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Mary Louisa,
daughter of John
Home - Home of
Longf ormacus,
who died 22 No-
vember 1868. He
died 3 July 1863,
having had : —
(aa) Patrick, born
23 February 1843,

' Mr. Corbett privately printed The Families of Boyds of Kilmarnock
Portoficlds of Porterfield, and Corbetts of Tola-ass, Glasgow, 1816, 4to.


died 26 January

(bb) John Home,
born 25 October
1847, died 19
December 1848.

(co) Louisa Earn-
say, married, 3
Col.Henry Philip
Miles Wylle.

(dd) Ariana, born
10 August 1844,
died 22 Decem-
ber 1867.

(ee) Mar gar et
Scott, born 10
December 1849,
died 10 April

(ff) Mary Cathe-
rine, married to
William George
Spens, Secretary
of the Scottish
Amicable Life
Assurance So-
ciety, and has


twentieth Lord


cc. Thomas Scott,
born 14 July 1817,
died, unmarried,
22 April 1839.

DD. Marion, born
28 October 1805,
died 22 December

EE. Margaret, born
3 September 1807,
married 28 Sep-
tember 1832, to
Nathaniel Gordon
Corbett, R.N.

FF. Ariana, born 14
January 1810, died
20 October 1833.

(b) James, manager of
the North British In-
surance Company,
born 25 August 1782,
died 9 October 1866.
Married Sarah,


daughter of Rev.

William Finlay,

minister of Polmont,

who died 19 April

1862. He had issue :—
AA. Archibald, born
30 July 1816, died
16 August 1830.
BB. Jane Laurie,
hymn writer under
the pseudonym
M.L.L., bom 9
April 1813, died
7 September 1897.

cc. Margaret, born
12 December 1814,
died 28 September

DD. Grace Laurie,
born 1817, died 10
July 1812.

EE. An7ie, born 23
February 1821, died
10 March 1901.

FF. Margaret (the
second), born 1822,
died 10 August 1903.

GG. Sarah Laurie,
born 1824, married
to Rev. Eric J.
Findlater, F.C.,
Balquhidder, and
has issue.

HH. Rachel, died 28

June 1852.
II. Jemima, born
1830, died 10 Janu-
ary 1854.

JJ. Mary Laurie,
born 18:31, died 8
April 1853.

(c) Margaret, married
to Rev. Prof. H. D.
Hill, and died De-
cember 1814, leaving

(d) Anne, married,
May 1817, to Captain
R. Clephane, R.N.,
son of Clephane of
Carslogie, and died
19 July 1861.

(e) Rachel, died 28 De-
cember 1876.

03) Elizabeth, married to


Robert Davidson of March-

Rev. Archibald Borthwick
married, secondly, 17 January
1701, Katheriue, daughter of
James Lavrson of Cairns-
muir, by whom he had : —
(y) Barbara, baptized 9 Sep-
tember 1703, married to
Patrick Hepburn, writer,
(8) Katherine, died early.
He died in March 1727.
(6) Walter, merchant in Edinburgh,
died before 23 September 1676,
without issue.'

c. 3Iargaret.-

d. Christian.^

(ii) Robert, who acquired the lands of Threeburn-
ford, 14 November 1565. ^

ii. Master George, party to a contract 9 January 1556.°
iii. James, witness to the same.

4. Agnes, married, in or before 1489, to SLr David

Kennedy, afterwards first Barl of Oassillis.

5. Catherine, married to William, Earl of Glencairn.

6. Mary, married to James Hoppringle of Galashiels.

7. Margaret, married to Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslin."

IV. William, fourth Lord Bortlivvick, married, in 1491,
Margaret, daughter of John, Lord Hay of Yester. That he
was addicted to the sport of hawking is evidenced by pay-
ments made to his falconer in 1504 and 1505, by command of
James iv.,' who has a hawk on his hand in a well-known por-
trait. He was one of those warned of the embassy of Pope
Julius in 1507.° There is no known charter or record evidence
of the death of a Lord Borthwick between this time and 1543,
but the name occurs as that of one of the ' sondry noble-
men of the scottes slayne at the sayde batayle and felde
called Brainston moore ' {i.e. Flodden, 9 September 1513), in

