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33; eldest son of Rev. Joseph H., P.C. Camlough; m. in 1815 Maria, dau.
of Meredith Chambre ; d. 4 Nov., 1869, bur. in Killeavy, Nov. 8, 1869,
aged 78, where the following inscription is on his tombstone : — " Sacred
to the memory of Maria | the dear wife of the Rev. R. Henry, | Rector
of Jonesborough, who departed | this life Feb. 14th, 1868, aged 78
years. | In life beloved. In death lamented | by a fond and affectionate
husband. | And also of the aforesaid | Revd. Robert Henry, | who died
the 4th of November, 1869 | in the 78th year of his age | and the 56th of
his ministry. | ' A workman that needeth not to be ashamed.' "

His eldest son Meredith m. 23 Mar., 1855, Eliza, dau. of Wm. Gray,
of Graymount, Co. Antrim, and d., aged 69, on 11 Oct., 1888 ; and his
son Robert Bailie d. 13 July, 1883.

1870— James Richard Scott, coll. Feb. 18 (D.R.), son of David Scott, M.D.,
b. in Co. Dublin, ent. T.C.D. 1860, aged 18, B.A. and Div. Test. 1865 ;
ord. D. 1866 ; P. 1868 ; res. and compounded on Feb. 21, 1883 ; re-
appointed and inst. Mar. 29, 1883 ; was C. Cappagh 1867-8 ; C. Jones-
borough 1868-9. The Private Chaplaincy of Ravensdale Chapel-of-
Ease, now in the parish of Ballymascanlan, was then held by the R. of
Jonesborough ; he res. the parish on Oct. 1, 1892.

1892— Ribton McCracken, inst. Oct. 11 {D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1873; Div.
Test. 1872 ; M.A. 1881 ; ord. D. 1870 ; P. 1871 ; C. Donaghmore (Dromore)
1870-83 ; C. Carrickfergus 1883-6 ; C. Christ Church, Belfast 1886-7 ;
C. Portadown 1887-92 ; Rural Dean of Creggan 1895 ; member of the
Diocesan Council.


1813— Richard Kidd.

1829— Thomas William Dixon, B.A., Lie. Nov. 3 {D.R.).
1864-5— Thomas W. Carson, T.C.D. Sch. 1854 ; B.A. (Sen. Mod. CI.) 1857 ;
M.A. 1860; Div. Test. (1) 1864; ord. D. 1864; P. 1866; C. Kilmore

314 Parishes of Jonesborough and Keady,

(Kilmore) 1865-70; Chapl, to Bishop of Kilmore (whose son he was)

1865— Charles Crossle, jun., Lie. Dec. 26 {D.R.). See Kilcluney.
1869 — James Richard Scott. In the following year he became Bector, q.v.
1870— Blacker Castles, Lie. Dec. 27 ; T.CD. B.A. 1849 ; C. Carlingford



Jonesborough was originally part of Ballymore Parish. An order
in Council of March 11, 1760 established it as a parish, and Primate Robinson
endowed it with tithes and a glebe. It was enlarged by the addition of
6 townlands in Ballymascanlan on July 6, 1861, by another order in Council.
The church was originally built circa 1732 {Grand Jury Presentments), re-
built 1772 and consecrated in 1785. It was repaired in 1812 at a cost of
£370 — a gift from the Board of First Fruits. It was again repaired in 1863
and rebuilt at the expense of the late Lord Clermont, and opened for worship
on 30 Sep., 1866. Lord Clermont handsomely endowed the parish. The
church was not re-consecrated.

Mr. Kidd in his Survey contributed to Mason (in Shaw Maaon't
Collection) writes : — " The barracks where I at present reside by
permission of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant .... There
is an old Romish chapel unroofed belongmg to the parish . . . but the
priest assembles his flock in the open air, under the ruins of an old building
nearly opposite the barrack gate. . . . There are 7 Protestant families
and 27 respectable (sic) communicants at Christmas [1813]." The latter
were chiefly from neighbouring parishes. Before his institution in 1812,
he says, the church had become a ruin, " but the Primate put it in order."
The glebe house was built m 1815 at a cost of £563 Is. 6^., of which £450
was a gift from the Board of First Fruits. The silver chalice and paten
were presented by Captain Macartney Filgate.

