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beth Adamson.

(1) Sir James Ogilvy of Newgrange, Knight, retoured heir to

his father 8 June 1647. He married Margaret Guthrie, who
was his wife in 1639, and left issue.

(2) Jean, married Patrick George of Kynnell, sasine 1648.

1 Inshewan Mss. ^ Zaing Charters, No. 1378 ; cf. No. 1555. =• P. C.
Reg., 2 ser., ii. 71, 84-5. * Scottish Antiquary, vi. 38. ' Cortachy mss.
* The Scottish Antiquary, vi. 28, and Von Bruhl's Adeles Lexici, Leipzig,
1740 and 1747. ' Inshewan MSS. « Cf. Laing Charters, Nos. 1387, 1391,
1,5.55, 1647. " P. C. Beg., 2 ser. iv. 651. '" Stodart's Browns of Fordell, 122,


8. George Ogilvy of Priock, in 1596 called 'dearest

brother to James, Master of Ogilvy.' Married
Elspet Montgomerie. He had a son James.

9. Margaret, married, first, to George, fiftliBarlMarischal ;

secondly, before 1G26, to Alexander Strachan of Thorn-
ton. In 1624 she with her own son Keith of Ben-
holm, was accused of removing ' goods, silver work,
and tapestry ' belonging to her stepson the Earl
Marischal. King .James wrote, 22 August 1624, in-
structing the Council to show her no favour.

She and her husband obtained a remission 13-
January 1625.'

YI. JAi^rES, sixth Lord Ogilvy of Airlie,' succeeded his father;
was made ' Ordinar Gentleman of the King's Chamber '
15 October 1580.^ In 1594-95 he was declared traitor for
not answering the charge of resetting John Ogilvy of Craig,
and in 1597 was with the latter ordered into ward in Edin-
burgh Castle." In 1599 he was at feud with the Earl of
Atlioll, and in 1601 with "William Eynd of Carse. On his
father's resignation as eldest son of James, Lord Ogilvy,
ho received, 24 December 1566, a charter from Henry and
Mary of the barony of Lintrathcn in tailzie to himself and
his heirs-male, whom failing to the heirs-male of John
Ogilvy his brother, whom failing to a long series of heirs ;
a very strange entail, instituting female descendants and
distant cadets before some of the nearer male heirs.^ On
4 November 1611 he had a charter from James, Lord Coupar,
of the office of Porter of the Monastery of Cupar and its
fruits. He died about 1617. He married, first (before
1588), Jean Ruthven, fourth daughter of William, first
Earl of Gowrie, who died 6 January or February 1611 ;
secondly (contract dated 1613), Elizabeth, daughter of Sir
Archibald Napier of Edinbellie and Merchiston, who was
married, secondly, to Alexander Auchmoutie, Gentleman
of the King's Bedchamber, and with her husband carried
on a long litigation with her stepson Lord Ogilvy.' He
asserted that she, during her first husband's illness, had,
under cover of night, removed all the writs and papers

' P. C. Reg., x'm., Pref. Ixvii, 400 and ^ec index. -Ibid. ^ Ibid., v.
210, 416, .i52. * Ibid., vi. 704. '' Beg. Mag. Sig., at date. <^ Cortachy MSS.


lioin Airlie, wliereas she alleged that she had been im-
lii'isoiied by hev stepson, and that her servants had been
tortured by him. James, sixth Lord Ogilvy had issue : —

1. James, who succeeded his father.

2. William, 9 July 1613, brother to Lord Ogilvy, 4 August

1637. He left a natural son, James Ogilvy, a witness
of a deed in 1C51.'

3. Mr. John Ocjilvij of Newbigging. He, who is some-

times styled ' In Invergowrie,' from his marriage
to Dame Agnes Napier, daughter of Sir Archibald
Napier of Edinbellie, widow of Harie Balfour of
Logie, and of Sir Patrick Gray of Invergowrie, died
in Glenisla 22 November 1625, leaving three daughters.

4. Archibald, a pupil in 1613.

5. Jean, styled eldest daughter of the first marriage in


6. Margaret, pupil in 1613, sasine 12 October 1643.

7. Elizabeth, mai'ried (contract dated 1 November 1620)

to George Gordon of Gight.^

8. James (only child of the second marriage). In 1662

a letter to Lord Ogilvy informs him that his uncle
Captain James Ogilvy ' was lately at Loudon for dis-
covering aue invention and secret he has for preserv-
ing ships from sinking,' and sends a model, and begs
him to ' prosper this business ' with the King."