^ General Retours,5d'^. ^ Edin. Tests., vol. iii. ^ Ibid. ^ Reg.Mag. Sig.,
24 November 1569. ^ Reg. of Deeds, vol. ii., 12 January 1556. ^ In the
arguments between Arran and Lennox touching the right to the Crown,
the latter states that it was Catherine Borthwick who married Sir Oliver
Sinclair, and that she had been previously married to Sir Thomas Hay,
(CoZ. of Scot. Papers, i. 691). Douglas has been followed in the text.
' Lord Treasurer's Accounts, ii. 470 ; iii. 161. ^ Ibid., iii. 377.


the contemporary black-letter tract,' giving an account of
the battle; and the fact of the death of a Lord Borth-
wick at Flodden has, rightly or wrongly, been hitherto
accepted by the historians generally. The poem of Floddan
Field, 1664, has it that he ' upon the bent did breathless
bide,' but he may have recovered. It has been thought
probable that this is the lord whose eflSgy, with that of
his lady, lies in Borthwick Ohurch. Tlie figures are in
white marble, now much darkened by time.^ On the
assumption of the death of a Lord Borthwick in 1513, his
successor was

V. "William, fifth Lord Borthwick, to whom was in-
trusted, after the battle of Flodden, the castle of Stirling,
with the custody of the infant monarch, James v. He
appended his seal to the treaty between England and
Scotland 7 October 1517. He was guardian of the King's
person from May to September 1517,^ and again one of the
guardians from 1518 to 1522." He was with the King (in
Edinburgh Oastle) in 1524,' and in 1525.^ He died be-
tween 28 May 1543 and 19 February 1543-44,' having had
issue : —

1. Thomas," Master of Borthwick, married Mariot,

daughter of George, Lord Seton, and died in his
father's lifetime, after 28 November 1528, without
issue. His widow married, secondly, February 1530-
31, Hugh, Earl of Bglinton.

2. John, sixth Lord Borthwick.

3. Catherine, married to Sir James Orichton of Fren-


4. Janet, married to Alexander Lauder of Hatton (or


1 'Hereafter ensue the trewe encountre or Batayle.' 'Emprynted
by me Richarde Faques dwellyng In poulys churchyerde.' Faques
printed between 1509 and 1530. ^ Brydall in Proc. of Soc. of Scot. Antiq,,
xxix. (1894-95) 402. In 1794 the effigies are said to have had ' numbers of
little elegant human figures around them ' which have now disappeared.
Statistical Account, xiii. 635. ^ Exch. Rolls, xiv. 285. * Ibid., 458. His
seal attached to Precept of Sasine, 26 September 1522, shows on a shield
couch6 three cinquefoils, two and one ; supporters, two lions sejant ;
crest a horse's (dragon's) head and neck. Twelfth Rep. Hist. MSS. Com.,
App. viii. 145. ^ Exch. Rolls, xv. 90. " Ibid., 199. ' Protocol Book of
Andrew Brownhill, Edinburgh. * Pitcairn, i. 242*. Seton's Histoi-y of
the Family of Seton, 112, names liim Arthur.


5. Margaret, married to Sir John Bortliwick oi Oiiieray,
the Reformer. They had a cliarter from her fatJier on
16 September 1538 of the hinds of Bortliwiclcbrae, in
the county of Selkirk.' Sir John married, secondly,
in 1556, at Geneva, Jane Bonespoir of Britagne," and
died before 9 December 1570, when William Bortli-
wick, his son and heir, presumably by the first
marriage, was one of those called to the succession
to the Borthwick estates.^

VI. John, sixth Lord Borthwick, married Isobell, eldest
daughter of David Lindsay, eighth Earl of Crawford. He
was one of the supporters of James, Earl of Arrau, in his
contest with the queen-mother, Mary of Lorraine, for the
regency, and on St. Outhbert's Day (4 September) 1544
he was seized by Sir George Douglas and detained in
Dalkeith Oastle. Lady Borthwick retaliated, on 16 Sep-
tember, by imprisoning Patrick, Earl of Bothwell, who
was acting in the opposite interest, at Borthwick, until
her husband was released.'' Lord Eure, writing to Shrews-
bury, says that Bothwell, ' bicause the Lady Borthyke
was faire, he came to liir for love, but she made hyme
to be handled and kepte,' ^ and Wliarton gives the same
story with more elaboration.'* Lord Borthwick took part
in the battle of Ancrum Moor in March 1544-45.' He was
a member of the Privy Council in 1545 and subsequent
years, and on 24 July 1547 he was appointed to hold Hailes
Oastle against the English and the Bai'l of Bothwell." In
the same year, "William Langlands, a macer of the See of
St. Andrews, who had come to Borthwick in connection

