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The Collects op the Day : an Exposition, Critical, and
Devotional, of the Collects appointedat the Communion.
With Preliminary Essays on their Structure, Sources,
and General Character, and Appendices containmg
Expositions of the Discarded Collects of the First
Prayer Book of 1549, and of the Collects of Morning and
Evening Prayer.

By Bdward Meyrlck Oonlbum, D.D.,

Dmh 0(f Ntrmick.


VoLUMB I. Book I. Introdnciory.—^n the Excellences of the
Collects— On the Origin of the word Collect— On the Structure
of a Collect, as illustrated by the Collect in the Burial Service —
Of the Sources of the CollecU: Of the Sacramentary of Leo, of
the Sacramentary of Gelasius, of Gregory the Great imd his
Sacramentary, of the Use of Sarum, and of St. Osmund its
Compiler— On the Collects of Archbishop Cranmer— Of the
Restoration Collects, and of John Cosin, Prince- Bishop of
Durham— Of the Collects, as representing the Genius of the
EngUsh Church. Book II. Part I. Tfu Consta$ti Collect.
Part 11. ColUcU varying with iko EccUtiattictU Season—
Advent to Whitsunday.

VoLUMB II. Book II. contd.—Tnxat% Sunday to All Saints' Day.
Book III. On the Collects after the Offertory. Appbnoix A
Collects in the First R^ormed Prayer Booh of 1549 which
were suppressed in 1553 — The Collect for the First Communion
on Christmas Day— The Collect for St. Mary Magdalene's Day
CJuly 83). Appendix B. Exposition of the Collects of Mom'
in£ and Evening Prayer — The Second at Morning Prayer, for
Peace— The Third at Morning Prayer, for Grace — The Second
at Evenln^r Prayer, for Peace— The Third at Evening Prayer,
for aid agamst all Perils.

The Volumet may he had separately^ Zs. each.

Blunfs Key to the Bible.

NcwEdOioH. Small Zvo. xs. 6d.

A Key to the Knowledge and Use op the Holy Bible.
By the Bev. John Henry Blunt» M.A., F.S.A.,

EJUor cftkt " Dictionmty ^ Tkeotogy," <te. He.

GSatetloo piece, Hoitnoit.

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Blunfs History of the Reformation.

Fourth Edition, Zvo. i6s.

The Reformation op the Church of England ; its
History, Principles, and Results. A.D. 1514-1547.

By the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.S^A^

BdUcr^tfu "AHHotaUd Book ffCmtmon Praytr," He. Ht.

Blunfs Theological Dictionary.

Stcond Edition. In^orial Zvo. 43^. ; orin haJf-morocco, su. U.

Dictionary of Doctrinal and Historical Theology.
By Various Writers.

Edited by the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.S.A.,

EdUor ofOu ** Atmotattd Book ^Cotmmm Praytr," etc. He.

Blunt's Dictionary of Sects.

Imperial too. 36^. ; or in half-morocco, 48*.
Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical
Parties, and Schools of Religious Thought.
By Various Writers. '

Bdited by the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.S.A.,

Editor qftho ' ' DicttoMoty ^DoetfimU and Historical Tkdolegy," tht
" AHHOtatedBook of Common Prayer," etc, etc.

Blunfs Key to the Prayer Book.

Nrat Edition. SmoB Zvo. ts. 6d.

A Key to the Knowledge and Use of the Book of
Common Prayer.

By the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A^ F.8.A.,

Editor iffthe "jinnetated Book tif Common Prayer," ote,

Blunfs Key to the Catechism.

Nrof Edition. Small ivo, is, 6d.

A Key to Christian Doctrine and Practice, founded
, on the Church Catechism.

By the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.fl.A.,

AAUpt ^tke ** AimottUedBook ff Common Pntyer," etc. ete.

WutaU$ 9Ia(e, Hottttn.

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Blunt's Household Theology.

New Ediiwn. Small 8otf . 3X. 6d.