I. and VII. James, first Earl of Airlie, seveuth Lord
Ogilvy of Airlie, born 1586, succeeded his father about 1617
as Lord Ogilvy. In 1631 he was one of the commissioners
to inquire into tlie causes of the burning of Freudraught.
He got, in 1636, from tlie Privy Council a licence for ' etting
of flesh ' in Lent. He early joined the Royalist cause.

King Charles i., by patent dated at York, 2 April 1639,
ALYTH AND LINTRATHEN, with remainder to his heirs-

' There was a William Ogilvy of Glenmoy killed by Alexander Donald
and others with a ' caber or start', when comeing ryding to his awin house
upon ane seek off raeill.' The trial of the murderer took place at Forfar
26 July 1658 (Cortachy siss.), and Sir David Ogilvy, third son of the Eurl
of Airlie appeared as one of the nearest of kin for their interest. ^ jfffj,
Mag. Sig. ^ Cortachy ^rss. ' Patent at Cortachy.


lu July 1640 tlie Marquess of Argyle, with ,"3000 men,
destroyed liis houses of Airlie and Porther, and ' left him
not in all his lands a cock to crow day,' ' a circumstance
which gave rise to the song ' The Bonny House o' Airlie.'
He went to Court April 1040, but returned and was present
at the Covenanting Parliament of 1643. He joined the
Marquess of Montrose in September 1644, and with his two
sous was exempted from pardon by the Act of Estates 7
August 1645. He was one of those commanding at the battle
of Kilsyth, 15 August, and was excommunicated 27 July 1646.
He and his son were exempted from pardon 11 February
1646, and his forfeiture not rescinded until 17 March 1647.
In 1664 he writes that he ' can not get auywhares abroad
for my age and inflrmitie, 1 being thre scoir and eighteen
ycirs,' and he died soon afterwards, thus fluishing a long,
active life of loyalty. He married (contract dated 22
November 1610) Lady Isobel Hamilton, second daughter of
Thomas, first Earl of Haddington. She was born 18
February 1596,' and survived him. They had issue : —

1. .James, second earl.

2. Sir Tlioiuas Ogilvij, born 23 August 1616, Gentleman

Pensioner of the Privy Chamber. He was killed
fighting on the Royalist side at the battle of Inver-
lochy, 2 February 1645. He married (contract dated
21 March and 28 October 1640) Christian Ruthven,
Lady of Fernilee, eldest daughter of Patrick, Earl
of Forth and Brentford, lelict of Colonel Thomas Ker
of Fernilee, with issue, two daughters : —

(1) Chi.ru, married (conti-act dated 22 August 1664) Robert

Fletcher in Ballinsclioe.

(2) Christina, married Sir James Eamsay of Bamft'.

3. Sir David Ogilvij of Clova, Knight, an ardent Royalist,

He was M.P. for Forfarshire 1669-72 and 1681-82,
married in 1667 Margaret Hamilton, widow of John
Kennedy of Culzean, eldest daughter of John, first
Lord Bargeny, with issue : —
(1) David Ogilvy of Clova. He died in 1726, leaving no issue.

4. Mayyaret, married (contract dated 17-18 February

1631 ^) to Patrick Ilrtiuhart of Lethintie and Meldrum.

' Cal. State Papers, 1 Dom. 1640, 33. ^ Phaser's Eai-ls of Haddington,
i. 187, 378. 3 Gen. Reg. Sasines, xxx. 200.


She assisted her brother, Lord Ogilvy, to escape in
her attire from prison in 1646.

5. Helen, married (contract dated 23 November 1642) to

Sir John Oarnegy of Balnamoon.'

6. Isabel, born 5 April 1618. In 1650 she obtained a bond

for 14,000 mcrks in tocher good.

