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Copyright, 1895,
Br Jau£3 Bradley Thateb.


University Press:
John Wilson and Son, Cambridge, U. S. A.


In preparing this book I have had chiefly in mind the wants
of my own classes at the Harvard Law School ; of these and
students elsewhere who follow similar methods of study. I should
have been glad to make it more serviceable to others by intro-
ducing headnotes, were this consistent, in my opinion, with its
best usefulness for the main purpose in hand.

It is nearly a year now since the first part of the book appeared.
I am led to hope that the completed work may help to promote a
deeper, more systematic, and exacter study of this most interesting
and important subject, too much neglected by the profession.
It appears to me that what scientific men call the genetic method
of study, which allows one to see the topic grow and develop
under his eye, — a thing always grateful and stimulating to the
human faculties, as if they were called home to some native and
congenial field, — is one peculiarly suited to the subject of Con-
stitutional Law. For, while this is a body of law^ — of law in a
strict sense, as distinguished from constitutional history, politics,
or literature, since it deals with the principles and rules which
courts apply in deciding litigated cases ; and while, therefore, it
is an exact and technical subject ; yet it has that quality which
Phillipps, the writer on Evidence, alluded to when he said, in
speaking of the State Trials, that " The study of the law is en-
nobled by an alliance with history." The study of Constitutional
Law is allied not merely with history, but with statecraft, and
with the political problems of our great and complex national life.

In this wide and novel field of labor our judges have been
pioneers. There have been men among them, like Marshall,
Shaw, and Rufiin, who were sensible of the true nature of their
work and of the large method of treatment which it required,
who perceived that our constitutions had made them, in a limited
and secondary way, but yet a real one, coadjutors with the



Other departments in the business of government; but many
have fallen short of the requirements of so great a function,
Even under the most favorable circumstances, in dealing with
such a subject as this, results must often be tentative and tem-
porary. Views that seem adequate at the time, are announced,
applied, and developed; and yet, by and by, almost unperceived,
they melt away in the light of later experience, and other doc-
trines take their place.

Nothing else can bring home to a student the existence and the
nature of this process, the large scope of the questions presented,
and the true limitations of the legal principles that govern them,
with anything like the freshness, precision, and force, and I might
add also the fascination, which accompany the orderly tracing of
these things in the cases.

I find a pleasure in tliinking that these volumes are appearing
in the twenty-fifth anniversary year of the accession of Dean
Langdell to his chair as a professor at the Harvard Law School.
The method of legal study with which his name is associated, re-
garded as a mere mode of investigation, was indeed no novelty
at all ; lawyers have always known well enough the necessity
of following it in working out their problems. But Dean
Langdell, early in life, had the sagacity to apply it in his own
self-instruction in law, and in his greatly valued help of fellow-
students ; and when he came back to the school as a professor,
he had the coui'age and the foresight to intix»duce here the same
method of study, and to lay down for himself a mode of instruc-
tion which rigorously drove his pupils to adopt it.

Of teaching there has never been at this school any prescribed
method. There never can be, in any place where the best woik
is sought for. Every teacher, as I have said elsewhere, '• in law, as
in other things, has his own methods, determined by his own
gifts or lack of gifts, — methods as incommunicable as his tem-
perament, his looks, or his manners." But as to modes of study,
a very different matter, Dean Langdell's associates have all come
to agree with him, where they have ever differed, in thinking,
so far at least as our system of law is concerned, that there is
no method of preparatory study so good as the one with which his
name is so honorably connected, —^ that of studying cases, care-
fully chosen and arranged so as to present the development of
principles. Doubtless, tlie mode of study must greatly affect


the mode of teaching; if students are to prepare themselves by
studying cases, their teachers also must study them, Aud, more-
over, while good teaching will differ widely in its methods, there
is at least one thing in which all good teaching will be alike ; no
teaching is good which does not rouse and " dephlegmatize " the
students, — to borrow an expression attributed to Novalis, —
which does not engage as its allies, their awakened, sympathetic,
and co-operating faculties. As helping to that, as tending to secure
for an instructor this chief element of success, I do not think
that there is or can be any method of study which is comparable
with the one in question.