Household Theology : a Handbook of Religious Infor-
mation respecting the Holy Bible, the Prayer Book, the
Church, tne Ministry, Divine Worship, the Creeds,
etc. etc.
By the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.8.A.,

Editor ^tht'*A ntMtattd Boo* ^Common Pn^ytr,' tic. etc.

Blunt's Directorium Pastorale.

New EdilioHy revUed, Crortm Zvo, -js. 6tL

Directorium Pastorale. The Principles and Practice
of Pastoral Work in the Church of England.

By the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.S.A.,

Editor qftJU " Annolatod Book ^Common Prayer' etc. etc.

The Prayer Book In Latin.

With Rubrics in Red. Small Zvo, 7s. 6d.

Liber Precum Publicarum Ecclesia Anglican.^.
A Gulielmo Bright^ 8.T.P.,

^Sdit ChrisH apud Oxon. Canonico, Hictorim Eutesiastic^e, Prq/tssore Regio^

Petro Goldsmith Medd, A.M.,

CoUeeU UnHterHtatis afnd OxoH. Socio ScHiore,

Latins redditus. Editio Tertia, cum Appendice.

[la hac Edidone continentur Vcrsiones Latinse — z. Libri Precum
Publicarum Ecclesiae Anglicanae; 9. Liturgie Prims Reformats;
3. Liturgiae Scoticanae ; 4. Liturgtae Americanac]

The Book of Church Law.

Third Edition, revised Crown ivc. is. 6d,
The Book op Church Law : being an Exposition of the
Legal Rights and Duties of the Parochial Clergy and
the Laity of the Church of England.

By the Rev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.S.A.
Revised by Walter O. F. Phllllmore, D.O.Ij.,

Barrixter-at^Law, and CAancetUr ^th* Diocese ^ Lincoln,

Qlatnloo ]place, )loiiiiott«

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Key to Church History (Ancient).

New Bdiium, Small Zvo, js. 6d.

A Key to the Knowledge op Church History

Bdlted by the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M. A., F.S.A.,

Editor oftht " Annotattd B00* of Common Praytr,'* tic. etc.

Key to Church History (IWodern).

New Editum, Small Zvo. is. 6d.

A Key to the Knowledge of Church History

Bdlted by the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M.A., F.8.A.,

BdUor qftJu " Annotated Book ^Common Prayer," He. etc.

Morris's Key to the Gospels.

New Bdition. Small Zvo. ts. 6d.

A Key TO the Narrative op the Four Gospels.
By the Bev. John Pilkinerton Norrls, D.D.,

Archdeacon t^f Bristol, and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop tf^ Manchester.

Morris's Key to the Acts.

New Edition, Small Zvo, is. 6d.

A Key to the Narrative of the Acts of the Apostles.
By the Bev. John Pilklnfirton Norris, D.D.*

Archdeacon ^Bristol, and Examininf Chaplain to the Bishop of Manchester

Morris's Manual of Confirmation.

iZmo. IS. 6d.

Easy Lessons addressed to Candidates for Con-

By John Pllkington Norris, D.D

Archdeacon ^Bristol, and Examining Chaplain to the Bishep^ Manchester.

QCTttetloo yUce, ]loiiVon»

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Fletcher's Prayers and Meditations.

New Edition, with Rubrics in Red. Royal y»mo. ax. 6d,

Prayers and Meditations for the Holt Ck)UMUNiON.

By Joeephine Fletcher.

Vnth a Preftboe by O. J. BUioott^ D.D.,

Urd Bishop ^GtomtUremdBrittoL
An Edition without the Red RnMcs. $2mo. u,

Morris's Rudiments of Tlieology.

Second Edition, revised. Crown Bvo. ys. 6d.
Rudiments of Theology. A First Book for Students.
By John PUkinGrtoii Nonia, D.D.,

Arthdaacon ^Bristol, and ExamiHi>t£ Chopin U the Bishop ^MmmJusttr.