II. and vm. Jamks, second Earl of Airlie, was born
about 1611, and, in 1630, was still being educated with
his brothers under a tutor at St. Andrews. Like his
father and all his family, he early embarked in the wars
on tlie side of tlie King, and held Airlie Castle against
the Earls of Montrose and Kinghorn 1640, but was forced
to surrender.- He M'as declared a rebel and exempted from
pardon. In February 1643 he went to Court with Montrose,
and in July was therefore charged with high treason. He
acted as Montrose's aide-de-camp, was taken prisoner
and imprisoned in the Tolbooth, but was liberated after the
battle of Kilsyth. He was again taken prisoner after
Philiphaugh, 18 September 1645, and condemned to death,
but escaped from the Castle of St. Andrews the night before
his execution, having changed clothes witli his sister Lady
Margaret Urquhart (' Lady Meldrum ')> 20 January 1646, and
was not betrayed, although a reward of £1000 sterling was
offered for him dead or alive. He was pardoned by Act of
Parliament, 7 June and 9 July 1649, and gave satisfaction
to the Kirk. He joined King Charles ii. at Scone in 1650,
and was afterwards captured at Alytli by Cromwell's
troops and imprisoned in the Tower of London (with a short
interval) until January 1657. After the Restoration he
received a pension from King Charles ii., which was very
irregularly paid, commanded a troop of iiorse, and was
sworn a Privy Councillor. He declared for the Prince of
Orange, but was fined £1200 Scots for not attending the
Parliament, and in 1693 he was on account of age excused
from attending Parliament. He died after 1698 and before
1704, being described ^ as ' a little light man . . . always
very loyall, and a great follower of his cousin the great
Marquess of Montrose.' A matiimonial project he had with

1 Eraser's Hist, of the Carnegies, ii. 431. ^ Cat. State Papers, Dovt.,
two, 53. ' Lyon of Carse MS.


fjady Magdalene Carnegie, afterwards wife of the Marquess
of Montrose,' not being carried out, he married (contract
dated 20-25 March 1629) Helen Ogilvy, eldest daughter of
George, first Lord Btinff. She was the Lady Ogilvy of the
burning of Airlie, and was, after the destruction of her
husband's castles by Argyll, forced (though with child) to
flee with her children to Dundee. She died after February
1664. He married, secondly (contract dated 31 October
1668), Marie, Marcliioness-dowager of Hnntly, daughter
of Sir John Grant of Freuchie and widow of Lewis, third
Marquess of Huntly. As a Catholic she was excommunicated,
and her marriage was arranged with great difficulty. She
survived her husband.
He left issue by his first marriage : —

1. James, baptized at Banff, 6 August 1633,^ died young.

2. David, succeeded his father.

3. Anne, married, with a tocher of 6000 merks (contract

dated 10-13 February 1660), to Sir Jolm Wood of

4. Margaret, married, first, to Alexander, second Lord

Halkerton, and, secondly, to Patrick Lyall.^

5. Marion, married, first (contract dated 11 October 1666),

to James, Lord Coupar (see that title) ; secondly, 31
July 1669, to John," third Lord Lindores.

6. Helen, married (contract dated 3 March 1686 '") to Sir

John Gordon of Park.

7. Elizabeth, baptized at Alyth, March 1650.*

[II. and IX. DA^^D, third Earl of Airlie, was until
1664 under the care of Mr. George Halyburton, afterwards
Bishop of Dunkeld,' for his education, at the cost of
200 merks a year. He was sent to France about 1665,
with John Ogilvy as his govenior, and settled at
Orleans, where he is described by a friend, 'I know not
what for a man he '11 prove, but I have heard him speak
very fat nonsense whiles.' " He returned from France with
Lord George Douglas after 6 March 1666, and after staying
for some time in London, returned to Scotland. He was

' Cortachy Mss. ^ Parish Register. •* Privy Couiicil Decreets, 7
January 1696. * Gen, Beg. Sasines, xxiii. 197. '' Cortachy ms,?. " Parish
Register. ' Cortachy mss. * Lauder o£ Fountainhall's .Tournal, 14.


served lieir to his father in 1704. His will is dated 22
March 1716, and recorded at Edinburgh 17 August 1727.

He married (contract dated 17 April and 8 May 169G)
Grizel Lyon, eldest daughter of Patrick, Earl of King-
horn and Stratlimore, and had issue :—

1. James, Lord Ogilvy, titular Earl of Airlie. He was,

with his brother, educated in Dundee ; joined tlie
Jacobite rising under the Earl of Mar, 1715, and was
during his father's lifetime attainted by Act of Parlia-
ment, 1 George i. cap. 43. He died 12 January 1731,
and was buried in the Chapel Royal of Holyroodliouse.
He married, 6 December 1730, Anne, daughter of
David Erskine of Dun, but had no issue, and she was
married, secondly, in April 1733 to Sir Alexander
MacDonald of Sleat, seventh baronet, and died 27
November 1735, aged twenty-seven.