In order to keep this collection within the compass of two vol-
umes and yet do anything like justice to the subject, I have selected
only the leading titles, and have given to these a fairly full treat-
ment, choosing as the text, for obvious reasons, so far as practi-
cable, the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States.
I have preferred to make the two volumes as large as they could
well be, with any regard to convenient use, and to pack them
closely, rather than to take the much easier course of letting the
work run over into three or four volumes. In doing this, it has
been necessary, almost always, to omit the arguments of counsel.
Other omissions are mentioned or sufficiently indicated.


Law School of Harvard Universitt.
March 12, 1895.



Part I.





.... 1-47

Section I. Preliminary • • .« onr.

Section II Written Constitutions in the United States 48-200


1. Constitution of the United States 213-265

2. State Constitutions


The Jurisdiction of the United States 266-3-9


1. Text of the Constitution of Massachusetts (1779-1780) 381-400

2. Articles of Confederation (1778-1781)

3 Constitution of the United States (1787-1789) and its


4. Passages from all State Constitutions (other than

Massachusetts) preceding that of the United

.... 415-433

5. Passages from the Colonial Charters of Connecticut

(1662) AND Rhode Island (1663) 433, 434

6. Passages from the «onstitution of Colorado (1876) . 434-448

7. Passages from the Constitution of Colombia .... 44


Paet II.
chapter iv.


Citizenship. — Fundamental Civil and Political Rights. —
The Later Amendments to the Constitution of the
United States 449-692.


Unclassified Legislative Power. — The so-called Police

Power 693-944

Part III.

The Right of Eminent Domain 945-1189


Taxation 1190-1431

Part IV.

Ex Post Facto and Retroactive Laws 1433-1533

CHAPTER ix::""

State Laws Impairing the Obligation of Contracts . . 1534-1782


' The Regulation of Commerce, — Foreign, Interstate, and

with the Indian Tribes 1783-2191

Money. — Weights and Measures 2192-2273

War, — Insurrection. — ^Military Law 2274-2420

INDEX 2421-2134


In this Table each case which has the names of two parties is entered twice, that is to
say, under both names, — except where these are identical. Ejectment cases are entered a
third time, under the name of the fictitious party. As regards cases in the notes, mere
citations are omitted. Cases that are cited in the text of another case and somewhat fully
stated or explained, are sometimes entered in the Table.

Ableiran v. Booth 479 n.
Adams v. Chic, Burl., & No. R. R.

Co. 1137
^tna L. I. Co., Pleasant Township v. 16

Alabama v. Nashv. &c. Ry. Co.

797 n., 2075 n.

Smith a. 797, 20(J8

Alger, Com. v. 69.3

Allen, Darcy v. 15

Hewlett V. 944 n.

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Amy Warwick, The 23.39

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Anonymous 11

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ton V. 2067 n., 2162
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Binghamton Bridge 1753
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1963 n., 2191
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2374 n.
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Boston, Lowell v.
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Parks r.
Roberts i'.


968 n.
576 n.

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Co. I'. 1218

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Daniel Ball, The 1930

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1579 n.

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r. Myers 2195 n.
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vale i: 1094 n.
Ewer, People v. 837


Fairchild i;. St. Paul 965

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2190 n.
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Fifield v. Close


Fifih Nat. Bk., N. Y. Elev. R. R. v. 1119 n.

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I'. R. I. 1851

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R. Co. 1115 n.

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Foreign Held Bonds, State Tax on 12-38

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Franklin Needle Co. v. Franklin 1223 n.

Frederick, Cartilage v. 831

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Freeman. Chy Lung v. 1965 n.

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Fiilkcr, State v. 2100 n.

FMiltr, R. H. Co. V. 1952 n.

Fulton r. Davenport 1203 n.


Gage, >Lich. Co. i'.
Gage County, Wagner v.

1992 n.

Gallatin, Centr. Pac. R. R. Co. v. 1693
Garbade v. Bremen 146 n.

Gardner v. Newburgh, Trustees of 979
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V. Stanton 201

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Gibbons i: Ogden 266, 269, 730, 1799,

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Gillson, People v. 169

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Goddard, Pet'r 825

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vis 1078 n.
Grand Trunk Ry. Co., Lafarier v. 2056

Maine i". 2139,2147

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Green v. Biddie 1553 n.

V. Commonwealth 177

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Co. ' 1936 n.


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Hall, Campbell i: 40

r. DeCuir T.18I

Hali!py !,'. Rapid Tran."!. Str. h\v. Co. 1151
Hamilton, Ham. Gasl. Co. r.