Pmrt I. Fundamental Doctrines :— The Doctrine of God's
Existence — The Doctrine of the Second Person of the Trinity
—The Doctrine of the Atonement— The Doctrine of the
Third Person of the Trinity^The Doctrine of the Church—
The Doctrine of the Sacraments.

Part II. The Soteriology of the Bible:— The Teaching of the
Old Testament— The Teaching of the Four Gospete— The
Teachinis; of St. Paul— The Teaching of the Epistle to the
Hebrews, of St Peter and St. John — ^Soteriology of the Bible

Appendix, Illustrations of Part I. from the Early Fathers:-
On die Evidence of God's Existence— On the Divinity of
Christ — On the Doctrine of the Atonement— On the Fro-
cession of the Holy Spirit— On the Church — On the Doctrine
■ \ of Uie Eucharist — Greek and Latin Fathers quoted or referred
' to in this volume, in their chronolc^cal order — Glossarial

Kay's The Psalms.

Third Edition. 9po. xm. 6d.

The Psalms. Ttanslated from the Hebrew. With Notes,
chiefly ExegeticaL

By William Kay, D.D., .

Reeter^ Great Leifhs, last Prineipal tfBUhefe Cell^gt, Caletdim,

Olateclii Piece, Honnott.

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Newman's Selection from Sermons.

Crown. Bvff. Sf .

Selection, adapted to the Seasons of the Ecclesiastical
Year, from the " Parochial and Plain Sermons" of John
Henry Newman, B.D., sometime Vicar of S. Mary's,

Bdlted by the Bev. W. J. Copelaad, B.D..

Rtetor^FamMam, EsstJt,


Advent :—Se\f'demal the Test of Relieioas Earnestness— Divine
Calls— The Ventures of Faith- Watching. C-*fTf/»«a* Day:
—Religious Joy. Nem Vear^s Strnday .'-^The Lapse of Time.
Epiphany: — Remembrance of Past Mercies — Equanimity —
"the Immortality of the Soul — Christian Manhood— Sincerity
and Hypocrisy— Christian Sympathy. Septnaresima :—
Present Blessings. Sexagtsima .'—Endurance the Christian's
Portion. Quinquagetima i-~\M^n the One Thing Needful.
Z,r«/.*— The Individuality of the Soul— Life the Season of
Repentance — Bodily Suffering — Tears of Christ at the Grave
of Lazarus — Christ's Privations a Meditation for Christians
—The Cross of Christ the Measure of the World. Good
Friday :'-Th/t Crucifixion. Easier Z><^ .'—Keeping Fast
and Festival. Easter-Tide: — Witnesses of the Resurrection
—A Particular Providence as Revealed in the Gospel— Christ
Manifested in Remembrance — The Invisible World— Waiting
for Christ. Ascension : — ^Warfare the Condition of Victory.
Sunday ttfter Ascension : — Rising with Christ. Wkitsmuiay :
— The Weapons of Saints. Tri$Uiy Sunday : — ^The Mysteri*
ousness of our Present Being. Sundays after Trinity:—
Holiness Necessauy for Future Blessedness — ^The Religious
Use of Excited Feelings— llie Self-wise Inquirer— Scripture
a Record of Human Sorrow— The Danger of Riches
—Obedience without Love as instanced in the Character of
Balaam— Moral Consequences of Single Sins— The Greatness
and Littleness of Human Life — Moral Effects of Communion
with God— The Thought of God the Suy of the Soul— The
Power of the Will— The Gospel Palaces— Religion a
Weariness to the Natural Man— The World our Enemy— The
Praise of Man— Religion Pleasant to the Religious— Mental
Prayer— Curiosity a Temptaticm to Sin— Mirades no Remedy
for UnbeUef— Jeremiah : a Lesson for the Disappointed — ^The
Shepherd of our Souls^Doing Glory of God in Pursuits of
the World.