2. John, fourth earl.

3. Helen, died unmarried.' The account for the expenses

of her funeral is dated 1721, and her testament
recorded 18 July 1722.'

IV. and X. John, fourth Earl of Airlie, born about 1690,
assumed tlie title only on the death of his brother in 1731.
He remained passive during the Jacobite rising of 1745, while
his eldest son went to join Prince Oharles Edward. He
died at Cortachy in his sixty-second year, 24 July 1761. He
married (contract dated 5 December 1722) Margaret, eldest
daughter and heiress of David Ogilvy of Oluny. She died
in 1767, having had issue : —

1. David, his heir.

2. Walter, of whom afterwards.

V. and XI. David, Lord Ogilvy, titular Earl of Airlie, born
at Oortachy 16 February 1725, and educated at Perth. He
joined Prince Charles Edward at Edinburgh, 3 October
1745, at the head of over six hundred men of his own name
or from among his tenants. He marclied with the Jacobite
forces into England, was one of the Prince's council,
commanded the cavalry during the retreat to the north,

' Cortachy Mss. ^ Commissariat Eeg. of Brechin.


and fought at Oullodeii.' After the defeat he lay hidden at
Oortachy, but escaped by a boat on the Tay to Norway,
where he was detained a prisoner, but escaped later to
Sweden, and then proc-eeded to Prance. He was given
the command by tlie French King of a regiment of foot
called ' Le Regiment Ogilvy,' rose to the rank of lieutenant-
general, was mucli at court, and known as 'LebelBcossais.'
He is said to iiave been high in favour with Queen Marie
Leczinska. He was attainted by Act of Parliament, 19
George ii. 26, but relieved under a free pardon under the
Great Seal, 30 May 1778, and an Act of Parliament removed
' certain disabilities,' 23 George ill. 34. He declined
Napoleon's offer to continue his French pension, and died
at Oortachy 3 March 1813.

He married, first (an elopement), Margaret, daughter of
Sir James Johnstone of Westerhall, Bart., and niece of
Patrick Murray, Lord Elibank, who was born 30 October
1724. She joined the Jacobite camp at Glasgow, and shared
all the dangers of the campaign with her husband until
just before Oulloden. She was taken prisoner at Inverness,
and sent to Edinburgb, but managed, 24 November 1746,
to escape from prison to France.^

She was brave enougli to return to Scotland for the birth
of her son, but went back to France, where she died in

Secondly, in 1770, Anne, tliird daughter of James Stewart
of Blairhall ; she died s. p. at Airlie Lodge, Dundee, 27
December 1798. He liad issue by his first marriage : —

1. David Ogilvy, titular Earl of Airlie, born at Auchter-

house 4 December 1751 : being mentally affected,
he never assumed the title, and died unmarried at
Kinalty, 6 April 1812.

2. Margaret, born at Boulogne 23 June, and baptized at

the parish church of St. Nicolas there 24 June 1748,
married at Oortachy, 26 November 1769, to Sir John
"Wedderburn of Ballindean, Bart. She died at Ballin-
dean 23 Marcli 1775, having had issue.

3. Johanna, born at Paris 1755-56, died unmarried in

Prance 1826.

1 Memoir of tlie Chevalier Johnstone ; Forster's Peerage ; Douglas.
■■' Vide Dennlstouu's Life of Sir Robert Strange.


Walter Ogilvy of Clova, second son of Jolin, fourtli
Karl of Airlie, was born in 1733, and was admitted advocate
19 February 1757. He became, on tlie deatli of his nephew
David, son of David, Lord Ogilvy, titular Earl of Airlie,
heir-male of the fourth Earl, and laid liis claim to tin;
assumed titles before the House of Lords, but died at
Cortachy 10 April 1819, before any decision was given.
He married, first, Margaret, daughter of William FuUarton,
and sister of Colonel William Fullarton of Spynie, who died
without issue, at Balnaboth, 3 June 1780 ; secondly, at
Forfar, 12 November 1780, Jean, daughter of John Ogilvy
of Murkle, physician in Forfar, by Margaret, daughter of
John Ogilvy of Insliewan. She died at Oortacliy, aged
fifty-six, 11 June 1818, and had issue : —

1. John, captain, First Regiment of Foot, died at Berbice,


2. David, sixtli earl.

3. DoimU Ogilvy of Clova, H.E.I.O.S., born May 1788,

M.P. for Forfarshire 3 Octol)er 1831 to January 1832,
died 30 December 1863. Married, February 1815,
Maria, fourtli daughter of James Morley, PJsquire,
who died 9 April 1843, and had issue : —

(1) Walter, born 30 August 1822, died 30 April 1894, married 1879,

Ellen, daughter of Alexander Smith, with issue : —

i. Walter Donald Duncan, born 5 November 1883.
ii. Dorothea Sophia Elizabeth, born 15 August 1889.