1692 n., 1713 n.

Ga.<il. Co. r. Hamilton 1692 n., 1713 n.

Man. Co., Com. v. 917

Hammett v. Phila. 1045 n., 1.308 n.

Hancock, Savannah v. 1041 n.



Hans V. La.
Happersett, Minor v.
Hardin, Leisy v.
Hannan v. Cliicago
Harmony, Mitchell v.



2104, 2179

2011 n.


Harrigan v. Conn. Riv. Lumber Co.

1934 n.
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Harris v. Jex 1550 n., 2254 n.

Hart V. Henderson 1523

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Hastings v. Haug 824 n.

Hatch, Willamette Bridge Co. v. 2075
Haug, Hastings i>. 824 n.

Haverhill Aqued. Co., Brickett v. 1183
Hayburn's Case 105 n., 159, 160

Hayes, People v. 1495

Hays V. Kislier 991 n.

Hay ward, McCracken v. 1651 n.

Hazen v. Essex Co. 1012

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Money Cases, The 758, 1340 n.

Heine v. Levee Com'rs Co. 1657

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Hart V. 1523

('. Mayor of N. Y. 738,1961

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Holiien V. James 882 n.

Holliday, U. S. v 731, 1909

Holman, Watkins i;. 160

Holyoke Water Power Co. v. Conn.

Hiv. Co. 1015 n.

Home of Friendless v. Rouse 1676 n.

Home Ins. Co. v. N. Y. 1399

Hooper v. Emery 1209

V. California 2137 n.

Hoover, Dynes v. 28-33

Hopkins, Wo Lee v. Hi

Yick Wo V. 632 n., 774

Hopt V. Utah 1469 n.

Horn Silver Min. Co. v. N. Y. 1412

Horton, Miller v. 1079 n.

Hot Springs 11. R. Co. v. Williamson

1089 n.
Hotchkiss, Kirtland v. 1268

Houston, Brown (•. 1773, 2022

V. Williams 184

Howe V. Cambridge 1308

Hudson, Talbot v. 1016

Hunt V. Hunt 1566 n.

Hunter's Lessee. Martin v. 123

Hurtado v. California 616

Huse V. Glover 1333 n., 2010 n.

Husen, R. R. Co. r. 753,2182

Hyattsville, Wells v. 1191

Hyde Park, Fertiliz. Co. v. 1762

Hylton V. U. S. 1315


Illinois Cent. R. R. Co. v. Decatur 1310

V. Illinois 1778

Illinois, 111. C. R. R. Co. v. 1778

Munn V. 170, 743

Wabash, &c. Ry. Co. v. 2045

In re Est. of Swift 1271

Petition of U. S. 1185 n.

Phil. & Trenton R. R. Co. 1090

Rahrer 2123

Indiana Nat. Gas Co., Kincaid v. 1107 n.

Ins. Co. V. Dunham 1822 n.

Iowa, Bartemeyer v. 532

Chic, B. &c. R. R. Co. v. 1978 n.

Jacksonville, Toledo, &c. Ry. Co. v. 856

Jacobs, In the Matter of 627

James, Holden v. 882 n.

Jarvis, Grand Rapid Boom. Co. v. 1079 n.

Jay, Inhab. of, Allen v. 1212

Jefferson Bk. i>. Skelly 1676 n.

Jenkins ?•. Charleston 1267

Jessup, Tomlinson v. 1690

Jewett, Wilkins i;. 892

Jex, Harris v. 1550 n., 2254 n.

Johnson v. Duncan 2354

Mississippi v. 196

Sinnickson v. 983 n., 986

U. S. y. 1993

Jones I'. U. S. 364

IJ. S. V. 952

Juilliard v. Greenman 2255

Jumel, La. v. 1559

Justices, Opinion of 178, 221, 223, 270 n.,

901, 905, 2287, 2294


K. V. The Dyke Board 148

Kagama, U. S. v. 363 n., 501

Kansas, Mugler v. 782

V. Ziebold 782

Kearzey, Edwards v. 1652 n.

Keene, Perry i\ 1247

Kelly y. Pittsburgh 1197

Kelsey, Church v. 1554 n.

Kent I'. Gray 1517

Kentnckj', Bk. of Briscoe v. 2i07

Covington, &c. Bridge Co. v. 1978 n.,


Crutch er v. 2135

Kidd V. Pearson 796 n.

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