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mentary on the Birth and Childhood of the Prophet
Samuel, as recorded in i Sam. i., ii. 1-37, iii. Designed
as a Help to Meditation on the Holy Scriptures for
Children and Young Persons.

By Bdward Meyrlck Ooulbum, D.D.,

Dtan ^ Norwich,

Glctetloi Place, !liit]iiit»

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Goulburn's Gospel of the Childhood.

Second EdUum, Square \^mo, 5f.

Ths Gospel op the Childhood : a Practical and Devo-
tional Commentaiy on the Single Incident of our Blessed
Lord's Childhood (S. Luke ii. 41 to the end) ; designed
as a Help to Meditation on the Holy Scriptures, for
Children and Young Persons.

By Bdward Meyrlck Gtoulbum, D.D.,

Dtan ^ Ntrmich,

Goulburn's Holy Catholic Church.

Second Edition, Crown 8tw. 6f . 6d.

The Holt Catholic Church ; hs Divine Ideal, Ministry,
and Institutions. A short Treatise. With a Catechism
on each Chapter, forming a Course of Methodical In-
struction on the subject.

By Bdward Meyrlck Ooulbum, D.D^



What the Church is, and when and how it was founded — ^Duty of
the Church towards those who hold to the Apostles' doctnne,
in separation from the Apostles' fellowship— The Unity of the
Church and its Disruption — ^The Survey of Zion's towers,
bulwarks, and palaces — ^The Institution of the Ministry, tuid
its relation to the Church — ^The Holy Eucharist at its suc-
cessive Stages—On the Powers of the Church in Council — ^The
Chturch presenting, exhibiting, and defending the Truth — ^The
Church guiding into and illustrating the Truth — On the Prayer
Book as a Commentary on the Bible — Index.

Qoulburn's Pursuit of Holiness.

Fourth Edition, Small Zvo, $*»

The Pursuit op Holiness : a Sequel to "Thoughts on
Penonal Religion," intended to can
what farther onward in the Spiritual

Penonal Religion," intended to carry the Reader some-

il Life.

By Bdward Mesnrick OotQbum, D.D.,

Alton Chee^ Edition, sf. &iL

Oltmlii place, l^mnoit*

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Goulburn's Thoughts on Personal

NewEditiom, Small 9v^, 6i. 6d,

Thoughts on Personal Religion ; being a Treatise on
the Christian Life in its Two Chief Elements — Devotion
and Practice.

By Bdwftrd Mesnriok Ooultnim, D.D^

Alsaa Ckea^ Edition, y 6dL

Prtunttttion Edition, eltgantly fri$Ued on toned P»^,
Two Vols. Small %vo, xor. 6d.

Goulburn on the Lord's Supper.

Sixth Edition, Small Zvo, 6*.

A Commentary, Expository and Devotional, on the Order
of the Administration of the Lord's Supper, according
to the Use of the Church of England ; to which is added
an Appendix on Fasting Communion, Non-communicat-
ing Attendance, Auricular Confession, the Doctrine of
Sacrifice, and the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

By Edward Meyrick Goiilbum, D.D.,

Also a Cheap Edition, ttniform with " Thoughts on Personal
Religion,** and *' The Pursuit qf Holiness,** y. 6d.

Gou I burn's Family Prayers.

New Edition, Large type. Crown 800, y. 6d.

Family Praters. Compiled from various sources (chiefly
from Bishop Hamilton's Manual), and arranged on the
Liturgical Principle.

By Bdward Mesnriok GkniHram, D.Dn

Dmm ^NtrwtcM,
AUo a Cheap Edition, i6mo. is.

mttetlio Pltce, lUttttn.

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Luckock's After Death.

Third BditUm, Crovm Zvo. 6t,

After Death. An Examination of the Testimony of
Primitive Times respecting the State of the Faithful
Dead, and their Relationship to the Living.

By Herbert Mortimer Luckock, D.D.,

Canon ^Bty.


PART I.— The Test of Catholicity— The Value of the Testimony of
the Primitive Fathers— The Intermediate State— Change in
the Intermediate State— Prayers for the Dead : Reasons for
Our Lord's Silence on the Subject — The Testimony of Holy
Scripture — The Testimony of the Catacombs — ^The Testimony
<^ the^ Early Fathers— The Testimony of the Primitive
Liturgies — Prayers for the Pardon of Sins of Infirmity, and
the Effacement of Sinful Stains — The Inefficacy of Prayer
for those who died in wilful unrepented Sin.