OlamUi place, HiiiVoii.

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Newman's Parochial Sermons.

New EditioH. Eight Vols. Crvnm 8ew. 3f. each. Sold

Paeochial and Plain Sermons.
By John Henry Newman, B.D^

Fermtrty Vicar ^St. Mary's, Oitford.

Edited by the Rev. W. J. Ck>peland, B.Dn

Recttr qf Famham, Essex.


Vol. I.— Holiness necessary for Future Blessedness— The Immor-
tality of the Soul— Knowledge of God's Will without Obedience
—Secret Truths— Self-denial the Test of Religious Earnestness
— ^The Spiritual Mind — Sins of Ignorance and Weakness-
God's Commandments not Grievous— The Religious Use of
exalted Feelings— Profession without Practice — Profession
without Hypocrisy— Profession without Ostentation— Pro-
mising without Doing — Religious Emotion — Reli^ous Faith
Rational— The Christian Mysteries— The Self-wise Inquirer
—Obedience the Remedy for Religious Perplexity— Times of
Private Prayer— Forms of Private Praycp^-The Resurrection
of the Body— Witnesses of the Resurrection— Christian Reve-
rence—The Religion of the Day — Scripture a Record of
Human Sorrow— Christian Manhood.

Vol. II.— On the Church PestivaU.— The World's Benefactors
(.y. i4iu/fviv)— Faith without Sight (S. 7'*<w»«<wV— The Incar-
nation {Chrtsttiuu />«>'>— Martyrdom (5*. Ste^hetC^l^yre of
Relations and Friends (^. yaA*»)— ITie Mind of Little Children
(r*^ Holy /iPMCM/«> - Ceremontes of the Church {The Or-
cumctsiofi)— The Glory of the Christian Church (TAe EH-
phany) — S. Paul's Conversion viewed in Reference to nis
Office ^7!** Conversion ofS, Pa$U) — Sccrecjf and Suddenness
of Divine Visitations {Tke Purification) — Divine Decrees {S.
Matthias)— "Dm Reverence due to the Blessed Virgin Mary
(The Anttstnciationy-ChxitXt a Quickening Spirit \The Re-
surrection) — Saving Knowledge \Monday in Easter Week)
—Self-contemplation {.Tuestlay in Easter ^(r^>()— Religious
Cowardice {S. Marhy-The Gospel Witnesses (S. PhOib and
S. Shames)— -Mystmes in Religion (The Ascension) — ^The In-
dwelling Spirit (Pentecost)— The Kingdom of the Sainu
{Monday in tVhitsun IVeeh)— The Kingdom of the Saints
(Tuesday in fVhitsun Weehy-Tht Gospel, a Trust committed
to us (Holy Trinityy-Tolennct of Religious Error (S. Bar^

Oltmloo ^lace, Hottnon*

Digitized by



Newman's Parochial Sermons — cofiiinued.

wo^m)— Rebuking Sin {Nativity 0/ S, Jokn Ba/tist}— The
Christian Ministry (S. /**/rr>— Human Responsibility {S.
2'<u»r^«)— Guilelessness (S. Bartholomew)— T^e Danger of
Riches {S. AfattJkrw}— The Powers of Nature (S. Michael
and all y^MSf r/r>— The Danger of Accomplishments {S, Luke)
—Christian Zeal {S, SimoH and S. ^m^)— Use of Saints'

Vol. III. — ^Abraham and Lot— WiUubess of Israel in rejecting
Samuel— Saul — Early Years of David— Jeroboam— Faith and
Obedience— Christian Repentance — Contracted Views in Re-
Uffion— A Particular Providence as revealed in the Gospel-
Tears of Christ at the Grave of Lazarus — Bodily Suffering —
The Humiliation of the Eternal Son — ^Jewish Zta\ a Pattern
to Christians — Submission to Church Authority' — Contest
between Truth and Falsehood in the Church— The Church
Visible and Invisible— The Visible Church an Encouragement
to Faith— The Gift of the Spirit— Resenerating Baptism—
InDuit Baptism— The Daily Service— The Good Fart of Mary
— ^Religious Worship a Remedy for Excitements — Intercession
—The Intermediate Sute.