(2) Donald, born 28 June 1824, died 19 January 1SS.5, married, 20

September 1867, Annie Sarali, second daughter of John Ogilvy
of Inshewan.

(3) David, born 1826, died 20 July 1857.

(4) Jean, died 24 September 1863, married, 19 December 18;39,

to Field-Marshal Sir John Forster Fitzgerald, G.C.B., M.P.
who died 24 March 1S77.

(5) Dorothea 3£aria, died 27 June 1895.

(0) Henrieite Anne Mary, married, 18 September 1844, to Duncan

Stewart Robertson of Carrouvale, and died 22 April 1849,

having had issue.
(7) Julia Clementina, married, 12 June 18.55, to Captain Kenneth

Bruce Stuart, Sixty-third Regiment, and died 12 August

18.57, having had issue.

4. Charles, died at Balnaboth 28 March 1791.

Tj. William of Loyal, Commander R.N., M.P. for Forfar

Burghs 28 March to 23 April 1831, died unmarried

10 April 1871.
\()L. 1. I


0. Margaret, married at Oortacliy, 25 June 1805, to John,
eiglitli Viscount Arbutlmott. Slie died 12 December
1870, liaving liad issue.

7. Siismi, died 2 May 1787.

8. Anne, died in 1848.

9. Jean, died at Oortacliy 25 November 1807, in her

twenty-first year.

10. Marij, died 1 October 18C8.

11. Helen, born at Balnaboth 12 February 1798, married, at

Airlie, 30 April 1823, to John Wedderburn of the Pros-
l>ect, Jamaica ; slie died at Rosebanlc, 27 April 1868,
and was buried at liosliu cJiapel, having had issue.

VI. and XII. David, sixtli Karl of Airlie, born 16 December
1785. On liis father's death he renewed the claim to the
honours before tlie House of Lords, who decided that liis
succession was barred by the attainder. The titles were,
however, restored by Act of Parliament 26 May 1826. He
was captain Forty-second Highlanders, Lord-Lieutenant
of Forfarsliire, and a Representative Peer 1833-34. He died
20 August 1849 : married, first, 7 October 1812, Clementina,
only child and heiress of Gavin Drummond of Keltic and
Clementina, sister and co-heiress of Alexander Graham
of Duntrune, wlio died 1 September 1835 ; and secondly,
15 November 1838, JNIargaret, only cliild of William Bruce
of Oowden, who died 17 June 1845. He had issue by his
first wife : —

1. David Graham Drummond, wlio succeeded liim.

2. Jean Grahavt Driim^nond, hovn

married 5 June 1837, to John, ninth Viscount Arbuth-
nott, and died 4 March 1902.

3. Clementina Dninimoiid, born

married, 17 July 1838, to James Eait of Anniston,
and died 16 October 1848, having had issue.

4. Maria Anne, born in 1827.

5. Helen l^iisanna Catlierine Gertrude, born in 1838,

married, 31 May 1859, to George Augustus Pepper-
Stavely, B.O.S., and died s. p. 26 April 1802.
By his second wife : —

6. William Henry Bruce Ogilvij, lieutenant Twenty-sixth

Foot, and captain third battalion Black Watch, born


26 February 1840, married, 4 April 18C6, Sarah, oldest
daughter of Henry Boyder, Seventy-sixth Regiment.
Slie died s. p. 19 December 1889.

7. James Bruce Ogilvij, lieutenant, Fifth Brigade, Royal

Artillery, born 1 December 1841, died 15 May 1888.

