C. St. Paul's, Halliwell, 1876-8 ; C.
Astley Bridge, Manchester, 1878-83 ; V. of do. 1883-1905.


1874— Francis Wingfleld King, inst. AprU 7 (D.R.). He was son of Ven.
Francis King, Archdeacon of Dromore ; ord. D. 1873 ; P. 1874 ; C. Donagh-
more 1873-4 ; res. Charlemont 1875 for R. Donacavey 1875-6 ; C. St.
Peter's, Islington, 1876-7 ; C. St. George's, Southwark, 1878-80 ; Head
Master Town Close School, Norwich, 1891-6 ; Head Master Montg. Sch.,
Sheffield, 1896-1900 ; C. Monk Sherborne 1900-3 ; C. Tipton 1903-4 ;
C. St. John Evang., Tilbury Docks 1905-7 ; C. St. Leon, Padiham 1907-8 ;
C. CoggleshaU (St. Alban's) 1908 ; m. Oct. 8, 1874, Sarah Annie Dunlop,
dau. of Rev. Gibson Black, R. of Inch, Co. Wexford.

1875— Henry Hutehings, inst. June 4 {D.R.) ; res. in 1878 for Kilclooney,

1878— Edward Whitty, inst. June 1 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1851 ; ord. D.
1875 ; P. 1876 ; C. Donoughmore Upper 1875-8. He d. Dec. 16, 1881,
and his widow Nicholine Frances d. in Dublin, Jan. 27, 1909, bur. at
Moimt Jerome Cemetery, left 6 children. His eldest son John Arthur
St. George m. in 1894 Sophia Barbara, only dau. of late W. P. J. Purcell,
Surgeon R.N. and B.L. ; another son, Edward, is in the Belfast Bank,

1882— Matthew Banks Hogg, B.A., inst. June 24 (D.R.) ; res. in the same
year for Keady, q.v.

188-2— James Torrens, mst. April 4 (D.J?.) ; Q.U.I. B.A. 1866 ; M.A. 1867 ;
T.C.D. B.A. 1874; ord. D. 1880; P. 1881 ; C. Carnteel 1881-3 ; d. Aug.
7, 1885. His widow Emilie d. 24 Feb., 1906, and was bur. in St. Peter's,
Drogheda. They left issue.

1885— John Watson, inst. Sep. 8 (D.R.) ; ord. D. 1882 ; P. 1883 ; C. BeUeek
(Qogher) 1883-4 ; R. Belleek 1884-5.


In 1658 Edward How was " Minister at Charlemont " from 25 Mar.
at £80 (Commw. Pps., " Report on Scandalous Ministers, " p. 104). Was
he E. H., who was Chanc. of Clogher in 1641, and whose deposition as that
of " Edward How, clerk, of GaUoone, " states that he lost £124 in the
rebellion ? (Dep. T.C.D.). He became Archdeacon of Clogher in 1661 ;
and d. in 1682 (C.F. V, 218 and HI 91).

Charlemont is so called from Charles Lord Mountjoy, Lord Deputy of
Ireland, who built the Castle in 1602, which was taken by stratagem by
Sir Phelim O'Neill in 1641. The Castle was built principally to guard

Parish of Charlestown, Vicars, 1622-1709. 173

the bridge which here crossed the R. Blackwater. It was captured from
O'Neill by Sir Charles Coote, and was in 1665 purchased by the Crown
for £3,500. It was held for James II for some time in 1690, when Schomberg
captured it. The town was formerly a borough, incorporated by charter
April 29, 1613, returning 2 members to Parliament up to the Union, when
Lord Charlemont received £15,000 compensation as its Patron. Charle-
mont was constituted a Perpetual Curacy out of Loughgall parish on Feb.
12, 1830. William Lord Charlemont conveyed on Aug. 13, 1830, 2 roods
as a site for the church which was built soon after and consecrated on Mar.
19, 1833, by the Primate. " It is a handsome structure, resembling in
front one of the grand altars of York Minster," writes Lewis (T. D.). It
was altered and improved in 1862.

" A curious gold ring and a gold cross, studded with gems, and said to
have belonged to Sir Teague 0' Regan [Governor under James II] have been
discovered here, also a few years since, a body almost in a complete state
of preservation with the clothes and spurs complete" {L.T.D. 1837).