Vol. IV.— The Strictness of the Law of Christ— Obedience without
Love, as instanced in the Character of Balaam — Moral Conse-
quences of Single Sins — ^Acceptance of Religious Privileges
compulsory — Reliance on Religious Observances — ^The Indi>
▼iduality of the Soul— Chastisement amid Mercy— Peace and
Joy amid Chastisement— The State of Grace— The Visible
Qiurch for the sake of the Elect— The Communion of Saints
—The Church a Home for the Lonely— The Invisible World
— The Greatness and Littleness of Human life — Moral Effects
of Communion with God — Christ Hidden from the World —
Christ manifested in Remembrance — The Gainsaying of
Korah — ^The Mysteriousness of our Present Being— The Ven-
tures of Faith— Faith and Love— Watching— ^eping Fast
and Festival.

Vol. v.— The Church Seatoni (Advent to Quinquageaima).
— Worship, a Preparation for Christ's Coming — Reverence,
a Belief m God's Presence — Unreal Words^Snrinking from

Christ's Coming {AdveiU) — Equanimity — Remembrance of
ies-^The Mystery of Godliness— The Sute of Inno-


cence— Christian Sympathy fCAr»/Muu>— Righteousness not
of us. but in us— The Law of the Spirit— The New Works of
the Gospel— The State of Salvation-^Transgressions and In-
firmities — Sins of Infirmity — Sincerity and Hypocrisy — ^The

Glamlot Place, 1.91iipoii.

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rivington's sblect list

Newman's Parochial Sermons — continued.

(.Junsuan t I'ortion— Atniction, a bcnooi oc i^omton ^orxo-
/rnMM)— The Thought of God. the Suy of the Sou]— Love,
the one thing needful— The Power of the Will iQumqna-

Vol. VI.— The Church Seftsons (Lent to Trinity).— Fasting,
a Source of Trial— Life, the Season of Repentance— A^tohc
Abstinence, a Pattern for Christians — Cnrist's Privations, a
Mediution for Christians — Christ the Son of God made Man
— The Incarnate Son, a Sufferer and Sacrifice — ^llie Cross of
Christ the Measure of the Worid (Zri»/>— Difficulty of realiz-
ing Sacred Privileges — ^The Gospel Sign addressed to Faith —
The Spiritual Presence of Christ in the Church— The Eucha-
ristic Presence — Faith the Title for Justification — ^Judaism of
the Present Day— The Fellowship of the Apostles {Easter^
— Rising with Christ — Warfare the Condition of Victory —
Waiting for Christ— Subjection of the Reason and Feelings
to the Revealed Word {A scensum)— TYic Gospel Palaces—
The Visible Temple — Offerings for the Sanctuary— The
Weapons of Saints (^)li/*w»/failr>— Faith without Demonstra-
tion—The Mystery of the Holy Trinity— Peace in Believing

Vol. VII.— The LapM of Time— Religion, a Weariness to the
Natural Man— The World our Enemy— The Praise of Men—
Temporal Advantages— The Season of Epiphany— The Duty
of Self-denial— The Yoke of Christ— Moses the Type of Christ
— The Crucifixion — ^Attendance on Holy Communion — ^The
Gospel Feast — Love of Religion, a new Nature — Religion
pleasant to the Religious — Mental Prayer — Infant Baptism —
—The Unity of the Church— Steadfinstness in the Old Paths.

