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; boiled together, it was so good, who could wish better.
" And it was not accounted a strange thing in those Days,
"■'to Drink water, and to eat Samp or Homine without
" Butter or Milk. Indeed it would have been a strange
" thing to see a piece of Roast Beef, Mutton or Veal ;
" tho' it was not long before there was Roast Goat." And
yet this people were very contented under their outward
wants so long as they could enjoy the worship of God
without any molestation : they did not meditate a Return
to England, but as y e S d Capt. Clap saith, " I do not Re-
" member that ever I did wish in my Heart that I had not
" come into this Country, or wish myself back again to my
" Fathers House ; Yea I was so far from that, that 1 wished
" & advised some of my Brethren to come hither also ;
" which accordingly one of my Brothers and those two that
" married my two Sisters, sold their means and came hither.
" The Lord Jesus Christ was so plainly held out in y e
" Preaching of y e Gospel to poor lost Sinners, and y e Abso-
" lute Necessity of y e New birth, and Gods Spirit in those


" Days was pleased to Accompany y e word with such effi-
" cacy upon y e Hearts of many ; that our Hearts were quite
" taken off from Old England h set upon Heaven. The
" Discourse not only of y e Aged, but of y e Youth also,
" was not, How shall we go to England 1 (though some
" few did not only so discourse but also went back again)
" but How shall we go to Heaven 1 Haue I true Grace
" wrought in my Heart ? Haue I Christ or no ? O how did
" Men and Women, young and old, Pray for Grace, beg
" for Christ in those Days ; and it was not in vain : Many
" were converted, and others established in Believing ; many
" joined unto y e Several Churches where they liued." I
mention this to show what sort of people they were that
came first into this Country, what their Spirit & Design
was, what a fervent loue and zeal they had for God & his
Instituted worship, how contented under their Straits and
Difficulties, while they enjoyed y e Gospel h y e free Pro-
fession of their Religion.


This Year they had a Meetinghouse for ye Public wor-
ship of God, but we haue no Account when it was built.
This Year this Plantation began y e Practice of Choosing
men, that we now call Selectmen or Townsmen. They
Chose 12 this year to order y e Affairs of y e Plantation,
who were to have their Monthly Meetings, and their orders
being Confirmed by y e Plantation were of full force and
binding to y e Inhabitants. There were many orders made
this year concerning Cattle and Fences &c, & Penalties
annexed ; besides many grants of Land. This year a fort
was ordered to be built on y e Rock upon Rock-hill, h
y e Charge to be paid by a Rate.

This Year y e Plantation Granted Mr. Israel Stoughton
liberty to build a Mill upon Neponsit River, which I sup-
pose was y e first Mill built in this Colony, and y e S d River
has been famous for Mills ever since.



This Year they Chose 10 Selectmen to order y e affairs
of y e Plantation, namely Mr. Newbury, Mr. Stoughton, Mr.
Woolcott, Mr. Duncan, Goodman Phelps, Mr. Hathorne,
Air. Williams, Go. Minot, Go. Gibbes &t Mr. Smith ; and
gaue any Seven of them power to make orders to bind y e
Inhabitants until Repealed by y e Inhabitants. This year
they also appointed a Bayliff, namely Nicholas Upsall.
There were also many grants of land this year.

16 3 5.

This Year were 9 Selectmen Chosen, namely William
Phelps, Nathl. Duncan, Mr. George Hull, Mr. Dimocke,
William Gaylard, Mr. Roger Williams, George Minot, John
Philips & Mr. Newbery. And Walter Filer, Bayliff. Be-
fore this year the orders of y e Plantation were Signed John
Maverick, John Warham, William Rockwell & William
Gaylord, or two of them ; from this year and forward that
method ceased. There were many Orders & Grants of
Land this year.

This Year arriued here on Aug. 16th the Revd. Mr.
Richard Mather, that was a long time after Pastor of this
Church, and with him a great Number of Godly people
that Settled here with him. There came with him 100
Passengers, & 23 Seamen, 23 Cows & Heifers, 3 Sucking
Calues, k, 8 Mares, & none Died by y e way, though they
met with as terrible a Storm as was almost ever heard of.