Records extant : — In Incumbent's possession Baptisms and Marriages
from 1799, Burials from 1833, 2 Vestry Books and Preacher's Books. In
Office of R.C.B. Deed of Conveyance of Site of Church and Churchyard
(32 J perches) from Thomas Morris Jones, 2 May, 1779.

KEADY. (Co. Armagh.)

(gecfore an^ ^icare.

1780— SamuelClose, M.A., coll. Mar. 2 {B.R. ) ; res. in 1814. See Prebs. Tynan.
1814— Edward Sterling Roberts, coll. Feb. 28 {D.R.), T.CD. B.A. 1780.

He was C. Keady 1785-1814, and became R. Badoney Lower Jan. 22,

1819 ; d. in 1827. Keady Par. Reg. contains records of the baptisms of

the following children of him and his wife Mary — viz., James, bap. Feb.

4, 1789 ; Andrew, bap. May. 1, 1793 ; Jane, bap. Sep. 18, 1786.
1819— Henry Stewart, coll. Feb. 16 (D.R.), T.CD. B.A. 1807 ; M.A. 1832;

ord. D. 1811 ; res. Nov. 28, 1822, and became R. Leixlip 1823, and d. at

the Rectory. Esker, March 26, 1874, in his 89th year.
1823— James Jones, M.A., coll. March 31 (D.R.) ; res. in 1825. See

1825— Charles Alexander, M.A., coll. Feb. 28 (D.R.) ; res. in 1826. See

1826— James Stewart Blacker, coll. Dec. 21 (D.R.), T.CD. B.A. 1818 ; M.A.

1831 ; C. Killyman 1822. He was the 4th son of Rev. Stewart B., Rector

Parish of Keady, Rectors and Vicars and Curates. 315

of Drumcree and Dean of Leighlin ; b. Feb. 16, 1797 ; m. Nov. 30, 1824,
Eliza, dau. of Conyngham Qregg, Ballymenoch, Devonahire. He d.
in 1835 leaving issue (1) Stewart Beresford, (2) James Conyngham, and
two daus.
1835— James McCrelght, coll. Sep. 13 {D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1813 ; M.A. 1832.
Son of James McC, of Walkinshaw's Grove, near Tandragee, by Mary,
dau. and heiress of John Chambers, of Dublin ; C. Seapatrick 1817 ; C.
Killeavy 1823 ; P.C. Caledon 1825-35 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Foster,
D.D., Bishop of Clogher. He had a son John Foster, bap. at Caledon
Sep. 3, 1827, and a dau. Letitia, who m. Rev. Francis H. Hall, Drumcullin,
Co. Down, son of James Trail Hall, Co. Court Judge, and grandson of
Rev. F. Hall, LL.D., of Arboe. He res. Keady about a month after
collation to it.

1835— Cosby Stopford Mangan, M.A., coll. Oct. 30 {D.R.) ; res. in 1840 for
Derrynoose, q.v.

1840— Charles King Irwin, M.A., coll. Sep. 12 (D.R.) ; res. in 1844 for Magher-
afelt. See Loughgilly.

1844— Samuel Simpson, M.A., coll. Oct. 29 (D.R.) ; res. in 1860. See Derry-

1860— Richard Oulton, coll. April 16 (D.R.) ; b. m Dublin 1813 ; T.C.D.
B.A. 1836 ; M.A. 1841 ; ord. D. 1836 ; P. 1838 ; C. Kilmore (Down) 1836-
41 ; C. Derryloran 1841-62 ; P.C. Altadesert 1852-60 ; m. in 1839 ;
author of Review of the Ulster Revival (Dublin, 1859) ; res. Keady
Nov. 24, 1881 ; died at 28 Herbert Place, Dublm, Oct. 5, 1895, aged 82.
His dau. Louisa Elizabeth was b. at Keady, May 16, 1863 ; his son George
Nugent was b. at Cookstown, Feb. 10, 1845, he is now a barrister,
living in Upper Mount street, Dublin ; and his son Plato Wm. Henry b.
there also April 9, 1850 (Par. Reg.), now M.D., residing in Fitzwilliam
street, Dublin ; and his youngest son, Courtney C, is now Co. Inspector
R.I.C, Armagh.

1882— Nieholas Hopkins James, M.A., inst. Jan. 3 (D.R.) ; res. same year.
See Clonfeacle.