The income in 1870 was £105. The Preb. Loughgall had the right of
nomination to the P.C. The Communion Plate — plated — was the gift of
Rev. Henry Stewart, Incumbent, 1834-6.

Records extant : — In P.R.O. Baptisms and Burials 1833-76,
Marriages 1833-45, remainder in possession of Incumbent. In Office of
R.C.B. — Deed of Conveyance of Site of Church and Churchyard by
Lord Charlemont, 13 Aug., 1830.


1622-41— See Curates.

1667— Alexander Sharpe, inst. July 3 (F.F.T.). An Alexander Sharps
was R. Balsoon (near Trubly) in Meath 1626-32 ; and was living in Trubly
where his son Charles (who ent. T.C.D., aged 17, Feb. 26, 1658) was born
in 1641.

1677/8— Jonathan Ball, M.A., inst. V. Charlestown, Tallanstown and
Mapastown (F.F.T.). He became R. and V. Clonkeen 23 May, 1685,
when he res. V. TaUanstown. Jonathan B. of Ardee, elk., with his wife
and 5 children fled to Chester in 1688 {MS. T.C.D., F.4.3). He is said
to have been son of J. B., a Cromwellian, seated at Darver Castle, Co.
Louth. He held Charlesto^vn and Clonkeen till 1709 [But in the V.B.
of 1690 Steam Ball is said to be Incumbent of Charlestown and Curate
of Clonkeen]. Jonathan Ball held again the V. Tallanstown by faculty
from 1696 to 1709. He m. (1) in 1683 Frisweed, dau. of Captain Robt.
Stearne, TuUyally, Co. Westmeath (grandniece to Abp. Jas. Ussher)
and had issue 5 children, of whom 2 survived, viz., Rev. John, who,
succeeded him at Charlestown, and Stephen ; he m. (2) Nov. 7, 1695
Abigail, 7th dau. of Rev. Wm. Barry by his 2nd wife Elizabeth Kelly
(see Termonfechin), by whom he had issue Elizabeth, Charles, Anne,
and Christian. He d. in 1709. His widow Abigail lived in Drogheda
1715-42 (see Ball Wright's History of the Family of Ball, 2nd edition,
and a large collection for the history of this family, differing somewhat
from Mr. Ball Wright's book, which Mr. Garstin, M.R.I.A., has at Bragans-
town). See next entry.

1709— John Ball, inst. Jan. 25. He also succeeded as V. Tallanstown
and held both tUl his death in 1737 (D.B.). He was the son of his pre-
decessor ; b. in Ardee, 1684, ent. T.C.D. 1900 ; B.A. 1704 ; ord. D. 1707 ;

174 Parish of Charlestown, Vicars, 1709-1823.

P. — . Lived at Lisrenny. He m. Dorcas [Filgate ?] who survived
him. See below. He d. 1737, and his Will was proved at Drogheda,
13 Aug., 1737. He bequeathed his estate of Johnstown to his eldest
son. Rev. Steame B. (see Clonmore) and £500 each to his son
Richard and his daua. Frisweed, Dorcas and Sarah. (See History of
the Family of Ball). His widow, Dorcas, survived till 1777, when she d.
at Kilkenny, and her goods were administered in the Ossory Court by
Elinor Campbell, widow.

1737 — John Rowe, M.A., inst. V, Charlestown and Tallanstown July 25
(D.R.) ; res. in the following year.

1738— Thomas Rice, coll. V. Charlestown and Tallanstown Nov. 14 {D.R.) ;
T.C.D. B.A. 1717; LL.B. 1721; C. Mullabrack 1721; R. Philipstown
1741. From 1754 the Vicarages of Charlestown, Tallanstown and Mapas-
town and the Rectories of Philipstown and Clonkeehan were permanently
united and held by the one Incumbent {V.B.). Thomas Rice m. in
Stabannon Mrs. Norminda Ball (widow of Rev. John Ball, son of Abraham
B. of Darver) on 24 June, 1741 {Par. Reg.). Ret. to Lords cu-ca 1766-8
says he was " very old and infirm." He d. in 1769, and his Will was
proved in Drogheda 1770. A headstone to memory of T.R. in old church-
yard of C. is inscribed : — " Willm. Rice ye Vicar's Brother | Buried
October ye 23rd, 1749, | aged 52. | Also the Rev. Thomas Rice, | who
died June the 26th | 1769, aged 72 years."