PAKT II. — Primitive Testimony to the Intercession of the Saints —
Primitive Testimony to the Invocation of the Saints — ^The
Trustworthiness of the Patristic Evidence for Invocation tested
— ITie Primitive Liturgies and the Roman Catacombs— Pa-
tristic Opinions on the extent of the Knowledge possessed by
the Saints— The Testimony of Holy Scripture upon the same
Subject — The Beatific Vision not yet attained by any of the
Saints — Conclusions drawn from the foregoing Testimony.

SUPPLEMENTARY CHAPTERS.— (o.) Is a fuller Recognition of the
Practice of Praying for the Dead desirable or not?— <^.) Is
it lawful or desirable to practise Invocation of Saints in any
form or not? — Table of Fathers, Councils, etc. — Passages of
Scriptures explained or quoted— General Index.

The Compendious Annotated Prayer

Crovm Zvo, los. 6d.

The Compendious Edition op the Annotated Book
OP Common Feayer, forming a concisi: Commentary
on the Devotional System of the Church of Ejigland.

Edited by the Bev. John Henry Blunt, M. A., F.S.A^

BdOor ^tiu " Dictionary ^Socts and NtresUt," He ttc.

mntttUo place, IrOnoott.

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Goulburn's Devotional Forms.

Fourik Edition, 39ma. is. 6d.

Short Devotional Forms, for Morning, Night, and
Midnight, and for the Third, Sixth, Ninth Hours, and
Eventide of each Day of the Week. Arranged to meet
the Elzigendes of a Busy Life.

By Bdward Meyrlok Goulbom, D J).,

Fenelon's Spiritual Letters to Men.

i6m0. «f. 6ii.

Spiritual Letters to Men. By Archbishop FfcNELON.

By the Author of "Life of FAxelon,** "Life of
8. Francis de Bales," eta etc.

Fenelon's Spiritual Letters to Women.

i6m0. 9t, 6d,

Spiritual Letters to Women. Bt Archbishop


By the Author of "Life of S. Frauds de Sales,"
"Life Of Fenelon," eta eta

S. Bonaventure's Life of Christ

CrewH 8tw. ^s, 6d,

The Life of Christ.

By 8. Bonaventure.

Translated and Edited by the
Bev. W. H. Hutohluffs,

Sttb-JVanUn ^the Houst ^ Mercy, CUwer.

** The whole rolume U fiill of ^ems meditadoos. we can scarcely imagine

and rich veins of thought, and whether a more acceptablo book."— Z^icr^f^r

as a companion to the preacher or to ChutxhmaH.
those who seek food for their daily

OUtetloo place, ILotiiroit.

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Knox Little's Mystery of the Passion.

Nem Edition, Crown 8zw. 3* . 6<^

The Mystery op the Passion op our Most Holy Re-
deemer. [Five Sermons delivered in S. Paul's Cathe-
dral in Passion Week, to which are added five others
on the same subject, preached in Holy Week and Easter-
tide i88x.]

By the Bev. W. J. Knox Uttle, M.A.,

Omen ^IF^rctsier, omdRtctor^Sl, Aiban'tt Mamch$sUr.

Knox Little's Christian Life.

Second Edition, Crown Zvo, 31. dd.

Characteristics AND Motives of the Christian Life.
Ten Sermons preached in Manchester Cathedral in Lent
and Advent 1877.

By the Bev. W. J. Knox Uttle, M.A.,

Cmnon ^fWtru^tr, and Rtettr ^fSt, AOatis, MttmhisUr,

Christian Work— Christian Advance — Christian Watching— Chris-
dan Battle— Christian Suffering— Christian Jov— For the
Love of Man— For the sake of Jesus— For the Glory of God
—The Claims of Christ.

Knox Little's Mancliester Sermons.

Second Edition, Crown Bvo. fs, 6d.

Sesmoks preached for the most part in Manchester.
By the Bev. W. J. Knox Little. M.A.,

CmnoH ^fWortuUTt tmd lUctor ^fSt, Alban'St Mandusttr,

The Soul instructed by God— The Claim of God upon the Soul-
Hie Supematunu Powers of the Soul — The Soul in its Inner
Life— The Soul in the World and at the Jud^ent— The Law
of Preparation — The Principle of Preparation — The Temper
of Preparation — The Enerey of Preparation — The Soul's
Need and God's Nature— The Martyr of Jesus— The Secret
of Prophetic Power— The Law of Sacrifice— The Comfort of
God— The Symbolism of the Cross— The Beatitude of Mary,
the Mother of the Lord.