1882— Mathew Banks Hogg, inst. April 22 (Z>.i?.), T.C.D. B.A. 1878; M.A.
1896 ; Div. Test. (1) 1897 ; ord. D. 1879 ; P. 1880 ; C. Killesher 1879-81 ;

C. Ballymore 1881-2; m. April 11, 1882, Mary Violet, dau. of Rev.
Campbell Jamieson, M.A., R. of Killesher, and has issue. His elder
dau. Ethel Marv Violet m. Jan. 26, 1910, Cyril Reeve, youngest son of
late George Hicks, M.R.C.S.E., Baldock, Herts.

1785— Edward Sterling Roberts. See Rectors.

1818— William Phelan. See Ardtrea.

1829— Thomas Blacker Owens (Par. Reg.). See Drogheda Curates.

1852— Joseph Henry, Lie. Oct. 18. Was British Chaplain at Lima 1856-84.

1855 — Arthur Newcombe, Lie. Sep. 18. See Drogheda (St. Mark's).

1861-4— George Seymour Clarke, T.C.D. B.A. and Div. Test. 1855 ; ord.

D. 1857 ; P. 1858 ; C. Magheraclooney 1866-71 ; C. St. Luke's, HoUiscroft,
Sheffield, 1874-6 ; C. Killegar 1879-86.

1870— Joseph Adderley, Lie. Nov. 27 ; ord. D. Nov. 26, 1870.

1883-4— Legh Richmond Hamilton, T.C.D. B.A. 1880; Div. Test. 1881 ;

ord. D. 1881 ; P. 1883. Son of Rev. Robert H., R. of Drumcree, and

brother of Rev. R. S. G. H., R. of Dundalk ; C. Shankill (Leighlin) 1881-2 ;

C. Cootehill 1882 ; C. Ballmderry 1882-3 ; C. Tarbert 1884 ; C. Cushendall

1884-5 ; C. Magourney 1885-6.

3i6 Parishes of Keady and Kene.


Keady=CeIde or Celdach, a flat-topped hillock.

The parish was formed out of Derrynoose by Orders in Council, dated
May 7, 1773, and Dec. 23. 1773. Another Order united part of Derrynoose
to it on Aug. 12, 1780. T.C.D. gave on Oct. 12, 1773, a lease of a small
plot of land for a site of a church and burial ground. The church was built
in 1775 and consecrated on Sep. 11, 1782. A new tower was added in 1822.
In 1804 the Rectory was valued at £200, Curate resided in the small parsonage
house to which there is a glebe annexed (Coote's Survey). At Disestablish-
ment Incumbent had every 3rd turn in nominating to P.C. Armaghbreague,
which took in part of this parish.

The value of the living in 1869 was £347 ISs. lOd.

The old churchyard of Tassagh in this parish is vested in Armagh
District Council. It is said to have been the burial-place of the
Armagh Culdees.

Records extant : — In Incumbent's possession under Retention Order
Baptisms and Marriages from 1780, Burials from 1813, Vestry Books.

KENE. — (Co. Louth.)
(gecfote or (j^reBenbariee.

12 William, son of Richard the Miller, was pres. by Rosia de Verdon,

grandmother of Theobald de Verdon, to the church of Adken [Kene]
and the chapel of Roche (la Rupe)) {Justiciary Rolls 1297). Theobald
gave the pres. to the Prior of St. Leonard's, Dundalk.

1365 — James Cocelert (? Coelbert) appears as res. this R. (D.R.).

1365— William FitzAdam, or Adam, coll. this year {D.B.). Wm. Adam is
R. Kene 1370 (P.R.).

1455 — James Leche, LL.B., appears (D.R.).

1463— Henry Patton, a Canon, is Preb. Kene 1463 {D.R.).

1530 — James White, Archdeacon, is R. or Preb. ; died in 1530.

1530— Cormac Roth, Archdeacon, inst. Aug. 26. The Preb. was annexed
to the Archdeaconry for the better support of the latter (D.R.). Roth
died in 1540.

1540 — John LImyrlcke created a Canon ; " and as a fish without water,
80 a Canon without a Prebend cannot subsist," he weis coll. to the Preb.
of Kene April 10 (D.R.). See History of Kilsaran, p. 234; and
also Cotton Fasti III., 60.

1622— Meredith Gulllym, A.M. (R.V.).