8. John Bruce Ogilvy, born 17 June 1845.

9. Donald Bruce Ogilvy (twin), born 17 June 1845, died

16 December 1890.

VII. and XIII. David Graham Dru^mond, seventh Earl
of Airlie, K.T., born 4 May 1826, succeeded his father,
was a Representative Peer of Scotland 1850-81, Lord Higli
Commissioner to the Oliurch of Scotland 1872-3. He died
at Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., 25 September 1881, having
married, 23 September 1851, Henrietta Blanche Stanley,
second daughter of Edward John, second Lord Stanley of
Alderley, and had issue : —

1. David William Stanley, succeeded his father.

2. Lyitlph Gilchrist Stanley, D.S.O., born 25 June 1861.

Served in the South African War 1899-1901. Married,
in 1902, Edith Boothroyd, Lovelands, Colorado, U.S.A.,
and has issue.

3. Henrietta Blanche, born 8 November 1852, married, 21

September 1878, to Colonel Henry Montagu Hozier,
C.B., late Third Dragoon Guards, and has issue.

4. Clementina Oertrude Helen, born 19 June 1854, mar-

ried, 31 December 1874, to Algernon Bertram, first
Baron Redesdale, O.B., C.V.O., and has issue.

5. Maude Josepha, born 16 November 1859, married, 12

October 1886, to Theodore Whyte of Estes Park,
U.S.A., who died in 1902, and had issue.

6. Griselda Johanna Helen, born 20 December 18C5,

married, 22 December 1897, to James Oheape of Strath-
tyrum, and has issue.

VIII. and XIV. David William Stanley, eighth Earl of
Airlie, born at Florence 20 January 1856, succeeded his
father. Educated at Eton and Baliol College, Oxford, he
entered the army and was gazetted to the 10th Hussars, and
in 1882 was present at the battle of Tamai, and was brigade-
major to Sir Herbert Stewart in the Soudan War, being
wounded in the hand at Abu Klea 7 January 1885. Became


adjutant of the Hampshire Yeomanry in 1889, second in
command of the Second Dragoon Guards in 1896, and in
December 1897 was gazetted colonel of the Twelfth Lancers.
With this regiment he fought in the South African War,
and was liilled in action after recovering tlie guns by a
gallant charge at Diamond Hill, Transvaal, 11 June 1900.
He married, 19 January 1886, Mabell Frances Elizabeth
Gore, daughter of Arthur, sixth Earl of Arran, Lady of
the Bedchamber to H.K.H. the Princess of Wales, and
had issue : —

1. David Lyulph Gore Wolseley, succeeded his father.

2. Bruce Avthur Ashlei/, born 15 March 1895.

^3. Patrick Julian Harry Stanley, born 25 June 1896.

4. Kitty Edith Blanche, born 5 February 1887.

5. Helen Alice WiUinfiton, born 21 November 1890.

6. Mahell CJrIselda Esther Sadie y, born 22 January 1892.

IX. and XV. Davuj Lyclph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, ninth
h]arl of Airlie, born at Oaliir, Tipperary, Ireland, 18 .July
1893, succeeded his father.

Arms. — Argent, a lion passant guardant gules, crowned
with an imperial crown and collared with an open one

Orest.— A lady from the waist upwards affrontee azure,
holding a portcullis gules.

Supporters. — Two bulls sable unguled and horned vert,
with a garland of flowers about their necks proper.

Motto. — A Fin.

[a. f. s.]

v^^BM;■^^ai^W«ll^^-■Vl ^ W^ ■M»» ^W'^>^^^W^ ' W W ^^ ^W ^W■^%^^l>!a<>^ll^^



seventh Earl of Menteitli
(see that title), was
created EARL OF
AIRTH by King Oliarles
I., tlie patent being dated
at VVliitehall 21 January
1633. This new creation
of a dignity no higher in
degree than that already
enjoyed by tlie Earl of
Menteith, arose out of
circumstances whicli may
be briefly explained. The
Earl of Menteith having
by his talents and eminent
services to the State
attained a position of commanding influence and power,
resolved to reclaim the Earldom of Strathern, of which his
progenitor, Malise Graham, first Earl of Menteith, had been
unjustly deprived by King James i. on the pretext that it
was a male flef, notwithstanding there was no such limita-
tion in the original charter of the Earldom granted by King
Robert ii. to his son David, grandfather of Earl Malise^
No opposition was offered to the preliminary steps talien by
the Earl of Menteith to make good his claim ; on the
contrary, the King's Advocate, Sir Thomas Hope, gave
every facility for the recovery of the charters relating to
the older dignity, and it was with the full concurrence and
encouragement of the King himself that the Earl, liaving
renounced all claim to lands belonging to tlie Earldom of


Stratheru which wei-e the property of the Orown, was

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