CD«tctlo0 9I«cc> ]loitli0ti»

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Williams on the Apocalypse.

NtmEditUn, Crvnm^va. $*'

Ths Afocaltpsb. With Notes and Reflections.

By the Bev. Isaao WilUams, B.D.,

Ftrmtrfy FtOtm ^f Trin^f CMtgt, Ox/hrA,

Williams on the Epistles and Gospels.

Ntm Edition. Two Vols. Cronm %vo. ss. oacA,
Sold ttparaUly.

Sermons on the Epistles and Gospels for the Sun-
days AND Holy Days throughout the Year.

By the Rev. Isaac Williams, B.D.,

AmiMor 9fm **Dtvaional Commmtmty en th* G«tpti Narrmtlve*

Williams's Female Scripture

Ntw Edition, Crown Zvo, 51.

Female Characters of Holy Scripture. A Series of

By the Bev. Isaac Williams, B.D.,

Formertaf FMem ^ THnify Oflt^t^ Oxford,

Ere— Sarah— Lot's Wife— Rebekah— Leah and Rachel— Miriam—
Rahab— Deborah— Ruth— Hannah— The Witch of Endor^
Bathsheba— Rizpah— The Queen of Sheba— The Widow of
Zarephath— Jezebel— The Shunammite— Esther — Elisabeth
— Anna— The Woman of Samaria— Joanna— The Woman with
the Issue of Blood— The Woman of Canaan — Martha — Mary
—Salome— The Wife of Pilate— Dorcas— The Blessed Virgin.

Williams's Old Testament Characters.

New Edition, Crown 8tw. 5«.

The Characters of the Old Testament. A Series of

By the Bev. Isaao Williams, B.D.,

F9rm*rty FtUow tf TriniHy (MUgt, Oxford,

CtTitetloo place, iUitttoiu

Digitized by



Williams's Devotional Commentary.

Nn» EdithH, Eight Volt. Cromm 8cv. 5* . tack.
Sold tt^araifly.


By the Bev. Isaao 'Wllllaxns, B.D^

Ftwterty FtU«m ^ Trirn^ CMtgt, Ch^fird,

Thoughts on the Study op the Holy Gospels.

A Harmony of the Four Eyangelists.

Our Lord's Natiyity.

Our Lord's Ministry (Second Year).

Our Lord's Ministry (Third Year).

The Holy Week.

Our Lord's Passion.

Our Lord's Resurrection.

Voices of Comfort.

Pifik Edition. Crown %oo. ys. 6d,

Voices of Comfort.
Edited by the Bev. Thomas Vincent Fosbery, M. A.

Somtiimt Vkar^fSt. GiUt^s, JUading.

[This Volume of pros« and poetry, original and selected, aims at
revealing the fountains of hope and joy which underlie the griefii
and sorrows of Ufe.

It is so divided as to afford readings for a month. The kevnote
of each day is given by the title prefixed to it, such as : " The Fower
of the Cross of Christ, Day 6. Conflicts of the Soul, Day 17. The
Communion of Saints, l3ay aow The Comforter, Day aa. The
Light of Hope. Day 25. The Coming^ of Christ, Day 98." Each
day begins with passages of Holy Scripture. These are followed
by articles in prose, which are succeeded by one or more short
prayers. After these are poems or passases of poetry, and then
very brief extracts in prose or verse dose the section. The book is
meant to meet, not merely cases of bereavement or physical suffering,
but " to minister specially to the hidden troubles of the heart, as
they are silently weaving their daric threads into die web of the
seemingly brightest life.^

aiitnl00 pUrt, 3Loiitt0it.

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Body's Life of Temptation.

Fi/ik Ediiien, Crown 8«w. 4X. &£

The Life op Temptation. A Course of Lecttves
delivered in substance at St Peter's, Eaton Square;
also at All Saints', Margaret Street.

By the Bev. Oeoive Body, B.A.,

lUctar ^ Kirhby Misptrton,


The Leading into Temptation— The Rationale of Temptation—
Whv we are Tempted— Safety in Temptation— With Jesus
in Temptation— The End of Temptation.

Body's Life of Justification.

FntHk Edition, Crown Svo, 4X. 6d,

The Life of Justification. A Series of Lectures
delivered in substance at All Saints', Margaret Street

By the Bev. Oeorsre Body, B.A.,

Rtctor^Kirkky Misferton.


Justification the Want of Humility — Christ our Justification— Uiuon
with Christ the Condition of Justificadon — Conversion and
Justification— The Life of Justification— The Progress and
£nd of Justification.

Hutchings's Mystery of the Temptation.