The Prebend was henceforth appropriated to the See, and the R.
of Baronstown was licensed as Primate's Curate after 1699.

In 1692 (F.-B.) James Cubett, R. of Killincoole, is Curate. The church
was out of repair.


This was one of the Anglo-Norman Prebends which were allowed to
lapse about the time of the Reformation. In 1633 the value was £6, and

Parishes of Kene and Kilcluney. 317

it pertained to the Archbishop's mensal {R.V-). Rev. Wm. Smith, in 1699,
was coll. to the R. Baronstown and Faughart, and had a faculty to hold
with them the small R. of Dunbin, on account of their inconsiderable yearly
value and that they were very convenient and contiguous to the parish
church of Kene, where he preached and celebrated Divine Service every
Lord's Day, and to which the Protestant inhabitants of the said parishes
resorted, the church thereof being lately rebuilt by Mr. James Cubett, de-
cesised, and now finished by himself at the expense of £18 sterling, and that
the cures of the said parishes might conveniently be served by him, who
fully purposed to reside in the parish of Kene, the Primate's mensal, and
situate in the very centre of said parishes, and where he believed no clergy-
man had ever dwelt since the Reformation {D.R.).

In 1766 there were 2 Protestant and 22 R.C. families in the parish
(Pari. Ret.). The parish of Kene was permanently united to Baronstown
by Order in Council, dated Sep. 15, 1786.

Records kxtant : — See Baronstown.

KILCLUNEY.— (Co. Armagh. j

(gecfotfi ant (picate.

1406 — Rory McGyllamura vacates the R. Plebis de Clandchamayoh

Inferior, als. Gartwych by death {D.R.). (See Notes).
1406— Maurice McRalagean, coll. Dec. 8 {D.R.).
1456 — Patrick O'Conulty, Vicar of Castrum O'Hanlon is " firmarius in

plebe de Claindkemy." [?=Rector]. (D.R.).
[1609 — The Treasurer of Armagh Cathedral is Rector and Vicar {Inquis.

1617— Michael Birlchead, or Birliet, coll. Sep. 18 (F.F.T.). See Ballinderry.
1622— Henry Leslie (F.F.R.) non-resident in 1622, "hath a suflScient

Curate" (R.V.). See Prebs. MuUabrack.
1624— Robert Maxwell, M.A., resigns (P.R.).
1624— John Watson, M.A., pres. by the Crown Mar. 18, inducted Mar. 19,

1624. See Prebs. Mullabrack. He is still R. in 1633 (R.V.).

In 1627 Kilcluney seems to have become united to Mullabrack, Feb. 8

It continued so united till 1792, when 23 townlands were disunited
from Mullabrack and erected into the Perpetual Curacy of Kilcluney, called
also Glassdrummond.

1806— James Clarke, Lie. July 4 (D.R.), ord. P. 1799 ; C. Kilmore 1799 ;
res. on June 11, 1829. Emigrated to Canada, and d. R. of St. Catherine's,
Upper Canada, on 14 July, 1840 {Newry Telegraph).

1829— Leonard Horner Robinson, Lie. Nov. 24 {D.R.), b. Sep. 1800; T.C.D.
Sch. 1821; B.A. 1822; C. Maryborough before 1829. The baptism of the
following children of him and his wife Maryanne (b. 9 Mar., 1810, 2nd
dau. of Capt. John Winder, R.A., of Armagh and Elizabeth Gervais

3i8 Parish of Kilcluney, Perpetual Curates, 1829-72.

his wife, of Cecil, Augher, Co.Tyrone) is recorded in Armagh Par. Reg. : —
Elizabeth, bap. Dec. 21, 1836, m. Rev. C. Crossle (see next entry);
Alexander, bap. Mar. 15, 1838 (afterwards in the Civil Service of
India, now living at Dartrey Lodge, Co. Armagh) ; John Winder, bap.
March 20, 1839. He d. on Nov. 11, 1866.