This Year were Chosen 12 Selectmen, namely Mr.
Stoughton, Mr. Glover, Henry Withington, Nathl. Duncan,
Geo. Minot, Rich. Collicut, John Holman, Mr. Hill, Will.
Gaylard, Christopher Gibson, John Pierce & Mr. Jones.
And afterwards they ordered that 10 men should be Chosen,
7 of whom should make orders & bind ye Inhabitants, being
first Published on a lecture Day h not being then disal-
lowed by y e Plantation. Joseph Flood, Bayliff. There
were many orders &l Grants of Land this year. This


year made great alteration in y e Town of Dorchester,
for Mr. Mather & y e Godly people that came with him
from Lancashire wanting a place to settle in, some of y e
People of Dorchester were willing to remoue & make room
for them, & so Mr. Warham h about half y e Church re-
mould to Winsor in Connecticut Colony, and Mr. Mather &
his people came & Joined with Mr. Maverick and that
half of y e Church that were left, and from these people so
united are y e greatest part of y e present Inhabitants de-
scended. When these two Companies of people were thus
united they made one Church, having y e S d Revd. Mr.
John Maverick, & y e S d Revd. Mr. Richard Mather for
their Pastors, and entered into y e following Covenant, viz.

" Dorchester Church Covenant made if 23d Day of y^
6 Month 1636.
" We whose names are subscribed being called of God to
Join ourselues together in Church Communion ; from our
Hearts acknowledgeing our own unworthiness of such a
priviledge, or of y e least of Gods mercies ; and likewise
acknowledgeing our disability to keep Covenant with God,
or to perform any Spiritual Duty which lie calleth us unto,
unless y e Lord Jesus do enable us thereunto by his Spirit
dwelling in us ; Do in y e Name of Christ Jesus our Lord,
& in trust and Confidence of his free Grace assisting us,
freely Covenant & Bind ourselues, Solemnly in y e presence
of God himself, his Holy Angels, and all his Servants here
present ; That we will by his Grace Assisting, endeavour
constantly to walk together as a Right Ordered Congrega-
tion of Christ, according to all y e Holy Rules of a Church
Body rightly established, so far as we do already know it
to be our duty, or shall further understand out of God's Holy
Word : Promising first & aboue all to cleaue unto him as
our Chief and only Good, and to our Lord Jesus Christ as
our only Spiritual Husband & Lord, & our only High
Priest &, Prophet h King. And for y e furthering of us to
keep this blessed communion with God & his Son Jesus
Christ, &i to grow up more fully herein ; we do likewise


promise by his Grace assisting us, to endeavour y e Estab-
lishing amongst ourselues all his Holy Ordinances which
he hath appointed for his Church here on Earth, and to
ohserue all & euery of them in such sort as shall be most
agreeable to his Will, opposing to y e utmost of our power
whatsoever is contrary thereunto, and bewailing from our
Hearts our own neglect hereof in former times, and our
poluting ourselues therein with any Sinfull Invention of

" And lastly, we do hereby Covenant h promise to further
to our utmost power, the best Spiritual good of each other,
& of all and every one that may become members of this
Congregation, by mutual Instruction, Reprehension, Ex-
hortation, Consolation & Spiritual watchfulness over one
another for good. And to be subject in and for y e Lord
to all y e Administrations & Censures of y e Congregation,
so far as y e same shall be Guided according to y e Rules of
Gods most holy word. Of the Integrity of our Hearts
herein, we call God y e Searcher of all Hearts to Witness ;
Beseeching him so to bless us in this & all our Enterprises,
as we shall sincerely endeavour by y e assistance of his
Grace to obserue his Holy Covenant in all y e branches of
it inviolable for ever ; and where we shall fail, there to wait
upon y e Lord Jesus for Pardon and acceptance & healing
for his Name's sake.

" Richard Mather, Natha'l Duncan,

George Minot, Henry Withington,

Thomas Jones, John Pope."
John Kinsley,

This Year y e General Court made a Grant to Dorches-
ter of y e old part of y e Township, as far as y e great Blew-
hill ; and y e Town took a Deed of Kitchamakin Sachem
of y e Massachusetts for y e same.


The 10 Selectmen were Mr. Glover, Nathl. Duncan,


Mr. Jones, Mr. Bates, Rich. Collicut, Mr. Holman, EdwcL

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