' Acts and Decreets, xxvii. f. 319. Principal Lee (Bannatyne Miscell.
i. 253) speaks of Sir Jolin as one of the sons of Lord Bortliwick, relying
on the position of his name in the settlement of the Borthwick estates in
1538. The families of Gordonshall, Crookston, Fenton, Glengelt, Soltray,
BallincriefT, and Princado are included in the succession to the estates at
the same time or subsequently. Gawin Borthwick of Fenton was the
Illegitimate son of one of the Lords, legitimated by charter, 11 November
1537, and Robert Borthwick, the first of Ballincrieff, was the founder
and master of artillery to James iv. and .James v. Hay, writing in 1577,
mentions Sir John of Cineray merely as being ' of that surname ' (Esti-
mate of the Scottish Nobility, ed. Rogers, 21). David Laing (Knox, i. 533)
follows Dr. Lee. ^ Livre Des Anglois, ed. Mitchell, 14. ^ ]igg_ Mag. Sig.,
23 October 1571. '' Diurnal of Occurrents, 35. ^ The Hamilton Papers,
li. 466. <! J*id., 469-470. ^ Ibid., 567. ^ Beg. of Privy Council, i. 81.


with the publication of letters of excommunication which
had passed against his lordship in a process in which he
was involved, was subjected to rough treatment at the
hands of an Abbot of Unreason who happened at the time
to be exercising his unlawful but popular functions at the
castle.' On 27 November 1547 Lord Borthwick is reported
as inconstant and clianging as the Governor pleases,^ and
on 10 November 1559 as being one of the three noblemen
witli the Queen-Dowager.' In 1560 he was Keeper of
Liddesdale." Wlien the Confession of (the reformed)
Faith was read in Parliament, and put to the vote, the
Earl of Atholl and the Lords Somervell and Borthwick
alone of the laity dissented, saying they would believe as
their fathers before them had believed.* Queen Mary
visited Lord Borthwick at the castle on 12 January 1561-62,°
and again on 28 August 1563.' He died in March 1566,''
leaving issue : —

1. William, seventh Lord Borthwick.

2. Mariota (Marion), married to Andrew Hoppringle of


3. Isobell, married, first, to Thomas Davidson (styled of

Hedderwick), burgess of Edinburgh ; secondly, to
William Hart, advocate in Edinburgh.'

4. Margaret, married to Patrick Hepburn, parson of

Lady Borthwick was married, secondly, to George Preston,
sometime of Cameron, son of George Preston of Craig-
millar, and died on 15 November 1577."

VII. William, seventh Lord Bortliwick, succeeded to the
title shortly before the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots,
to James, Earl of Bothwell, who was his immediate neigh-
bour at Crichton, and probably his senior by some years."

1 Scott, Notes to The Abbot, citing tlie Consistory Register of St.
Andrews. ^ Cal. of State Pai}ers{l5i7-m03),U. ^ Ibid., 261, 262. * Ibid.,
499. ^ Knox, Spottiswoode, under date. But see Randolph to Cecil,
Laing's Knox, vi. 117. « Cal. of State Papers (1547-1603), i. 590. " Roll
of Expenses of the Queen's Equerries. * Edin. Tests., vol. vii. His seal,
attached to Precept of Sasine, 11 February 1555-56, shows three cinquefoils
on shield, no supporters or crest. I'welftti Rep. Hist. MSS. Com., App. viii.
145. » Acts and Decreets, xxxv. f. 467. i*' Reg. of Deeds, ix. f . 76. " Edin.
Tests., vol. viii. ^- In October 1.547 tlie Governor attended the christening
of ' the Lorde Borthweke's Sonne.' Cal. of State Papers, 1547-1603, i. 34.