1866— Charles Crossle, sen., coll. Dec. 11 (D.R.), 3rd son of Henry C, of

TuUyvannon, Co. Tyrone, Agent to Sir Wm. Vemer, Bart, by Letitia,
2nd dau. of Charles Colquhoun, of Sixmilecross ; b. at TuUyvannon,
Co. Tyrone, ed. at Clough, Co. Down, and Newry and Nutgrove School,
Rathfarnham; T.C.D. ent. 1826; B.A. 1830; M.A. 1832; ord. D. 1833;
P. 1834 ; C. Lower Langfield 1833-5 ; C. Cappagh 1835 ; P.C. Milltown
1840-52; P.C. Balleek 1852-4; R. Newtownhamilton 1854-66; m. (1)

4 Aug., 1832, Isabella, only dau. of George Atkinson, of Millvale, Co.
Armagh, and had issue by her (who d. 22 Jan., 1858, bur. at Killeshil)

(1) Henry John, b. 5 April, 1837, d. unm. in London, 16 Feb., 1895 ;

(2) Robert Atkinson, b. and d. 1838 ; (3) Rev. Charles ; see next entry ;
(4) Robert Atkinson, b. and d. 1841 ; (5) Rev. George Atkinson, M.A.,
b. 6 Mar., 1843, m. 17 April, 1872, Clara, 3rd dau. of Joseph Hadland,
of S. Norwood, London ; (6) Francis Clements, B.A., M.B., M.Ch., b.
17 March, 1847, m. 7 Aug., 1872, Annie Waller, 2nd dau. of Philip Jones,
of Nutgrove, Rathfarnham. by whom he had issue 7 sons and one
dau. ; Dr. Crossle, who gave the Author considerable assistance in
the preparation of this Work, d. at Newrv Oct. 15, 1910, (7)
James, b. 2 Sep., 1853, d. unm. at Rathmines, 20 Dec, 1874 ; (8)
Anne Atkinson, b. Ist June, 1835, d. 10 June, 1894, m. July 31, 1860,
Wm. Scott, M.D., J.P. for Co. Tyrone, who d. at the Bawn, Co. Tyrone,

5 Dec, 1892. They had issue 7 sons and 4 daus, including Rev.
Charles E. Scott, B.A. ; Rev. H. Gordon W. Scott, M.A. (see TuUan-
iskin) ; and Rev. A. Douglas A. Scott, B.A., and J. W. Scott, M.B.,
of Coalisland ; (9) Letitia, b. 1845, d. in mfancy ; (10) Mary Waller,
b. Mar. 15, 1848, m. April 14, 1873, Ven. Charles King Irwin, D.D., Arch-
deacon of Armagh; (11) Letitia Isabella, b. 8 May, 1849, d. unm, in
Dublin, 14 April, 1892. Rev. C. Crossle m. 2ndly April 11, 1860, Elizabeth
Winder, eldest dau. of Rev. L. H. Robinson, his predecessor as R. of
Kilcluney, by whom he had 2 sons — Leonard Alexander, b. 8 April, 1863,
and William Vemer, b. 15 March, 1864 ; and one dau. Marian Leonora,
b. 5 May, 1862. He d. at Kilcluney Dec 18, 1871. See History of the
Family of Croslegh, by his son and successor Rev. C. Croslegh, D.D.


1872 — Charles Crossle, jun. (son of preceding), inst. July 20 (D.R.), b. at
Newlands, Co. Tyrone, 16 Nov.. 1839, ed. privately and at the Royal
School, Armagh ; T.C.D. Sch. 1861 ; B.A. (Ist Resp.) 1862 ; Prize for
Latin Verse and Latin Prose. Div. Test. 1863 ; Elrington Theol. Prize
1864 ; M.A. and B.D. 1873 ; D.D. 1882 ; was a " Grinder " in College ;
ord. D. 1862 ; P. 1864 ; Reader in Old Molyneux Chapel, Dublin, 1862-3 ;
C. St. ,\udoen's 1864 ; Donnellan Lecturer 1880 ; C. Christ Ch., Moss
Side, 1864-5 .; Chaplain of Ravensdale and C. Jonesborough 1866-7 ;
Perpetual Curate Ballymoyer 1867-72 ; res. Kilcluney Sep. 18,
1876, for Chapl. of Cooper's Hill College 1876-97 ; became V. Bradninch
(Exeter) 1897-1901 ; m. (1) 3 July, 1867, Emily Priscilla, 4th dau. of
Rev. Henry Coddington, V. of Ware, Herefordshire ; she d. at Dulargy,
Co. Louth, Jan. 17, 1874, aged 31. By her he had issue 2 sons John Geo.
Coddington, M.A., b. 7 Oct., 1869 ; Louis Charles, b. 21 March, 1871,
m. 15 June, 1901, Beatrice Octavia Cameron, 5th dau. of Colonel Neville
H. Shute, Clayfield, Southampton ; and 2 daus. Emily May, who m.