1769— WiUIam Ogle, M.A., coU. Sep. (D.R.); res. Sep. 18, 1787. See

1788— Thomas English, coll. Mar. 3 (D.R.). He was the son of Rev. Richard
E., Rector of Kildress (q.v.) ; T.C.D. Sch. 1764 ; B.A. 1766 ; Vic-Choral
of Armagh 1763 ; P.C. Grange 1776-80 : C. Armagh 1780-8, held also
with Charlestown the V. Ballyloughloe (Meath) 1800-16 ; m. Elizabeth
Walker, of St. Mary's parish, Dublin (M.L. dated Mar. 6, 1776) ; d. in
1816 ; his son Henry d. 15 Oct., 1795.

1816— Townley Filgate, coll. Oct. 8 [? 2] {D.R.). He was the 4th son of
William F., of Lisrenny in this parish (see B.L.G.), b. 1784, ent. T.C.D.
on 6 May, 1801; B.A. 1804; M.A. 1812; C. Charlestown 1807-16; m.
Isabella, eldest dau. of William Ruxton, M.P., Ardee (B.L.G.) and had
issue (1) William Henry, barrister. Sec. to Lord Chancellor; (2) Fitz-
herbert, m. 1852 Catherine, dau. of Right Hon. Edward Lucas, of Castle
Shane, Co. Mon. {B.L.G.). and d. 22 Sep., 1896; and 2 daus. Anna and
Ellen, d. unm. The P. Will of Alexander F. [his grandfather] of Lisrenny
was proved 20 Oct., 1772. His wife Elinor [Byrne] to have inter alia
" that house in which Rev. Mr. Rice dwelt during his life ;" sons — William
to get Lisrenny ; Townley Patten, " that land formerly held by Rev.
John Ball in Great and Little Lisrenny," and his estate in
Dundalk and Castlering. His daus. Maryanne, Margaret, Elinor,
Thomasin, Frances to get £1,000 each. Mentions his brother Thomas F.,
of Ardee ; leaves £10 to the poor of the united parishes. Witnesses —
Ste., John and Jos. Filgate. A mural tablet in the church bears this
inscription : — " In memory of | The Rev. Townley Filgate, | 4th son of |
William Filgate | of Lissrenny, Esqre., | and manv years Vicar of this
parish, | Born 16 July, 1784, Died 28th Dec, 1822. | And of Isabella
liis wife, I eldest dau. of | William Ruxton, of Ardee House, Esq., |
bom [date not given], died 17 Nov., 1855."

1823 — Richard Olpherts, coll. Mar. 13 (D.R.). son of Richard 0., descended
from Wybrants 0., a burgess of Armagh, b. in Co. Armagh, ent. T.C.D.
Oct. 2, 1802, aged 17 ; educated at Royal School, Armagh ; B.A. 1805 ;
M.A. 1827 ; C. Desertlyn 1816. He d. on 17th Dec, 1849, aged 64 years.

Parish of Charlestown, Vicars and Curates. 175

and was bur. in Armagh Cathedral Churchyard, where the tombstone
records the burial of his 1st wife Anne, who d. 11 June, 1828, aged 30,
and of his 2nd wife Mary, and 11 of his children. A tablet to his memory
in Charlestown church has the inscription : — " Sacred to the memory |
of I Rev. Richard Olpherts | for 27 years Vicar | of the Union of Charles-
town. I This tablet is inscribed as a tribute | of affectionate respect and
esteem by his grateful parishioners of all denominations | and a few
priveleged friends | Obiit Decem. 1848, ^tat 65."

1850— Richard Quln, M.A., coll. Feb. 23 (D.B.) ; res. in 1858 for Forkill, q.v.