There is nothing to show whether or not he personally re-
ceived the Queen and her husband on their arrival at Borth-
wick Oastle ; but it is clear he was one of Mary's most
devoted adherents, and this, in the eyes of many, will atone
for much else in his life. He was among those who met
her at Hamilton ' after her escape from Loclileven, and he
was M^th her on the held of Langside.* In 1570 he was
counted as one of the effective heads of the Marian faction.^
His wife was Grissel, eldest daughter of Sir Walter Scott
of Branxholm, who, on 24 September 1578, set forth, in the
course of a complaint, that ' Scho, being lauchfuUie mareit
with Williame Lord Borthuik hir spous, continewit with him
in the mutuall societie and band of matrimony this lang
tyme bipast, having borne unto him in the menetyme sevin
baumis yit on life. Nochtwithstanding, he, being instigat be
Sathan, not onlie abstractit his cumpany and societie fra
hir, bot als delt verray unkyndlie with hir, in geving hii-
mony injuiious wordis, stryking and dinging of her to the
effusioun of hir blude in greit quantitie, without feir of
God, petie or compassioun of her estait, being than
greit with chyld.'* The Privy Council took a good
deal of trouble, from time to time, in trying to adjust
the relations of the unhappy pair.^ Lord Borthwick
is characterised by a contemporary as ' of yll gouerne-
ment,' and as having 'greately decayed' his ancient name
and house." He died in the Oanongate of Edinburgh in
October 1582,' ' of the Frenche decease,' says the

' Spottiswoode, under date. '' Gal. of Scot. Papers, ii. 403. ^ P. C.
Reg., xiv. 43. * Ibid., iii. 34. ^ Ibid., 54, 108, 204, 251, 328, 402, 467.
Very serious charges and counter charges were the outcome of their
matrimonial differences. Pitcairn, i. pt. 2, 83. ^ State of the Nobility,
1583, etc., Bannatyne Miseell., i. 68. The territorial possessions of the
Lords Borthwick in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries included, in
property or superiority, Borthwick and Thoftcotys (Hoscoat) in Selkirk-
shire ; Lochor"wart and Borthwick Castle, Little Lochorwart, Hagbrae,
Middleton, Heriot and Heriotmuir, Weddale, Cribla"n% Over Shiels,
Luggats, Printatoun, Gilmertoun, Fernieherst, Garwald, Howlatstown,
Comlerigg, Cheslie, Stow and Buteland, all in Lothian ; Ligertwood,
Nenthorn, Glengelt, Colilaw, and Bourhouses, in Berwickshire ; Aberdour
In Aberdeenshire ; Hyndf ord in Lanarkshire ; and Little Ormistoun,
Whitefleld and Hethpule, in the county of Peebles. Their Edinburgh
house was in Borth wick's Close, running from the south side of the High
Street to the Cowgate. They had also property within the burgh of
Peebles, as to which see Renwick's Peebles during the Reign of Queen
Mary. ' Edinburgh Tests. , vol. xiii.


chronicler just cited. Of his numerous children there are
known : —

1. William, Master of Borthwick, who died 17 March

1570-71, in the lifetime of his father.

2. James, eighth Lord Bortliwick.

3. William (the second). Tutor of Borthwick {i.e. of John,

ninth Lord), married Agnes, daughter of William
Borthwick of Orookston.'

4. Captain John, named in 1593 in a charter by his brother

James, and on 15 January 1601 in a charter by his
brother William.'

5. Alexander.

Lady Borthwick was married, secondly, to Walter Cairn-
cross in Lugatt, son of John Cairncross of Cohnslie.

VIII. Jambs, eighth Lord Borthwick, was born 24 June
1570,^ and married, while yet ' a childe," in 1582, to Margaret,
eldest daughter of William, Lord Hay of Yester. Perhaps
as the result of an imperfect upbringing, due to the cir-
cumstances of his parents' domestic life, he and his brothers
have rather an unsatisfactory record. In 1588-89 security
is found for Lord Borthwick that Mr. William Hart (his
uncle-in-law) his wife, bairns, and servants shall be harm-
less of his lordship, and also that the said Lord, on being
released from Edinburgh Castle, shall keep ward in the
burgh of Edinburgh till he present Robert alias Hobbe
Diksoun, page, before the King and Council, and obtain
the King's licence for his liberty.* In January 1595-96 there
was a riot against the Provost and Bailies of Edinburgh
' in their convoy and taking to warde ' of his lordship.^
Complaints of violence, molestation, and oppression were
made against members of the family in 1599, 1601, and 1602,'
and in 1603 there is trace of a charge of murder against
William and John." A lighter accusation against the Tutor
of Borthwick and his brothers was that of sending a chal-
lenge to William Sinclair of Roslin, in February 1600. Lord
Borthwick is classed as a Protestant in 1592," and in 1594
and 1595-96 he was a member of the Privy Council. He died