Parish of Kilcluney, Incumbents, &c. 319

Arthur F. Hosken, M.A., C.E., Jan 14, 1899; and Isabel Catherine.
He m. (2) 30 Dec, 1879, Fanny, eldest dau. of Rev. Edward C. Evans,
R. of Downham, St. Albans, and by her had issue a son. Lieutenant
Evan Leigh, South Wales Borderers, b. 30 Oct., 1880. He changed his
surname to Croslegh. He published : —

" Some Account of the Convocations," 1865.

" Compensation of Ecclesiastical Persons in the Irish Church," 1869.

" The Constitutional History of the Church briefly examined," 1870.

" The Rights and Duties of the Laity in the Christian Church," 1870.

" Principles of Church Organization," 1870.

" Christianity Judged by its Fruits," 1881.

" The Bible in the Light of To-day," 1896.

" The Decision of the Archbishops," 1898.

" Descent and Alliances of Croslegh of Scaitliffe " — a History of the
Family, 1904.

1877— Henry Hutchings, inst. Jan. 19 by the Primate on lapse (D-R.),
T.C.D. B.A. 1844 ; Div. Test. 1845 ; M.A. 1874 ; ord. D. 1872 ; P. 1873 :

C. Skerry and Rathcavan 1872-5 ; P.C. Charlemont 1875-7. Author of
" Questions on the Book of Common Prayer " (4to, Belfast, 1884),
" Guide to Land Valuation " (Aleph), " Carboniferous Fossils of Ire-
land," " Primer of Religious Points and Counterpoints." He m.
Charlotte Wall, and had issue Rebecca Maryanne [Mrs. Richards], Arthur
Theodore (deceased), Rowena C. L. [Mrs. Hurley], Rev. Edgar FitzHenry,
his successor, Eva E. D. [Mrs. Kingsborough]. Rev. H. Hutchings rea.
April 1, 1896, and d. Nov. 11, 1899, aged 82.

1896— Edgar FitzHenry Hutchings, M.A., son of preceding, inst. April 30,
(D.R.) ; res. in 1907 for Heynestown, q.v.

1907— John Henry Lucas, inst. Dec. 31, (D.R.) Univ. Durh.,L.Th. 1899; ord.

D. 1899 ; P. 1900, son of John L., of Clonatoose, Fenagh ; C. Loughgilly
1898-1901; C. Dundalk 1901-2; R. Drumnakilly 1902-7; m. Miss Griffith
and has issue.


1895— Edgar F. Hutchings, Lie Oct. 24. See Rectors-


Kilcluney was anciently known as Cloncamle, or Clonkemy. Cearnach,
after whom it was called, was the son of Suibhne son of Esnech, slain in
718, 8th in descent from Niallen. This tribe — the Clan Cearnach — a branch
of the O'Hanlons, was seated in the present parish of Kilcluney and part
of Mullabrack and gave its name to the former parish, which was called in
the D.R. Claindkerny, or Clonkemy, and in the P.R. Cloncarny, and Clon-

The Abbey of SS. Peter and Paul, Armagh, possessed in Clonkemy
the Granges of Ballyban More and Beg, Clawdogh, Drombally, and Killmac-
kory. The greater proportion of this parish was granted by the Crown in
1610 to Sir James Douglas, who soon after resigned it to Sir Archibald
Acheson, ancestor of the Earl of Gosford. The old burial ground is in
Kilbracks, and is now vested in the Armagh District Council and ought to
be closed. The last man who was hanged for sheep stealing is said to have
been buried here. In the Mullabrack Vestry Minutes of 1744 10/- is voted
" for repair of Kirkcluny churchyard and gate."

Tradition says that the old church of Kilcluney was burned by the
rebels in 1641 and all the congregation in it. The value of the R. in 1633
was £40 (R.V.). In 1656 the tithes were rented by Sir George Atkinson

320 Parishes of Kilcluney, Kilcrony and Kildarton.

for £12. The iron railing leading up to gallery in the present church is
said to have been taken from the old church.