Vol. VIII.— Reverence in Worship-^Divine Calls— The Trial of
Saul— The Call of David — Curiositva Tempution to Sin —
Miracles no Remedy for Unbelief— Josiah, a Pattern for the
l^orant— Inward Witness to the Truth of the Gospel— Jere-
miah, a Lesson for the Disappointed — Endurance of the
Worid's Censure — Doing Glory to God in Pursuits of the
World — ^Vanity of Human Glory — ^Truth hidden when not
sought after — Obedience to God the Way to Faith in Christ
— Sudden Conversions — ^The Shepherd of our Souls — Reli-
gious Joy^— Ignorance of EviL

Digitized by



Newman's Sermons on Subjects of the


New Ediiion, Croum Zv0. 5$,

Sermons Bearing upon Subjects of the Day.
By John Henry Newman, B.D^

Scmetim* Ftiiffw ^Oriet CoUegt, Oj^f&rd.

Bdlted by the Bev. W. J. Copelemd« B.D^

SUctar ^FamMam, Bistx,

The Work of the Christian — Saintliness not forfeited by the Peni-
tent—Our Lord's Last Supper and His First — Dangers to the
Penitent— The Three Offices of Christ— Faith and Experience
—Faith and the Worid— The Church and the World— Indul-
gence in Religious Privileges — Connection between Personal
and Public Improvement — Christian Nobleness— J ushua, a
Type of Christ and His Followers— EUsha, a Type of Christ
ana His Followers — The Christian Church a continuation of
the Jewish — ^The Principle of Continuity between the Jewi^
and Christian Churches — ^The Christian Church an Iinperial
Power — Sanctity the Token of the Christian Empire — Condi-
tion of the Members of the Christian Empire — ^The Apostolical
Christian — Wisdom and Innocence — Invisible Presence of
Christ— Outward and Inward Notes of the Church— Grounds
for Steadfastness in our Religious Profession — Elijah the
Prophet of the Latter Days— Feasting in Captivity— The
Parting of Friends.

Newman's Lectures on Justification.

New Edition. Crown Zvo. $*,

Lectures on the Doctrine of Justification.
By John Henry Newman, B.D.,

SomttiffU FtlUnu o/Oritt CoU*ge, Ot^/ifrd,

Faith conudered as the Instrument of Justification — Love considered
as the Formal Cause of Justification— Primary Sense of the
term Justification — Secondary Senses of the term Justification
— ^Misuse of the term Just or Righteous — On the Gift of
Righteousness— The Quuiacteristics of the Gift of Righteous-
ness—Righteousness viewed as a Gift and as a Quality-
Righteousness the Fruit of our Lord's Resurrecuon— The
Office of Justifying Faith— The Nature of Tustifying Faith-
Faith viewed relativelyto Rites and Works— On Preaching
he Gospel- Anpendix.

tCctettoo Place, Irontoit.

Digitized by



Newman's University Sermons.

New Edition. Cman 8tw. i$.

Fifteen Sermons preached before the UNiVERsmr op
Oxford, between a.d. 1836 and 1843.

By John Henry Newman, B.D.,

SotHttiimFtlUw^ Oriel Cttkgtt 0)^/brd,

The Philosophical Temper first enjoined by the Gospel— The In-
fluence of Natural and Revealed Religion respectively-
Evangelical Sanctity the Perfection of Natural Virtue— The
Usurpations of Reason — Personal Influence, the means of
Propagating the Truth— Our Justice, as a Principle of Divine
Governance— Contest between Faith and Light — Human Re-
sponsibility, as Independent of Circumstances— Wilfulness the
Sin of Saul— Faith and Reason, contrasted as Habits of Mind
— ^The Nature of Faith in Relation to Reason — Love the
Safegiiard of Faith against Superstition — Implicit and Explicit
Reason— Wisdom, as contrasted with Faith and with Bigotry
—The Theory of Developmenu in Religious Doctrine.

Mozley on the IMiracles.

Fifth Edition, Crown Svo. 7*. 6d,

Eight Lectures on the Miracles : being the Qampton
Lectures for 1865.