Crown Zvo, 4s. 6d,

The Mystery of the Temptation : a Course of Lectures.

By the Rev. W. H. Hutchiiiirs. M.A.,

SMb-WmrtUn ^th* Houst ^Mtrcy^ Oewtr.

The Entrance into the TempUtion— The Fast— The Personality of
Satan— The First Tempution— The Second TempCatioor-The
Third Temptation— The End of the Temptation.

Olfttccloo piece, Honlion*

Digitized by



The Treasury of Devotion.

N«w Bdiiion, xBmc, 9t. 6d,; limp Cloth, at.; or bound witA iJk*
Book o/ Common Pray or ^ 3^. 6*L

The Treasury of Devotion : a Manual of Prayers for
General and Daily Use.

Compiled by a Prieet.
Edited by the Rev. T. T. Carter, M.A.,

Also an Edition in Largo Ty^e, Crown Zxfo. 5*.

The Star of Childhood.

Third Edition, Royal x6tno, a*.6d

The Star op Childhood : a First Book of Prayers and
Instruction for Children.

Comi>lled by a Priest.

Edited by the Bev. T. T. Carter, M.A.,

With Illustrations reduced from Engravings by Fra Ancbuco.

The Guide to Heaven.

Now Edition. tZmo, is. 6d; Cloth Hm/, is.

The Guide to Heaven : a Book of Prayers for every
Want (For the Working Classes.)

Compiled by a Priest.
Edited by the Bev. T. T. Carter, M.A.,

An Edition in Largo Typt, Crown Zvo. is. 6d. ; Cloth limp, u.

Lear's For Days and Years.

Socond Edition. i6mo. ax. 6d,

For Days and Years. A Book containing a Text, Short
Reading, and Hymn for every Day in the Church's

Selected by H. L. Sidney Lear.
mutttU9 pi«ce» ILontt^it

Digitized by



Adams's Warnings of Holy Week.

S^vmihEdiiim, Smailhv*, 4s, 6d.

Warnings op the Holy Week, etc. : being a Coarse
of Parochial Lectures for the Week before Easter and
the Easter Festivals.

By the Bev. 'WUUazn Adams, M.A^

Author ^** Sacred AU^oria»'ttc,

Moberl/s Plain Sermons.

Third EditwM. CrvumSna, 5X.

Plain Sermons, preached at Brighstone.
By Qeorere Mobexiy, D.CL.,


Except a man be bom again— The Lord with the Doctor*— The
Draw-Net — I will lay me down in peace — Ye have not to
learned Christ— Trinity Sunday— My Flesh is Meat indeed —
The Com of Wheat dying and multiplied— The Seed Com
springing to new life — I am the Way, the Truth, and the
Life— The Ruler of the Sea— Stewards of the Mysteries of
God — Ephphatha — The Widow of Ntdn— Tosiah's discovery
of the Law— l*he Invisible World : Angek— Rrayers, espe-
cially Daily Prayers — ^They all with one consent benn to
make excuse— Ascension Day— The Comforter— The Tokens
of the Spirit— Elijah's Warning, Fathers and Children— Thou
shalt see them no more for ever— Baskets full of fragments
—Harvest— The Marriage Supper of the Lamb— The Last

Moberly's Great Forty Days.

FifiA EditMH. Cr»ttm Zvo, 5*.

The Sayings op the Great Forty Days, between the
Resurrection and Ascension, regarded as the Outlines of
the Kingdom of God. In Five Discourses. With an
Examination of Dr. Newman's Theory of Development.

By Gtoorfire Moberly, D.CL.,

Biskt^ ^fSmiitbury.

f]|«tnl00 Plice, Lonttoii.

Digitized by



Lear's Weariness.

Largt Ty^, Small 9(O0, 5$.
Weariness. A Book for the Languid and Lonely.
By H. Li. Sydney Lear.

Auikcr of** For Dmyt and Years," " CAHsHmh BiagraphUSt" tic. tte,

Lear's Precious Stones.

Tkrtt Vobtmet, 329W, u, tack; or in P*^€r Cavtn, 6d. tack.

Precious Stonee, ooUected by H. L. Sidney Lear.

L Pearls— Grace.
li. Rubies— Nature.
in. Diamonds— Art.

Also a St$porior EeUiion^ tSimo, with Rod Borders, 9S. each,

Lear's Christian Biographies.

Eight Volttmss. Crovm Zvo. 39. 6d. tack; sold stparattly, ■

By H. L. Sidney Lear.