> Laing Charters, 2096. ^ jjfia., 1255, 1256, 1414. 3 Extract Act of
Curatory, Venlaw Papers. * State of Nobility, as above. » P. C. Beg.,
iv. 362. " Pitcairn, i. 353-354 ; P. O. Reg., v. 260. ' Ibid., vi. 64, 241, 438,
851. 8 Pitcairn, ii. 423. » Present State of Nobility.


in December 1599, having 'said all,' according to John
Oolville.' He left issue :—

1. John, ninth Lord Borthwick.

2. James, styled in 1621 ' only brother-german of John,

Lord Borthwick, who on 22 April 1624 made a dis-
position of his rights to the lordship of Borthwick, if
it should fall to him by the death of his nephews
John and James.

IX. John, ninth Lord Borthwick. Despite the extra-
vagances of his grandfather and father, he inherited portions
of the family estates, which were perhaps beyond their
powers of alienation. In his boyhood he was subject to the
guardianship of his uncle William,^ and in 1617 he was under
interdiction." He died a comparatively young man, in Nov-
ember 1623.^ It is sad to find, on 28 August 1628, that the
Lords of Privy Council having superseded the execution of
a poor woman named Meg Unes till she should be more
narrowly tried on a charge of witchcraft, now there are
many ' cleere and pregnant presumptiouns that she had
beene accessorie to the death of the lait Lord Borthuick.' ^
He married Lilias Kerr, fifth daughter of Mark, first Earl
of Lothian, who died on 10 July 1659,' by whom he had
issue : —

1. John, tenth Lord Borthwick.

2. James, described as a son of the late John, Lord

Borthwick, in 1624, in a writ by his uncle James." He
probably died without issue.

3. Margaret, baptized 11 August 1617,' married to Robert

Dundas of Harvieston, second son of Sir James Dundas
of Arniston, and had issue :^

JoAn Dundas of Harvieston, who became heir to his uncle, John,
tenth Lord Borthwicli.

X. John, tenth Lord Borthwick, was born at Preston-
grange, the seat of his grandfather, the Earl of Lothian, 9
February 1616. Lord Borthwick protested for precedence

1 ColvlUe's Letters, ed. Laing, Bann. Club, 352. ^ Register of Inhibitions,
14 December 1621, 2nd ser., f. 19. ^ Pitcairn, ii. 423. * Douglas, ed. Wood,
ii. 656. ^ Edinburgh Tests,, vol. lii. ^ Supplication of James Borthwick
of Newbyres, P. C. Reg., 2nd ser. ii. 442. ' Edinburgh Tests., vol. Ixxi.
** Gen. Reg. of Inhibitions, 1st ser., vol. 44, fol. 118. ^ Canongate Register.



in 1641, 1643, 1645, 1649, 1650, and 1661,' and was a member
of various committees and commissions. On 9 January
1647 his motlier and he petitioned Parliament for protection
to Robert Pringle of Blindlie that he might appear and
give evidence as to the possession of ' the chartar liist and
haill evidentis of the hous and estate of Borthuik.' ^ He
was the recipient of a summons, dated at Edinburgh, 18
November 1650, wliich has been several times printed,^ but
wliicli cannot be omitted here : —

To the Governor of Bortliwick Castle : These

Sir, — I thought fitt to send tliis trumpet to you, to lett
you know that, if you please to walk away with your
Company, and deliver the house to such as I shall send to
receive it, you shall have liberty to carry ofl your armes
and goods, and such other necessaries as you have. You
have harboured such parties in your house as have basely
[and] unhumanely murdered our men ; if you necessitate me
to bend my cannon against you, you must expect what I
doubt you will not be pleased with. I expect your present

and rest your servant,

O. Cromwell."

He appears afterwards to have given cause of offence to
the Royalist party, and he was excepted from the Act of
Indemnity of Charles ii. in 1662, so far as to suffer a fine
of £'2400 Scots.' In 1656 he had trouble in recovering
possession of certain of his title-deeds lodged by him in a
suit in 1649, and put into Edinburgh Castle.^ Lord Borth-
wick married, 23 August 1649, Ehzabeth Kerr (born 6
September 1633), second daughter of William, third Earl of
Lothian, and, dying between 13 March 1674 and 27 Novem-
ber 1675, without surviving issue, he was succeeded in