1858— Thomas Dawson Logan, coll. Oct. 27 (D.R.). He was the son of
William L., b. in Dublin June 23, 1800, ent. T.C.D. Jan., 1817 ; B.A.
1822 ; M.A. 1832 ; ord. D. 1825 ; P. 1825 ; C. Ardee 1827 ; R. Cruicetown
(Meath) 1830 ; m. Frances Alice, dau. of Rev. Arthur Ellis (see Ardee)
who d. April 14, 1891. He d. May 9, 1884, and was bur. at Ardee, where
there is an inscription to his memory near the church door in the ch-yard.
A brass tablet to his memory in Charlestown church bears the inscription: —
" In loving memory | of the | Rev. Thomas Dawson Logan | for 26
years | Rector of this Parish. | Born June 23rd, 1800 | Died May 9th,
1884. I And of Frances Alicia, his wife. | daughter of | the Rev. Arthur
Ellis, I Rector of Ardee. | Born Jan. 29th, 1802. | Died April 14th, 1891. |
This tablet is erected by | their four surviving children | Thos. Robert
Johnston Logan, | Charles Atkinson Logan, | Katherine Leonora Logan, |
Letitia Augusta Brenan."

1884— James Gaussen, M.A., inst. Oct. 3 (D.R.); res. in 1889. See Loughgall.

1889— Francis William Montgomerie CauMeild, inst. April 27 (D.R.). He

was the 3rd son of Lieut. Col. Wm. Montgomerie Stewart C, R. D.

Fusiliers (see Peerage. Charlemont) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1880 ; M.A. 1884 ; ord.

D. 1881; P. 1883; C. Killesher (Kilmore) 1881-3; C. Newry 1883-5;

C. Lincombe (Bath and Wells) 1885-8 ; Dio. Curate Clogher 1889 ; res.

Charlestown 1899 for Col. and Cont. Chap. 1899-1902 ; C. St. John Bap.,

Southend 1902-5 ; C. St. Dunstan's, East Acton, 1906-7 ; C. St. John's,

Isleworth, 1907.
1899— Arthur Philip Frederick Rains, B.A. (Camb.), inst. June 5 (D.B.) ;

ord. D. 1893 ; P. 1895 ; C. Christ Church, Lisburn, 1893-5 ; C. Armagh

1895-8 ; Dep. Sec. Sunday Sch. Soc. for Ireland 1898-9 ; deprived by

the Court of the General Synod, 20 July, 1905.
1905— Guy William Carleton L'Estrange, inst. Aug. 22, son of Rev. Guy

J. C. L'Estrange, formerly Vicar of Kilbroney fRostrevor) ; T.C.D. B.A.

1893 ; Div. Test. 1895 ; M.A. 1907 ; ord. D. 1895 ; P. 1896 ; C. Caledon

1895-1900 ; R. Caledon 1900-5 ; m. Annie Rhoda, eldest dau. of R. P.

Brownell, Esq., and has issue Guy Brownell C. L'Estrange.


1622— Robert Goodlad at 30/- (R. V. 1622). See Ardee.

1633— Roger Briscoe at £5 (R. V. 1633). See Ardee.

1641— Edward Lappage (Dep. of 1641 T.C.D.).

1766— Edward Hudson ; still C. in 1769 ( V.B.). See Forkill.

1774— Stearn Ball, Lie. July 28 at £50 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1772.

1806— Edward Coates {V.B.) was afterwards C. Clonduff, Dromore ; m.
Frances Toole, 1830.

1807— Townley Filgate, B.A., Lie. Sep. 24 (D.R.). See Vicars.

1828— John Lloyd [Par. Reg.).

1829-48— William Robert Ellison, T.C.D. B.A. 1847; ord. D. 1828; P.
1829. The following inscription is on his tombstone in Charlestown
Churchyard : — " This monument has been erected by the | parishioners

176 Parish of Charlestown, Curates and Notes.

of Charlestown of all denomiaations, with other friends | to record their
sense of the inestimable worth of the | Rev. William Robert Ellison,
A.M., I late Curate of the parish for 19 years. | Having faithfuJly dis-
charged his duty as a Minister | of the Gospel, beloved and respected by
all classes, | He closed a life of Christian benevolence | and unremitting
kindness to the poor | on the loth March, 1848, in the 48th year of his age."

1848— Joseph Henry (Par. Reg.).

1871-2— Isaac Mitchell, ord. D. 1871 ; P. 1872 ; res. for C. Marmers' Ch.,
Kingstown, 1872-3 ; C. St. Barnabas, Dublm, 1873-4 ; R. Kiltoom 1874.