Madame Louise de France, Daughter of Louis XV.»
luiown also as the Mother T^r^ de S. Augustin.

A Dominican Artist : a Sketch of the Life of the Rev.
P^ Besson, of the Order of S. Dominic.

Henri Perreyve. By A. Gratiy. Translated by special
permission. With Portrait.

S. Francis de Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneva.

The Revival of Priestly Life in the Seventeenth
Century in France. Charles de Condren— S. Philip
Neri and Cardinal de Berulle— S. Vincent de Paul —
Saint Sulpice and Jean Jacques Olier.

A Christian Painter of the Nineteenth Century:
being the life of Hippolyte Flandrin.


FkNELON, Archbishop of Cambrai.

lir«teKl00 pt<ce, l^otittoit*

Digitized by



Crake's Edwy the Fair.

Third Edition. Crown. 8fw. 31. 6d,

Edwt the Fair ; or. The First Chronicle of .£5Cbn-
DUNE. A Tale of the Days of Saint Dunstan.

By the Bev. A. D. Orake, B.A^

AtOJUrt/tJkt "History ^tht Church undtr tha Rammn Rmfirt^* «*. <*.

Crake's Alfgar the Dane.

Third EdiHon, Crtwn Zvo. 31. 6d.

Alfgar the Dane ; or, The Second Chronicle of
iEscENDUNE. A Tale.

By the Bev. A. D. Crake, B.A.,

Author ^th* " History ^tht Chmrch muttr tht R^tmmn Bm^irt,* sU, tic

Crake's Rival Heirs.

Crown Sow. 3*. (td.

The Rival Heirs; or, The Third Chronicle of


ByA.D. Orake, B.A.,

AtUhtr ^ " History ^ftht Church undtr tht Xouum Bm/iro,'' otc. o/t.

Crake's Church History.

Ntw Edition, Crown Zvo. is. 6d,

History op the Church under the Roman Eicpirs,
A.D. 30-476.

By the Bev. A. D. Crake, B.A.

Lear's Here and There.

Crown Zvo, ss.

Herb and There. Quaint Quotations. A Book of Wit.

Selected by H. L. Sidney Lear,

Author tT" F9r D^s mud romrt," ** Tho Li/k ^S. Francis de Sa/es," tte, tte.

Digitized by



Liddon's University Sermons (Second

Stecnd EdiHctu Crown %9o. 5s.

Sermons Preached before the Universitt of
Oxford. Second Series, i868-i88a
By EL P. Liddon, D.D.,

Cmm^H'Rttidtntiafy ^5t. Pauts^ mnd trtlmnd Prtfest^r.


Prejudice and Experience— Humility and Truth— Import of Faith
in a Creator— Worth of Faith in a Life to G)me— Influences of
the Holy Spirit— Growth in the Apprehension of Truth— The
Life of Faith and the Athanasian Creed— Christ's Service and
Public Opinion — Christ in the Storm — Sacerdotalism— The
Prophecy of the Magnificat— The Fall of Jericho— The
Courage of Faith— The Curse of Meroz— The Gospel and the
Poor— Christ and Human Law— The Cure of Low Spirits.

Liddon's University Sermons (First

Sixth EditioH, Crown Zvo, it.

Sermons preached before the UNivBRsnT of Oxford.
(FiKST Sbjubs, 1859— 1868.)

By Henry Parry Uddon, D.D., D.C.L.,

OuttM-Jtttidtmtimry ^Si, Pmrnts, attd IrtUmd Frqfufr.


God and the Soul— The Law of Progress— The Honour of Humanity
— ^The Freedom of the Spirit — Immortality— Humility and
Action— The Conflict of Faith with undue Exaltation of In-
tellect — Lessons of the Holy Manger — ^The Divine Victim —
The Risen Life — Our Lord's Ascension, the Church's Gain —
Faith in a Holy Ghost— The Divine Indwelling a Motive to

LIddon's Bampton Lectures.

Nmtk BdiHon^ nvised. Crown 8tw. 51.

The Divinitt of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ :
being the Baii^)ton Lectures for 1866.

By Henry Parry Uddon, D.D., D.O.L.,

C€moit-JUHd*HHary ^St. PmuTst mnd IrtUmd Pr^tsfr,

Olttctloo 9I«ce, 3Loitlion.

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Messrs. RiviNGTON also issue the undermentioned
Lists of their Publications^ any of which
may be had Gratis and Post Free : —

Classified Catalogue of Books selected
FROM their Publications.

New Books and New Editions in course
OF Publication.

A List of Educational Works.

3 Waterloo PlacCy



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