By J. B. MoBley, D.D.,

Lait Canon •/Christ Ckur'k, an,-* Rtfins Pr^fastor ^ IHoinUy in tk*
VttivttSitjf ^Or/om,

Mozley's University Sermons.

Third Edition, Crown Svo. 7*. 6d,

Sermons preached before the University of Oxford,
AND ON Various Occasions.

By J. B. Mozley, D.D.,

Lait Canon qf Christ Church, and Regius Frqfkssor ^DioiitUy, Ottftrd,


The Roman Council— The Pharisees— Eternal Life— The Reversal

of Human Judgmcnl-War— Nature— The Work of the Spirit

on the Natural Man— The Atonement— Our Duty to Equals

—The Peaceful Tempei^lTie Strength of Wishes— The Un-

S token Judgment ot Mankind— The True Test of Spintual
irth— Ascension Day^— Gratitude— The Principle of Emula-
tion-Religion the First Choice— The Influence of Dogmatic
Teaching on Education.

Digitized by



PercivaPs Helps for School Life.

Crown Zv0, 7X. &/.

Some Helps for School Life. Sennons preached at
Qifton College, 1862-1879.

By the Rev. J. Percival. M.A., LL-D.,

PrtsUUHt ^ Trinity CoU^^, Oiff&rd, andtaU H*ad MasUr^aifton CaUtgt,

Corporate Life — Our Attitude and Influence— Putting away
Childish Things — Manliness— Lenten Observance, or the
Need of Spiritual Discipline — Christ weeping over Jerusalem
— Christ bearing His Cross— Christ sacrificing Himself for
us — ^Why am I here? — My Father's Business — ^The Feeble
Character^Progressive Morality— Christian Enlightenment
— Partine Reminders — Companionship — Love worketh no 111
to his Neighbour — Public Worship— Sunday — Confirmation
-Advent— The Unaccomplished Work of Schools— What
House will ye build Me — School Memories — Farewell

The Prayer Book of Edward VI,

Small Zvo. 6x.

The First Book of Common Prayer of Edward VL,
AND THE Ordinal op 1549. Together with the Order
of the Communion, 1548. Reprinted entire.

Bdlted by the Bev. Henry Baskerville Walton, M. A.,

Lot* FeiUw and TMt»r ^MtrtoH CM^gt,

With Introduction by the Rev. Peter Goldsmith
Medd, M.A^

IUct«r ^ North Ctm^, latt Senior Fellow o/Universify CMege, Oatford,

The Prayer Book Interleaved.

Tenth Edition. Small Zvo, 7s. 6d.

The Prayer Book Interleaved. With Historical Illus-
trations and Explanatory Notes arranged parallel to the

By W. M. Campion, D.D., and W. J. Beamont, M.A.

With a Prefiaoe by the Lord Bishop of


CS«teti0O PItce, Hottt^ii*

Digitized by



Goulburn on Everlasting Punishment

Stcemd Editun. Cronm Zw, 6t, 6tL

Everlasting Punishment. Lectures delivered at St.
' James's Church, Piccadilly, on the six First Sundays
after Trinity in the year 1880. With Three Disserta-
tions on Kindred Topics.

By Bdward Meyrlck Ooulbtim, D.D.,

DemHo/ /Berwick,


Everlasdng Punishment not inconsistent with God's Justice— Eyer-
lasting Punishment not inconsistent with God's Love — Ever-
lasting Punishment not inconsistent with God's purpose in
Creation— Lessons on the Storv of the Crucified Malefacton
— Scriptural modifications of the difficulty.

Gouiburn's Study of Scripture.

7V»M Edition^ revistd and enimrgtd. Small 8cv. 6x. &£

An Introduction to the Devotional Studt op the
Holy Scriptures : with a Prefatory Essay on their
Inspiration, and specimens of Meditations on various
passages of them.

By Edward Meyrlck Goulburn, D.D.,

Goulburn's The Child Samuel.

Small %oo, 5X.

The Child Samuel. A Practical and Devotional Com>

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