1883-4— Lewis Walter Algeo, T.C.D. B.A. 1881 ; Div. Test. 1885 ; ord. D.
1883 ; P. 1885 ; C. Cash (Longford) 1884-5 ; R. Kilmore (Roscommon)
1885-7 ; R. Holy Trm., Barking Road, Essex 1887-8 ; R. Ardara
1889-03 ; d. May 23, 1903, aged 43.


Charlestown was anciently called Serlestown or Sorlestown from a
family named Serle, who lived here in the 13th or 14th centuries. The
name is therefore an example of the rashness of taking the obvious English
derivation as a guide to the meaning of an Irish name.

The church was originally one of the 8 chapels appropriated to the
Priory of St. John the Baptist, Ardee ; it was granted with the rest of that
priory's property to Charles Viscount Moore, 20 Sep., 1639 {P.R.).

in 1622 church and chancel were ruinous {R.V.). In 1633 Lord Louth
was impropriator; value £8 {R. V.). In 1692 " Brabazon Moore, impropriator,
church out of repair ; Moore refuses to repair chancel. The body was
covered with slates, no bell. Thomas Stephens and James Akin, Church-
wardens ; James Matthews, Popish Priest, here 7 years ; no meeting house
or Mass house." In 1731 Vicar was " resident, but had no parsonage
house" [Pari. Ret.). In 1764 90 Protestants, 555 Roman Catholics, 1
church and no chapel in the parish [Hearth Money Return). In 1766 " V.
old and infirm, a curate resides " {Ret. to Lords). In 1767 John FUgate
and Patrick MacCann, Churchwardens ; Joseph Gminell, Parish Clerk ;
James Cunningham, Schoolmaster {V.B.).

In 1827 a new church was buUt on the opposite side of the road at
an expense of £1384 — being a loan from the Board of First Fruits ; it is
in the later English style. A tower and spire 108 feet high were added,
at a cost of £219 17s. 6d., raised by subscription in the parish ; and the
church was consecrated on April 23, 1828. The church has 2 bells. The
smaller one has this inscription : " The gift of James Bailyes to the
parish of Charlestown, 1766." The large bell has only the maker's
name, C. K. Clarke, Rmgsend, Dublm. The East wmdow is
" In memory of Thomas William Filgate, died 26th February, 1868."
The handsome brass eagle lectern has this inscription : " Dedicated to
Charlestown church | in foving memory of William Filgate of Lissrenny, |
who died 23rd November, 1875, aged 94 yeare, | and of Sophia Juliana
Penelope his wife | (eldest dau. of Jerome Count de Salis), ) who died 5th July,
1886, aged 78 years | by their children." The carved oak pulpit and
prayer desk have the following inscriptions : Pulpit — " To the glory of
God I in memory of | Sophia Juliana Penelope Filgate, | relict of William
Filgate of Lissrenny, | who died 5th Julv, 1886. | Erected by
her brother | William Fane de Salis, 1894." 'Prayer Desk—" To the
glory of God | in memory of Thomas Lee-Norman | of Corbollis, | who
died 6th November, 1875. | Erected by L. A. Lee-Norman, 1894."

The Sexton's house opposite the church, which has stabling for 12
horses attached, has the following inscription on the end wall : — " 1897 |
Erected and presented to the | Parish of Charlestown | by Malcolm Brown
Murray, of Rahanna, | as a residence for the Sexton and | stabling for the

Parishes of Churchtown and Clare.


horses of the parishioners. | Francis Montgomerie Caulfeild, Incumbent ; |
William de Salis Filgate, Richard Kelly, Churchwardens."

A valuable turret clock, which strikes the hours on the large bell of
the church, was given by T. F. Filgate, Esq., in August, 1903, who has
in this year (1910) presented an acre of land for the enlargement of the
churchyard, &c.

Mr. Wm. de Salis Filgate has been Churchwarden for the years 1857,
62, 66, 68, 69, 72, and from 1874 to the present date. He has hardly ever
been absent from a Sunday Morning Service durmg that time. He has also
been Parochial Nominator since Disestablishment. A record hard to beat.

The old graveyard is now vested in the Ardee Rural District Council,
as also the graveyards of Mapastown, Philipstown and Tallanstown, in the
Union. The Patron Saint was St. Michael the Archangel.