1 Acta Pari. Scot., v. and vi. passim. '^ Acta Pari. Scot., vi. 653. ^ First
in the Stat. Account, xiii. 1794, 635, from the original, then in the hands of
Mr. Hepburn of Clerkington. * Carlyle naturally chuckles over the
capitulation : ' The Governor of Borthwick Castle, Lord Borthwick of
that Ilk, did as he was bidden, walked away with movable goods, with
wife and child, and had fifteen days allowed him to pack, whereby the
Dalkeith region and Carlisle Road is a little quieter henceforth ' (Letters
and Speeches of Cromwell, Letter clii.). Instead of 'wile and child'
Douglas and the Sta.t. Account have ' his Lady and family.' 6 Acta Pari.
Scot., vii. 421. " Cal. of State Papers, Dam. 1655-56 posstm.


what remained of the family property ' by liis sister's son,
John Dundas of Harvieston.

On tlie death of John, tenth Lord Bortliwick, all the male
issue of William, the fourth Lord, became extinct, and the
Peerage of right descended to Major William Borthwick
of Johnstonburn, the head of the Soltray branch, and the
then heir-male of the body of Alexander of Nenthorn, a
younger son of William, the third Lord Borthwick. Neither
he nor his son, Colonel William Borthwick of Jolinstonburn,
' would ever be prevailed on to take the title : then- maxim
was that a title without a suitable fortune was not eligible.' ^
Upon the death of the Colonel, followed immediately by
that of Captain Hem-y Borthwick of Pilmuir, the succession
opened, in 1706, to the latter's elder son, WiUiam Borth-
wick of Pilmuir, on whose decease the right devolved upon
his brother,

XI. Henry, fifteenth Lord Borthwick, and eleventh in
possession of the dignity. He came of age between 1720
and 1725, and shortly afterwards insisted upon his right to
the Peerage. He voted as Lord Borthwick at the General
Election of Representative Peers on 4 June 1734, and con-
tinued to vote at subsequent Elections up to that of 1761.
He was served heir-male in general to John, tenth Lord
Borthwick, on 8 March 1750. On 14 December 1761 the
House of Lords, on the report of the Committee for Privi-
leges as to the Scottish Peerages existing at the Union
and still continuing, ordered that the claimants of the
Peerages of Borthwick and Kirkcudbright should not take
upon themselves the respective titles until their claims
should be allowed in due course of law. In consequence of
this order, Henry Borthwick presented a petition to the
King claiming the Peerage, and, on 8 April 1762, the House
of Lords resolved and adjudged that he had a right to the
title, honour, and dignity of LORD BORTHWICK as heir-
male of the body of the first Lord Borthwick. He made
a protest for precedence in 1763. Lord Borthwick married

1 Borthwick Castle passed by purchase to the Dalrymples, and from
them to the Hepburns and the Mitchelsons of Middleton. On 5 June
1812 it was bought at a public sale by John Borthwick of Crookston, in
whose family it has since remained. ' Letter of William Steuart, Advo-
cate, 1 May 1773.


at Edinburgh, 5 March 1770, Margaret, daughter of George
Drummond of Broich, and died, without issue, at Newcastle,
on his way to London, 6 September 1772. Lady Borthwick,
who had a pension on the Civil List, resided latterly at
Muthill, Perthshire, and died between 8 October 1810 and
23 April 1812.

With Henry, fifteenth Lord Borthwick, the male issue of
WiUiam, the fourth of Soltray, failed, and the right to the
Peerage devolved upon Patrick Borthwick, merchant in
Leith, as heir-male of the body of Alexander Borthwick of
Sauchnell, the younger son of "William, the third of Soltray.
Patrick Borthwick survived his kinsman only a month, and
the right to the Peerage descended to his son, Archibald
Borthwick, then resident in Norway. In 1774 John Borth-
wick of Oi'ookston, during the absence of Archibald Borth-
wick, claimed the Peerage, on the allegation that by the
death of Henry all the male issue of WiUiam, second Lord

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