When the Perpetual Curacy was established a new chUTCb was erected
in Glassdrunimond T.L. in 1794, 3 miles nearer to MuUabrack than the old
church. The Board of First Fruits gave £500 towards its erection. The
church was dedicated to St. John. A south aisle was added in 1863. In
the church there ii a three-light stained glass window representing the
Nativity, Resurrection and Ascension, placed there by the parishioners
and friends of the late Rev, Henry Hutchings, in grateful and affectionate
remembrance of him, 1896.

The Church contains a considerable amount of wood carving, executed
by the Rev. H. Hutchings, who was a most expert carpenter and wood
carver. He also erected at the glebe gate a wooden building, which he
called " The Abbey," where evening service was held, and which the
parish purchased from his son. Rev. E. F. Hutchings.

The Communion Plate includes a chalice and flagon and 2 alms dishes
inscribed " The gift of the Rev. Samuel Blacker to the Parish of Kilclooney,
1827," and a paten inscribed " The gift of the Revd. H. Hutchings to the
Parishioners of Kilclooney, Easter, 1885."

The glebe house was built at Lisnagat in 1816 by a gift of £450 and a
loan of £50 from the Board of First Fruits. This Rectory was purchased
by the family and friends of Rev. C. Crossle, sen., and given to the parish
after Disestablishment. The avenue at the foot of the field on the Market-
hill road belongs to the glebe. A cairn, covering over 2 acres, called Cairn
Amnhanaghan, "the Vicar's Cairn," is in this district. It is said that
when the weather is clear the Isle of Man can be seen from the top of the
cairn and also the Hill of Howth, Co. Dublin. Tradition has it that in the
heap of stones forming the cairn there are stones that were brought from
every county in Ireland. There were formerly on the top large long stone
rafters laid across, with the marks of where there had been iron bars let in
at intervals, as if for binding a victim.

Records bxtant : — In Incumbent's possession under Retention Order
Baptisms from 1832, Marriages from 1835, Burials from 1837, Vestry Books.
In Office of R.C.B.— Deed of Conveyance of Site (1 acre) of Church at Glass-
drummond from the Earl of Gosford, Oct. 23, 1792.

1548— Andrew Leynagh (P.R.)

KILCRONY.— rco Louth.)

Little is known of this parish, which has been since 1548 consolidated
with Louth, q.v.

As to the supposed site of the church, see Stubbs' MSS. " Ruined

KILDARTON.— (Co. Armagh.)

(petpefuaf Curates.

1840— Henry Purdon Disney, 6th son of Thomas D., of Rocklodge, and
brother of Rev. E. O. Disney, of Killeshil; b. in Dublin. Was C. Drum-
lease 1835 ; C. Tynan 1837; ree. Kildarton in 1847 ; S.P.G. Miss, in New-
foundland 1850-2 ; C. Newtownhamilton 1854 ; d. unm. in 1854.

1847— James Hardy, B.A., Lie July 24 {D.B.) ; res. for Moylary, q.v.

Parish of Kildarton, Perpetual Curates, &c. 321

1857— John Robert Greer, Lie. Feb. 27 (D.B.), T.C.D. B.A. 1853 ; Div.
Test. 1853 ; M.A. 1857 ; C. Loiighgall 1854 ; removed by the Primate for
non-residence April 16, 1868; afterwards C Churston Ferrars.near Brixton,
Devonshire. The Registers include entries of the baptism of Marguerite
Eugene, b. Jan. 14, 1860 ; and John Robert, b. 22 June, 1861, bur.
April 5, 1862; children of him and his wife Rosalie Henrietta

1868— Alexander Staples Irwin, M.A., Lie. May 8 (D.R.) ; res. in 1870. See


1871 — Henry Crossle Irvine, Lie. Oct. 21 (D.R.), 3rd son of Gorges I., of
Enniskillen, by Mary, dau. of John Crossle (grandfather of Rev. Charles
C, sen., of Kilcluney) ; was younger brother of Rev. Gorges I., R. of
Castleblayney ; T.C.D. B.A. 1854; Div. Test. 1853; ord. D. 1854; P.
1855 ; C. Killeevan 1854 ; C. Magheraculmoney 1857-63 ; P.C. Aghavilly
1866-71. He d. unm. suddenly on June 26, 1885, returning from his
S. Sch. excursion, and was bur. at Kildarton, where a beautiful corona
in the church bears the inscription : — " Dedicated to the memory of |

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