The glebe house was built in 1820 at a cost of £1453 18s. 9d.— viz.,
£230 153. 4d. a gift and £507 13s. 9d. a loan from the Board of First Fruits,
as well as £514 17s. 5d. paid by the Vicar. The income of the Union in
1869 was £351 5s. 9d. Clonkeen has been added since Disestablishment.
Rbcoeds extant : — In Incumbent's possession, under Retention Order
Registers of Baptisms, etc., since 1822, Vestry Books and Preacher's Books.



1590— Patrick McCrodan is V. of Churcheston Co. Louth, {,M.R.), but
nothing further is known about it. Probably it is the same as Clonkeen,
q.v. There are 4 parishes and about 25 townJands of the name in Ireland,
but not one in the Co. Louth, though Clonkeen is sometimes so called.

CLARE — {Co. Armagh).

0etpeiuaf Cutatez^

1840— Edward Bruce, Lie. June 24 {D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1833 ; C. BaUy-

mascanlan 1839.
1844— James Wilson, Lie. Oct. 8 (D.R.), son of Garrett W., b. in Co. Cork,

ent. T.C.D. Nov. 20, 1804, aged 21 [? T.C.D. B.A. 1817 ; LL.D. 1846] ;

m. (1) a dau. of Wm. Hutcheson, Tandragee ; (2) Mary Prentice, in

Drumbanagher church, 9 Sep.. 1844.
1858— Frederick Trulock Hankin, Lie. Feb. 11 (D.R.), son of John Sheriff

H., b. in Co. Down, ent. T.C.D. 1841, aged 26 ; B.A. 1846 ; Div. Test.

1846 ; ord. D. 1847 ; C. Randalstown. At one time it is said he sang as

solo treble in St. Patrick's, Dublin, before George IV, and conduct^ a

musical society in Dublin ; ras. Clare Aug. 31, 1877.

At Disestablishment Clare ceased to be a Perpetual Curacy and became
part of Ballymore Parish.


The parish was created as a P.C. on 6 March, 1840, 4 townlands being
taken from Mullabrack, 5 from Loughgilly and 12 from Ballymore parishes.
The incumbents of these parishes nominated in turn.

The church was consecrated on Oct. 13, 1842. The Communion
Plate — silver — is inscribed : " Clare Church."

Records extant :— In P.R.O. Baptisms 1840-1879, Marriages 1840-
45, Burials 1847-79. In R.C.B's. Office is Lease of Site of Church, 3
Mar., 1841, from James Browne. See also Ballymore.

178 Parish of Clogherny, Rectors, 1732-1885.
CLOGHERNY— rCo. T^rme).

1732 — James Lowry, inst. July 17 (D.R.). He was the 4th son of Robert

L. of Aghenis (son of John L. of Aghenis, whose P. Will proved in
1689 mentions his wife Jane and his sons Robert and John and daus.
Katherine, Rebecca and Anne) by Anne, dau. of Rev. Jas. Sinclair, R.
of Leckpatrick (2nd son of Sir James Sinclair of Caithness) ; b. in 1707 ;
T.C.D. B.A. 1730, M.A. 1732. A famUy Bible gives date of his birth
erroneously as 6 July, 1711 (see Earl of Belmore in U.J. A., 1904, p. 35
et seq.). Had a licence to go to England 28 Sep., 1739 {D.R.). He ex-
changed Clogherny in 1745 with Rev. R. Dobbs for Desertcreat, which
he held till his death. He m. Hester, elder dau. of John Richardson,
M.P., of RichhUl (and sister of Mary, Lady Gosford), who d. 1771, and
left issue (1) Robert, of Pomeroy (2) Rev. John ,(3) Rev. James, of Rock-
dale (see B.L.G.). He d. in 1786. An inscription on a slab inside the
Lowry famUy vault at Desertcreat reads : —

" Gentle reader, tell me, which is best.
The tiresome journey or the traveller's rest ?
The Rev. James Lowry died the 21 Nov., 1786."
His P. Will, made 9 Oct., 1786, was proved in March, 1787. He left
his estate in trust to Daniel Ecles, of Eclesville, Co. Tyrone, and Thomas

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